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[Eve Jenkins - Sickbay]

Eve felt the anger from one of the women she'd just treated, felt it directed at her, and couldn't fathom what she had said or done to offend her.  Then Marlowe left though she'd been told to stay for a while and Narik soon followed.  Throwing up her hands, she tapped her combadge and informed the captain of the death and that she was sending Marlowe to him.

She didn't have time to wallow or even think about how much more easily she was picking up things from people, was still filthy with ash and soot.  Her focus was brought back as she saw Ida step into view, carrying someone but shaking her head as their eyes caught.  Many things were felt and even the hint of whispers but most of all there was understanding in the nurse's eyes.

The body set down, Ida started to leave but Eve rushed over to her.  "Do you have any injuries?" she asked her, touching her arm to stop her for at least a moment.  In Ida's mind, she would see herself and Eve locked in a lover's embrace, tender touches and words flowing around deeply sensual feelings.  They had never had much time to speak so the vision might be a bit disorienting.

"Please, before you go back into whatever," Eve was saying.  "I know some of what you're feeling.  I managed to get the clamps undone but ... I lost a very young engineer in the process."  It was her hope that Ida would know she wasn't alone in that feeling of loss and regret, that someone was kind and only wanted to help her in this very drastic and deadly time.

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Intercepted by Nurse Jenkins on her way out of Sickbay, Ida stopped in her tracks to meet the woman's concerned expression. At the question about whether or not she was hurt, she had to look down her body and take her current state into account, for she had a too high adrenaline level to feel any cuts or scrapes. Her uniform was partially shredded by debris from phaser bombardment, with some fine lacerations leaving tendrils of dark blue blood long coagulated. Her yellow undershirt had been improperly closed in the haste, and she was covered in ash and dirt.

Not unlike the state of the Nurse herself, Ida saw as she raised her eyes anew. "I am…" The touch upon her arm clouded the intentions of her words. She blinked, and suddenly, Nurse Jenkins was much closer than she first had thought. She was leaning into her, and the light in the room has changed. The other woman was glowing. Her pursed lips so close. Ida tried again, swallowing as her antennae rose. "I..."

Without warning, Nurse Jenkins pushed her warm lips against hers in a soft kiss. Ida would have pulled away, but her reflexes were too slow, as if she was drunk on Andorian Ale. "I am fine," she said with a shallow breath, not sure what was going on, yet she found herself pulling the Nurse's face back into another kiss - one with more fire behind it. Ida whimpered lightly into the union of their lips, relaxing her body in the bliss. The nurse held her waist tightly, caressing her back. Gone were any notions about the battle raging outside. No more duty compelling her actions. Ida could but moan softly into the Nurse's mouth, their dirty bodies meeting in passionate embrace, and Ida noticed that the physician was an excellent kisser.
The rest was a blur. Rapid breaths. Their hands moving lower. Ida cupped the Nurse's fantastic posterior. Ida made noises in her throat as their breasts brushed together. Pulled back into the kiss. Magnificent taste. Running her fingers through her hair. Kissing the shell of her ear. "Eve," Ida found herself whispering, somehow on first-name basis. "Take your clothes off..."

"Yes," came the reply, kissing Ida's pursed lips gingerly before pulling her uniform jacket off. Ida slid her blue hands under the fabric of the ruined teal undershirt. It came off too while they kissed, and Ida yanked the bra up - soon rolling hardened nipples in palms grimy with weapon's grease. Her tits were so firm. Felt really heavy. Big. Round, and yet... perky. Eve moaned like a musical instrument to her every touch. And the Nurse's fingertips danced lightly on her cerulan skin, scaling down past Ida's belly button... slipping into her underwear. Ida's breath caught in the dreamy haze and she paused to look into the other woman's eyes. She slipped fingers inside her, pushed down on Ida's clit. Ida pulled her face to her own and kissed her roughly. Her tongue danced with Eve's, and it made Ida even hotter.

"I want you so bad," she managed to gasp, opening her own uniform - pulled Eve's closer to her body. Made their nipples touch. She moaned through their kiss, and Ida soon pushed her own fingers into Eve. Her kiss deepened in wordlessness, and her sex become hotter and wetter. Climax was really close and she couldn't help but become forceful with her. Ida was on the verge of screaming in ecstasy. Just as she was about to cum, she blinked.

"Please, before you go back into whatever, I know some of what you’re feeling.  I managed to get the clamps undone but … I lost a very young engineer in the process."

"I... understand," Ida barely managed, frowning and swallowing where she stood. Awkwardly, she folded her arms underneath her aching breasts and tried to pretend like she had not had the most vivid daydream in her life - all in the heat of battle of all times. She could feel her heart beating in her whole body as she tried to come to terms with the real world. How much time had passed? Had Eve Jenkins just finished talking? Had there been a pause? Ida sought to amend appearing like a flushed fool. "Clamps? You dropped that hull-crane that came crashing down?"

Realising how that might have sounded like an accusation, Ida immediately amended her statement. "We were nowhere near. We were not at risk. Yet I saw it happen. I am sorry. We are in a state of war, so we have both come to experience what that entails. Thank you, Eve Jenkins... Even in the Andorian Guard, we forgot ourselves from time to time."

The images of their bodies entwined in passionate embrace were still at the back of her eyelids as she tried to hold a normal conversation.

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[Eve Jenkins]

Eve nodded to Ida.  "Yes, I was the only one available and we couldn't get the ship off the ground while it was still tethered," she stated, not taking any offense.  She was too tired to take much offense at the moment.  "Please don't apologize.  We're all frazzled.  If you don't need any medical attention then go but when things settle down, if you need someone to talk to, just call and maybe we can share a drink or two in the lounge.  Gods know I could use a few stiff drinks about now myself."  She knew it wasn't much but the offer of a drink and friendship might help soothe the soul.

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