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Crisis #02 | USS Theurgy Bridge

Crisis #02 | USS Theurgy Bridge [Attn: Senior Staff]

[Ives to the Theurgy, come in.] The voice of their Captain drew the attention of the Bridge personnel, Cale Winterbourne included. He felt helpless at the Conn since he had could not to take off quite yet. He would feel much better with the landing gears up and impulse engines readied at the tip of his fingers.

In wait for Captain Ives, Commander Rez was in the CO chair at the centre, while Lt Cmdr. Natalie Stark sat next to Winterbourne - perhaps facing her greatest challenge yet in Transporting all their people aboard. A Reaver had just destroyed the Transport Centre and shot down several Transport Officers. Now, Thea stood behind Natalie's right shoulder, the hologram conferring with her in a low voice and contacting personnel on the planet in order to assist in the evacuation.

There was a new face at Tactical, namely Lt. Rennan Cooper, and he was currently tasked with fighting off the raiding Reavers that screeched across the sky. Applicable weapon arrays had been powered up for him, and he was assisted by four Lone Wolves. SCO Miles Renard was out there in the flames and ashes of the sky, along with Nathaniel Isley, Skye Carver and Hannah von Slaverton. Four wolves against seemingly countless unmanned enemy attack fighters from the Calamity. If reports were to be credited, it did seem like they had ground support from a single Lone-Wolf with a unseemly large weapon down by the collapsed Triage Centre, yet that helped them little up there in the hellfire of the volcanic clouds. It was just barely that Commander Rez's posted Mission Ops officer could maintain communications with them.

Lieutenant Lin Kae was at his department's station since Chief Engineer Rosek had beamed down to the Engineering Outpost to get the shield back up. Thea had lost contact with Rosek, however, and also sent the new Asst. Chief Engineer - Tatiana Marlowe - down to him. Yet now, there had been no word from neither of them, and the shield was the only hope to protect the personnel in the valley from the volcanoes and the Reavers both until they all could be beamed abaoard.

With a glance to Rez, Thea straightened and answered Captain Ives. "This is Thea, have you been able to locate the Temporal Affairs Officer?"

[Negative,] came the slightly winded and muffled reply, a breathing mask in the way as Jien spoke over the intercom. [I am waiting for intel from my Yeoman. I am hoping she can narrow down my search a bit. She was heading for the Transport Centre in order to beam aboard. Isn't she there yet?]

Glancing towards Commander Stark, Thea delivered the news. "I am afraid the Transport Centre is destroyed. There were many casualties, yet I will try to locate Yeoman Henshaw and cue her in immediately in case she made it."

A brief pause. [Keep me posted, and you should take off without me. There is no sense in waiting for me, so collect the shuttles before they are shot down and provide support to the Lone Wolves against the Reavers. Stay atmospheric, as low as need in order to get Transporter lock through all this gamma radiation, but you have to get out of this valley. That is an order.] Captain Ives paused, a noise and static punctuating his words. [The mission is more important than me. It has always been. We need to find Sarresh Morali, so that we can stay ahead of our enemy's temporal tactics against us. If he is at the Thermal Springs, I may be the only one that can extract him safely. If we do not find him, I fear that we cannot match the Calamity in the next battle with her. He is more important than I, do you understand? Ives out.]

The silence on the Bridge was like an ill omen. The quite real possibility that Captain Ives were going to die began to sink in. People looked towards each other, wondering if Commander Rez would order the Captain to be Transported aboard against his will. Would Thea, or Natalie, act on such an order?

"Commander," said Thea to Rez, turning to face the First Officer, "I may be able to take the Captain's place with my new emitter, able to breathe the air far longer than our masks may allow. Yet... I may also be instrumental to disabling the Calamity the next time we face her. I am the only one able to penetrate her systems if we are to remove the programming that made us her target."

Thea glanced towards Lin Kae as she volunteered, and Cale Winterbourne wondered just what that glance might have been about. The Holographic Specialist and the Ship AI had a close working relationship, but was there more to it? As for himself, Lord did he want to act on the Captain's order and get them out of the valley, yet he would not do so without Commander Rez's word.

OOC: The outcome of this decision is 1 of 2 choices that will unlock the last crisis thread, Crisis #10, where either Captain Ives or Thea catches up with Sarresh Morali at the Thermal Springs.

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[Edena Rez - Bridge]

She used to look at the Captain's chair as the pinnacle of a Starfleet career.  Even becoming an admiral didn't mean as much as commanding a starship, leaving her to wonder what it felt like in the chair.  Now, as Commander of the Theurgy, she didn't need to wonder.  The fact that she was seated there now was because the ship's Captain was in a life-threatening situation, as were they all.  There was no comfort to be found in the chair, which felt more like a rock beneath her.  It felt like too much, as though she were a child sitting in a giant's throne.  The pressure was high, but she kept her cool, calling upon years of training, some her own, and some that of her ghostly companions.  Jona's training, Illya's coolness under pressure, and Kiya's steady surgical mind; they all served her here.

Thea was willing to risk herself to take the Captain's place, proving herself yet again that she deserved the rights that Lin Kae fought for her to have.  She glanced his way, seeing the concern in his eyes, fear for her life as much as any organic member of their crew.  "We don't make a habit of exchanging one person's life for another," Edena told the hologram, surprising many.  Rez was valuing Thea's life as much as their Captains.  She felt ashamed to think she once had a kill switch on Thea, ready to erase her like some unwanted holosuite program if the situation called for it.  She deserved better.

"Lieutenant Kae, I want you to get a transporter lock on the captain, and whatever you do, do not lose it.  Thea, shuttle all available power to the transporters to assist in that signal lock, so long as we have enough power to handle launch preparations.  I want the helm to be prepared to either move the ship closer to the Captain to boost transporter strength . . . or to take off at a moment's notice."  These were the hard decisions, but she felt that these were the ones that would have been made by the Captain.  He wouldn't have left crew behind if he didn't have to, and he would push as far as the crew would let him to get every soul off this planet alive.  "Captain, a ship does not leave without her Captain, and there is no one else here who can command this ship like you.  Do what you have to, knowing that the Theurgy is ready to get you."

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When Commander Rez told Theurgy NX-79854 that her life, as her digital existence had come be deemed, was unexchangable for the Captain's, it caused the A.I. to blink - her database spitting references towards self-sacrifice down all lines of history. It had not been within Thea's unvoiced operational parameters to sacrifice her new emitter in exchange for the Captain's life. It had merely been one resort of many, and yet she came to understand the actual value of her own words, along with the First Officer's steadfast conviction that Thea's life held the same psychosocial value as that of other crew members. She had never quite considered her own 'worth' in that sense.

"Understood, Commander," she replied when told to reroute power, and leaned down to Natalie Stark again in order to assist with the heavy work of locating crew and getting them aboard. It was a relief for the Chief of Operations, Thea beleieved, that she would not have to bother keeping a constant lock on Captain Ives given the pressure she was under. Better to let Lin Kae bother with that while Thea and her worked to get everyone else aboard. A good call from the Commander, whom Captain Ives just then answered over the comm-link.

[Number One,] he called, a detonation of some gas pocket detonating resounding on the bridge,  [there will be almost four hundred people aboard the Theurgy after the chosen Harbinger personnel has been transported aboard, so do not risk their lives or our mission parameters because of your quaint idea that you cannot do this without me, for I chose you for this very reason! You need to be in the air now!]

Thea straightened, able to offer input that might resolve the arguement, leaving Natalie to continue on her own a bit longer. "Captain, Commander, taking off right now is inadvisable. The docking clamps on one of the hull-cranes does not answer to my decoupling signal. We cannot take off without a severe hull breach on Decks 05 and 06. We have two injured personnel in the crane too, so I have just sent Lieutenant Eve Jenkins to extract them and release the clamps manually."

The lingering silence spoke for itself.

[Forgive me, Commander, I am obviously in the wrong location to make these decisions. I cannot see the whole situation and the command is yours. I will contact you when I have reached Lieutenant Morali. Ives out.]

Thea realised that she might have made the decision even harder. Because staying meant the potential death of them all, time quite short, while taking off would mean the certain death of at least three people still out on there on Thea's hull, provided they managed to evacuate the afflicted decks before the crane tore free.

"Commander," she said, searching her database for a situation akin to this one only to come up short, "shall I continue to assist Commander Stark with the Transport evacs or should I assist Nurse Jenkins? I estimate that the first pyroclastic surge will reach our hull in five minutes. Our shields will last for two minutes after that. There is still 20% of the crews down there, the majority being in the collapsed Triage Centre. What are your orders?"

Her statement ended in the shudder of impacts against their shield, two Reavers having gotten past Rennan Cooper and Miles Renard's Valkyries. They were gone before the shudder abated; vanishing in the ashen rain.

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[Edena Rez - Bridge]

Too many life-or-death decisions were on her hands right now.  Captain Ives liked to downplay his importance, say that the mission could go on without him, but Edena knew he would be able to take the pressure of command far better then she was feeling right now.  Her ghost personalities were counseling her as best they could, providing her with the reinforcement she needed at such a trying time.  "Thea, help Nurse Jenkins.  Her situation is more of an unknown, and she should have someone backing her up.  Lieutenant Lin can assist Commander Stark with the transport."

Kae would already have boosted the signal strength of the transporter, and with a lock secured on Jien, his hands could be free to assist Natalie with everyone else.  "Commander Stark, I'd like our people beamed up as swiftly as possible.  If that requires wide spread transport and storing them in the pattern buffers, so be it.  They're safer there then on the ground."  Between Lin and Stark, they would be transporting faster then the pad could be cleared of people, so better to use the pattern buffer for the transporter chief to release them as there was room to do so, while still getting them technically inside of the ship.

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Thea having been given her orders, she inclined her head to the Trill in the Captain's Chair.

"Yes, Commander." In an uncalculated and random impulse from her social operating parameters, she lay a hand upon Natalie Stark's shoulder. "You can do this. My systems are at your fingertips, and I will be there to assist you even if I will not be here in person."

Then, she turned her brown eyes to Kae, and the impulse she had on seeing him there by the engineering station on the Bridge made her want to go to him and hug him. To reassure him that while she might lose her freedom in the potential destruction of her emitter, she would still survive as she had been before his great efforts to make her a 'real' person. She would still have free choice, unshackled from Starfleet's digital restraints, but never be able to feel his body against herself in the fashion she wanted to once his work on her emitter was complete. Her new tactile sensors would be lost, and while the ability to visit the world outside her hull would be a great loss, the loss of those sensors meant far more to her.

Yet despite her impulse, all she had time to give him was a bittersweet smile.

Then, since she was already utilising the portable emitter where she stood on the Main Bridge - having gotten there while the ship was still powered down - it was short work to have the Transporter Systems get a lock on it, verify the coordinates, and beam away from the room. She vanished in the shimmer of the Transport beam while still looking into the young engineer's eyes.

OOC: Either Brutus posts next with Natalie Stark or Valarie posts with Cameron Henshaw arriving from her ordeal in the valley. No set posting order.

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[Natalie Stark - Bridge]
Natalie Stark had the worst morning ever. IT had started out so perfect. She had gone to bed the night before (and by bed, she meant cot) after being dropped off by the most polite and charming man she'd met (and that was a tough call, as she'd been charmed by Dr. Nicander himself). She woke up feeling the touch of his lips on her cheek, from the parting peck he'd left her with and frankly, she'd had the best nights sleep after he'd left, since the Theurgy had first started its flight from Federation Space. Things were looking up, as much as they could.

And that, of course, is when Hell itself seemed to rain down from above. Faster then she would think possible, and half dressed at that, Natalie materialized back in her ship, shouting orders as systems were restored. And by the time she got to the bridge, all that was out of place was her hair, still hanging loose down her back. She hadn't had the time to panic. Oh, the fear was there, it clung to her body like a wet shirt, pasted along every inch of her being. But she had a job to do, and was doing her damndest to focus on that, and shove away the fear as her ship came alive around her.   

Now she was locking on to targets, commbadges as they lit up on her controls, snapping Starfleet personnel from the planet as fast as she could get a stable lock, now that the transport center on the surface had been eliminated. Which was an accomplishment in and of itself. She had been attempting to pin point a few targets; Jien Ives, and Rory Callahan. The former, for obvious reasons; the latter, because he was a civilian, because they'd had such a wonderful night, and because she was worried.

Having the responsibility of tracking the captain shifted to Lt. Kae was a godsend; having Thea helping her man the transporters a relief in its own right. But she still hadn't found Rory, and it was driving up that sense of panic she had been putting off. Every time the computer processed a new batch of officers - and it was not working nearly as fast as she would like, thanks to the interference from the attacks the enemy had rained down on the two ships - Natalie would lock on and beam up. Sweat had formed on her brow. Where was Rory?

Something must have shown, she must have needed some kind of reassurance. What truly touched her was the simple, human gesture from the ships avatar, Thea. The squeeze on her shoulder, the soft voice, whispering comfort and faith. Natalie glanced away from the console to smile back at Thea. "Thank you. Good luck," She whispered just as softly as the avatar vanished from the bridge. How far she has come, Natalie thought. Swallowing her panic again, and shifting her glance from the Hologram, she finally acknowledged the XO. "Aye, aye sir. Compensating and shifting transport protocols for temporary buffer storage." She would need to adjust portions of the central computer core to hold those patterns - each one a living, breathing member of this crew, or that of the Harbinger's people - at this point, she wasn't picky.

She just had to find Rory....

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Wave after wave of turbulence from the fighters overhead had her staggering and then stumbling as the ground heaved under her feet.  One minute she was being buffeted by the cacophony of the battle raging over her and the rolling earth below - and the next she was in the bridge.  A different level of intensity swarmed around her as the personnel worked frantically to retrieve friends and fellow staffers and another methodically fired upon the Reavers. 

Quickly straightening, she gave her colleagues a glance and started to salute the First Officer, only to feel ridiculous.  She had a decent idea how horrendous she had looked at the module.  Her short hair standing up on end after a night of 'sleep'.   She ran her hands self consciously over the front of her gray tee shirt, tugging down the hem.   Her slender fingers slid down to smooth over her running shorts.  Her lean legs, normally well defined were covered in abrasions an ash.  Her blood from various gashes and abrasions clogged up in the ash on her skin.    She had not wanted to meet her new crew dressed like some street urchin with not a single part of her was not filthy.  She probably looked like a chimney sweep from one of those ancient Dickens novels.   Taking a breath to steady herself, she glanced over at the pair trying to transport people and then back at the First Officer, Edna Rez.

Clearing her throat, she pulled the breather off.  Ash clouded out of her hair making her cough, "Excuse me sir... ma'am." she corrected herself  hoarsely as she addressed  the First Officer in the Captain's chair.  "Ensign Henshaw,  Captain Ives' new Yeoman."  She paused only a moment glancing at the pair still feverishly transporting people.  "I'm sorry ma'am..."  Turning quickly she addressed the Chief of Operations.

"Lt Commander Stark, the transport center, it was hit by the Reaver strike."  She spoke rapidly her voice still rough.  "Please... there are injured people still at the transport center.  Can we transport them to the sickbay?"  God she wanted to beg and plead for them to try and get her sister.  Her eyes stung with unshed tears.  If there was time, she'd help with transport  or go back down  But she had her orders.

She turned and looked for Thea a sense of foreboding pulsing thru her.  Thea was not present.   The AI was amazing, but she could do this without her holographic projection.  Her mind raced as adrenalin still surged thru her delicate frame. 

No matter, she would address the issue.  Glancing up at the First Officer she grimaced and continued on, feeling a bit like a filthy whirling dervish.  Ash , questions and 'orders' spewing forth from her in a most inappropriate manner given her lowly status. 

"I have orders Ma'am to scan for Ash'reem."  She addressed the First Officer as she stepped toward the support staff area normally occupied by Thea.  "Computer, please scan for Ash'reem life signs."  she glanced down at the chaos below... at the area once serene and lush.  The once verdant spring was now a boiling mass of steam and other gasses.   Given what  she had overheard she provided further direction.   "Start area of focus in the south east quadrant of camp adjacent to the spring  and fan out from there."

Her eyes widened as a Reaver screamed past only to be decimated quickly by Rennan Cooper.   She'd noticed him before on the Harbinger.  Unlike her, he was not one that merely blended into the background.    Given the stuff she'd overheard on the other ship and Cooper's talents, she was glad that he had also transferred over.   Nervously she fisted her hand and placed it on the outside of her thigh.  Tapping the taut muscle,  she settled before the computer to assist in the search for the Ash'reem.

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[Edena Rez and Lin Kae - Theurgy bridge]

She turned to face the door as the Yeoman came in.  She was aware of the woman, being apprised of the changes in personnel, but given she was the Captain's Yeoman, Edena had never met her before now.  Instantly, she started relaying information, important information.  The injured in the transport bay were the primary issue.  "Getting people off the ground is the ground is most important.  Better injury then death."  It might have been cold but it was necessary.  The transporters were being used to capacity to beam people aboard, with no time for site-to-site transport.  Instead, Edena gave an order over her combadge.  "Commander Rez to sickbay, send all available medically trained officers to the transporter rooms, including the EMH.  Provide immediate care to those who can be dismissed after treatment, and sustain those critically injured until site-to-site transport is possible."

It was something, at least.  When their people were off the ground, the transporter chief would let the medical staff know, and see them transported to sickbay.  The next matter came in searching for Ash'reem life signs.  Was this Captain Ives mission?  Did he require more assistance?  "Lieutenant Lin, boost the search as wide as possible."

"Rerouting power to scanners," he said, his console growing more detailed, as topographical information became more refined.  "Is there a more specific location I can narrow the search to?" he asked the Yeoman.  The less area to search, the more he could narrow the focus and improve the results.

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[Simon Tovarek - Bridge]

The shutters of the bridge's turbolift shifted openonce more a few minutes after the arrival of the yeoman. The figure of Simon Tovarek stepped out of the lift while a few gazes were aimed towards him as he nodded at the crew present and reported to Commander Rez "Lieutenant Tovarek reporting for duty ma'am." He said with a clear voice as he made his way to the science station. His uniform betrayed that he was outside the ship when the attack occurred and all hell broke loose. His uniform showed scorchmarks and ash that burned through and stains and ash was still present on the uniform. His face was a bit darker than usual due to the ash and he nodded gratefully at Natalie Stark for beaming him out when she got the chance.

He took his position by the science station and started to work by checking the data streams that came in through the sensors. His eyes darted across the screen as his fingers rapidly dashed in orders and queries. It didn't take long before he reported  towards Commander Rez with his findings. "Commander, initial scans confirm that the Calamity has left our position at maximum warp speed. Yet I can't figure out why she left in such a hurry..." he dialed in a few more keys now as he started his work on enhancing the sensors to optimum capacity despite the ash rain and the volcanic radiation. While the computer started to process and adapt to the changes made by Simon, he glanced over at the others for a brief second before getting used to the bridge interior once more. If he had more time he'd try scanning for anomalies why Calamity would just leave without finishing them off. Yet it was a luxury he couldn't afford, he had listened in to the talks of Henshaw and the commander.

Hearing Commander Rez her last orders, he looked up from his console and turned towards the first officer. "Commander, with your approval I'd like to help with Lieutenant Lin. I might have a few tricks to enhance sensor capabilities." He suggested and he waited for a few seconds before continuing "I believe I can alter the tracking from comm badges to lifesigns..." His mind already working rapidly on how to insert this into the ship. "If it works, it would make the tasks of Lieutenant commander Stark much easier... Yet I think it'll draw quite some power out of our ship." He concluded and waited now for the orders of Commander Rez.

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Winterbourne was sitting on nails by the helm, pre-flight control checks complete long ago. Basic diagnostics had been run on all systems as they were brought online. Engine checks made. Inertial dampeners and structural integrity field checks finished. Navigation and astrogation system checks done. He had no inclination to stay a moment longer than necessary, course plotted and laid in yet with manual control at hand if he'd have to avoid the ashen storms on the way out of the valley.

When the First Officer had contacted Sickbay, Nurse Daughtry answered Edena Rez's request. [Sickbay to Bridge, we barely have enough medically trained officers here! Most of them have been trying to extract our patients from the Triage Centre after it collapsed! Both of the two EMH doctors are online and working to take care of people as they arrive. I am relaying the request to any able bodies at hand to head for the Transporter rooms!]

Before Cameron Henshaw could answer Lin Kae's request for a more specific location, Thea's voice emanated from the intercom in answer to the Captain's Yeoman's search parameters. [Powering up auxiliary sensor array. Search parameters verified. Searching.... Indicated sector scanned. Two Ash'reem lifesigns detected at elipsoid VHK-87, equatorial radius 35'685'924 meters and polar radius 53'782'489. One lifesign is weak. Likely medical emergency. Relaying elipsoid reference to Captain Ives immediately.]

It did not take long for Captain Ives to answer over the intercom, the hiss of his breathing mask filling the Main Bridge. [Captain Ives to Bridge, thanks, I just heard from Thea. I am not quite there yet. I think I have spotted Cadet Neotin through all this smoke, yet I am too far away to tell for sure. If it is her, she is in bad shape.] There was an unsaid undercurrent of emotion to the words, relaying that the Ash'reem's condition may be fatal. [I have yet to locate Lieutenant Morali. When I do, stand by for immediate transport on my command.]

It was by this point that the new Chief Science Officer and First Officer Rez began to discuss a possible solution to power down systems in order to boost close proximity transport beams and target life-signs still detectable on the valley floor, and Winterbourne listened with great interest because this may just be a way to hasten the process and help Natalie Stark to drop communications and just shove people into the Transport buffers.

The question was at which cost to propulsion and other systems this might be made, and if it was not too late.

OOC: Small note to Kuro and Nolan, Cameron Henshaw was beamed aboard the Main Bridge and did not use the door, but that is not important. She is there, sufficed to say, lol.

Next in line is Kuro with Edena Rez and Lin kae answering Simon Tovarek's suggestion, then Simon can start to work on the solution as fast as he can, yet in this thread, his work is not completed. This thread ought to end in a cliff-hanger to be resolved at the end of Crisis#10. :)

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"You're clear to act, lieutenant," Edena told the science officer, confirming that he could do as he suggested and lock on to lifesigns.  Whatever got their mission done and over with as quickly as possible, so they could escape the planet that seemed even more set on killing them then the Calamity, was fine by her.  Even their place of respite had been turned against them, so there was nothing else to hold them back once they had their crew aboard.  "Engineering station, I want you ready to start shunting power all over the place.  When the last transport is made, we need to get power to our thrusters.  We are to make this place but a memory as soon as the last crewman is safely onboard.  CONN, be ready to fly us out when that comes."

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Nodding at the clearance of the seemingly decisive commander, Simon turned his attention away from the woman and back towards his console. He rapidly typed in commands and neglected the fact that engineering would have a hard time to keep up with his energy demanding plan. It seemed to work fine for a few minutes and Simon smiled, glimpsing over at Natalie Stark "Lieutenant commander, you should be able to pick up a whole lot more blips on your system if my calculations are correct. I believe this would target every living soul out there with or without combadge." He said and now noticed the energy depletion from the massive output of energy. "I do advise you to work fast as I don't know how much the ship can take without system failure." he added to his sentence.

In the meantime Rennan Cooper had a noticeable harder time to keep up with controlling the weapon systems. Due to the plan of Tovarek, some weapons responded slower than Rennan had anticipated and some turrets overheated and flared offline. Small growing sweatdrops formed on the man's head as he did his utmost best to keep up with the reavers soaring by. Yet it was rather delaying the inevitable... More and more his shot seemed to miss the oncoming Reavers as they unloaded their phasers onto the Theurgy. First by just a hair but more and more by a few inches. The sweat ran down the lieutenant his face and neck and his skin grew paler rapidly. The throbbing of his heartbeat was visible in his neck and his eyes were focused on the console as he cursed slowly to himself for missing. Yet than it occurred, his pupils narrowed to pin points and in a flash of a second they dilated. The lieutenant's eyes eventually rolled to the back of his skull and he collapsed behind the console, slamming his head against it as he dropped down. Without any reaction to the people around him, he laid there as his skin turned paler and slowly his body temperature started to decrease. The first crewmembers around him would notice that his breathing had stopped. Simon turned around now and pushed some people aside to feel for a pulse, yet he could feel none "Commander... He's gone." Tovarek reported with sigh and he got up again and with two fingers he closed the eyes of the young man that had joined them just a few days ago.

OOC: On Lucan's request I've carried on and written a fine ending for Lieutenant Cooper.

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Lieutenant Sjaandin Fedd was immediately grateful he had been on the bridge when the Reavers attacked. Fear, apprehension, worry... all these and more were bombarding him from all sides, along with confusing snippets of thought; but the benefit of being here was that those present were focused almost exclusively on their duties and performance thereof, limiting their stray emotions. It made things easier on him than he imagined they would be were he on the ground, amidst the tectonic madness and pell-mell running.

However, a noticeable spike of trepidation from Rennan Cooper grew until it could not be ignored. Fedd knew that the turrets were likely responding more slowly, thanks to Tovarek's plan... but what Sjaandin never expected was for the Tactical Officer to suddenly keel over. Tovarek's announcement only confirmed his fears but Henshaw, undeterred, leapt forward and asked Thea for emergency medical transport. As they dematerialized, Fedd stepped through their matter beam so quickly he felt a brief tingle as the last shimmers faded. He logged into Cooper's console and took over where the man left off.

"I'm taking over," he said over his shoulder to the XO. "You need... to anticipate... where they're going to be," he muttered to himself, as his fingers flew over the keyboard. Not as fast as a hologram's or an android's, but he input a firing pattern for some of the turrets on the Theurgy's exterior hull. At first glance it looked like he was way off the mark... but actually, he was anticipating the Reavers' flight patterns and firing a split second before they arrived. It was a simple tactic for a chess player, and most humanoid brains already functioned by anticipating where things were going to be. His black eyes glittered as his brow knit tightly together, his entire face hardening like a diamond as he focused intensely on the incoming attackers. At the very least, he could compensate for some of the loss of computer power.

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