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Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 02: The Captain's Yeoman]

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Cam watched the muted reflection of her commanding officer as she approached and inspected Cam's injury.  However, as soon as the words were out of her mouth, something amazing happened.  Her captain shifted back to her... his male form.   Her captain's abilities were no secret, he changed forms.  But that he had done so before her filled her mind with questions.  Cam's mind was transfixed on how fantastic it would be to shift as she studied his slightly obscured reflection in the shower wall.  She wondered how it must feel to shift like that as she watched him raise his arm slowly.

The fact that she was standing nude before him gone from her mind until the warmth of his strong fingers brushed gently over her shoulder.  The bruise hurt.  She was covering much of her feelings, but the instant he touched her it was as though something dark and needy threaded hot through her veins.  Her mouth fell open as she arched slightly under his hand as it did not stop... but followed the long line of her back stopping at the curve of her bottom.

He was saying something...something about morphogenic matrixes, but ALL she was aware of was his hand and her growing need to touch him back. In this moment she could care less what their roles were.  Her history had taught her to enjoy and live in the present.  Loved ones were quickly gone.   Slowly pivoting in the close space, she turned to look up at him.

As she did so the back of her hand in inadvertently brushed over the front of his crotch.  A lovely bulge that had her completely stopped in her tracks.  Her eyes met his and instantly looked down to where her hand rested over him.  Nerves skittered thru her making her mouth go dry.  Slipping the tip of her tongue over her lips, she glanced back up at him.  Her warm brown eyes to meet his eyes. 

"Sir.  Excuse me."  She wanted to step back, but his eyes and something within kept her from backing down.   They  were one would know.  She wanted him viscerally.  Turning more fully toward him she stepped forward,  her firm breasts pressing tight against him.   Turning her hand she cupped him and let her fingers slide over the length of him.  "Maybe you should just stay."

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All kinds of alarms shot through Jien when she happened to touch his growing tumescence. He managed to thwart the impulse to strike her hand away. Controlled the instinct to back off from her. His sense of propriety and duty, his need to stay professional at all cost, both crumbled around his innermost wish: to just let himself for bloody once indulge himself. It was not like he hadn't earned it, was it?

She met his stare, and his jaw was clenched in conflict with himself, only her gaze was not of innocence or supplication, for that would have made this something that he could not sanction. He would feel like he would use her to find brief carnal respite. No, those eyes understood, accepted, and were quite famished all on their own. The Yeoman did not need his incentive to respond to the situation, to justify her own needs by his word and acceptance of her touch. No, she understood his need, and it mirrored her own. Alone, they were just allowing themselves to drift on chance and desire. They knew this was forbidden, those eyes of hers, and yet she knew that as long as this was mutual, equally sought, it did not matter as long they were not discovered.

The sight of them was surely novel; a clean, young woman compassionately wishing to offer her grave superior officer - dirtied and stained of both body and soul - sweet diversion from hardships and war. Only she was not offering herself, for that he would not accept, but took what she wanted in hope that he would surrender to his quite evident desires. She just wanted him to stay.

She came close, made him feel her warmth against his cold body, stroked his arousal to true hardness. He had yet to raise his calloused hands from his sides, mind drifting on the waves of incitement, his pursed lips slowly seeking out hers. There was no words to be spoken. They would only complicate this simple exchange. His drifting mind let his lips find hers at last, and he sealed them to her mouth - made her accept their hunger.

Only then did his hands reach up to lay upon her hips, and his clothes vanished - his skin now covered in the dirt and grime of the storm instead. His arousal was already rigid from her attention, only now warm and bare to her hand. He stepped towards her, made her back into the stall.

"Resume shower," he said quietly, before his hands rose to the sides of her head instead - his forehead resting against hers.

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Her warm brown eyes studying his moved to note the tension in his jaw and the lines of his lips.  Her free hand moved to the center of chest to press lightly fingers splayed over his hot (and very dirty) skin.  Her hand moved over his skin to slip up to toy with his dark hair skimming the back of his collar.   She glanced up at his eyes and then slowly down to his lips.  Pressing hers together lightly, the tip of her tongue snuck out and tentatively touched the right of her lush lower lip.  Lingering nervously over  tiny scar barely discernible.  Her eyes seemingly transfixed on his lips, she reacted instinctively as he leaned down to kiss her.  Her eyes closing as her lips parted slightly under his touch.

His strong calloused hands grasped and curved over her hips.  Fingers pressing into her flesh as he held her still so that he could step in close to her.   All sorts of electric reactions pulsed thru her body as his clothing faded away leaving his skin to press enticingly against hers.  Moving only slightly, he pressed into her space and maneuvered them both back into the shower.   Her left hand, still resting over his erection, tightened at the realization that he was no longer encumbered by clothing.  Her eyes flew open as her fingers encircled him.  Forcing herself to loosen up, she relaxed her grip on him to merely cup him.  Her thumb moving over the curve of his thick head and down the rigid shaft  and back.   His skin so tempting.  She actually jumped as the warmth of the sonic shower commenced.  Heat  pulsating from the shower making her gasp, breaking the kiss and making her arch into his body.  She smiled and sighed as he lowered his forehead to rest against hers as the shower removed the dirt and grime from his body.

Smiling up at him, she leaned up into him to press her lips gently against his before stepping back. "Let's get you cleaned up." The temptation to use his first name was on the tip of her tongue, but she refrained.  Releasing his erection, she ran her hand over his body, brushing the dirt from him as the shower pulled it away.  Her fingers tracing over the intricacies of the tattoo on his pectoral and shoulder.  The lines and color were amazing!  "God this is lovely." she said as she leaned in and kissed the inked skin on his pectoral.  Truth be told, his whole body was lovely.  She thought as her fingers continued tracing over his lean muscular body, enjoying the definition and texture of his skin over firm muscles.   Her fingers traced down, following the map provided by the definition of his six pack to the lines of Adonis. 

The skin texture more delicate on his wiry body.  Almost silky to her touch.  Her eyes following the path her fingers took till both hands paused momentarily.  His erection stood proudly between them.  The thick head resting slightly against her lower stomach and her hands so close.  Her eyes flew up to his once more as she cupped gently her hands around his rigid arousal.

Her delicate skin flushing slightly in a blush as she stroked and caressed him intimately.  His erection throbbing in her hands, she stroked.  What she was doing was wrong on so many levels.  Against protocols and ethics codes, but she didn't give a flying fuck.  What mattered right now was pleasing him.  Providing him with release, letting her help him.  Decided, she knelt in front of him in the shower and gently leaned in to press her lips in a kiss on the thick head of his penis.

Sighing, she shut her eyes and moved to savor the feel of him.  She purred as she licked down his shaft to nuzzle his heavy balls.  Her hands gently stroking over his rigid shaft.  Kissing the puckering skin, she moved back to kiss and lick up and take him in her mouth.  Her lips wrapping around the broad head of his cock as her tongue pressed and teased him.

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Being a Chameloid, the appreciation that Henshaw showed towards his form was gratifying in its own unique way. Her hands sought to feel his texture. Her eyes trailing each detail. Her comment on his self-made tattoo, something he had created upon the advice of a bygone lover, made him smile faintly. He had grown too fond of it to remove it from his male Chosen Form, and his decision to let it remain like a human tattoo would was now reaffirmed by her words. Yet he made no comment, not wishing to break the spell of the sudden intimacy between them.

She brushed away the loosening dirt; delicate hands making the vapour rise from his skin. Her head was lowered, watching what her hands did, and her brown eyes only came to seek his once she again wrapped her fingers around his erection. His breath hitched by the touch, and she kept staring into his eyes while she stroked him - roused him even further. There was still no need for words, the accord silent and private. He ached for more, and eventually, without seeking his approval but acting out of her own initiative, she knelt down in order to fellate him.

Henshaw began slowly, teasing his sack and his length with breath, lips and tongue. She closed her eyes, and it made Jien do the same, feeling her quiet ministrations while the thrumming vibrations of the sonic shower caressed them both. When she reached his swollen head, he finally got to experience the warmth of her mouth encompassing him, and he sucked air into his lungs as the feeling overwhelmed him. It was, however, just the beginning. He had to place his forearms against the glass wall of the shower stall to steady his footing while she began in earnest. The warm pulse of his hardness was shown thorough care in the movements of her mouth and tongue, as the sensation of intimate suction sent sharp spikes of pleasure up his body.

Eventually, he could not bear it without risking spending himself down her throat, so he pushed away from the glass wall and lay a calloused hand gently against her cheek - signalling for her to draw her mouth off him. For once she did, he would grab her upper arms and help her to her feet, feverishly kissing her. He would not linger, however, but kiss a path down her young body, encompassing a nipple at the time inside his warm mouth, before descending further - past her flat abdomen until he crouched before her like she had done before him.

He would help her lay one leg across his wide shoulder, steadying her with his rough hands upon her hips and let her keep one foot grounded in the shower. Then he would lay his mouth against her lower lips, and delve deep into the dewy folds with his tongue. He would suckle upon the swollen pearl of her arousal, and he would lash his lips and tongue against it - showing the Yeoman the same intimate care that she had just shown him.

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Moving over him she thought of nothing but pleasing him.  Her hands on his hip she could feel as he tensed and pressed into her.  But he was still holding back, still controlled.  That release was elusive. Although from his breathing and body she could tell that he was enjoying each smooth movement down onto his rigid arousal she made with her mouth.  Each time she lifted her chin as she pulled him back out of her mouth, pressing and pulling as she slid from him.   "Mmmmmmm" she purred deep in her throat. 

His rough hand gentle of her face drew her attention.  Letting him slip from her mouth with a juicy pop.  To her surprise he grabbed her arms and pulled her standing, his eyes intense on her lips as he leaned in and plundered them.  A gasp escaped her lips as his kisses seared her with their intensity.   Not merely satisfied to use his lips on hers, his teeth, tongue and lips moved over hers hungrily as his hands caressed her lean body.

She whimpered and moved to catch his lips as he pulled away from hers.  Only to have her eyes fly open as his mouth explored her body.  Teasing, his lips pulled one tight nipple hard into his mouth.  Suckling it even as he moved down.  Her nipple popped from his mouth with a jerk making her cry out sharply,  but he was focused solely on one goal.

As he lifted her leg and placed it over his shoulder, keeping his hands on her hips pressing her back with his strong arms.  effectively pinning her to the wall as his mouth....her eyes rolled back in her head as her delicate neck arched up .  "Oh my god!  Sir!" she cried out.   One hand cupped the back of his head, fingers slipping thru thick dark hair as she braced herself with the other on the glass of the enclosure.  She would have been writhing against him except for his hands holding her fast.   Waves of pleasure surged thru her, building one on top of the other until she was not sure she could hand one more teasing lick.

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Jien drew it out as best as he might, teasing Henshaw at turns to keep her from plummeting over the threshold of her pending climax. Yet he knew it would come eventually, despite the control he tried to maintain over the pace of this forbidden adventure of theirs. He would her sex firmly at turns, then flicker the tip of his tongue against her swollen pearl. He would even use a rough thumb to caress the wet nether lips of hers, and to delve shallowly into her tight entrance - as if to sensually test her readiness to accept him. Just before he ceased his sweet torment, he let her accept his whole thumb - burying it to the widest knuckle.

Yet his own arousal could no longer be denied, for as much as her body, her noises and her taste pleased him, Jien wanted to have her. This mutual desire, so vile in the eyes of some of the crew with him being a senior officer and her being his new Yeoman, it could not wait any longer. Right then and there, he did not have the presence of mind to try and justify it for himself. They both wanted this, as much was certain, and she did not act like a supplicant and scared young woman in this. She did this of her own free will and not merely because he was her Commanding Officer. If she did, it was not because she idolised him. As much Jien believed certain.

So he rose to his feet and faced her, letting her leg slip down from his shoulder in the process. He ran his hands over her behind and kissed her anew. He wanted to taste her skin as the sonic pulses thrummed against their bodies, and on heated impulse, he passionately turned her around to face the glass wall. He embraced her from behind so that he might run his rough palms over her aching breasts as well as kiss her neck. Hard as an oak, his phallus grazed the inside of her thigh as he did this, and since she was shorter than him, the swollen head of his arousal came to slide along her wet folds.

"Brace your hands... against the glass," he breathed into her ear and ran his hands down to her hips, and by making her arch her back a bit, he soon came to press himself inside her - slick walls so warm with need welcoming him.

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It was though he knew her thoughts and exactly how to press and push her body.  Each lick, each caress,  every teasing touch and slow slide of his hand had her body tightening up.  Notching closer and closer to her climax.  Her breathing ragged as her fingers pulled his hair as he nuzzled his mouth seductively against her labia.

She actually went up on tiptoe as his hands teased her entrance. His fingers stroking and barely entering her.  God she felt like she was on fire. Moaning and arching against him.  "Oh please.... sir.... more!"

Instead of continuing the onslaught though, Ives rose before her.  His well defined pectorals moving tight up her slender torso.  Her small breasts tight between them as his hands smoothed up to cup her bottom.  His dark eyes intent on hers as his finely sculpted lips descended to devour her slightly swollen lips.  Lips pulling and tongue urging hers open.

Cam leaned  into his body, wrapping her arms tight around his neck.  Angling her head and opening under his lips to give him access to her.  The taste of her juices on his tongue and lips filling her as his hands pulled her tight to his body.

His arousal throbbing rested firmly between her thighs.  Groaning into his mouth, she rolled her hips against him.  In an instance he roughly turned her and had her up against the glass of the shower.    Shutting her eyes she undulated her body to move against his.  Rolling her hips slightly only to pause when she felt him nudge the entrance with his thick, hard arousal.   Bringing her hands up to brace hard against the wall, she felt him slowly penetrate her tight sheathe.

Hummming deep in her throat she pressed back .  Arching her back to roll her hips and press back hard against him.  Loving the feel of him moving deep in her.  The need to please him and provide him release was gone from her mind.  In its place surged instinctive urgent needs to fulfill both of their needs.  Hot wanton and quickly becoming gloriously sweaty.

Her fingers curled on the glass as her muscles strained to push back against him. Passivity was something she was not.   Her climax denied so long roared through her shattering her as she tightened down around him.  Her body  tensing impossibly as she squirted and orgasmed around him.   "Don't stop!  Please....."  she moaned  as her arms shook. 

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Her heated sex was ready for him, and with their breaths fogging up the glass wall before them, Jien surged against her - smothering her lean body against the glass.

Perhaps he had been to thorough with his tongue and his thumb, because it did not take many soaring thrusts before she cried out and quivered around his hardness. He felt the wetness of her climax too, squirting over their thighs as he continued to move. He listened to her plea despite how the orgasm almost broke her balance, so he held on to her hips, yet it was not enough to keep her steady while he moved against her. She may have been supporting herself against the glass wall, but if her knees gave out, he had to keep her from slipping down along it's slick surface.

Therefore, he wrapped his arms around her from behind, one of his hands cupping an achingly firm breast - his palm feeling the puckered surface of her nipple. His other arm folded around her waist, and with this leverage, he made her grind down to the base of his thrusting erection - each movement forcing her to accept him fully. She may be sensitive, reeling from the first tidal wave of pleasure through her body, yet she did not want him to stop, and he felt no such inclination either.

He kissed her neck as he moved against her, buried his tongue into her skin. Rapid breaths escaped him, growing heavier with pending release. Their writhing and bucking bodies overode the sounds from the sonic shower, and their skin emanated the vapours that the sonic vibrations rose from their pores. New sweat that formed quickly left them, and the glass was soon impossible to see though. His teeth scraped her skin, and he groaned, unable to contain himself much longer. She was so warm, so tight and yet so welcoming as she encompassed him, and his breath catched just before his own climax surged through his body, like a detonation in his loins that scourged his whole frame.

The thrusts were hard in the end, making her rise on her toes by the force, yet he spent himself inside her - gushing warmth filling her gradually with each roping load of semen that shot from his swollen head. His mouth was next to her ear, eyes closed, and he continued to move against her afterwards - the sensitivity now shared and making aftershocks rake through him.

Still inside her, pulsing, his hands began move over her body anew - as if exploring her by touch. Without anything else coming to mind, he whispered breathlessly into her ear. "Thank you."

It may have sounded odd, as if she was doing him favours, yet it was quite obvious that he had done her a favour in kind...

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She was more then ready for him when he finally gave her what she wanted a few minutes after their first meeting. After their thighs had brushed against each other on the couch. After their bodies had been so close during their run to the shelter. The pure pleasurable feeling of him surging against her, smothering her lean fit body against the glass it was all Cam could do to keep her mind from slipping under the waves of pleasure rushing through her body. Her climax did nothing to help her mind find some stable ground to grasp at. Rather her mind was wrapped up in where their bodies where meeting finding their comfort from each other. His strong rough hands holding her hips sent chills down her spine.

Her small lean body arched up into his touch as one hand cupped her firm breast moaning feeling his hands on the puckered nipple as the other strong arm folded around her waist. His kisses and the feeling of his tongue pulled another soft moan from her sweet lips as she heard his rapid breaths growing heavier with the pending release that she was craving from him. She just picked up the way his breath caught before she felt his seed flooding into her willing and welcoming body. Her sweat covered forehead rested against the glass of the shower as her breathing came out in heavy pants. His last heavy thrusts as he rode out the pleasure shared between them had left her wanting him all over again. One thing she knew was she was going to enjoy her new position under him.

She rested there feeling his warmth resting in her as she was breathing as heavily as he was. She felt the faint sparks of pleasure. His hands moving over her sensitive body pulled more soft moans and light shivers from her body as one shaky hand reached back lightly brushing over what of his skin she could find. His breathless thanks brought a smile to her lips. She loved the parses of her lovers. "I should be thanking you," she whispered slowly pulling her body off of him feeling his seed leaking from her body and her legs shaking as she stood. Turning to face him her hands slowly rose cupping his face as she pulled him down for a long deep kiss unspoken praise for his abilities.

"I think we need to clean....again," she whispered as her hands traveled down his neck over his neck and down his chest. "Then to bed," she offered him a playful smile knowing she would be ready for him any time he needed to drop the rank of caption and live life as he or she. Her hands roamed over his body paying careful attention to his fading erection washing him clean before her arms wrapped around him brushing over his bottom. Her lips brushing over his collar bone in feather soft playful kissed. It took a while before her breathing slowed enough to be considered normal. As the shower ended her hands interlaced with his as she lead him to bed. "It would be a good idea to share the bed. Help conserve some heat," she whispered leading his hands to her waist before leaning up kissing him once more.

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When she brushed her hands over his body to raise new vapours from his skin, Jien did the same - his calloused palms running over her while he returned languorous kisses. She smiled to him, a healing sensation felt in his chest when she did - putting things into perspective. While always faint in expression, he smiled back to her. She soothed his worries at the same time as she caressed him physically. While his softening length twitched in response to her attentions, sensitive as he remained after what they had done, it was the embrace and her verbal suggestions that awakened the idea that it did not have to be over just yet.

"It would be a good idea to share the bed. Help conserve some heat."

"Indeed," he said quietly in silent accord to the jocular motivation. Leading him at first, fingers interlaced and the desire plain in her eyes, Jien scooped her up in his arms after a couple of steps - carrying her through the small living quarters of the modular shelter. The bed beckoned, and he leaned in to kiss her while he carried her. His words were a mere murmur against her lips. "Your duty report can wait until the morrow, Ensign."

Then he set her down on top of the sheets, gently lying down on top of her as he continued to savage her lips with his own - tongue seeking purchase inside her mouth and his hands roaming over her body. They were still warm from the shower, and the heat between them warmed them further. He framed a firm breast in his rough fingers to kiss the peak, and his other went between her legs - lightly stroking her sensitive nether lips with his fingertips. Before long, he was hard again, and he wasted no time in replacing his fingers with his swollen tip.

He looked down into her eyes, her short hair on its end by the intimate commotion upon the sheets, and he pushed... feeling himself entering her slick depths once more. She was used to his size now, and before long, he was surging against her - making her feel all of him whilst face to face. His breathing heavy again quite soon, he felt her nipples scrape against he hard panes of his chest, and stole both their breaths away by slanting his mouth across hers - robbing them of air by kissing her in their writhing passion.

It was not the onset of a romantic escapade, these breaches of regulations they were making. Jien believed the human knew this, or at least he thought so. The Ensign was an expert in crew dynamics and morale, and she knew very well what it might entail for Ives and their mission if they were not careful. Therefore, Jien needn't ask her to keep this night of theirs secret, like he had asked others before. It was implied both in the fervour of their forbidden actions, and the way she understood his needs and sought to satisfy him. Niga remained a shadow over his soul, but since she had not been present, it did not matter, because in her purity-through-absence, she helped him distance himself from what had happened to him.

The gratitude for what she did for him... he showed in satisfying her in kind.

At some point in their surging and bucking dance upon the sheets, he ended up on his back on the bed - Henshaw straddling his waist. He was still inside her, and his hands roamed her skin as he gazed upon her. "You take... the needs... of your Captain... quite seriously, Ensign." He swallowed after this quiet remark, a fleeting smile touching his hard features. She was a marvel to gaze upon in the dim light. "I can but hope... that I live up.... to your expectations..."

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His calloused palms running over her body mixed with languorous kisses where the things of young girls dreams and she soaked in every moment of. She couldn't help but smile hearing him accepting her offer. She looked forward to feeling that wonderful body of his next to her through out the night. Warm, hard, and oh so welcoming. Feeling those strong arms scooping her up her legs wrapped around him as she smiled at him. As his lips once more met hers her hands brushed through his hair as she kissed him back with passion and want. "Thank you, Sir. I think I am going to be busy tonight," she whispered softly as a playful tone entered her voice. The feeling of the sheets under her body with his strong solid body atop her was a thrilling contradiction. Slowly her warm brown eyes sunk closed as her mouth opened welcoming him as she arched her body slightly to feel his body against hers. Every place his hands touched set her never endings at end but in the best of ways.

His body was still warm from the shower and she could feel the pure heat from his skin. Her head rolled back feeling his rough hands framing her firm breasts before the wonderful feeling of his lips kissing the peak. Even though they had just finished it would seem her captain was ready for more and she was more then ready to give it to him. She was just about to say something when she felt his touch lightly stroking her nether lips with his fingertips making her moan softly wanting him again. Wanting to bring him that pleasure knowing he would do the same for her. Every brush of his fingers stroked the embers of pleasure in her once more causing her to grow wet against his fingers. When she felt his swollen tip once more pressing against her eyes slowly opened as she smiled softly up at him.

As he thrust into her wet body she groaned long and loud feeling him fill her once more. As he body kept thrusting into her she couldn't help but moan in pleasure as her hands made busy exploring his body anew. Her eyes looked into his never daring to break the eye contact letting him see just what he could do to her. Her breathing quickly turned fast and heavy feeling every spark pleasure he released in her. Her lips pressed against his with passion as her finger buried themselves in his short hair pulling his head down tighter against hers. Somehow during their passion he ended on his back with her straddling him. His erect cock still held tightly in her wet passage. She stilled her body atop him feeling his hands roaming over her skin pulling a contented sigh from her lips. His words made her smile as she leaned down kissing his lips softly as her hips started softly rocking against his loving the fleeting smile on his hard features. "You already have," she whispered softly raising her hips softly before thrusting down on him moaning softly. "And I try to make sure my Captain is well taken care of," she whispered as she leaned down lightly nipping his ear as she continued thrusting her hips against his. "After all a happy Captain is good for crew morale,"

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Breath heavy, Jien was stroking, kneading her aching breasts as she leaned down to tease her with words and tongue. She was indeed taking well care of him, sliding down along his length as she spoke. "While true..." said Jien and sucked in a breath when she thrust down onto him, "I can't imagine I've... seen this duty listed in the... Yeoman duty description before..."

She was milking him insistently while she leaned down, for as his slick and rigid length enjoyed her welcoming depths at an angle, it made her even tighter. He could feel her swollen pearl slide against his shaft now, grinding against his thick girth when she lowered herself along him - the juices of their first joining making her able to accept him all the way to the hilt. Her motions were fanning his desire at a rapid pace. He turned his head to nibble her earlobe in kind, and then to lightly scrape his teeth against her neck. "I can but hope you wish to soothe my troubled soul again... whenever you feel it necessary. This kind of gift... however... is never something I'd feel... comfortable to ask for. Not something I could... order you to do."

Soon, one hand sought her hip, and he began to thrust in answer to her passionate dance. With his other hand behind the small of her back, he craned his neck to take the peak of one breast into his mouth - tongue swirling around the hardened bud before sucking upon it. While the desire for her made him delirious, he turned his attentions to her other teat - straining to catch it as she bounced upon him. The need to reclaim control urged him to sit up, to wrap his arms around her.

So he did, strong arms encompassing her.  Encouraging her movements; grinding her down unto their joining. He managed to fold his legs underneath her, and he could tease and toy with her breasts with his mouth as they came together upon the rumpled sheets. His fingertips raked over her lithe body, into her short hair and turning her mouth back to his own - their lips meeting anew while their bodies rode the path towards imminent release.

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His heavy breathing only told her that he enjoyed what she was doing to him and that was the only encouragement that Cam needed. "It may not be on the duty...description...but...I think we can... add ours," she moaned out feeling his length scraping along her insides sparking pleasure with every touch. She wanted to draw his pleasure out as long as she could. Let him feel the comfort and enjoyment she was sure had been denied him for a long time. As her body moved it felt like somehow his cock had gotten bigger inside her filling her tight passage all that much more. As she accepted him all the way down to the hilt she could help but smile somehow feeling pride in the accomplishment. As his nibbled her earlobe she moaned softly but not near as bad as when she felt his teethe against her neck. Her movements atop him became more needed and wanting. His words whispered in a passionate whisper made her smile as she continued ridding him wanting to push them both to that wonderful edge.

"You won't have to ask," she whispered her fingers brushing up through his hair as her strong legs quivered softly letting her know her release would soon be coming. "I do this because I enjoy it and I want to. Its something we both can enjoy," she whispered softly him as her hands gripped the bed tightly feeling her body wanting to release even though she was fighting as hard as she could. His large hand resting on her hips as he began to thrust in answer to her passion made her moan louder knowing there wouldn't be anyone around them to hear. They where far past protocol, or rank, or defined relationships when it came to a Captain and his Yeoman. So when his lips once more found her hardened nub his tongue swirling it before he sucked on it she had no problem moaning. "Oh Jien," she moaned feeling her body once more trying to jump over that edge and once more she fought herself back.

As he sat up and she quickly found herself relinquishing control to him she couldn't help but smile knowing he was enjoying as much as she. Her legs wrapped around him as he teased and toyed with her breasts making her moan all that much more. She knew her release was coming quickly and this time she wouldn't be able to fight back from it. Her breathing grew quick and light as she moaned with every breath she took. Her head was swimming with pleasure and want. As soon as their lips met she felt her end as she came long and hard feeling her wetness leaking out over her thighs and over his. Her small frame shuddered atop him as she felt her body twitching and pulsing with every wave of pleasure that ran through it.

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As they shared their passionate kiss, Jien felt her come - heard her choked sounds and felt her breath pushing into his mouth. Her sheath became a hard fist gripping him - tightening around his surging length - and when Jien parted his lips from hers, her orgasmic cry was freed and filled the modular shelter. He felt her juices flow and brim the joining of their bodies - squirting out over him and the sheets, and Jien was not entirely sure he had experienced someone climaxing so fully in his long life.

He did know, from experience, that he was on the edge as well, and as she convulsed around him, shook in his lap, he passed that edge himself - unable to last any longer even though he had already spent his seed inside her when they showered. His climax was a more prolonged affair because of it, building slowly and when it finally came, he gripped her hard and cried out - his loins aching at the verge of pain as he filled her with more of his warm semen. There were no risk of impregnation, as much he felt he needed to tell her, since she had no morphogenic matrix to merge with his own. No offspring to be had with non-shapeshifters.

Yet at the moment, it was a fleeting thought, as his rapid breathing soon came to still itself, and he may kiss her anew as they shared the aftermath. The aftershocks raked through his body, and he ran his calloused palms her up and down her back. He raked his fingers into her short hair and lay languid kisses along her neck and shoulders.

Outside, the storm still roamed the valley, and nightfall was yet to come.

By morning, life on Theta Eridani would return to it's normal pace and toil.

At least, that was what they thought.

- Fin

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