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CHAPTER 02: An Unlikely Conversation [Fifth Day]

CHAPTER 02: "An Unlikely Conversation - Part 01" Joint-Post by Nolan & Auctor Lucan

[ Theta Eridani IV | The Triage Centre | 2200 hrs. | 5 Days Post Mortem Arcorn Neotin ]
After a long day, Thomas decided to go check on Evelyn Rawley since she was transferred to a more suitable zone. He was still meaning to get a conversation with her since the suicide run against Calamity. He walked in the Triage Center in the cover of night and he noticed that very few patients and staff were present at this given time. He walked past the area with the cryo pods, feeling a shudder run down his spine as he tried to avoid eye contact with them.
He tracked down where Rawley was and after the initial pleasantries and curses, the conversation got a bit grimmer. "Tell me Evelyn, were you really planning to go all out against that ship? Were you really willing to sacrifice it all? I just need to know, cause every night I keep thinking to myself if I was a chicken pilot to turn off and engage those fighters while you just drove on into the heart of that darkness."
Thomas was feeling a bit nervous about this entire meeting. His eyes going from Rawley to the bed, than to the ground to eventually end back up with her. It was a feeling that kept gnawing at Thomas since the entire fight and he had never gotten the chance to actually talk with her about it. She was badly hurt in the Red Zone and since than, things were a bit to hectic to actually go to her. He grunted something between his teeth now as he looked back up to Rawley.

On top of the biobed, underneath a blanket which was twisted around her legs and not in the best condition because of the heat and humidity, Rawley lay propped up on her side - her shaven head resting in her hand. It had hurt to turn over and face Ravon, but once she got in position, it was quite comfortable. At least comfortable enough to talk. The fellow wolf had not awakened her with his visit, since she had been reading up on recent flight ops reports and combat theory.

The turn of the conversation, however, was not so comfortable.

"What the fuck was I supposed to be sacrificing, Tom?" she asked, tried a stiff joke. She much rather would have liked a stiff drink, though. "You an optimist? You think anyone in this valley has a shit-worth of life-expectancy? Damn I would love to think there is a happy ending to all of this, but fuck, I don't know man. Not after we have killed other Starfleet people. Not just one or two, either. We have killed hundreds. The mob of surviving families would never stand for us just walking away."

Rawley hawked and spat upon the floor, mouth dry from talking. "I'd rather die in the cockpit, thank you. I'd rather tip the odds if I can."
"I don't know Ev... You look scary enough to get rid of most bandits..." He replied to her, amused by her stiff joke. He shook his head and bend forward a bit as he rubbed his temples with his fingertips. "I try to be an optimist, Rawley... I'm pretty sure we'll face a firing squad or perhaps something more 'humane' once we get back... If we get back..." This type of conversations were a pain in the ass, too much thinking. Thomas didn't want to think to much about what could happen if they even survived this entire shit-storm.

"Then you are making a piss-poor attempt at being one," said Evelyn and chuckled. A mistake. She sucked in air sharply though her teeth and pressed the heel of her supporting hand against her temple. The other slipped underneath her blanket, wrapping her arm around her bare torso for a moment. "Fuck it. Don't be funny, Razor. I swear I'll kick your bloody nuts up your groin again. Won't grow them back until you're fifty. Fuck that hurt..."

At first he was a bit annoyed by the remark, yet he got satisfaction out of it as she started to suck in air due to her pain. "As a true optimist, I'm pretty sure your kicks can't be that bad, Ranger. Not when you're hugging yourself against the pain." He chuckled with a gloat. "Besides, I'm pretty sure you'd do other things to my groin instead of kicking it." He dared her. He was happy to see that Rawley could still find humor in the entire situation. Perhaps that was a good way to handle with the constant pressure of all of it.

"Yeah, you know, as much as I'd love to get my pipes cleaned..." she said and slowly let go of her middle, returning her attention to Ravon, "...I have a feeling the medics will hold you responsible for my death if you'd volunteer. I think I might be able to suck your cock, though, but you'll have to get me some scotch for the trouble. Yeah, I said trouble, for I bet you got a big joystick hidden away in those pants."

Thomas grinned now and shook his head "How on Earth would you possibly know that? Been spying on me after training hours in the showers?" He grinned and he was about to make another cocky remark about her just having to figure it out once it got stuffed fown her throat when she countered him.

Having built up the wolf's confidence, Rawley smirked as she immediately tore it down again - all in good humour and pilot's jargon, of course. "I say you'll probably have something in your favour down there since you never had the balls to fight the Calamity with me."

He had to laugh now because of it and he let his tongue go around his gums before he came with a reply "Mind you I was the only one following you in to that shit-hole. So I must have the biggest amongst all of our squad. That is after you... I do wonder where you keep them Ranger..." he answered her and with the last bit of his sentence he pulled a pensive face.

"You have not seen me in the showers either, so you might not want to know," said Rawley and grinned with eyebrows raised, "then again, perhaps you like it in the ass too you big faerie.

He grinned broad now and got up from the chair he was sitting in. "Oh, I don't but I'm sure you do! You're mental enough for it and sure as hell would love the kick it gives you!" he said and the sparkles of ferocity lighted up in his eyes. The volume of the conversation however only rising to a higher point.

"Yeah, I do like it sometimes," said Rawley with her grin and without missing a beat, "but as for now, I will have to take a rain-check on the offer, or you will have Dr. Nicander up your ass instead, for I hear he does like men too you know. Furthermore, the possibility that I can sit in a cockpit again will be delayed even more if I let you stick your monster up there before I am done with my rehab exercises. So fuck off with that idea or I will never be able to get back out there. Who's going to save your sorry ass then?"

The thought alone of Nicander going up his ass was enough for Ravon to pull  face in disgust. "Christ Rawley, that ruins all the fun... I'm sure the doc will get you used to a pole in the ass though. Perhaps he'll even call it rehab exercises. To see how much G force you can take." He snickered and was satisfied enough that she called his cock a monster. He sat down again and chuckled some more about the conversation.
"Yeah, Nicander sure is delicious if you are into those polished nice guys, yet him and I are not exactly on speaking terms since he forces me to stay here, so if there is to be any rectal action taking place here, then it's me ramming this fucking bed up his ass instead. Fuck that Câroon, I'll show him fire and lightning one day. He can save my ass on the operating table however much he deigns to, but fuck him for keeping me here after he's done. I can take care of myself. Pills or scotch, either works to keep a cat mellow enough to not tear her stitches."

Given the fact that she had seen a few things in her days, the two latest skirmishes were not the only sources for battle scars that littered her diminutive body. As much was plain upon the skin shown beyond the edges of the twisted blanket, with her neck, scalp and arms still sporting puckered seams. They were still there on her request, since she refused to have them vanish with a subdermal regenerator-thingy.

Razor smiled a bit faint as his eyes rested on Evelyn. He trailed them down her visible scars and injuries as he shrugged and replied "Wouldn't it be better for you to lay low for awhile? Trick him into believing you are all good to go and then get a scotch?" He asked and could already know what the answer would be of her insane mind. Yet he knew doctors probably were right most of the time if it came to injuries. "Besides, each and every time he tells you to stay you stir the nest so much they need to fix you up again." he smirked.

Thomas wondered why she wanted to keep all of the scars, it sure as hell served as a reminder why they were still alive and the countless of fights she had been in probably each taught her a lesson in survival. He remained silent for now as the night came to it's darkest hour. He looked around now to see if anyone else was still being kept up by their chat.

"Look at me, Tom," said Evelyn and grimaced as she lay on her back again, rubbing her temples with her fingertips, "do I strike you as the woman who'd lie low? Who'd say 'please' and sweet-talk men to get what she wants? We might have been joking around about anal sex, but do not mistake me for a girl who bends over and let the brass fuck me over. I am the one who fucks with them."

Razor looked at Rawley now as his mind wasn't really up to speed anymore with what she was seeing. "Obviously you're the one who fucks things over with those giant ovaries.." He answered her eventually after a small pause. "I do understand what you say though... Just don't take so long to get back to the flight deck." He murmured.

Having heard voices, one of the personnel that was stationed in the Triage Centre during the Gamma shift made her way over there.

It was no Starfleet Officer, but a mere Cadet. An assistant medic caught up in the events around the Theurgy and the Starfleet Command conspiracy. She had lost so much lately; her parents and her unborn child. A child that may have been a freak of nature, yet to Ash'reem, who were infertile and about to go extinct, it still counted as a grave loss. For loss seemed to be the theme for her, since she had been made bereft of everything besides her duties. The time traveller did not even know who he was anymore, so how might he be prepared to help her in her grief? He had hurt her too, the morning when her dad died. No, she had to find a way for herself. She had to be strong. If not for the sake of the mission and the survival of her species, she needed to be strong for herself. I refuse to loose my mind in a place and time like this. Mom and dad would have wanted me to be stronger.

"Pardon me... wolves," she said as she drew near, wearing her Cadet uniform and holding a PADD by her side. She let on a small smile, which was more like an indoctrination of a pleasant bedside manner than a genuine one. "Visiting hours are long over. Can you please return on the morrow instead, Lieutenant? The patient needs to rest."

"You have no idea what I really need, Cadet."

"Your pheromones say you need rest, and I am inclined to believe them. Please, let the other patients sleep as well."

"Fucking cheater..."

[To Be Continued...]

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"An Unlikely Conversation - Part 02" Joint-Post by Nolan & Auctor Lucan

"You have no idea what I really need, Cadet."

"Your pheromones say you need rest, and I am inclined to believe them. Please, let the other patients sleep as well."

"Fucking cheater..."

Thomas chuckled a bit as Rawley was obviously trying to get under the skin of the poor Cadet. He hadn't seen Amikris that much during his stay on the Theurgy, yet he heard about the grief and losses she had to bear in recent times. He waved at Rawley now to shut her up and eventually just said it. "Rawley, shut the fuck up. She's in the right, I'll see you another time." He got up from the chair and looked at Amikris. "Sorry for the late night visit cadet, just had to discuss something with the Lieutenant here."

His eyes went over the young Ash'reem. He never really noticed how good looking she actually was. He shook his head to stop his current thought-pattern there and he walked out of the section where Rawley was. "So Cadet, is it still pretty busy here?" he tried to get a conversation started while he made his way to the aisles that leaded to the exit of the Triage Center.

"Yes, Lieutenant," she said, taking a deep breath and trying to focus on the present. "We still have several crew members in the Red Zone that, while stable now, are not quite ready to be transferred to the Yellow just yet. Gradually, the number of people here in the Yellow Zone are  lessening, but they still need constant check-ups before they can be moved on. Also, besides the injuries, our Chief Counsellor has to distribute her rehabilitation personnel to those traumatised by the battle... and what came before."

The Ishtar Incident had not affected her negatively. No forced sexual intercourse. Not like on Niga, where she - while infected still immune to the symptoms of the virus - had been forced to please the whole team of computer scientist and Ops personnel that had been in the Main Computer Core room. They had taken turns with her, sometimes not, but she had obliged them all, until they lowered their guard enough for her to strike back. She had been somewhat  successful, in retrospect, since she delivered the computer control from the clutches of the infected. Yet in the end, she had been stunned by the Felicity hologram.

Next she knew, she had been awakened by the Relativity's temporal agents, and thrown into the Brig since she refused the antidote against the cure. The cure had made her fertile again, and a saviour for her species. Unfortunately, all hopes had been ruined, for the advanced stages of the virus would have killed her, and she had already been impregnated by one of the infected. It had been the right choice to allow Dr. Nicander to abort her child, and she was forever grateful that he did all of this for her and her parents without reporting it to the Senior Staff.

Now, with mom and dad gone, no one knew about her abortion save for herself.

And Lucan, of course. He was truly her guardian angel, giving her drugs of the record against her Isophobia as well.

"Lieutenant," she said and stopped, turning to face him. She desperately needed to get away from her dark spiral of thoughts. She needed distraction. To feel alive again. She looked the human up and down. He was handsome, and not too tall. She liked that. Sarresh had hurt her, and she felt so alone. "I do not know what the social etiquette for your species might be... but I... I could use a hug. My people need touch, and... Can you hold me for a while?"

She looked up at the pilot through her goggles, standing as they were in the middle of the aisle leading towards the exit.

Razor looked at Amikris and he frowned a bit as she started about social etiquette. "A hug?" he repeated after her and he tried to look through the goggles that covered her eyes. He shrugged eventually and answered "Well, sure, if you need a hug." He spread open his arms for her now and stepped closer so she could give him the much needed hug.

Smiling faintly in gratitude, Amikris stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the Lieutenant's waist - embracing him in order to feel his bodily heat against herself. There was great comfort in closeness, and her native instincts had dictated her to make this request. She  medicated against her Isophobia, yet no pill could ever console her in the loss of her closest kin.

Once she had her arms around him, he closed his and slowly tapped her on the back. Finding the situation a bit weird yet, he let it slide as he realised the woman probably had a lot of stress due to the recent events. He rubbed her back a bit after the tapping and asked soft "Does this feel alright for you?"

"Yes..." she answered, eyes closed behind the lenses of her goggles. "Very much so." She took a couple of deep breaths, feeling her chest rise and fall against the human. Her hands felt the fabric of his uniform's back, wishing that she could feel skin instead. The cloth was an obstruction to thwart her phobia of being alone. This, she could not say out loud. It would not be very... Starfleet of her. She could but mould her body against this human and nuzzle his neck. She needed it, yet she could not bring herself to cry. Not when she had the opportunity to be this bodily close to someone. To grind herself as close as she could. "I'm sorry for taking your time, but I really need this... I cannot help it. At least your pheromones tell me you are not repulsed by me."

As the Ash'reem took in a few deep breaths Thomas could feel her breasts press against his chest. He wondered how different they were from humans or any other species. His thoughts drifted off a bit as they stood there in their unexpected embrace. He opened up his eyes as she apologised for taking his time. He shook his head and answered her. "It's no trouble at all, some humans need a hug every now and then too." The remark about his pheromones was a bit interesting to say the least "You can smell how I feel then?" he asked her with a low voice and looked down at her now.

"Yes," she said, and paused, not sure how to explain it in an easier way than he just had done with his own words, "Many species on Earth communicate through pheromones, us Ash'reem are just exceedingly good at it because our intellect is higher than that of such animals. We use speech as well, but our secretions are more honest than speech. Problem is the potency of our biochemical communication, and how it affect people in our vicinity. Therefore, we have biowraps..."

He heard her out and tried to understand it completely. "So basically... Your kind... Your kind communicate through scents." He basically repeated what she said and than he frowned. "Yet your phermones would affect the people around you?"

"Yes. unless we use these." She raised her six-fingered hands and unzipped her uniform a bit, followed by the undershirt, showing him a deep cleavage that was obscured by transparent plastic wrapping. The biowraps absorbed her secretions and caused them to have a milky hue, clouding the details of her multicoloured skin yet suggesting everything nonetheless. "We need them so that we may not project our feelings upon those around us. Should I remove these, everyone in this part of the Triage Centre would be inclined to feel like I do."

Before he asked her, she answered the question as she looked into his eyes. "Alone."

He stepped back a bit as she raised her hand and unzipped her uniform. He was looking straight down her cleavage and his eyes went over the weird plastic that covered her skin and breasts. He seemed to be fascinated by it, yet due to the viscinity of it, the pheromones of Amikris had started to get effect on him. He felt a low throbbing sensation down his pants yet he waved it away as nothing as he tried to make out what the milky hue was. "Feeling alone?" he asked her softly now.

"Yes," said Amikris in a thick voice, part sadness and part desire - the latter winning ground. She took half a step closer to him, bodies still apart, if barely. "Very... And it would appear you feel alone too, for I can sense your human arousal set in just now. Perhaps it is my fault, that I make you feel need for company... Yet I would try to make it worth your while if you would like to be alone... with me."

"My body tells you that?" he asked half amazed by how strong his phermomones must be for her. He looked at her hair and face as she stepped closer, the biowraps only being able to hold back as much as they could. Thomas could feel his mind being clouded by it. "Not your fault.." He brought out a bit drowzy before his mind got completely clouded. "Make it worth my while, Cadet?" he asked now as he seemed to be in some sort of a dream. "Where would you want to go then?"

"Somewhere, Lieutenant," she said in that thickened voice of hers, realising that she was seducing a Starfleet Officer despite having adjusted her cultural influences to fit life in the fleet. Mother and father would not be proud of her, yet they were not there any more. They could not console her in her acute loneliness, and even if she preferred Ash'reem, this human was attractive enough to not make her care. "Anywhere that I can feel your skin on mine.... without these wrappings in the way. A place where we might not subject all these patients to the feelings you will give me."

Thomas had fallen under her spell and he thought quickly of a place where they could be alone. "We could head out to the fields, how far would we have to go to not affect anyone?" he asked her softly now as he moved his hand over her cheek. His thumb slowly rubbed over her lips as he felt his body give in to the sensation he was getting from the pheromones. A small bulge formed in his pants and he felt his senses seemingly going more on edge.

Not able to help the small moan that escaped her full lips when the fighter pilot touched them, Amikris parted them for the human's digit. Even if he wouldn't be able to see her eyes, she looked into his when she took that thumb into her warm mouth and sucked upon it once - from base to tip - before answering in a mischievous voice. "Follow me."

Turning on her heel, she walked off - her unsteady gait making her hips undulate. She closed her undershirt and her uniform and led the way, her shift ended since long and her duty report filed so there was no need to stop. She exited the Triage Centre well ahead of the Lieutenant, and set a course straight into the adjacent field of high grass. It made sense that she would decide how far out they needed to go, and with her brisk pace, she made him chase her a bit. She glanced back once or twice to make sure he did not loose her in the darkness.

Ravon was a bit amazed by how the Cadet just took in his thumb and sucked it so sensually. He hadn't really expected it and he stood there a bit baffled as she told him to follow her. After a few seconds it actually registered in the Lieutenant's mind and he followed her on a rapid pace.When he reached the high grass, he felt the grass tickle his legs and groin as he made his way through them. She moved fast, heh ad to give her that and it kind of felt like a chase like a dogfight would be.

Once she was sufficiently far out, she stopped. There was a humid breeze caressing the tall grass, which made it tickle her thighs through her uniform. She turned around so that she might face the Lieutenant when he caught up to her, and as soon as she lay eyes on him, she removed her goggles. It was dark enough for her to not hurt her eyes, and this way, she was able to see everything in perfect detail. The Lieutenant would see her large, green eyes glowing in the dark ahead of him, and the stars gave him just enough light to see her opening her uniform again - both the jacket and the shirt parting while he made his way to where she stood. She was smiling as she awaited him, heart beating fast in anticipation for his intimate arrival.

Thomas sprinted from left to right to stay on Amikris her tail as he honed in on her like he'd do in his Valkyrie on a target. He saw her as she turned around and put her goggles off. The poisonous green lighting up was just amazing to see in the dark night and he held his breath for a moment as he witnessed her in the dim starlight. She was getting undressed and in a matter of seconds he stood in front of her, the smell of her pheromones stimulating him once more. He was sure she could smell his own arousal getting heavier as he started to open up his own jacket.

Tilting her head, she watched the human start to undress, just as she pulled back both her own undershirt and jacket from her shoulders. She let both garments drop behind herself, and her amphibian skin, warm and damp, glistened in the starlight - accentuating her waist and flat  belly. She was not so much watching him as she scented the essence of his desires. She needn't see how hard and ready he was, for she knew, and she revelled in the fragrance of his need, for it was proof that she was not alone, and that she would be able to loose herself in their interspecies coupling. When she spoke, her hands hung by her sides, and her voice had a breathless undercurrent of desire. "Your name. It is Ravon, it it not?"

As Thomas showed his torso to her, his eyes drifted over her body as she dropped her clothing behind her. He had never witnessed this species naked before and it looked a bit weird at first, yet she looked rather good looking to human standards. He kepts his pants on just yet as he moved closer to her, slowly sliding his fingers against the flat belly of the Cadet. "It is.. What is your name?" he asked softly.

"Amikris," she said and slowly reached behind herself, arching her back as she did so, and unclasped the fastenings of her bio wraps one by one - her chest feeling the humid air little by little as they fell away from her torso. The generous swell of her jutting breasts glistened with transparent secretions that had yet to be absorbed by the protection - recent and potent evidence to her own desires towards the human. She moaned as she was finally released from her confines, and the ducts along her sides could express her needs openly. When she opened her eyes again, she lay her six-fingered hands against the human's chest, craning her neck to finally lay a passionate kiss against his pink lips.

Once she started on wrapping off the biowraps Thomas inhaled the scent of the secretions. They smelled wonderful as his brain continued to get stimulated by them. He slowly slid his hands up from her belly to her damp glistening breasts as he slowly felt her lips touching his. He kissed her back gently first, but soon his tongue searched his way to her lips, aching to explore her warm mouth. He stepped closer now towards her as his chest slowly made contact with her breasts as he continued to mold them gently.

Suspecting that the human might be frightened if she used her long tongue in earnest, Amikris slowly answered in kind to the fighter pilot's actions. Gradually, her tongue would swirl around his, and she kept herself from making him gag as she progressed - filling his mouth slowly and sensually. His hands upon her felt marvellous, and when his chest touched hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him - making him feel how hard her the peaks of her breasts had become. Like this, she could even feel his hardness against her lower stomach. Feeling so much of his skin made her secrete more pheromones, her ducts finally able to make her feelings airborne - as they were meant to be.

Thomas found it alright at first to french kiss her, but gradually he was amazed by the size of her tongue. Over time it seemed to get a bit easier yet it still felt a bit weird. However, he did enjoy what she was doing to him, he felt how the secretions got smeared across his torso as her hardened peaks rubbed against his skin. He just got harder by it and felt the tip of his member brush against her lower abdomen.

Feeling playful, Amikris opened her eyes and looked at him as she unhooked her arms from his neck. As she leaned back, sliding her hands down his front, she extracted her tongue - leaving the tip inside his mouth for a couple of seconds before she retracted it. "You smell good, Ravon," she said thickly with a smile and let her hands wander on downwards. She hooked all four of her thumbs behind his waistline and pushed down, forcing his uniform trousers over his hips and freeing his turgid member to the nocturnal air. "Especially your co-pilot here."

The feeling of having her tongue still inside his mouth while she had leaned back proved ravishing for Thomas as he suckled it a bit before it got withdrawn out of his mouth. He smiled what eventually turned into a grin as she complemented him on his smell. The cooler air was a relief for the pilot as he looked into her big eyes.

One of her hands formed a solid grip around his length - both her thumbs rubbing it while she looked into his eyes - her inhumanly large irises glowing. Her other hand picked at her belt buckle, opening it for him. Her lips remained pursed, open as in invitation for him to resume kissing her if he liked to.

He let out a soft moan as he took in more of the intoxicated air, her hand moving down his length felt graceful. He hooked his hands down her sides now and pulled her trousers and briefs off as well. While he dragged them down her legs, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. His hands sliding to her ass to pull her closer against him.

Amikris met his lips hungrily, groaning in her native high-pitched tone - impossible to hear for him - as he cupped his hands over her bared behind. As he held her to himself, he had trapped her grip around his rigid arousal between their bodies - squeezing it. Yet Amikris squirted her regenerative fluids into her grip, lubing it up, and that made it possible for her to still rub his length nonetheless. Her other hand sought his bottom in kind, her lightly webbed fingers spreading over one cheek and holding him close too. As she rubbed him, she tried to step out of the garments that had pooled around her ankles, yet because of her wobbly legs, she fell, and pulled him with her.

He broke the kiss with Amikris as he felt the regenerative fluids lube his hardened member. "That's a new trick I've never seen before.."  He mumbled softly as he let out a moan as she started to rub him again. He tightened his grip around her rear now as she carried on and he kissed her eagerly again. He felt how she tried to step out yet he couldn't do anything as he felt how she lost her balance. He couldn't step out of his own clothes in time either so they both fell down into the high grass. With a light thud he hit the ground first, He let out a soft painful groan as he felt the not so soft earth against his shoulder and back. He looked up at Amikris now and asked soft "You alright there?"

"More than alright," she said breathlessly as she kicked off her pants and shoes where she lay on top of him. She had let go of him as they fell, yet since they had both rid themselves of clothing, she straddled him and lay her hands against his chest. She framed her breasts with her straightened arms, arching her back. She ground the apex of her legs against the bottom side of his male organ, rubbing it where it lay against his lower abdomen - a thick and throbbing heat longing to be inside her. She played, undulated her hips as she rubbed herself to wet readiness - grinding his hard meat against his own body with her weight.

"H-How about you? Are you okay, Lieutenant?" she asked playfully and bit her lip. She moaned again as his rough hands cupped her warm and damp breasts, the anticipation unbearable, yet the imminent reward so much sweeter since she would take her time to arouse this human. The dewy nectar of her sex mixed with the lubrication she had applied upon him - making her back and forth motion along his cock slippery.

"More than okay..." He let out in a moan now as he felt her sex slide against his arousal. He didn't mind that she was playing with him like this, enjoying the teasing to the fullest. He continued to work on her breast while his other hand went over her hips towards her bottom. He grabbed hold of her there now as best as he could and he let out another satisfying moan as she drove him mad with desire.

Her human lover seemed to like what she was doing, and it made her feel appreciated. It made her feel like she was doing something right, and that there just might be some joy to this life despite having lost the people that had rooted her to the universe. Her mom and her dad were gone, and yet somehow, there could be ways to find meaning beyond her duties. Feeling his human organ throbbing beneath her, she remembered the hour she had spent in the Main Computer Core during the Niga Incident, letting the dozen of infected there have their way with her. She let them all do as they pleased, and she goaded them on, making them think her being one of them. Perhaps such exploits could be beneficial without the excuse of infection?

Errant thought, and it made her heart ache thinking about Sarresh, but he hurt her, and she just felt so lonely...

Her eyes closed, dazed off in thought, her hips had still thrust back and forth, and now, it was time. She opened her brilliant green eyes and looked down upon her happenstance lover, smiling as she reached down behind herself and raised his hardness on its end. "Come here, you big human," she purred excitedly and pushed her hips downwards - her slick grotto enveloping the head of his member easily. "Mmmhhh....."

Thomas had little choice but to undergo the teasing of the Cadet. He felt though that his erection had reached it's full potential and he was craving to get inside of her, which happened sooner than he thought. He felt the six digits around his flesh now as she raised it up and she buried his head into her. He let out a moan now as he felt the warmth of the cavity and instinctively, he thrust his hips upwards, forcing his length deeper inside of Amikris as she moaned.

And moan she did, alternatively in the range that her lover could hear and betimes in the ultrasonic spectrum - tuning out of his hearing range. The human made short work on expanding her Ash'reem sex, and she took him all the way in - sheathing him to the hilt. She rolled her hips when he was altogether encompassed by her, grinding back and forth upon him and throwing her wet hair back from her face in her elation. She could not help but compare him to Sarresh, yet it was impossible to do so. Sex with humans was so different. So focused on the physical compared to the exchange of pheromones. It was like comparing two different trades, like engineering to medical duties.

Since she knew he wanted to feel her bodily, she lowered herself down - running her webbed fingers through his hair as she began to lick his neck and chest with her long tongue - making him feel as wet and hot as her. She still rocked down upon him, making sure to grind down all the way, yet she moved as if she tried to have sex with his body in totality.

Feeling her long slick tongue licking his neck and chest sent shivers down the spine of Razor. He moaned softly as his lower abdomen moved in sync with Amikris' movements. He looked up at the woman as she did her extreme best to make it feel as good as possible. He slid his hands over the slick skin of her flat abdomen up to her breasts. Feeling the oh so different texture of skin compared to humans, with a gentle movement he encompassed her breasts now as he started to mold them.

His eyes went over the Ash'reem as he looked at her bright green eyes in the darkness. He looked at her body in the dim light of the stars as they continued their dance of lust. The pheromones that she secreted only made him more willing and convinced that he had to have sex with her here and now.

With her roaming hands, Amikris secreted all over the corrugated leanness of his flat abdomen, over the pectorals that rippled beneath taut and pink skin, along the smooth power of his muscled arms - feeling her breasts cupped in each of his hands. He was kneading them, stroked her aching peaks in a way far more brute and physical than an Ash'reem might, and she found she enjoyed it.

The human was impaling her on his engorged manhood, driving into her. He filled her as he slid upward - deep inside her. The sheer hardness of his human sex drove breathless, urgent gasps from her mouth. It made her writhe against his thighs and hips, spreading the slick wetness of her excitement. She made sure to press down to meet his every upward thrust, for she arched in wild response to the universe-old rhythm. it was a measured, insistent pace, and it sped towards the blood-rushing climax.

Feeling the slick body of the Ash'reem against his, Thomas felt that his own climax would not take very long anymore. He let out moans of pleasure as he felt the peak of their union reach it's full potential. With a louder moan he thrust his hips upwards and the warm wet substance got shot into young Cadet. His hands dug into the soil of earth around them as he tried to regain his breath.

She could not hold back. Did not want to. She wanted him to feel what his body had done to her. So she let go when she felt the warmth of his seed inside her. It made her convulse around him; uncontrollable, shuddering contractions. Yet  despite how he had given her this gasping sense of completion, she continued to move on top of him. Disjointedly, she rocked her hips, experimented with the motions to siphon the sweet flow of white lava she knew he kept from her. Her sex was flexing together with the movements of her hips, and she threw her hair back from her face in guttural, native moans.

Feeling how she had reached her own apex, he smiled a bit at her as he closed his eyes for a few seconds "That was..." He paused as he tried to find the words for it, yet his mind could not give him any correct response for the feeling he was searching.

"...inter-racially exquisite," finished Amikris for him breathlessly and ran her webbed fingers through his hair, making it as slick as her own skin. She lay her lips against his anew and kissed him there in the grass while her hips still worked up and down his semi-hard instrument. She moulded her breasts against his bare chest for some time longer, before his human cock finally slipped from her twitching sheath. Once it did, she purred in satisfaction and pushed away from the ground, slowly getting back on her wobbly feet. Standing over him, she stretched in the nocturnal air and sighed in utter languished joy.

"I hope I may borrow that pink organ of yours another time soon, Lieutenant..." she said with a outer-worldly smile in the twilight - eyes slitted as she looked down upon him.

With a slight grin on his face he kissed her back and he looked at her now as she made the remark of using him again soon. "We'll see about that... Soon perhaps..." He answered her on a sly tone and he got up from the grass as well as he passed her clothes back to her.

- Fin

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