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He couldn't help but smile hearing her sultry words. "To be honest it doesn't tell me much.  I can't read much into the language of pheromones of other species.  I merely noticed a more prominent scent coming from you and inferred that it was pheromonal in nature based on your flirtations line there.  Though by the increase in the scent I think it's safe to say we ought to not engage in too much strenuous physical activity without getting something to eat first."  He smirked as he walked waded over to the bar and took the plates and handed her one.

He took one of the pieces of fish and took a bite tasting it.  "Interesting?  Don't think I've ever tasted this kind before?"

The bartender came back over hearing his statement, "That's cause we just caught them a couple weeks ago, it's the special since it doesn't use any replicator energy."

He nodded, "Interesting texture and flavor, Bottom feeder right?  Like a catfish.  And the batter, It's a beer based one right?"

"Guinness-Synth." The tender replied. "And you're right about the type.  We encountered a river full of them a few weeks back."

"Miles nodded, "Cod woulda' been better but I'll take any real meat over replicated stuff."  He said taking another bite then trying one of the pieces of potato.  "Good fries too.  Whoever suggested the fish and chips as a special deserves a commendation."

He nodded, "I'll Pass the word along to Rory."

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Soo Young smiled and tapped Miles on the side of the head. "You know sometimes I wonder why your a pilot and not a scientist." Soo Young said drifting through the water and accepting the plate from him as he handed it to her. She watched Miles converse twith the bartender as she ate her food. Each bit of food was a bit of heaven in her world. She looked around the hotspring and could see faint outlines of others through the steam rising from the water's surface.

The place almost seemed like it could be from some sort of Resort or Pleasure planet like Risa. As a young girl she'd been to Risa once with her mother when their ship had docked there for repairs. During that time most of the crew was given leave and allowed to stay on the planet surface. She was quite sure it wasn't a coincidence that a few more systems were damaged during standard maintenance that required the ship to remain planetside for a few more days. To be honest being on Risa was one of her favorite childhood memories.

She took a bit from her meal and glanced over at Miles, She wondered how men could take such an interest in a conversation about fish but chose not to voice her thoughts. Instead she took a sip of her drink suppressing another blissful moan from the sweet cinnamon spiced cider.

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he answered quite casually.  "This logical demeanor really is just a facade that I made to fit in more in with the Federation.  My people's more, instinctive nature can be a bit counterproductive to following the kinds of rules and regulations the Federation has for procedures.  In a sense My position as a former pilot in the Vulpinian civil wars and now fulfilling a similar duty in the Federation I am in a unique position to be an envoy of my people.  as such my every action can be used to judge my people and as such i felt i deeded to make myself  bit more, assimilated to the ways of the Federation.  I focused on creating a facade based on the logical viewpoint that Vulcan take.  Over time this logical side has sort of rubbed off on me and has became another part of me.  Every time I am enforcing Federation regulations or speaking to a higher ranked officer or giving a mission briefing this mask seems to just instinctively project itself.  Hell it even seems to make itself shown when just talking to a fellow pilot.  I guess the only times I tend to let the real me out is in the pilot's seat.  I think I'm scared of what the Federation would think of me, what the captain would think of me.  I guess I am just trying to defy stereotypes about my people.  I'm i guess scared of how i would be judged if I behaved around another officer how I would if they were my species."  By the time he was done he seemed a bit down as if there was some dark secret within that he was constantly hiding under an armor of professionalism, another side the others had never seen.  It was a side he feared was so alien to the Humans and the Vulcans and the other Federation races that they could never understand fully.

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Soo Young was silent as Miles described his reasoning behind his logical and maybe a bit stoic behavior. She hadn't known that he carried such a burden upon his shoulders such as representing his people in the Federation. "I see..." Soo Young said nodding in understanding. "You want to represent your people in a way that will gain respect." Soo Young said. That was what she was understanding from Miles' explanation. She placed a hand on his arm smiling slightly. "You shouldn't have to hide who you really are just so you can feel like you belong." Soo Young said.

"All peoples have their own way of life and their way of behaving. Humans, Vulcans, Klingons we all have our different ways of life and we respect each other all the same. The Captain respects your ability to lead and pilot otherwise you wouldn't be in the position your in now Miles." Soo Young said. She swam behind him and wrapped her arms around him she could feel fear and a tinge of sadness radiating from him. "You don't need to be afraid to be who you are..." Soo Young said embracing him. "If the Federation couldn't accept people for who they are it wouldn't exist in the first place." Soo Young said.

"If your still afraid...Than just know that you don't need to hide it from me then." Soo Young said letting her cheek rest against the back of his furred shoulder. "If you ever want to be yourself and not what you want everyone else to see I'll be here." Soo Young said. Her empathy was all focused upon him. Each small emotion, each twinge of fear or sadness effected her and all she wished for now was to see his sadness to fade and stop plaguing him.

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Miles looked into her eyes, turning his head to face hers that lay on his shoulder. "thanks for understanding.  But are you sure  you really want me to be myself?" he asked hoping she understood what she had truly just proposed to him. "As you know i can be myself in the cockpit but now that I am a leader there is a certain professionalism I have to maintain.  Sometimes its a bit hard though.  It's like keeping an animal within with all of its urges and emotions caged inside at times.  You i imagine can feel my emotions and urges, I imagine you can feel my wants as I speak." he said averting his gaze as even looking to her at this point was creating a building lust that was staring to overwhelm him.

With each second he looked to her each of her features became a greater and greater temptation.  Her scent was driving him mad as well In his own culture just her having those scents would be more than ample consent but he never was so sure with the species alien to his own world.  There were such different rules.  Rules that discouraged such open public affection, that said that the others body showing those urges being enough to count as consent, rules that didn't forbid but at times discouraged relationships between officers and their own superiors for reasons of favoritism.  It was so alien to him at times, so strange. 

Her mere presence was far from uncomfortable it was great to be so close to another but the torment he was putting himself through was becoming too much. "Do you understand what being truly myself with you would mean?  Do you want that?"  he asked as he held her softly as he turned around holding her gently as he faced her and pressed his body against hers.  He could barely contain himself at this point as his knotted cock expanded in the Federation issue shorts straining to escape such a confinement.

A tightly confined hard long bulge that she could now feel pressing into her still clothed pelvis and abdomen.  Two pieces of cloth was all that separated them now as he gently pressed his muzzle to her lips and kissed her softly knowing a kiss wouldn't be going too far knowing that she could back out before they went too far.  More than that he hoped she understood how far he wanted to go, that to him there was no such thing as too closely involved with the officer under his command.  He also wanted hr to know that if they started down his path he my not be able to stop until after they had crossed lines neither of them would have been prepared to cross before.

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Soo Young could feel the desire that raged inside of him, It was impossible to not feel it and the feeling of his thoughts intertwining with her own was only increasing her own desire. She'd never been with many men or women before but the few times she had were the most amazing experiences in her life. The mixture of her own passion and her partners was overwhelming, Just the lustful thoughts that occupied her mind was enough to make her moist. "I already said it...I want to be who you want to be, Not what others want you to be." Soo Young said wrapping her arms around Miles' neck pressing her chest against his. "If you want to be an animal that's what I want you to be as well." Soo Young whispered in his ear.

The desire of her own body and his mind was enough to send her betazoid and human hormones wild, Her thighs rubbed together as she felt her arousal increasing. Her hands gripped his fur tighter as she let out smalls pleasured gasps as she felt the smallest brushes against her sensitive clit from the water flowing around them. He continued to ask her if this was what she truly wanted but his words fell upon deaf ears. All that echoed within her mind was her own lustful thoughts influenced by his and her own emotions. She wanted him in the worst way possible any modesty or restraint was slowly drifting away like sand in an hourglass.

She could feel his own arousal pressing against her she closed her eyes letting out an involuntary moan. "S-Sir I wa-" She was cut off as his muzzle pressed to her lips in what could be considered a kiss. As they held the kiss all her restraint finally left her as she wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss. She broke it for a moment breathing heavily as she took in breaths of air "I want you sir...please..." Soo Young asked looking up at him, Part of her was still shy but the other part of her knew what her body and mind wanted.

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He looked into her eyes as he ran a hand behind her pulling the last scraps of clothing from her body as he pulled his own trousers down as well before pressing up against her.  His hard meat pressed against her slit parting it a bit though he restrained himself from just plowing between her moist lips  instead letting it slide against her slick entrance as he pressed his muzzle against her neck licking it ravenously as a large hand groped at a naked breast gently but forcefully pinning her to the rock wall edging the spring as if her back was now pressed against the the walls of a pool.

"I'm all yours, consider this your welcome home present."  With that his slick member parted her lips as they spread apart from the thick meat that now filled them as she felt nearly a half foot sliding into her inner walls before feeling a hard knot of flesh pressing against like a baseball threatening to be shoved into her eager body.

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Soo Young felt the last articles of clothing being pulled from her body and mentally prepared herself for what was to come. She gasped feeling his bare cock pressing it against her lower lips. She bit her lip gripping preparing herself for the pain that would come with taking in such a large cock. She moaned as she felt his hands groping her breasts as his muzzle attacked her neck licking it and sending shivers throughout her entire body. She could feel him backing her against the edge of the spring moaning in pleasure at every burning touch he left on her body. Her hips moved against his  eagerly attempting to slide his girth into her.

She closed her eyes craning her head back gripping the edge of the wall bordering the spring as she felt inch after pleasurable and agonizing inch slide into her each thick inch of cock brushing against the inner walls of her pussy sending waves of pleasure coursing through her entire being. It took all her restraint not to have an orgasm right there and then, Two weeks with her fingers was nothing compared to the pleasure an actual cock provided her. She gasped as she felt something much wider and thicker pressing against her opening. She looked down in between them to see the thick knot of  Miles' cock pressing against her opening just waiting to be pushed in.

Soo Young looked at at Miles' face for a moment and nodded wrapping her legs around his waist "C-Come on." Soo Young said trying to encourage him. He was still holding back she could tell but she'd told him to be himself she wanted him to be the animal his appearance portrayed.

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He grinned looking into her eyes before busking his hips forwards the rest of the way forcing her inner walls apart as the knot popped into her causing her hips to seemingly vise around the thinner hilt of his member as his balls rested against her taint.  "Mumm, I was waiting on you to ask for it.  Its always so much more pleasurable to knot someone if they beg for it." he said as he groped at her chest and pushed her against the wall his other hand forcefully groping at her ass and spreading it gently. "I can smell your lust.  You must really want that cute body of yours pumped full."  he said eagerly.

He began to gently press against her his knot pulling out just a bit straining her cunt before it rehilted fully as his massive length and girth pressed against her inner walls distorting them molding them to his shape each movement forcing her inner walls to adjust as she felt it press against her back walls pushing her cervix t the side and stretching the back of her pussy forcing it to strain against the walls of her womb causing a tiny but visible distortion on the lowest parts of her tummy to form when he was at his greatest depths in her.

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Soo Young gasped her fingers gripping the edge of the spring as tightly as possible as she felt Miles' knot push into her cunt stretching and widening it to accommodate his size. One of her hands gripped the fur of his shoulder tightly as she moaned both in pleasure and pain as she took a moment to adjust to him. She looked down at her stomach and could see the lower part of her stomach distorting from the pure size of his knot. She'd never slept with someone so animal like meaning that in both literal and metaphorical terms.

She closed her eyes biting her lip as the ever present pain of having the tip of his cock push against the back of her pussy resting against her cervix. She finally moved her hips against his moaning softly as she felt his cock brush against every sensitive part of her inner walls. The way his cock filled her made it impossible to feel each and every movement she or Miles' made, And the near animalistic lust that Miles' felt was slowly bleeding through into her own psyche. She began to rock her hips against his clenching and constricting her inner walls around his cock. "Less talking more fucking." Soo Young said feeling the desire and lust building up inside of her.

This boldness was something she was unaccustomed to but she found that being able to express what she wanted was a welcome freedom that she was willing to have.

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He growled softly hearing her words as he thrust roughly against her forcefully grinding his length against her every inner surface plunging in and out of her as her inner walls tightly gripped against him.  He could feel each moan of pain and pleasure reverberate within her body as she begged for more and was more than eager to answer her requests before pulling out for a moment letting her body rebound from being nearly split in two before impaling her roughly back on his length as he wildly groped at her firm breasts and ass forcefully ravaging her as she seemed to beg for him to get more and more rough and careless with her body.

He grinned as he grabbed her neck in a rough paw like hand and pressed his muzzle to her mouth again this time aggressively forcing his tongue into her mouth and practically down her throat as he thrust repeatedly each harsh buck forcing her body to bounce a bit from the forces.

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Soo Young cried out in pleasure throwing her head back as she felt him plunge his cock into her grinding every inch of himself against her walls. Her pussy continued to grip his length tightly as she thrust her hips back against him seeking to sink him into her deeper than he already was. She let out a slight moan of dissapointment as she felt his cock slide out as his length slid out her pussy slowly began to shrink once more no longer forced to stretch to accommodate Miles' considerable length. Part of her was relieved to feel the large intruder slide out giving her abused cunt a break.

She let out a scream gripping Miles' tightly her nails digging into his shoulders as he impaled her pussy on his cock. Soo Young then felt Miles wrap a paw around her neck and moaned as she felt him press his muzzle to her lips. She moaned into his mouth as she began to build a steady pace pounding himself into her. She could feel him stretching her pussy to it's limits as his cock filled her with each thrust before retreating only to thrust in once more. Each thrust of Miles' hips brushed against every sensitive nerve forcing shameless moans to escape her lips with each thrust. She threw her arms around Miles' neck deepening the kiss her tongue brushing against his as his own explored her mouth.

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His growling moans joined hers as he felt her walls wrap around him tighter and tighter until he couldn't take any more.  His heavy sack began to pulse as a flood of seed began to travel toward her waiting passage.   heavy throbs could be felt coming from every inch of his thick cock as it swelled a bit with each pulse his knot pulsing deeply as his head began to twitch within her as the tip pressed tightly against her cervix the resounding thuds within making it more than clear ever inch of her cunt was about to be filled with warm vulpine seed.

He gripped her body tightly as he pressed her against the wall his tongue playing with hers sliding against it in a carnal dance as he invited her own in as he began to play with it as well sucking and teasing it with gentle nips as his tail wrapped welcomingly around her body like a warm fur wrap of sorts as she held onto him.

He was in sheer bliss with her.  It felt so wonderful to be free like this.  To share a night with someone who understood so well.  To have a real connection She could feel his emotions and he could smell her intoxicating scent of lusty passion.  Even if they didn't share the same kind of empathic link there was something more than normal connecting them there.  Something that though not the same as what they would feel with a member of their own kind was far more than they would share between most others.

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Soo Young wrapped her legs around Miles' waist pulling him in completely crying out in ecstasy as she felt him release inside of her. The feeling of him filling her pushed her over the edge as she bucked her hips against his moaning shamelessly into Miles' mouth as she rode out her orgasm prolonging it as long as she could. Finally the pleasure ebbed away and released Miles breaking the kiss as she laid back on her elbow looking up at the sky as she caught her breath.

She looked back over at Miles a tired smile on her face as she relaxed coming down from her pleasure high. She could feel Miles' tail wrap around her she sat up wrapping her arms around Miles' neck holding her body close to his. "That was amazing..." Soo Young whispered in his ear smiling.

She let her legs loosen from around Miles' waist, She could still feel his cock filling every inch of her and bit her lip as she scooted back allowing his cock to slide out inch by inch feeling him brushing against her sensitive inner walls. As she finally backed far enough up to remove his cock she looked down seeing a bit of cum dripping from the widened lips of her pussy. She was slightly surprised by the sheer amount that seemed to flow out. 

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As she wrapped her legs around him Miles Moaned out as he felt his every inch pulse within her each pulse sending a thick jet of cum deep within her as they held onto each other.  as his own orgasm slowly faded and he released the kiss he gently kissed her neck as she laid back moving the kiss slowly down until he began lovingly suckling on her perfect teats as she reclined back.

he moaned softly as she felt herself adjusting as she then wrapped her arms around him and began whispering gently in his ears.  "So are you."  he replied giving her neck a gentle kiss as his tail wrapped gently around her still as he pulled her body into his fur sort of letting her relax in the warm, thick, and soft fur of his body.

He groaned feeling her pulling away First his knot the first inch was always the hardest as his knot forced her lips apart before it slipped from her after that the slow pull away was filled with a pleasurable agony as each inch slid over his still sensitive cock making his desire grow back with each inch until he was free from her as it rebounded against his body. "he pressed back up against her and held her gently letting her relax in the point coital warmth a her body came down from the high along with his. as he nuzzled into her and softly kissed her licking at her neck softly as his cock gently rested against her.

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Soo Young smiled at his reply and moaned softly as she felt him kiss her neck, The activity had more than satisfied her but she could still feel that his cock was quite hard. She stayed within his embrace for a moment enjoying the feel of his soft fur against her bare skin. After the moment had ended however she took him by the shoulders turned them around so he was backed against the edge of the spring. She took a moment to look around it was a useless gesture as most of the goers of the springs had no doubt heard her moans but it was something that she'd grown used to doing in her time sneaking about the ship with Rawley when they'd have their late night rendezvous.

After being satisfied that no one was actively watching them she placed a palm against Miles' bicep and pushed him into a sitting position on the edge of the spring a sly smile spreading across her lips. One of her hands took hold of his thick cock as she lowered herself into the water so that her head was level with her SCO's cock. "Let me show you how amazing I can be." Soo Young said smiling as she placed a kiss on his sack before extending her tongue and placing a long lick up his shaft from base to tip.

As her mouth reached the top of Miles' cock she wrapped her lips around the head and dipped her head lower closing her eyes as inch after inch sank into her mouth dissapearing past her lips. She moaned as she felt his tip pressing against her throat with one quick movement she pushed her head down gagging a bit as his cock pushed into her throat.

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He was more than enjoying this turn of events as he felt his back resting against the rocks.  He closed his eyes and relaxed feeling as she slowly lowered herself into the water.  A grin spread over his face as she sunk in watching as her hand moved to his groin and took hold of him.  By the time her beautiful breasts began to touch the water it was more than obvious where she was heading and he couldn't be happier with her eagerness to please.

"Let me show you how amazing I can be."

As her lips lightly kissed at his sack he exhaled softly relaxing as he more than willingly let her show him everything she wished to.  As she licked up his length he couldn't help but have a soft buck in reflex as pleasure was sent through his entire body.  Little was he prepared for the heaven that was her eager mouth as she slowly wrapped her head around him slowly, carefully allowing him to slide first against her tongue then against the roof of her mouth and finially sliding down her throat.  He gently placed a hand behind her head not pressing her deeper but more stroking her hair a bit as she took him in slowly. He carefully began forcing the last bit in hilting himself in her throat fully.  As he stroked her gently he felt her start to gag a little but moaned as he felt her throat loosen up and take him in the rest of the way fully deep throating him. "My, you are talented."  he said softly gently wrapping his tail around her body as she began to suck him off.

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She closed her eyes letting her tongue drag against the underside of his shaft as she moved her head back and forth across his length. Each dip of her head caused her to gag as she relaxed her throat to the best of her ability to allow Miles' cock to slide in deeper. She moaned bracing her hands against the rocks on either side of Miles' hips as she began to build up a slight rhythm of thrusting her head forward to take his cock in deeper.

Finally she let his cock fall free from her lips as he spoke complimenting her on her skill. She smiled as she continued stroking him "Do you really think so?" Soo Young asked as she stroked his cock a bit faster, Her fingers slid effortlessly over his shaft from the combined mixture of her saliva and juices lubricating it. She smiled standing pressing a brief kiss to Miles' furry cheek "I'll let you choose what happens next, I can keep stroking you until you finish or you can show me a bit more of the animal you can be." Soo Young said smiling. The carnal lust and desire she felt now was hanging within her mind like a haze going nowhere. Each second it remained seemed to bring a different person out of Soo Young a person who's inhibitions were non-existent. Who knew what she wanted and was more than willing to take it or demand it.

Abruptly she stopped stroking him "I want you to fuck my mouth...Just as hard as you fucked my pussy." Soo Young whispered.

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He smiled as he pulled her up by her hair though more gently than rough.  A sly and playfully menacing smirk graced his muzzle as he looked into her eyes lustfully.  "I was going to go easy on you since I wasn't certain you could take it.  he said gently before forcefully kissing her shoving his tongue roughly into her mouth forcefully exploring every inch of it before pulling her away as his tongue slid from her mouth slowly as he pushed her back down and held his cock up with his free hand.  There won't be any stopping no matter how hard you gag."  he said with a smile. "Though its obvious you don't want it any other way."  he said before shoving her down on his cock forcing at least a full foot of canine meat in her mouth and forcing it down her throat causing a small bulge to form as he pulled back and forth on her hair to roughly force it in and out of her though slowly at first. 

Admiring how her eyes seemed to bulge slightly when she had a slight gag but easing it back out for a moment before filing her throat again before pushing every remaining inch in pressing his knot against her lips.  As she felt him begin to throb within her mouth he looked down at her holding her so she had to look up at him.  "Be sure to try and swallow every drop you can. All that time trying to get back must have left you so malnourished.  It'd be a shame to let all this wonderful thick salty protein go to waste now wouldn't it?"  As he said that she began to feel the back of her throat become slick with his pre as he pulled out a bit and turned her around forcing her against the wall before shoving back in more roughly.   He was soon fucking her face with zero inhibition using her and her mouth as the fuck toy she seemed to desire to become for him.  As each thrust brought him closer to climax his desire not for her body not only grew but his want to be closer to her outside of this impromptu mating session.  For once in an "Alien"...he was seeing something special.

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Her back against the edge of the spring, Soo desired as her partner desired - the feedback loop of Miles Renard's alien mind affecting her wishes, and her pheromones in turn fanning the flames of desire for her new Squadron Commander. Satisfaction was derived from his, and her own desires came to mirror his as well. So, when he grabbed her hair and shoved his alien organ into her gullet, Soo groaned in the reflection of Renard's pleasure.

Soo held on to Miles with her hands on his hips, the surface of the water just below her neck. With the forceful thrusts, the water splashed against her throat and jaw, and while she may gag on his girth, it was not her first experience akin to what she felt. In delirious excitement, her hands began to roam his fur-covered abdomen and sides. In the end, both her hands ended up at the base of his rigid erection, milking him in sync with the thrusts.

The mist from the warm water enshrouded their sexual adventure, and distantly, she wondered if he'd want her again, and wasn't just indulging her upon her return. She would not mind to have someone close besides Rawley, and she hoped she wouldn't mind this little reprieve. Doubtful, since she would not dream to try and make what they had together exclusive, and Rawley had done far worse than she had, that was for sure.

She looked up at Miles, breathing heavily through her nostrils, and she wanted nothing more than to finish him in the way he wanted.

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He looked down at her through soft pants of excitement as he felt the throbbing pulse within building to a fever pitched climax.  "By whatever Gods truly made this universe, you are amazing.   I hope our little Ranger don't mind sharing occasionally. It sure would be a shame to leave an experience like this as a "one night stand."   he said making it clear to his subordinate that if she would have him he would welcome a repeat of tonight's fun.

He bucked roughly into her mouth hilting his erection into the depths of her throat.  Each buck Sent his pre slick member deep into her gullet forcing that deep scent of animal like flooding musk to waft into her nose as each thrust forced her pipes apart roughly as his knot pressed against her lips.  With a sudden harsh throb she felt a flood of thick Musky cum begin to pump down her throat.  Not satisfied with just forcing her to gulp it down he pulled her by the hair gently away feeling her tongue against his cock sending it into a pumping overdrive as his cream began to fill her eager mouth making her cheeks bulge slightly before he pulled out fully not satisfied until he saw his handiwork as thick streams of cum began to spatter the pilot's beautiful face.

Miles grinned ecstatically as he admired his handiwork in the now clearly overworked pilot and best of all the sight of her newly earned mudmask of pungent canid seed.  He half hoped that she wanted it to continue but would understand if she was at her limits.   Besides if they stopped now it would leave them both to wonder what new depths of carnal indulgences the two could create for each other the next time they arranged a meeting.  Perhaps he should ask her to take the initiative the next time with the way her wild body seemed to crave mating it wouldn't surprise him is she had a bit of a dominant side that would enjoy being invited out to play occasionally.

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Before he came in her throat, Miles words made Soo think about the fact that she had yet to speak with Rawley, and that she did not know anything about what she might think anymore. Short was the time, however, to contemplate her past lover among the Lone Wolves, since her new one tensed - his massive organ twitching in her mouth before the flooding of semen down her throat.

Gulping, she tried to keep it all down, yet tried as she might, Miles retracted his Vulpinian cock, filling her mouth with the warm fluid. Her grip on the base of his organ tightened, by reflex, as if to keep it from gushing too fast. She struggled to swallow it all, but even that turned out to be futile, since Miles freed himself from her lips and let the alien seed land across her gaping mouth, her forehead and her cheek. His climax became a reflected feeling in her mind, and Soo moaned in elation as she sucked for breath - struggling to swallow and breathe at the same time.

The rapture slowly dissipated, and so would hers, but not before her face was completely coated in her superior officer's ejaculation. Eventually, Soo ceased to rub his cock and let go, leaned her head back against the stone edge of the spring and chuckled - finding the amount of cum on her jocular. Head swimming from the ordeal, she raised her cupped hands and washed her eyes free from the thick coating with the water of the spring. She was grinning to Miles when she could finally see again.

"Thank you for the welcome back, Fox..." she said before she dunked her head under. When she came up again, she raked her dark hair back from her face - again resting her head against the edge. "I think I will have to retire now, see whatever shelter the Quartermaster can find for me. I have not been able to sleep in a prone position for god knows how long, and I have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow..."

On and off duty, as much was certain.

"So..." she said and grinned, tilting her head where she rested. "Am I dismissed, Commander Renard?"

Re: CHAPTER 01: The Ring of Fire [2200 hrs.]

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He smiled as he watched her coming down from the ordeal smirking as he watched her wash off the mess over her face, "You are quite welcome oracle.  And of course, dismissed indeed, I look forward to my next chance to debrief you.  Next time I hope you have something to report to me rather than me having to give you all the messy details.  As for the Details as to what has happened since you were gone I will forward the synopsis of recent events to your Kneepadd's communications log.  Trust me there's a lot to catch up on I hope it doesn't overwhelm you."

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