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Day 03 [0730 hrs.] Review

Day 03 [0730 hrs.] Review

[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Quarters | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 
Stepping out of the sonic shower in the dim light of her quarters, Devyrie shook out her braids. Her skin was still tingling from the vibrations that had cleansed her fair skin, and she ran her hands over her hips and sides to see if she'd need a towel to wipe of the residual humidity. With only a light dampness beneath her palms, she decided that she could let herself air-dry in front of the computer console instead.

Odd, how a sense of normalcy could be found after only two night aboard a new ship. True,one night had been spent with her fellow wolf Angel, and that was hardly the norm for Dev, but the morning routine aboard the Theurgy was largely the same as it had been on Luna Base and the Orcus. The sonic shower was ideal for her braids, instead of the water-setting, and she replicated a yougurt from Alpha Centauri and some Romulan pieces of fruit for breakfast. As always, she ate in front of the computer console, checking her messages. She never bothered to raise the lighting in her quarters since she was about to leave soon anyway, and the LCARS colours danced over her damp chest while she ate and browsed the reports.

Maintenance done. Maintenance finished. Emitter housings are high maintenance for Fighter Bay Ops, yeah, yeah... It's not like it's our fault the Valravns are prototypes. Ah, here we go, new patrol schedules. And... Is that today? Frowning, Devyrie set aside her yougurt and double-checked, and then looked at the chronometer. "Right, right, I better be off..."

She finished her yogurt standing, before donning her full white-collared uniform, and left her quarters behind.

[ A Couple of Minutes Later | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

When she stepped out of the locker room in the Fighter Assault Bay, Devyrie had donned her Tac CONN exosuit, letting her helmet rest against her hips while she crossed the big fighter bay. She'd only worn her uniform for the short walk, but she did believe firmly in professional propriety. Some pilots sauntered to the bay in less than full uniform, but not Devyrie. She had been raised differently by her father, and she held to her customs. As it were, her uniform was back in her locker by then, wearing her underwear underneath the pressure suit. A glance around the bay told her that she was among the first of alpha shift that had arrived.

Her steps led to a specific fighter, but not her own. It was time to have a personal performance review, and the one that would conduct it was her new Squadron Commanding Officer, Thomas "Razor" Ravon. The Wolf Leader.

"Junior Lieutenant Devyrie Okhala reporting as ordered, sir," she said in her Alpha Centauri accent, and when she raised her green eyes to look at Razor, the overhead lights of the fighter bay danced over the Romulan ridges on her forehead. "Should I come back later, after you've finished with that?"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Thomas had slept a couple of hours before memories and nightmares came back to haunt him. After tossing around in his quarters for a little while longer he decided to get up. Wearing the Lone wolves hoodie and matching jogging pants for it, he had made his way down to the fighter bay. Deck hands were working on the fighters or doing trivial tasks that Sten had ordered them to do and Thomas walked over to his own bird. Doing a full inspection of it by walking around it before he removed his hoodie. He wore a simply take top underneath it as he took some of the tools that had been laying near his ship as he cracked open the ventral side of his ship and began to tinker.

It was a soothing and calming experience to work on his fighter, fine tuning certain systems and evaluating what he'd done to give the fighter just that minor edge. He wasn't sure how long he had been working when he heard footsteps close in on his ship. He had closed up the ventral side in the meantime and was working on the engine parts now as heard a distinctive accent behind him.

"Junior Lieutenant Devyrie Okhala reporting as ordered, sir,"

Ravon dropped the tools and wiped his stained hands on a piece of cloth as he tried to remember if he had called her down specifically for something or not. The whole SCO thing was still rather new to him and perhaps he might've sent out an order or request by accident. He turned around to face the fully exosuited pilot and he smiled as his body and clothes showed stains and greases from the maintenance work he had done so far.

"Lieutenant. At ease." he told her as he looked around to find a place to sit down, yet found no real seating area besides his office or the lounge. Okhala... It suddenly hit him like a brick when he heard the name ring in his head. He had asked most of the new pilots to come around for a performance review. Yet he must've lost track of time... Which was sloppy considering his position and rank. He cleared his throat "I assume you're here for the performance review?" he said as he tried to remember what he had read from her the night before.

He waited for her answer before he nodded "Alright, I'm not going to conduct this review in my office. That might be odd and unconventional, yet I believe that performance is best seen  out there." he said as he nodded out at the Azure Nebula  "Get to your ship and fire up the systems. I'll just go ahead and change. I'll be your RIO and we'll have the privacy there to talk." he clarified to her as he locked eyes with the braided woman.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 
"I am," said Devyrie when asked about the nature of her presence, unable to help a small smile in the corner of her mouth, since her new SCO seemed to have forgotten the time in the midst of his maintenance work. She didn't believe she'd had an SCO who actually worked so closely with the deck crew, but she kind of admired it. She was soon told to prepare for a review in the cockpit of her Valravn, which suited her far better than some kind of across-the-desk talk about what she could and couldn't do. She preferred to actually show her skills than talk about them.

"I'll wait for you in the cockpit then, Commander," she said, and let the man change out of his hoodie and into an exosuit in the locker room. While she walked, she reached down with her free hand and accessed the LCARS screen on he Knee PADD, tapping in her presence with a personal code. Mission Ops and the SCO would be able to monitor that all personnel were truly on their active readiness duty in case of an emergency. Then, she tapped the comm transciver on her exosuit. "This is Dragon, come in Mission Ops."

[We read you, Dragon. Over.]

"Requesting permission to initiate a full check on all systems for Wolf One-One and a short patrol route around the Theurgy. Lieutenant Commander Ravon and I will not venture further out than ten kilometers. Over," she said as she made her way towards where she knew her Valravn would be - waiting in its slot in the Fighter Bay

[Permission granted. On standby. Over.]

"You will be hearing from me shortly, Dragon out." Finished with that small formality, she put her helmet down on the deck next to the gleaming warp fighter she shared with Vinnie 'Fury' Ferris. She raked back her white braids and tied them all into a loose bun so that she could don her helmet. It was a little snug, yet she was more than used to it. She tapped the side of her helmet to make sure the different visual settings in her helmet were fully operational - including the TVD - whilst doing the outside inspection of the spacecraft.

Once she was done with checking the exterior, she walked to the ladder and set her hardshell boot on the lowest rung so that she could get better access to her Knee PADD. She punched in the stardate to log the systems analysis she was conducting, and then climbed up to the cockpit.

Seating herself in the front seat, she lit up the HUDs and plugged in her suit to the fighter comm system. "This is Dragon to Mission Ops, do you copy?" she said while she began power up the vessel - running the basic diagnostics on all systems as they lit up.

[Loud and clear, Lieutenant. Short-range comm system fully operational.]

"Acknowledged. Stand by for engines and flight controls..." she continued, and after that, Dev went through the analysis, making sure that dampeners and structural integrity fields were online, as well as the sensors and the shields, weapons and navigational systems. The hard point slots - which held her standard set-up - were not armed, of course, but they were brought online along with all other functions in order to ensure they were powering up, "...take-off procedures completed, all systems online and functioning properly."

[Acknowledged. You have clearance to launch. Mission Ops out.]

At that point, she noticed that Ravon was finished and had joined her in the back seat. One of the stand-by deckhands cleared the ladder from the side of the craft and Devyrie exchanged a thumbs-up with the man before she tapped the command to close the canopy over the cockpit. Next, she began to taxi out into the middle lane of the bay. Her launch thrusters were at a minimal setting to begin with, but she slowly throttled up once the bay doors had opened for her. "Activating radiation shields now. Can you hear me, Razor?"

Having said this, she verified that Razor had hooked his suit into the RIO seat, and then throttled up in full - the inertial dampeners compensating for most of the extreme g-forces that the cockpit interior would have been subjected to. Once they cleared the launching strip, she raised her landing gears and switched to low impulse.

It was always a thrill to head out. It was something that never quite abated for pilots.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As she confirmed that she'd see him in the cockpit, Thomas nodded as he jogged his way over to the changing rooms. He quickly changed tank top and lost the hoodie and jogging pants for the exosuit. It moved itself into the position so it felt like a second skin against him and he looked at his leg PADD while he quickly worked his gloves on. He could see Dev already running pre flight checks and he grabbed hold of his helmet as he jogged back into the hangar bay. Whilst he moved between the ships and various crews he pulled on his helmet and watched the HUD come to life as he spotted the Valravn that was readying up for departure.

He quickly climbed aboard behind the pilot and he connected himself with the on board comms as he ran the checks from in the RIO seat. It had been an eternity since he'd been in the backseat of a fighter. Dating back from the time he flew the Mark I and II's whilst he was on the USS Kusanagi. He had only been in them for a couple of times, substituting for sick RIO's as he wanted more space time. He knew the basics and a few tricks from his time there yet he looked around in the interior of the newest prototype fighter the Federation had to offer.

He saluted the deck hand as he gave them a thumbs up, a custom he was used to doing when piloting the ship himself.

"Activating radiation shields now. Can you hear me, Razor?"

"Loud and clear Dragon." he replied as he flagged the systems green for take off. He enjoyed the taxi ride and looked around in the bay as he couldn't help but think like he was a kid in the newest piece of toy the manufacturer had to offer. He felt the thrill of take off and once they left the safe confines of the hangar bay he looked at Sword before checking the ship's sensors. He started running diagnostics on the history of the ship, seeing if there had been any faults in the past and how the ship had performed in prior sorties.

"Nice to be out and about." he told her as he went over the readings and stats "Tell me a bit more about yourself Dragon. No need to be formal about this. Think of me as your newly appointed RIO. One that really just wants to get to know you a bit better and that wants to know what makes his pilot tick."

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
Listening to Ravon, Devyrie laid in a curse to circle the three Vectors of the Theurgy, who remained separated just enough to allow for hull repairs. She downloaded the flight paths of all the repair shuttles they were sharing the area with, and made sure there were no conflicts in her flight pattern. Even if there wasn't, she would still keep her eyes out for any shuttle pilots who liked to fly manually.

"Not sure what to say," mused Dev through the shared cockpit channel, her voice heard through the static inside Ravon's helmet. Out of habit, she'd almost called him Commander, despite how he'd insisted on informality.

"Raised on Alpha Centauri. Mother is Human and my father Romulan," she said, not even alluding towards the ridges upon her forehead. Of course he'd seen them already. "I have a sister in the fleet as well, Laurel Okhala. Last I heard, she served on the Endeavour as a CONN officer. My father left Romulus behind in a way that didn't exactly... impress their authorities. For his sake, mother tried to help my sister and I with ways of connecting with our heritage. Though only the Vulcan cousins of my father's people were on hand. So, we ended up studying Vulcan arts and music, and then asked father how it was in the Empire, to gain further insight in to the differences between the two worlds."

She didn't tell the SCO that her father had defected from the Tal'Shiar, since that was dangerous information that might reach the wrong ears. Both Laurel and Devyrie were very protective about their father and mother on Alpha Centauri. Nor did she tell Ravon that their mother was Starfleet Intelligence, and that they had been taught all manner of things that little girls shouldn't know.

"I was in the Academy between 2372 and 2375, graduated just after the Dominion War, and was picked for the newly formed Tac CONN Division, flying the first Valkyries as well as the Mk II on the Repulse." Dragon switched on her TVD, which allowed her to see straight through her port nacelle - her gaze drawn by the small figures of a repair team hard at work on some hull plating on the Helmet. TVD was essential to flying the Valravn, given the disposition of the fuselage. "Later served on the Farragut. Mostly rescue ops, but I was good at it."

There was a pause then. "You have already heard about the Valravn Project on Luna Base, and how Captain Slayton pulled strings to have the White Wolves moved to the Orcus. I was there at Starbase 84 when you returned in that... thing you were flying."

Feeling like she'd talked quite enough on her own, she fell silent then, before telling him why she'd been one of the White Wolves that turned on the rest of their squadron.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Thomas listened and nodded as she spoke of her time growing up. She didn't hide her heritage which was a good thing in Ravon's book. If she'd tried to give it an excuse or anything it might come across as odd to the SCO and he appreciated it as she shared the peculiar insight with him. He smiled when he heard she had a sister in the fleet and he used full advantage of the RIO seat to see what Devyrie was doing in the cockpit ahead.

She began to inform him about her service record and he smiled as she mentioned rescue ops "What kind of ship did you fly for rescue ops?" he asked her as he looked at the three ships as they were being repaired "Do you ever miss it?" he asked her secondly as he switched on his own TVD as he couldn't really see much because of the fuselage of the fighter.

He smiled faintly as she mentioned the battle at the starbase. Referring to his ship as that thing "It was quite a thing to fly. Not highly recommendable for redeployment though." he answered her as he paused. He had swept through the ranks of various squadrons at that battle, garrison defenders as well as white wolves. Wondering how she felt about that he posed the next question as she seemingly fell silent for a bit. "Doesn't it... Feel weird to fly with us? Considering I killed some of your squadron pilots? For that matter, why change sides in the middle of battle?" he asked calmly, his voice low and seemingly calculated as he looked back to the front, as if trying to gauge her reaction which wasn't possible.

A blip appeared on the scanners on Ravon's screen and he frowned as he tapped it and investigated it. He heard what the pilot had to say before he was satisfied with the answer given. "Fair enough." he answered before he informed her "I got an anomaly in sector 1-3-6. Care to go check it out?" he asked her as they were out and about anyway.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
When asked about her time on the Farragut, Devyrie entered the second half-circuit of the flight path and answered.  "I was flying the Mk II," she said, her green eyes wandering the vista ahead of the Valravn. "During one assignment, there was this runabout that was damaged and on a collision course with an asteroid. My squad was called in to slow the ship, but the conditions in that sector was poor, and the Runabout was at full impulse. Our means to tractor it was limited, to say the least, and our base ship was too far out to do an emergency beam out of the crew. Somehow, I got at the front of the rest of my squad, and I took the initiative to lock on to the runabout’s course, and I tied my autopilot to the same perilous trajectory as the Runabout. Doing that, I asked the crew on the shuttle to beam me over, and they managed to get a lock on me."

Devyrie evened out the course she'd taken, the curve of their trajectory straightening. Her memories were on the incident still. "Once I was aboard the Runabout, I slaved its computer to my Gryphon, had them beam me back into my cockpit, and I could then slowly guide the Runabout away from the asteroid in the nick of time, and tow them back to their starbase. I got a commendation for going 'above and beyond call of duty', they said, as if I was doing something no one else would have done. Got me promoted and hand-picked for the Valravn project. Can't say I have looked back, no. Don't miss it very much. Slow days."

Ravon spoke of the fighter he had cobbled together on that ice planetoid. She'd read the reports about it, of course, but the topic quickly switched to her again, about her motivations. It was a matter she wasn't entirely comfortable discussing, since it might incriminate her whole family. She was not keen on telling a stranger about Aurum's previous preoccupation, and how his ties to the Tal'Shiar had tipped her off about Ian Hawthorne's dealings with Donatra's rebel fleet.

"Angel and Shinigami both knew you well," she said, coming towards the end of the flight path they had given Mission Ops. "They flew in the same squadron as you for years. I am close with them both, Angel in particular..."

...she would not tell the SCO what had happened between her and Alessia! She moved on quickly. "So when you showed up, flying that thing from the future, and the both of them tossed their hats in your ring, I followed suit, Fury and I being of the same understanding that what Task Force Archeron and Captain Slayton on the Orcus were doing didn't seem right. Starfleet... I couldn't put my finger on it, but the fleet was not the same any more, and Miles Renard - your predecessor - said something in the battle tha-"


She was interrupted in her half-truths by a sensor indication. She was more than happy to investigate. "One-Three-Six, Copy,' she said, adjusting the course. It was a long time since he'd been a RIO, she presumed, so she made a polite reminder. "We're deviating from our flight pattern. Would you care to tell Mission Ops before they come wondering what we are doing?"

She supposed the Mk III's did this via computer link to Thea, but the Valravns were not automated in that fashion.

What's out there? she wondered.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Given the walk through of her search and rescue missions, Thomas wasn't surprised to hear that she didn't miss it in the end due to the slow nature of things. Flying in the ship that she did right now was probably a reason why the pilot didn't feel challenged in rescue operations "Great stuff for storytelling though." he answered her over the comms as he looked around the canopy, taking in the full view of the nebula and the three vectors as they were split apart.

He smiled as Alessia and Min Jae seemed to have some effect in the choice of other pilots. He was intrigued about what she was about to say about Miles before he had felt compelled to shout out about the anomaly. She copied as she changed the course, reminding him to contact control about their altered trajectory. "Copy, informing now." he answered with a sly smirk as she had reminded him regardless of his rank "Mission Ops, Wolf 01. We've picked up an anomalous signal in sector One Three Six. We're venturing out to investigate, sit rep to follow when we have it." he informed the mission ops crew member and got an affirmative in return as they flew into the unknown.

"Any guesses to what it might be?" he asked her as he fine tuned the controls to get a clearer vision about it on the sensors. The thrill of the hunt began to run back through Thomas, wishing he was behind the stick himself as he wanted to figure out what was ahead of them as fast as possible. Yet Dragon was calling the flight shots at the moment, he investigated the signal as best as he could. The readings became more clear as they got closer and he informed the pilot accordingly "Looks like a stationary target, no movement detected. I'll fill you in once we know more." he said to her as he used his own TVD to look around them.

His gut feeling telling him something was off, yet he couldn't quite place it what exactly had been bothering him. It could've been the stress from the past few hours and days. The sleep deprivation finally catching on to him as he flared his nostrils as he cracked his knuckles. They'd soon find out what was picked up by the sensors.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
Having set a course towards the anomaly, and the thing slowly coming inside their sensor envelope, Devyrie had a couple of questions of her own for her new SCO. If nothing else, about to post them to forestall him from inquiring about her family any further. She preferred not to allude towards the witness protection secrecy shrouded around the Okhala family, not to mention the classified information about her mother's and father's continued operations.

"How did you end up cobbling together those fighter parts in the first place, sir?" she asked rotating the Valravn a quarter of a turn to avoid some floating asteroids in their trajectory. "You know, before Starbase 84."

She straightened the fighter and evened out their velocity at a quarter impulse, keeping an eye out for the treacherous sirilium gas pockets that littered the area of space that the Theurgy was being repaired in.

"Rumours have it that you got into some kind of trouble, but it's impossible to learn if that's just a reference to the.... the Calamity and its Reaver fighters, or if there was something else. Something relating to the Harbinger mutiny and all that. I admit that I only skimmed those old reports, since the whole conspiracy with the Infested is a lot to wrap one's mind around all on it's own. I overheard Honey Badger, one of the Theurgy fighter pilots, saying you were tricked into doing something by a Vulcan, but she'd only heard the hearsay herself, so I couldn't pin down anything with real merit to it."

Oblivious to the whole ordeal, she had no reason to think she was prying into something sensitive.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  

They were honing in on the location marked by the sensors as an anomaly. Thomas was focused on his role as RIO as he was caught off guard by the question of the pilot about what had caused him to construct the atrocity of a fighter. Before Thomas could simply respond or deflect the question, she asked further, asking about the Reaver assault during their time on the planetoid post Calamity attack, in the midst of the Harbinger mutiny. He remained silent for a few seconds as she told him about the hearsay.

"I..." he started before he closed his eyes "Rawley and I got in a disagreement on the planetoid. There was a struggle which was followed by a Reaver attack." he began "The dispute between Rawley and myself got us slightly separated yet we managed to all get back to our fighters, fired up and made course back to the Theurgy. We were hounded by hostile fighters and I went back in to save Rawley, which caused me to take too much damage and resulted in my crash along with two Reavers. I started to salvage what I could there and you know what the end result was." he answered her, leaving in the dark the true nature of the dispute.

He shifted in his seat as they flew past the sirillium pockets. His eyes looking over at the sensors "We should be getting a visual on whatever we picked up." he told her, cutting the chatter short as he used TVD to spot the object. It was rather hard to spot as it didn't seem to be rather big. Thomas frowned as he sensor reading cleared up "Looks like a probe... Federation kind, but... A really old one..." he told Dragon.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
Listening to Ravon, Devyrie had no means to tell how truthful he was being. No facial expressions or body language, and even if they would have been talking in his office instead, Dev wasn't the best at telling when someone was hiding something. So, when her SCO described what had happened, she had no reason to doubt him, even if Honey Badger had said that something might have happened before Ghost and Razor ended up on that planetoid.

The anomaly they were investigating drew her attention, and she also observed it through the TVD. It was, indeed, some kind of probe, but the scans offered no clues on how it might have ended up there. It just stated a partially readable registry that, while not offering exact origin, suggested that it had been made before Devyrie was born.

"If you continue to scan, it, sir, I can tow it back to the Theurgy," she suggested, then wondered if it was even worth the bother. "Or do you think we should leave it? It's not like we have to collect every piece of junk we happen to come by."

Awaiting orders on what to do with the probe, a thought occurred to her, making her chuckle. "How am I doing so far?" she asked, the fact that they were in the middle of her performance review almost having escaped her, and perhaps Razor as well.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Ravon kept scanning the probe as he tried to figure out where it came from. The probe however seemed to have taken damage over its extensive time in space. Okhala mustered the option to tow it back to the Sword and Thomas smiled and shook his head "I doubt we'll have room for it." he answered her "You're right about not having to ta-" his statement interrupted by a chirp as the ship announced to have found a port through which it could download viable data.

"What the..." Thomas murmured as he hit the initiate button and files began to transfer from probe to ship. On first sight most of the data seemed corrupted or encrypted, perhaps even both. A timer appeared as it told them to hang about for another five minutes. "Five minutes until completion lieutenant, Keep the bird in a steady position." he called out to her.

The commander simply smirked as he heard Devyrie ask about how she was doing during her performance evaluation "Well, I'd say its still an ongoing thing." he answered her, a slight teasing tone in his voice as he looked ahead as if trying to see her face but unable to do so "If you need reassurance lieutenant. You're doing a-okay so far." he told her, wondering if she'd bite to be somewhat looser with him or not. Some people had trouble with talking to him since his new rank, some deckhands who usually fooled around with him were more taken back when they saw him.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
Dragon could but chuckle at that answer, as she followed his order and remained in position - allowing the download to take place without loosing connection. "That's a relief to hear, sir," she said ruefully, "I'd hate if I managed to screw up something so simple as a regular flight pattern and hovering in one position."

With this in mind, a thought came to her. An opportunity, which she hoped the SCO would enjoy well enough. With a few taps on her touchscreen, she activated the face-to-face feed, so that they could see each other's faces in the visor of their helmets. Since she wasn't flying along any course, the Valravn hovering in its position, it was quite safe to do so.

"Since we already told Mission Ops that we have deviated from our flight pattern for this investigation," she said, the small smile evident below her ridged forehead, "and you really haven't seen anything yet, what do you say... about me showing you what I can really do?"

She was talking about flying, of course, and she felt like she didn't have to make the distinction, playful as her banter was. In many respects, prototype and all, the Valravn was more than a match for the Mk III Valkyrie that he was used to flying, or as much she had been told back on Luna Base, even though she had never flown a Mk III herself.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"I'm happy you haven't bodged it yet." he teased her as he looked at the data once more "Seventy percent." he called out to her as he looked around slowly in the canopy. Suddenly the face-to-face feed jumped on. It made him jump lightly at the sudden change of scenery.

It was a surprise to see her and he studied her face for a few seconds as she looked at her smile. His brow rose as she asked him to show him what she really had in her. He wasn't thinking about anything else then her flying skills as he rolled his tongue over his lips before he grinned "Sure, once the download is complete. You better show me something worth of my time lieutenant." he answered her, strict, yet his facial features showed the mischief and amused feeling that ran through him.

He was curious to what the Valravn had in it. Sure on paper it looked like a rival for a Valkyrie, yet here out in space, the pilot's hands and skills would come to play a big role. A chirp notified them that the transfer had been completed "Okay miss Okhala, why don't you show me what it means to have a good time." he teased her as he gave her a nod before cutting the livefeed.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
When given leave to do her tricks, once the download was complete, Devyrie killed the face-to-face feed.

"You asked for it, Wolf Leader," she said, and calibrated the inertial dampeners in their cockpit.

[Warning,] said the computer on the Valravn, [inertial dampening field minimal. High velocities are inadvisable.]

"That's the whole point, dear," she told her warp fighter, ignoring the warning. She yanked her joystick sideways, and made the whole craft lurch forward as she pushed the impulse throttle forward. It pushed Devyrie firmly into the seat, while the nebula began to move. "And besides, we have hardsuits on. It won't be that bad, and what better way to let you experience my flying than if you can actually feel me flying it?"

She laid a course straight through a thick nebula particle cloud, the main impulse engine not being heard out in space, but felt in the entire fuselage. When they cleared the cloud, tendrils from it followed in their wake. "Firing up ancillary impulse engines!" she announced, and as she pushed the impulse throttle father, the ends of the Valravn's nacelles opened up. Instantly, they came alive as well, the thrumming noise increasing. The Valravn was built for speed, in both sub-light and wapr conditions, and Devyrie would show how that aspect of the ship was indisputably better than the Valkyrie.

"The one who developed the Valravn used to make interceptors, like the Knight-class," she said to Razor, the pressure against their suit keenly felt, even if the could still move in their seats. Devyrie pushed the throttle even farther forward, and they were suddenly at maximum impulse, with both the main impulse engine and the two auxillary ones flaring brightly, leaving three white trails in their wake. "The difference with the Valravn, compared to those glass cannons... is that this is no interceptor any more. It has the manoeuvrability of a superiority fighter, just like the Valkyrie. Let me demonstrate."

And whilst the inertial dampeners were at minimal level, Dragon suddenly made her Valravn dive into a barrel roll - changing course and heading straight down into another particle cloud. She had already made sure there were no sirilium gas pockets in it, keeping her green eyes on the sensors. She plunged into the cloud and then yanked the joystick back again, breaking off the barrel roll and straightening the craft into a level trajectory. "This warp fighter is an evolution from the interceptors in the fleet, and with their mass procuction, it would have made the Knight-class obsolete. In fact, Director James Knight looked at the Valkyrie program, and saw how it was the future. This, what you are sitting in now, is the future he envisioned, and the White Wolves were hand-picked to realise it. In fact, the Valravn were named in respect to Rennan Cooper's Valkyrie Program. A nod of respect, Knight told us, for showing the way."

The valravns of folklore on Earth were a version of the valkyries in ancient norse mythology, Devyrie had learned, but she had never bothered to learn the details, having been raised on Alpha Centauri.

"Are you okay back there?" she asked, smiling inside the visor of her helmet, before she finally throttled down, and she could breathe more easily - the g-forces having been brutal through the whole demonstration. "I would show you how fast it goes at warp, but I would rather not leave a trail for Task Force Archeron or any other ships out there to follow."

Re: Day 03 [0730 hrs.] Review

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Hearing her take his challenge so to peak to let her rip made him smile once the feed was cut. He heard the ship warning as the inertial dampers were placed to function a a minimum. Ravon made sure the flight seat buckles were firmly lashed onto his suit before he tapped the settings. When the ship lurched forward he could feel his stomach contents being pushed in the back of his stomach as the thrill ride began "Quite so lieutenant. Let me feel what its like to be alive will you?" he challenged her.

The ship vibrated a little, almost rattling if anything would be loose in it and Ravon looked around in the canopy as they nebula was where they were in for a moment. When they soared out of it he used the TVD to look at the wake they caused before she announced to fire up the ancillary impulse engines. He could feel the ship rattle a bit more as he got pressed right into the back of his suit. The feeling of being alive very much there. He listened to Devyrie's talk about the Valravn. The sales pitch of it really as he came to think of it. He decided to tap the input and output schematics of the ship while they were in flight, looking at the readouts.

The ship certainly had its virtues and it felt very much like a superiority fighter. He chuckled lightly as she mentioned James Knight naming the ship to give late Rennan Cooper the recognition of his Valkyries. He cleared his throat as she throttled down and asked if he was okay "Very much so... This was an interesting review. An very enlightening demonstration of what this things can do." he answered as he cracked his knuckles and neck as the result of the G-forces they had undergone. "As for warp, I can agree on your assessment, no need to blip us on scanners if not necessary. Feel free to bring us back home Devyrie. I'll inform flight ops of our return." he answered her.

Her words had made him wonder if both ships sitting in the hangar could be truly compared to one another. Each having their strong points and flaws. He did recognize the sheer power and maneuverability the Valravn had, yet he could just as much perform alongside it if he were in his Valkyrie. In the end though, as always, it would come down to the capable hands of those flying the ships into battle. That was Thomas his personal opinion about the matter, yet he'd keep it to himself. "I hope you can agree with me that this review was a positive one." he called out to Okhala as they flew back.

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[ Lt. JG Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cockpit | AC-477 Mk l Valravn-class Federation Warp Fighter ] Attn: @Nolan 
Glad to hear her SCO was pleased with the review so far, she laid a course back to the separated Theurgy.

"Returning to the den," she said, and set the inertial dampeners back to normal. The question she got was... open-ended. "Well, as much as I liked the ride, whether the review has gone well is not really for me to say. I like to think of myself as more than qualified to fly in a Wolves squadron, having proven myself well enough in combat. I might not have your experience, but I don't plan to let you down, sir. Judging by what I hear off duty from the other White Wolves that defected, whatever doubts there were the first day aboard have since been shed. I had expected more dissent and scepticism from my old pack, honestly, but it seems we're all aboard already."

Oh, but she'd had her doubts that first night, which had led to an impromptu investigation and some rushed scans with tricorders. It had led to her and Angel ending up in the same bunk, which was still an... unresolved development between her and Alessia. None of this she told Razor, of course.

"And where here. Shall we relocate to the office after we've landed or do you feel you've seen enough?" Dev asked, turning the craft towards the fighter bay. "This is Wolf One-One to Mission Ops, requesting permission to land, over."

[Permission Granted, Dragon. Welcome back.]

"Thank you. Over and out,"


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