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Day 02 [1500 hrs.] Allegiant Check Up

[Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SummerDawn

Arrived early as usual, Thomas Ravon looked at the fuselage of the Alegiant. Otherwise known as the yacht, the ship had seen some action during the ordeal at SB 84. Thomas glanced it over with a superficial look before he heard footsteps at the end of the corridor. He turned his head to make out the frame of Ryuan Sel as she approached the Alegiant. Thomas couldn't help but think that the mistress at arms certainly had a certain flair about her as she came closer and more clearly into sight.

Senior staff had decided that the devoted threat had to come to an end. In order to do so, their thirst for weaponry had to be brought to a halt. Which in theory wasn't that much of a problem. Most weapons were stored safely in the armory and the Resolve crew had been stripped of their weapons. Of course, that wasn't the only place where weapons could be found. TACC CONN had weapons aboard their fighters for instance and Thomas had sent an internal memo to all pilots to make sure their ships would be decently locked down to prevent theft. The Alegiant was another example, it housed weapons as well and thus these needed to be checked for presence and secured where needed.

"Miss Sel, how good of you to join me. How is your day going so far?" Thomas greeted the woman as she came close enough and he saluted her for courtesy reasons. He turned around once she stopped besides him as he looked at the ship "Ready for inspection?" he asked her with a smile. The SCO seemed relaxed at this task and didn't radiate any form of stress to the woman.

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

The morning, well, the morning had pretty good, under the circumstances. The day before had been brutal, failure heaped on failure it seemed nothing could go right. At least the evening had been better, an unplanned run in with Sarresh Morali, a run in that had moved from the Gym to his quarters, a bit of stress relief in the age old fashion, a moment of living between two people. She looked up as Ravon saluted her, "Morning Commander. My day is going well, at least in comparison to the cluster fuck that was  yesterday." Normally she'd have caught herself from profanity in front of an oficer, and a senior one at that, but after the events of yesterday she didn't care as much as she probably should have.

"Ready for inspection. Manifest is on this padd, all lockers flagged and expected equipment counts noted. Hopefully everything is there otherwise I'll be doing more paperwork." She said, smiling a little to try and lighten her mood. And it wasn't to say she was in a bad mood, but she'd just spent the morning inventorying and securing a veritable armory worth of weapons of all kinds from the survivors of the other vessel. Even with transporter logs to match up the confiscated weapons to owners, she'd spent the better part of four hours just tagging and securing weapons.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SummerDawn

"I share your point of view in the matter. I can't imagine the paperwork and other trivial things Security must be stuck with at the moment." he nodded to Sel as he could only smile faintly. The loss of Evelyn Rawley and the news of losing so many more had been a rough patch in Thomas his return to the ship. Overall he was glad to be back, yet the amount of new faces that transferred from Harbinger, Resolve and Black Opal had been significant. In turn he wondered how many of the original crew were still around. Yet those concerns didn't need to be shared with the Security officer with him as he entered his code to open up the ship.

With a hiss the access doors of the Alegiant opened up and welcomed the two persons inside before it shut behind them. Thomas powered up the systems of the ship and started to run a check on the various flight systems as well as computing systems. He didn't need to sit by the console at all times as the checks would run automatically and give a warning signal in case of any trouble. "System check in in progress, need a hand with those lockers?" he offered to the Bajoran as he walked back over to her. "Or is there anything else I can do as you check the weapons?" he added to it. Despite being the superior officer, Thomas didn't apply his rank to order Sel around, this was a cooperative effort after all. He wouldn't gain or achieve anything by bossing around.

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

"Four hours of inventorying, reconciling the device to the transporter logs to confirm ownership of the weapons, tagging the weapons with confiscation time and apparent owner for return to their owners if they consent to deactivation of the device. And I think I've got it done." She chuckled, "How a commander would let that much in the way of uncontrolled weapons be present aboarrd a ship I do not know. I'd ask him but he's apparently KIA so I guess we'll never know." She followed him onto the ship, letting him power up the vessel so they could begin the scans.

"I'm good," Sel remarked, "I have to verify the access logs first before the physical count, then we can verify the weapons." She placed her padd close to the locker's keypad, punching in her own unique audit code to begin the download process of the access logs from both the ship's logs, as well as a secured log stored in each locker, a backup in case somebody tried tampering with the vessel's logs. As that began, she turned to Ravon. "You've got a story to tell I'd imagine. Last I'd heard you were dead, or MIA at least."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SummerDawn

A soft chuckle escaped from Thomas' lips as Sel questioned why a the Resolve crew would have such an amount of firearms uncontrolled on board of a Federation ship "A different mindset I imagine. Perhaps different circumstances... Either way, gun control seems more logical." he shrugged as he looked back at the computing systems as they one by one confirmed the Allegiant to be flight worthy and unscathed from the little endeavor outside the Star base. Thomas leaned against the pilot chair, not sitting in it, yet resting his frame against the back of it as the rest of the systems were being diagnosed.

With the mistress at arms turning around to face him he had to smile and shrugged "A story it is..." he replied before he looked her in the eyes "To cut it short, I got in a nasty disagreement between three Reavers and crashed on a rock of ice. My bird was too damaged for a quick take off, so I had to scavenge Reaver parts to get it somewhat flight worthy." he paused for a second as he reminded himself about those dire conditions, he diverted his eyes away from the Bajoran. He sighed softly before he looked back at Ryuan "Either way, I managed to come back in good way and managed to pitch in where I could in the end. I'm just glad to be back aboard a starship that's not freezing my ass off."

"What about you? Any stories to tell?" he inquired rather curiously as he crossed his arms. He hadn't seen Ryuan all that often and wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about herself.

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

"A different mindset for sure." Sel remarked, starting the inventory process of one crate, opening the lid to physically verify the contents. "Tho at times I find myself asking why Theurgy doesn't at least arm the crew with sidearms. Not the civilian population, but Starfleet. We're trained, certified, and retested every six months for weapons proficiency, or at least we should be." Pulling out one of the rifles, she began to inspect the unit, not quite twirling it but certainly moving it with a practiced ease reminiscent of a Terran drill Sargent inspecting a recruits rifle.

"That is quite the story," Sel remarked, placing the rifle down before picking up the next. "Well, It's good to have a familiar face in the crowd at least. I think with our losses and the Resolve crew influx, the original Theurgy crew are outnumbered. And with the Devoted busy causing havoc, Security has had their hands full."

"My story?" she asked, hoping to avoid reliving the events of the past two days. "I'd rather not go into detail but we lost a bunch of good people, our own, and innocent officers ignorant that the orders they were given came from a monster bent on destroying the Federation they were sworn to protect." She paused, "I have seen the monster we're sworn to destroy, looked it in the eye Commander. The only thing I am more certain of then when we started is how important the truth is, that these beings must be exposed and forced back to where they came from."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SummerDawn

The suggestion for arming Starfleet personnel was greeted by a faint smile of the SCO whilst Sel inspected the contents and rifles stored in the Sabine. "Quite true, trained and certified for the use of those weapons... Yet those devoted are part of our crew. If we'd arm crewmen, we'd might as well be arming them. Which in turn would mean that your current job would be futile." he replied to her after thinking about the answer. The way she handled the weapons though reminded him of his early years in the academy. A time of less troubles and concerns.

Thomas could only nod at the fact that the original Theurgy crew had been thoroughly thinned out. "I know that feeling, most of my squadron consists out of new faces. I'm not sure what the deal is in security, but if feels like I'm almost in command of an entire different carrier fleet as a whole." he admitted before shrugging and turning around to face the console as it indicated to be ready. He bent over lightly and by doing so placed his frame somewhat on display, though it was involuntary.

He glanced over at Sel as she mentioned staring the monster eye to eye. It was hard to imagine what the away team would have been through, though the reports didn't lie. It was a gruesome series of events at Starbase 84, even Henshaw had been affected by it. Thomas chose to not pursue the traumatic events further for the mistress at arms as he double checked a few more readings and stood back up and stretched himself "Well, the captain will be pleased to know that the ship itself is space worthy. Is there anything else I can help you with Ryuan?" he asked her before reminding himself "Oh, and please drop the commander, call me Thomas."

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

"And there is that," Sel admitted. "Probably the biggest argument in favor of the guns remaining exactly where they are, under lock & key." She finished the inspection of the rifle, noting the embedded serial number, compared against the manifest, before starting a quick self diagnostic to confirm it was functional. The units were self testing, and the power-cells virtually never needed charging once in storage, but audit policy dictated she inspect them regardless.

She nodded at his remark of how many new faces there were, "Speaking of the influx, Prophets how many weapons that crew had. It took hurs this morning, inventorying everything that came aboard. Everything from knives and daggers, to kinetic energy weapons, to even a few I've never seen and the database doesn't have a record of. makes me wonder what the hell was going on over there that was so bad they needed to supplement Starfleet issue weapons."

Sel placed the weapon back in it's spot in the weapons locker after it had chirped to tell her the diagnostic was complete and the status light glowed green. "I think we're done here, this girl only has the one weapons locker board, and there's no sign of tampering of any fashion." Closing the lid she sealed it up again, flagging it in the system as checked by her, marking the seal with her own codes, ensuring any attempt at tampering would be evident. 'I guess then if the ship checks out, and her weapons are secure, there's not much else to do here, Thomas." She looked over at him, "I've got a few more lockers to inspect, tho thankfully thus far none have been tampered with."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | USS Alegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SummerDawn

All Thomas could do was laugh softly at the amount of work the Bajoran security officer had received from gaining the weapons of the Resolve crew. He shook his head as she checked the phaser rifles meticulously before stashing them back away once more in the designated compartments. He nodded at her giving a good all clear so far before he walked over to the ship computer and powered the primary systems down. It would give Sel the time and power to check the remaining systems.

"In that case, I believe you can lock the ship up yourself?" he suggested as he made his way to the exit "Most systems have been powered down so all you'll need to do is lock the access points with the given access codes." he told her just in case she'd forget, which was obviously nonexistent.  He nodded at the rather attractive Bajoran once more before adding "Remind me next time we meet to buy you a drink."

With that the senior officer marched away as he left the Allegiant for what it was. The ship fully operational and ready for her next encounter should the need arise.


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