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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie Hellcat] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Blue Zephyr, @Triage, @Doc M., @Striker N7, @Kaligos

Daniel watched as the remaining Klingons were dealt with, and as Lieutenant zh’Wann was helped by Ensign Mariner and the woman from the Raider.  It also seemed that Lieutenant Lance had managed to get into her Mark-III and power it up and that Petty Officer Bremmer had survived.  Now all they needed to do was get the Sabine out of the docking bay and they could be on their way back to the Theurgy.  However as he listened over the communications channel, getting back to the Theurgy was going to be a problem if the Sabine couldn’t maintain a stable warp field to sustain higher warp speeds.

Hearing the call from the Junior Lieutenant for a report in irked Daniel a little.  Who was he to be giving orders in a situation like this, Lieutenant zh’Wann was in charge and if she was incapacitated then chain of command fell to him.  “Salvo to Sabine, Lieutenant Hi’Jack, myself and Goldeneye have survived.  What is Lieutenant zh’Wann’s condition?”  He asked over the communications channel.  He didn’t have to wait long for an answer however as he heard the unmistakable voice of Ensign Mariner.  So it seemed that Lieutenant zh’Wann was incapacitated and command fell to him after all.  He looked out his cockpit window to glance at the damage that had been done to the Sabine, during the fight it didn’t look so bad, but not he could see the extent of how badly the Phantom had managed to damage the small vessel.

“Knight, can you scan the enemy ships for anyth-” Daniel was cut off by another voice that spoke up, this one being Petty Officer Bremmer’s.  Her suggestion was actually pretty good and he knew not only from experience but also because he had spent some time reading up on the Mark-IIIs that they had the ability to tow other craft.  “Salvo to Goldeneye, once the Sabine is clear from the docking bay, I want you to latch onto and merge your warp field.  You’ll tow them back to Theurgy and I’ll cover your back.”  Daniel said.

“Salvo to Sabine, once you are clear from the docking bay Goldeneye will attach to you and tow you back to Theurgy.  I will remain unattached to provide cover and scouting should there be any more unforeseen threats.”  The Klingons had certainly been an unforeseen threat after all and he had already lost one pilot to them, he’d be damned if he lost the rest of the away team.  If push came to shove he could buy time for them to get to safety while he remained behind.  “We move out on my mark.”  Daniel watched his chronometer for a few seconds then spoke.  “Mark.”  He said as he piloted his craft back out into the vacuum that was the Azure Nebula, that would allow Goldeneye time to detach from the ceiling and make her way outside and give the Sabine ample time to get outside as well.  It also had the added benefit of giving Daniel a much needed look at what had or hadn’t survived the energy surge from the coreless moon.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Valkyrie cockpit, Wolf 03  | SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, & @Josie 

Once she had the deflector shield activated, Tessa could just lean back in her fighter and relax while the rest of the team made preparations to take off and head back for home.   Her eyes drooped close as she leaned back and her breathing became very regular…

[ Salvo to Goldeneye, once the Sabine is clear from the docking bay, I want you to latch onto and merge your warp field.  You'll tow them back to Theurgy and I'll cover your back. ]

“Huht?” Tessa snorted as she awoke with a start.  “Oh!  Right,” she stammered before she activated her fighter’s communications system so she could officially acknowledge his order.  “Aye-aye sir!  Towing the Sabine!  Got it!  Over and out!” she chirped before she hooked up her exosuit’s umbilical connections so that her suit’s life support system would be refreshed by that of the Valkyrie.   She then surveyed the situation and took note of her fighter’s position in relation to the Sabine.   Her Valkyrie was positioned right over the Sabine, and in addition there were three Klingon raiders cluttering up the hangar as well.  This would require some tricky maneuvering. 

“Okay everyone,” Tessa announced to the rest of her party.  “I’m going to maneuver.  Everybody who isn’t inside should get inside.  Wolf Three out.” Tessa added as she activated her fighters’ twin-tandem impulse system and released the magnetic clamps on the bottom of her landing gear.  “Okay easy does it,” she muttered as she activated her thrusters to move her away from the hangar’s ceiling and gently spin her around so that her landing gear was facing the deck like it was supposed to.  That was the idea anyway.  The Valkyrie made at least two lazy revolutions before she finally managed to stabilize it.  She then rotated her fighter so that its nose would be facing the opening that led back out into outer space.  She then started gently lowering her Valkyrie to the deck

“I could swear I was forgetting something,” Tessa muttered before she was jostled by a rude ‘thunk’ noise and she had to struggle to keep her fighter stable.  “Sorry, my bad!” she broadcast to the others.  “ I forgot that the Sabine was directly under me,” she added as she elevated her fighter up a few meters and had it gently float forward until she wounded gunship was no longer beneath her.  Then she lowered her fighter to the deck.

“Oh…kay.  Activating tractor beam emitter and backing up to the Sabine,” she announced carefully before she was interrupted by another thump and she was rocked in her seat.  “Oops!  Backed up a little too much there!  Sorry guys!”  She checked her Valk’s diagnostic panel.  No significant damage.  She checked her exterior sensors.  No significant damage on the back of the Sabine either.  Although the Klingon raider had raked the Sabine’s nose and portside wing, the back of the gunship was perfectly intact and dominated by its two solid and durable warp nacelles.  It would be difficult to find a better place to for her short range tractor beam to secure itself in order to ensure a smooth ride and the structural integrity of the damaged spacecraft.  Better still, the nudge she had given the Sabine had let her Valk’s tractor beam connect the two spacecraft like an old fashioned train coupling between two railcars. 

“This is Wolf Three, I have secured the Sabine and am willing to move out on your orders,” she announced on an open channel that would be heard by both Havenborn’s Valkyrie and  the cockpit of the Sabine.   Her pride in her accomplishment faded when she remembered the exact wording of Wolf Five’s instructions.  “Oh that’s right, I was supposed to latch onto and merge the warp field of our two craft after the Sabine leaves the hangar,” she winced with a blush that Haverborn and those in the Sabine could probably hear.  She deactivated her tractor beam and moved her fighter forward and out of the hangar into the black.  “Sorry about that.  Um… Wolf Three, standing by to latch onto the Sabine and merge our warp fields,” she added lamely.   It was then she discovered that she had set her communications gear to send but not receive.   She could only imagine the others screaming bloody murder at her and wondering why she was deaf.  Closing her eyes in trepidation, she adjusted her communications system so she could hear what the rest of her party was saying to her and prepared for the worst.  “Sorry guys, I guess I had my comm gear shut off.  What was that you were saying?”

OOC:  I added that bit about the communications gear at the end because I won't be able to respond to what the other players type until it's my turn again.  It's a cheat, I know, but since such a colossal screwup is in character for Tessa I ran with it.

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[ Heather McMillan | Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur | The Coreless Moon ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Doc M.
Heather was vaguely aware of her surroundings, but she was completely wigged out. Barely conscious, she was no longer even registering pain. She kept seeing visions of Carrigan Trent in danger, and Shâ'Nyél urging her to leave the place quickly. The Gîl Naur kept warning her of danger and unseen enemies, nothing made sense. She felt briefly something akin to a hand touching her arm, and she stirred slightly from her position. The transparent blue photonic fields shimmered and bent around Jimmy's arm, wherever pressure was applied, acting like a cushion.

“Mmmh...” said Heather, her voice gurgling, “M-Marin...hurtz...” the ship lurched when something bumped into the Sabine.

She tried to focus on his words. She felt like she was falling through a nexus of space, it was nice, and terrifying all at once. She had to focus. They still needed her. The team needed her...she was falling...was she dying? Her body temperature was skyrocketing. Falling, falling...falling. She needed something to stop her from falling.

Carrigan and Shâ'Nyél reached out to her, hands outstretched. She reached up and took their hands, and they pulled her...

...right back into her own body, and she looked right at a PADD, she nodded at Jimmy, and pretended to play the game, but her mind was not focused on it. Who would set them up? Why? Who was the strange beautiful one in the ship with them now? How did she get here? Why is she dressed like a Klingon? She realized she was covered only with her underwear and the suit's leggings. She needed to get back into her suit, this time for the protection of everyone. But her body could barely move. “Mariner? B-Bremmer?” She whimpered weakly, “Please help me...I need to get back into my suit. Quickly...I'm losing control.”

Her body was glowing brighter and brighter. She needed to be covered or she risked blinding anyone who looked at her. She tried to pick up her gauntlet.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine Cockpit | The Coreless Moon ]
Attn: 1) @Blue Zephyr 2) @Kaligos 3) @Triton 4) @CanadianVet 5) @Triage 6) @Havenborn 7) @Doc M. 
After Mariner had stepped out to deal with the fire, Sera had watched as she Andorian was put in the Sabine's transporter buffer, and she knew that while the Lieutenant's dead body was there, it would also prevent the transporter from being used in any way until they got back to the Theurgy and could send the remains of the woman to Sickbay. She had just met the Andorian the other day, so while she seemed to have been quite resourceful, Sera held no personal attachment to her. Hopefully, the medics could save her. If not... she had burned brightly before fire died out.

While ThanIda zhWann's body was preserved, Jack talked to the new woman aboard the Sabine. The universal translator aboard helped Sera understand both her as well as Jack, hearing him ask for her name, rank and what her intentions were. Evidently, she knew well enough they were from the Theurgy, at least. Before she got to answer, Mariner returned, and Bremmer had an idea for how to get off the rock they were stranded on - delaying the woman's introductions since the threat of the moon's fauna was very much real. Jack had suggested a tractor beam tow, which was more conventional, but even Sera knew they'd never reach Warp 6 that way, but he was a scientist, not a pilot, so that could be expected. Bremmer''s idea was better, the field tighter and more stable. It would be a slower ride home than when they got there, but Sera was just glad she didn't have to give up the Sabine.

Lieutenant Havenborn had made his decision, going with Bremmer's idea, and ordered them to disembark. Sera stepped to the cockpit controls and pushed a button to answer him. "This is the Sabine. Understood. I'll keep her steady once we are out of the bay so that Lance can latch on to us with her maglocks. Aldnoah out."

While Tessa began the towing operation, Sera looked back at the new arrival again, thinking that it would be time to hear about her story, but Sera's yellow eyes strayed further, seeing how a situation was developing in the back compartment, with the half-dressed "Radiant" was truly starting to live up to her name. She begged Mariner and Bremmer to help her back in the suit, which left Sera and Jack alone with the human-looking woman with the Klingon attire. Sera swore when the flaming Tac COON pilot scratched the paint on the Sabine even more, catching her balance, but as irritated as she became, there was nothing she could do but engage the take-off anti-grav units under the Sabine, which she already had.

"I'm Sera vers Aldnoah," she said, holding on to the doorframe leading to the cockpit, figuring introductions were in order, regardless what she might say next. "I'm not Starfleet, but I knew about this outpost. We came here for the crystals, since the Theurgy needs them to continue their mission. That's Hi'Jak, fresh off Starbase 84 but now working for Ives too. Back there are Mariner and Bremmer, from the USS Resolve. Security, just like the Andorian you might have saved - Lieutenant zh'Wann. We... seem to have lost one of them, but the fighter escort is Lieutenants Havenborn and Lance... and burn the latter if she scratched the paint on my ship any further..."

Lance apologised over the comm channel, and Sera turned away to strike a thumb down on the controls of the Sabine to give her answer. "Fire and ashes, I was just saying you better not damage my ship more than the flaming Klingons did! I'm laying in a straight course at low impulse for you now. Latch on, and I'll give you what little warp field the Sabine can muster, but don't jump until we have cleared the debris field out there."

Turning back to the new woman and Hi'Jak - who looked high on medication to even remain awake - Sera continued the introductions. "The woman Mariner and Bremmer helped back there is something called a Radiant, which is a fitting species name if I ever heard one, and she goes by Heather. Now, what's your story with the Klingons? How could they know we were here, why were they trying to kill us, and how come you are on our side? Were you a prisoner?"

It made no sense if she was, having been in one of the raiders, and she certainly didn't look like a prisoner.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Resident Badass |  Klingon El-Aurian Extraordinaire | Sabine | Ass Kickin' Time]
@Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, @Triage, @Doc M.

Of course Zyrao spoke like a native, she had spent untold years in the company of Klingons and used no other language unless she was extremely pissed the fuck off.  Which .. to be frank, happened sometimes but she wasn't overly known for being hot headed.  Zyrao knew that emotions was something that could get someone in deep trouble quite quickly so she tried to keep herself as calm as possible.  The half-Klingon spoke to her in his own native tongue.  Her eyes shifted to him, studying him, sizing him up.  It was what she had learned to do after her years with the Klingons.  Everyone was and could be an opponent.  But it was even more so, that she was a strategist, already thoughts were going through her mind about how she could incapacitate him if the need arose.  How she could use the wounded eye to her advantage, how she could use his half breed to her advantage, the threats she could use to enrage him.  What she could likely do to take him out quickly and without much flare. 

True fighting, the kind that Zyrao did lacked true flare, it was about getting a job done.

“boQ Sumqu'.” she said calmly, I do not need your assistance, the Klingon again, rolling off her tongue.  It truly was, second nature at this point.  The Universal Translator was already doing it's job, everything she said was being understood by those around her.  She knew that it had to work both ways, her Klingon would be known through out the Federation and easily translated to those that did not speak it fluently.  Not to mention, El-Aurian, which was far more melodic and rolled off her tongue in a completely different way than the Klingon's harsh intonations did.

She placed the body of the dead woman on the transport pad and watched the man, the smoothed brow Klingon, doing what needed to be done to place her into the buffer.  Zyrao's hands hung easily at her side, she was not among true allies yet.  She had earned enough of a place not to be locked up, yet, but she had not earned a place here yet.  The Captain would have to endear her more fully to the crew, that would take getting back to the Theurgy and right now they had an issue doing just that.  He asked for her name, rank, and intention.  Zyrao gave a grin, one of those cold grins that could slice a lesser man in half with a slight glare of those sharp grey eyes of hers.

“SoH 'Iv tlhob.” she hissed at him quickly.  Who are you to ask for it.  Her eyes followed Hi-Jak, noting his every move.  She did not know who the Klingon was that had betrayed the Theurgy, but when she found him.. she fully intended to make it memorable. 

The non-Klingon spoke again, this time in Federation Standard, she tilted her head as the ship translated for her, it was not going to be easy to acclimate to this new language.  She was somewhat adept at languages and could muddle through Standard enough to get a point across when necessary but she didn't know it well enough to hold a conversation.  He talked about the buffers not being the best answer.  “It's the only one she's got.” she stated in fluent El-Aurian, if he was going to switch then so was she.  She didn't need to make it easy for him, though it would be, with the translator.

He started talking to someone else, something about engines, or a plan to get them working again.  Zy looked at the transportation pod and found that the woman, Ida, had slowly disappeared.  Either she was in the buffer, or she had been spaced.  She could only trust the half Klingon as these were his people.  Zy tried to figure out what the screen in Standard was saying, but she could not figure out more than a couple of the letters, the words were not something she had come across before with any regularity. 

I will have to learn this language.

She did not fancy herself a linguist, but there were times that having the actual knowledge of a language assisted life in just being less complicated.  She turned to see what it was that people were going to be doing now.  They needed to leave, and quickly, however there was some sort of issue with the engines and then everything froze.

Her blood ran cold when she heard the half-Klingon's name.  His smooth forehead a testament to the utter shit storm that he had been about to create.  Throwing the Federation underneath the Klingon attack.  She froze, her entire body was tense, as she looked at the man going about his own business.  He didn't seem to realize that she had heard, that or he didn't realize that she knew that name far too sharply.  It was figuratively burned into the back of her mind after all the messages that she had read off of Drex's computer.  She almost missed the hot headed bastard, but, he was gone, and mourning him would bring him no honor nor return him to the living.

It was time to move on.

Furthermore, dispatch your ship, and destroy SuD Lang. Its coordinates have been compromised. she remembered his message clearly.. it echoed in her mind.

All of a sudden, Zyrao moved.  There was no thought behind her movements, instincts kicked in as her mind caught up with all that had just unfolded in front of her.  A strong boot kicked the half-Klingon betrayer in the back shoving him across the hold with one heavily muscled heave.  She didn't even wait for the shock of the move to wear off in Hi'Jak's world, she was right up behind him, grabbing his arm, pinning it uncomfortably to his back.

“maghwl'” she grunted against him, Traitor, using her leverage and strong body to keep him pinned against the bulk head.  “QochQo'chuqlaw' yIDoH yIt.  ghaH yIn ghaH volchaH Theurgy.  maghwl'.  SuD Lang Dajatlh HoD qeS Qaw'.  batlh DaHutlh.  jaj vo' SoH yIra' puq mourns vavlI'.  boghDI' jISaQ SoSlI'.  'up SoH bIquv tlhIngan Hoch.”  She hissed out, knowing the Translator would pick up everything she said, and knowing that her Klingon was flawless he would understand exactly what she was saying.  You were going to walk away.  With the lives of the Theurgy upon your shoulders.  Traitor.  Destroy SuD Lang you said, advising our Captain.  You have no honor.  Your father mourns the day you came forth from his seed.  Your mother weeps your birth.  You disgust all Klingon kind. 

“toD, HoSHa'bogh Qaw' DaneHchugh.” she grunted as she torqued his arm higher.  I saved that which you wished to destroy. 

A dark headed woman had asked what her story was with the Klingon's.  Zyrao grinned maliciously as she continued to hold Hi'Jak where he was.  Her hand fished out one of her d'k tahg and pushed it against the man's neck as she released some of her body pressure, just to make sure he didn't think he could move.  She switched to El-Aurian, her native tongue, to answer the woman.  “My name is Zyrao Natauna, Strategist, I got wind of his betrayal and the destruction of the Theurgy crew while serving on the Hakkarl.  I did what was necessary to arrive on the scene to assist in all of you retaining your lives.” she stated calmly, hoping the Translator would do it's job properly for her once more.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn: @Blue Zephyr @Auctor Lucan @Triton @Triage @CanadianVet @Havenborn @Doc M.

Bremmer had a plan. Thankfully Jack could for the moment step away from the console, because Bremmer could seemingly figure out a plan to get them off of this god forsaken moon, and near to a medical team. A medical team which would patch him up. Maybe he would loose the arm, and the eye was long gone, but he could sleep for a few days, and he would be... well not good.

He was missing an eye, and an arm, he didn't feel good about that.

And I did just kill an entire crew of loyal klingons. Never done that one before Jack, I rarely if ever get to give orders like that.

Jimmy put out the fire, and Bremmer had a plan.

There was some sort of commotion in the back but Jack was tired, he wanted to fall into a chair and sleep, not worry about some bright light, or some other girl. Oh right the other women. He wasn't sure about Sera, she seemed annoyed with him, he kind of wondered why, but the new girl she was speaking.

And then came the grapple, Jack was honestly too broken and tired to put up much resistance, the kick to his back knocked him forward his head smacking against a console, as he was pulled back, to a standing position, his mind rattled, and fresh pain searing through him as he knocked around. As she shouted at him, and he felt the cold metal of a knife press to his neck.

She's gonna kill me, or at least try. Now is not the time to be stupid Jack.

"maghwI' ngeD.SoH je DapIHchugh, 'elmeH Doch Suq " Jack's voice was tired as he spoke, the last attack was pretty much drained of energy, the only thing he had on him was the stashed hypo spray, and that wouldn't do much against the woman holding him. His words simply started the conversation with the insult that defined both of them. easy Traitor, if you start with the head then things get fuzzy.

"DaHjaj ta'be'nalwI' pegh Hi'Jak, tlham, vo' HoD, QIn HIj wo'vaD Theurgy. jIHvaD bach ida, Andorian, tlham choH jIH." Jack spoke trying to make the woman understand his position, explaining the how and why things went as they did. Of course he knew the crew would hear all of this, and sure someone else was just as likely to shoot him for his crime as anyone else, but hey she was the one with the knife to his throat, she got priority. Imperial Intelligence, Hi'Jak, my orders came from the captain of the Theurgy. To send a message to the Empire. I altered the orders when Ida, the Andorian threatened to shoot me. He omitted, of course, how he had rounded on her in the command center, threatening her. In retrospect, perhaps that was why she raised her rifle? He'd never know.

"maS QIH neH ra' jIH, chay' SoQ Duj vISovbe'. 'eb hikkarl chaDo'maq vIghaj." Honestly at this point if she killed him, she was probably just saving him from the brig. It was pathetic really, he was eighty percent sure that even if he managed to get out of this single icy grip he was probably going to die, or at the least be a marked man. No one was supposed to know his nature save for a few chosen few. His eye darted towards Sera, wondering how she would take all of this. It wasn't like he hadn't tried to tell her everything that he could at the time. I merely ordered the destruction of the moon, I did not know how close your ship was. I did not have the chance to check the Hakkarl's coordinates.

"ra' ida jIH vIHoHqang, ghu'vam, bot spiders Har jIH vaj wItI'nISmo' wIja''a', jIchegh Heghpu'." He gave a visible shrug. It made sense to him, after he delivered the message he was pretty much useless. If he was in the brig he would be a drain on resources. Since everyone in this room knew he was a traitor, killing him was probably a mercy to the future crew. It would certainly explain why she had raised her gun in the first place. I thought Ida was ordered to kill me. The spiders prevented that, if we go back, I'm probably dead.

"'ach tlhoy qoghlIjDaq mu' chaw'a' nongtaH popmey." He added with what he could best say was his smug smile, either way he just shrugged, he was too tired to fight, and this woman was too strong for him. But if I get a vote, I'd rather live.

"nuq vIta'laH noH, mev vIta' vaj qatlh wo' magh SoH?" So lastly, maybe he could speak to the brain inside the warrior and make her and the rest of the crew think. If nothing else it might make her ease up on her grip, this all really hurt. I did what I could to stop a war, so why did you betray the Empire?

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine Cockpit | The Coreless Moon ]
Attn: 1) @Triton 2) @CanadianVet 3) @Triage 4) @Havenborn 5) @Doc M. 
Eyes widening momentarily, Sera saw the development that she'd feared, heard the universal translator making their speech Câroon to her ears. The woman from the Kilngon ship - the Hakkarl? - she knew about Hi'Jak's involvement in the Klingon attack, and she called him out on it. Had she said she'd even spoken with Ives earlier? Then surely Hi'Jak would face the consequences once they made their way back to the Theurgy. Yet Sera owed Hi'Jak from before, when they'd fled the starbase. She could not let this Klingon strategist just kill him. She might be a Fire Regioneer, but she was no fickle flame in the wind. She would do the right thing.

"Hey!" she called, standing in the entry way to the cockpit in her red exosuit. While she was unarmed, having given her weapon to Ida, she raised her tattooed hand and gestured while she spoke. "This is my flaming ship! There will be no killing aboard the Sabine or I will burn you both and leave you on this ashen moon! This is not even the Starfleet way, so quench your flames and save it for Captain Ives!"

While she spoke, she had tapped into her zi'naaq, making her eyes and mouth shine brightly with white light. It died away before she spoke next. She took a calming breath. "There is a cargo hold in the back. Tie him up and throw him in there until we dock with the Theurgy," she said, and met Mariner's and Bremmer's eyes, the two having helped Heather before then, "Does that meet your fleet protocols? Just make sure he can't access the maintenance panels back there."

She paused, looking towards Zyrao, almost suggesting that she'd be thrown there too, but decided against it. If the woman was helping the crew, it would be best giving her the benefit of the doubt. She'd likely kill Hi'Jak too if she was back there. Burn the traitor, but she owed him, and she'd keep him safe until they got aboard the Theurgy. After that, he was on his flaming own.

The look she gave Hi'Jak ought to tell him as much.

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ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | S.S. Sabine |  SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost | The Coreless Moon ]

Moments before Zy introduced herself, Mariner helped Heather into the suit hanging from her hips, expressing almost brotherly concern for the girl. She wasn’t his type by a long shot, and his eyes were still trained on the newcomer, his hand just a quickdraw away from engaging the foreigner should the event arise, which it soon would. "Hang in there, Sweetheart, we’ll have another go on that PaDD game soon enough." with a soothing tone, he assured Heather, making sure the form-fitting outfit did more than defend the girl’s modesty, as he latched it shut.

After Sera made the pleasantries, Jimmy was all too eager to introduce himself properly to Zy, but her sudden scuffle caught him off-guard-- but not as much as her revelation. Jimmy's expression hardened into a prominent scowl.

"My name is Zyrao Natauna, Strategist, I got wind of his betrayal and the destruction of the Theurgy crew while serving on the Hakkarl.  I did what was necessary to arrive on the scene to assist in all of you retaining your lives."

Experience and training had him close the outer airlock shut, before he returned to the aft quarters, in a hasty but reactive move to protect Heather in the last room, he too was still clad in the security-exosuit and willing to use it and himself as a human shield while he raised his firearm. Jimmy got into a better position to use the door frame as cover should he need to use the phaser he secured moments before. He'd seen a Klingon use his dying breath to hurl a D'ktang into a Jem'Hadar's jugular, despite the weapon's seeming lack of balance and was not one to put himself in that position.

"Have a care, Bright-bulb. Cover your ears." Jimmy momentarily cast a warning to Heather, unable to render otherwise aid to her in this hostage situation, but he trained the phaser pistol in a closely-guarded grip close to his torso, aiming at neither of Zy nor Jak in particular. "Break it up! You’re shaking the lightbulb!" Jimmy barked in the direction of the brawler.

Meanwhile, the woman, Zyrao was uttering insults even Jimmy found highly insulting. Under different circumstances, he might have laughed his arse off, It partially tickled him some to see his hunch about the Half-Klingon being a mole seeming to pay off, as his suit’s translator heard the whole conversation in both dialects. In addition to witnesses, he was well-aware the suits were recording, so there would be little more evidence beside his and Bremmer's testimony in lieu of Lt zh'Wann's evident murder. While he wanted to hear the new passenger's accusations further, a foreign combatant was attacking a Starfleet officer, so Mariner repeated his order to stand down between Zy’s statements with growing demand. "Stand down or you’ll wake up tearing eachother to bloody shreds in Theurgy’s holding cell, Stand down! This is your final bloody warning!" Just then, Sera raised her voice and complexion a few noticeable degrees.

"This is my flaming ship! There will be no killing aboard the Sabine or I will burn you both and leave you on this ashen moon! This is not even the Starfleet way, so quench your flames and save it for Captain Ives!" Sera’s commanding accent summarily followed Jimmy’s latest, growling threat.

"There hasn't been a Starfleet traitor since Michael-blasted-Eddington." Jimmy uttered that name as if he'd just eaten a bar of soap. "Except for Ben Maxwell. And steak-face here is no Ben-Bloody-Maxwell." By now, of course there was no doubt Captain Ives and hir crew were innocent of the allegations he'd heard on Starbase 84 before that place was blasted apart.

"There is a cargo hold in the back. Tie him up and throw him in there until we dock with the Theurgy, Does that meet your fleet protocols? Just make sure he can't access the maintenance panels back there." Sera's accented voice continued.

"I can’t speak for Leftenant Ida, or her interpretation of law, M'um." Jimmy growled in response to Sera’s order, acknowledging the shuttle's skipper as authority. "But her phaser bloody well can." His regard clearly spelled he would've loved to resolve things that way, preferably non-lethal so that Jak could face a firing squad back on Theurgy, so he could have not one but two shots at this backstabber, should due process confirm Zyrao's allegations.

Jimmy cocked his head to the Pilot, but his eyes and phaser were fixed squarely on Jak's good eye, but still within a reactional arc at the dagger-arm. While clearly not a sadist, Mariner despised traitors with every fiber in his being, at least any who betrayed him or the Federation. For all he cared, only the Klingon House of Torlek were the only Klingons who'd ever shown even a shred of respect for him or his fellow humans, and he didn't spot any of their emblems on this encounter. Beyond that, The Empire killed a lot of his friends and classmates before the bloody croc-heads saw reason and rejoined the Khitomer accords. Still, he'd killed or neutralized enough for one day, he hoped. In a modicum of neutrality, Zyrao could've been deliberately giving misinformation to infiltrate the crew... but that wasn't as likely. One never truly knew someone else until he had fought with them, and Zyrao had been a consummate marksman earlier, even if she could've taken one of the Klingon raiders and left scot-free.

"Perhaps that'd be a guaranteed way to keep those rodent-claws if his out of trouble." Jimmy idly offered, thumbing the stun setting with a whirring beep before opting for Bremmer to act in accordance with Security policy. "Petty Officer? You're handy with cuffs, get creative. Watch his head.", he winked, implying she could use just the slightest amount of discretion when it came to properly escorting a dangerous felon to their detention through a short doorway. It wasn't until later when the ship was well on its way that he realized he made a lousy (and unintentional pun regarding cuffs), when his mind was strictly on arresting the accused traitor.

Once that was settled for the moment, Jimmy resumed his attention to McMillan "Warrant? Give the nice traitor his space. He's gonna wish he had as much of it when we get home." Jimmy V-stepped, keeping his distance from the prisoner and kept his weapon close, avoiding any chance for Jak to grab his weapon and attempt anything funny, following every trained motion he'd practiced in his expertise in suspect control and retention"Mac?" Jimmy noticed Heather didn't look herself at this point, even with her suit secured. "McMillan? Warrant Officer Heather McMillan?" Jimmy had seen Federation citizens, civilian and military undergo shock, and knew how best to address and calm them. "The head's right there, Luv if you got some bricks to drop off at the pool.... Come now, my rations weren't -that- terrible." Jimmy joked, offering his hand to lead Heather to a secure location, but ready to hit the deck or get himself to safety, should she have the Radiant equivalent of... any illness, really, given her talents. Harmless as they were on the ride in, he didn't want to imagine what they could look like on the way out.
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Heather McMillan | Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur | The Coreless Moon ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Doc M.
“Hnh...” said Heather, and she responded to Jimmy's joke about dropping bricks with a grimace of a smile. Her head hurt too much to laugh, and it wasn't like he could see much of her face any longer. It was turning almost completely to light. Every pore of her being was shining, and if she got any brighter, no one would be able to see a thing soon. Had to shield herself from them, the gods were in danger from her, and she'd rather kill herself than endanger the gods. “”

She barely managed to move a hand to rest on the man's shoulder for a moment. Thankfully, he sealed the suit and the helmet in place, and Heather immediately activated the sun shield visor, hoping the shield worked both ways, or they would need her to face away from them or cover her visor with something. The affairs of gods went on around her in a full rage, and she couldn't do anything about it. Emotions ran deep amongst the gods, but people like her did not comprehend or even feel anger...but she had, hadn't she?

When she saw Sonja Acreth. She felt...fury? Righteous anger? She'd never felt the emotion in her life before, and she didn't comprehend it, or even why she felt it. The Wisdoms and Loremasters said that they were to be the guardians against a nameless unknown darkness that would endanger all the gods. Across the entire universe, the Radiant...the Alata alone, would know what this danger was when they encountered it, and they would stand against the darkness as a shield of light. It was why the Radiant developed space travel early on, and took the the stars, seeking out the gods, trying to intergrate themselves secretly or else openly wherever possible, otherwise they used their abilities to become invisible to live amongst the gods, until they could find this nameless darkness and then all the Radiant would come.

But was Sonja this nameless darkness? That didn't make sense. She was one of the gods...that just did not seem right, and she felt a terrible guilt over what she had done, and now she paid the price with a crippling pain overtaking her systems. Nothing was making it better. How could she protect the gods if she couldn't even stand? “I...d-don't...I don't die...” she raised her head and looked at Jimmy, and everyone else, “P-please...d-don't fight...”

She nearly tipped over, ready to collapse. She needed sleep. But she had to make sure no one would be endangered by her uncontrolled brightness. “Put me down facing away from you all.” she managed that clearly, “Can't...control my light...don't remove my matter what. Light will blind you all.”

She rose, wobbling and with support or on her own, she crawled into a corner and lay down, on the floor or on a row of chairs she couldn't tell, and turned to face the walls, her faceplate pressing against it. The best way to ensure people were safe from the light, and if the faceplate didn't stop light from shining outward, at least she was facing away from people. The fever raged through her body, but her light was working to burn the sickness out of her.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | SS. Sabine ] Attn:  all

Why couldn't things ever be simple?

Bremmer was used to the chaos of combat operations and what happened when things went pear-shaped in a monumental fashion.  But the cluster-fuck surrounding their mission to that fucking rock was definitely one for the record books.  Who was that woman who invited herself onto their ship?  Sure, she had helped with the Klingons, but hadn't she been riding with them initially? 

And now she was threatening to kill the half-Klingon egghead as a traitor?  What in the blue fuck had happened between him and the Deputy?  Was it related to the Klingons attacking them in the docking bay?  And now their civilian pilot was starting to dictate terms!  This was almost getting too much for Bremmer to keep straight in her head.  All she wanted was to get off this rock, back to Theurgy, and find a hole to crawl into.  And perhaps a nice long soak in a hot bath. 

And, of course, there was her own charge, Warrant McMillan, who was getting more and more... bright and requesting to be sealed back into her suit. 

And then, things clarified when she was ordered to restrain and secure Lieutenant Hi'Jak in the cargo compartment.  Now that she could do.  As soon as she'd find something to use as restraints.  And figure out how to apply them.  After all, one of his arms was all but useless, and what fingers he had left were fused to what looked like the grip of a weapon.  And no matter what she did, she'd do a serious number on that injured arm.  So she'd have to let that one loose.  So it left using positioning and biomechanics to fully secure him...  And with what?

A quick search in one of the emergency maintenance locker revealed something she could use.  Oh, she might have tried to replicate some cuffs, but for the time being a roll of tape, suitable for everything from patching a leaky EVA suit to a minor hull crack to holding conduits together or even securing bits of an air-exchange duct and everything in between, would do the job just fine.  Hell, similar stuff was common enough back on Nova Kosice, but it didn't have the molecular-level adhesive that would only release when exposed to the right solvent or a specific electrical current that Starfleet's version of duct tape had. 

And, without access to a proper holding cell, she'd have to use quite a fair bit of it. 

None too gently, she got a hold of the half-Klingon's good arm and wasted little time in applying a firm lock to it and forcing him to bend forward as she led him to the storage space.  With one hand, she maintained pressure as she wrapped loops of the tape just above and just below his knees.  But that was just the beginning.  With a firm tap of her exosuit's toes to the nerve cluster at the back of his lower leg, she forced him to his knees, and the arm lock turned into a long, vicious armbar that would force him to bend forward, and she secured his wrist with several loops of the tape to an exposed heavy-duty conduit, one a hale, properly braced, standing full-blooded Klingon would have little chance of tearing free from its moorings.  And still, that was not all.  For she crossed his ankles as well, and secured them together. 

This was hardly a way to keep someone for an extended duration, but as a field-expedient way to contain a dangerous individual in a space not designed for it?  It would be as good as it got.

And, finally, she came out of the storage space and locked it behind her for good measure.  And finally, she spoke.  "So, I've been off comms for a while... would anyone care to explain to me just what the fuck is going on, and who the fuck that is?  I mean, we've got time, don't we?"


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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ] 

The space around the hollow moon looked different now.  The ancient doomsday weapon of the Radiants had ignited the sirilium gas pockets  and set ablaze, causing the most of the gas in the immediate area to burn away and leave it relatively clear of the inflammable gas.  Even the debris cloud orbiting the shattered moon seemed to have been swept away, making flying conditions a lot safer.  There was no sign of the Klingon carrier on Tessa’s sensors.  The wreckage must have been pushed clear out of the system.

Tessa waited patiently as the Sabine left the docking bay.  She followed the wounded gunboat as it drifted away from the hollow moon and away from the remnants of the debris field.  Then she used her tractor beam to allow her fighter to piggyback onto the Sabine.  It was like she was a thruster pack on the back of someone in an EV suit.  Then it was a matter of syncing their flight computers to make sure their warp fields would merge into one warp bubble.  Both of them were going to have to change their spacecraft’s prefix codes when they got back.  The entire time Tessa was communicating with the Sabine saying things like Sabine, this is Goldeneye, using tractor beam in three, two, one…” and so in after “Mag-lock made. Syncing engineering functions, activating impulse drives.  Cruising to warp in five, four, three, two, one, mark,” and other technical pilot jargon while listening to Sera vers Aldnoah say similar things.

Soon they were at warp, heading back to the USS Theurgy and home sweet home.  In addition to the warp envelope she shared with the Sabine, her sensors picked up the warp envelope from Salvo and Knight’s escorting Valkyrie. 

Wait a second.  There should have been two other warp envelopes shouldn’t there?

Both Daniel Havenborn in the cockpit of Wolf-05 and Sera vers Aldnoah in the cockpit of the Sabine could hear Tessa’s childish, crestfallen wail over the external comm systems:   “Hey, where’s Honey Badger?”


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