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{Lin Kae - Skye Carver's Quarters}

"I was hoping you'd say that," Kae responded to her comment about doing anything for him.  The process wouldn't be an easy one or a short one.  He produced the cortical monitor, which he was able to fix so that it was beneath Skye's hair, hidden from view.  "We want to get as many readings as possible from as many places on the body as we can.  I, uh, prepared a list of things."  He handed over a small pad, with a list of things that he wanted Skye to try out.  It was a checklist, which allowed her to check each item off as it was completed.  Listed first were the list of sensations that her entire body could experience.  It included contact with objects that were soft, hard, blunt, sharp, hot, cold, wet and dry. After that were some more specific items, such as asking her to tug on her hair, perform actions until she felt sore, strain herself until she sweat, things of that manner.  Perhaps most awkward of all were items involving sexual conduct, covering the various things that could be done to her nipples, womanhood, rear end and even mouth.

"The last part was . . . sort of unexpected, but Thea expressed interest in being able to do such things."  Organics liked to have sex for recreational purposes, so why not Holograms.  Kae had already considered that he might want to record such things for himself as well, if the day ever came that male holograms would want as extensive modification as Thea did as a female.  "I understand this might be a lot to ask, and If you don't think you can do all of it, I understand.  If you need any help with anything, you know I'm there.  It would be the least I could do considering what you are doing to help this project along."

[Edena Miles - XO Ready Room]

"Well, I'm glad all I had to do was listen.  I might not have been so helpful if I had to provide answers on such a topic," Edena responded. Most commanding officers wouldn't be so quick to admit that they just didn't know something, but she wasn't the sort of person to try and fake her way through.  It was better someone else give the right answers.  Fortunately, Miles knew what he needed to hear, and she just had to be the person he was talking to to get there.

"I'm afraid when it comes to religion, I'm not of much help.  Most Trill have given up on theology and mostly have their heads in science."  The Symbionts allowed knowledge to be passed along, so things like research could take place over several lifetimes.  In Edena's case, the Rez symbiont had lived a quite varied life, but bits and pieces were of use to each.  Kiva's medical knowledge led to an interest in psychology for Illya, while Jona benefited from both physical and mental aspects in medicine to further his skills as an agent of Starfleet Intelligence.  Edena, in turn, used all three to help her become a competent acting counselor and a capable command officer.  One thing none of them had time for, however, was faith.  "I think this conversation we had will serve the Rez symbiont well when it comes time for it to move on to it's next host . . . which I hope is when I'm old and gray."

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[Skye - Skye's Quarters]

As soon as Kae produced the cortical monitor and reached up toward her head, she pulled her hair out of the way and waited until it was situated properly before looking at him with bright and alert eyes.  She wasn't brilliant like most people but she wasn't stupid by any means either and she took this request of Kae and Thea's very seriously.

The general things he spoke of had her nodding, they were a given in her opinion and she took the data pad from him to look at the list he had comprised.  "I don't mind getting hurt though I'm not sure the medical team will appreciate broken bones and I'd rather not have a knife in my gut again," she said with a lopsided grin.  That had hurt like hell but she also didn't want to risk having to listen to Eve and Lucan again though she figured they'd be much more discrete on ship.

The further down she read, the more one eyebrow rose toward her hairline.  That was when Kae started explaining that Thea wanted to know what it felt like to be intimate.  The other eyebrow rose level with its twin and a wicked little grin started to form.  By now he knew that look and could feel the heat as she leaned in a little closer to him.  "Well I can certainly do things so she knows what it's like to pleasure herself but you knoooooooow ..." she purred and ran her finger along his jawline while nuzzling his ear.   "I think you should slap one of these monitors on and we can store our shared sensations."

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[Edena Miles - XO Ready Room]

"Admittedly, I'm no expert Theogan myself.  I just happen to enjoy my share of stories where fiction and history meet.  Its just my species as you know is longer lived than some so as a result even with being in a career of war we end up finding ourselves with varied interests.  Sure in battle i can and will kill at the drop of a hat or at any given order but that is battle.  I don't know how any of my kind could live with themselves if they didn't have a softer side of themselves outside of those battles."  He sighed with a soft smile having seen his own psych evaluations before remembering quite vividly an excerpt from it. 

'In battle Miles tends to exhibit signs of impulsive characteristics and often shows ruthless and bloodlusting tendencies some would characterize as borderline.  In debriefings he has been noted to seem to have a stoicism and emotional distance towards his duties especially his actions when asked regarding enemy combatants killed in action, showing no signs of remorse for their deaths or hatred for his enemy.  Outside of duties he tends to have an emotional depth and can seem not unlike a philosopher or theologian able to discuss nearly any side of any topic had has even expressed not only remorse towards those he has killed in action but having a sense of respect towards his fallen enemies and even those forces that command them. 

This strange distance between said emotional shifts is not atypical in his species but is exaggerated more so than most and the stoicism in debriefings is all but non existent in his species.  Most of his species show the hotheadedness in battle and the seeming sympathy for the enemy outside of it but rarely have any of his species shown such a degree of emotional detachment.  Miles has stated this emotional detachment is in fact his attempt to blend into what the Federation appears to idealize in an Officer by emulating his perception of Vulcan logic and stoicism.  Based on this fact it appears that Miles has a degree of knowledge of psychology which he used to create this third unique psychological viewpoint.

Miles however when asked about which of the three is his true personality he has responded that all three are his true self just as much as his three shifted forms are true physiological forms.  He was quoted in a psychological evaluation as saying.  "In a sense i have a form of multiple personality disorder but I would describe it as an, inside my mind, version of the Terran concept of the angel of ones conscience on one shoulder the devil of temptation on the other shoulder.  In my case I have three voices that guide me.  The Beastial instinct, the philosophic poet, and the stoic officer.  Unlike said Devil and Angel my 'voices' do not argue they each could be said to be deep seeded parts of my subconscious reasoning.  They never argue with each other, and they always understand each others reasoning.  If I were to say which one i most rely on the most to form my core self I would describe it as blend of the three a and if I were try to define my personality in as few words as possible it would call myself a Socratic Warrior Poet.'

He looked over at Rez with a smile and then changed the subject again, "Just curious, just how much of a compromise did you have to talk Illya down from?  I may have not known her for long but lets just say she dosen't strike me as the shy, innocent, peck on the cheek kind of girl." he said with a soft grin not asking for more, really just curious how badly he wanted to metaphorically slap that seductress upside the back of her head.

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[ Captain's Quarters ]

Having been so close to release already when Nicole cried out, with the sounds of ecstasy from her lover and the intense energy burning inside Jien like wildfire, made the Captain cross the threshold as well.

For Nicole had driven Jien wild with the most innate of human instincts - these honest and primal pleasures shared. She felt her spine light up when it began - a subtle tingling turning into a wonderful crescendo that coursed through her entire body. Wave after wave tore through her body, and she moaned hard towards the ceiling while it lasted. The most intimate of moments shared together, the sensations hitting their zenith. Never did she break away from the firm friction of feeling both Nicole's sex and finger against herself.

Her white-knuckled grip on the edge of the tub soon relaxed. Jien breathlessly leaned her head in, their lips brushing together slowly. Their breaths were released in-between the kisses, and the pace of the languorous moans slowly began to abate. Just like the heavy beat of their hearts. For she could feel Nicole's heartbeat next to her own as their chests were pressed together, Jien's arm around the engineer's waist. She wrapped her other arm around Nicole's neck and slipped her tongue into her mouth - kissing her with aftermath fervour where they sat in the warm water.

"Good morning," said Jien with a faint smile against Nicole's moist lips - breasts pushed together at the hight of the water surface, "thank you for waking me up."

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[Lin kae - Skye Carver's Quarters]

The relationship between him and Skye was a complicated one.  At times, he felt like she thought he was her little brother, someone to look out for and take care of when he needed help, while at other times, she'd purr out her answers to him, get so close that he could feel incestuous even without a blood relation.  He couldn't say he hadn't thought about it.  The two of them had sex one time before, but that was while they were still in swapped bodies.  As a man, he had no idea what it was like to be with Skye as a woman.  It was why, at her suggestion, he was tempted enough to accept her suggestion and used her replicator to create a second cortical monitor, which he hid in his own hair with more difficulty then she had with her long flowing locks.  With that, they would be ready to go.

"Okay, I'm gonna start off easy," he said, his fingertips touching against Skye's forehead, slowly trailing down her face, stimulating every receptor he could.  Over her eyes, her nose, her mouth, even touching her ears before trailing down her neck.  He swept down her arms and then back up along her sides and then moved down to her stomach, working up until his hands were on her clothed breasts.  He would have to do it all again when her clothes were off, to get a read on the difference between touching skin bare and clothed.  When he touched her breasts, however, things were different.  It stopped being an experiment then, Kae's eyes meeting Skye's, and he saw the heat building in them.  He moved in, lips against hers, giving plenty of data on kissing as he and carver locked lips, teased tongues and generally heated things up while Kae's hands worked down to get plenty of statistical data on Skye's buttocks while he fondled her rear end.

[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

"I wanted her to fuck ya -- Illya!"

It was strange to hear Edena cutting herself off like that, but the sudden shift in tone made it obvious what happened.  Miles' question had made Edena a bit embarrassed, and with her mind distracted, Illya jumped in and took control of the body to make it speak, something which forced Edena to immediately take the helm of her brain back from the woman.  Now, as embarrassed as Edena had been before, she was even worse now, her cheeks looking as though they might never be anything but a deep shade of pink again.  She couldn't make eye contact with Miles, not after those words had left her mouth towards, regardless of whether it had been in her control or not.  "S-Starfleet regulations have clear policies about that," Edena said, trying to use regulation like an armor to protect herself.  It might have worked under normal circumstances, but there was already an agreement that the rule she was citing was going to be relaxed due to the nature of their mission and the difficulties they had encountered.  Ship-based romance or sexual activity would be tolerated as long as it was consenting on both sides and did not interfere with duties.  .Edena couldn't use that to defend herself from the truth; she was simply scared of getting involved with anyone, especially when she was starting to question who she really was.  The Ishtar incident and the separation of herself from her former hosts had left Edena with an identity crisis.

If only it was as simple as being pulled in different directions by her former hosts.  She just felt like she was deconstructing herself with no clear idea of how to put herself back together.

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Hearing those words and that tone Miles simply facepalmed as he said, half under his breath and half aloud, "God dammit Illya.  As if I didn't figure those were your motives you didn't have to go out and make her say it."  The quiet tone of the voice he spoke in barely higher than a whisper but obviously loud enough Edena could have heard it, only amplified the way he had burried half of his face in his palm as his head shook in almost abject disappointment towards the way Illya had not only just behaved but ho w she had asked Edena to go so far out of her own comfort zone.

Miles sighed hearing Edena's defensive statement of regulations and the like. but miles shook his head. "Believe it or not there are no such regulations.  After making my recommendations before i decided to take the time to research what rules regarding officer officer relationships there were.  Surprisingly to me given the conservative nature of the Terran civilizations views on sexuality i found there are no regulations at all aside from concerning punishments for sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, and other acts that in a civilian setting would be crimes.  There of course are numerous rules on the performance of coupling ceremonies such as marriages and laws regarding children conceived and born on starships in states of in and outside of wedlock.  However, there are no actual regulations forbidding two consenting officers from engaging in sexual activity or becoming romantically attached."  He plainly stated before continuing his voice softening from one talking business and the like to a voice if anything trying to comfort and council her.

"There of course are rules forbidding using ones position of seniority over another officer or ones ability to access security or personal logs to coerce them into an act they would otherwise not do though this is covered under regulations forbidding blackmail and extortion and when said acts are to coerce sexual activity they would also be crimes covered under Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, etcetera.  There are of course also rules that forbid allowing such relationships to influence ones ability to make command decisions regarding said person but the same rules are the ones that would apply, for instance to a Captain, forbidding an officer from showing favoritism to another officer they consider a friend." 

He smiled softly as he walked over to the seat where she was and gently placed a hand on her shoulder as he sat down next to her. Then he gently wrapped his arms around her very softly he kissed her cheek just as she had kissed his earlier before letting go of the rather friendly hug. "I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds Commander." he said softly hoping his own rather forward action had not offended her.

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[Skye - In Quarters With Lin Kae]

Skye watched curiously as he went to her replicator and produced a second one, curbing the desire to say 'anything for science' since he was a more serious type of person and she had a feeling that would make him freeze up a little.  That was the last thing they needed since it was essential for this to be as natural and realistic as possible.

Her eyes regarded him as he turned back to her, grazing over his young body and letting the synapses be recorded.  He was attractive and his demeanor charming in a gentle and thoughtful way.  Starting off easy, yet it was amazing how a simple touch could feel so wonderful.  Her actions mirrored his, touching his face with extremely gentle fingers that glided tenderly along his warm skin.

She was always just a little bit behind him and her hands remained on his stomach for a bit as he moved up to her breasts, the heat definitely flaring and her hands took on more purpose as they rose to his chest and clutched at the fabric as their lips met.  It started soft and sweet but eventually turned into a searing interplay of both their desires.

One hand released his uniform jacket and then the sound of a zipper being slowly pulled down reached their ears.  Her hands touched him underneath, still over the t-shirt but upward until she pushed the material over his shoulders and down his arms so it fell to the floor.  With Kae she could be slow and sensual but she wondered if he might like it hard and fast.

Breaking the kiss, she looked into his eyes with a sultry smirk.  "I think we're going to have to explore many options, probably several sessions.  Hope these doodads can handle it all," she whispered and claimed his lips again.

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[Lin Kae - Skye Carver's Quarters]

He had been in Skye's body before, and he had gotten to know the woman who inhabited that form normally.  The combination of those two things left him with some knowledge about her that others didn't often have.  Skye was tough as nails, the kind of woman who was rough and tumble, and could handle any wild night thrown at her, but inside, she was still a lady, one who wanted to be treated as such.  She liked gentle love making, taking things slow and sensual, and from personal experience, he knew her body felt it strongly when time was taken.  He wanted to give her that, in some strange way as a thank you for her help.  Kae had never been the type to think of sex as some kind of reward, but he felt comfortable enough with Skye.  What they had wasn't a relationship, per say, but perhaps the very definition of friends with benefits.  Of all the failed attempts he had heard of over the years, he actually thought theirs could be a success.  They helped each other, gave the other what they didn't get from others.  Skye got the gentle love making she never got otherwise, and Kae was able to be with a woman who understood him in a strange way, had walked in his shoes and learned of his past.

Kae found her hips, the hem of her shirt bunching against his wrists as he started moving upward, pushing the material up until he finally removed it from her entirely, leaving Skye's upper body clad in only that unflattering standard issue Starfleet brassiere that she somehow managed to make look flattering anyway.  Again, he touched all over, this time bare flesh instead of against cloth, before letting his fingertips brash along her bra.  These was less material in the way this time, making his touch more pronounced, more present.  Once she was as aroused as she was going to get through the bra, he removed it, and touched again, this time against bare breasts entirely,  He caressed, rubbed, rotated, everything that could be done to Skye's plentiful endowments, before he focused all those techniques on just her nipples, the pleasure compressing like a laser upon a far more sensitive subject.

"You sure you can handle this kind of . . . extensive mapping?" he asked, grinning at her.  It was a sure sign of how comfortable he was with Carver.  He was even making jokes now.

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With Kae she didn't have to put on the tough girl airs but could simply be a woman who could embrace the softer side of intimacy.  There was genuine affection between them too, not the love of soul mates but that of two people who accepted each other for all their merits and flaws.  It was true intimacy, not just primal rutting.

Her own hands roamed over his arms and shoulders, up and down his back which eventually would remove him of his uniform jacket.  Moaning softly and shivering as the sports bra was tossed aside and he honed in on her nipples, Skye was glad they'd switched bodies for a bit as he knew right where to start building the heat.

Breaking the languid kiss, he actually made a joke and Skye found herself absolutely beaming.  "Oh I think I probably can," she replied as she unzipped his trousers very, very slowly.  "Probably have to retrace my steps several times since the trail is quite extensive," she added as her fingertips traced along his shaft through his underwear.

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Building the heat was an apt term to use, too, as he could already feel Skye's body warming, especially where her thighs met.  That, combined with her fingers grazing along his manhood, led to his manhood getting stiff in a hurry.  There was an unbelievable urge to just speed it along, but both for the cortical monitoring and for the sake of Skye, he kept his pace slower, contained.  That didn't mean he could add a little bit of heat though, as his head dipped down his lips worked her neck, her collarbone, before finally reaching her chest, acting much like his hands as they homed in on her nipples until he was kissing them, lips wrapping around them to suck and to let his tongue flick against them.  His fingers traced down her trim stomach, soon curving inward to press against her clothed womanhood, still protected by two layers of cloth in the form of underwear and pants, yet the heat felt so hot that he might burn.  It made him burn for her.

While the breast teasing continue, Kae's hand graduated to inside her pants, rubbing upon the underwear this time.  One less barrier, more feeling to be provided.  A few more minutes of that and he was beneath that too, his hand touching her bare lower lips, stimulating her both in a way that most men would skip in favor of more sensual things, as well as in a way that he had learned her body liked.  Skye's body was all about small things building to bigger ones.  She was like a warp core. It wasn't as simple as injecting a shot of deuterium and anti-deuterium to create an explosion of energy. It was a slow process, warming up with the slightest of alterations until the pressure, the heat, was maximized.  Only then did the next stage come.  "Just for the record . . . I do plan to satisfy you orally, Skye," he told her, assuring her that every step would be taken. Before that, however, a finger curled inward, no longer just rubbing outside but delving inside. Before oral was manual stimulation.  She was getting the full treatment with him.

Maybe she should volunteer for more hands-on exams like these.

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Nicole pulled Jien closer, enjoying the still-hard nipples of Jien where they touched her own and kissed Jine hard, passionately, not letting up until a minute had passed.  If she hadn't already known the answer, she would have been tempted to pursue things for another round of mutual pleasure, but Jien had made her position clear.  They each had work to do and spending the day in dalliance, while fun and immensely pleasurable, wouldn't happen right now.  Still, it was with great reluctance she pulled away and, with a final tease of her tongue on Jien's lips, she smiled, "Good morning, yourself.  It was... everything I could ask for in a wakeup call."

She lay there with Jien pressed against her and wanted nothing more than to simply remain.  The warm water, the heat of Jien's body, the afterglow of coitus, all of it made her relax and sigh, "I'm sorry for everything, but most of all f'r not being able to be with ya.  I forget, sometimes, that not everything has to make sense to me."

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[Edena rez - XO Ready Room]

Of course Miles knew the regulations well, could cite them in a manner that defeated her.  The truth was that she was just scared and confused, and since she had the memories of Illya and Kiya for the first time, even if it was only the memories coming from the Ishtar incident, she worried what she felt wasn't herself.  Edena wasn't a virgin, but she was hardly a sexual person like Illya was.  Edena could count on one hand the number of sexual partners she had, which included the outbreak incident, when Bill Regal had forced himself upon her.  Illya had her sexual interest in Miles, as well as the blue skinned Andorian woman who worked in security.  Kiya, after years of monogamous love for her long dead husband, had experienced sex with Jien during the Ishtar incident and now she two had things awakened in her.  It only left Edena feeling like a child, like she hadn't reached an age where she would properly know what she was feeling.  With all of that, she had Miles here, a man who made his interest in her known.  She felt like a coward to not properly respond to him, a fool to deny herself a perfectly normal, even beautiful thing in laying with another.

"You haven't overstepped your bounds.  I just . . . I feel like someone is setting off Omega Molecules inside me right now.  I can't make sense of myself.  Your crisis of faith, it left you feeling lost for a time, didn't it?  I'm afraid I feel the same way, but not about religion.  Trill are more of a scientific mind then a theological one.  There's 300 years of knowledge and 3 people living inside me right now, and it suddenly makes me feel like a child.  I thought I had a handle on it, but after what Jona was doing while he had his body back, it just feels like I knew nothing at all.  I realize now that, as I am, they can keep secrets from me.  I'm just a kid who can't be trusted with their secrets, and I let myself be defined by my previous hosts.  Now . . . I'm not sure who I am.  It's like being stranded in a territory I don't know, trying to find myself to familiar ground."

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[Miles Renard - XO Ready Room]
Miles smiled hearing her omega molecules reference. "I'll pretend like I don't know what those are."  He said referencing the fact that Only Ship captains are supposed to even know of their existence.  He figured she knew of them thanks to her former host in SI still Miles himself shouldn't even have known of their existence.  Maybe the fox like creature lived up to a bit of the cunning inherent in those particular canids.

Miles smiled softly and put his arms around Edena again gently holding her in a soft embrace trying to comfort her.  "Don't worry We all feel like children at times.  Its just you happen to be an adult with three elders within you that may or may not treat you like a adolescent.  You should try and find out who and what you are as a person.  I don't know much about trill symbiosis but it seems you have several voices within you much like myself."  he said softly as he gently ran a hand over her back as he held her trying his best to just comfort her  Right now he wasn't looking at her as his superior but as a member of the crew he valued and above all he saw her as a friend he would do anything to make feel better. "Don't worry, That was his body at the time not yours.  He has his secrets. He was SI; his life was all about secrets.  Obviously he would keep a few of them when within you.  If you were SI would you blow the lid off of SI to the First Officer of some random Starship?"

He softly released the hug and looked into her eyes hoping the change the subject the hormones within him looking at the young woman in front of him as his mind fantasized about what beauty was being hidden by her uniform. "Just so you know I am free until our Senior staff meeting this evening, and I would prefer to spend the time getting to my Commander in a role aside from just officer and superior.  That is if she wouldn't mind the company."

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[ Captain's Quarters | Deck 05 ]

Jien's body started to climb back down from the point of climax as they exchanged words, her muscles relaxing, a sensation of heat pulsing through her body even though she was in a hot bath. Although a significant quantity of the bath water now lay in an art deco pattern expanding from the tub.

"At least we make sense to each other in this way," said Jien in answer after their lips parted, a small rueful smile touching her lips, "and I am sorry for making such a big deal of it."

It seemed to last for minutes while touches and kisses made them linger a while more. An otherworldliness to Jien's senses as the orgasm gradually dissipated from her limbs. It was as though there had been nothing but the climax after it had hit her and they spoke, and then - as it subsided - the rest of the world came back into focus. Yet just for those few seconds in intimate embrace with Nicole, the world has ceased to exist - only their pleasure had existed and it had felt so very good.

"We both have duties, I am afraid, and a Senior Staff meeting to attend to this evening. Yet some day I will have to come visit you instead, now what you have come here twice." With a sigh and a small smile, Jien climbed up from the tub - extending a hand to help Nicole get out as well if she wanted her to. She provided her a towel and took one for herself, drying herself off while standing in front of her lover - drinking in the sight of the engineer as only a Chameloid might. Since her hair took such long time to dry, Jien changed... to his male form, remaining naked as he dried his much shorter hair.

"Either way, I am glad you decided to come here," he rasped in his male voice.

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Skye was finding her own patience tested and usually by now both would have been completely nude and writing on the bed but like him, she kept it in mind that this was something being recorded and would help Thea and maybe others like her in the future.  A gentle sigh was exhaled as his lips brushed along her neck and chest then finally reached her breasts.

Even as he did that, she buried her hands in his hair and took the time to focus on the texture and how good it felt slipping through her fingers.  Hair came in all textures and his was soft with a slight wave though it was shorter.  Her fingertips grazed along his scalp and then down to his neck and shoulders, taking in the curves and smoothness of the skin.

Getting off the undershirt, making him pause just a moment in the attention he was giving her breasts, she grazed along his sides to feel the ribs and down to the points of his hips before drawing in toward his navel.  Teasing along his treasure trail for a moment she started upward again and skimmed over his nipples, making tiny circles around the areola to stimulate the skin change.

Never before had she so thoroughly touched a man and truly thought about what she was doing and she rather liked this slowing down to note even more what her partner might like.  Then he was teasing her through her pants, slipping inside them to stroke her lower lips through her panties, and finally inside them which brought out a deeply primal and lustful groan.

"Just for the record ... I do plan to satisfy you orally ..."  Her lips parted and jaw dropped slightly at his boldness, the delving of his fingers inside of her totally catching her off guard.  Her eyes met his and blazed with desire.  He'd always been sort of shy but taking that step and showing the confidence she knew he had inside of him made her yearn for more of him.

With one hand she drew his face up to hers and nipped then sucked on his lower lip, a wicked little glint sparking in her eyes.  "And what else do you plan to do to me ... for the record?" she purred with her lips hovering over his as she slipped her hand inside his own trousers to slowly wrap her fingers around his hardened shaft.  Though he might say this was all for science, it was clear he was truly maturing into a wonderful lover.

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[Lin Kae - Skye Carver's Quarters]

"I pretty much plan to do everything to you that I can and that you are comfortable with."  Maybe it was for the sake of getting the best possible scans, but he would have been lying if he didn't admit there was an appeal to it as well, of knowing Skye's body better then he had ever known anyone elses.  When she reached into his pants and started stroking, he stopped his own actions long enough to make the suggestion that they just get the clothes out of the way entirely.  He pulled down her pants first, and then her underwear, taking his time with each, so that Skye could feel the material slid along her legs.  It was just another way of making things tender.  How many would have just ripped them off, or at least pulled down with haste?  When she was naked, he let her do the same to him, before they laid back on her bed and continued where they left off.  Kae was teasing her clitoris and fingering her wet folds while Skye was stroking and fondling him, both going until they had both gotten a climax out of it.  With that done, Kae would move on to the next phase.

"I want to do this a few different ways, just so that any differences are recorded," he told her starting by getting between her legs to begin cunnilingus.  He had some practice in the act from holographic lovers, but Skye was an entirely new experience.  She had a scent, a taste, things that didn't exist in a hologram, and it only made the whole act just a bit more arousing.  His tongue slid along her lower lips, touching her with every bit of it, from the tip to the sides to the flat of his tongue against her labia, her clit and her insides.  When she was worked up, he called for a position change, having her get on all fours on the edge of the bed, while he knelt on the floor and continued to lick her womanhood from behind.  It was sort of like everything she felt before but upside down.  Finally, he laid on his back on the bed, and asked Skye to straddle his face, so that he could bring her to a full climax with the final position.

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[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

Edena realized almost too late her mistake of mentioning Omega Molecules.  While not a captain, her former status as a member of Starfleet Intelligence afforded her knowledge on them, and she had forgotten herself when talking to Miles.  Thankfully, he was willing to pretend he never heard that, leaving her to once again consider that she owed him.  He had already listened to her own troubles, and now he was choosing to ignore a secret she accidentally spilled in her emotionally confused state.

When Edena looked at Miles again, it was clear that she was no longer in the driver seat again.  The face might have been different, but there was no mistaking that sultry gaze, even using Edena's face.  It was Illya in charge again.  "I'm afraid the poor girl is lost in her own head again.  Sort of a downfall to sharing space with three other personalities; it makes a large amount of room to wander in."  Illya changed Edena's posture dramatically, hips and breasts becoming more pronounced simply by the way she stood.  Edena wasn't quite as busty as Illya had been, but she didn't have anything to scoff at either.  For most guys, there wasn't all that much difference in a C and a D cup.  Both were a lovely hand full.

"I think you have the poor girl confused a bit, Renard.  Most of the men she had known in the past who were this attentive to her were ex-boyfriends.  She doesn't handle sexual situations well, sadly.  You should have seen what happened when she had to share a shower with Deputy Ida."  Illya grinned, pleased to have planted the image in Miles head.  Though, it had just been a verbal confrontation where Edena's shower had been interrupted, Illya's creative license made it sound like the Commander had some intimate liaison with the attractive, blue skinned Andorian woman.  In truth, it was Illya who had been left feeling blue balled by that run-in, Edena fainting at the sight of a phaser pressed to her, while Illya's flirting did nothing to break that armor presented by Ida.

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He nodded, "I guess I must have put her in an awkward position by revealing that both she and I know something neither of us are authorized to know about.  At least in her case she has an excuse as she shares the body with the mind of  figure of SI's ranks.  I'm really the one who tipped my hand the most there.  I mean how would some Alien who's race wasn't even warp capable until the last 10 years and not even in the Federation longer than five years know about one of Starfleet's darkest and most well kept secrets.  I'm a bit surprised someone as strict about rules and procedure didn't react by beginning an impromptu interrogation."

 He softly laughed as he took The young trill's hands "As for that attraction to her may I remind you why.  It's rare to meet someone so beautiful while at the same time so Innocent at heart.  I guess that semi innocence is why I resist my urges to dive back into your arms after our wonderful encounter at Ishtar's hands.  As much as my desire is to fully explore her body and my urges to find out just what that mind of yours is capable of in control of it.  I also feel it would be a betrayal of a certain kind of trust as her friend to take advantage of her body when under the control of someone who is so much more willing to explore those boundaries like yourself.   I guess its strange how I think in that way.  Still I just feel as it is her body she is the one who must give the consent before I would even consider going any further, even if it is you at the helm."

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Standing there, hearing the Squadron Commanding Officer seeking the consent from another - whom had chosen to withdraw - Illya was at odds and end with how she might proceed. For evidently... Miles Renard was not so much interested in her anymore as he was in Edena. It was not like she was actually hurt by it, for she understood in a way that he would seek Edena's approval. Yet the thing was...

"Well, she is not here anymore, and she left for a reason, Renard. Reason being she would not speak with you further, so... it would seem that you have reached an impasse that neither of the five people in this room can solve," said Illya and shrugged with a smile, turning away to take a seat behind Edena's desk. Once seated, she set her feet on the XO's desk and folded her arms. "Because the only one who can... does not seem to want to. If you want ease of mind, you might want to try another day."

Shrugging again, Illya smiled with eyebrows raised - confident in posture where she sat. "I make fun of Edena sometimes... but I am not going to speak for her when she does not want to speak. I do think, however, that you have made some kind impression since she did leave."

The pause was the period of the meeting. "Good luck with your new squadron, Miles. Given the mission... I'd bet you'll need it."

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[Skye Carver - Skye's Quarter's]

A rich chuckle bubbled from deep in Skye's chest when Kae said he planned to do a much as she wa comfortable with, the sound not condescending but encouraging.  "I think you'll find I'm comfortable with quite a few things," she purred and enjoyed watching his expression change when she grasped his member and started stroking.  Unfeigned pleasure from one of the most innocent seeming men she2'd ever known only served to make her want him more.

All too soon they were both clad in only what they were born and Skye watched him as he started to dip down between her legs, that mixture of desire and determination bringing a smile to her face as much as anything.  He was certainly quite attentive and her croons and moans assured him she was definitely enjoying his attention to detail.  When he asked for position changes she accommodated him quickly and enthusiastically, wriggling her bottom at him with a playful grin.

Finally she was straddling him and he hit a stride that brought her climax rushing hot and hard, her juices coating his tongue and chin as she leaned forward and grasped his hard cock.  "You hide that wickedness so well," she groaned and without further warning latched on to him, lips and tongue returning the favor with interest in what would end up several hours of quite wondrous research.

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