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Re: Day 18 [1945 hours] A Single for Couple's Night

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

In Hirek’s experience, a sense of satisfaction could be derived from many things. Creating a new blend of ale or tea that created the desired effect and became popular among his clients. Discovering the connection between two variables necessary to bridge the biology and the machinery in a vital experiment. Noting a new behavior in a known species of creature that proves helpful in various departments beyond that of zoology. And bringing a sexual partner to such a complete climax that their body seemingly melts into the mattress, and for a few moments, minutes if they’re lucky, all is at peace in the universe, and they are centered enough to feel at peace with themselves as well.

By the time Reika had enough energy and strength of mind to raise her head to check on him post-orgasm, Hirek had already sat up to a kneeling position, his hands idly stroking up and down her calves in a soothing fashion. Though his robe was still loosely tied around his waist, there was no mistaking the erection he bore beneath the robe. His smile was lazy as he gave her a nod just before scooting from the bed and moving back around to take hold of the glass of water and press it into her hand. He carefully sat on the bed next to her prone body, reaching up to remove the cloth from her face, folding it neatly, and setting it back on the platter with the now-empty ice bowl. Hirek already knew he would make no demands of her, as he had no expectations, but neither would he refuse if she initiated further intimacy.

His voice was soft when he spoke, “How do you feel now, Reika?” Do you need anything else from me?” He couldn’t help the slight teasing tone in the second question but kept his face devoid of any facial cue that could be misunderstood as judgmental.

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika’s breathing began to even out as Hirek gently stroked her calves.  At that moment all that went through her mind was while she still felt warm, how much better she felt.  The majority of the heat that she had experienced had been excised from her body during Hirek’s care for her, but as she watched him stand from his position, his own need was obvious.  Reika inhaled through her nose and slowly blew it out through her mouth. 

The internal struggle began.  He’s done me a service.  I’d be an ass not to help him with him discomfort.  But he’s caused my discomfort.  And alleviated it as well.  And I did invite him back to my quarters.  What did I anticipate would happen once we got here?  A pleasant evening discussion of our civilizational histories?  Help him relieve his discomfort, Reika. 

The conversation with herself didn’t take long - less than the time it took Hirek to move from the foot of her bed to where he handed her the glass of water.  Reika rolled onto her side, took the cup, and drank greedily.  Her mouth being left dry from the heat caused by the tea.  After draining the cup she slowly lifted her body up into a sitting position, her chest leading the way.  When she reached about a forty-five degree angle, she settled her hands underneath her to support her upper body while she tilted her chin toward the Romulan. 

It seems that you relieving my condition has caused you one of your own,” she said, running her hand up his leg, parting his robe, and brushing her fingers across the sensitive skin of his inner thigh.  “Would you like my help easing your own issues that apparently I have caused.
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Re: Day 18 [1945 hours] A Single for Couple's Night

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

It was a shame that he was not as gifted in the arts as Reika for she proved quite a sight, lying on her side, sipping from the cup he’d handed her. Her body was flushed a deeper azure as she recovered from the heights of yearning he’d driven her to—with much help from the tea that he’d not expected to divert her quite this far into the realms of desire. While he would be sure to add notes of warning next to the listing in the database in case others on the ship wanted to try the blend, Hirek did not regret this encounter. It remained to be seen whether Reika would regret it, yet likely, given how she continued to stare at him, it did not yet dictate her actions. Her question, which sounded more rhetorical than interrogative, had a single eyebrow rising. Then she touched his leg, hand moving up as she sat up, and Hirek couldn’t deny the pleasure her touch brought him and granted her an honest response.

“I get pleasure from giving pleasure, Reika. Seeing and hearing your responses, tasting you, touching you, were all satisfying.” He paused as the cooler air of the room wrapped around his exposed flesh, and his robe parted further under her attention. “Do not feel an obligation to satiate me, Reika, for there is no obligation.” Pulling her hand gently away from his leg, Hirek crouched and pressed a kiss to her palm. “But if you gain pleasure in giving me pleasure, then I will not deny you what pleasure you seek.” He kissed the back of her hand before standing again, bringing his waist to her eye level. Hirek kept silent and still as he waited for her response.

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika’s head tilted up to look him in the eyes.  She found it telling that when she lowered her gaze, right at eye level, Hirek’s robe protruded the most, and in answer to his question, blue hands reached out and untied the belt that fastened the two sides of the robe together, letting it naturally part and fall open.  Reika, for a second time that night, was treated to the sight of Hirek’s erection.  His protruding penis was now only centimeters from Reika’s waiting lips. 

And despite her earlier internal dialogue, she could easily find pleasure in bringing him pleasure.   She pursed her lips into a small ‘o’ shape and blew softly a gust of air onto the tip of his stiffened glans.  The backs of her fingertips trailed lightly up and back down the outside of his legs. 

And now,” she breathed out, her eyes momentarily lighting on his own as her fingers once again brushed up his thighs.  “I will take great pleasure in bringing you pleasure.”  Once her fingers reached his hips, they slipped behind the Romulan and firmly grasped his buttocks, squeezing each cheek and in minuscule degrees at a time pulling him closer.  She opened her lips and guided his penis slowly into her waiting mouth.

The Andorian slowed to a stop as her lips swallowed up just the head and focused her attention on just that sensitive spot with licks, kisses, and feathered touches with her tongue.  She wanted to take her time with him, tasting him while taking care to only inch him further toward climax.

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Re: Day 18 [1945 hours] A Single for Couple's Night

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

Hirek's breath caught in his lungs with a sharp inhale at the sensual and cold touch of the Andorian. Their body temperatures were just different enough to send a chill from the head of his cock up through his spine. His body shuddered from the icy pleasure this blue Vixen was giving him as he balls drew up in response to the cooler touch from Reika and the build-up of pleasure. The pulse in his erection was growing almost painful, the cool touch of her tongue soothing to hot blood that pumped through his cock in anticipation of the much-needed release. The sight of her on her knees, blue hands holding his hips, blue lips pursed over his reddened member, had his breath catching on a moan. Her tongue on the head of his cock, over the sensitive area just under the tip, almost tickling as much as it was tantalizing, elicited another guttural moan. The pressure from her sucking brought more blood to his groin, his balls clenching in anticipation, his cock swelling. It took every bit of self-control to keep his touch gentle when he reached down and laid a hand on her head, resting the weight of it there, not quite gripping.

Hirek spoke, his voice strained. "You have to decide," he said, his fingers briefly entangling in her hair before remembering to be gentle. He growled, "I'm almost there."

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika was surprised about how close to the brink that the Romulan had been.  Even with just her little attentions she could tell that his body was responding rapidly.  And when his words, “You have to decide.  I’m almost there.”

There was no decision to be made.  Instead of withdrawing her lips, wordlessly she slip them up the shaft of his cock, taking him fully in her mouth with a purr that caused something akin to a vibrating sensation. Her lips moved forward and back in little strokes, never moving far, but persisting in the motion in order to continue to edge him nearer to the precipice.  And the suction that she exerted in the midst of the miniscule movements was meant to amplify his pleasure.

Her hands left Hirek’s sides.  One moved to fondle his balls rolling them in the palm of her hand, while with the other, she pressed the padd of her thumb behind his scrotum and massaged.  She cast her eyes up to watch his face as he closed in on the climax that she wanted to bring him to.  She needed to satisfy him fully.  The breath through her nose tickled the dampness that her lips left behind during her ministrations.
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Re: Day 18 [1945 hours] A Single for Couple's Night

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

Hirek worked his fingers into Reika's hair, mindful of her antenna. Feeling his cock throb, he lightly encouraged her head to move up and down his shaft with the timing of his pulse that pounded through his member. Though cooled by her skilled tongue and lovely mouth, his boiling blood drove him closer to climax at an alarming rate. As she picked up pace, her deft fingers reaching down to cup his testicles and eliciting a delicious pressure on the taint between his ballsack and his ass, Hirek felt himself reach that point of no return. He clamped down the muscles at the base of his cock to try and stave off his impending orgasm. But it was no use. She’d been so lovely in her earlier responses that just watching and listening to her and watching her body come undone because of his touch had brought him this far. And it had been quite some time since he’d engaged in such delicious activities, his cock swallowed in the warm, wet mouth of a charming partner. So the rational part of Hirek’s mind, still marginally firing, was unsurprised at how quickly his climax built. The irrational side, well, that prompted his hand on her head to grip harder as his body tensed with a desperate need.

Her continued humming was the weight that pushed the scales out of balance, and Hirek let go of—nearly—all restraint. Framing her face with his hands, his mouth open on hot pants, Hirek caught her gaze with his own, as he began to rock his hips forward. Building up speed, he went deeper and deeper down her eager throat as he looked into her eyes. Whenever his partner was a non-Vulcanoid, there was always a semblance of restraint still in place, with Hirek very well aware of the differences in strength between himself and most other non-Vulcanoid species. Even now, desperate to release everything and roar out his climax, Hirek remained vigilant in Reika’s bodily responses, quickly adjusting the depth and speed as her body responded to his movements. But then, Hirek felt himself reach a point where he could hold back the tide and lost all rhythm. His balls tightened, and his cock spasmed as spurt after spurt traveled down his engorged manhood. He held her all the way down to the hilt on his shaft as he emptied himself completely into her, his torso curving inward until, with a grunted sigh, the spasms ended and his muscles released their tension.

A breath’s moment passed before Hirek pulled his length from the heated dampness between her lips as he reached for the empty glass and the discarded rag. Experienced as he was, Hirek knew that not every partner enjoyed the taste and texture of cum. Though she’d deliberately kept him between her lips until he’d emptied himself completely, Hirek wasn’t about to presume her eagerness to swallow. Holding out both items for Reika to take if she desired, Hirek’s smile was languid and easy. He cared not that the robe hung half on one shoulder and half off the other, still shamelessly parted in the front, his cock hanging long and flaccid between his legs, glistening still from her saliva.

“That was, indeed, a pleasure.”

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz

It had been a long time since anyone - Balek really - had held onto Reika’s hair in that fashion.  A fashion that said, more and more and more.  The way he grasped her hair, egged her on and she continued, driven on by his need, swallowing up his body, while still working with her hands.  His grip on her hair tightened.  And if Balek’s response had been any indication, she knew it wouldn’t be long.

He controlled the pace now.  She looked up at him to see his head tipped back and his mouth opened.  He was panting just this side of ecstasy.  Her hands on his hips, she worked in time with his thrusts.  Each one further and further into her mouth.  She took more and more of him.  Faster and faster her eyes encouraging him to let go - to stop holding back - to give in and succomb to the pleasure of the waiting moisture in her mouth. 

As one hand continued to roll his balls, she felt them pull slightly back up before her mouth was filled with warm cum. His strong hands holding her in place while his dick was through her mouth and down part of her throat. She could feel his cock pulse over and over with every spurt of cum.  And with one last thrust, what was seconds before full was now empty.  As he pulled out of her mouth, she sucked his entire length, taking the last little dribble at the end of his cock with her tongue.

Reika stood from her knees, and standing provocatively close, she took the offered glass of water and took a sip to chase down the cum she swallowed and clear her mouth further.  She set the glass back on the bedside table and took the towel and wiped the sweat that their encounter had left on her face.

“That was indeed a pleasure,” she heard him say.

A chesire grin wound it’s way across her face.  She took the towel in her right hand, moving it over his left shoulder and with her left hand over his right shoulder, she grabbed the other hand so that the towel encircled the back of his neck.  Still holding onto each end, she drew it back and forth over his neck.  “I know you’re sated physically, but what else do you need or want, Hirek?” Reika asked.  “Are you like me and companionship is a rather aloof bedfellow?  No expectations, no commitments.  How long has it been since you’ve actually shared a bed with someone, Hirek?”
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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

Her question so innocently and casually asked, touched on a nerve Hirek typically kept deeply buried. Perhaps because his mind and body were still in the vulnerable afterglow of his climax, and his blood flow was still not quite regulated. Hirek touched her cheek affectionately while hiding his surprise behind a smile. He’d made the mistake of genuinely loving and seeking love before, reaching out with physical and emotional affection to the one person who should have been a guaranteed reciprocator. Only Llaiir had ridiculed his soft nature, brutalized his heart, and weaponized physical affection against him. While he seriously doubted Reika had even one cell in common with his late wife, Hirek was uninterested in exposing himself in that way again.

“That is kind of you to ask, Reika.” Hirek’s tone was genuine, reaching out with his other hand to smooth down some of her more wild wisps of hair, “An aloof companion is a safe companion in my experience. For those very reasons, no expectations or commitments.” He dropped both hands, smile and voice tinged with sardonic humor. “And to answer your question, I have not slept in a bed with someone at my side in…” he tipped his head to the side, doing the math, “decades.” Hirek smirked, “In my experience, those who wished to enjoy themselves with my body were uninterested in sharing the emotional intimacy of their bed. But before you feel the temptation to extend sympathy or pity, understand that Romulans are also not the most trusting of individuals. We can share physical intimacy and yet still conspire against one another.” He cleared his throat, willing to offer a smidgen of personal truth here, “I have lived through such things. And,” his voice tipped upward, “this is also why Romulans have so many names. There are names our family may know and use that no one else does, and even names that only we know and no one else knows except maybe, if we are truly lucky, we do find someone who is completely trustworthy and a kindred to our souls, then they may know that secret name as well.”

Hirek bowed under the towel and then nodded toward the bathroom, “I am happy to bathe you and, if you like, be bathed in return. If, after that, you wish to listen to music or talk awhile, I would be pleased to share that time with you as well. But I do not think I should sleep here with you.” He laid a hand on his chest and formally bowed his head, hoping she understood the sentiments were genuine, even if he wasn’t offering greater depth for why.

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[b][Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| [/b]attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika noticed something flash across Hirek’s eyes, though she couldn’t discern what the flash was all about, but something in what she said had pierced his steely exterior as his touch to her cheek seemed heartfelt - even perhaps affectionate.

“An aloof companion is a safe companion.”

She stood there with her hands on the ends of the towel that she had draped around his neck and pondered for a short piece.  Was that why Barek had simply bid her goodbye?  Because it was safer to be aloof?  It was safer not to be attached or have emotions entangled?  Not that Reika had thoughts of being entangled with Hirek at all, but at least he had the decency to be up front with the fact that he chose to be alone.  But his next answer surprised her.


Sex was a necessary part of her life, but it wasn’t everything in her life.  She longed to be cared for and held.  She needed someone at her side, and she especially hated sleeping alone.  She had tried that on the Theurgy after coming aboard.  It sucked, but she had been afraid of letting anyone else in and getting hurt.  But nearly dying changed something fundamental in a person - who they were in the depths of their being.  And while that person wouldn’t be Hirek, something in her needed that closeness. 

But while she was keeping her eyes open for whomever that person with whom she would share that closeness would be, she would take pleasure in Hirek’s company - for the next hour or two anyway. 

Like everyone else in Starfleet, Reika was familiar enough with Romans as a species, but Hirek was the first that she had known in any form or way.  To get a glimpse into how a Romulan pictured themselves was enlightening.  But more than that, the Andorian got a sliver of a glimpse into what made the Romulan before her into who he was today when he explained that he had lived through sharing intimacy and yet conspiring against another.  Reika’s eyes narrowed a little as she contemplated if he was the one who was conspired against or if he had done the conspiring.

While Hirek refused her offer of sharing a bed, he did offer instead to share a shower with her instead. “A generous offer,” the Andorian said as she released the ends of the towel hanging around his neck.  “To be bathed and to return the favor sounds rather lovely.  After a relaxing shower, we can see how awake we feel and if we continue our discourse.”  She stepped toward the bathroom.  “I’ll be happy to get the water going.  I’m betting you prefer it warmer than I do, so it my take a moment longer to get it heated up enough,” she said as she passed the threshold of the smaller room off of her bedroom.  Moments later, water could be heard running, as Reika grabbed two towels, laying them across the sink and setting two washcloths on a shelf inside the shower as she waited for the water to heat and for her companion of the evening to join her.
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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

Reika displayed greater wisdom than many of her similarly aged peers might in similar circumstances. Instead of pouting, creating an unnecessary fuss, demanding further explanations, or even throwing him out in a flurry of self-pity and misdirected angst, the Andorian woman met his stipulations with charming poise. Pushing the robe off his shoulders, Hirek folded it before placing it at the end of the rumpled bed. As he studied the evidence of their earlier intimacy, Hirek smiled. Determined to repay her patience in at least a small gesture, Hirek tidied up the room, taking the used items to the recycler before returning to the bed to pull down the covers to make it easier for Reika when she was ready to sleep.

“What do you do in your quarters alone to relax?” Hirek asked Reika as he rounded the corner to stand just behind her, watching steam build in the shower stall. “And I don’t mean in a self-pleasuring way.” He winked, waiting for her to precede him into the shower stall before he continued, “If you listen to music, you could share some of your favorites with me. The Uluma Islands have a long history of music, mostly acoustic, due to the seafaring vocation for most of the original inhabitants. But we have incorporated several different instruments into the culture over the centuries.” Picking up one of the cloths Reika had placed inside the stall, Hirek held it up to the water, “I believe the saying is ‘ladies first.’” With the cloth wet and soap dispensed on it, Hirek worked up a lather but still refrained from running it over her body until she signaled him to do so.

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika was standing in front of the mirror unbraiding her hair.  With the intricacy of the plaiting, and the myriad of different bands holding different parts of her hair in patterns, it took a while for her to extricate all of the small elastics.  Once they were all out, she ran her fingers up her scalp from her hairline in back trying to free any tangles that she had caused by taking out her accessories.  Only after she could run her fingers through unimpeded, she tipped her head back and shook her long white locks free of her shoulders.  Without anything holding parts of her hair up, it fell to just above the dimple at the top of her backside.  After which, the Andorian looked over her shoulder as she heard the question come from just behind her.  She laughed good-naturedly at Hirek’s smirk  “Sometimes I’ll sketch - which is very different than painting by the way.   Other times I’ll play a game of Vulcan chess with Thea, but I do love music.”  Reika opened the door to the shower and slipped her hand under the water to see how warm it was. 

Giving a nod she stepped inside under the water jets of steaming water, though she turned to face Hirek.  The streams of waterdrops cascaded down her body from various angles, tumbling down her skin in rivulets over her shoulders and down between her breasts, down her flat blue stomach, and further.  The other part of the water fell over the backs of her shoulders winding its way down her elongated back finding the path of least resistance while yet making into nooks and crannies as it continued down its run to the floor of the shower.

Tilting her head back, the water began to saturate the white locks. From this vantage point, she quite literally looked down her nose at Hirek.  She reached out and laid a gentle fingertip on his cheek.  “I’d be happy to share some of my favorites with you.”  She thought about it for a moment before she looked up at the ceiling and said with amusement in her voice, “Computer play Tomorrow’s Dawn by Ice Chips.”

The computer started playing music filled with instruments like a soul-stirring deep woodwind, some soft stringed instruments, every now again again you’d hear something from the brass family.  There was some syncopation to it.  Reika’s head began to nod and her shoulders swayed in time with the music.  “What do you think, Hirek?  Is it your type of music or no?”

But without waiting for his answer, she lowered her chin watching the Romulan.  Then reached up and adjusted the shower head so that he also received some of the heated spray of water.  She lifted his hand with the cloth and set it on her clavicle.  “Whenever you’re ready,” she said touching the tip of his chin, as if holding his face still, studying him and the way the water clung to his beard or carelessly ran down his facial ridges. 

Whether it was just being more focused after her climax or it was the music, she noticed some aspects of Hirek's features that she hadn't caught before.  While his abilities or his physical prowess never betrayed his age, at this close distance, Reika noticed some of the careworn look around his eyes and wondered if it was at all related to his earlier statement about having betrayed or having been betrayed.  There were similar creases around his lips when he talked and when he raised his eyebrows at all, there were similar furrows above his brow. 

As he bathed her, the Andorian reached out and ran a finger across some of the lines that she found, as if she were trying to gently caress the cares away while still being very much attuned to his touch on her body as well.  And as she thought it over, she decided that he had been the one betrayed.  Something in his look said that - while he was perfectly capable of it - whatever he was referring to wasn’t something of his own making, and her eyes took on a plaintive look.  “I’m sorry,” she said softly - almost a whisper - and she wasn’t at all sure it could be heard above the sound of the water hitting naked bodies.
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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

The music was to Hirek’s liking, and he gave Reika a genuine lopsided smile of approval. “Is this a group from Andoria?” The band's name was a clue, but there were other ice planets in the Federation, and it was far more interconnected than Romulus was with its colonies. “I like it,” he answered her question as he smoothed the cloth over her shoulders and up and around her neck, adjusting his grip to wriggle a single digit behind each ear before adjusting again and using his other hand to hold up one arm at a time, drawing the sudsy cloth over her azure skin. “I appreciate all types of music. Even if it is not something I would play in the background of my lab while I’m working, I think there is something to appreciate in all musical varieties. Music, like art, reflects a person’s soul, even their culture. Experiencing different art forms is important for understanding a culture or person." He finished one arm, playfully tapped the end of her nose, and then worked on the other arm. "I doubt there are many if any Romulan songs in your database, but I would be happy to sing a few for you later if you like.”

The music continued to fill the silent spaces in their conversation. Hirek stood back up from cleaning the front of her thighs, eliciting a few chuckles from the Andorian when he scrubbed around each blue toe. A contemplative look settled on Reika’s features, and Hirek paused. He knew better than to interrupt a woman when she was deciding on something internally, especially when it could or would directly impact him externally. Hirek was sure she was deciding something about him as she touched the sensitive skin near his eyes and mouth. Her words, though confusing, were softly spoken and with a depth of earnestness that, though Hirek wasn’t certain for what she was apologizing, he was clear about her sincerity and gave her responding nod of acknowledgment in return.

“I doubt you’re apologizing for my age lines,” he tickled his fingers up her ribs before leaning forward and kissing her forehead quickly, “and I’m not a mind reader. I’m curious,” Hirek used his hands on her shoulders to turn the Andorian to face away from him so he could wash her back as thoroughly as he’d washed her front, “What was the motivation or intent in the comment?”

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[Lt Reika Sh’laan]  Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn @Ellen Fitz itz

Reika closed her eyes and lifted her chin to allow the water to slide down the back of her head instead of over her face as Hirek worked the suds into her azure skin.  But upon hearing his question, she cracked an eye open and her lips turned faintly upwards.  “Yes.  This is a group from Andoria.” she said as he lifted an arm.  “This particular song is the title track from my favorite Ice Chips album.  My Charan is one of the group.  But music on Andoria - as is the case in many of the Federation worlds - is very eclectic.  Ice Chips is part of a more melancholy-sounding genre, but we have from earsplitting music to upbeat music often played in clubs to … I don’t even know how to describe it - it just feels ambivalent - happy one minute, whining the next.  It’s strange, but I must admit, it’s hard for me not to move in time with the music even as you wash me.”

“And I would love it if you did share some Romulan music with me,” she said as she looked down her body to watch him as he meticulously cleaned her, even between her toes which tickled.  “Somehow I’m guessing you would have an enticing baritone voice, and I would enjoy listening to it.”

At his inquisitiveness over her statement, her face took on a drawn look even though her mouth had a soft smile.  Something in her could identify - at least in a small way - with Hirek and his desire to be alone.  But he deserved an explanation for her words.  “In each of your interactions I’ve observed tonight including your exhibition in front of a large crown that would have many people wishing the ground to swallow them up, you’ve exuded nothing but strength and confidence.  But seeing you this close,” she took a tiny step nearer, “I can see something else too.”

Blue lips reached out and gently kissed care lines beside each eye.  After which Reika raised both hands to his chin, turning it slightly one way and then the other while studying his face further. “You said earlier it was easier to be alone because Romulans could share intimacy and then conspire against each other…that you’ve lived through that.”  The Andorian tilted his head now so that they could look directly into each others eyes.  “No one should have to live through that, and I’m so sorry that you’ve been betrayed by someone whose bed you shared.  It doesn’t need to be me, but please, Hirek, “ she said as her eyes glistened with more than just the moisture from the shower. “There are people out there who would tend you gently, worship the ground that you touched, and always be faithful in body, actions, and words.”  She paused for a moment, trying to maintain composure, her heart overflowing with empathy,  "I know you are not young, but you are not past the time in your life where someone could genuinely love you and make you happier than you’ve ever dreamed.  Heal, but don’t shut your heart forever.”  And nearly ten seconds after her statement and watching his eyes, Reika reached out and softly kissed him.  It was as innocent as a kiss on the lips could be, but it brimmed with emotion and gentleness and hopefulness for him and humility. 
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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Lt. Sh'Laan's Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dree

Hirek’s hands were gentle when he braced them on Reika’s hips, eyes remaining open as she kissed him. He tasted her youth and innocence and his own anemoia for the life he’d always wanted to live but had been denied because of race and place. For being of a race not known for high levels of empathy, Reika certainly exhibited it in spades. It was a trait Hirek admired and appreciated in her, though he wished to protect Reika from herself in the future if need be. Someone like her would get chewed up and spit out on Romulus. Her good intentions and considerate heart would be completely disregarded and abused until there was nothing left of her soul except a husk.

Her hopes for his future, also tasted in the softness of her kiss, were commendable, albeit naïve of the reality Hirek had lived and would go back to live. Even if everything went as he hoped, and they could eradicate the tyrannical reign of the Tal’Shiar once and for good, there would still be generations of soul-scars commandeering relationships and interactions. Unlikely in his lifetime would a Romulan be born who could freely choose how he lived his life, who he loved, how he loved, and all without the fear of having his own good intentions twisted into weapons used against those he loved. It was certainly something to strive for, and Hirek was doing that very thing in his own way, but it was not something he would live to see.

The kiss ended, and Hirek rapidly blinked his eyes as he pulled back, not wanting Reika to feel uncomfortable knowing he’d kept his eyes open. Romulans often keep their eyes open when they kiss someone they don't trust or when they feel they are not in control. However, others could find this act insulting or disturbing. Hirek didn't feel threatened by Reika, but the kiss was intimate enough that he kept his eyes open to respect her intentions and his own lack of belief in her hopes for him.

“Thank you,” Hirek placed another soft kiss on her forehead, “your kindness is like a balm to a weary soul.” He was uninterested in commenting on the specifics of her words. He knew it would not be respectful to point out how illogical and unrealistic it was to live life as she’d encouraged him to, so he opted for diversion tactics. “Your turn.” He held out the cloth for her to take. “And if I may?” Hirek gestured to the ceiling, “I’ll share a song I think matches our present activities. As in washing,” he winked before instructing the computer to play a rhythmic beat without instrumentals, as the computer had no concept of the melody.

The lilting melody he sang was like the sound of water washing over skin or a mother lovingly cleaning her baby. It was a song his grandmother had sung to him as a child when she managed to wrangle him into a bath – he loved water but hadn’t always loved being clean. Hirek didn’t share a complete picture of where he’d first heard the song, but as he explained the lyrics as being of showering blessings and luck upon the child as they are bathed, he noted that it was a traditional song for bathtime on the Uluma Islands.

“Not all our songs feature water, though amusingly enough, most have a fairly aquatic theme. But that is to be expected considering we are an archipelago with a long history of maritime vocations.”

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When Reika’s eyes opened, She noticed Hirek’s lids fluttering.  His words were gentle and generous, but the Andorian could tell that there was either some subtext or some pretet behind them, but despite that, she took  the offered cloth and switched places with the Romulan starting her cleansing efforts at the back of his neck and working around to the front of it, bathing his clavicles and then down his chest.  But as the beat began and his words matched the rhythm, she began to wash in time to the more upbeat tempo of the melody. 

Ever the student, she looked on again trying to ascertain his thoughts as she washed down his well-muscled chest.  His ponderings, however, weren’t easy to read - seemingly neither favorable or unfavorable or either favorable and unfavorable in equal measure.  She was self-aware enough to know that for a warrior race, she was an anomaly.  Maybe that was what she was sensing from him.  She knew herself to be strong and powerful - dangerous even - and yet she was a woman who knew how to wield that power with gentleness and restraint.  She had often heard well-meaning people discuss the antithesis of her race and her demeanor when they didn’t realize she was able to hear.  But it was the trouble in her past that made her the way she was.  It was the turmoil that taught her restraint. It was the anger that taught her gentleness.  And she would gladly let people continue to puzzle over her.  She was fierce with love for her allies and animus toward her enemies.

She continued to work her way down his well-muscled body, her toes tapping in time with the song as she listened to his explanation after the song concluded.  After cleaning down his front side, she swung herself around to his back and once again began at the top and worked her way down.

Reika had never had the opportunity to meet a Romulan before Hirek.  She wouldn’t have known what to expect of the species let alone him as a person.  But as a Romulan, he wasn’t what she would have expected of his species either.  Did they have more in common than she had previously realized both rarities in their own right.  Hirek a Romulan who could - and had showed genuine kindness to a newly thawed woman and she, a warrior who knew how to feel genuine empathy for the other’s plight.

But by that time, she had washed her way down to Hirek’s heels.  “I’m going to lift your feet to wash their bottoms,” she said barely over the splash of the water around them.  She lifted one of Hirek’s feet scrubbing it gently in case he was ticklish, and then setting it down, she swapped it out for the other.

Standing back up to her full height, Reika smirked slightly and her pointy eared companion for the evening.  “Are you water-logged enough that you’d like to dry off?” 

She allowed Hirek to turn off the water to the shower and she grabbed two towels and handed him one of them.  Starting with her long tresses, she began to dry herself, drawing the fluffy fibers across her glistening skin.  “If you would like, I have an Andorian oil that has just a touch of fragrance to it.  I would be happy to work it into your shoulders if you’d like once you’re dried.  When I was washing them, your shoulders seemed tight to me.”
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Accepting the towel from Reika, Hirek raised both eyebrows at her offer. “Is this payback for the tea I gave you? Are you trying to seduce me using a presumed harmless agent like Andorian massage oil?” Swiping the towel overhead, his short-cropped hair stuck up and out in every direction, lending a certain youthful appearance to the Romulan as he smirked at the Andorian. “If that is so, I am flattered you feel you still need to seduce me.” Hirek winked, dropping the used towel in the recycler. “And if it isn’t so, I appreciate your offer. I have been bent over test samples for a bit the past few days,” Hirek rolled his neck, lips turning downward briefly as if he’d only just noticed the stiffness that had been so apparent to Reika’s fingers, “I won’t turn down the offer. And there’s an offer for reciprocation if you have any areas of tension you’d like some release in.” He reached out and tapped the end of her nose, eyes roving down the length of her body, a lecherous smile of appreciation once more appearing on his face, “And I do mean any area.”

Without waiting for her response to his ostentatious flirting, Hirek preceded Reika back into her bedroom area. Having decided to treat the area as if it were his own for the time being, Hirek made a beeline for the replicator and called up two mugs of simple Terran tea, a type he’d learned was used to aid in relaxation before sleep. It was doubtful that it would cause any unexpected side effects with Reika since, as in the description of the tea, as Hirek had studied it, he’d seen that it was a major import to Andoria and popular among its people.

With both mugs in hand, Hirek smiled at Reika, uncaring over his still quite nude status, “I know for certain this won’t harm you. It’s commonly drunk on Andoria according to the logs. Now,” he looked around the room, “where would you like me to sit?”

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