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Re: Day 20 [1650 hrs.] My Kingdom for a Duotronic Interphase Core Kicker!

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt| Haqqa Haqqa Depot | D’Takka | Qo'nos ] Attn. @Dree @Ellen Fitz

It only took a few minutes for Reika to work through the problem, but those few minutes were thick with tension. Standing in the hallway above Dok's unconscious form, Alistair felt painfully exposed, even knowing that he actually had great cover right next to him in the form of a hectagonal structural frame. It occurred to him that it might even be a design feature, knowing Klingons; it made sense that they'd design their hallways with battle in mind.

His heart hammering amidst the tense silence, his hand gripping his phaser tight, Alistair started when Reika called out to him. After answering, intensely grateful for how fast she'd worked, he crouched down and placed a hand on Dok's back...then, at Reika's signal, tapped his combadge.

Moments later, the four of them fizzled out of existence.

[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | PCU | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

After he materialised in familiar surroundings, Alistair finally relaxed, exhaling. Indeed, he was so relieved that he completely missed that the transporter had stood Dok up, but fortunately, the doctor was on the ball. Instead, after wincing apologetically at the doctor, he stepped away, holstered his phaser and tapped his combadge.

"Leavitt to Bridge. We were just attacked at the Haqqa Haqqa depot in...uh...right, D'Takka. The quartermaster was injured, so we brought him and one of the attackers here." Alistair frowned as something clicked; why had Reika gone to the trouble of taking the Romulan, and more, how had she recognised him? Shaking the thought off, he continued, "I recommend that you inform the Klingon military of the security breach immediately."

After that was settled, Alistair moved over to stand by Reika. With the adrenaline fading, the stinging from his back doubled, but he forced himself to ignore it, gritting his teeth. Instead, looking at the Romulan as the medical staff treated him, he asked quietly, "What did you say his name was? Haren...Har..."

Realisation hit him like a sledgehammer. "Hirek?" he blubbered in shock. "That Hirek!?"

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne | Haqqa Haqqa Depot | D’Takka | Qo'nos ] Attn. @Griff  @Dree  @Dumedion

Hirek groaned as consciousness returned. His body had the expected throbbing ache resulting from a heavy stun. The back of his head pounded where he’d smacked it against the floor in his collapse – as he presumed he’d been sent backward onto his back by the beam when it hit – but the sharp pain on his face was a surprise. A moment passed between his initial moaning signal of regaining consciousness and deciding to open his eyes. A moment during which he recognized the background din of Theurgy and the voices chiming around him were speaking in Federation Standard, without a Klingon accent. Opening his eyes, Hirek vision was hazy at first but eventually cleared enough to study the form of the Trill doctor he’d had little interaction with up to this point.

“Con-“ Hirek winced, clearing his throat, then began again. “Contact Lieutenant Commander Pierce.” Thanks in part to the rapid swelling of his nose, Hirek’s voice had a distinctive nasal quality. His gaze wandered away from the Trill, skirting over Alistair and Reika, and landing on the unconscious Klingon on the biobed beside him. “Let her know the bait has been deployed and the mark contacted. She should be able to take it from here.”

He took a deep breath to ascertain if any other areas of his body were hurting that technically shouldn’t. He first looked to Alistair, curious if he’d been the one to shoot him and perhaps do something to his face while unconscious. If Madsen had told him anything about how they’d first met, it was entirely likely he felt sympathy frustration for him out of loyalty to his lover. Hirek then adjusted his gaze to study Reika, satisfied to see she wasn’t hurt in any obvious way, though she did appear a bit rattled.

“I was going to add ‘no casualties’ to the report since I managed to keep the Klingon mark from killing the quartermaster, but,” he reached up to cradle his swollen nose, “I think my nose must be listed now. What did you do?” His playfully accusatory stare darted to everyone in the room, save the still unconscious quartermaster.

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[Lieutenat Reika Sh'Laan] Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion @Ellen Fitz @Griff

From one flutter of activity to another.  Once they had dematerialized from the planet and rematerialized in the very familiar confines of sickbay, Reika’s stomach pitched.  Four times in sickbay in less than a week - and three times in one day was way too much for anyone.  It’s not like she had gotten good news that morning, and in the afternoon, she had brought in an overly intoxicated barmaid and now, she was back once again with another motley crew.

One of which was Hirek.  Hirek.  It was just two evenings ago that the pair spent the night together.  He had made it immensely clear that an aloof partner was a safe partner and Reika had encouraged him not to give up on love.  They had an understanding…to a point, and the Andorian had no idea how he would take to her already having fallen head over heels with someone. 

Between her thought straying to Hirek and trying to get her bearings in regards to where everyone was and everyone’s condition, she caught the question from the doctor - one she had not yet seen. “We were in a firefight.  My best guess is that the Klingon was hit by a stun weapon because Leavitt said he was breathing.  Hirek, the Romulan,” Reika nodded his direction, “was hit by a phaser blast from the other Lieutenant over there.”  She gestured to Alistair. “And that same Lieutenant was hit by falling debris in a Klingon depot as part of a catwalk collapsed.”

Once her report was given, she leaned against a biobed and briefly closed her eyes wanting to ground herself once again after their harrowing adventure on the planet and now the bustle of activity when they arrived shipside.  “Oh,” she said turning around to look at the doctor and his accompanying nurse, “and I’m shaken, but not stirred.”  Hoping her quip would fall on favorable ears.
Lieutenant Reika Sh’laan, Assistant Chief of Operations (V3) [Show/Hide]

Re: Day 20 [1650 hrs.] My Kingdom for a Duotronic Interphase Core Kicker!

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[LT Arven Leux | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Dree @Ellen Fitz 
After administering a standard pain suppressant (he had to look up the Romulan equivalent and proper dose), Arven pulled the patient’s hand away from his bloody nose and slid the biobed’s scanner into place as the other two beam-in’s nearly spoke over each other. He caught a few pertinent details - the injuries, mostly, and discarded the rest as irrelevant for the immediate future. His fingers tapped out a command, and the Romulan’s outer layer of clothes covering his torso was instantly suctioned off into the folds between the bed, recycled into atoms. Leux’ brows jumped at the patient’s question, while he scanned his chest cavity for internal injuries.

“Technically, you did it – well, gravity helped. Excuse me,” Arven’s attention snapped to Florez and the other patient; the unconscious Klingon’s legs were twitching in time with the nurses grunts of effort. The Trill slid over, head cocked at the young man who seemed to be trying to manipulate the bony plates of the Klingon’s nose ridge back into place. “Uh, what are you doing, stop that – you can’t snap them back into place like that. You have to lift, then push. Your just grinding bone, here, watch.” After batting the nurse’s hands away with a shooing motion, Arven froze, his hands hovering over the Klingon’s face as his violet eyes narrowed. “Its recessed. Oh, good,” he sighed, then moved to the supply cabinet for the proper tools: twin prongs, roughly as long as his forearm, which he pinched together with a smile as he returned.

“Pain meds kick in yet,” he asked the Romulan as he passed, his eyes running over the scanner. No serious head trauma, chest wound superficial – light internal bruising. Nothing pressing.

“Right,” Arven deadpanned at Florez, but a sudden comment from the Andorian had caught the nurse’s full attention. The Trill cocked a dark brow her way, then glanced back at the nurse. “Dude, really? Zark will pretzel the shit out of you, c’mon,” he whispered.

“I'd die happy - and uh, that’s not Zark,” Florez whispered back with a frown.

Leux blinked at him, then looked back at the Andorian, then back at Florez and shook his head. “You sure? Whatever, look – can we focus, Flo, this is kind of important,” he gestured to the Klingon with the prongs. “I’m gonna shove these up into his nasal cavity, lift the plate back, then you need ready to pinch that sucker shut otherwise we’re going get hosed. This is a fresh uniform too, so don’t screw this up. Ready?” Arven shoved the utensil up the Klingon’s nose before the nurse even replied, pushing it in deep until he felt an obstruction, then popped it down under that with a grunt, then pushed up and over with an audible, wet crunch. “Perfect,” the Trill grinned, then yanked the bloodied metal device out just as Florez’ fingers pinched the Klingon’s nostrils shut. “There, another medical miracle. Dermal regenerator for the internals, but don’t heal the scar – not until he wakes up and tells us he doesn’t want it. Klingons are...finicky that way,” he shrugged, then turned to face the Romulan and the others.

“Right, Miss, uh...shaken, was it,” he pointed at the Andorian, then gestured to her friend that looked ready to keel over. “Could you assist your associate to a bed before he falls over, please and thank you,” Arven flashed a smile as he approached the side of the Romulan’s bed, tossing the bloodied prongs onto a towel-covered table for disposal later. “Hows it hanging? Lets take a look,” he cocked his head, looking under the medical scanner. A minuscule blue light was tending his chest wound, slowly re-knitting the flesh around the Romulan’s nipple.

“Oof, almost lost something – that would have sucked,” the Trill frowned at him, then picked up a regenerator to tend to his broken nose. As the device hummed to life in his hand, Arven shot a dose of anti-inflammatories into the patient’s bicep, then arched a brow at Ms. Shaken and her friend. “So, they shot you huh? Seems rather uncalled for – I’m sure you didn’t do anything to deserve such treatment,” he commented dryly. “Oh, that might sting a bit,” he warned the patient belatedly with a nod to the hypo. "Either of you two know who this Pierce is that our friend here mentioned," he asked the others, while keeping his eyes on his work.

About that time the Klingon grunted, then roared back to consciousness.


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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt| PCU | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]
 Attn. @Dree @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion

Amidst the flurry of activity and conversation around him, Alistair was thoroughly lost, still coping with a rather stunning realisation: he had just shot a crewmate. Sure, there were mitigating circumstances, but still, he shot a crewmate. It was sheer dumb luck that he hadn't thought to increase the phaser setting as he was trained to, given the Klingon's resilience to stuns. He had just come within a hairsbreadth of murdering an ally.

The thought was nauseating, not helped when Reika explained what had happened with all the tact of a rhino. He winced as he looked at Hirek, raising a hand in greeting. "Uh...that was me, sorry, I shot you," he said awkwardly. The apology was drowned out by the gruff doctor, so rather meekly, Alistair followed orders and walked to a biobed on the other side of the bay, next to the unconscious Dok. With the cut along his back stinging more and more, he sat down and started to remove his jacket and shirt, grimacing all the while.

"Uh, Reika," he said to his counterpart as he shrugged out of his gold shirt, "you can get out of here if you want, there's no reason to stay. One of us needs to report this mess to...uh...whoever we need to report this too. Lieutenant Pierce to start with, I guess, and Commander Akoni, then maybe Commander Stark later on if she calls us." Finally barechested, blood trickling down his back, he smiled at Reika. "Thanks for coming with me. I would've been in real trouble if you hadn't been there."

A hoarse voice interrupted them. "Urgh...what....where..." Alistair glanced over his shoulder to see Dok groggily awakening, looking blearily around at his surroundings. Still clad in armour, Dok looked very much out of place on the soft biobed, especially amidst the bright colours of a Starfleet sickbay. The quartermaster adjusted quickly, however, eyes focusing on the nurse tending to him.

"Take it easy, you've been injured," Nurse Florez said soothingly. "You're aboard the starship Theurgy, and we've already contacted-"

Dok grunted, waving off Florez's explanation as he propped himself up on his elbows, then looked around properly. His eyes fell first upon Reika, then Alistair, then upon Hirek, and his eyes widened. "Treachery..."

In a whirl of movement, Dok shoved the nurse away and rushed to his feet, drawing a nasty-looking knife at the same time. "Starfleet thinks they can breach my depot without consequence!?" he roared. "We sheltered you, protected you from your enemies, and you repay us with thievery? The Empire will see you all flayed for this!"

Alistair was the first to answer, hopping to his feet and approaching Dok cautiously, hands up. "Quartermaster, I swear to you, we didn't-"

Dok sprang forward, stabbing with his knife, but Alistair stepped inside the attack, slapping it away before grabbing the old Klingon's wrist, the two men struggling mightily over the weapon. Acting on desperate instinct, Alistair hurled a punch with his free hand into Dok's face, then again, and again, striking as hard as he could. Dok looked dazed, but a moment later he growled, eyes full of lethal intent, and Alistair belatedly realised what was about to happen.

"Oh shit," he whispered.

Dok rammed his forehead into Alistair's face, sending the human back a few steps, before slashing him across his bare chest, crimson blood flying through the air. With one opponent vanquished (or, more accurately, collapsing against a biobed in pain), Dok turned his attention to the others, assessing threats.

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne | Haqqa Haqqa Depot | D’Takka | Qo'nos ] Attn. @Griff  @Dree  @Dumedion

Reika’s no-nonsense tone was almost amusing, considering the circumstances. Hirek listened with just as neutral facial expression as she explained their encounter in the briefest of details to the doctor. He was glad she could jest still. It showed resilience and let Hirek know she was far less rattled and injured than himself or his shooter. As the doctor interjected with his own equally brief explanation for his Hirek’s nose hurt before moving to assist the nurse with the unconscious Klingon, Hirek turned his gaze toward the bald human male.

To his credit, Alistair looked akin to ill as he confessed to shooting Hirek. While a portion of Hirek found amusement in the man’s discomfort, the more significant portion of his mind was already determining what steps needed to be taken to safeguard his cover planetside among the black market dealers in case Pierce wanted a repeat performance later down the road. The doctor’s question about pain meds interrupted Hirek’s thought process, and he nodded in response. While he still felt a few aches here and there and could tell there was continued throbbing around the wound on his chest and his swollen nose, for the most part, the pain was receding.

The sudden suction of his clothing away from his body earned an eyebrow raise from the Romulan. Still, Hirek didn’t comment on it as the dermal regenerator worked on the stun-induced abrasion millimeters from his nipple. From his bio-bed, Alistair muttered an apology. Then, the doctor chirped a few dry humor quips and a belated warning from the hypospray as he continued to work on Hirek. Fully accustomed to the sting of a hypospray and the type of bedside manner this doctor seemed to be exhibiting, Hirek chuckled.

“No, I gave them no choice in the matter. Had to keep my cover, so I shot wildly at their position, then purposefully put myself in the line of fire. It was actually a good thing that Alistair landed the shot. I doubt the Klingon mark had his disruptor set on stun.” Hirek nodded in Alistair’s direction, figuring he could tell Alistair to slowly break the story to Madsen, prolonging her enjoyment of his fate in the process. “Since the Klingon mark witnessed my getting shot, once we finish up here, it’ll likely be a good idea to transport me back to the same coordinates to assist the mark in ‘escaping’ to ensure the integrity of the story Intelligence concocted.”

Before Hirek could explain Pierce’s part in this drama, the Klingon quartermaster regained consciousness with the typical grace of a Klingon. Surly, accusing, and violent in quick succession and then cycling back again as he armed himself and attacked. Alistair immediately got himself into another bind and earned a few more cuts for his heroic efforts to explain – obviously not acquainted enough with the Klingon wake-up protocol to know not to touch an armed, armored, and confused Klingon. With this act, it was becoming increasingly apparent to Hirek that like attracted like in some regard since Alistair was Madsen’s paramour, and the diplomat had a particular flair for the dramatic as well.

As amusing as it was to watch the crimson chaos unfold practically at his feet, Hirek figured life would be decidedly more complicated if he allowed the Klingon full access to Reika or this doctor with the golden tongue and oh-so-soft touch without exhibiting some effort to help. If he’d heard the name correctly, the nurse, Florez, was doing his best to quietly get a hypospray ready behind the Klingon, capitalizing on the man’s distraction. A master of distraction, Hirek calmly raised his arm and drew the irate Klingon’s attention to himself.

“Don’t be so dramatic; it’s not good for a man your age. The black market seller nearly killed you after I knocked you out, and these two knew nothing about that. Your government will thank us for ending a black market ring that’s been robbing your people and theirs of needed supplies.”

The Klingon growled, gripping his knife harder, “Your tongue is so smooth with your lies. Best I cut it out!”

Stabbing forward, Hirek tucked his knees toward his chest and rolled to the side. The hoped-for fall to the floor was unpleasant and certainly not graceful, but at least he had a biobed between himself and the Klingon. He could only hope the doctor had something useful close at hand since he was the next closest target.

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[Lieutenat Reika Sh'Laan] Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion  @Ellen Fitz  @Griff

Upon hearing Alistair’s suggestions, Reika turned to face the human.  Her slight grimace softened into a slight smile.  “I’m just glad we all made it out with our lives,” she said with a nod.  Massaging her sore shoulder, the Andorian turned to go to find whomever this Pierce or was though the other two he had mentioned - Akoni and Stark she was familiar with.  If she couldn’t find Pierce, she would look one of the others up and give them an accounting of what happened. 

But everything happened so fast.  Doq woke up, confused at first, but only seconds later, as his eyes lighted on the three that had been with him on the planet, his entire demeanor transformed from confused to bedeviled.  To say that he was incensed would have been a gross understatement.  His rage wasn’t to be continued, and his stab at Alistair happened before Reika could make her move to disarm the irate Klingon. Blood spatters splayed around the ward in sickbay as the Human was cut across his chest.  But the Andorian kept her eyes on the Klingon.  She would do much more good attempting to take him down than she would tending to the crimson gash on her fellow OPS officer’s chest.

Reika’s immediate instinct was to protect the doctor and nurse, and while the doctor was behind her, the nurse was behind the Klingon.  It was imperative that the large oaf’s attention be kept away from the nurse.  Reika turned to move in on the aggressor, but Hirek was currently between her and the indignant Klingon. She had no doubt Hirek could take care of himself. His Romulan nature came out in full force when the eldest of the bunch tried to reason with the unreasonable.  And for his pains, the Klingon simply bellowed, “Your tongue is so smooth with your lies.  Best I cut it out.”

But this Hirek was easily able to avoid with the agility that some men half his age wouldn’t have been able to procure.  This, however, left Reika standing between the blustering quartermaster and the doctor. 

“Since you’re intent on fighting someone, come at me,” Reika stated flatly falling into a fighting stance already knowing exactly how she was going to disarm him, though that would leave the doctor or the nurse to his the man with a hypospray, but once disarmed he wouldn’t be able to do near the damage that he currently could with his d’k tahg. 

While he was a warrior, finesse wasn’t anywhere within Doq’s wheelhouse.  He did one of two things that Klingons always do with a short-bladed knife, and Reika was ready for either.  But as she saw him come at her with a straight stab, she didn’t even hesitate.  With the precision of an Andorian with slightly enhanced senses thanks to her antenna, she flattened her hand in a ‘stop’ gesture and rammed her hand into the knife making it easy to wrench from his hand.  The female OPS officer wouldn’t have been surprised if the whole of the ship heard Doq’s shriek of anger at being disarmed, but at that point, she had done what she could do.  It was up to the others to subdue the best the rest of the way.
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[LT Arven Leux ] Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Dree @Ellen Fitz
He quickly realized that the situation had gone to complete and utter shit, after poor Flo was knocked away from the irate Klingon like a minor annoyance. Arven had opened his mouth to try to calm the patient, but then the knife came out – which prompted several critical decisions to be made, post haste. His fingers tapped out a command, aborting the regeneration array and unlocking the scanner from holding the Romulan in bed - which was rather forward thinking, because for some reason he decided to goad the Klingon then - but the scanner rolled back just in time for him to dodge and roll out away from the Klingon’s blade. Unfortunately, that maneuver also knocked Leux back and to the floor alongside him, while the snarling old brute busied himself with the Andorian.

“Utterly intolerable,” Arven grunted under his breath, then tapped his badge, as his eyes and hands searched under the bed for assistance, ignoring the groaning Romulan for now. “Security to recovery ward, now,” he hissed, just as his hands found purchase on the only two items that he thought would really make any kind of difference in this insane situation. “What the,” he sighed in annoyance, “these aren’t even supposed to be here. This is why we can’t have nice things, nobody puts stuff back where it belongs! Whatever – stay here, stay down,” he whispered to the Romulan, then quietly got to his feet and snuck around the bed, a chrome metal bedpan in each fist.

This is a really stupid, horrible idea, Arven frowned at himself, as he snuck up behind the Klingon.

[Quartermaster Dok, son of Qannal]
Of the lot of them, the old warrior guessed the Andorian to be the greatest threat; the spineless Romulan coward would be dealt with soon enough, then he vowed to gut every traitorous bIHnuch that got in the way off this cursed ship. Murderous yet cunning eyes narrowed at the Andorian’s challenge as he readied himself, the secondary blades of his d’k tahg flicking open with a menacing snick, while his ears caught the useless whispering behind him. He wasted no words with her, for an honorable battle between warriors required none; all that mattered was victory...or death.

He struck, driving the d’k tahg in a blur of motion at the Andorian’s chest – a perfectly aimed kill-stroke – yet realized too late that his adversary had anticipated the blow. Without hesitation or a grunt of pain, his foe impaled her hand upon the blade and wrenched it from his grip, as they briefly spun around each other. A roar of surprise and admiration bellowed from his throat as he countered, stepping into her guard and clamping his fist around her neck in a vice grip, to pull her close enough to smell the death she had earned. His eyes flicked to one of the humans as he ducked out of view, choosing to cower in fear rather than face him – another sickening display of cowardice, before they snapped back to hers.

“Admirable,” Dok sneered in her face, then pinioned his massive elbow in a blind strike at the idiot he heard coming from behind, which smashed into his face with a meaty crack; yet his wrathful eyes never left the Andorian’s, even as the weakling crashed to the deck in a clatter of metal and dead weight. “You have courage, Lieutenant! I respect that, but a sharp blade is nothing without a sharp eye; remember that, if you live,” the aging warrior growled at her, then leaned his head back in preparation for a savage head-butt to finish her off.

A sudden sting at his neck and the hiss of injection interrupted the victory. Fire flooded his veins, numbing his insides with cold tendrils of agony. He was stumbling then, as his vision swam – his will betrayed by his body. Strength fled and he crashed to his knees with a grunt, eyes rolling up into his skull; he fell forwards, and darkness took him.

[CM3 Julian Florez]
He couldn’t catch his breath, even as it sawed in and out of his heaving chest. He’d scrambled as fast as he could through the back of three biobeds to get around to the Klingon’s blind-side; Dr. Leux was laid out cold at his feet, lips and nose bloodied and bruised, and Julian felt like he was ready to pass out too – but it worked, he did it, somehow! The hypo worked! The Klingon had released the Andorian, then staggered off a few steps to crash to his knees and face; but panic raced through Julian then with a sickening realization – he couldn’t remember what was in the hypo!

“Oh crap, ohhh crap... I think... I think I killed him,” Florez wheezed to himself between ragged breaths, then dropped the hypo as if it was a snake that was going to bite him.

OOC: (thanks for the roll, @Griff  ;))
bIHnuch – coward or weakling
toDSaH – wimp/wuss

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