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[ Lt. Reggie Suder | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos] | ATTN: @Pierce@rae@RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie winced in pain.  Between the wound in her side where she’d taken the shot for Alana and being as close as she had been to the explosion, her body ached in places she didn’t know it could ache.  And her shoulder…

Oh how she should not have tried that with the Klingon sword.  Sure she had been able to lift it, but she did not have the arm strength to wield it as she would have her own Kitana and now that the weapon was out of her hand, the muscular pain in her upper arm, wrist, and shoulders told her she should not try that again.

“I’ll live,” she said as she pushed herself up to the floor. 

Alana was already moving around the room, vaporizing evidence of the Scion presence but instead of drawing her own weapon, Reggie turned back to the computer terminal. 

“I take it we got the package,” she said.  She had no idea if calling it ‘the package’ was appropriate, but she’d seen it before and had always wanted to say something like that.  “But, did we cover our tracks here?”

Using some long slender mechanic’s tool so as to not to leave any finger prints or DNA, the Betazoid tapped into the system logs.  Sure enough, a record existed cataloging the download.  She deleted it.  Wiping the entire log file would look too obvious, but if she removed the one data entry she didn’t want found, it was more likely to be overlooked..

Pocketing the mechanic tool, she hobbled after Alana.  Her intention, to ask Zark for Medical help, was set aside at the sight of the Andorian on the ground herself.   

“I deleted the download log from Korath’s computer.  Should we also check for main security logs?  Also, vaporize this if you will,” she said as she tossed the makeshift stylus to Alana. 

The betazoid then turned her attention to Zark, trying to help her up off the ground so they could get Nyseri before heading back to the surface.

"Before we go," she asked Alana, "do you want me to push any thoughts or afterimages into our host's minds?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos]   Attn:@rae @Pierce @P.C. Haring

Zark hobbled her way over to Nysari and hugged the other Zhen in relief.  As much as she wanted to squeeze the other Zhen, a quick perusal of her arm showed it would be a terrible idea, so the security officer settled for gently grabbing her upper body and placing their heads together for a moment.  While Nysari asked her questions, the medico shook her head and gently took the diplomat's arm to examine the damage.  It looked bad, gnarled black, purple and blue, but it could have been much worse.  "No idea Nysari."  Zark simply replied as she focused her attention on the damage and guided the two of them down to kneel on the ground then began gently rotating the arms despite the apparent discomfiture it caused so her trained eye could see if how bad it was.  Taking the tricorder out, she scanned the trauma and let out a soft snort as her findings luckily matched.  "I know it hurts like ahrasath, but you were very very lucky.  Looks like you mainly caught the corona of the shot."  The medic ignored her own pain to pull the mini medkit she'd brought with her and pulled a hypospray out.  Checking the vial out of habit, she injected 10 ccs of Terakine into Nysari's wrist. "Give it a minute and you'll start to feel the pain numb."

Zark pulled out an emergency dermal regenerator.  This was not the full devices that was used in medical bays, but more of an emergency device used for sealing wounds and decontaminating.  Zark frowned severely as she turned to face the new sound entering the room and saw Reggie being supported by Alana.  "Nysari, it's pretty bad, but it can be repaired.  I don't want to scare you, but I want you to know what's going to happen.  The doctors will probably have to do a dermal strip of the damage to get it to grow back normally.  If you don't want to watch, I'd suggest having them put you to sleep for it."  Zark tilted her head from side to side.  "Given the damage, I'd suggest they just put you out."  Supporting Nysari so one arm held the other, Zark turned her head towards non-Andorians on the team and accepted the Betazoid's hand to get up.  "Alana, see if you can find something to sling Nysari's arm while I take a look at Reggie's injury."

Zark didn't really like the idea of implanting memories in someone's head and said so.  "I think we can just smash up the place and pour out the wine.  It feels wrong to be implanting false ideas."  Zark thought it over for a second as she lifted Reggie's arm and began tsking then started thinking out loud while taking a moment to inject thepilot with a pain killer.  "Would it be unethical though to increase the intensity of another one of the thoughts, like making his own idea of having drinks with two Andorians more pronounced?"  Zark pondered this as she first drew her blade and began cutting away the material on the side the Wolf had been shot.  Some of the material had been crisped on and Zark gently pulled at it knowing they were way beyond the capabilities of the little kit she brought with.  Even the topical wound she was seeing needed surgery at some point.  The medico gently probed the wound that had taken on the same texture and colouring of Nysari's arm, except more black.  "Damn Reggie! I don't think you're going to be attending any weddings any time soon with this.  Hold still." Zark repeated the procedure of sealing the worst of the damage.  Deft hands worked to swap out the analgesic vial with the a general anti infection vial and injected her one more time.  Zark's brows furrowed in concentration as she put the hypospray away and took the dermal sealer to begin covering up the worst of the damage. 

"I don't think we have a lot of time and we still need to make our way back to the exfil site."  The regenerator was switched off just as Zark finished speaking and the medic gave the injuries a delicate touch to test them before announcing that the party was about as ready to travel as they could be.  With the major patching done, the security officer took a moment to swap vials again and this time, inject herself.  She hated working while drugged to a point, and she'd been on the fence about whether to give herself a pain killer before rendering aid.  With Nysari and Reggie patched up, Zark felt it was time to take that chance while offering to give a dose to Alana before gingerly walking around to find loose bits of equipment that they'd brought with them so as to not leave easy traces of their presence.

One final thought hit the medic before she bent over to pick up an item. "Depending on how off the books this is, we may not be able to return to the ship to treat you two. We may need to find a alley doctor or we do this in someone's quarters." Zark put to everyone to mull over.

OOC: ahrasath = Andorian Hell

Re: Day 13 [1700 hrs.] The Chrono-Deflector Schematics | Tempus Sigillum

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Catacombs | Qo'noS ] Attn: @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring @Pierce

She ended up leaving Korath there, and she didn’t feel the least bit bad about it. Dragging the fat Klingon around had been difficult enough with two working arms. Zark, meanwhile, looked worse than Nysari felt, though the medic seemed to be handling it much better, allowing a moment of shared relief before getting back to work. “Lucky would be not getting shot at all,” she countered, the words escaping gritted teeth. Nysari had maintained her silence as her arm was twisted in increasingly painful ways, knowing it was necessary for the medicine. She had thought for a moment to deny the hypo, worried that it would slow her mental facilities even more than the pain already way, but she wasn’t fast enough to stop Zark. The painkiller, when it finally came, was a relief.

“Going to sleep sounds like a delightful idea.” Nysari felt no desire to prove her strength. She would happily let the doctors in sickbay knock her out and wake up when they were finished. “But I suppose it will have to wait.” When Zark went to look at Reggie, Nysari pushed herself to her feet with her good arm, the other held close to her side. “You should look at your own injuries too.”

The pain was fading, as promised, replaced by a numb, floating sensation that was affecting more than just her arm. Nysari shook her head a few times, as though blowing away the clouds affecting her brain. It didn’t help.

“It could be dangerous if Korath remembers us at all.” She was gathering the thoughts too slowly, entering the conversation last. “The Klingons won’t like knowing that someone found their secret lab, be it scions or us. They’ll have to pack up and move for operational security. And they’ll go through everything with a fine-toothed comb once they figure out that Korath was black out drunk, to make sure nothing was stolen. If they pause the project for security issues, we could just as easily be the ones to change the future." Nysari paused for a moment to think. "Could you rewrite the memory instead, so he remembers Klingon women? He seems like a man who has brought guests down here before.”

As she spoke, Nysari was walking around the room, looking for the bloodwine stash. It didn’t take her long to find a barrel stashed away in a back closet, conveniently tapped with a spicket with large mugs stacked on top. She wasn’t strong enough to move the barrel itself, but she could fill up a mug. A full serving was poured on Korath, and his fingers wrapped around the handle. Splashes were poured in the others, which were arranged around the room. A decent amount was poured on the floor. The Andorian was making up the aftermath for quite a party. Set dressing.

“All we need to do is tell sickbay that we got on the wrong side of some Klingons at a bar. Fights are common enough on this planet. No one will scrutinize the story too closely. We’d have more questions to answer if medical finds evidence of trauma during your next physical that they have no records for.” Faking a drunken outing would fool the Klingons down here. It would fool the doctors on the Theurgy too. Besides, what did a back-alley doctor on Qo’noS know about Andorian anatomy anyway? She did not want it to scar.

“Anything else we need to do?”

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos] | ATTN: @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring  @rae [Show/Hide]

Pierce looked at her battered teammates and they had made a rather pointed commentary about Korath. Should be remember then this was going to be tough but on the off chance he chocked it up to a drunken escapade, well there was that too. Granted the man was paranoid anyhow and thought to be crazy living in these parts.

"Honestly, I think with Korath we'll be just fine. He's already a recluse and his credibility is likely already shot. So with the minor cleanup we've done, we should be fine."

She paused. "Now explaining this to the ships medical officer is going to be tough. I suggest we patch ourselves up the best we can out of here and then return to the ship. I agree with your assessment on telling medical it was a bar fight. We can dispose of the off duty gear and I'll schedule it for a severe scrubdown in the Intel department."

Standing up and slapping her leg as she stretched to full length, she looked around.
"Might be best to rewrite his memory and hightail it before we overstay our welcome. Besides, we got what we came for."

With that Pierce began gathering items and reattaching them to her person as she looked out of the doorway to clear a path if needed back to the transporter coordinates. But she waited just outside the door to allow the team to gather with her. [/b]

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[ Lt. Reggie Suder | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos] | ATTN: @pierce‍  @rae‍  @RyeTanker‍ 

As soon as she had suggested it, Reggie regretted the idea of using her telepathy as a weapon.  It went against everything Betazoid society stood for and with good reason.  The use of weaponized telepathy could leave people questioning reality, their sanity and more.  Unfettered application of the technique could have dire and devastating consequences.

Yet, the genie was out of the bottle now and she couldn’t unsay the suggestion.  There were security concerns at play as well.  Not just for the team, but also for the Klingons as well and to manipulate their minds in this way was truly the lesser of two evils.

So she pushed.  For as formidable as a Klingon’s sheer force of will was, Reggie found it oddly easy…almost too easy… to push her thoughts into the unconscious men.  She did not try to weave a full narrative of the night, but rather focused on moments and feelings;  A pair of beautiful Andorians and their friends.  A party welcoming them and the promise of more entertainment in the form of more women soon to come.  Barrels of blood wine tapped and consumed.  A fight between two of Korath’s men over the choice of women.  The anger as it spilled out of control and turned into an all out brawl between hosts and nameless, faceless guests alike and then…. Nothing.

She would let the klingons draw their own conclusions.

“It’s done,” she said as she released her mental hold on the last of the Klingons.  The exertion had taken more out of her than she’d expected and she found herself catching her breath.  It passed soon enough and as she calmed, she was more than ready to take her leave of Korath and his men.

“Let’s go.  I need a drink.  Did someone suggest a bar?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos]   Attn:@rae @Pierce @P.C. Haring

While Reggie worked to blend reality into fantasy, Zark worked on taking care of the worst of the wounds till they were in a manageable state. The medic's eye brows narrowed as she worked on the red headed Intel chief. She felt that Nysari and Reggie needed more attention, but she'd have to use her more complete kit back on the ship and said as much with a caveat. "Sir, you'll be fine with some therapy exercises you can do in private and a generic pain killer." The combat medic then turned to her fellow  Zhen to give her order when Reggie finished weaving hallucination and fantasy together. 

Zark wanted a drink for sure, but looking over the amount of work she still had ahead of her, the silver tresses shook as her head pivoted on the neck.  "As much as I'd like to get hammered after something like this, I don't think we're in shape for it."  The medic gestured to the gnarled and burned near miss that covered Nysari's arm. "We can get that drink afterwards, but since this didn't officially happen, I'm going to have to spend the rest of the night making sure Nysari can walk around the ship simply looking sore instead of almost got killed."

The medic huffed as she gently raised Nysari's arm for emphasis before casting a critical glance over the Betazoid.  "And you're still not in much better shape yourself.  I was joking about attending weddings, but I think there's a bunch of work that I'm going to have to do on you as well."  Zark made sure Nysari was supporting her injured arm before closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose while her antennae slumped. "Spirits this is ridiculous." she muttered under her breath after a moment then turned back to everyone while ignoring the subtle signals of pain pricking at her own body.

"I have a full medical kit in my quarters that I can use to treat everyone, and we can beam directly there without anyone noticing, but Alana, do you have something to keep the records blank?"  The Andorian paused for a moment before reluctantly continuing. "I could ask someone else to do the sanitizing, and she'd totally understand for obvious reasons, but I'd really prefer not to."


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 [ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Catacombs | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Pierce @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker

“With all due respect to you all,” Nysari managed to say, a couple decades of oratory training lost the moment Zark started forcibly moving her injured arm again, her normally even tone wavering with a hiss of pain, “but I think I will be going immediately to bed, not walking around the ship pretending to be uninjured, and certainly not going out for a drink. I would be happy to entertain on another evening.” Her intention had been to sound polite, but with Zark’s painkiller in her system, Nysari feared that she came off as loopy instead.

What a disaster this had been. Sure, Korath was alive, so technically their mission had been completed successfully, but she still didn’t feel good about it. Anything that ended in a firefight was an automatic failure in her book.

When Zark released her, Nysari pulled her arm in and cradled it against her chest, doing her meager best to shield it for the time being. The smell of burnt meat wafted up to her nose, and the Andorian nearly vomited when she realized the scent was her own flesh. “Zark’s quarters it is then. As long as you have the equipment to prevent it from scarring.” Tonight was not a memory she wanted etched on her arm forevermore.

She turned slowly to give the room a final once over. It wasn’t perfect, but Alana was right that it would be good enough. Her own low opinion of Korath was commonly shared, and it would be enough to avoid the more difficult questions. “Have them beam the rest of the bloodwine out of those barrels too. If we want them to think they spent the night drinking, they can’t still have a mostly full supply.”

With that final suggestion, she turned to Alana and waited for the intelligence chief to arrange their transport. If they beamed the booze into a new container, her companions might get their party after all.

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos] | ATTN: @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring @rae [Show/Hide]

Alana looked around at her ragtag femme fatales away team on their own off the books mission. Reminded her of the old television programs from the late 20th century. The A-Team? She couldn't totally recall it but there were certainly four of them but male. Regardless, she was happy this mission was nearly at a close.

"I think we're all due for some R&R guys. I think a rain check is certainly in order though. Working with you lovely ladies has been a treat and some of the most fun I've had in some time. So, in a round about way, thank you. For everything."

Peering at the group she smiled one of genuine happiness with a slight bit of tiredness attached. She wanted to rest too, and to get into something more comfortable, not that she didn't enjoy how she appeared in the current outfit.

She tapped at a small device that looked like an old communicator from the 23rd century. Gold cover plate, and slate base, with several buttons not totally standard on it. "As a matter of fact, I do have a particular device that can blanket the security logs. Thankfully 23rd century tech had some glitches in their tech that allowed someone with the right intel to subvert key systems on the vessel. Something Captain Scott apparently kept in service hidden in the LCARS systems since the old days." She winked at the women and gave Reggie a smile and shrug.

"What can I say. I'm an old soul and nostalgic at heart. What say we get back? While I can't transport us into the transporter room or the general areas of the ship, I can transport us to my personal quarters. Give us an opportunity to shower, Or the very least make it look like we'd had a drunken good time before we head back to our own rooms to recuperate."

Flipping the device open she keyed in the transport codes now that they were in open air again. The device flashed and the transporter beam enveloped them before rematerializing in her quarters. She pointed to the showers to give them some time to clean up enough to go back to their rooms and she herself had a report to write. Ives was going to have fun with this one she thought to herself.

Alana looked back and smiled once more as she began typing her report on the PADD to present to the Captain. Once she finishes however, she was going to take a nice hot bath, and take a good long nap.


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