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[ PO Riley Patterson |  Deck 08 |  Holodeck | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn 

Seeing Daniel relax a bit more made the nurse smile with a sparkle of joy in it before he spoke up. He called for a rain check and mentioned he'd go and rest since he had an away mission in the morning. She had to smirk at the mention that he did have quite a few drinks in the past couple of days and she just nodded "That's fine." When he mentioned to meet again tomorrow at 2100 she nodded "Sure, I'll do my best to make it here. My shift ends at 2030, so I should be free." she smiled before she looked back to the house "Computer, end program." she instructed in the meantime as the scenery faded.

"Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow Daniel." she smiled before she took her jacket and walked over to Daniel. She kissed him on the cheek and left the holodeck whilst leaving the door open for him to leave as well. She made her way back to her quarters before she'd go to the library to read up on Betazed culture and formalities.


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