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Jaya Thorne |  Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn @Kaligos , @DocReno , @steelphoenix , anyone else

Jaya choked on her drink.  He did WHAT?!  Her jaw went slack as she stared at Sithick.  Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined such a thing, and she was known to have WILD dreams.  Some part of her was bitter over the news; resentful that he had beaten her at her own game.  But Sithick wasn't like her.  Not many were actually like her.  Sure, most men liked the idea of a one night stand, or a fling, but when it actually came to pass, it was inevitable messy.  Either they caught 'the feels' or 'the pimp attitude', and both were unacceptable.  It didn't stop her from doing her thing, but it did make for a ship and a station full of broken hearts and bitter men.

But Sithick, for all his scariness, had always been so damn genuine.  It irked her. 

Something about the way he spoke bothered her though.  He had paused, which meant his words were carefully chosen.  He wasn't gleeful, but morose and solemn.  His wisecracks were.. ok, she could never make sense of his jokes anyway so that was a bad indicator of something being wrong.  But there was something.  Unfortunately, Sithick didn't seem eager to discuss it.  Jaya frowned, but answered his question. 

"My evening?  Well clearly not as eventful as yours.  I returned to my quarters when you went to work and after a brief nap."  She winked at Sithick. 

The bartender reappeared with her refill request only half complete and chided her for asking for a double.  Jaya made her stance on the subject known by giving him a bored, half-lidded stare.  Of course the bottled stuff was more potent.  That was the point.  His words toward Sithick were of a different tone, however, and she wondered if maybe he actually liked her Gorn friend.  They did have some notable similarities, after all.  And his advice wasn't half bad, except that she didn't know of anyone who took Sithick seriously.  He was intimidating and most of the crew agreed that he ought to have been in security.  But apparently engineering was his passion.

Jaya knew all about passions.  She had her own and she'd be damned if someone tried to take them away from her.  She lived for those moments of freedom.  A thought lodged itself in her brain.  Maybe Sithick lives for those moments too.  She blinked.  You know, maybe he did.  He was a good engineer and he could handle temperatures and substances that humans couldn't.  He was useful in engineering, and if that was his passion, then Jaya wanted to see him accomplish it.

The bartender brought Jaya another drink which she eagerly sipped.  Jaya glanced around the room for a timepiece of any kind.  Her eyes landed on a large stylized wall clock which she stared at for several moments. 

There's no way it was that late!  Oh god, she needed to get a move on!  If the notes she'd found on his routine were correct, he'd be sleeping soon.  She'd rather him be awake for the kind of thank you she was planning to give him.  Jaya angled her body towards Sithick as she lifted her glass.  It was time to toast herself a goodbye. "To us.  I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there and meeting someone.  I'm sure she'll come around, and if she doesn't, there's plenty of fish out there.  You'll find one.  And thanks for everything earlier.  I don't think I would have made it to Sickbay without you."  She clinked her glass against his and flashed him a grin.  "Wish me luck!"

Jaya stood, brushed herself off, and walked to the replicator.  She requested a specific bottle, specific year, specific brand and tucked it under her arm.  She waved a farewell to Sithick as she left the lounge.
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
 - Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign [Show/Hide]

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LT JG Alessia Garcia, Callsign "Angel" |  Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 21 | Vector 3  USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan, anyone else

The caresses and little touches combined with the giddy laughter and stolen kisses of a newfound couple had taken their toll on Alessia.  This was supposed to be a charade, but at some point it had taken on a life of it's own.  Sitting in the cockpit of Dev's fighter with the Romulan in her lap, Angel wondered why she had never noticed how pretty the girl was before.  Her Romulan features were startlingly beautiful.  The way her hair framed her face was stunning.  Even her green eyes were suddenly shocking and lovely at the same time. 

Alessia must have breathed a sigh of relief when Dev relayed the tricorder scan results.  She felt like a burden had been lifted, but a new realization struck her.  This.. whatever this was with Dev.. what did they do now?  There had been a purpose to their shenanigans.  A mission.  Now that the mission was over, Alessia wondered if it had all been for show.  It hadn't been for her, but what about Dev?  Whether the woman knew it or not, she'd awoken long dormant feelings within the Spanish pilot.  It had been years since she'd even kissed another person the way she'd kissed Dev today.  That wouldn't be easily forgotten. 

The cockpit became stuffy as Alessia brought her eyes level with Devyrie's.  Had this woman been just as affected?  Alessia leaned in just a little.  Her hand tentatively slid up Dev's shin to her knee.  Her other palm rested a bit more noticeably on Dev's side as her fingers tested the waters by lightly caressing her pilot friend's side.  Devyrie seemed to shit herself closer as well.  There was a moment, a hesitation.  A split-second of not wanting to leave, not wanting this to end.  Alessia couldn't think about it anymore!  In another second, the window would be gone she'd regret not taking that chance.

Alessia pressed her lips to Dev's and pulled the woman against her own body.  Breasts squished against breasts as the kiss deepened and Alessia heard her voice whimper softly in the recycled air of the cockpit.  Her arms wrapped around Dev's body as her hands explored further: up to hold a breast and down a thigh, then around to cup her rump.  Oh the taste of her sister wolf was exquisite!  And it had been so long!  6 years since her brother died.   6 years since her life went to hell and she had to learn to get back on her feet.  6 years since her engagement was called off.  6 years since she'd been truly intimate with another.  It was time.

As Alessia pulled back for air, she rested her forehead against Devyrie's ridges.  They needed more space than this.  Her first time back in saddle in 6 years shouldn't happen in a Valravn cockpit.  "..maybe we should go to a room?  Mine or yours, doesn't matter, but we'd have more space and.. more privacy."  She held Dev's gaze and waited for a response as the passion and promise of their evening shown through her eyes.
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
 - Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign [Show/Hide]

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[ Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry 
The charade might have ended, but there was no end to what they had begun, at least not yet.

Devyrie leaned fully into the kiss, the feeling of Angel's body against her own something she didn't know she had been wanting for. True, she had heard that intimacy after a battle was the best kind, making one feel alive, and celebrating the fact. Was this what this was? Her fears and adrenaline abating, after having betrayed Starfleet and her Commanding Officer, regardless what kind of aehf he had been when he pulled them out of Luna Base and the Valravn Program? Regardless what it was that drove her, she had started something with her sister wolf that she dearly wanted to follow through with, regardless the reasons. Right then, she felt far more analytical than she wanted to be, and she blamed her father for it. Always keeping her on her toes. Questioning everything. Right then, she wanted to take her human mother's advice. Relax, Dev. You can just play if you want to.

With this in mind, she arched her back into Angel's hand when she caressed her, and she slid her own hand up Angel's top. She didn't reach far, but she wanted to feel Alessia's skin, to appreciate how warm she was. In fact, she wanted to know just how earnest she was with this attraction she showed. Did she really want to continue? It was a qualified guess, but there she was, all analytical again, and wanted to make sure. She was just about to push her fingers down behind Angel's waistline... and truly make sure this was not just a misunderstanding.

But her sister wolf spoke, and Devyrie opened her green eyes, parting her lips from the human a bit to hear her. She wanted to leave, to relocate. Why? Too public? Perhaps. She looked up, and saw deck hands leaning over the railing on the upper levels and looking down on them. The canopy was not entirely clear, but enough to reveal what they were doing. They looked truly... entertained. Yes, definitely too public.

"Yes," she breathed, and looked back to Angel, clearing her throat a little. She felt like she was on fire, and Angel's hands and mouth were the fire suppression system. "Let's go."

And let's hurry...


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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten:

With mutual assurances of 'no offense intended or taken' from all three parties, Natalie found herself relaxing further, seated between the two gentlemen, listening to them banter back and forth. She realized that both of them were considerably older than her, and it made her feel self conscious about her rank again in a way she had not felt since she'd first been promoted, after Chief Hendricks' untimely demise. She was well aware that most people did not get the rank of Lt. Cmdr. before they had turned 30.

In a moment of stark - no pun intended - realization, she had to amend her train of thought. Most people did not advance that high before the Dominion War. Even years after it ended, Stafleet's ranks were full of officers well below the previously established recommended age and service tenure notations. Hers wasn't the only jacket that had more pips than one would expect.

Then again, Kirk was a Captain by 30, over a century ago. And Jean-Luc Picard was only a year older than I was, when he took command of the legendary Stargazer, half a century ago. She shook her head, pulled from her ruminations by something one of the men said. The alcohol was playing havoc with her ability to focus.

"Again, I have to say sitting here on the side lines I find both of your talents quite impressive."

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 [ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @DocReno 

It seemed that Parnak had finally played the game long enough to warrant feedback. Either that, or they have finally reached a subject in which the Andorian could suitably mark against – himself. Listening to the reply, Parnak kept a small smile on his lips. There were elements that Parnak had gotten wrong, and some he still felt he had hit entirely on the head. Even if the Lieutenant didn’t want to admit it.

One thing that did concern him was the fact that apparently Parnak had spent enough time with the Andorian to give justification to a first name basis. After all the time he had spent in the Federation, Silim forgot about how quickly other species adopted informality. There were many customs and social cues that he still needed to learn, or at least remember on a regular basis. As Lieutenant Ch’Rayya declared Parnak a member of a now derelict, if not destroyed, vessel, he couldn’t help but grin wider.

“Kendrick was certainly something wasn’t he?” What he was exactly, Parnak chose not to elaborate on. He was distracted instead by hearing the comment from the human at the table, turning, Parnak extended a hand to take hers in his.

“Now now, my dear. There is no corner of any room across this quadrant where you could ever be described as on the sideline.” It was cheesy, Parnak knew that, but he hoped it would work. After all, if terrible lines didn’t work in a bar, where would they work? Summoning his inner thespian, he continued. “Be that as it may, forgive me and my cobalt companion. It appears we got swept up in our games and neglected your company.”

Glancing down towards his glass, he found it empty, along with most of the bar. It appeared they were on the cusp of outstaying their welcome, and as interesting as a barkeep as this ship had. He didn’t want to find himself on the wrong side of those claws. Instead, he used the opportunity to formulate a plan.

“Let me make it up to you by walking you back to your quarters. As much as I’d enjoy hearing Andorian stories of old and even singing songs of my own success, it is getting late and I couldn’t bear to think of you being unescorted.”

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: @Brutus @Arista @Even Angels Cry

Keval listened to the Cardassian's comments and nodded respectfully, "Kendrick was one hell of a unique person, one of the very few people that I could actually call one of my best friends to be honest." he explained with a wistful smile on his face.

The smile then shifted as he looked at Natalie as she talked, his left hand cover her non-injured one as he smiled at her as he was feeling rather good, slightly loose but definitely good at the moment and when he placed his hand over her's, he could feel the heat rising off of her skin and it made him smile a bit more warmly. "We all have talents that are rather impressive, Natalie, please don't mind me showing off a little bit on your behalf." he said in  a warm tone. "I'm sure that you have a talent that could blow me out of the water to be quite frank."

When Parnak started to speak again, he nodded in agreement that they indeed had let the little game that they had been playing that originally had been just Keval and Natalie which then added Parnak distract him from what really was going on.

Keval tilted his head to the right a little bit while his antenna tilted a little bit more to the left as he took in Parnak's latest words and he even chuckled at the other man telling stories of old Andorian stories or singing songs about Parnak's past accomplishments, but at that point Keval simply shook his head and said "I'm afraid that some of my best stories I couldn't tell because they are classified and as much as I respect your gumption, Parnak, I'm afraid that I doubt your ability to sing would come close to my late friend Doctor Querl T'Naga and his complete arias about science...which might in truth put our dear Natalie here to sleep.." he continued, turning to face the human.

A ray of light from the nebula outside fluxed at the right moment and cast Natalie in what could only be considered a perfect light as it made her shoulder length dark brown hair into that of a light mocha brown and her dark eyes seem to glitter, showing off her inner beauty and intelligence as well as framing her naturally wonderful curves.

Keval swallowed lightly against a dry throat as he turned in his chair just enough to move his left hand to the left side of her face to tilt it to face his fully before he leaned in and kissed her fully on those lovely rose pink lips, letting his appreciation of her beauty and intelligence flow through him and into the kiss.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista @DocReno 

Her drink was perilously close to being empty - which would mean that it was near enough time for Natalie to excuse herself. She wouldn't let the last of the wine go to waste. No, she told herself, not realizing how hazy things around her had become. Not going to waste this. She carefully brought the glass of wine up to her lips and tipped it back, trying to be delicate about it as she sipped it down. Her throat contracted, the wine hitting the back of her tongue, and then slid on away, until the glass was empty. T'was then that Parnak turned and took the hand that had just deposited the now empty glass into his own.

Yet again, she was aware of the difference in body temperature, and texture, between a Cardassian's hand and a humans. Fascinating she thought in an almost detached fashion. She settled back into her chair and smiled up at the civilian, feeling more than a little flush. You know, maybe drinking the whole bottle of wine wasn't your smartest move Nat. She shrugged the thought off and allowed herself to indulge in enjoying the attention. The last man that had paid her that kind of attention or compliments - well, best not to thank of Rory. She didn't want to think of him, in this bar. Nope, not tonight. Not ever again, the poor, poor man. It hurt too much.

Regardless, Natalie allowed first Parnak, and then Keval, joining in, to reassure and - yes, clearly - flatter her. It was nice, the attention, if unexpected. After making such a fool of herself earlier in the evening, it was reassuring that she was not a complete loss. "You're both terrible sweeter than you need to be," she told them, impressed at the lack of slurring when it came to her words. She was worried that standing up soon would betray her inebriated state. "You needn't worry about my feeling neglected. Honestly, its been a delight to watch the two of you flex your intellectual muscles." She said that as much to Silim as to Keval, turning her gaze from one to the other as she spoke.

Eventually, both hands were in the embrace of the aliens. True, she was embarrassed over the small cut on her injured hand, in Silim's grasp, but all the same, she ignored it, and allowed herself to marvel in the varying differences between both alien men. She felt moderately ashamed at her initial statement upon seeing the Cardassian Scientist. She felt she owed the man an apology, not that she had actually said or done anything wrong. Perhaps a follow up meal at a later date. Yes, yes that would seem to be the best idea. Most certainly. I wonder what Cardassian's eat for breakfast? Do they even eat breakfast? and what about Andorians? her mind began to wander, the equivalent of mental babbling. I'm sure I saw Lt. zh'Whan eating breakfast once...or was it lunch?.

She focused back in as they talked about stories they could - or in Kevals case couldn't - tell. Bubbly as she was, the brunette let out a giggle, and then a yawn, subconsciously picking up on the word 'sleep.' Face a bit flushed, she shook her head to side from side, "I'm certain that wouldn't be the case, Lieutenant. I doubt you or the Doctor could ever be accused of being dull." There was a pause, and then, "But i suppose I can't really say for sure about this T'naga." She shrugged, both hands occupied now and feeling a bit odd, as if pulled in multiple directions.

And tired. The wine was hitting her hard, making her feel warm, safe, but sleepy. And it seemed that Dr. Parnak was giving her an out! Archaically charming perhaps - as if she needed an escort! Charming all the same, however. But before Natalie could reply to the generous offer from the astute scientist, she felt slim fingers touching her cheek. She was proud that she didn't yelp, but her confusion passed across her face as her head was turned.

"Did i miss somethi--!" her words had been slow to begin with and were utterly cut off by the press of lips, foreign but not unpleasant, on hers. Of course, she might have been more welcome to the kiss had she realized it was about to happen. There may have been more response to the practiced gesture than a squeak of surprise. And embarrassingly high pitched (if muffled) squeak. If the Ops Chief had been red before, she was a practical stand in for a tomato now.

He knows how to kiss she thought to herself in surprise. She felt her hand tighten more in Silim's grasp, as she struggled to process. And failed. Spectacularly. Her mind just would not connect what was going on with her. The kiss did end, and she sagged back in her chair, brain still slightly shorted out. "Oh my. Um...dear me...the time....look at the time." She stammered. Time to leave time to leeeeeave her brain suggested, but her legs were having a bit of trouble complying and funny thing, her hands were still being held onto by two striking men.

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 [ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @DocReno 

It was hard not to get riled at the situation unfurling itself. Either this was another of the Andorian’s tests or he was just lousy at picking his time to strike. Attempting to prey on an obviously intoxicated girl was bad form, expected of those frequenting the poor man’s taverns. Of all the things Silim had seen in his time in the Federation, alongside the stories he had heard during the time of Federation ‘help’ during the rebuilding of Cardassia, he guessed it wasn’t to be surprised that some people did not always have altruistic motives to heart but that didn’t mean he had to like it. If Parnak was such a creature with erectile hairs along his neck, he certainly would have his hackles raised. In the end though, all he knew was he wasn’t going to allow himself to get sidelined in such an event.

“Let’s get you home, my dear, and leave our friend to reflect on his actions.” He said, as piously as he could muster, attempting to scoop Stark’s hand away from the Lieutenant. Turning to stare down the red shirted officer, he couldn’t help but throw a jibe of his own. “We certainly wouldn’t want some of us to fall towards our more basic urges now, do we?”

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: @Brutus @Arista

When the kiss ended and Natalie's words hit his ears at the same time as the realization of what he had just done made him not only  let go of her hand but also moved away from Natalie with a look of honest surprise on his face which is also reflected by the movements of his antenna.

"I'm sorry about that, Natalie." he said in an honest yet nervous tone. "I promise that I wasn't trying to take advantage or anything, I was just swept up in a moment.."

But before he could finish, he felt an unfamiliar ice cold flash of rage cut through him at Parnak's words which made his head snap to look at the cardassian and fix him with a hard look. "I'm not that kind of *man*." he stated firmly with a look of actual remorse in his eyes as he had honestly gotten wrapped up in the moment rather then any planned action even though he did find the human woman attractive.

He then turned to look at Natalie again, "I'm sorry if I've offended you."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista @DocReno 

Natalie was flustered, sloshed, and maintaining a death grip on poor Dr. Parnak's hand. Which wasn't very fair to the Cardassian but at the moment the Operations Chief needed some stability, some grounding. Her head was swimming with alcohol and now her lips were swollen from the kiss. Her cheeks were a dark, dark red on her porcelain pale skin. It was a really good kiss.... No one had kissed her since Rory. Which seemed like a lifetime ago, a brief, but intense moment, that could have been something much more. If he hadn't died for me

The room blurred for a moment, and Natalie shook her head to clear herself. She allowed Silim to draw her to her feet, and sucked in a breath through her nose. She'd made such a fool of herself tonight, and she just kept screwing up. She would at least walk out of the room without falling over, she decided. She refused to allow herself to fail to that extent. IF that meant relying on Silim Parnak to keep her upright, she'd do so.

But there was still Lt. Keval ch'Reyya - the fascinating Tactical officer that had perhaps just taken one liberty too many for the night. he looked up at her with sorrow in his eyes. Or at least she thought it was sorrow. Maybe it was lust and she was simply too addled by the affects of real alcohol, that couldn't be shaken off like the synthahol she was used to. If that were the case....and even if it wasn't, but because it might be, she reasoned, she should not allow things to go further.

"Its fine," she told him. She didn't slur her words. That was something. A lucky break, she decided."I think....I think I may have indulged a bit too much. And that I really, really, really shouldn't be indulging in anything else right now. Including getting caught up in the moment." The man had a drink or two. She had had....more. Silim Parnak seemed to be in possession of his facilities. It was hard to say if Lt. ch'Reyya was, and doubly so for herself. Leaving was good. Leaving was rational. No harm, no found, she decided, without realizing that she was going around in mental circles. "its fine."

Swallowing, she turned her gaze to the Cardassian. Didn't jump. that was good. "I don't think he meant to offend," Natalie murmured, as if that explained everything. "Home is a good idea.'

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @DocReno 

There was a small part of Parnak that felt sorry for the man. He had obviously gotten wrapped up in the situation and made a fool out of himself – especially as alcohol had been involved. It was easy to understand what had happened and empathize, but Silim wasn’t there to make the Andorian feel better about himself. He had an agenda to accomplish, one he thought he might not have been able to complete and now was so very close.

The girl had made it to her feet. That was good, that meant she was willing to let him take her back. He didn’t want to leave her to wobble her own way home because, after all, Silim Parnak was a gentleman and a scholar. Keeping one hand in hers, he brought the other to gently rest on her shoulder. As he started them on their first steps, Silim to a side look over his shoulder to the Andorian and gave a small but obviously predatory grin.

“Goodnight Lieutenant.” He wanted to say more but decided against it. Andorians, even one such as sedate as ch’Reyya, were a proud and aggressive people. Silim had noticed the glare he had received, the fire burning behind those cold blue eyes. It was a shame, Parnak concluded. He had a number of entertaining quips to hand, but it wouldn’t do to get into a fight when a damsel needed him so.

Guiding the human to the door was an easy task and as the door clicked shut behind them, Parnak chuckled at the situation before him.

“I don’t imagine that was how you expect this evening to go?” The question was pretty hypothetical, but he prepared himself for a response. It wasn’t difficult to understand why any warm or cold blooded male would be interested, Stark was attractive and her hands were delicately soft, smooth and warm – even if she gripped a little too hard. Nothing a touch of relaxation couldn’t help. Gently he massaged a thumb into her shoulder, soft enough so not to think of give off the impression of anything untoward, but hard enough to hopefully elicit a vocal response.

The turbolift doors parted as the pair arrived towards them. The waiting car the first in two steps to get the girl home. Silim realized that he had no idea which deck or section his destination was on, but in the end, this was a Federation ship and as such, it didn’t matter. All he needed was to speak, and he did in his smooth and dulcet tones.

“Natalie Stark’s Quarters.” He ordered and the lift complied. Whisking them away.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista 

A guilty feeling bubbled about in the pit of Natalie's stomach. Silim Parnak was being the definition of a gentleman, and Natalie was being a damned lush. She didn't fall, at any point on the way  to the turbolift. But there was no way, she reasoned, that she should be enjoying that relaxing caress between her shoulder blades. Because she was enjoying it, and it was relaxing. Very much so. She felt herself slump forward ever so slightly at the touch, and had to suck in a slow breath through her nose to steady herself. Or as steadied as she could manage.

I don't deserve it she thought to herself, not bitterly, but more, fatalistic. Not for how she'd left Lt. ch'Reyaa worried - though perhaps he should have been - and not for how she'd been behaving all evening, from the very moment she'd walked into Below Decks, so very far from the bridge - and her quarters.

Realizing that Dr. Parnak had said something and she had not answered, Natalie screwed up her face and replayed the conversation in her mind. Slowly. Enlightenment blossomed on her face as she shook her head from side to side. "Noooope," she agreed, straightening up. Or at least she thought she did, as she adjusted the front of her skirt and tugged her jacket back into place (it wasn't out of place to begin with). Then she swept her hair back from her reddened face, as the turbolift made its way to the senior officers quarter block where Natalie was bunking. "This is not at all how I thought the night would go. In fact, this is not at all how I thought the day would go either. To be fair," She frowned, forgetting what she was going to say. then recalling it.

"Ah yes. Too be fair, I thought i'd be dead. So that is a good thing. Not being dead, you understand," she told Silim, wagging a finger at him. "Making a fool of myself in front of two dis..dis...distinguished gentlemen was not on the schedule. Having our ex first officer turn traitor to us and butcher the message we were going to broadcast was also not in the plan. Not at all. Nope. Now we look even more like the traitors we've been accused of being." She sullenly pouted.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus 

“I have found that not being dead tends be a positive.” Silim replied, amused at the girl. He managed to avoid the waggling of the finger. “I can’t say much to the rest of it though. I’ve met traitors and you don’t look like one.”

Silim smiled down to the girl watching him with wide doe eyes. There was a good foot of difference between the two but, all in all, he didn’t mind. It did make it difficult to try to subtly smell her hair. Ever since she had flung her hair back in a sweeping motion, he had been curious about those dark curls. Would they be as soft as they looked? What Shampoo did she use? Was it earthy like a Cardassian’s or more of that putrid, over the top, flowery smell? He fought the urge to just bend and take a lock between his fingers. All in time. Instead he distracted himself with small talk as the turbolift whirred them gently to their destination.

“So, what do you do for entertainment my dear?” Silim couldn’t help but tease a little, a wicked grin over his lips. “Besides occasionally imbibing too much?”

Before the human would reply, the doors parted. They had arrived. Instead of continuing with the gentle massaging, Silim brought his hand down, sliding through the nook of her elbow, taking her arm in his. It was, after all, a much more cultured way to walk.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista 

A tremble ran across the lip that had been so perfectly pouted, as Natalie processed the rather kind words about death and treachery that Dr. Parnak imparted upon the alcohol addled Operations Chief. At that precise moment, she very much felt her age - her relative youth. It burned her with shame. Something she would have to over come, and fast. An officer and a Lady did not burst into tears in a turbolift. Even if said lady was wobbly, and having a hard time focusing on anything. The kindness mattered though. It helped. Who would have thought it would come from a member of a species that had been at war with the Federation not so terribly long ago? Never judge a book by its covers, nor a Cardassian by his scales, she thought, trying not to giggle.

For what it would be worth, should Silim get his fingers into Natalie's tresses, he'd find that while her hair did not smell of soil or dirt, nor sandalwood or lavender.  She'd taken to a specific formula that she'd found on Earth, that was - to her nose - reminiscent of the smells of the air wafting over the bay in San Francisco. Cool, crisp, a hint of salt. Not at all flowery.

T'wast neither here nor there, but as the Cardassian tucked Natalie's arm into his, he might have had the opportunity to catch a whiff. After all, she as leaning heavily on the Doctors arm, trying not to stumble as she shuffled along, skirts swaying with each shambling step. Her head tilted back a bit and to the side, catching the mans eyes and scrunching her face up. It wasn't a long walk by any means, to her quarters, but she filled it with a bit of babble.

"Drawing," she admitted easily enough. "I like to draw. Technical stuff mostly." She slurred a bit of the last word there, but sucked in a deep breath, working to steady herself. "Diagrams and designs; work flows for power grids, refining the efficiency of the plasma flow and that kind of thing." Natalie sounded quite pleased with herself. "And then there's the - oh wait -" she waved her hands about for a moment, bringing them to a stop. "Its this one.

"Anyways, there are the novels," she said as she walked right into the doors. Thankfully, they whisked open, Thea's internal sensors recognizing the owner of the suite and allowing her to enter without smashing her face into the doors. "My humble aboad. No wait, abode. It's an abode." She nodded, spinning and walking backwards, arms out wide - nearly tripping over a spare boot.

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It was thoroughly pleasant walking with this human, even she did occasionally falter. Silim listened with close intent as she described how she described her art. It was something he was envious of. Although he had the eidetic memory associated with a good Cardassian education, he could not translate what he remembered perfectly onto paper. He knew it needed continual practice, but there were only so many wonky legged riding hounds that a child could draw before he would hang up his easel. 

And then there were the novels. Novels, he smiled, what brilliance. So young and yet so talented. The ability to draw, write and do whatever it was that she did to endow her with the yellow undershirt she wore. Announcing her quarters, Parnak scanned the room quickly. The living area was larger than that he had been assigned with the Romulan. He felt a further pang of envy, he knew it would be very unusual for Stark to have a roommate. Even if she did, he doubted they would be as irritating.

When the human pulled away, he let her go. Watching as she spun and began walking backwards, directly into a careless discarded shoe. As she toppled, he stepped forward like a flash - taking her by the wrist in one hand and pulling her in. His other hand wrapped around the waist. They were close now, almost touching in an embrace rather than a way to stop her falling. In such proximity, he couldn’t help but revel. His nostrils filled with the sharp, slightly salty, aroma. This girl wasn’t all she appeared to be, he concluded. How surprising. 

“My, my, what do we have here?” He asked, staring deep into the girl’s blue pools. The pause and silence almost palpable. Time seemed to drag on, until with a sharp movement, he broke the spell.

Twisting to the side, he brought up the hand he held by the wrist, looking over the palm. “You appear to have once hurt yourself. How long ago was this?”

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Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista 

The scene was textbook. Or perhaps, 'romance book' would have been a better description, because that what it felt like to Natalie . One moment she'd been careening backwards, then she was supported, hair spilling back towards the floor, in the strong arms of an older man. She'd read the scene a hundred times before. The Cardasssian Doctor could have been the strange, mysterious foreign  interest come to sweep the female lead off her feet at just the right moment.

Her brown tresses kissed the floor of her quarters, some of the largest outside of the XO, Captains, and VIP berthings.And then she was swept right backup, hauled in what seemed liked an effortless fashion to her feet, to rest in the mans embrace. He had a rather wide chest, or so she thought, reality non-withstanding. She glanced up, and met the warm chocolate brown eyes, gazing back down at her.

"My, my, what do we have here?" He asked, so close she could feel the words on her lips. He was close enough...I swear, if he kisses me I shall simply faint. Just like one of those damsels in the books her mind raced. Always fainting at the drop of a dime. A handsome man leans in and they faint dead away in his arms. Starfleet officers Do. Not. Faint. Cmdr. Trent would have my pips if i did something like that. Oh, God if he does I'll -

Her erratic train of thought abruptly crashed as the doctor set her mostly to rights, turning his attention to the mess that was her hand. The angry cut, the slight bruising around the edges. The mostly dried up blood. Oh....oh damn. Her head was swimming again, from the alcohol, from the close contact, and now, from embarrassment.

"Its' nothing," she told him as she ordered her hand to pull away from his grip. Except the orders got confused somewhere along the path between her intoxicated brain and the limb in question, which sat limply and fully on display in the low light of her quarters, still in Silim's strong grasp. Swallowing, Natalie babbled out the answer to his question.

"It happened earlier this evening." The words were rushed together, and she swallowed a bit, running her tongue over the tops of her teeth, behind her closed lips.

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“Well, that won’t do.” Silim uttered simply, a small frown adding a further crinkle to his supraorbital ridge. He’d already saved her from an, albeit accidental, lecherous Andorian, he certainly wasn’t to let this exquisite, delicate flower be tarnished.

Normally, Parnak would just direct her to the right area. Sickbay was there to help, but if she hadn’t been already, then it was unlikely that she would go tonight. Besides, he had already done so much. He had the skills. What was wrong with going that little bit further? If it helped him get what he wanted, then certainly it shouldn’t be a problem.

Still holding her around the waist, Parnak turned and lead her to the couch. It was a slow, clumsy dance without music, but he didn’t mind. She was, after all, pleasing to touch. Moving his hand to her shoulder, he applied gentle but firm pressure in a non-verbal indicator to sit.

When Stark settled into the chair, Parnak couldn’t help but smirk. Apparently, the difference between the two allowed the optimal height between her face and his crotch. On any other night that would be enough, he would remain standing and see if she took the hint. Silim had no doubt that she was very dutiful, but he had other things to accomplish. Crouching onto one knee, he took Stark’s damaged hand in his again, giving it another look over in the low light of the messy quarters.

“This.” He commented with a mischievous glint in his eye. “I can fix this. Do you have a medkit nearby?”

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Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista 

Embaressement flooded Natalie all over again as she tried to protest that she didn't need any help to make it across her room. It was her quarters and she was a Starfleet officer - she had to be in full possession of her facilities. Of course, she stumbled over something or another she had left on the floor (never had visitors, why bother to clean?) and ended up pressing herself around Silim Parnak's midsection, her breasts compressed nicely, forming something of a cushion for her. "Sorry," she managed to murmur as she straightened up a bit and allowed the older Cardassian man to lead her to the couch.

A few gentle touches, a bit of guidance, and she was now sitting on the edge of it, stairing, unfocused for a moment, into the far distance. Her mind was telling her off for drinking too much, while the rest of her was telling that voice to shut up cause the nice gentelman was speaking. She blinked and refocused and realized that she was stairnig directly at his crotch. Her face went scarlet as she started to imagine what might might be underneath. Would Silim's....would he be as long as Nicanders had? She hadn't really seen him, so much as felt, but still, she knew it had been big.

Would it have scales?

Thank God he'd crouched down at that point and spared Natalie any more trouble. "You don't have to you know,' she managed not to slur the words as she looked from him to her wounded hand, and bit her plump lower lip. Indecision was plain on her face, as her eyes began to dart around the room. He was being so kind..."I do have a med kit," she admitted, and gestured with her other hand to the opened alcove that led to her bedroom. Or more pointedly, to the small compartment next to the door.  He'd still see the mess that was her sleeping berth but that couldnt' be helped.

"Port side bulkhead by the arch. Emergency Medkit." She informed him, hoping that the bedroom wasn't covered in discarded clothes and underwear. But Natalie knew herself, and even drunk, she was fairly certian that her sleeping area was a war zone of lacy clutter waging battled against uniform standard blacks and grays.

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When the girl told him that he didn’t have to, he knew. A smile was enough of a reply to let her know that was the case. Silim Parnak didn’t have to do anything. He didn’t have to be here. He could waste away his days fliting between the holodeck and various bars of this ship. That, whilst enjoyable, would be a waste of his talents.

Following the instructions, Silim stood, raising himself so that once again his crotch was face level, before twisting and heading in the right direction. The low light of the cabin was quite pleasant, though there was still a chill to the air, at least by Cardassian standards. Carefully avoiding what Parnak assumed was the partner to the boot that tripped Stark earlier, he sidestepped into her sleeping area.

Brilliant and beautiful she may be, Natalie Stark was a bit of a slob. That was, unless there had been some form of explosive decompression of her wardrobe. Carefully he evaded entangling himself in the various pieces of clothing that lay abandoned and collected the medkit before returning to the girl in a similar fashion to how he left. Kneeling down, he clicked open the box and looked over the various tools that Starfleet deemed appropriate for an emergency.

Gently, he took a hold of her injured hand, placing the back of it, onto his left palm. The warmth was glorious, and her skin was so smooth. She must take care of herself, even if she didn’t take care of her quarters. As he retrieved the dermal regenerator from the kit, he couldn’t help but imagine stark through the doors at the sleeping birth, lazing decadently in a steaming bath, hot water pouring over delicate porcelain skin. Carefully he swallowed, pushing the memory aside and turned on the device, moving it in a deliberate circular motion over her wound.

“People think that dermal regenerators are just a ‘wave and go’ tool, but there is art to this science. How you move and twist changes how it heals. Poor use can end up with scarring not matter how much you use it.” The Starfleet dermal regenerators were a different shape to the Cardassian versions he had used so often, but they still worked the same. He had closed many surgical openings onto various specimens.  The aim was if they didn’t know there was a wound, they couldn’t very well chew out a tracker, could they?

“You’ll be pleased to know, once I’m done with you, it’ll be as if nothing even happened.” He smirked, looking towards the brunette.

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Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @Arista 

In the back of her mind, Natalie knew that Parnak was seeing the quagmire of clothing that was her bedroom, and she could feel a heat crawl up the back of her neck, underneath her dark locks of hair.  Her eyes lingered as he entered to retrieve the medkit contained within, and her alcohol addled mind refused to quiet, summoning up all kinds of inappropriate images. She knew damn well - or thought she did - that any replicated...devices were well and truly hidden. At worse he might find a bra or two, or something lacy strung over part of the desk where it shouldn't be. Really it wouldn't be that bad.


A blink of an eye and then there was Silim, kneeling in front of her again, medkit spread open at her feet. Natalie swallowed and willed the heat out of her cheeks, to little avail. Other inappropriate thoughts teased at the back of her mind - she was wearing a skirt. I would be very easy...Her legs clamped shut, as if a they were a vault door locking tight. Nat prayed he didn't pick up on the motion as he sifted through the tools in the emergency kit. As inebriated as she was, Natalie knew she'd have little luck herself in trying to mend the tear in her hand.

But cool hands took hers in his, and turned the tattered flesh of her palm face up. To her pleasant surprise, there was no judgement in his eyes. She had felt plenty earlier, at the bar, even before she did something as foolish as slicing her hand open. Or letting the suave Andorian officer from the Resolve kiss you at the same time the equally suave Cardassian scientist was trying She shrugged the fuzzy thought away and tried to focus on what he was saying now, talking about the proper use of a dermal regenerator.

"It tingles," she confessed. It wasn't the first time she'd felt one, of course, but it was the first time she'd been intoxi - drunk. She was drunk. Dressing it up with fancy words did not take away from the reality. She was drunk, and a stranger was kneeling at her feet fixing her hand.

"I'll know. I was very stupid, and I'll know," she whispered. "Tried to make a point. Foolishly. Still," She smiled at him as bit by bit the cut sealed up, "Thank you. You're very sweet to help someone you barely know."

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus 

Down on one knee, Parnak had the choice of any view. It would be easy to fall into the same trap as Keval. So easy to reach out and caress a smooth inner thigh, to feel the softness against his palm. She wouldn’t object that much if he took it higher, and if he played his cards right, a taste of whatever sweet nectar was hiding within her delicate folds. The proposition wouldn’t take excessive work. He shifted his balance in preparation of the manoeuvre when he caught himself.

Did he really want to like the Andorian? So desperate for prey that he’d take low hanging fruit? No. He was better than that. He was a scientist, a gentleman and a scholar. The majority of the bottle of Kanar from earlier was impairing his judgement more than he had realised. Best keep to the original plan and focus on the task at hand.

Watching carefully as the flesh reknitted and melded, he was only seconds of completing his treatment.

“Foolish? Most definitely.” He said commenting on her interpretations of the evening. “Still, sometimes a little drama can accentuate your point.”

His work was finished, besides a little dried blood that would wash away, it was as if she hadn’t been injured at all. He had healed the cut and bruising completely. 

“Next time though, lay off the self-mutilation.” He said with a wide smirk, bringing up the dermal regenerator, Silim used it to give her a light tap on the forehead in a hope that his advice would sink in. It didn’t take long to repack the case, and Parnak tucked it under his arm as he rose to feet. Only one thing left to do.

“Now, my dear.” Parnak said, offering out a hand to help Stark to her feet.  “Off to bed with you.”

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Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten:

Never once did it cross Natalie's mind in the moment that the way she held her legs, slightly ajar, could have afforded Silim quite the view. Or the ease of access. Things were blurring, more and more by that point, settling into a heavy sort of haze. She felt warmth, all over her body, seemingly to radiate out of the palm of her hand, where the dermal regenerator stitched her flesh back together. Those deep pools of her eyes seemed to go slightly unfocused in the moment, and her mouth hung open, lips swollen slightly from that kiss before.

And then there was a rap on her head and she blinked in surprise, coming back to herself. Mostly.  She heard the remnants of the Cardassian's admonishment echoing in her head and she gave a slow nod. "No self-mutilation," Nat agreed quietly, curling her fingertips into her palm and rubbing the now tender - but whole flesh. Amazing what one could do with a bit of skill with the proper tool. Natalie could repair an ODN conduit flawlessly, but she knew if she had tried to knit her flesh, there would have remained a scar there on her palm. Silim Parnak had plied her flesh like an artist. It had probably been a waste of his talent, fixing her like that. And yet he'd taken the time, and she was grateful for it.

"I, um, Bed?" She asked, face screwed up a bit in confusion. Bed made a certain amount of sense, and she was quite tired. She gave a few nods, her hair falling more and more loose about her shoulders now, her face flushed. With what she hoped was a fluid motion (it wasn't) she rose up to her feet. The room swam around her - or maybe it was just her head that swam? Nat shut her eyes and waited for things to follow. "yes yes, we should...bed. bed is good. Sleep is good." She turned about , spun and nearly fell as she settled in on the direction of her chambers.


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