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Day 18 [0800 hrs.] Returning Wolf Leader


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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves
In retrospect, Rawley couldn't believe her plan had actually worked. Yet when the message waited for her that morning, when brushing her teeth and opening her computer console... it had been made official.

Subject: Lieutenant Commander Jaru Rel - Squadron Commanding Officer
To: USS Theurgy Crew
From: CO, Captain Jien Ives

I am pleased to announce the reinstatement of Lieutenant Commander Jaru Rel to Squadron Commanding Officer of the Tactical CONN Department. Jaru has served in the position prior, and the decision for Lieutenant Commander Thomas Ravon to step down as squad leader for the Lone Wolves was made due to personal reasons and in accord with protocol. Ravon will continue to serve in the squadron as Flight Leader, and a new squad chart will be announced today at 0800 hrs. in the Fighter Assault Bay briefing room. All Lone Wolves whom are not indisposed by other duties are hereby summoned to attend this briefing, but those who are unavailable will be sent a holo-recording.

Congratulations are in order for Lieutenant Commander Jaru Rel on his reinstatement and I consider it a privilege to welcome him back to the Lone Wolves and the Senior Staff.

Best Regards,

Captain Jien Ives
Commanding Officer, USS Theurgy
Shit! That's in two bloody minutes! she realised with eyes widening, and threw her toothbrush in the direction from whence she'd come - making it ricochet off her sink. Still having been loitering around in her panties, she quickly got a pair of uniform trousers on, pulled on a white tank top, and then stomped her bare feet into a pair of duty boots. She was running her arms through the sleeves of her flight jacket when she bolted down the corridor to the turbolifts, and soon enough, she was joining the other Lone Wolves in the throng that filed into the Tac CONN briefing room. She followed Javert, Corsair, Emerald and Chaos through the sliding doors and threw herself into her allotted seat, facing the podium and the pulpit. She was so used to seeing her wingmate - Razor - there by then, but instead, he was seated off to the side, in the same rows of chairs the rest of the squad occupied. She met his eyes, and to her great relief, he smiled quietly and inclined his head in greeting.

She was, actually, happy to put the past behind them even though he'd thrown her into the brig a few days ago. When he did, after the shenanigans she'd been up to with Shadow, his conduct had made it plain how much the loss of Lieutenant Praise had worn on him. That, along with the losses of Wolves under his command had turned him into a dead man walking, with no hope left in his eyes, burdened by his responsibilities. Since Janus had visited Rawley as soon as he was discharged from sickbay, Rawley was fairly certain that Janus had told Razor who'd pushed Medical to re-visit treatment options. Rawley done so from the brig at first, sending messages to all the medical officers she knew, and then continued to do so when she'd been moved to house arrest in her quarters. She'd learned that it was V-Nine who'd been able to propose alternative treatment for the crew in medical stasis, and while she had little trust for Savi droids, she'd started to correspond with her. It? Whatever. She'd had to apologise profusely for interrupting that surgery when she'd been partying with Shadow, but eventually, they had been on speaking terms, and Rawley had insisted on making Janus' case file a priority.

Of course, she'd hoped that Razor would see the merit of handing the command of the Lone Wolves back to Janus, in how it was a win for everyone involved, but she had no idea to what extent he was aware of his shortcomings until that moment, when he gave her that smile. His brow was smoother and he was looking more at ease already, reminding her about the Razor she used to know, before they'd lost Iron-Fox and he'd been promoted to Wolf Leader. In answer to that knowing smile he gave her across the briefing room, she gave him a wide grin back and raised two fingers in a peace-sign, happy to let bygones be bygones.

By 0800 hrs., the Lone Wolves able to attend the briefing had gathered, and Rawley couldn't wait to see Janus back at the podium again. She hoped that, by getting the original Wolf Leader back at the head of the squad, they'd have a fighting chance to see the mission though to its end. Together, and with as minimal losses as possible.

OOC: All writers with Lone Wolves whom are available should attend this briefing, in which Jaru Rel takes over the squad and shows the new Squad Org Chart. You can post in this thread at any given point, without a set posting order unless set at a later time. The next poster here, unless anyone beats her to it, is @rae ! Have fun!

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[Lt. Reggie Suder, callsign "Gemini" | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: Lone Wolves

It was her day off damnit.   She was not on call.   She was supposed to be meeting with Victor in a couple of hours to run him through Exo Suit training.   That alone was enough to fill the day and keep her otherwise off duty.   But no.   Instead of being able to sleep in an extra hour or so, she had been summoned to the FAB Briefing room for the reinstatement of the Theurgy's original CAG.  The same CAG who had unceremoniously helped himself to her ship yesterday.   She was still a bit salty about that, even though that had gone a little better than expected.

Still she was off duty, so when Reggie rolled into the briefing room, she felt no guilt showing up in her tank top and a set of  squadron warmups.   A few of the pilots were already there- Ghost, Javert, Corsair, Emerald, Chaos.  Athen was also there ahead of her and had, as usual saved her a seat.

Any clue about the new guy?

A few.  I met him yesterday and ended up taking him on a ride along.

And you didn't call me?  I'm offended.

It was a ride along.  He made a decent non combat RIO.  Can't replace you though.

Your opinion?

Jury is still out.

She settled into her seat and unzipped her hoodie, leaving the hood over her head as she waited for the briefing to start.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves

When the message went out, Janus couldn’t help but feel like this was overkill. He understood why it was necessary. He’d even been the one to suggest this morning’s briefing when he, Razor, and the Captain had been finalizing this change of command last night. This was normal procedure. He didn’t even know most of the pilots on the roster anymore. There needed to be a proper introduction. But it still felt ridiculous. From Janus’ perspective, he’d only been off duty for two days.

He’d entered the room from the adjoining office a few minutes before 0800, leaning against the side wall with his arms crossed as he watched them enter. He made no attempt to hide it. They’d all be looking for him anyway, and it wasn’t like he blended in, with three pips weighing down his collar and Cardassian heritage shadowing his face. Janus was here for a first impression of them as much as they were of him. He marked each entrant, scanning them with green eyes so dark they were nearly black, mentally pairing them with the photos off the crew roster. Javert, Emerald, Chaos.

Some of them he already knew. He almost laughed to see Troubleshooter, the other half Bajoran who had defected to the officer corps and was called Corsair now. A good choice, training their test pilot to fill the squad’s ranks. Janus would have suggested the same. There was Gemini, who he’d met yesterday while examining the new fighters they’d filled the wolves’ ranks with, hidden beneath a hoodie. Ghost, freed from house arrest and looking none the worse for wear. The impetuous pilot had effectively staged a coup, working from a cell to get his medical file in front of that robot they had doing surgery. Based on the silent communications going on between her and Razor, there weren’t any hard feelings. And of course, Razor, sitting in the crowd instead of behind the podium. He didn’t look happy, exactly. That would take time. But to Janus’ eyes he looked lighter than yesterday, as though a weight had finally been lifted from his shoulders.

His only intent in hunting Razor down had been to beg for a fighter and a place — any place — in the squad. Janus wasn’t a fool. He understood how these things work. He’d been critically injured, out of commission for an indefinite time, and there were still battles to be fought. They never would have waited for him. He would have thought less of Captain Ives for doing so, and Ives hadn’t kept them alive for those first harrowing months by being an idiot. They were all replaceable. Janus didn’t expect his job back. He just wanted to do something.

He didn’t do well with inaction. Never had, spending his whole life going from one battle to the next. It was the only way Janus knew how to function. He’d spent the whole day in the fighter bay, finding something to occupy himself with. For all of his issues — Prophets help him, there were many — Janus knew his own mind. Left to his own devices, he was sure he’d eventually end up in the brig, beating Lucan cin Nicander to a pulp. He was fairly certain that there must be some reason the traitor hadn’t been shoved out an airlock yet, Janus had determined that he needed to be clearheaded enough to steer clear. So here he was. He’d helped out the deck crew, volunteered to be Gemini’s RIO for a ride along to see a Valravn in action, and kept an eye out for Razor.

Clearly, some habits died hard, because when he’d finally found his successor, Janus was overly focused on judging the human’s mental state, as a commander should be. Dammit Ghost. After they’d released him from sickbay, he’d gone to her first, undeniably curious after hearing about her sudden interest in his wellbeing. Not that he didn’t appreciate the sentiment, but why now? She’d shared her worries about Razor willingly enough. Learning it was a scheme had been… well, at least it made sense. He’d always liked Ghost. She toed the line a bit more than the others, but when it counted he was sure she’d be there. Janus had always suspected that like him, she didn’t do well with boredom.

Looking at Razor now… Ghost’s words were ringing in his head again. Being a fighter pilot took a unique personality. They had a dangerous job, racing towards the enemy in small one or two person ships, leaving the relative safety of the well shielded starship behind. Out there, a split second’s decision was the only difference between life and death. Sure, they worked as a pack, drilled that mentality into their heads until they lived and breathed together. But in some ways, they were still very much alone out there. Other departments tended to complain about the antics of off duty fighter pilots, demanded to know why they were allowed so much leeway. They didn’t understand that pilots needed to let off steam. Or else they’d all be fucking insane.

Razor was the perfect example of what happened when pilots didn’t let loose. He looked like a man on a precipice, holding it all in until he couldn’t breathe.

“Can we talk in your office, sir?” Janus had erred on the side of overly differential. He figured the easiest way to break the ice was to make it clear where things stood. That paid off quickly once they were in private — the chief of the deck was mercifully absent from the shared office. Instead of sitting behind the desk, Razor practically collapsed onto the couch.

“That bad huh?” Janus didn’t wait for an invitation to sit as well. “Please tell me there’s still booze stashed in here somewhere?”
When it was time, Janus made his move, striding to his place behind the podium and clearing his throat gently, a soft warning for all those bothering to listen. Anyone not on a mission should have been here already. If not, he’d deal with that later. “Sorry for the short notice,” he began casually enough, leaning forward slightly with his elbows on the podium. “I like the element of surprise.”

“Since most of you don’t know me, let’s start at the beginning. I’m Janus.” He didn’t bother with his legal name. He’d had too many of those, and he’d never felt at ease with any of them like he did with his callsign. Besides, he was back among pilots, where that was the only name that mattered. “I was assigned to the Theurgy as the squad leader when she was commissioned, where I served until I met the wrong end of an explosion and someone in sickbay decided I needed beauty sleep.” He had no idea what had really happened, so that was a good a story as any. “I can’t find my leg anywhere, but at least I’m pretty now.” That bit was edged in sarcasm and a mocking grin, clearly meant to be humorous. He’d never found himself the least bit attractive, born with the face of the enemy.

“Now that I’m awake, we had an overabundance of commanders, so Razor and I had a fist fight for the job.” Close knit as the wolves were, he was certain that everyone knew Razor’s real reason for stepping down, but Janus felt no need to air the man’s sorrow. “Now you’re stuck with me again. Any questions so far? If you say no we can jump right to the good stuff.”

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy] Attn: All Lone Wolves
“Make way,” a black-haired blur of streaming hair, tanned skin and sweat barked - jumping between two crewman at a dead sprint. A stream of curses filled her head as she ran through the corridor, gym bag clutched in one hand.

Talia had been in the middle of her final set of inverted sit ups, legs clutched around a heavy bag – blissfully ignorant of the world – venting all the bullshit in her head out bit by bit with every grueling rep. Unable to hear the PaDD or badge in her bag go off due to the pods in her ears, she didn’t see the unscheduled briefing summons until it was far too late.

Dark eyes snapped up to the chrono after throwing herself in the lift to Deck 16. 07:59. “Fuck sakes,” Talia groaned, knocking her head against the bulkhead as she panted. Damn it – get your shit together, she shook her head, eyes closed as the lift hummed. Already anxious about her imminent Qual runs, which were due to take place in less than a couple hours, now she would have to deal with being late – not the kind of first impression she wanted.

Not that recent events had helped much in that regard. Word had spread, like it always did, of her and Ghost’s shenanigans. Talia grimaced, imagining the long term consequences; not to mention the looks and ass chewing likely headed her way. Smooth, ace. Real smooth.
It was second nature for her to act like she didn’t give a shit what other people thought. The truth was plainly different.

When the lift opened, Talia bounced sideways through the sliding doors and sprinted into the FAB. She hadn't bothered to change either – no time for that -  barging into the briefing room clad in a ripped and faded muscle shirt over a black sports bra, red and black stripped leggings, and sneakers.

“…right to the good stuff,” Janus, she assumed, had said, perched behind the podium.

Talia hesitated for a second as their eyes met, then headed to her seat at the far end of the first row, breathing heavily through her nose. “Apologies, sir,” her head nodded to him, glancing at Ghost as she sat. Fuck, her jaw clenched as she pulled a towel from her bag to dab the sweat from her face quickly, trying to ignore the way her cheeks burned. Taking a quick breath, she gave the new/old SCO her undivided attention.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 16, Fighter Assault Bay, Briefing Room | USS Theurgy Vector 2 ] Attn: @rae, All Lone Wolves

Daniel and his RIO, Uriah “Knight” Ahern sat in the FAB Briefing Room waiting for the briefing to start, another change in leadership and another squadron reorganization.  Daniel had to admit that life onboard this ship was always interesting and ever changing.  “How do you think this new SCO will do?”  Knight asked as they waited for him to begin the briefing.  ”I don’t know, he’s the original SCO so should be interesting to see him in action, though he’s been in stasis for awhile let’s hope he’s up to the job.”  Daniel said.  He had obviously been cleared by Medical otherwise he wouldn’t be here but Daniel hadn’t seen his skills in action yet and he hoped that this new commander would be able to do the job as well as Ravon or Renard had done.

Knight nodded in agreement as he looked around the room at the other pilots who were gathered, they were missing a few but it seemed like most of the pilots and RIOs had been able to attend, that was always good he thought, better to have as many of your personnel in the same room as possible when you were announcing new changes.  Daniel listened up as Janus began his briefing, introducing himself and explaining a little about his situation.  He smirked at the joke about not being able to find his leg, as he heard Knight stifle a chuckle.  When he had asked for questions Daniel shook his head, his questions related to the job which he was sure would be answered momentarily.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All the fighter peoples

"I fuckin' hate night CAPs..." Via said as the fighter and all its systems started to whine down after going through the complete post flight check. "My ass is tired, hungry, and fuckin' tired."

"You have said tired twice already ma'am." Charles her RIO stated equally as tired.

"Huh? Well, it is true ain't it?"

"I suppose so ma'am...At least we will be off for the rest of the da-"

The Fight Canopy opened

"SHHHHHHSHSHSH!!" Via hushed her RIO in a panic. "Shut you ass up, don-"

"Ensign Wix ma'am!"  a voice came from the deck below. One of the crew chiefs.

Via looked over the side of her fighter from within her cockpit to see who was talking. She took off her helmet while doing so, showing her rather unamused tired face. "What you want?"

"Sorry, ma'am I was told to tell you that you and Petty Officer Charles Wellington are required to attend a change of command briefing at 0800 hours. We are getting a old CO it looks like."

The pilot practically growled and looked over to Charles who expressed a nervous smile right back at her.

"What time is it?" she asked the crew chief gritting her teeth as she spoke.

"Uh...0759...0800...oh. I guess you guys are going to be a bit late. Sorry." The crew chief walked away and Via just stared at Charles seething in anger.

"'am? Heh..."

"Your ass better start runnin'."

0802 Hours

The doors to the briefing room opened and Charles came crashing through, tripping on himself as he fell onto the floor. He was still wearing his exosuit luckily so he didn't feel much of anything...other than fear from Via who came in quickly after jumping right on top of him. The young pilot managed to wrestle with him a bit until she got her RIO into a calf slicer putting significant pressure on him.
"AHH!! I'M SORRY MA'AM!! AHH!" the man yelled in pain

"I got you bitchass now! Fuckin' beachhead lookin', fuckin' 'we should be able to have the rest of our day' dumbass! What you gonna say? Gonna say that word again?" she squeezed


"Gonna say anythin' like that again?" she squeezed once more


"Mmhmm, damn right." Via released him and stood up. She then extended a hand out to help Charles up which he accepted. Via didn't hurt him really. She was trying to prove a point that you should never ever say that everything is going to go well in any situation. It was automatic bad luck as shown by the Command Briefing they were going to have. Via had similar experiences with her sister who taught her the same lessons in the same manner sometimes. Charles himself had been with Via long enough to understand that her wrestling with him wasn't out of malice or hate. Just another way she communicated. No hard feelings on both sides, they were both cool with each other. Though Charles sighed as he saw an already filled room with people more than likely staring at them for causing a commotion. He just sighed and went to an empty seat.

Via let out a nervous laugh before sitting right next to him quickly. She was already coming up with a list of excuses in case someone was going to throw a fit. Sighing as her adrenaline high crashed, the young pilot slouched back in her chair deeply and yawned quietly. Everything way people going to be fine. Charles was having an internal existential crisis but not Via. At this point, she was under the mindset of "Whatever happens happens." She was too tired to deal with the consequences now.


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CPO Victor VanVinter | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Wolves

Victor shook his head as he strolled into the briefing room ahead of the appointed hour. The 'former' mechanic had been going over the Ops-Check of 'his' Valkyrie with a fine-toothed comb, assisting the other deck crew, and so his uniform had a few grease stains on the shoulders and neck, marring the white and grey with streaks of smudgy black. Janus's sense of humor was about as he'd remembered, though. Victor smirked, his melted face contorting into a ghastly visage then.

"I'm still prettier than you, though. Though you should change that callsign of yours to Lazarus." Sure, Victor still has his NCO tab on his neck, his eventual promotion still in the future, but he'd known and worked closely with Janus since the SCO had shown up. Victor felt he could sass the man a bit, if only because Victor had been part of the decking and bulkheads for longer than the Commander.

Victor looked around at the Wolves, with that gnarled smirk still plastered on his face, and nodded. "If by good stuff you mean that stash of Kanar you brought aboard with you way back when good luck finding the stuff now."

It might have been over the line, but Victor and Rel would need to catch up sooner rather than later, now that he knew they'd both survived and were each alive to tell the tale. There was a lot of overlap between their time on the Theurgy, and he couldn't say that for too many of the Fighter Squadron.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves
Chuckling at Corsair's joke about the Kanar, Ghost appreciated the atmosphere in the briefing room already - which was several times less tense than it had been over the course of the past months. There had been a couple of late-comers, but no questions raised.

Rawley gave it some thought, whether or not she ought to make a comment about Janus' return, but looking at the man, and remembering their talk when he had come to visit him during her house arrest, she felt that all that she had wished to say had been said already. It would be tricky enough to say it was good to have him back when Ravon was right there in the briefing room, since any positive comment about his return could be gleaned as a critique towards Razor. So, after a couple of seconds of consideration, she felt she just wanted to get back in gear and fly again.

"I am just looking forward to get back in the cockpit, sir!" she said with a grin, leaning back in her chair and putting her hands behind her shaved head. "Ready to fly, but like Corsair says, I wouldn't mind some Kanar if there will be a welcome back party in Below Decks."

With that said, Ghost fell silent and paid attention, interested to know what the Squad Chart might turn out like with Janus back as Wolf-01.

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[Lt. Reggie Suder, callsign "Gemini" | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: Lone Wolves

As the room started to perk up Reggie decided it probably best to actually be social.  So, she sat up a bit more and loosened the hoodie a bit, though she left it on.  Via was late and loud, as usual and there was a fairly decent amount of typical humor.  She had already met Janus the day before so when she saw him take the podium, she figured she already knew what was about to happen.  She did him the courtesy of finishing his opening remarks.  It was of particular interest what he had said about his leg.

“You know, Janus.  You show up tomorrow missing an arm, we’re all going to know you bribed the Captain to let you fly the Reaver.”

She wasn’t entirely sure where that comment had come from.  Truthfully, she didn’t know if Janus even cared about the Reaver and its current state of disrepair.  For her part, Reggie had wanted to try and fly it.  By no means was it combat worthy, but it was something new, something no one fully understood and thus had been declared off limits.  Reggie would obey that order, but to her it seemed that as long as the ship had a proverbial stick and rudder it could be flown.

Still, knowing what little she did about Janus, she couldn’t ignore the possibility that he’d scrap the craft all together.  Given the way he’d first reacted to the Valravn, she didn’t expect much.  She was pretty sure Janus’s forehead print was still dented into her hull.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | The Den | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Epsilon Minos System ]

“What will be the first comment I wonder,” Donna wondered silently as she approached the entrance to the Fighter Assault Bay. She hadn’t been down here in weeks, not since Max had taken control. And even after she had been ‘treated’ Donna had avoided coming here out of concern to how she would be received. Would she be welcomed, or scorned? She had hoped to delay her return, perhaps to sometime when there would be less people around to notice her return. “Orders are orders though,” Donna murmured under her breath as the doors to the FAB opened to admit her.

Unconsciously, the Australian paused just past the doors, looking around at the area, taking it all in as if seeing it all for the first time. It was exactly as she remembered, and yet, not. Standing there, she inevitably drew the attention of some of the ground crews in the FAB and they paused in their ministrations to glance her way, eyeing her for a moment warily before returning to their work. Ignoring the response, Donna moved away, heading towards the briefing room where the summons directed her.

Gliding into the room, Donna took up a position at the rear of the assembled pilots, keeping to herself to see what the new SCO would be like.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves

He’d expected for it to be loud. He’d even planned for it, the off the cuff introduction filled with openings for anyone who wanted to take a shot. After all, some good-natured ribbing never hurt anyone, and he wanted to build a rapport with them. He’d expected some late arrivals too, given how the captain had sent out the change of command memo so close to this briefing. Janus had decided to treat that as a test, to see how fast they could muster, though he hadn’t planned on punishing anyone for it. Circumstances as they were, they never knew when it was time to fly, so an off the cuff test would be a good indicator for him.

What he did not expect was for two wolves to come barging in a few minutes late and promptly start a wrestling match. “Don’t mind me,” he interjected loudly as they wrestled. “I know it might look like this is my briefing, being that I’m behind the podium and all, but evidently this is Dixiebee’s show.” He’d known they were flying the CAP. The two young delinquents would have been forgiven for their tardiness if they’d kept quiet about it. Janus waited for them to sit before continuing. “Next time Dix, catch him outside or stew over it until afterwards. The rest of us are busy.”

His red line was considerably further back than Starfleet might have preferred – but it still existed.

Troubleshooter, one of the few remaining pilots who knew him well, was the one who’d taken the bait, offering a quip about his own appearance that Janus didn’t bother responding to beyond a slow scan of the other part Bajoran’s scarred face. His brow raised slightly, as though asking ‘seriously?’

Right as Janus finished, speaking, another late arrival caught his eye, though this one had the sense to sneak in quietly. If he hadn’t already recognized her, the sheer embarrassment on her face as she looked at Ghost would have given Shadow away. Partners in crime. Janus couldn’t bring himself to be mad at them over that. If anything, he’d been relieved to see Shadow’s name, even on a security report. The brand-new pilot had been downed before he’d even gotten to meet her, having the misfortune to have come on board from Earth the day everything had gone to shit. Having read the report of their antics, he’d mainly been impressed by the sheer volume of mischief they’d gotten up to that night. He’d actually burst out laughing more than once when Razor had listed the multiple grievances filed against them from officers throughout the ship. They’d been busy.

“I had a whole conversation with that nurse a few days ago when I thought he was a woman. He’s hot. No sense of humor though. And you’re telling me that they snuck into a surgical suite to get a look at his dick?” The words were punctuated with laughter. They were still on the couches, each man now lounging at ease with a glass of whiskey in hand. Synthehol, unfortunately, because Razor was on duty, but better than nothing.

“I’m losing my grip. I blew up at Ghost for mouthing off, like that doesn’t happen every day. Sent her to the brig for it.”

“She’s not any worse for wear over it. Seems like a well-deserved brig stay too, for denying a man the right to his—” Janus stopped at the look on Razor’s face. Clearly, he wasn’t so far removed from the incident that he could see the humor in it. “Come on. Yes, interrupting a surgery – any surgery – is crossing the line. But Vojona got his surgery, right? As for the rest of the night, they were a ship wide nuisance, but there was no harm done. They did their punishments, time to move on. What did she say to you that would make you dwell on it this much?”

Ah, now they’d found the sore spot.
“No harm done Shadow. See that Dixiebee? That’s how it’s done. Take notes.”

Now they were talking. Thank the Prophets for that, standing up here lecturing was painstakingly boring when they weren’t giving him something to react to. “You’re going to need to think of a better bribe,” he informed Gemini mournfully. He’d seen the Reaver, and to say that he was sad he wasn’t allowed to fly it… was an understatement. “If I come in missing an arm, it’s because I got in a transporter accident with Corsair. We're trying to make a whole Bajoran. Speaking of which,” he continued, turning to the pilot in question, “Corsair? Seriously? Have you ever pirated anything? Might have to bum that name off you instead. I didn’t die, but of the two of us, I lost the right limb for pirating.”

“Party’s on, but you’re only invited if you bring liquid booze, not syrup.” Admittedly, there was something refreshing about kanar on Cardassia Prime. The overly thick drink did wonders in washing away the persistent dust that permeated every millimeter of that shit ball of a planet. Everywhere else it just tasted terrible. “I learned to drink on civilized planets.”

“Now, time for the good stuff.”

“You need a vacation,” he’d offered bluntly once Razor finally finished talking. “Normally I’d suggest Risa…” Razor snorted. It wasn’t like anyone was getting shore leave to Risa these days. Though honestly, given what he’d just heard about Zephyr Praise, Risa wasn’t a good place for this anyway. “But Klingon vacation spots will keep you on your toes.” Janus had never been in love. Flings, sure. Those he’d lost count of. But lust wasn’t the same as love. He had no real reference for what Razor had lost. “You can also try therapy,” he admitted with an air of reluctance, taking a sip of whiskey as though to wash away the taste the word had left in his mouth. “Ripping your fingernails off would be more fun, but the bastards do tend to be helpful in the end.” Janus lapsed into silence and let the human mull over the idea for a while. His own trips to the counselors’ offices had always been under protest, so he hardly blamed Razor for not jumping at the idea.

“I need a break.” Silence fell again after that. This time was less comfortable, with neither of them drinking. Janus let the pause go on for too long. Since that was essentially what he’d been suggesting anyway, he had assumed that Razor would have added some context into what kind of vacation he needed.

But fine, he’d bite. “That’s what I was saying.”

“But it’s not what I meant.”
A few taps of his fingers on the podium – the console was the only reason he hadn’t ripped the thing out years ago – displayed the new squadron organization chart on the screen behind him, easily viewed by all the assembled wolves. “A quick recap. Effective right now, I’ll be taking over as Wolf-01. Razor will be Wolf-05, taking over as flight leader there.” It wasn’t overly different than what they were already working under. It had been put together last night after Ives had approved the command switch up, and he’d shuffled the rest of the leadership roles accordingly. After giving up his previous place as Wolf-01, Razor had agreed to remain as a flight leader, and had been bumped down to Wolf-05. That had meant another trickle down in that flight. As they all read the new chart, he kept most of his focus on Salvo and Chance, the only ones really being affected by it. “Salvo is now Wolf-07, Element Leader, and Chance is Wolf-06.”

Janus did take a moment to flash a sly grin at Corsair though. Having noticed what was going through the administrative pipework, he’d decided to add it to the chart a few days early. “The yeoman hasn’t finished checking all the boxes yet, but rather than wait for the ship’s bureaucracy, congratulations Corsair for his impending promotion. Apparently all the kanar he drank did him some good.”

As announcements went, he tended to stay short, before opening the floor again. “Questions, comments, concerns, pleas, adulations, or incomprehensible noises, go.”

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ENS Victor VanVinter | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Wolves

Victor smiled, locking eyes with Rel when he slowly panned over his face, and Victor nodded silently to his direct CO. 'Seriously.' Yeah, He was going to throw that sass back at him all day if he wanted to, such as the privilege of senior NCOs since time immemorial. Victor just smirked, happy to have taken the 'bait' such as it was. The Half-Bajoran was pleased to joke around with one of his old friends again. The comment about his Callsign, though, made him laugh.

"Hey, I didn't choose my own callsign like most of the damn room, Janus!" He smirked and pointed over to the silent Orion Ensign standing against the wall.

"Emerald over there gave it to me, said I 'looked like a pirate' because I look like me, and showed up to the Flight brief covered in crap from maintenance. Hell, Archon will confirm that! If you don't like it, You can always change it later." Victor's voice was bright and cheerful then, and he shook his head. Victor was old-fashioned about Callsigns, and he'd never wear one that wasn't given to him, let alone choose his own.

"I'll only bring syrup if we have any Canadians coming to this thing. Hell, you remember Moose, right? The big Athapaskan that the Shipyard gave us as one of the first Valkyrie test pilots? The dude drained a bottle of Kanar, thinking it was Vermont Maple, and just said, "It tastes funny." Victor smiled at the memory, back when the Theurgy was still getting built, and the Mark III's were still prototypes. After that small chuckle, Victor looked around, enjoying the chaos of the briefing room, it was a motley assortment but plenty of fun to watch and listen to all of the goings on. The NCO, kept a wary eye on the crew, curious if he'd need to crack anyone's skulls, Via was close, and he gave the young woman a staredown before the actual briefing started.

Since the organizational chart change didn't affect him too much, that would be all well and good. The promotion, though, caught him off guard slightly. A look of shock flickered across his twisted visage before he recovered. Victor straightened up from his position against the briefing room wall, and the chairs weren't fully comfortable for him, so he preferred to stand anyway. And it wasn't April First, so this wasn't a joke. Not like Rel ever joked about promotions, commendations, or reprimands, and a smile came to his face then.

"Thank you Sir, though I think you just made me the Theurgy's Harry Kim, the oldest Ensign around." It was a bad joke, and certainly a well-trod one, but Victor never missed an opportunity for a joke when it didn't harm anything.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All the fighter peoples

Via did not like being called out for the dumb things she did so when Janus maintained his focus on her after her little fight with Charles, the young pilot crossed her arms and pouted. She would've rolled her eyes if she hadn't been in a similar situation back in the academy which became exponentially worse for her when she did to one of the NCOs. She did however look over to see if there were still any lingering eyes on her. She would meet Corsair's gaze with her tongue sticking out as a child would so they could have the last laugh. She then sat back.

"Take notes meh..." she mocked under her breath and looked over to Charles. "I did nothin'."

Charles looked back. Both spoke in a low whisper.

"Ma' tried to break my leg in front of the CO. What did you thi-"

"Well maybe if your dumbass didn't fuckin' jinx us ain't nothin' woulda happened. Hmph."


"I ain't talkin' to you." She looked away.

"Ma'am, please." he sighed conceding. "Fine, I apologize..." 

"Good. Your still a stupid yellow-headed lookin' ass bitch."

The man facepalmed. "How in the bloody hell did I get assigin-"

Via cut him off. "Shut up he is talkin'".

By then the new organizational chart was displayed on the screen. Via was not paying attention to anything he was saying before. It looked like people who weren't Valravn pilots were getting moved to different positions which meant not much to the young pilot. While in flight school there was a little friendly rivalry between the two space frames and their crews, that mindset still stayed with her even now. After the announcement of Victor's promotion, Via glanced at the different positions of the names then fixated on the new one...'Janus'.

"Hey...Hey Beachhead." Via whispered to Charles smirking.

"Yes ma'am?" He said exasperated.

"H-How does your ass say that callsign? Jan-noose? Jan-John-nooose?"

"I believed it's pronounced Jay-nus ma'am. Corsair just said it if you were paying attention."

"Jay-nus? Jay-a-nus"? Via stifled a chuckle. "Ja-anus."

Charles seemed unamused. "Yes ma'am. Janus...what is so funny?"

Via smirked and chuckled. "J-anus...J-anus...pfft."

Just the sound of air being forced through her closed lips thereby making a 'farting' sound put the young pilot on the edge of bursting out laughing. It was contagious.

Charles chuckled slightly though it looked like he didn't want to. "It isn't funny ma'am...stop."

Via continued to egg him on. "J-anus..his callsign is fuckin' J-anus..pfft..heheheh."

"Ma'am stop...pfft." he could barely contain himself now. "B-Before he notices."

"Pfft..Janus..Pfft...". Both of them were visibly and audibly snickering.

"Y-You think his ass been to fuckin'...Uranus?" Via chuckled. "Like...did them trainin' exercises deep in..Ur Janus"

"Shut up ma'am." Charles covered his mouth.

"Hey Charles..." She took out her PADD and drew a penis and passed it to her RIO snickering. "Janus dick big enough to fit in your mouth? Or your J-anus."

After that, they both blurted out laughing.  

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lone Wolves
As the Ardanan walked into the briefing room, he could not help but feel self-conscious. Both for his tardiness and the state he was in. Compared to his normal appearance, he was a mess. The maintenance coveralls he wore were unzipped to the waist, exposing a sweaty gray undershirt. His hair was disheveled and sweat dripped down his forehead, stinging his eyes. Despite this, he still managed to carry himself with a dignified bearing befitting an Ardanan city-dweller.

"...Emerald over there gave it to me, said I 'looked like a pirate' because I look like me, and showed up to the Flight brief covered in crap from maintenance. Hell, Archon will confirm that! If you don't like it, You can always change it later."

"That I can confirm," Archon said with a wry grin, finally making his introduction in the room as he went to take a seat near where Corsair and Emerald were positioned against the wall. "Showed up to the flight briefing covered in more grime than I am now. Would not want to have been the one to clean out that cockpit after our sortie."

"Apologies for the tardiness, Commander," he said to the figure standing at the podium who he could only assume was their new squadron commander. His was the only unfamiliar face in the room with more brass on the collar than most all of the others. "I was caught up in assisting the flight deck crew with some maintenance work when the order came in. Would have dropped what I was doing but microtorpedoes are probably best left undropped."

Archon sank back into his chair, muscles relaxing as he took in and analyzed the squadron organization chart displayed on the screen behind their new commander. Not too much had changed, at least for his Flight. The news of Corsair's promotion brought a broad smile to his face and a deep sense of pride. Corsair was, after all, one of his own. He directed a congratulatory nod in the man's direction. "You deserve it, Corsair."

As the conversation picked up again, Archon leaned his head over in Corsair and Emerald's direction, doing his best but likely failing to remain unheard by the rest of the room. "What else did I miss? How is Razor taking the decision?"

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy] Attn: All Lone Wolves
She hadn’t expected Janus to know her – but the brief acknowledgment helped Talia breathe a little easier. This was the first official gathering of the squadron for her, and she used it to pair faces with names of files she’d studied. Some of the other Wolves she’d met and interacted with, some she hadn’t, but that didn’t really matter. The air was filled with that familiar charge of camaraderie; that sense of belonging that she left behind on the Diamondback. It felt great being back around a room full pilots again.

Then DixieBee and her RIO planted themselves in the seats directly behind her, shattering Shadow’s feel-good-moment by bumping into the back of her chair; she wasn’t sure which one it was, Wix, or the other one. An eye-roll and inhalation later, and she was fine. The hell is that guys name again, she wondered, resisting the urge to look back at the pair. Her eyes narrowed at the new Org Chart, but offered no other reaction. Talia didn’t really feel one way or the other about who she flew with, so long as she flew.

Then her ears picked up on the hushed conversation going on in the seats behind her.

Ah, shit.

It started as a tickle, almost; something in her ribs, caught by the stifled chuckles and half-aborted giggles behind her. Don’t do it, she told herself – quite sternly – as her lips started to curl up. Jay-a-nus, her mind echoed. Fuck sakes, don’t do it, her eyes closed as she shook her head, choking back a laugh then clearing her throat. In an attempt to busy herself and refocus, Shadow pulled the water bottle from the gym bag at her feet and took a few quick gulps.

But the jokes continued - a juvenile but hilarious distraction from the back and forth banter between everyone else - and try as she might, Shadow just couldn't ignore it. Uranus, deep in Ur-Janus – that was the one that did it. Her throat seized up when her body realized that it was trying to breathe water, and as the Valravyn crew behind her burst into outright laughter, Shadow sprayed the liquid from her nose joining them. “Ah, fuck,” she half coughed, half giggled, wiping herself off with her forearms before turning over her shoulder to Wix with a grin. She was about to give her fellow Wolf a load of shit for the attempt on her life when she realized that the room had suddenly gotten very quiet.


“Ja-anus is staring right the fuck at us isn’t he,” Talia whispered, eyes narrowed at DixieBee and Beachhead.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 16, Fighter Assault Bay, Briefing Room | USS Theurgy Vector 2 ] Attn: @rae, All Lone Wolves

Daniel watched as the youngest pilot of the Lone Wolves burst into the room fighting with her RIO, it was at that moment he was glad that he wasn’t SCO, though he wondered what kind of punishment their new SCO would give to the Ensign for fighting.  Though it seemed like a verbal warning was all she was going to get.  When he was an SCO fighting like that wouldn’t have been tolerated by him, he would have issued more than a verbal warning, he’d have given them extra duties or confined them to quarters, possibly even a reprimand.

The quip uttered by Chief VanVinter about most of the room choosing their callsigns annoyed Daniel a little.  If he had been given a choice of his callsign he would have chosen something better than Salvo, it had been given to him during TacCONN training and had stuck with him, though of all the callsigns out there he knew that there were worse than his.  So he never complained about his callsign, just got annoyed when people assumed he had a choice in the matter.

As Janus tapped the console and displayed the new organizational chart he immediately noticed that he’d been removed from Flight Leader down to Element Leader.  He found that to be an odd move, especially since 3rd Flight’s Leader was only a Junior Lieutenant.  He thought about asking about the switch but figured that would be better done in private, he was after all a seasoned and veteran officer and had served as an SCO at one point as well so he was used to leadership roles.

Daniel and Uriah both turned their attention to the three pilots who had begun sniggering and had turned into full on laughter.  Daniel knew Uriah would likely have joined them if he hadn't been sitting next to him.  Daniel kept a more professional face as he watched the scene play out, maybe now they’d see a little more discipline come from their new SCO since the young Ensign was displaying some very unprofessional behavior.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves
Grinning at the shenanigans of some of the new Wolves, Rawley tilted her head back and gave them a glance, curious about how Janus would handle their antics.

Though the Squad Chart was up on display, demanding the majority of the attention of the room, Rawley's included. She was going to fly with Janus? She'd never been his wingmate before, but on the other hand, it seemed like a good idea that she wouldn't continue flying with Ravon either. She'd always thought Janus an excellent pilot, great at leading the squad back in the day, but she had no idea what it would be like flying with him. She'd flown with Hardtop, Oracle, Goldeneye and Razor, and for all her own antics, she'd made a good team with them all. She knew her own style was a bit... eccentric, but she also knew to be a good wingmate.

Speaking of Razor, Archon had entered the briefing room - delayed by some deck crew business - and asked the question that may have been at the forefront of other wolves' minds besides Rawley's. Razor had seemed amiable enough about it when exchanging a glance with her at the beginning of the meeting, but how was Thomas feeling, really?

With the cat out of the bag, Razor stood up, putting his hands on his hips and looking around the room. "There's no secret I lost someone dear to me at the Battle of the Houses," he said without much of a preamble, chin raised and moving on from that part quick enough, "and while I can still fly, I felt like Janus was in a better place to lead the squad. There's nothing else to it. No hard feelings, all according to protocol, like Ives wrote in the message. Moreover, Commander Jaru was the original Wolf Leader for this squadron, and it's only right that he returns to the position where he belong. I look forward to flying under his leadership, and so should you all. If I may be so bold and speak for the rest of the original Lone Wolves, you're in good hands."

"Aye, yer bloody right," Rawley said with a grin, chiming in, while Razor sat down again. She turned her eyes to Janus and bit her lip in excitement. "So what's the word from the brass? When are we headin' for the RNZ? We've been in orbit of Qo'noS forever, waiting for some action, and I feel like I am scratching the bulkheads at this point."

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves

“Take a seat Archon. Thanks for not blowing us up, and for giving us a convenient example of Corsair’s dirty habits.” He turned back to the other pilot in question with a mocking smirk. “Why would I change it, Mudslug? This is a renegade ship, I’m sure we’ll find something for you to steal eventually. You’ll earn that name yet.” His own callsign had come from a drunken haze of a night that no one fully remembered, given by a human who had read a book on Greek mythology at the Academy and had never bothered to look up pronunciation guides for the names. After the computer had corrected them, the name had stuck even harder. Janus, who had never felt suited to either of the names his parents had given him, had taken to the callsign with a fervor beyond even the pilot norm, essentially abandoning his legal name in favor of it.

That being said, he wasn’t in the habit of changing others’ callsigns on a whim. It was a fun game, but play too fast and loose and things would get confusing during flight. So Corsair could keep his name – for now.

As he spoke, his gaze had flicked back to the youngest pilots in the room. Still whispering, as they’d been for a while now. He tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. It was his first day back, they didn’t know him yet, and he’d already called them out once. Young pilots were idiots. Janus knew that well, as he remembered being one. Perfect Starfleet officers — yes sir, no sir, can I kiss your ass sir? — rarely lasted long in tactical conn briefing rooms. This was a profession that attracted daredevils. Those people who thrived on toeing the line, and had the reflexes and luck to survive the experience. Those weren’t qualities that could be turned on and off depending on whether they were in a cockpit or not. So he let them play. Banter, mockery, whatever they needed to let loose. They could say whatever they wanted — as long as they understood that there was a time and a place. Dixiebee and Beachhead apparently had some problems with that.

Janus had resigned himself to bringing them to task once again when the two Valravn pilots, along with Shadow, burst into laughter. The whole room turned to stare, the rest of the good-natured banter dying off at the commotion.

“Ja-anus is staring right the fuck at us isn’t he?” She’d probably meant for it to be quiet, but the whisper travelled quite easily around the room.

It was a shame really, that they’d stumbled upon this joke now. It always popped up eventually, introduced by someone who thought themselves terribly clever, as though no one had ever thought of dropping the ‘J’ off his callsign before. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of a briefing, so his customary response would be inappropriate. Eh, he was sure he’d get another chance eventually.

“Yes he is,” came the good natured reply, very much not in a whisper. Janus was changing his plan on the fly. He didn’t give a damn about the joke, but if he continued with his original plan, people would think he was butthurt (pun intended) over the nickname. “There’s a bottle of good whiskey for anyone who comes up with an anus joke I haven’t heard before. We need creativity to keep this ass alive for another decade.”

“That being said,” A quick tap on the console and the organization chart disappeared, replaced with the tactical conn insignia. “Dixiebee and Beachhead, recite that new chart for me. I’m a pretty easygoing person, all told. But I don’t stand up here and lecture for fun. Not listening during briefings will get you, and the rest of your squad, killed. If I catch you whispering while I’m talking again, the only thing you’re going to be seeing next week are the fluids that come out of a Valkyrie’s anus. That goes for the rest of you too.”

“Who’s next?” The answer, apparently, was Archon. Rather than respond, he looked to Razor and shrugged lightly, as though to say ‘up to you.’ Janus would keep avoiding the question forever if the other pilot wanted. They weren’t entitled to anything about his personal life, but it wouldn’t stop them from asking. Razor opted for a shut-them-up approach, giving the barest amount of his issues and turning the conversation into a ringing endorsement instead. “My ego was already in fine form but thanks for the boost.”

“We’re scheduled to leave Qo’noS in four days.” He let that announcement sit for a moment, before continuing with a wicked grin. “But don’t worry about being bored. I have plenty of training scheduled for you all in the meantime.”

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Qo’noS System ]

“Four days, huh,” Donna mused silently from the back of the room. She had remained expressionless as the announcements, and the new squadron organisation chart had been revealed, though it had taken a conscious effort to keep her body still when it showed that she had been demoted back to a wingmate position. She’d be flying as Wolf-06 alongside Commander Ravon, ‘Razor’, as Wolf-05 and flight leader. “It could be worse I guess.”

Her mind drifted back to the revelation that in 4 days they would be leaving the Klingon homeworld and, assumably, heading for the Romulan border, if not Romulan space itself. It would be good to get away from Qo’noS and all the memories of the events that had happened. She was still coming to terms with it and her counsellor had told her tha tit would take time for her to integrate the two sets of memories she now possessed so that she could understand them. 

And it wasn’t just the memories of the events either, it was the emotions behind the actions portrayed within them that she also had to adapt too. Like herself, Max also had a near perfect memory, and it was proving to be a double-edged sword. She wasn’t sure exactly how she had managed to be cleared for return to flight status, but she had and here she was.

“I should talk to Razor when he seems less busy. It’s been a while since I was in the wingmate position, so I’ll need to freshen up. And I need to learn more about how he flies.”

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All the fighter peoples

"You would be correct ma'am..." Beachhead exasperated to Shadow as she slumped back into his seat waiting for hell to break loose. Via however waited patiently to see how Janus would react. She had been reprimanded many, many, MANY, times before due to her antics and often she would just bite the punishment and continue on barely learning much. Via hoped the Janus would be one of those "fun" COs that would laugh along with her and he did seem to present that, but when he started lecturing her about not "listening" during the briefing she had to force herself from sitting back and rolling her eyes.

Something hilarious did come out of the lecture, however. "Beachhead. Via's nickname for Charles, due in part to his noticeable blonde hair, wasn't anything formal. He hated it like how most pilots hated their own nicknames but his many attempts to stop Via from calling him that were met with rather disparaging comments such as: "Stop bein' a lil bitchass beachhead." or "Maybe stop lookin' like a beachhead, beachhead."

His hope was that it would never catch on, limiting it to the ramblings of a loud-mouthed child who didn't have much standing in the squadron anyway. The hope was crushed as soon as Janus causally referred to him as Beachhead. Via seemed to catch it to and looked straight at the RIO with the widest most mischievous smile he had ever seen.

"Oh, no! Wait, sir no!"


"Commander! I- That isn't-"

"It is now! It fuckin' worked!!" Via laughed and punched the RIO in the shoulder.

"No sir, Beachhead isn't my callsign its...just a nickname Dixiebee keeps calling me by".

"Oh no, your ass is Beachead for life now! Shoulda kept your ass quiet!" Via chuckled. "You can't say nothin'!!"

"I uh...bloody hell..."

"Beachhead, Beachhead, Beachhead!" Via chanted as Charles sat back in his seat defeated.  

Completely forgetting the task Janus had just assigned to the both of them, Via sat there for a good minute chuckling to herself feeling vindicated before realizing... "Oh uh...shitballs." She sat forward in her seat and placed her arms and elbows on the seat in front of her leaning against it. The young woman did remember the chart but it took her a second to recall the details. "Give me a sec...Oh! Wolf-1 it's your ass on top of everyone then...uh Fuckin' then Ghost, Golden-whatever, and uh shadow!" She looked towards Talia and extended her fist out for a fist bump.

"Second in command is er...Razor now...wait that's wrong I thought he be in charge?" She looked towards Charles who was still sulking about his name. He looked back at her signing. "No ma'am. You are correct..."

"I dunno beachhead. I remember his name all over the dumbass documents I had to sign-"

"Bloody- Wolf 5 is Razor and in his flight, there is Chance, Salvo, and Javet. Wolf-9 is Archon as flight leader of Emerald and Corsair. Then-"

Via cut him off. "Shut up my ass knows this one. The best ass fuckin' flight in the Squadron, Gemini and Athen, Wraith and Hunter, Chaos and uh...O-ween? Whatever. And our badasses!" She pointed towards her and the others with a playful smile.

"Yeah." Charles sighed.

"Yeah!" Via said cheerfully. "Let's go, all of y'all slow-ass single seats got nothin' on us Valravn pilots."


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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | FAB Briefing Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves

Well, she was young, maybe she would grow… ah, who was he kidding? No one ever grew out of it.

Despite already having found it’s way into the official record, apparently no one had told Beachhead about his callsign yet. So Janus allowed him his moment of shock, which quickly devolved into a frequented interrupted plea. However, Janus couldn’t help but laugh at the argument that it was just a nickname. “What do you think a callsign is? Did you think you were going to get to pick your own?” Oh yeah, that name was definitely here to stay.

Once Dixiebee had fun and started to calm down, Janus turned his gaze back to her and watched, his arms relaxed over the podium, leaning forward slightly. He gave off an air of infinite patience, waiting until she finally remembered.

She passed by the skin of her teeth, though the list fell apart in the middle when she started questioning why Razor wasn’t in charge – AKA the point of this meeting – and Beachhead took over. The RIO at least, had the air of someone who knew what he was talking about. If nothing else, he was getting an excellent vantage point on how their team dynamic worked. Personally, Janus had never enjoyed having an RIO, but Dixiebee seemed like someone who needed the assist to keep on track.

“Nearly there Dix. But before you start handing out any more callsigns, make sure to learn all the ones we already have.” It sounded like a joke, but she’d better learn them. They didn’t want to be in a firefight with her calling out for ‘Golden-whatever.’ “Since you’re so eager to prove yourself, I’ll move you up to tomorrow’s training flight. Make sure to get some anti-nausea medicine first, you’re gonna need it.”

“And speaking of medical,” now he was talking to all of them, pushing off the podium to stand straight again. “The next time one of you interrupts an in-progress surgery, I’ll have you transferred to sickbay permanently, and you can spend the rest of your tour cleaning up medical waste. Got it?” Janus didn’t wait for an answer.

“I’m sure you all have better things to do, so scram. That’s all I have for you today. Any more questions and you can come find me.” The screen went dark and he stepped away from the podium, a physical signal for the end of the meeting. “Except you,” he stopped Ghost as she stood. “Suit up and be ready in ten. We’re heading out.” Now officially restored to flight status, he was determined to get back in his Valkyrie as soon as possible. It had only taken a minor abuse of power to reorder the flight schedule to make that happen.

“Give ‘em hell! And stay out of fucking sickbay.”

“Long time no see Captain.” He was pleasantly surprised at how flippant he managed to sound, standing at attention with Razor in the captain’s ready room. It felt like he’d seen Ives only days ago. Somehow, it also felt like it had been an eternity. The truth, as always, was somewhere in between. If Ives was surprised to receive a late-night visit from both the current and former wolf leaders, the captain hadn’t shown it, polite and succinct as he invited them in and eventually offered them chairs.

The two men had spent most of the afternoon talking and plotting, and now they had ended up here. Time to make it official. “So, we have a proposition for you.”

It looked like Ghost was getting what she wanted, in the end. She was far more devious than he’d ever given her credit for.

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