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Elro laughed at the implication that the wine would be the cause of any debauchery that suddenly happened between them. Like either of them wouldn't embrace the effects wholeheartedly. He smirked at Hirek a few times the two made eye contact during their eating. Mostly during swallowing and not the actual eating which Elro was glad for, the mix of food and pleasure is not something he knew how to merge with any degree of sensuality.

Though a few times tongue swirling and lip licking had been swapped between the two men at times when using the cutlery, Elro seemed to be getting better at the flirting side of things. Soon things got quiet then Hirek asked why Elro had become a healer, it was pretty much his entire life since his parents were healers and so felt like an obligation. Or maybe it was that he found the medical subjects interesting enough as a few did plug into Sciences. He'd probably be into Sciences if not Medical. It was hard to see his life in other directions then it was now.

He mulled over the question and truly many Betazoids do go into psychology since empathy and or telepathy are a great asset for such a career. Perhaps that did play a somewhat unconscious factor in his family going into medical fields. He couldn't say for sure. "I'm glad to hear your parents didn't force any direction on you, I don't think I was able to be anything else but a Healer. My parents are healers and so I've always been exposed to all things Medical my whole life. My extrasensory abilities were one of those highly observed cases and so I guess I wanted to learn all about everything biological." Elro spoke as he stared at his plate, not really focusing on the plate but off in memory.

After a moment he looked up, he smiled. "I had a talent for it and so after the Dominion War and losses I threw myself into the career more to help me deal with the pain. I'm proud of what I have accomplished and glad I could save those I did." Elro frowned but it disappeared as he stared at Hirek. "Perhaps when all things are done and said I might look into doing something else." He laughed and smiled again. "Afterall you did just that, you're a bioengineer now from a spy, well officially I guess which is like your dream profession right? So anything is possible. I may just have to borrow you for a few chemistry projects in the future."

Elro leaned back in his chair after a few more mouthfuls of his meal and he sighed, contently filled. Well only for now that is, soon a new hunger will probably be back in full force, aided by the wine of course.
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