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Day 09 [2000 hrs.] Sharing a Broken Heart

[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Swift , @Pierce

What a week.  After coming out of the Klingon insurrection with another near-death experience, his work hours had been split between coordinating communications between repair teams, restoring Tessa’s Valkyrie, and repairing the Tovarek.  His personal time, on the other hand, had been a whirlwind romance – two of them, actually.  He had already been getting quite close to Kate Foster after his last brush with death, but then she had introduced him to Tessa Lance.  Despite there clearly being something between the two of them the night of the dance social, Kate had made no effort to hide her objective of making sure he and Tessa hit it off that night.  Tessa had already expressed her gratitude in sickbay, but the combination of synthehol and atmosphere had let their mutual attraction freely simmer.  The next day, what had been supposed to just be a fun holodeck experience for the three of them had turned into a rescue operation, making it clear to Scruffy how important these two ladies had become in such a short amount of time.  By the time Kate had left on an away-mission, Scruffy and Tessa had a chance to bond over repairing her fighter together.  Swept up in the moment, they had really bonded, taking advantage of the privacy inside the Valkyrie.

Which left Scruffy feeling conflicted.  He didn’t regret how things had gone with Tessa and in their conversations it was clear she didn’t, either.  But when his mind drifted to Kate, as it often did these days, he was confused. On the one hand, the kisses he and Kate had shared were far from innocent.  On the other hand, neither had the kisses he had seen her share with Tessa.  Then again, she had been pretty comfortable teasing the two of them about each other when they were all together.  He knew Kate had her periods of low self-esteem; was she trying to experience vicariously through Tessa and Scruffy what she felt she didn’t deserve herself?  If that was the case, Scruffy was going to try his best to convince her that she deserved that happiness just as much as anyone.

If Kate was holding back because she didn’t want to pick between Tessa and Scruffy, well, Scruffy had conspired with Tessa to create a night to show Kate that she didn’t have to pick between them. When she returned from her mission, Kate would find a message waiting for her from Scruffy.  ‘Howdy, Kate.  With all the craziness lately, we haven’t had the chance to actually sit down and relax together.  How about joining me for dinner once again? My roommate’s working the night-shift again, so my quarters are clear. Just bring your appetite and I promise to make it a night to remember.  – Farmer Scruffy.’

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa felt crushed... The events of the day were not what she expected at all... The sadness welled within her as she laid on her bed in her quarters. She hadn't been out in hours since hearing about the demise of Kate. The one she felt so strongly for and that had introduced Scruffy to their trio. It was so unreal to her. Much like when she thought Lauren to be dead too. It was unexpected and the pain was unbearable. She considered ending it there in her room. But a phaser could hardly be usable on an active Starship without setting alarms off, and with the ship's current morale, she didn't feel right. Plus she had Lauren and Scruffy left. One of which was as crushed as her. At least she could imagine not having seen him since the conclusion was presented on the shipwide announcements.

Tears swept her pillow as she laid face down in the fetal position crying it out. Her blonde hair was matted and she looked disheveled. Wallowing in self-pity still, she hear her door chime. She sniffed barely and ignored the call as it burst open anyhow. Whisking in the sound familiar and she could smell the perfume from Lauren's body wash as she stepped closer.

"Go away..." Her weakened state spoke softly.

The bed moved slightly as Lauren sat down, placing a hand on Tessa's side and head. "I'm sorry Tess. I...I didn't know she meant so much to you."

"It's okay...I'm just worried about Scruffy too...I just haven't been able to face him since it..." And she continued to sob loudly as Lauren helped her sit up.

Smiling friendly to her blonde compatriot, she leaned forwards. "I'm here for you...and Scruffy if he needs the help."

Sitting up she looked at Lauren. "W-ww-would you come with me to meet with Scruffy?" She said pleadingly to her redheaded friend.

"Oh course Tess. I couldn't let you shoulder this weight alone. But first..." She brushed the hair and tears from Tessa's face as she smiled warmly. "First, let's get you cleaned up a bit. You smell, haven't showered besides with tears and your hair is a mess."

Tessa chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you're right... Want to help?" She winked before nodding and heading off to the sonic-shower.
"No, I've seen enough of you in the buff for a while. Let's get you ready to see Scruffy."

Moments later the pair left Tessa's quarters and headed to Scruffy's to meet with him about the bad news. Not something you wanted from a colleague but with the triad that Kate, Scruffy and Tessa shared, it was best coming they counseled one another together. They paced the corridors as they reached the NCO Quarters on Deck 22. Tessa pleaded with her eyes to avoid this but Lauren simply nodded and shoved a hand forward as if saying, after you.

Tessa pressed the controls outside the door to chime it. She waited for the welcome and waltzed in, eyes still puffy and Lauren in tow. " sorry. I...couldn't bare to talk until now. I'm sorry...about...Kate...." Her face broke down as Lauren grabbed her and guided her friend to Scruffy.

"I'm sorry to hear about Kate. I met her briefly and she was sweet and I could tell she cared for you both deeply. I just found Tessa like this and figured she should be with you now." The sadness of the news on her face as she looked at the floor awaiting the reply that she knew shouldn't even be happening.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce 

Not again, Scruffy couldn’t help but think to himself.  Another friend gone, so many lost over the last month.  He sat at the edge of his bed, his head in his hands as he thought about Kate.  And this was supposed to be a simple supply run.  The report didn’t go into specifics, just that there were ‘complications.’  And just like that, all the anxiety he had been starting to get control of came back to the surface.  It wasn’t his life, but he was still overwhelmed with feelings of inevitability, hopelessness, and insignificance.  Was there any point in trying to improve himself, in trying to make a difference, if it could all be wiped out in a moment?  When those who care the most about you are gone, how does someone as small as an enlisted systems engineer even begin to leave a legacy of his existence.

Thinking about those who cared about him brought his thoughts to Tessa.  It was the first time he had thought of her since the casualty announcement was made, except in association of the plans the three of them had made.  He had no idea how she’d be taking the news, except that he was pretty sure she’d be devastated, too.  As close as they had grown, it had all been a consequence of Kate bringing them together.  Would they be able to continue the new level of their relationship they had begun to explore, or would Tessa pull away from him, constantly reminded of the loss.  Could they take comfort in each other, or would they each have to find their own ways to cope?  As low as he was, Scruffy couldn’t even think of a way to reach out to her.

Scruffy was pulled out of his thoughts by the door chime.  With his previous plans cancelled he wasn’t expecting anyone.  He hadn’t even bothered to wear anything more than a casual short-sleeved shirt and sweats.  He got up and walked through the shared space to the hall door.  Opening it, he was shocked and confused to see Tessa standing at the door, with Lauren supporting her from behind.  He quickly gestured for them to come in and guided Tessa over to the sofa.  He kept his gaze low, being unable to meet their eyes, even as he sat down at the other end of the couch.  “Thank you, Lauren.  Tessa, I’m sorry I haven’t reached out, either.  I just didn’t know where to start.”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa melted into a puddle at Scruffy's shoulder, crying her eyes out at the loss of yet another friend. Being one of the originals from the launch of the Theurgy, she'd witnessed her fair share of death. From other fighter pilots to various crew. Somehow, she always seemed to survive these destructive antics. "WHY?! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN AGAIN!?" She screamed with a muffled yell as her wet face was in the groove of his shoulder.

Lauren leaned in and gave a hand of sorrow on Lance's shoulder as the two who knew Kate best were in the midst of extreme sorrows. It was unfortunate that so many had to suffer at the plight of this altered timeline. So many of them damaged goods, due to these infestations, these creatures that took all that was good and crushed it. Although she would never know what was changed due to these things, she knew it had to be better than this. "I'm sorry...I can leave if it helps you too get some closure..." Lauren interjected quietly in the even they wanted her to stay or go.

"NO! You can stay...." She said in wimpering sadness. Her emotions running high on the typical Tessa spectrum but in the opposite direction than they usually were. It was a sight to see to be sure with the poor blonde woman just on the border of a complete breakdown. "S-sh-she w-was m-my friend...she helped nurse us both back to health. She should be here now..." Tessa's voice faded as she held the warm embrace of Scruffy's chest. The comfort she felt from that alone was the best coping she could hope for. But there was a pit in her gut now from the loss of someone so close to the two of them.

As if on a spontaneous moment of brillance, Lauren channeled Tessa's ADHD self and brought in some excitement. "I didn't know her well, but what if we do something to remember her by. Something the two of you would normally do with her to have fun or have excitement. Something to not make her death a hollow one. Give her meaning and remember the best of her."

Turning, Tessa listened intently. "We could always yell her spirit to Sto'Vo'Kor." She said in a smile. "Or whatever Scruffy was planning or a holo adventure. Something to lift our moods. I know she was a great friend to you both. I just wish'd I had the time to get to know her more."

A smile crept on Tessa's face as she looked at Lauren and Scruffy. "That's not a bad idea...what do you think Scruffy? Any ideas?" Her puppy dog like glance at Scruffy only intensified as she waited.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce 

Scruffy wrapped an arm around Tessa and rubbed her shoulder as she expressed their shared frustration into his shoulder, not giving any mind to the dampness he could feel through the thin shirt.

He reached a hand out to Lauren when she offered to leave, an offer that was quickly dismissed by Tessa.  "No, please stay.  When mourning a friend it is best to be among friends."  And among lovers, well... he thought before quickly dismissing the rest of the metaphor.

"I certainly wouldn't mind getting back to the holodeck with you, Tessa, and you as well, Lauren, though I think it might be a tad much for us tonight.  I HAD planned a dinner for the three of us, Tessa, but I don't really have much of an appetite at the moment."  Scruffy leaned his head forward and thought a moment.  "On the other hand, I think I do know of something that might help" he said with a bit of a pause as he made up his mind, not realizing how that might be interpreted.  "Something Kate brought over the first time she paid me a house-call," he said with a hint of a smirk at the memory.  Carefully and gently, he extracted himself from Tessa's embrace and walked over to the replicator.  Manually entering the order on the display so as not to spoil the surprise, he came back a moment later with a plate of black and white confectionaries.

Setting it down on the low table in front of the sofa, he returned to his spot next to Tessa.  "Brownies and blondies.  Sweet enough to cut through most troubles of the mind, much like Kate, herself."

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa accepted the warm embrace of Scruffy who had also endured as much pain as she had over the past days... Her heart melting with the anguish she was uncertain she could bare in the future. Especially being in the fighter that her and Scruffy had repaired. But in it was hope since they...broke in the ship before her next mission. Lauren glad for Tessa's and Scruffy's reaching out to her and feeling the safety in friends to let her stay. She was honored to do it. Lauren nodded back to Scruffy at the final call to stay and smiled as warmly as she could in this particular situation.

"I'll stay guys." Lauren spoke up before sitting back down next to the pair of lovers crying before her.

Scruffy's interest in bringing Tessa to the holodeck made her smile and she was about to dismiss it when she was formally given the invitation as well to join in the fun. "I'd be honored to join you sometime." The smile brightened up and gave a better impression of how happy she felt for being invited.

Tessa touched Scruffy's shoulder and massaged it briefly before she nodded at his statement of loss of appetite. "Me too sadly..." She sniffed back.

The idea statement caused both women to turn their heads and listen to his excited mention. Tessa, letting him go as he walked to the replicator. She got giddy at seeing the pastries before her. Clapping her hands like a child about to get a fun treat. Lauren licked her lips and eyed the plate of snacks. Hearing the official names for them, Lauren reached over Tessa to the platter. "Don't mind if I do!" She laughed and took the first bite. "She had great tastes too! Yummy!"

"They are good!" She said also snacking on one. "I really like the brownies! Actually...I like both. I mean..." She laughed and ate a mouthful and smiled showing them the contents of her mouth.

Lauren gave a grimace. "Eww...gross Tessa! Close your mouth!" She said putting her hand over the other woman's mouth to hide it from view. "So what else do you have in mind Scruffy? Any activities?"

"Yeah, any activities?" Food no longer in her mouth but sarcasm and teasing aplenty. "Board Games? Guessing Games? 20 Questions? Dancing? Music? Poker? Strip-Poker?" She finished tongue in cheek.

Laughing, Lauren went to the replicator and got them something to drink in the meantime. Taking a sip, she sat down. "So, what'll it be Scruffy?"

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce 

Scruffy smiled broadly at Tessa’s reaction to the treats, which turned into a smirk as he saw Lauren express her anticipation. “I’m glad you like them.  I’m pretty sure we went through the whole plate, too, that evening.”  He turned to Tessa as she spoke with her mouth full, shaking his head as she ‘displayed’ her enjoyment of both flavors.

As the atmosphere in the room started to feel a bit lighter, the topic of conversation turned to further activities.  He didn’t fail to notice that Tessa was starting to feel more her normal self after the treats, with the way she was starting to playfully tease again.  “20 Questions?  I’m surprised you didn’t just go with Truth Or Dare,” he replied with his own teasing tone.  “We could try something more complex to keep our minds occupied, like high-stakes poker.”

“How about a game of poker where the bet can be either a piece of clothing or a dare, with the person who wins the hand being able to give the dare.  To make things fair, the dare can’t be to remove a piece of clothing.  That way we can throttle how fast, and how far, the game goes.  Also, that way I’m not at too much of a disadvantage starting out,” he finished, acknowledging the bare-foot casual wear he had answered the door in.  "And we can certainly talk and ask questions of each other while we play.  No requirements to answer, but might be enough to throw off another's focus."

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa groaned with food in her mouth as she forgot to mention Truth or Dare, but Scruffy's change of environment for the high stakes poker was something the Wolves would have done in the lounge too so...not too far off for her. But she was interested. Especially so since she had seen Scruffy in the buff in her Valkyrie as they took it for a ride... She smiled at the thoughts before going back to the present location.

Shaking her blonde hair she gave him the thumbs up since her face was still full of cakes. Lauren on the other hand listened to Scruffy's proposition and thought about it. The concept of poker betting clothing, or dares seemed fun and intriguing, but she also wasn't as daring as Tessa was. So she wanted an out if the need had arisen for it. "I'm game, but we need a code word that is the out in case anyone gets uncomfortable."

Tessa finally swallowed and piped up. "I never back down!"

She shoved Tessa briefly as she finished her own statement. "I meant me bonehead." Lauren said with a fun jab at her friend but still playful. "How about O Captain my Captain?" She smirked not knowing if people would catch her reference or not.

Lauren walked over to the replicator and punched in a deck of cards for poker. She walked back to the foldup table in Scruffy's room and shuffled the cards. "You ready for this?" She said dishing out the cards to each of them.

"You know I am!" Tessa looked at her cards and saw she had two pair of fours. She grinned as she placed her hand down. Lauren looked at her hand and saw she had a Straight. Placing her hand down she looked at Scruffy. "Whatcha got? Let's all place our hands down if you're good. What are each of you getting rid of to the pot if you lose the hand? Or will it be a dare?" She said with a voice of mystery.

Tessa tapped her jacket as her item and Lauren did the same. However, neither was sure if they would be doing a dare yet. It all depended on Scruffy now.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy nodded at Lauren’s suggestion of a safe-word.  Truth be told, he was glad to have the option of the escape chute.  As much of a rollercoaster as this evening had already been, he didn’t know if another anxiety attack would strip him of his strength.  “Sounds like a good plan.”  He turned to Tessa; “Yeah, we know.  You tend to crash at full speed,” he teased her with a playful smirk.

Scruffy looked at the cards in his hand, seeing nothing but a pair of twos.  Hardly a strong start.  “I’ll take a dare, given by the winner of the hand, obviously.”  Seeing the hands of his companions revealed, he sheepishly spread his out before him.  “Next time, let’s place our bets before we reveal, huh?  Need to leave some time for the suspense to build.”

He leaned back, rolling his eyes, waiting to find out what Lauren would challenge him with.  He didn’t yet know her as well as he’d like, but if she was Tessa’s best friend then she no stranger to wild antics.  He had a feeling she might go easy on him given he had started at a disadvantage, but he could easily be mistaken. 

"Also, do we want to give everyone the opportunity to exchange cards between the bets and the reveal, just so it isn't a case of pure luck?  That could give someone a reason to sweat a bit."

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Lauren grinned sheepishly as she imagined what she could have Scruffy do that wasn't too far off from the reservation. But she nodded about the bets. "Sounds good Scruffy. I agree we should tell our bets before dropping. I had an unfair advantage." She winked at the man as she pondered the dare she wanted to instill upon him.

Her arms crossed and finger touching her lips, she tapped it as she thought. Tessa grew impatient and yelled out at Scruffy. "She's touching her lips. I dare you to kiss her!" She cackled as she said it, much to the shock of Lauren who wasn't expecting that to be shouted out loud. True, she thought he was attractive but she also knew the man was vulnerable right now from the recent loss to their odd triad.

" don't have to do that Scruffy... I'm still thinking...." She said in a stammer and partial blushing as she thought.

Tessa nodded to him as if hinting the direction he should take despite it all. "Do it!"

"Shh you! Let's see. I dare you to rub my neck." She smirked back at Tessa and awaited the massage.

"Party pooper...I was hoping to see something interesting and all you did was ask for a neck rub?"

"Quiet you!"

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy smiled at Lauren when she winked at him.  Though his eyes were drawn to her finger against her plump lips, he was caught off-guard when Tessa shouted her dare.  He turned to give her a silent admonishment, though the smirk was still on his lips.  He turned back to Lauren and observed the flush of her cheeks, much like he had had at their introduction at the concert.  “Fortunately, you aren’t the one who won the hand, Tessa,” he said playfully.

When Lauren finally decided on her bet, Scruffy gave her a reassuring smile.  “Certainly.”  He stood up from the couch and walked around the back, softly placing his hands on Lauren’s shoulders.  “Tessa, why don’t you shuffle the cards and deal up the next hand.”  Starting with her collar, he started squeezing with his fingers and pressing inward with his thumbs, working his way up her neck.  He took his time, making sure to pay attention to how she responded as he worked his way to the base of her skull.  Leaning in, he said softly, “so, Lauren, what have you been up to that brought on all this tension?” His fingers rubbed up and down the sides of her neck, his thumbs stroking over the base of her scalp.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Lauren enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands on her neck and shoulders as he rubbed the contours of her back. She moaned lightly as the feeling took her over and she let her eyes roll with the passing touch. "Ooohh that feels so good Scruffy..." She allowed the feeling to continue to relax her as his tough hands took the intense pains out of the knots in her spine. "Can't say I've had a neck rub that good in some time."

As Lauren enjoyed her neck rub, Tessa got a little jealous and felt a little mischievous in her advances. "Not as good as the rub I've given..." She muttered quietly under her breath in half tease and half serious tones. "C'mon guys, don't get all intimate there. Lauren sounds like she's about to..."

"Cool it Tessa! It's just a massage." She rolled her eyes and let him finish before taking back to the cards. "Thank you again. Why don't we get back to the cards?"

Tessa mixed the deck, attempting to stack the deck but was caught by a look from Lauren and she rolled her eyes back with a playful smirk before reshuffling the hands. After cutting the cards, she passed out the hands to each of them one by one. Secretly hoping she would be the recipient of the prize...well in some capacity.

The room's dark tone was lifting little by little with the game really beginning. The fog of death and sadness leaving them albeit still in the back of their minds. Tessa looked at her hand and wasn't enthused. Lauren didn't look much either but then again, she had a better poker face than Tessa ever did.

"What are we betting? I'll take a dare."

"Party pooper! I'll take a dare or clothing removal! DO YOUR WORST!" She said in laughter.


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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy smirked as he saw Tessa getting jealous about the massage he was giving Lauren, and threw her a wink as a tease.  After another minute and Lauren visibly relaxed, Scruffy gave her one more gentle squeeze and stepped away, returning to his spot on the couch.  Taking up his cards he glanced quickly at them.  “Given that I’m still underdressed, I’ll do another dare.  May be the more dangerous option, but keeps me in the game longer. That being said,” he pulls two cards from his hand, “I’ll trade these in first.”

Taking advantage of the pause while he waited for the fresh cards, he walked over and refreshed everyone’s drinks.  He was right, as things relaxed he started to develop more of an appetite.  Nothing sounded good at the moment, but at least his body was recognizing that it should eat.

Taking his two fresh cards, he took a look at his new hand.  “Two pair, 5’s and 9’s.  Not really looking like a lucky night for me, eh?”  He gave both Lauren and Tessa a warm smile as he waited for the reveal of their hands, thinking about what he’d ask of them if he happened to win.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa traded a few cards in as well, as did Lauren. The two folding up their hands to prevent another from seeing the cards. Tessa's face showed that she was not getting the hand she wanted as she pouted quietly with a few puffs of air. Lauren on the other hand looked at the two of them as she prepared to see what she got. With Scruffy's calling a dare for himself, the three treaded in dangerous waters.

Smirking from beneath her cards, Tessa attempted to make it look like she was winning this hand, but did she? Placing her hand down, she had nothing but random numbers, nothing of use. A 6, 7, 2,3, 9 were in her hand as she folded.

"Boo!" She said somewhat disappointed but in all honesty, she was looking forward to whatever this night brought.

Glancing at Scruffy's hand, she looked at Tessa's and then at her own. She had at least a pair but still nothing to win. Quietly her stomach growled as Lauren realized she needed to eat something soon. The sitting with and consoling Tessa did a number on her as eating wasn't really something she had time for yet. She huffed some air and dropped her cards as well. "I fold. All I have are two 2's and a 1, 4, and 8."

Goldeneye's eyes lit up knowing that this was about to get interesting with Scruffy winning the hand. "So...what's it gonna be Scruffy? You have to hot losers to contend with...." She said winking over dramatically.

Lauren rolled her eyes. "I didn't lose by that much...So what's it gonna be Scruffy?" She hoped it wasn't anything overly out there, at least not to start out with.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy waited as Tessa tried to bluff, even though a bluff was nothing but a bit of fun with nothing to raise the stakes with.  Still, he expected nothing less than for her to playfully try to mess with their heads.  When he saw what she actually held, however, he couldn’t hold back shooting her a smirk.

As Lauren contemplated her hand, he noticed a bit of a rumble in the suspenseful silence of the room. When he saw Lauren’s hand, he smiled warmly at her.  As Tessa tried to goad him into turning things up a notch and Lauren tried to argue her case, he placed a hand on Lauren’s knee.  “You still beat Tessa.  I was the only one who had to do something last turn, it wouldn’t be fair to suddenly apply different rules.  Except in the case of a tie, winning hand gets to call out losing hand.  How about you figure out something light we can munch on that isn’t dessert while Tessa here,” he said, turning his attention to Goldeneye at his other side, “removes her first article of the evening.”  He gave her a playful wink, leaving the specifics up to her, whether she’d play it safe or make a show of it.

While he waited to see what the other two would do, he reached for the cards and began shuffling again for the next hand.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa's face gave way after she noted that Scruffy and not her friend won the hand. A little shocked but not defeated. After all, she wore a decent amount of clothing but not as much as Lauren. Lauren was warmed by the delicate touch of the engineer on her thigh near her knee. Bringing a slight reddish hue to her already redhead. "Th..thanks Scruffy." She stated calmly. "I'll do that."

With that Lauren stood up, pushing herself from the table and heading to the replicator. Turning quickly to get another look she returned her gaze to the replicator as she pondered foods to snack on. She tapped the controls for snacky foods. A selection of cheeses, crackers, and deli meats seemed appropriate. After selecting it, she grabbed the platter as it materialized before her. Stepping back to the table, she set it in the middle to not dismiss the game but so they could all reach while playing.

Grabbing a bite to eat of one of the cheeses, she sat back in her chair as she waited on Tessa to make her move. "Well Tessa? What's it gonna be?"

Tessa frowned as she looked down but then smiled wildly before she turned around. She was still wearing a light jacket, pants, boots, and undergarments but for distraction's sake, she started finagling her torso in weird contortionist movements. Causing Lauren to lift an eyebrow before realizing what the blonde pilot was doing. She face palmed as Tessa turned around and had torn off her t-shirt underneath the jacket.

"Looky here bitches!" She said holding her t-shirt in her hand and whipping it around like a cowboy about to lasso her horse. She had a joking giddyup as she threw it on the floor. Her bra and cleavage clearly visible as she had her jacket strewn overtop of the naked skin below.

"Of course you would do that! Not a bad choice though my dear." She said winking at her and looking at Scruffy. "Ready for the next hand?" She waited until Scruffy passed out the cards.

GoldenEye was grinning from ear to ear giving concern to Lauren. "I feel something coming from that direction..." She said pointing at the blonde who was now giggling and beginning to laugh.

"Muwahahaha!" She said in wild abandon as she prepped for terror upon the others. She didn't know their hand but either way, it was much more fun for her to tease them and hope it screwed up their game since she lacked the proverbial poker face.

Tessa glanced at her hand and held a straight but didn't show the others quite yet what she was beholding. Lauren gave a look at her cards as if contemplating whether to swap some out or not, but she did to try and up the ante, some. "What're we betting you two? Meesa think'a you gonna lose!" She said impersonating a character from a film that supposedly taking place in the future. "I'm going with whatever you want, but you guys gotta pick!"

"Well, I guess I will go with a dare." She said contemplating the doom if Tessa won her hand.

"Ready Scruffy?"

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy watched Lauren walk to the replicator, admiring her red hair accentuating her movements.  Turning back to Tessa, he had an amused expression on his face as she turned around and started wiggling.  When she turned around, he gave a quiet laugh as she proudly displayed and discarded her shirt.  Giving an approving nod, he joked, “Way you were struggling, I thought you’d have gone even deeper.  Good choice, though.”  He threw her a wink and an appropriately unsubtle once-over before dealing out the next hand.

Looking over his hand and seeing two pair, Aces and Queens.  A decent enough hand, all things considered.  Still, he knew his luck wouldn’t hold up, although he knew Tessa’s overly-dramatic laugh could mean just about anything.  Still, after Tessa’s display, he had to encourage Lauren to take a few risks, herself.  “Eh, I’ll bet an article of clothing this time,” he said, tugging on the collar of his shirt as he tossed Tessa another wink.  He plucked a couple of crackers, stuck a piece of cheese and a couple slices of meat between them, and ate it like a small sandwich.  After giving everyone a moment to consider their hands, he lay his out on the table.

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GoldenEye smiled at the two as she knew she had the upper hand. "Drop 'em!" She said defiantly and sarcastically if both could be accomplished. She placed her straight down, saw Scruffy's hand, and got the giggles as she saw Lauren's pitiful hand. "Ha! Lauren loses!" She said laughing. "Now...what to do with you..." She said scratching her chin and eyeing Lauren.

Rolling her eyes, Lauren paused unsure where this was going. "Okay, let's get on with it then..." She said waving her arms and then folding them.

Still smiling Tessa smirked more. "Strip..." She said teasingly at Lauren with a quiet tone.

Lauren coughed and tried to remember the safe word as Tessa pointed and laughed. "Just kidding. I didn't say I dare you..." She continued to massage her chin as she looked at Scruffy and Lauren and back and forth before deciding.

Terror held Lauren as she looked at Tessa. Tessa gave her a softer look which allowed her to calm down some. "I'll go easy on ya. This time. I want you to saunter over to Scruffy and give him a big wet kiss on the lips."

About to object, Lauren started to feel a bit uncomfortable but she did find Scruffy attractive. She shrugged and decided to go with it. Slowly she got up and looked at the man. "Are you sure this is cool with you? I know you had a thing with... and well with Tessa too." She said not wanting to step on any toes.

She began her leisurely stroll over to the man and let her hips do the talking as she pushed his chair out, and let the man face her seated in his chair before she sat down, straddling him on his lap. Her legs on open and facing the other side of the chair, she wrapped her hands behind his head and peered into his eyes as she moved closer. Closing her eyes as she aimed for her target and caught his lips in hers, rolling her lips over his and tasting his mouth. Which oddly enough was still sweet from the little cakes.

As Lauren relinquished her kiss from his, she looked at him in the eyes as her heart beat loudly in her chest. Before she slowly removed herself from his lap, she leaned in and whispered into his ears. "I hope you liked that Scruffy. I know I did." She paused to lighten the mood a little and whispered again, "I bet Tessa is looking a little jealous now too."

She leaned back and winked at him before she pushed herself off of him and replaced herself into her chair. Tessa meanwhile sat there stunned and in shock with her mouth open. "Careful Tess or we'll have to put something in there to close it..." She said sarcastically back at her friend as she laughed.

Tessa snapped back to the game and the comment. "Whatever Lauren." She said smirking before joining in the laughter too. "I'll deal this time. Can't have you two getting all the fun. I should have asked for that kiss. From whomever..." Smiling widely she looked up from the cards.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy resisted breathing a sigh of relief as he saw Lauren was the one to come in last.  At least Tessa and Lauren knew each other well, so she knew how to play with her friend without overstepping by too large a bound.  That is, until she called her first dare to Lauren.  Scruffy was about to object, since daring someone to remove clothes defeats the purpose of betting clothes in the first place.  That’d be like daring someone to go all in and fold.  Fortunately, Tessa relented immediately, saying it was a joke.  Scruffy started to relax, but then he saw the way Tessa’s eyes flicked between him and Lauren.  He could already tell she was scheming.

Scruffy sat up straight when she finally gave the dare.  He glared at Tessa, but when Lauren shrugged and turned to him his head snapped to meet her gaze.  “Well, Tessa’s certainly in no position to object, since it was her bet.  It is just a kiss, after all, right?”  His eyes widened as she pushed his chair back and sat down on his lap, his hands settling on her waist.  From this close, it was easy to appreciate the fullness of her cheeks and how starkly her eyebrows stood out on her pale skin.  As he tried to relax, his eyes flicked down to her lips.  As she slid her hands behind his head, he instinctively leaned into it as he warmly smiled at her, before seeing her eyes close in anticipation.  He let out the breath he had been holding as they kissed.

When Lauren finally pulled back his cheeks had quite the flush of their own, and he struggled to keep his breathing steady as she whispered in his ears.  “Yeah,” was all he could get out, a common answer to both of her statements.  As he watched her move back to her chair, his mind was in overdrive again.  But when she spoke, snapping both him and Tessa out of their dazes, he reached forward and pulled himself back to the table.  He smiled at Tessa’s grumbling.  “Well, there’s still plenty of time for that.  I’ll go with clothing again.” He took a look at his hand, frowned, and traded in two cards, his face relaxing as he looked at his fresh hand.

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Lauren sat back and felt a little worked up. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do, whether a dare or drop of clothing. Sure, she was a gambler, much more than Tessa but she wasn't without thought like Tessa either. Tessa jumped first, asked questions later. Lauren, not so much. But she sat back and looked at her cards again, "I'll take clothes."

Tessa chuckled and grumbled with Lauren's change in direction. "Oh c'mon Lauren! Ruined my fun!" Pouting she laughed again.

"Well, the day is full of disappointments." She winked at Scruffy. Admiring his chill nature with the situation brewing between the two friends. "Alright, show your hands!"

Pierce showed her hand, two Aces, and one four, five and seven in her hand. Tessa looked upon her hand and saw she had nothing of stature and folded her hands and pouted before tossing her cards to the tabletop.

"What do we win Scruffy? By the way, I take a DARE!" She said laughing maniacally.

"Well, you know my wager. Pick your poison." She smiled.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy frowned slightly at Lauren’s hand.  He lay out his hand: 10, J, Q, K… and K.  He smirked while shaking his head.  “Well, Lauren, guess you win.”  He stood up between the couch and the table, reached down to the base of his shirt, crossing his arms across his torso and smoothly, though not swiftly, peeled his shirt up and over his head, revealing the lean, toned body that Tessa was familiar with.  Turning around to face the two ladies, he made a show of balling up the shirt, before tossing it through the open door to his bedroom.  One way or another, it wasn’t likely he’d need it tonight.  “So, what’s Tessa’s task, then?” he asked, winking at Lauren before returning to his seat between them.

Grabbing another bite to eat, he waited for the results.  He made sure to put a little more flourish into his gestures, making a show of it without ‘showing off.’  He wanted to keep things light and keep Lauren comfortable.  He knew Tessa would enjoy the show and any attention, but he was aware he was walking a line between making Tessa jealous or ignored and making Lauren feel like a ‘third wheel.’

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Lauren was surprised to be perfectly honest that she had won the hand. She figured she was dumping some clothing for sure but that wasn't the case. Seeing Scruffy rip off his shirt and make a big production of it caused a slight chuckle on her behalf as she looked on at his abs and whistled with a wink at the end to show her approval. "Well, well, Scruffy. Enjoying showing off for two eligible bachelorettes?" She joked with him.

Meanwhile Tessa looked on and appreciated that which days prior she herself was able to enjoy fully. "Nice Scruffy." She rawr'd at him with her hands acting like cat claws as she laughed. Now she turned to Lauren for her punishment. "Okay red, let's have it." She said sarcastically with a smile.

Rubbing her chin, she peered at the two before her as she realized overall, she was getting off easy on this endeavor. Well, mostly. She had enjoyed her time with Scruffy but didn't want to offend Tessa either.

"Tessa, I want you to serve us like an Orion Slave girl for the rest of the night. Drinks, food, dancing, the works. You're only allowed to stop while playing but if there's a lull, you're up." She giggled as she realized this meant the blonde had to suffer more. But what she didn't expect was Tessa shrugging and agreeing with the change.

"Okay." She shrugged and then proceeded to pull off her jacket and let the openness of her chest and bra hang out for the both of them to see. Lauren felt slight envy at how open Tessa was with her body and how it didn't seem to bother her much. Granted, she had already had two clothes less encounters. One with Tessa and Amanda, and another with Amanda, and Commander Stark on the Savi ship. The 2nd was less her idea of a good time though with the cold and deckplates, and life or death situation. Either way, she admired her blonde friend.

"Well, alright then. Fetch us some drinks while we shuffle the hand. Place your bets," she said as she shuffled the cards back together. Multiple times to alleviate the minds of the players and to give Tessa the mental picture that she was somehow stacking the deck even though it wasn't true. Finishing the cracking of the cards, she passed them out to the players. "I'm going with winners choice. No preference since I'm the most clothed one here." She smiled as she said it but the smile left her face when she changed the cards out and was left with a bad hand. All random too. A king, a jack, a four, a three and a seven. She had nothing.

Tessa having come back fro mthe replicator returned and dropped the drinks off at the two and sat down to look at her cards. She grimaced and then groaned loudly as she looked at her hand. Then she made a sound like she was excited causing a look at her. "I figure if I make sounds for both, you won't know what I have." She laughed. "I'm going with winners choice as well. But I don't much care how or what happens. Right Scruffy?" She said poking a finger at his bare chest and running it to his chin and scratching it.

Looking at them Lauren choked on a drink of her glass and laughed at Tessa's playful nature. "Sorry, just never see her like this." She looked at her hand and waited for Scruffy to reveal his gamble before she dropped her cards. "Well, I got nothing guys."

Goldeneye looked at them and then her cards and dropped them. She had nothing substantial either. A Q, 10, 7, 5, and 1. "Whatcha got Scruff?"

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 [PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy couldn’t hide the broad smile on his face after Lauren and Tessa expressed their approval at his bare torso.  It felt good to be appreciated.  When Lauren finally gave her dare, Scruffy let out a quick laugh he failed to contain.  He turned to Tessa just in time to see her lose her jacket by choice.  Now it was Scruffy’s turn to nod approvingly at the sight.

He watched Tessa retrieve drinks while Lauren shuffled the cards, taking advantage of the break to just watch her move and throw her a wink when their gazes met.  When the cards were dealt out, he took a look at his hand.  Focused, he selected one card and traded it in as he heard Tessa groan in disapproval and then yelp in excitement.  He turned to her in confusion just for her to run a finger up his chest, making him take a deep breath before smiling as she scratched his chin.

When the others had placed their bets, he responded with “I’ll go with dare.  I need to try to hold some ground here.”  When the others revealed their hands, Scruffy smiled and lay out the cards.  “Straight, 2 through 6.  Guess I win.”  He looked over to Lauren.  “I think it is fair time you start catching up, Lauren.  I think it is high time you lose some clothing.  And Tessa,” he said, turning to her with a wink, “if you’re going to play servitor, perhaps you should help Lauren with that.”

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Scruffy's look at Lauren caused her to smirk despite her not sure what she wanted to remove first. The room was slightly chilled despite the heat in the room. Or it could have just been her nerves. She couldn't be sure. "Alright Scruffy." She reached for her jacket when Tessa piped up.

"Uh uh, nope! We're going more...personal babe." She smiled and chuckled as she told Lauren to turn around. She reached into Lauren's shirt and unlatched something as she took Lauren's bra off from underneath her shirt causing Lauren to grab her chest tightly with the palms of her hands and feeling the full weight fall.

"Gee, thanks Tessa. You of course go for the obvious since it's a little chilled in here." Her perkiness showing through her shirt as she sat back in her chair. A slight redness formed in her face and cheeks as she looked at Scruffy and looked at the floor slightly embarrassed at her current predicament.

Tessa looked at her friend and then looked at Scruffy's face and then down her own chest. "Getting plenty to look at engineering boy?" A funny look on her face as she grabbed the cards again and shuffled. "I'm taking....dare."

"Winner's choice, although not sure I like it when Tessa is the winner." She winked as she looked at Scruffy.

Goldeneye peered at her hand after dealing the cards and she had nothing of substance again. Wishing she knew how to stack the deck.

Lauren on the other hand looked at her cards and saw she had three aces and nothing else good to work with. "Scruffy? What have you?"

Waiting for his cards to display before the pair of women dropped and revealed their own hands.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy was leaving it up to Lauren to decide what to remove, but Tessa had other ideas.  He didn’t say anything since Lauren wasn’t putting up much of a fight.  When she leaned back Scruffy couldn’t help but notice the difference, but when she looked his way with uncertainty he gave her a wink before she looked to the floor.  When Tessa turned her attention to Scruffy, he chuckled and gave her a playful smirk.  “Yeah, the view is nice,” he said, turning and putting a hand on Lauren’s shoulder, giving it a bit of a squeeze, “but the company is even better.”  He gave her a warm smile when she looked back up, before returning to the game.

Scruffy looked at his hand, a pair of sixes.  “I’ll stick with dare.”  Trading in two other cards, he smiled when he saw what he had.  “Full house, sixes and sevens,” he said triumphantly, laying out his hand on the table.  “Lauren, you beat Tessa, so you don’t have to do anything, but you’re welcome to go ahead and lose the jacket.  The room is warm enough for the rest of us, anyway.  And Tessa,” scruffy rolled his neck as he paused, “turning back and forth between the two of you has made my neck a little tense.  Maybe you would care to get your hands on me and give my shoulders a bit of a massage?”

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