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[2381] Kate Foster. Personal Logs.

This thread contains a series of ‘Personal Logs’ dictated by Kate Foster, starting April 5, 2381.


STARDATE 54867.22
APRIL 5, 2381
2041 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Communal Estate Room | IKS Vor’Nak ] Attn: @stardust

“I swear if one more Klingon pinches my ass, I’m going to lose my proverbial shit!”

A nearby cough of Kate’s roommate caused the petite blonde to pause in her personal log, prompting her to peer over at the drunken Pakled who had bumbled into the communal bunkroom a few minutes earlier, his already slow and pedantic speech slurring painfully prior to his collapse unto the hard-metal slab which would be his bunk for the night. He had been the third different occupant in three consecutive nights for it, and Kate thanked fate that thus far she’d managed to maintain her claim on this particular one. The thought of having to sleep in someone else’s drunken stench was nightmare fuel, especially when it came to the lot that seemed to be sharing this small section of the ship. Once certain that he had returned to a state of unconsciousness, she let her tangerine-gaze trail back to the small Starfleet PADD she’d hidden away in one of her bags, and which had been helping her to pass the time during this lengthy journey from the edge of Federation space to the Aldean Prime System.

“Had I known in advance, that every Klingon Warrior apparently holds a life-goal of adding a human female to the list of things they’ve conquered, I might have asked for different travel arrangements upon accepting this assignment.” Bringing a delicate hand to her the side of her forehead for a moment, she exhaled deeply through her nostrils in an attempt to quell the considerable annoyance plaguing her. “I guess I shouldn’t be too upset over it. I mean, I’m not exactly in high-demand given... well, everything.”

Slinging her long slender legs out over the edge of her bunk, she thought about standing to stretch but decided against it, instead leaning forward in a hunch as she continued.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.”

With another sigh of impatience, she snatched the PADD from where it was barely visible in the bag and pressed her thumb against it to halt recording of the personal log. Soon after she began scrolling the internal memory banks for a particular old image until she’d found it and set it to fill out the whole of the small screen, her gaze examining it while a torrent of mixed emotions spung to the forefront of her mind. She stared at the image in near total silence, the ambient thrum of the ship’s systems and her snoring Pakled friend the only audible noise in the background. “Stellan, you bastard.” She said softly, her thumb idly tracing the outline of her half-brother as he stood aside a much younger version of her, her mother and their father flanking the both of them at either side as she tried to recollect the memory associated with the photo. It had been taken while on a trip to Luna, during one of the few times their father had actually been around, no doubt while on some kind of ‘business’ related trip that had brought him back to the Sol System. She could scarcely remember the specifics of it, given how young she was at the time, but clearly recalled her father arguing with her mother about having brought the two of them along.

“Apple sure didn’t fall too far from the tree.” She remarked, though regretted it immediately as it just as well could have applied to her and her life choices.

Aggressively she swiped her finger along the screen to dismiss the image and re-activated the log recording program. “Umm... so we’re due in, in a little over thirty-six hours. I’ve read some of the files, at least the ones that weren’t sensitive, regarding this ship and it’s mission. Sounds kind of crazy if you ask me, but again, I’m not really in any kind of a position to be picky about it. Besides, I’ve let this thing fester for about as long as I could.” Slowly she stood from the flat metal bunk, reaching a hand behind to rub away the numbness in her ass. “I’ll lose my mind, what’s left of it anyway, if I don’t clear this up with some kind of a finality.” Turning about in place, she glanced at the hard metal surface of her bunk and winced in reluctance of sitting back down unto it. “Who knows, maybe I can make something of this, I mean, like something good for me, or for my career. Anyway, I need to move around a little. I guess an occasional unwanted pinch is better than my ass getting ironed flat by this damned bed.”

Pressing a thumb against the PADD, Kate ended the recording before locking the device so that no one could access it without her biometrics. “Maybe I can find some food that isn’t rotten or spoiled. Yeah right, dream on Kate.” She said to herself as she exited into a corridor, immediately greeted by the untoward glances of several towering Klingon Warriors as they turned to face her.

“Damnit...” she cursed under her breath as she cautiously approached the gauntlet.

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