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Re: Day 26 [1400 hrs.] My Favourite Martians

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 [Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]Attn: @Havenborn  

Having made the trek up the cave walls on her own more than once, without the aid of the lift car system, Natalie was more than happy to take the path of lesser effort to ascend to where her house would have been. She didn't expect the exact unit to be right and prefect by any means, or even there, not really, and had been mentally preparing herself for that. There was going to be a bit of a disconnect but she was aware of that going into matters and for the most part imagined she would be able to shrug that off. If nothing else she'd be able to enjoy the view of the lake. 

Moving up into the queue, Natalie and Daniel had only a short wait before a lift became available. The original constructs were quite old, but had been updated time and again. Currently, the enclosures were well maintained pods of transparent aluminum. Designed to face away from the cliff wall, it offered an outstanding view of the town sprawling on the valley floor, as well as the lake in the distance. As soon as they had moved up into the cart. Natalie went to the safety rail around the far wall and leaned against it, enjoying the expanse displayed before them. She wasn't sure if it was a random quirk or a design of Daniel's program, but the two of them had the elevator car to themselves. 

"When I was a child," she began, addressing the Lieutenant without actually looking at him, captivated by the view in front of her, "I used to hate this lift. The heights of it all were terrifying to me. Used to cling to my parents legs. Older I got though, the more I appreciated it, and ever since I moved away...any time I come back for a visit, this is one of the first things I do. Ride the lift. This thing could go much, much faster than it does, incidentally. As a kid I thought it was designed to solely torture me.." She let out a laugh, her shoulders shaking. "But the designers wanted something functional, but that would also force the passengers to slow down and appreciate the view. 'Stop and smell the roses,' is how the saying went, I think?"

All in all the ride would take something close to 10 minutes - still considerably faster than walking up the switchbacks to get to the specific neighborhood level that Natalie's family home resided.


Re: Day 26 [1400 hrs.] My Favourite Martians

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Deck 08, Holodeck 01 | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ]

Daniel took stock of the lift, it was a simple enough design that worked well.  His own people used transporter systems, they weren’t quite as advanced as Federation transporters but they had worked well enough.  Although he had rarely ever used the transporters as most of the places he would want to go or had to go were usually within walking distance. Neo-ECON technology had advanced with Earth’s for the most part until Earth had joined the United Federation of Planets.  He did admire the sheer simplicity of the design however, it took one from the base of the summit up towards the top, he could see several stopping points however which he assumed lead to other parts of the neighborhood.

As they entered the lift together Daniel listened to her speak about the lift.  He nodded as she spoke about how the lift had made her feel when she was a child but how that had shifted as she got older, when she mentioned that the lift could go faster, he made a mental note, that hadn’t been in the details when he had created the cities, he wondered what other kind of information was likely missing, maybe he’d have to sit down and chat with Commander Stark about other places around their shared home that might not be in official data.

“My people have a similar saying.”  Daniel said.  “Close the door that brings the wind and relax.”  He said.  “The view from this lift is quite extraordinary, I can see why they wanted people to slow down and just take it all in.”   Daniel said, inside the domes however there had been limited space so much of their view was either of the exterior of Mars itself or the small parks that had been built inside the domes.  “We don’t have this kind of view inside the domes.”

As they were looking at the reconstruction, it suddenly began to short out in some areas, flickering back and forth between Mars and the holodeck grid.  Daniel tapped the lift console and another console appeared next to it, he began to try and modify the program but kept getting an error.  ”I’m unsure of what is causing this problem, we may have to cut our visit home short.”  He said.  A moment later and the lift reached the top where more errors were occurring, then the arch appeared and a woman walked through.  Daniel watched her for a moment but then went back to work on the program.

”Excuse me Commander Stark but I detected a data corruption point that was active in this holodeck.”  She said, she had a toolkit with her to help her fix the problem.

”Ah Ensign Dove, meet Lieutenant Daniel Havenborn, TacCONN Pilot and a fellow Martian.  Lieutenant Havenborn, this is Ensign Miranda Dove, one of the Holo-Systems Specialists, she’s also a fellow Martian.”  Natalie stated.

Daniel looked at the young woman for a moment and smiled at her.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ensign Dove.”  Daniel said.  Daniel and Miranda began to chat a little as they attempted to troubleshoot the problem, Natalie watched them for a moment then cleared her throat.  “Lieutenant Havenborn, thank you for the wonderful visit home but I do have to get back to work and it seems like this issue isn’t going to be a quick fix.  Have a good day Lieutenant.”  Natalie said as she walked towards the arch and exited the holodeck.

Daniel bid Commander Stark a farewell and then turned back to speak to Ensign Dove, while working on the problem he asked her about her life, the Theurgy being her first posting after the Academy she was fairly young but she was also a Martian and that trumped everything.  It took the two of them about an hour to fix the issue and during that time they discussed their shared homeland, their shared love of the holodeck and life up to this point.  Daniel slowly found that he was enjoying his time with her and once they had finished working on the problem he asked her to dinner, and she accepted.

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