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[2381] Tessa Lance. Personal Logs.

STARDATE: 57635.25
APRIL 10th, 2381

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Tessa's Quarters  | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]


"Wow, I haven't done one of these in so long, I...well I can't remember the last time I did one of these.

It's been a slow week for me here on the Theurgy. Well, that is until today. I was curious as I'd heard we had received a new officer on board. Who really hasn't been here long yet and already he's ruffled some feathers I'd heard. But a lot of these people were used to the previous tenets of his position so it's understandable. Either way, I met Lt. Akel Izavid earlier today to order some supplies for my Valkyrie. But honestly, those were things the Flight Deck Officers typically did and I just wanted an excuse to actually meet him, which I did.

He's a good officer. A little quirky like me, but he's good at what he does. He either knew I did that or played coy about the situation, but he was very personable and kind to me.

Later we went for a stroll in 20th Century New York at a Tavern, had some drinks and food to eat, followed by some good but deep conversations about each other. I have no idea where we were heading but it was a fun trip on our tour. I think we were headed to the Public Baths to go for a swim. Then, however, we heard some things about Klingons from Klingons in the hallway. We're currently getting permission though to head on a rescue mission that if approved will gain us favor in the eyes of Martok and the other Klingon loyalists.

Hmmm. So in other news, my Vulcan Mind Meld therapy sessions are over and I've gained back my mental faculties to actively pursue duties needing my attention. I'll be happy to get back out there again. I've had to compartmentalize all my memories both good and bad to make it easier to function. So much has happened in the time we've been on the Theurgy and yet most of us somehow soldier on. Can't imagine how the Captain deals with all of this.

Anyhow, not much else to report so for now...

End log."

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STARDATE 57640.15
APRIL 12, 2381
2013 HRS

Mentioned characters: @stardust 

[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Tessa's Quarters  | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]


"Today took the egg but it was interesting at least. Well, I think so anyhow. I performed my normal duties, got some time to myself, and decided since it was slow to hit the rec room. Whenever I've needed to let off some steam, it's been in the gym. But today also kind of created some steam too. I wonder what the others thought.

Walking in, I was almost hit by some moves put on by the Theurgy's onboard diplomat, Commander Samantha Rutherford. After a near-miss to the face, I actually met the woman. She was stunningly beautiful but also somewhat reserved. I could get that. Especially for how short a time she'd been with the vessel.

After we took turns working on form and working out, we talked for quite a while, until my odd sense of humor kicked in that is. I started with the sarcastic quips and she shot them back! I was surprised to be honest and shot a few more. Finally, when her arms reached to guide mine, I took a chance and forced her hands as it were to hold me and added more to the sexual innuendo that we were sparring with. As we drew closer into a hug, I kissed her! I...well I just couldn't believe what overtook me. I mean, I know I'm curious and all, but it was like I felt comfortable around her.

Anyhow, I attempted to leave, caught in my embarrassed state, not knowing how she felt about the whole situation. Whether she admits it or not, I could tell something changed, even if slightly. But she wasn't disgusted which was great too. Her lips felt gentle, soft, and tasted good as well. If it happened again, well, I wouldn't be disappointed, not would I stop it.

So, after she stopped me from leaving, I felt relaxed in knowing she was okay too. We then took on the challenge of teaching her the sledgehammer throws. It was fun watching her learn it. But we did get to inquire more about each other too which was nice. I don't have all that many friends on the ship and honestly having ears in other departments means I can live vicariously through them and their experiences too. Maybe, just maybe, sometime she'll want to hang out again and not be weirded out by my quirks.

Before we departed, however, Sam did give me some things to think about specifically to my career in Starfleet. That is, if it ever goes back to normal and we stop being fugitives. I am unsure what department I want to end up in after this conflict is over. A desk job? Command? That was something that hadn't occurred to me before. but she did bring up there are other ways to climb the ladder without being on the Executive staff too. Anyhow, things to consider as I discover what is out there for me. For now, I'm a Lone Wolve and I'm good with that. But never say never I guess.

That's about all I think I have today.

End log.


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STARDATE: 57655.31
APRIL 18, 2381
2100 HRS

Mentioned characters: @Argyros @JediMaster @Shandala  
[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Tessa's Quarters  | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] [Show/Hide]

"Well, things are going well. I've had quite a few different adventures as of late. From late-night meetings with the crew of the Theurgy, Holodeck adventures, and secret missions, it's been a lot of commotion. Tessa laid down on her bunk and proceeded to take off her duty uniform while getting ready for some rest.

"I had a stir of emotions while I was with Lt. Veradin, and Lt. Izavid on the shuttle Tesla. It was weird to start as those two didn't really get along much. I get along with them both, but still, it was weird. Akel was barely there tinkering on the controls, and it made me feel as distant after that wonderful evening we had. But that could just be the mission that caused it and the problems with each other. Anyhow, we were attacked by the mysterious enemy vessel. Thankfully we had 'Angel' on our side to help thwart that nuisance.

Finally, we boarded the IKS Daqchov where we found dozens of dead Klingons, some lacking proper air, and a single Starfleet officer. I really didn't understand how this woman came to be on the ship, but she claimed to be an ally to us on the Theurgy. To say I wasn't skeptical, I'd be lying. Anyhow, this beautiful redheaded woman came bounding down and bludgeoned a Klingon, knocking him out cold as he tried to choke the life out of me. I'd never seen the likes of it before. Something was familiar about her though and I can't put my finger on it. That in of itself will need further research.

After that, we began tagging the remaining Klingon soldiers for transport to the Tesla and beamed back over before heading home. Or the closest thing we have to it. In a way, this situation almost reminds me of the one I had on Mimas Station back in my Academy days. Although I can't put my finger on the why of it all, I'm a bit puzzled. But I did discover I enjoy being on the bridge of a ship with others to work in tandem from the safety of a larger ship. Maybe that will turn into something down the line.

I guess that's all for now. End Log."

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