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Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit

[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-03 | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

It had taken a few days, but Donna was just now starting to feel completely like herself again. After a spa treatment and at least beginning to work things out with Amelya, she had returned to duty the night prior for a routine patrol. Thankfully, it had remained routine with nothing of interest to note. She had even had time to organise a trip down to Aldea during it with her old wingwoman Evelyn Rawley. Until Donna’s defection to the Theurgy, they hadn’t seen each other since Ghost had left the Jadestone three years earlier so it was a good excuse for the two of them to catch up. Donna had honestly enjoyed flying with the more experienced pilot and Ghost had taught her several things that you couldn’t learn except when away from the Academy.

They had spent the morning shopping and enjoying themselves before coming down to the beach for lunch and some relaxation. Donna had truly let herself go, not caring the slightest beyond what they did next. And they had the rest of the day and most of the night to indulge themselves. Donna didn’t have any plans and didn’t feel like making any either. Today, she was going with the flow, at least as much as she was able too.

After having had enough of the beach for the moment, the two of them had packed their stuff and returned to one of the huts that serviced the attendees, providing food and refreshments along with bathroom facilities. After showering off the sand, Donna had begun dressing when nature called. Leaving her clothes and effects with Evelyn, Donna availed herself of the restroom. It would prove the beginning of an interesting afternoon. 

Suitably relieved, Donna was just finishing up washing her hands when she heard the scream. The voice itself was muffled, making identifying it difficult but the tone of it was alarmed. Not something that you would expect from a quiet Aldean beach. Not bothering to dry her hands, Donna hurried outside just in time to be nearly bowled over by a man bolting along the path, Rawley’s bag stuffed under one arm. She had no more seen him and sized up the situation than he was past her without a second thought. As she turned to start after him, wondering where Rawley was, a second thief bumped into her from behind, sending her into the wall. Her hands absorbed most of the impact but were grazed in the landing. 

Shifting around, cradling her hands and hissing in pain, Donna realised that the thief had also stumbled and was on his arse across from her; her bag sitting unceremoniously on the ground between them. Her clothes, currency and communicator were in that bag! When she looked back at this moment later, she would understand what had happened but, in the moment, all she did was react. That bag had her clothes, currency and communicator, her training had taught her that the three C’s were of the utmost important in an emergency and should be protected at almost all costs. 

“Hey! That’s my bag!” Donna shouted as she lunged forward. But the thief was just as fast and closer to boot and retrieved his haul before Donna could grasp it. Adrenaline flooded her system as the pilot got her feet under her and pushed off in pursuit of the fleeing bandit. “Dammit Ghost, where are you? And how did they get our stuff?” Donna mentally questioned as she pushed herself to close the gap ahead of her; a feat made more difficult by her choice of beach appropriate footwear. 

But the two bag snatchers were not alone in their crime. A third co-conspirator was waiting for them, a trio of hoverbikes at the ready next to them. Seeing their fellow thief being pursued, they began moving forward to intercept Donna before she could catch her target. Her options limited; Donna set herself for a hip toss in preparation for them attempting to bowl her over. This though, left her unprepared for when he threw himself to the ground at her feet and took her legs out from under her. 

Crashing to the ground, she found the being, half masked, to be quicker to his feet than herself and he met her rising with a punch to the face, splitting her lip and sending her back to the ground. Shaking her head to clear it, Donna swept his own legs out from under him before diving on top of him and returning the favour, striking him twice in his face. Seemingly unfazed, he bucked his hips to send her sprawling to the ground before rolling over and clambering to his feet as Donna did the same.

Wiping the mixture of blood, water and sweat that coated her hands onto her jeans, Donna sized up her opponent as he did much the same, slowly moving in circles around a common point as they did so. He couldn’t escape without dealing with her first and she could not go after hers and Rawley’s gear without getting by this thief first. They were at a standoff with neither able to get away without the other intercepting them. The only clean getaway for Donna involved surrendering her bag and its contents and that was not something that she was prepared to do. 

Beyond the man, the pilot could see the two bag snatchers climbing onto their own hover bikes and looking back to check if their third companion had dealt with the interfering target of their haul yet. They had clocked the two Terrans in the market thanks to one of their own being a vendor in the markets. It had paid off handsomely several times and today should have been no different if only the second female hadn’t reappeared too quickly.

Donna was just about to attempt an offense when a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and Rawley arrived on the scene.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
What Donna hadn't known, as she fought on the other side of the hut, was that a fourth thief had distracted Rawley in the changing room.

Not having to relieve herself like Donna was, Rawley had showered herself off, running her hand over her shaved scalp and enjoying the opportunity of shoreleave. She'd been towelling herself off by the time Donna vanished into the restroom, and with a tune sung under her breath, Rawley had put Aldean underwear on - keeping up the charade of being a native as per protocol. She'd run her arms through the sleeves of a white shirt by the time she was approached by a blonde woman with green eyes and a wide smile. She started talking to her in Aldean, and Rawley had just politely smiled at the minx while reaching for her Aldean-brand communicator so that she could understand what the woman was asking.

"I beg your pardon?" she said once she had her communicator in hand, and she ought to have noticed how the blonde looked at the thing in her hand rather than her eyes when she spoke. That was when the woman running the hut at the front let out a scream, having been barrelled over by two men. Surprised, Rawley had looked in their direction, which didn't prepare her for the blonde's quick hands, which pilfered the communicator right out of her fingers. "Hey!" she let out, scowling as she saw the woman bound for the door whence the two men had come, saying something to one of the men before jumping over the proprietor lying in the sand. Ghost was just about to run after the woman when the last of the two men slammed his elbow straight across her eyebrow mid-sprint.

Things were blurry for a moment, and Rawley found herself leaning against the wooden lockers, shaking her head to clear the dizziness. When her vision returned, both Donna's and her own bags were missing, but she knew that the blonde had her communicator. Gritting her teeth together, she pushed away from the locker and stumbled out at the front of the beach hut, unknowing that Donna was on the other side. Rawley's squinted against the sun as she searched for the blonde Aldean - if she even was Aldean to begin with - and caught her astride one of those anti-grav bikes the citizens of Aldea Prime seemed to fancy. The blonde was donning a white helmet, which had given Rawley just enough time to try and close the distance.

The bike was powering up with a whirr by the time Rawley reached the blonde, and she wasted no time. With a punch to the gut and using a grip on the helmet for leverage, she threw the bloody thief off her bike. "Give it back!" she snarled, and began to search the writhing woman in the sand. Only she wore little, and it became clear within moments that she didn't carry the communicator any more. "Bollocks!"

She must have passed it to one of the two men. Those who took the bags.

"Oh, you bloody wankers... For fuck's sake!" she grated and barely kept herself from kicking the blonde at her feet. Instead, she understood how time was short. Without any second to spare, she swung her leg over the seat of the bike and searched for the throttle - figuring it out quickly enough. She leaned forward, and set off in a wide curve around the beach hut - the sand spraying over the prone blonde in her wake.

Leaning to the side as she came around the hut, Rawley's white shirt billowed behind her as she saw how there were three thieves remaining in total. One of which was fighting Donna. Without a moment to hesitate, she reached out and seized the collar of the man who faced Donna, and whisking by as she was, she was able to yank him off his feet and send him head-first into the side of the hut. It surely put him out of commission, and as much became clear to the two remaining thieves as well, who wasted no time powering up their bikes and setting off.

"G'dammit," Ghost swore as she turned her bike around in the sand, raising a cloud around her as she did. "Take the third bike!"

Her call to Donna hopefully carried over the noise of bystanders and the bikes alike, and she throttled up so that she wouldn't loose sight of the thieves. If they lost the communicators, it wasn't so much the loss of Aldean stars that would hurt, but the humiliation of walking up to the KDF law enforcement, finding some way to explain who they were without compromising the ship, finding a Klingon with the right security clearance to know what sat in the shipyards, and then getting back to the Theurgy without having said too much to the wrong people. Ultimately, Ravon would decidedly not be impressed, and if they fucked up, the Aldeans might pull shoreleave privileges for the whole crew.

That was a kind of embarrassment she'd rather be without, even is she usually didn't give a toss.

"Come on!" she said as she whisked by Donna, teeth bared like the wolf she was.

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Re: Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Rawley’s arrival was unexpected as it was dramatic. Donna felt herself cringing as she heard, and felt, the impact of her opponent being sent into the side of the hut; his unconscious form landed in a heap on the ground. Seeing their compatriot disabled, the two thieves that were holding their bags chose to make good their escape as they gunned the engines of their bikes and sped off. Turning back to Rawley, Donna just barely heard her fellow wolf shouting at her as she spun her bike around. 

“Take the third bike!” Rawley yelled, her white shirt billowing out around her to expose the olive-coloured underwear beneath. Seeing this, Donna guessed that someone had gone after Rawley much like they had come after her. And that Rawley had reacted exactly as she had, going after the gear without regard to appearance. The idle thought of what she would have done if she had been wearing less tried to rise in her head, but Donna squashed it as she ran for the remaining hover bike and leapt aboard. “Come on!”

Astride the vehicle, Donna quickly started it up, thankful for her training and experience in vehicles from many cultures and revved the engine before taking off after Rawley. Ahead of her, she saw her fellow wolf chasing after the two thieves, all four of them speeding down the pathway that bordered the beach. Ahead of them, the path forked, one continuing on along the beach and skirting Aldea Prime, while the other cut back into the city. As fast as she was going and not having to avoid anyone ahead of her, Donna would not catch up to Rawley before the fork.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
Rawley could also see the fork ahead, and anticipated that the two thieves might make use of it somehow. He could see them communicating ahead of her, their heads turning whilst they zig-zagged between pedestrians and other vehicles of odd Aldean design. Rawley did the same, trying to keep her focus on what path they might take, knowing fully well that if Petterson and she got separated, they had no means at all to communicate with each other. Then again, she also knew that if the thieves went separate ways, they eventually had to rendezvous somewhere. It was just a matter of time, and unfortunately, time wasn't really a commodity the two Lone Wolves had on their side.

"Oh, bloody hell, you thrifty little fuckers," she spat through her teeth as she saw the two thieves take separate ways where the street forked, though it didn't come much of a surprise. Rawley cast her eyes back towards Chance, just to check that she caught on to what was happening. She suspected her old/new squad mate knew just as well as her that they had little choice but to split ways in hope that they wouldn't end up on their own and without communicators. All Rawley could do was to signal which path she took, and it was the street leading deeper into the city, while the other would go into the outskirts of the city and into the Beyond. It was just a short gesture with her arm, hoping that Donna would catch it as they were veering between obstacles.

And off she went, towards the city centre, in pursuit of the thief. She caught him swerving down a path that would eventually lead to a ramp into the sky, and Rawley didn't hesitate, following him up there - the both of them ending up in one of the glassed walkways. The ochre sunlight turned everything bronze inside the glassed-in pathway, and the sounds of scared Aldeans were louder as they bounced inside the walls. The sharp cry of the engines overrode them, and Rawley had no time to give them any more attention than avoiding collisions. She tried to be cunning, to find means to gain on the thief, but this wasn't her city, and she had the odds against her. She was hard pressed to keep him in her sights when he managed to turn down a couple of intersections, but luck stayed with her, and she saw - eventually - how he abandoned the walkways in the sky, and blazed down a ramp towards the ground again.

Sirens? Bollocks... she thought, identifying a new sound behind her, which somehow transcended intergalactic differences between cities and law enforcement. It was loud in Aldea Prime, generated through the Custodian's computer system, and channelled through the city's buildings more so than any pursuing vehicles. Rawley couldn't quite be bothered about it, since it had just added a secondary objective in how she wanted to avoid getting caught, and somehow compromise the crew's permission for planet-side shore-leave. Her main focus was still the thief ahead of her, because as soon as she got her communicator back, she would be able to beam up to the Theurgy, and from there, she'd try to help Donna. Surely Thea's sensors would be able to catch Chance down in the city? She bloody well hoped so...

Within the minute, she caught sight of her quarry as he sped down into a narrow alleyway, and she acted on mere instinct as she followed him - her focus the same as if she was in a cockpit, and she wore her exosuit rather than just her underwear and a shirt. It billowed behind her as she emerged on a new street, and she found herself back on the large street that circled Aldea Prime. The same one Chance and her had been on when the chase began, and wouldn't you know? Up ahead, she could see Donna, and the thief Rawley had been chasing almost collided with the other Lone Wolf when he sped past her to try and join his partner-in-crime.

"I'm on your six!" she called to Chance, glad to see the thief failed to make Donna fall. Ahead of them both, the thieves both took a sharp turn in order to catch a new intersection that led out from the city, and towards the rover outposts bordering to the Beyond. Are they planning to change vehicles?

"I'm bloody well not giving up now!" she shouted to the other Lone Wolf. "The KDF will likely chase us if we stay anyway, so fuck it, let's loose them out there in the sands!"

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | In Pursuit | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The fork was approaching rapidly, and Donna’s mind was racing along as fast as the terrain around them as she tried to think of the correct course of action. Time was dwindling rapidly and soon enough the mounted thieves reached the divide, predictably splitting up when they did. Ahead of her, Ghost signalled that she would continue after one of their assailants and zipped off on the street that led back into the city. Decisions made for her, Donna gripped the bike with her thighs and lent into the turn as she followed the other thief into the outskirts of Aldea Prime.

The buildings grew smaller as they sped along the street, civilians diving out of the way as the two hoverbikes roared by. As their path became less congested, their speeds increased until the wind was tugging at the strings of Donna’s bikini top. Sending a silent prayer to the stars above, Donna took a chance and opened her throttle wide open, sending her mechanical mount careening down the road. The velocity she attained was beyond reckless, but it served its purpose and Donna cut her throttle back to match her prey's, who was now only a few metres in front of her.

Seeing their pursuer directly behind them, the thief knew that they had to take a risk to try and lose their chaser and that led them to brake hard and turn into the low-level housing that was mainly filled with gestalts. The narrow streets and paths were a veritable maze, one they hoped to be able to use to their advantage as they took off down the first street.

Donna, thanks to her past life, was well versed in various modes of transportation and the vehicles used by different cultures. Which gave her a greatly appreciated familiarity when it came to handling the hover bike under her. What it didn’t do, was allow her to read Aldean. If it had, then Donna could have adjusted the altitude of her mount to travel above the buildings, which would have made her pursuit practically a breeze. Instead, she was forced to weave through the labyrinthine warren of buildings lest she lose sight of her quarry.

Turn. Turn. Turn. It was almost endless, and Donna was positive that they had crossed and recrossed their path multiple times. She could tell by some of the debris they rode past, debris from their earlier collisions. Both of their bikes bore the scars of unintended impacts and Donna herself had picked up a nasty cut to her upper arm from a broken fence they had squeezed through. Nevertheless, she was still in pursuit, her target unable to shake her. They seemed destined to continue their daredevil manoeuvres endlessly; until they heard the sirens.

“That’s fucking perfect,” Donna scolded herself. “I get robbed and now I am going to be arrested and be forced to explain who I am. Yeah, fuck that.” The thief in front of her seemed to have a similar assessment of the situation as both suddenly burst back into the open again, having abandoned the twists of the maze for the speed of the flats. Looking around quickly, Donna recognised it as the same road they had started on, the same one that circled Aldea Prime. “Alright. You don’t want to be caught any more than I do. So, what are you going to do now?” she asked idly. Movement to her left caught her eye and the other thief flew past. Glancing back, she saw the billowing shirt of Rawley behind her, her fellow wolf having succeeded in remaining with her prey. Adjusting her course, she looked over as her partner pulled up beside her.

"I'm bloody well not giving up now!" Rawley shouted at her over the whine of their bikes. "The KDF will likely chase us if we stay anyway, so fuck it, let's loose them out there in the sands!"

Donna couldn’t agree more as she nodded at her packmate. Glancing back, she saw movement behind them but couldn’t tell if it was Aldean or Klingons in pursuit. Given that neither were a good option, she turned back to focus on the road ahead and the sands beyond. The sun above was beating down on them and Donna absently wished she had grabbed her shirt. This pursuit was turning into a hot one, in more ways than one.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
The two thieves were still ahead of them, and went off road as soon as there was an opening in the side of street. The anti grav bikes raised clouds of sand in their wake as they sped into the Beyond, and Rawley bared her teeth in frustration. Neither she nor Donna were dressed to be out in the scourging Aldean sun, without the city's Custodian shield to spare their skin.

That's what they are thinking too, she realised, and they would simply have to end the chase before too long. The only positive thing, was that the sounds of their pursuers died off once they also crossed into the Beyond. It was just them and the thieves now, and a wast nothingness... She could an excursion camp with a rover exhibition far ahead, and the thieves seemed to be heading towards it. That place likely had a shield raised against the sun as well, but why were the thieves heading there? They wore protective clothes against the sun, so she wondered once more if they were about to switch vehicles in the camp, to something better suited for the Beyond.

"I think we might have a chance once we get to the rovers! They will have to stop at some point there!" she called to Donna, and didn't let up on her throttle for a moment - cutting a straight line through the sands on her bike, with her shirt flapping behind her.

Once they got closer to the excursion camp, they could see small shops and some people, of which most had paused what they were doing to look at the approaching bikers. The camp was about a kilometer or so wide, and on the farthest side were rows of massive rovers in different models and colours. The moment Rawley entered the camp she could feel how the bite of the sun lessened, and she barely slowed down even inside the camp. The thieves did decelerate a bit to navigate between the Aldeans and scarce tourists, which allowed Rawley to get a bit closer. I've got you now...

She didn't hesitate. She just climbed up on top of her bike with her feet, her hands still steering it. Then, she leapt from her own bike, closed the short distance to her quarry...

...and curled her fingers into the thief's leather jacket.

While her own bike careened into a stand filled with beverages and food with a loud crash - people screaming and leaping out of the way - Rawley hung on to the thief's jacket like she was a rabid monkey. The impact against the thief's back had his bike wobble, and when the bike turned because the momentum, she still held on to the jacket, screaming in anger, even as she felt how she slipped off the bike with her bare legs. She didn't let go, screaming still, becoming a dead weight that pulled the bike sideways and off its trajectory. What happened next was that one of the thief's hands came loose around a handle, and instantaneously, the bike jolted completely off course.

Rawley had no idea what happened next. She hit the sands below, hard, and she lost all orientation. She thought could hear the bike hitting the ground as well, having toppled far enough for the anti grav field to fail, and she was entangled with the limbs of the trashing thief while she tumbled and rolled across the camp. High on adrenaline, she didn't care if there was sand in her mouth, her eyes and her bikini bottom. She wasn't letting go of the thief, her fingers iron claws into the jacket, until everything finally stopped moving.

Spitting and coughing, she tore off her helmet once she got to her knees. The thief was getting up too, but she used her helmet to strike him back down into the sand again. She was likely bleeding, scraped all over, but she didn't care. She was in a fight, and as a pilot, there was only the battle, naught else. So, not yielding an inch despite the pain, she climbed to her feet, and kicked the thief in the chest when he made a new attempt to rise. "You daft, manky gannet!"

Just like in a dogfight, she took a moment to survey the battlefield, in order to spot her wingmate.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | In Pursuit | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Episilon Mynos was a fiery, tempestuous mistress and Donna found herself fully exposed to the star's blazing fury as they left the protection of the Custodian shield and entered the Beyond. The pilot could feel her exposed back start to burn scant minutes after leaving the city behind and she absently wondered out bad it was going to get before she would have to abandon the pursuit and seek shelter. Doing so would also mean admitting defeat and causing them to have to explain themselves to, among others, Commander Ravon.

"Yeah, I'm going to be dying of heat stroke before I admit defeat," Donna told herself, ducking her face as she passed through a cloud of sand raised by the thief's bikes ahead of her. The grains bit at her skin and tore at her clothes as she grimaced in pain and manoeuvred her stolen ride sideways out of the cloud. Thankfully, her jeans were made of sturdy denim and held up under the onslaught. The same could not be said of her bikini top which had started to fray and tear at the edges. "This chase keeps up much longer and I am going to be doing it with my tits swinging free."

Passing a sand dune, an excursion camp and a collection of rovers appeared ahead of them and their targets adjusted their course slightly to head straight towards it. She didn't understand why they were doing that, but it made little difference in the long run. They were headed that way and Rawley and herself were following them; something made clear by her packmate's shouted words. They would intercept them at the camp and make a play for their bags there.

"Yeah, no way this can go wrong," Donna thought to herself, her face scrunched up into a sneer that was equal parts anger and pain. She could feel herself burning under the sun's unshielded light and it was just making her angrier that the thieves had caused this. "They are so going to cop it when I catch them," Donna promised herself. "They'll be lucky if they can move without assistance when I'm finished."

It was an odd, yet exceedingly common, occurrence that people, when confronted by an object approaching at great speed, will stop and look at it, waiting until the last minute to get out of its way. So it was, as the thieves approached the edge of the camp, the occupants within remained still, some idly wondering why two pairs of riders, the second appearing to be scantily clad females, were approaching at high speed without any appearance of being about to stop. When it finally dawned on them that they weren’t going to stop, the crowd began to scatter to evade the oncoming cavalcade. 

Donna sighed in relief as she came under the camp’s protective shield and was doubly relieved when the thieves ahead of her slowed down to avoid running any of the pedestrians over. Now was her chance, she thought as she gunned the bike’s engine to send her careening forward. Next to her, Rawley climbed up on her bike and, in an act of insanity that was simultaneously inspiring, launched herself through the small gap separating her from one of the thieves and latched onto them. Her fellow wolf’s weight skewed the bike’s trajectory and Donna overshot them as they turned. Believing in Rawley, Donna surged on ahead after the second thief. 

Pulling up beside them, Donna lent over and backhanded the rider in the face. Angered, the thief lashed out in reply and the two of them exchanged wobbly blows as their bikes, unbeknown to their riders, became entangled. When one of their wild blows engaged the brake on one of the bikes, the now conjoined machines found themselves unable to separate, resulting in them becoming a tumbling, uncontrolled projectile that threw its former riders and continued on, impacting one of the parked rovers violently.

Shaking her head, Donna struggled to her head in time to block a punch from the thief. Knocking a second away, she tried to grapple with the thief, but they escaped by shucking their leather jacket. Standing there, holding the familiar material in her hands, Donna’s mind jumped back in time.

“Remember, the devil is in the details when creating a cover identity,” a voice behind her said as Donna gazed into a mirror. "You need to fill in the little gaps that everyone takes for granted but that serve to round out a character and make them believable. Something as simple as the way they style their hair or the kind of clothes they wear. Try this,” the voice said, tossing a leather jacket into view. “Don’t forget, if you cannot believe who you are, no one else will. Now, who are you?”

Staring at the jacket held in her hands and feeling the material, Donna centred her mind before shifting it sideways like she had been trained to do. In its place, another persona appeared, and Donna reached into it, pulling out everything that she had helped to create and ‘putting it on’ just as she did the jacket she held. As she did, her stance shifted and her expression changed more into a glower. 

“My name,” she declared, her voice hard. "Is Maxine Gentry"

Donna was snapped back into reality by a punch to the face that split her lip, the metallic taste filling her mouth as the thief followed up with a hip toss to the pilot that sent her sprawling. What it also did, was strip her bikini top from her, the frayed material giving way under the strain of the throw. Grunting in pain from landing on her burnt back, Donna snarled as adrenaline flooded her system. When the thief came forward for another shot, Donna responded with a kick to their face that sent them staggering. Using the time wisely, the pilot climbed to her feet and growled in her throat. Wasting no more time, Donna lashed out, blazing right through the thief’s competent yet unprepared defences, striking hard. First was a punch to the lower ribs, followed by a matching blow to the other side. A short jab punch into the diaphragm followed. Pausing to take stock, Donna then lent into a vicious uppercut that knocked her opponent to the ground. For good measure, she then savagely heel stomped them at the apex of their legs. Male or female, the blow would have the same effect.

Breathing heavily, Donna looked around them, finding Rawley’s bag laying on the ground nearby. Shuffling over to pick it up, Donna considered searching through it for a replacement top but was sent sprawling to the ground as either the rover, hoverbikes, or both, exploded behind her. Her ears ringing and her burnt and bruised back screaming at her, Donna absently wondering if Doctor Rez was on shift now. The two of them had unfinished business.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
When she saw the blast, Rawley figured out where Donna was likely at, even though she could hardly see much because of all the running people.

The thief wasn't dissuaded, and used the momentary distraction to pull something out of his boot. Ghost caught the movement in the nick of time, the glimmer of steel catching the shielded sunlight. Since she'd been stabbed by the Devoted in the Fighter Bay and ended up in stasis, she had a strong aversion towards blades, and she instinctively backed away from the thief when he began to slice the air between them.

Cursing under her breath, Rawley had her fists up, with her shirt catching the desert breeze and watched for an opening. The thief still had his helmet on, so she had no good way to read his face and anticipate his attacks. Nor could she kick sand into his eyes, only taking incremental steps backwards to avoid getting cut by that knife. For even though the thief was disoriented and hurt already, he was also desperate. He was male too, stronger than her, having more range and more protective clothes. This wasn't a fight she could win if he got enough time to collect his wits about him, so if she were to do something she would have to do it quickly.

So when he put his whole body weight behind a horizontal slash, she swayed backwards so that he missed, and then she screamed as loud as she could, baring her teeth as she tackled him. She did it to startle him, giving her enough time to slide her leg behind his, and throw him over her hip. His boots went skyward, and he ended up flat on his stomach. She jumped unto him, landing with her knees on his back, and she could hear his muffled scream through his helmet.

Quickly, she tried to reach for his knife-hand, to secure it and keeping it from slashing at her again, only when she looked around, she couldn't see where his hand was at. This, until she realised he had landed on top of his knife, and that he was lying stock still in the sand. Oh, bloody hell... Is he dead?

Panting, heart beating like a drum in her ears, Rawley stepped off him and made a fist around his shoulder so that she could turn him over. Yeah, he was dead all right, with the handle sticking out of his chest. Piss out of luck, man. Apologies...

Frowning, not about to linger, she looked around and spotted Donna's bag, and set off running toward it. She snatched it up mid-sprint on her way to where the explosion had been at, and as she got there, she skidded to a stop when she saw her old wingmate down in the sand, chest bared and the other thief no where to be seen. There was a leather jacket lying not too far off, though, and it might have belonged to someone, but Ralwey didn't care. She picked it up and sat down on her knees next to Chance.

"Here, got your bag too," she said, seeing how Donna had retrieved hers as well, and she draped the leather jacket over the other Lone Wolf's shoulders before she dug out her communicator.

"Rawley to the Theurgy, two to beam up!" she said, seeing how the crowd had ceased to run around like chickens and that they were being approached by people working at the excursion camp. Little would they know what might have happened if they stayed, because soon enough, they vanished in a shimmer of light.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf-11 | Excursion Camp | Outskirts of Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Sitting up was, at that moment, the most painful thing that Donna could remember ever having done. She’d first rolled onto her side before transitioning to a more upright position. Her body was coated in soot and sand mixed with sweat and blood; she was sure she was quite the sight. Still, she was alive. She lived to fight another day. How many more times would she be able to have that thought before the inevitable happened and another day never came.

“Here, got your bag too,” Rawley said as she dropped down next to her, carefully draping the thief’s leather jacket around her shoulders. Her back objected to the pressure but Donna bit down on her lip to lessen the pain as she watched Rawley dig through her reacquired bag for her communicator. Reaching out with one hand, Donna grasped onto the handles of her bag just in time as her packmate contacted their ship. "Rawley to the Theurgy, two to beam up!"

The shimmer of the transporter effect bled away, and Donna found herself sitting on the transporter pad in one of the ship’s transporter rooms. Rawley was at her side and the room’s operator was staring at them from their control panel. Grimacing, Donna tried to wrap the jacket around her more but the pain from her back brought her up short. She’d have to live with potentially flashing some of the crew on her way to sickbay.

“Thanks for getting us back,” Donna said to Rawley, keeping her voice low. “Now, could I ask you to help me to sickbay? I’ve no idea who is on but I’m not really up to getting there on my own.”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Transporter Room 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
Crouching down on the glass surface of the transporter pad when they materialised, Rawley's brown eyes darted about to make sure they had ended up where they should - adrenaline still coursing through her veins after the fight. She didn't want to think of the Aldean that she'd just ended up killing in self-defence, and she wasn't sure she was ready to talk about that with anyone just yet, so she devoted her focus entirely on Donna and her injuries. Hearing her old wingmate's words, she nodded and ran her arm underneath hers - gently helping her back on her feet.

"Oy, coming through," she told the Transporter Officer on duty, "thanks for the swift beam up-though."

"Any time..." said the man, not quite able to remove his eyes from all the skin she and Donna were showing. Nevermind their cuts and scrapes, right? The sand that had gotten everywhere? Geez. Men...

Once they were out in the corridor, Rawley couldn't help but chuckle as they limped their way towards sickbay. "That made for an interesting ending to the shore-leave, didn't it?" she said, feeling the rush of the chase still. "Look on the bright side. The KDF and the Aldeans are none the wiser, and we didn't have to make a fool out ourselves to the crew, much less end their visiting rights to the city. Let's just hope this won't catch up to us somehow... Things have a way of coming around, though..."

Worrying thought, indeed, and Rawley couldn't quite shake the sight of the handle of that knife jutting out of the chest of the thief she'd fought. She usually wasn't that squeamish, but there was something about knives that lingered with her, thanks to the Devoted that had assaulted her and Ravon that day.

From her vantage point, supporting Donna on the shoulders of her diminutive frame, she had a pretty nice view of her old wingmate. That did serve as a plentiful distraction. "Hey, by the way, I don't know if I've ever told... you but you've got fantastic tits, Chance."

She said this with a laugh, as they got into a turbolift that would take them to sickbay.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Corridor | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | In Orbit Above Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"I could have done without the sunburn and sand scrapes,” Donna noted when Rawley remarked on the interesting end to their shore leave and that the KDF and Aldeans shouldn’t be able to track them. The comment of things coming back around was a tad haunting to the former undercover operative turned fighter pilot, but she tried her best to ignore it, along with the pain. One was more effective than the other.

"Hey, by the way, I don't know if I've ever told... you but you've got fantastic tits, Chance,” Rawley said with a laugh as they entered a, thankfully empty, turbolift.

“Sickbay,” Donna directed as the doors shut, shaking her head at her fellow wolf’s words. If there was one consistency when it came to Rawley that Donna both appreciated and was concerned about, it was her way with words and the directness of them. To the best of her knowledge, the pilot known as Ghost had always said exactly what she had meant to say and rarely minced words when doing so. Glancing down, she saw that the appendages mentioned, free from any form of restraint or containment, were following gravity’s lead. And while the jacked protected her modesty for the most part, she could just imagine the amount of side boob that she was presenting to Ghost.

“Thanks, Ev,” Donna said, almost deadpan. “I’ve always appreciated your tight ass too,” Chance added as the doors opened and the two of them exited. Sickbay was just ahead of them and Donna grit her teeth as the jacket she was wearing rubbed over a patch of sunburn. Entering the sickbay, Donna and Rawley approached the reception duty station and the nurse in attendance. 

“Hi,” Donna said as politely as she could manage. “Could we see a doctor or nurse please?” she requested, looking around and seeing several within eyeshot, including a Vulcan she didn’t know and the Savi android that had joined them.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Transporter Room 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
After entering Sickbay, and Donna announcing their arrival, Rawley's eyes fell on the robot - only having heard rumours about the Savi-engineered thing that had taken up duties aboard the ship.

Can it be trusted? Rawley couldn't help but asking herself. Said android responded to the call for aid, and with light metallic steps towards the two hurt Lone Wolves.

"Hello, I'm Vigenary Model I-9, surgical android. Please call me V-Nine. What seems to be the medical emergency?" it - she? - asked, and raised her hand against them. Only it did not remain a hand for long, as it unfolded itself, revealing some kind of sensory application where two of the fingers had previously been. A teal and yellow light began to shine from the hand as the android came to a stop before them. "Oh, you both seem to have been exposed to elevated levels of ultraviolet light, and you've sustained numerous cuts and contusions as well."

There was a pause before V-Nine turned to Chance specifically. "Your scans even suggest blast over-pressure injuries! Your tympanic membranes seem intact, but your lungs and the hollow organs of your gastrointestinal tract are affected. Of course, intensity of the pressure changes from the blast could have caused injury to the blood vessels and neural pathways within your auditory system, but it's too early to tell. Untreated, you may have auditory processing deficits even while having normal hearing thresholds. Come, this way, both of you."

Hearing how Donna had taken the brunt of the explosion she'd heard down there in the excursion camp, a frown of concern touched Rawley's forehead as she helped her old wingmate down the corridor to the ICU, which she supposed would be their first stop for the checkup. Having been a frequent guest in sickbay over the years, Rawley knew the way well enough, remembering all the different times she'd been there to have her cuts and scrapes seen to. She'd even had to undergo rehabilitation training for several days, more than once.

"While I don't like this place," she admitted to Donna, "they can fix you up. Better yet, Doctor Nicander - the Infested - is no longer here. Stellar manners, almost too polite. Blimey, I even shagged him off duty for a while. Never suspected a thing. Creepy as hell, that."

"Here we go," said V-Nine in a chipper tone, turning and gesturing for them to take their seats on two different biobeds. "Mind telling me what happened?"

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | In Orbit Above Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

V-Nine was certainly an interesting character. A Savi designed and built surgical android that was now aboard the Theurgy as a part of their medical department. The part of her that was interested in and had studied robotics was very interested in knowing more about it. The intelligence operative in her had already categorised it has a high-level potential threat and wanted to know more about it also. Its programming spoke of an incredible level of sophistication as Donna was finding herself relaxing at the Android’s tone. 

“If you can tell all that from a wave of your hand, I’m guessing you can figure out what happened,” Donna remarked as she sat down onto the biobed as directed. “But I guess you could say that some locals decided they liked our stuff more than us and we had to get it back from them. And that we are better pilots than they are. As for the sunburn, well, the city’s shield is just that, for the city.”

“Besides, if you think we look bad, you should see the other guys,”
Donna joked as she shucked the jacket and twisted around to lay on her stomach, exposing her burnt back to the cool air of the ward. “You tell’em Ghost.”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Transporter Room 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
Though Rawley wasn't keen on talking about what had happened to the Aldean thieves, the memory of the knife handle jutting out from the one she'd tousled with flashing before her eyes. She sat down on the biobed and let the android scan them both, clearing her throat before she spoke of what little she wanted to divulge.

"Let's just say they looked a tad worse than we do," she said, grinning as best as she might to keep up her facade, "but they tried to take out communicators and the Aldean Stars we had on them. That's the currency, ya know? They were not alone either, being a whole gang working together, but we managed to get our communicators back before they vanished into the Beyond. They likely had some kind of hiding place out in them Ghost Cities outside Aldea Prime. Didn't quite fancy going there, me. Much preferred the beach before those bloody bastards ruined the day."

"I... see," said V-Nine and continued scanning Donna. "In any case, the both of you will need to stay of a little while to get your wounds seen to, but I expect you will be able to head to your quarters for rest in short order. You may have to linger a while longer, Lieutenant Petterson, but hopefully you will be able to check out before alpha shift is over. Please, remove your clothes and put on the gowns at the foot of the biobeds. I will be along shortly."

The android walked off, and Rawley looked around the ICU, which was empty besides themselves. Aldea Prime sure had let sickbay get in pace with their workload.

"All right then," she said and sighed, starting to disrobe. "I had fun, for the most of it. I might not be heading down there for a while though, and if Ravon comes busting out asses for this - him learning what happened - let's hope we won't have our wings cut, aye?"

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | In Orbit Above Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"Yay for me. Extra time in sickbay,” Donna deadpanned in response to the android’s statement that she might have to remain longer. She didn’t comment on the direction to remove her clothes; her sense of modesty was but a faint memory, even for her. Wincing as she slid the jacket off her shoulders, Donna turned to look at Evelyn as her former wing mate reminisced about their morning as she disrobed herself.

“We should be fine,” Donna observed as she reached her for belt buckle. “Unless either the Aldeans or the Klingons file something even remotely official, then I doubt that Ravon or anyone else will make a big deal about it. Besides, how much can they actually clip our wings? The Theurgy needs experienced pilots to fly its warp fighters. Where else are they going to find them? Can you imagine Ravon asking the Klingons for some pilots?”

Leaning against the edge of the biobed, Donna started to push her jeans down off her hips. When she began to bend though, her back exploded in pain at the renewed abuse it was being subjected. Chiding herself for not asking for a shot of painkiller, Donna grit her teeth and tried again to lower her jeans, with the same lack of success.

“Ah, Evelyn, I have a favour to ask,” Donna hedged, glancing at her fellow wolf. “Don’t take this the wrong way but can you help me get out of my pants?”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Transporter Room 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
"I guess you're right," said Rawley and chuckled at the notion of Ravon asking for Klingon  Phantom raider pilots to fill out the vacancies in the Lone Wolf squadron.

She'd already removed her dirtied shirt and dropped it across the biobed, and then she reached behind herself to unclasp her bikini top. Removing it, however, Rawley realised it almost still looked like he was wearing it since the rest of her was covered in perspiration and dust from the chase through Aldea Prime. She was just about to take off her bottoms as well when she noticed Donna struggling with her clothing, and when she heard her request, it made her laugh a little and shake her head.

"Wow, I thought you'd never ask," she jested and winked at her, before she grabbed a hold on the edge of Donna's denim trousers, carefully rolling the cloth off her ankles whilst crouched down in front of her old wingmate. She just couldn't stop chuckling though, the situation having become a travsesty. Perhaps it was just the adrenaline thinning out in her blood. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of how normally when someone wants to get out of their pants, it's not when you feel like a fried shrimp drunked in sweat and sand, and it's the direct opposite of how we were feeling before all this started. I mean, what the fuck just happened?"

Rawley couldn't help herself, laughing still. "And that first thief, who you were trading blows with outside the hut? He probably thought it was his friend coming up behind him on the bike, and he must have," she had to start over, still on her knees and laughing in front of Donna, "and he must have been so bloody surprised when I caught his jacket and smashed him into the hut, right?"

She had to wipe the tears off her face, wich made her look like a sandy panda."And speaking of surprise, do you reckon how astonished the two bollocks we chased had to be, realising we weren't the average Aldean women they tended to rob? Not to speak of all the bystanders, seeing those thugs running from two bloody women with barely any clothes on, when they'd rather have believed they should be chasing us?"

When V-Nine returned, finding two nigh naked patients reminicing, and hearing laughter in the ICU, she turned around in the doorway with an "Oh, dear..." so that she might get some more medication.


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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | In Orbit Above Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As much as she tried, knowing that whatever humour there was to be had, that there was an equal share of pain to join it, Donna found herself chuckling at Rawley’s description of them looking like fried shrimp. In her own case, she was looking particularly well done on one side. Wincing as her laughter made her move, and thus her back to remind her that it was that well done area, Donna continued to laugh even more as Rawley went on, recounting their day from the point of Donna’s initial engagement with the thief through their pursuit of the bikes through the streets of Aldea. If she had been involved, Donna would almost have called the story ludicrous for the descriptions that Rawley was painting. 

What a sight the two of them must have presented for anyone walking past the entrance to the ICU. Donna, nude, bleeding and leaning back against a biobed while Rawley was topless and on her knees before Donna. And both laughing so much that it was quite literally hurting them. They weren’t thinking about consequences at that moment. Nor about the rules and regulations that they had surely broken. They were simply two women, crewmates, squadron mates, friends, that had been through an ordeal and lived to talk about it.

Unlike so many others before them....


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