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Day 35 [2015 hrs.] Just Some Fighter Girls, Livin' It Loud...

[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu |  Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


After some unorthodox weapons training in the morning with Anh-Le, Lillee spent the rest of the day feeling better than she had in a long, long time. A routine shuttle fight that afternoon, flying support for some engineers doing some final external work on one of the Theurgy''s nacelles, proved absurdly enjoyable, far more than normal. given the dull work. When Lillee smiled now it came easily, naturally, rather than perfunctorily as it had before.

She knew, logically, that it was just a normal reaction after terrific sex. That happy warm feeling inevitably faded after a day of two. Nevertheless, Lillee basked in that warmth, remembering the morning fondly as she worked her duty shift. While finishing up the paperwork (an odd term; who used paper anymore?), Lillee even thought of her twins without the usual soul-crushing guilt and fear. She imagined what it'd be like when she found them again, hugged them, heard them talk about what had happened since she'd been gone, then she'd tell them stories about her own adventures...

After finishing her shift, Lillee found herself at a loss. In the past month, after finishing work, she'd either trained, read a book or simply explored the ship before going to bed. Now, though, Lillee still felt alive, an urge to go out and do something. She was sorely tempted to find Anh-Le and explore more of the planet down below, but the striking Orion woman was unavailable, and in any case, it was too soon. No. Sitting on her bed, still clad in her uniform, a slow smile formed on Lillee's lips.

There were other people in her life now, people she'd avoided closer contact out of...what? Shame? Masochism? There had been all sorts of good reasons why Lillee had avoided friends for the past month, but now all those good reasons seemed idiotic. Lillee wanted to go out and do something,, to have fun tonight. And why not?

Not finding a good answer, she bounced off the bed, still grinning, and swiftly changed into some casual clothes. Remembering that the latest fighter patrol should be landing at any moment, Lillee left her quarters and made her way over to the FAB, striding into the expansive bay with confidence. Though no longer a Wolf, she had flown with them for a full month, and in any case, shuttle pilots were authorised to be there. Seeing that the deck slot reserved for Ghost's Valkyrie was occupied, but that there was no trace of the pilot.

Lillee made her way to the briefing room, but upon finding it empty, she moved on to the locker room. There, sure enough, was one of her targets, seemingly alone.

"Ghost," Lillee greeted the fighter pilot, smiling as she crossed her arms and leaned against a locker.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
With her patrol having come to an end at last, Rawley had lingered in the fighter bay for a while so that she might chat with the two Wolves that were to head out on the next round. Her wingmate had already showered and changed to civvies by the time she got to the locker room, so she'd just waved with her free hand, putting her helmet into the locker before she might do the same. The new exosuits were due, but they still had to use the Mk Is for the time being. In a way, she knew she might miss them, since they had become something of a second skin over the years.

She'd picked the water option in the shower stall, since she didn't have to bother with any tangled, wet hair. It was soothing to feel the water running over her scarred skin, and some might call her old-fashioned, but she didn't care. She'd pick the water shower over the sonic setting any day since regardless what science said, she still felt more clean after she'd rinsed herself the way people used to do before science and convenience had prevailed over comfort and common sense (as far as she was concerned, anyway).

Once she was done, she'd towelled herself down on her way back to her locker, and she'd just pulled her Starfleet-issue panties on when a familiar Romulan appeared in the locker room.

"Bloodwing!" she exclaimed with a grin, catching herself using the woman's callsign even though she'd left the squadron some time ago, "Or do you no longer fancy the moniker? Should I just call you 'sexy' or 'hottie' now? Oh, can I call you me Rilf now?"

Chuckling, she knew she shouldn't tease the woman too much. She was likely three times stronger than her, and she really didn't have any grudge with the sexy Romulan for leaving the squadron, even if she had some questions in that regard. Tossing the towel aside, she leaned against her locker with one arm and smiled. "We're you looking for me? Me patrol is over with so I was just going to head to Below Decks or something. Care to join me, or did you have something else in mind?"

Whatever Lillee might want from her, Rawley hoped it included some manner of entertainment, be it of the more carnal kind or just an excuse to get absolutely pissed on drinks from random parts of the Galaxy that she hadn't tried before.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu |  Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


Okay, perhaps this has not been one of Lillee's brightest ideas. Of all the people to party with, Ghost was certainly one of the most fun according to rumour, but she was also exuberant in ways that would make a Klingon blush. Lillee was hardly a woman of high culture herself, but something about the wild human was just...well, wild. Ironic; most Romulans had no idea that humans could be so...inexplicable.

Lillee's eyebrows shot up at Rawley's teasing, although nevertheless, she found herself smiling anyway. "I'm still Bloodwing," she fired back with a grin. "Or Lillee, if you really want to be friendly. Or Vahlar t'Cammae, if we're down on Aldea. Try to call me 'sexy' or 'hottie' and you will regret it, I promise." Nevertheless, Lillee's threat was disarmed by her obvious amusement. "I'm off duty tonight, and so are you. What say you to going down to the planet and partying? I have no idea what an Aldean party is like, but I would love to find out!"

She paused, unable to avoid being distracted by Rawley's bare chest, although her eyes only drifted down briefly. Compared to the green-skinned body that Lillee had beheld just that morning, Rawley came a distant second. In any case, although Lillee and Rawley had enjoyed each other and Alessia Garcia just after the battle with the Borg, Lillee had been so drunk that she scarcely remembered the experience. Waking up interwined (and quite naked) with the other two women with a horrendous hangover had been an unpleasant surprise the following morning.

"If you're ready, you can put on your civilian clothes and we can go now," Lillee offered, although she then frowned. "Oh. What is a...ah...Rilf? Some sort of Earther pet, like a cat?"

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff 
Oh, the suggestion sure had merits, for Evelyn hadn't actually tried the nightlife of Aldea Prime, and she was intrigued by the notion to go down there - incognito - and just do whatever she wanted without having to be too bothered by regs and protocol. As long as she kept her mouth shut about the ship, she would be fine right?

"Oh, I'll have to replicate something those bloody natives wear then, cause I have nothing in me locker," she said with a grin, and swaggered over to the replicator. "Brilliant idea, though. I'd fancy a change of scenery from these shipyards and the lounges aboard. I have no idea what they do for fun planet-side, but I'm keen to find out, for sure."

The question about what a Rilf was made Rawley chuckle, and she pondered how to best answer it without ruffling any feathers. She'd hate to dissuade the blonde Romulan if she wanted to hang out and drink for a bit. Hard to tell if she wanted more, but she thought it was best playing it safe, despite the fact that they had partied pretty hard after they halted the Borg invasion of the Quadrant.

"It's a very old-fashioned high compliment, really, alluding towards how you're a fantastic Romulan lover, but I'm just teasing you, don't mind me," she said, and dialled up the replicator to take her order of Aldean clothes. She didn't do a verbal command, but entered the selection available on the screen while she spoke, scrolling for something worthwhile in the "casual wear" assortment. She didn't do fancy stuff, it not being her style at all. "I had meant to catch you at some point and ask about why you left the squadron. Your business, of course, but I couldn't say it's lingered in me thoughts. Was it something we did?"

Or didn't do? Rawley really hoped Lillee wasn't pissed about her or Angel not reaching out after that steamy night together. She couldn't quite speak for Angel, but in her own mind, they had just celebrated a wee bit. Besides, Lillee hadn't struck her to be the overly romantic or attached type either. At least not at the time.

While Lillee answered, Rawley picked a selection of clothes, including Aldean-style panties to replace the Starfleet-issue ones she wore, and got dressed for the evening.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu |  Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


At Rawley's explanation of what a "rilf" was, Lillee's eyebrows shot up. Still, she didn't comment. It was a very fitting term for someone as rough as Rawley, and truly, Lillee was amused (and gratified) at the compliment. Given that Rawley rode lovers as often as she rode Valkyries, the human surely had the experience for the compliment to carry real weight.

At Rawley's next question, Lillee sobered slightly as she leaned against a locker, arms crossed. "A few reasons," she said with a shrug. "I was CONN before I joined the squadron, and that only happened because Ravon was desperate for pilots. Besides that..." she drifted off, pondering how to phrase it. "I have family, back in the Federation. Family I want to see again. Flying shuttles and starships is safer than flying a Valkyrie. After the Dominion War and that fvadtae cube, I have had my fill of heroics."

Then, as Rawley finished getting dressed, the two women started making their way out of the FAB and down a corridor. "It is nothing to do with you say...celebration?"Lillee commented wryly, smiling, her accent stronger than usual as she relaxed, now off-duty. "It is not something I would repeat, but I didn't mind the experience. We three all needed it, I think. Speaking true, you are not bad either...for a human."

As they continued walking, Lillee continued, "I have heard of a tradition, an Earth tradition. The 'wingman'. Wingwoman? Perhaps while we party, we find you some fun company before I beam back to the ship?"

fvadtae: a Romulan curse that roughly translates to "damned"

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff 
Adjusting the sleeves of her Aldean casual attire, Rawley chuckled at the suggestion while they walked the corridor, still liking the high praise she got for her shagging-skills, despite her being human.

"That is the correct use of the term, indeed," she said, wondering if an Aldean cultural exchange of that particular manner struck her fancy. Hard to say without actually taking the time to look what was on offer in the evenings, since the excursions she'd made to the planet had been during the day. If she was in luck, the more succulent prey came out during the night, and it was well worth being on the prowl. "Why not? I do fancy me some new experiences now that we're docked and have the opportunity."

Thinking of the little celebration they'd shared after the battle, and the battle itself, she could emphasise with where the Romulan was coming from. Had she family and wished to return to them, the Apertures must have been an emotional bloody mess. Likely it contributed to having the Romulan drink that much as well. She refrained from teasing the woman over choosing a "safer" position aboard the Theurgy, and she had the sense not to contest the idea, even if her opinion was quite the opposite when it came to warp fighters. She would rather fly something with teeth than a defenceless and slow craft which would just be easy pickings if another battle came to them. Flying one of Thea's Vectors, however, that she could understand.

Instead, she changed the topic entirely.

"Do you think Angel would like to come with us?" she asked, raising an eyebrow in the Romulan's direction with a lopsided smile, still walking towards the turbolifts as they were.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu |  Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @shandala


Lillee struggled to contain a smile as she walked. Rawley wasn't a complicated woman, really, and it wasn't hard to predict the track of her mind. Then again, that was no bad thing. She was a solid wingmate and friend, and held no hard feelings for Lillee not getting back in touch after their sordid night with Angel. Such things could destroy a good squadron, but this time there had been no reprecussions. Important, since the Wolves weren't in a position to request reassignment to other ships.

As the two women got into the turbolift, Lillee pondered the question for only a moment before shrugging. "I don't see why not." She tapped her combadge. =/\=t'Jellaieu to Angel...Lieutenant Garcia. Ghost and I are headed to the surface to dance, explore the Aldea nightlife. Want to come along?=/\= Lillee glanced at Rawley with a mischievious glint in her eye. =/\=Ghost is going hunting. I think she could use another wingmate, if you're interested...=/\=

It wasn't especially subtle, but then again, Alessia Garcia wasn't an especially complicated woman either. She and Ghost were both hotshot pilots, living on the blade's edge. Glancing at Rawley, Lillee found herself melancholy. She missed that part of her life. She preferred who she had become, having the wisdom to choose a safer post, being in a position to meet someone like Anh-Le.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff
As she swaggered along next to Bloodwing, Rawley waited for the reply as well, only it wasn't Angel's voice who was heard in the corridor. [Junior Lieutenant Garcia is currently unavailable,] said Thea, and Rawley sighed, a little bit disappointed that Angel couldn't be joining them.

"I bet she's got her combadge off somewhere planet-side, getting shagged or getting one of them massages," she commented, and then she shrugged, "or she just couldn't be arsed to have some fun. In any case, let's see what Aldea has in store this time of the day, right?"

[ Later | Ibai Besi Promenade ]

After having beamed down to Aldea Prime city centre, Rawley looked around at the evening lights surrounding her, along with the bustling crowd of people. She put her hands in her pockets and took a deep breath, the scents of it all filling her senses - being such a stark contrast to the underwhelming atmosphere of a starship. Nothing ill meant towards Thea, of course, but even she ought to appreciate the contrast. In fact, she'd heard rumours that she'd gone down to Aldea herself, using her fancy mobile emitter.

"All right!" she said and grinned, turning her brown eyes to her Romulan companion. "Heard of any good clubs to go? I'm rather clueless as what water holes down here are the best, but I am willing to just pick some rando- Hey!"

A tall Aldean had managed to run into her, short as she was and not so easily spotted in a crowd. Evelyn hadn't toppled over, but her shoulder was hurting something fierce. The young man apologised, however, and moved on, leaving Rawley to grind her teeth. "Bloody ox..." The momentary foul mood dissapated soon, however, since she did manage to spot the entrance to some random club farther down the promenade. "Ah, look, how about that place?"

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


As Evelyn and Lillee beamed down, the Aldean capital city was thrumming with the noise of happy crowds all around them, a mass of Aldeans all milling to and fro on the busy promenade. Lillee let the noise and smells of the city wash over her, only then realising just how much she'd missed in the past few years. She relished the new experience, smiling as she looked around. It wasn't Lillee's first time in the city but it was her first time at such a late hour, and it took her a moment to get her bearings.

Distracted, she completely missed Rawley getting bowled over. Lillee was halfway in the motion of grabbing the man when he appropriately apologised, unknowingly saving himself from her wrath, and her hand fell down to her side instead. She stood up on her tip-toes, looking around again when Rawley asked her question.

"That place?" Lillee repeated, following Rawley's gaze. The club she was pointing at seemed to be one of the largest and most popular in the area, with a large holographic sign in Aldean script proclaiming its name: 1701 Dances. A mouthful, but Lillee mused that it probably sounded a lot smoother in the Aldean tongue. Not wasting time, she grabbed Rawley's hand, grinned at her and pulled her companion along.

There was no queue and no barrier to entry, allowing Lillee and Rawley to walk right in, the outside noise lessening as they entered into a more palatable quiet. They passed through an entrance foyer along with the rest of the people coming and going, a large opening ahead where the main party was clearly happening, although no sound was coming from it. Lillee and Rawley didn't waste time, passing through a forcefield, and instantly they were hit by a cacophony of music, singing and the collective noise of hundreds of people having fun.

The place was brightly lit and expansive, the ceiling high, purple lighting illuminating everything as exotic music pulsed. The air itself was scented with the potent smell of the sea breeze, while everywhere, Aldeans danced merrily. All were dressed in Aldean chlamys, but many of the dancers wore considerably more lightweight chlamys, often cut to show considerably more skin than was the norm, with some Aldeans only just staying on the proper edge of decency. Only a handful of other aliens were visible, mostly Klingons aggressively dancing as if their lives depended on it. Looking around, Lillee grinned as she observed everything, from the bars around the outside of the dance floor to the elevated stage at the far end of the dance floor.

Lillee turned back to Rawley, beaming. "Yes!" she shouted happily, her voice barely carrying over the din before leading her companion deeper into the mix of dancers. As a new tune started, one with a slow, rhythmic beat, Lillee joined the slow dancing. Her movements were slow and disjointed before becoming more fluid, as if she was remembering something long forgotten amidst the thick press of people around her and Rawley.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff
Equally impressed with the night-club they had entered, Rawley grinned widely at the display of dancers and the music. Oh, she could definitely enjoy herself there, given the amount of people and the many water holes spread around the dance floors.

She followed Lillee out unto the dance floor, having gone along when her former squad-mate when she'd taken her hand earlier, though she needed no encouragement at all to step out there among the dancing people - Aldeans and aliens alike. Some of the Aldeans wore more risque versions of their traditional clothing style, while the different aliens that were visiting the planet wore things entirely different. Rawley made eye-contact with a few of those closest to her and Lillee on the dance floor, but the bared skin of the Aldeans drew her eye just as much. Perhaps the natives did know how to let their hair down, so to speak, and didn't just devote themselves entirely to the scientific and artistic endeavours that they had become famous for.

The tune they danced to were a bit suggestive, and following suit, Rawley adopted a manner of dance that synced with it. Her hands raised, she undulated her hips to the rhythm, while the bright lights whisked across her shaved head and her smiling eyes. The music was largely instrumental, with some suggestive sighs and moans implying more than the tunes ever might.

Like Lillee, she may have been a tad rusty when it came to dancing, but she quickly got the hang of it, exchanging laughs and grins with Bloodlust while they drew the attention from men and women alike around them on the dance floor. Giving them what they wanted, she danced a bit closer to her Romulan friend, turning her back to her as she let the rhythm claim her body's movements for it's own. She laid the back of her head against Lillee's shoulder and gyrated her hips to the tunes.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


It didn't take long for Lillee to lose herself in the music, the rhythm, the movement of her and Rawley, the heady heat around them. The music was seductive, slow but intense, carrying the vast mass of dancers along with it, and Lillee surrendered herself willingly. She didn't have to think about the war, about the Theurgy, about the kids, about the Borg; there was just the music and the slithering body of Rawley to dance with, to play with, to lose herself with. The music slowed into a gentle tempo as Rawley turned her back to Lillee, her body pressed against Lillee's., their curves matching.

Moving with the music, Lillee half closed her eyes, swaying with it, her own little universe having shrunk to her and Rawley. Her hands slithered down Rawley's sides to her hips and then back up to her shoulders, lifting Rawley's bare arms up high. The music intensified, gaining a deeper pounding amidst the subtle moans and sighs, as if building to a potent climax, and Lillee's arms slithered back down Rawley's hips, taking them hard, grinding her groin into Rawley's ass, all in anticipation...

The music sped up, gaining new energy, and without conscious thought, Lillee spun Rawley around, her hands still on Rawley's hips, sweat beginning to grow on Lillee's crenelated brow. She laughed gaily as she looked into Rawley's eyes before the music sped up yet further into a new tune, fast-paced and energetic, and relinquishing Rawley's hips, Lillee raised her own arms over her head, her dancing growing more enthusiastic with the change in music.

It was only then that Lillee finally noticed the attention that she and Rawley had garnered from around them. Grinning, she scanned the people around them as she danced before identifying a couple, a man and a woman, both of whose chamys were only just decent and both of whom were eyeing the aliens with clear interest. They were also extremely attractive; the man had a strong frame, sandy blonde hair and striking green eyes, while the woman, with her raven black hair and generous curves, was remarkable herself. Not caring a whit, Lillee held out both her hands to the strangers in invitation, conscious of how bizarre she must look to them with her own blonde hair and pointed ears.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff
Truly enjoying herself, Evelyn let the music seize her completely - becoming a feather in the gale of sound waves. Dancing in the flashing lights, she enjoyed it beyond the activity itself, for she shared it with Bloodwing.

Moreover, she enjoyed the intimate presence of her old squad mate, how they fit together whilst they moved, and how the Romulan's hands moved over her sides and her hips. By giving herself entirely to the whims of the music, there were no thoughts or concerns to encroach upon her mind. It was merely an otherwordly sense of rhythm that animated her, letting her clear her thoughts.

Lips pursed and with a light sheen of perspiration on her brow, she noticed how Lillee had found company on the dance floor, and without missing a beat, Evelyn took stock of the couple that Bloodwing had found. They were a fine Aldean couple, and while Rawley had no means of telling if they were gestalts or true-born of the planet, she frankly didn't care either. She was there to enjoy herself, and not bother herself with their pedigree. As she'd heard it, it didn't even matter anyway.

"Yeah, come here!" she insisted, trying and failing to override the music. At least they got the sentiment, and did come closer - beginning to dance with Lillee and her directly. The woman came to dance behind Bloodwing, while Rawley could feel the breath and warmth of the man behind herself. Thus, face-to-face, and with intimate company to share the songs with, the dancing resumed.

And Rawley let herself become lost in the sensation of hands and the rhythm of the heaving dance floor. Now and again she took stock of what Lillee was up to - or rather what the top-heavy Aldean did to her - and of course she let the fine blonde man behind her come as close as he wanted to, giving him a grin or two over her shoulder when he grew bolder.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


The dancing continued, Lillee allowing herself to get lost in it all. She laughed along with her dance partners, feeling the Aldean woman behind her, seeing the man enjoy Rawley's company more and more as they danced. His hands travelled much as Lillee's had, moving with the rhythm, but at Rawley's grin of invitation, he grew bolder, even holding Rawley up at times as the music reached energetic peaks.

Meanwhile, Lillee wasn't shy. Eventually she turned to face the Aldean woman, relishing the moment, the feel of the music, the shuddering of the floor, the comfortable closeness of the crowd around them, the scent of hundreds of different beings in one place. The Aldean woman giggled when Lillee's hand cupped her cheek, matched by Lillee's own laughter, inaudible amidst the pounding music, but when the Aldean woman's hand grasped Lillee's hip, realization finally struck. A green-skinned face flicked into her mind, dark eyes full of wit and fierce intelligence, a mouth that tasted so vibrant, a heart that was so open and honest...


Under other circumstances, Lillee wouldn't have hesitated to go further. She'd had so few opportunities since the twins had been born to just dance like this, to find a like-minded stranger (or three) and play throughout the night. Nevertheless, times changed. Thus, gently, Lillee took the Aldean woman's hand from her hip, shaking her head slowly...but then she led her partner over to Rawley, and placed the hand on her hip instead. With that, Lillee took a step back, smiling and relaxing into the music.

She didn't know how long it was, but finally, Lillee decided that it was time to take a break. She motioned for the others to follow her, then winding her way through the mass of merry dancers to the side of the chamber. Once they left the dance floor, the loud music almost instantly faded to background noise, allowing easy conversation. Checking that the others were still following her, Lillee made for a small empty alcove inset into one of the walls, taking a seat.

"Romulan ale, Kanndi province, spiced and warm," Lillee commanded the replicator in the table, which promptly materialised the beverage she'd ordered, a glass of blue liquid. She looked at the others as they sat next to her. "I am Vaeyna t'Quam. You two-" (she pointed at the two Aldeans, smirking) "-are wonderful dancers. I haven't had that much fun on a dance floor in years!"

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff
The couple whom had joined them in the alcove seemed pleased with the flattery, if perhaps being a bit bashful about it, but Rawley couldn't do ought else but agree with her old squadmate. Indeed, she'd even got a close inspection of it towards the end there, where Lillee had encouraged to woman to join her and her male friend. They had been not just a little handsy, but Rawley certainly hadn't minded the attention. Instead, she'd paid back in kind up until the song ended and they'd retreated to the table for some rest.

"Thank you," said the male, glancing over at his female companion. "This is Lera, I'm Rilen, and I don't believe I've seen you in the clubs of the Promenade before. What part of Aldea Prime are you from?"

Rawley, knowing her accent might be shrouded by the UT in her Aldean communicator, hadn't paid enough attention to the city map of Aldea Prime to give him an answer. "Odena is me name, and personally, I've been moving around a lot. Started out not far from here though," she said, and moved on right away with a grin, "Do you lovely dance partners have any recommendations for drinks?"

"Sure," said the woman with a small smile and made an order that Rawley couldn't quite pick up on given the noise in the place, but whatever she'd said resulted in three green and red drinks in long glasses appearing. When Rawley raised an inquisitive eyebrow, the male answered, running his arm around Rawley's shoulders as he picked up his own.

"It's a Beyond Triangle," he said, looking Rawley right in the eye, which made her grin at him. When she looked towards the woman, she got a similar smirk back in kind.

"Not sure I'm keen on the Beyond, but I am all for the rest," she said, and then looked towards Lillee. She'd sure done her part in terms of being a wingwoman, and she raised her glass in toast to the Romulan. "To awesome friends, and the start of a lovely evening."

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


Lillee accepted the toast with all the modesty that she was capable of...which was to say, none at all. Her answering smirk was distinctly smug, in fact, as she raised her own glass in response; clearly, she had found excellent playthings for her fellow Wolf. The flirting was fun to watch, and it was clear that three had chemistry of a primal nature, enough that Lillee rather suspected that come morning, none of them would be walking straight.

Indeed, from what little Lillee remembered of Rawley in bed, she could downright guarantee it. They might've all been thoroughly drunk that night, but Lillee nevertheless remembered full well what the human was like when she really got going. Only a truly experienced and proficient lover could bring two women to climax at the same time, after all. Presumably their new Aldean friends would learn that soon enough, as soon as they got to that phase of the night.

"To a lovely evening," Lillee replied, smiling as she drank her own ale. It was nowhere as good as the real stuff but it was satisfactory, at least. She'd had to go to extraordinary means to get hold of real Romulan ale back on Earth, where it was still illegal, even when replicated. Thus she simply relaxed in her seat, enjoying her drink, letting the music seep into her body and content to stay quiet.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | 1701-Dances Nightclub | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Griff
Lillee appeared content with remaining on her side of the table, and equally so with remaining a mere wing-woman for the evening, so Rawley let her be that. There seemed to be no confusion about that from Lera either, since Rawley had caught how Lillee redirected the Aldean's attentions to Rawley on the dance floor. It was decidedly even more plain how the woman had understood that, given how Rawley felt her hand skirting up her thigh underneath the table. It made Evelyn grin, and turned towards Lera with glint in her eye.

"I think I regret not having come here earlier," she said ruefully, and leaned in to slant her lips across the Aldean's. She tasted of the drink, yet warm from the dancing, and the way her throat made a sound when their lips met had Rawley's mind going straight to the gutter in terms of where the evening might end.

"Let's hope it won't be the last time either," said the man, Rilen, and Rawley felt his hand running over her side. It made her chuckle, and when she broke away from Lera, she turned her head to meet the warm breath of the man with her own.

"We'll see," was all she said, before she kissed him as well, making a sound in her throat when she felt Lera's fingers pressing betwixt her legs beneath the table, and Rilen brushed his arm across her chest. When the kiss ended, she glanced towards Bloodwing on the other side of the table, and she just couldn't help herself from teasing the Romulan a little.

"Are you sure you don't want to taste this Beyond Triangle? It wouldn't quite be what it claims without you, would it?" she asked with a grin, which made the two Aldean chuckle as well.

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Lillee laughed at the jibe before taking a drink of her ale. "Oh, I would just get in the way. Three is the magic number, yes?" Still grinning, she decided to return Rawley's teasing with some of her own. "Besides, I had my fun this morning, and even the three of you combined can't match what she did to me this morning. It was amazing."

An exaggeration, perhaps, but not a great one. It didn't escape Lillee's notice that she'd been aboard the Theurgy for little more than a month and this was the third "party" she was being invited to, albeit the first that she was declining. She watched Rawley and the Aldeans as their flirting became more physical, enough that Lillee wondered how long the threesome would be able to wait before absconding to wherever they wanted to go to do whatever they wanted to do.

Knowing when to make a graceful exit, Lillee got ready to leave, pondering whether she should get some food back on the Theurgy before bed, before it hit her: the Theurgy. This wasn't an ordinary shoreleave. As "safe" as Aldea was, the crew still had some restrictions. They never knew when some shadowy Starfleet Intelligence agent might leap out of the shadows to snap them up, or some foul criminal, or (as Lillee knew from painful experience) predatory Tal Shiar assassins. The crew were supposed to stay together, sticking to a "buddy" system, outside specific areas. Lillee didn't think it was heavily enforced by the senior staff, but...

I have to stay with her until we beam back up to the ship,, she realised with a groan. Ghost, you're going to owe me for this, as the stars are my witness. Resigned to her circumstances, Lillee sat back, drank her ale and tried to look amiable. Rawley had just come off a patrol, so she had to be tired...perhaps a single tumble would be enough? And then they'd beam back to the Theurgy?

Lillee's hopes were dashed. Soon enough, all four of them found themselves in a small apartment that belonged to the Aldean couple. They didn't even wait until they got to the bedroom before tearing the clothes of Rawley, ignoring Lillee, who was left to sit awkwardly in a chair as the three lovers merrily enjoyed each other. The dining table was first, Rawley being subjected to a thorough tandem treatment by the Aldeans atop it, her orgasmic moans proving a serious distraction for Lillee on the couch. The whole thing was more than a little arousing to observe, but nevertheless, Lillee tried her best to ignore the ongoing festivities, focusing instead on watching some Federation broadcasts on the main screen.

That worked for only a time, as the three lovers progressed to the couch, forcing a distinctly disgruntled Lillee off it. More invitations to join them were proffered and refused, Lillee continuously trying to ignore the passionate lovemaking being performed next to her and cursing that the Aldeans only had a two-room apartment, giving her no place to hide. Finally they retired to the bedroom, where the moans continued unabated, all three seeming to have impressive stamina as time passed. Annoyed, bored and in real need, Lillee gave up, resorting to pleasuring herself on the couch just to pass the time and ease her own frustration.

By the time all was said and done, with a thoroughly sated Rawley ready to beam back to the Theurgy, Lillee had half a mind to strange the human, even though she knew it was hardly Rawley's fault. The whole evening would fade into memory soon enough. Nevertheless, as they beamed back home, one thought rang in Lillee's thoughts:

Ghost, you really fucking owe me.


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