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Re: Day 05 [1800 hrs.] The Way You Look Tonight

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Aldea Prime, City Interior | Aldea ] Attn: @Nolan

“I’m still not so sure that I would.”  Daniel said as they passed by what looked to be an artisan’s shop.  If it had been up to him he would never have set foot on this world, but Amelya wanted to come here and he wanted to spend time with her.  Daniel nodded as she informed him that she didn’t have time for the spa visit right now.  He would have to ask about it again in the future, maybe in a few days.   He smiled as they continued to explore more of the city together.

“They certainly look interesting, I’ve never been into an entertainment establishment like that before and wouldn’t mind trying it but your welfare is far more important than my curiosity.”  Daniel said with a smile.  He had gone to drinking establishments a few times back during his time at the Academy with the few friends he had but for the most part he had never tagged along to the kind of entertainment establishments in front of them.  Daniel escorted her to a slightly secluded spot and then tapped his combadge.  “Lieutenant Havenborn to Transporter Room 3, two to beam up.”  He said as the transporter specialist acknowledged him and a moment later they were standing on the transporter pad. 

[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 12, Transporter Room 3 | UUS Theurgy ]

As they walked out into the corridor Daniel looked at Amelya.  “May I escort you to your quarters?”  He asked her.
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Re: Day 05 [1800 hrs.] The Way You Look Tonight

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[ Lt Amelya Rez | Aldea Prime | City Center > Theurgy Transporter room ] Attn: @Havenborn

Amelya had to laugh at Daniel's answer and whilst she did enjoy their time together on the planet, she did feel rather tired. Thus as the gentleman he was, Daniel escorted to a more secluded spot to get beamed back aboard the ship and Amelya looked around one last time before the light surrounded them and she soon found herself back aboard the ship. She nodded at the officer at the controls before Daniel's question drew her eyes to him.

The doctor kept looking into Daniel's eyes for a second or two before she answered him "Oh, how gallant. How could I refuse." she smiled before she slid her arm around his and let him lead the way. Assuming he knew the way, she'd otherwise tell him what directions to take. The stroll throughout the ship took a few minutes before she was delivered at her door and Amelya opened the door to her quarters. The lights inside flicked on and she turned on her heel to look at Daniel.

"Thank you for the evening lieutenant. Good night and until we meet again."
she said with a smile before she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek with her lips. She did offer him a hug before she turned around once more and retired to her quarters, the door sliding shut in front of him.


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