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EPIL: S [D06|1700] Stress Relief

[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

Samala was fuming. She was seething. She was livid. And there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

After finally being rescued from Deck 27 and having her arm healed, Samala had gone in search of her brother, eventually finding him. And, instead of being happy that she was alive and wanting to spend time with her, he had told her to leave. He had sent her way from him in what may be his final hours in this world. And for what? So that she wouldn’t have to see him slowly be assimilated by the Borg nanoprobes coursing through his body. And because he had had to save her.

That was probably the single part that was gnawing at Samala the most. Her brother would not be in the situation that he was now in if she had been able to take care of herself. If he hadn’t had to save her then they would be up fixing the Apache right now. Instead, she was here, running.

After leaving her brother, Samala had found herself hyped up so she had accosted the first Starfleeter that had come her way and demanded a place to work off her energy. They had directed her to the gym on Deck 14. That had been half an hour ago. She had been running ever since.

With her mind distracted, she neither felt nor heard the arrival of someone else in the room.

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Zephyr punched at the bag, which jolted around on it's chain suspended from the ceiling by a large metal beam and a massive screw that was likely locked into place firmly.  People in Starfleet liked to find various ways to take out their anger, resentment, and general stress out on things.  This punching bag had a few soft spots and thus she could surmise that it had been used many times.  Khorin was off doing whatever he needed to do medically and Zeph was trying to keep herself busy until he got back to their Quarters because she really just wanted to spend time with him.  Especially after the slew of messages from Thomas.

She couldn't stand the way that he had basically decided that she was dead or at least not worth the continued hope that she wasn't.  She could, in a way, understand that she had been the one that opened him up and that he might need her still.  But, it hadn't been her choice to just up and leave and now... now he was blaming her for the cold .. frigidity of the messages that had grown more and more distant until he was just done with her all together.  Now, she wanted to punch him in the face, watch the black eye swell, the one she could full well heal but not heal it.  She wanted to scream in his face, and she wanted to kick him right where it counted.  Right now, she was going to have to settle with the fact that she could only punch a bag while she chanted his name.



Stupid.. stupid idiot, bastard, Thomas.

Zeph stepped back from the bag hanging there swinging slightly from her last punch.  She stepped backwards a bit so that she was in view for the other part of the gym while she quickly unstrapped the gloves and tossed them angrily to the equipment rack over to the side.  She brushed her curling, sweat soaked, hair out of her face and behind her ears.  She could feel everyone in here, she knew that if she tried with her new abilities she could actually read their minds.  But, while she had never had this ability to this extent she had been told early on that it was unacceptable and there were a ton of ethics involved.  So she didn't do that kind of thing to anyone, but she could feel someone else in the room.  Female, but that was as far as she went because she didn't know the mind.  The more she knew someone the better she was able to read them.  Right now, strangers were just a slew of emotions.  Some were similar to emotions she felt on others.  Some were completely different and still there were races that took a lot of time to pinpoint.

Zeph was dressed only in her sports bra and a pair of small shorts that were .. probably too generously called shorts.  The Starfleet logo emblazoned on the both of them, though mutlicolored from their once blue color to encompass both dark and light blue because of the amount of sweat that slid down her pale skin and into the fabric.  Grabbing a white towel from a nearby rack she brushed it over her face and then the back of her neck where the worst of the sweat was, or at least the most annoying was.  Leaning down again, leaving the towel across her neck to soak up any stragglers, she picked up a bottle of water and downed it quickly.  Half of it gone before her black eyes took up stock of the rest of the gym.

That running chick must be the one that I sensed earlier. she thought to herself, as she headed over, wondering if she could or should start making friends on this ship.  She didn't know if she was staying.  Despite what Khorin wanted she would have to actually be asked to stay, and until then, she was kind of just a lone eagle here.  Still, Zeph had never been a shy person so she gave the person a bit of a nod.

“Hey there!  I'm Zeph.  New to the ship.. you too?” she asked wondering if that was where the underlying anger and frustration that Zeph sensed was coming from.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Gym | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ]

Okafor stared at the tools before him. Attempts at artificial cells, synthetic muscle, multi-polymer plastic metabolizers, and all the wondrous creations designed to facilitate the genesis of these devices. Genetronic replication tools and metabolic vats, suffused with attempts at trying to blur the lines between technology and biology. And yet none of these seemed to grab Okafor like they usually would. He had tried to continue his work, even tried re-reading old papers he’d dug up about V’ger and her (his? its?) strange living machine body. Yet nothing could bring the weight off of his shoulders. He felt as bruised and scarred as the ship, yet he was physically okay. He could only imagine what Thea felt, returning to her body only to find it broken and wounded.

With a sigh, Okafor stood and walked out. There was a better way to use his time than stare at words he wasn’t even reading. If he couldn’t help his mind, then he could help his body, and with that resolve made his way to the nearby gymnasium. If one helped their body it also helped their mind, secretions of dopamine and neurotransmitters would flow through his veins and synapses, and purge the weight settled in his brain.

The arrival and subsequent change into sweat gear barely registered in his mind. As he made his way over to the array of weights, his eyes caught sight of two other individuals in the room, both people he had never seen before. Though… given recent events this was not entirely surprising. Just as he arrived nearby, the taller one addressed the other, confirming Okafor’s assumption. He realized he should probably introduce himself, as one of the dwindling members of the original crew. But how should he have approached it? Okafor decided to trust his instincts.

“You are both new to the ship?” He closed his eyes briefly. Nope. Not great. Or fine but could have done better, it was hard to tell.

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

It had been a while since anyone had been able to surprise Samala so completely as the woman had when she had walked out from the other area of the gym. She was ‘dressed’ in gym clothes, Samala guessed, although that was probably a generous description given how much of the woman’s sweat sheened skin was on display. Her own outfit, the same that she had been given when she had awoken in sickbay that morning was now an interesting combination of sweat and blood from the battle and now the exercise. 

Slowing to a jog before dismounting the treadmill, Samala considered whether replying to the woman was necessary or not but given that she knew exactly two other people on the ship and that this woman had spoken to her first, she determined that it was only polite to reply.

“Uh, hi,” Samala responded hesitantly. The woman wore no rank insignia of any kind which meant she could be anyone on the ship, even if she said she was new. And as annoyed as she was at the situation, she didn’t feel like picking a fight with anyone just yet. “Yes, I came aboard a few days ago so I am told. Not that I would know. I only woke up a few hours ago,” she explained as a man that had entered while she was speaking joined them, asking if she was knew to the ship.

“I am, and Zeph, I think you said your name was Zeph,” Samala said as she looked at the taller woman for confirmation before turning back to the man. “She said she was new as well. Are you?”

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Zeph could tell the woman who had been running was a bit annoyed about being interrupted from her work out.  But, things like that didn't deter Zeph.  She was the sort of person that could truly make friends out of just about anyone.  It wasn't even the empathy she had been born with, but instead, it was just true persistence and a personality that was hard to dislike.  She smiled that bright smile that seemed to disarm people for the most part and she hoped that it would work again.  Zeph was actually rather excited to be in a completely new environment because it meant that she would be able to make new friends.

Ones that weren't hell bent on using her research for nepharious means.

She still couldn't get the images she had seen, right before she ran, on the Azurite station out of her head.  As much as she wanted to forget that they had taken her stolen work and used it against her will to create a virus … she couldn't.  It was stuck playing over and over again on an annoying loop any time she wasn't keeping herself busy.  Eventually, it would fade.  The mind was good at that, but when she had lay in her containment cell aboard the Versant she had nothing to think about except it.  She hadn't wanted to die, but she hadn't really wanted to be there either. 

To know you had created something monstrous and to know it was going to be used on a bigger scale, she would just rather not.

The woman stopped running and said she had come aboard the ship a few days ago but had only been woken up today.  Zeph's brow rose wondering why she had been under cryo but she figured that would be an odd question to ask of someone that you didn't really know.  Another person joined them, male, and also seemed interested in the newcomers. 

“Yep!  Zeph, and yeah I came on board with the other Versant refugees.  I came here to blow off some steam because I couldn't sleep.” she said with a simple shrug of her slender muscular shoulders.  The purple floral tattoo on her left shoulder shimmered slightly with her pale skin moving over those muscles.  She turned to the male.  “I'm Zeph.  Pleasure to meet you both!” she beamed at the two of them giving them chances to offer their own names or .. stories.. or whatever.  You could never know what to expect.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Stegro88

In his exhaustion, Okafor couldn’t tell if he had genuinely made things worse in this situation or not. But instincts, however unreliable they might have been in his state, told him to just roll with it. So he did.

The rather… young looking person was under the impression that Okafor was also new. Not an unreasonable assumption, especially given the circumstances behind his own awakening and the apparent massive shift in crew since he went under. It was a little more than even he was entirely able to properly handle right now. But more pressingly, he had just been introduced to two more newcomers- Zeph and… somebody.

Okafor, and Zeph, and this person whose name had not been said all seemed to be there for the same reason- steam needed to be released after the nerve-wracking ordeal which had just concluded. “I’m here to try and release some pressure as well.” Okafor said, as he seated himself on a bench near the two. “And… no, I am not new, but I might be one of the few original members of the crew left.” He thought about that for a second, before he added, “Well, I’ve seen many who are still around, but so much has changed since- I’m… sorry. I am not making much sense, I was only recently unfrozen from stasis. I am Lieutenant Okafor, by the way, first name Tyreke.”

Okafor paused, as he remembered something. “And… I don’t believe I caught your name?” He said, and turned towards the… one whose name he hadn’t caught, the one who might have been a hybrid of some kind or another humanoid species.

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

“That’s because I didn’t throw it,” Samala responded evenly to the man’s comment on her not offering her name. She had almost chosen to be snide or condescending but she figured that pissing off and alienating every single being on board was not a good idea.

“Surely they can’t all be responsible for the actions of a few,” Samala surmised as she glanced between the man and the woman. The man seemed like a curious type but the woman was looking at her as if she was seeing more than what was there. And it was starting to make Samala feel uneasy. She had neither told anyone about her own mental abilities nor used them in any dramatic fashion but the way this woman was looking at her was making her reconsider that stance. “Did I make a mistake in deciding she was just Human. Could she be from Betazoid?”

“My name is Samala,” Samala introduced herself calmly, taking even breaths to slow her heart rate. “I’m Lorad’s younger sister,” she added as she looked at the two before turning away in search of the towel she had procured earlier. Blotting the perspiration from her face, the hybrid leaned back on a piece of equipment and waited.

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@Hastata-Nerada @Stegro88

The male was there to relieve some stress as well, Zeph figured that they all were but it was hard to tell because she hadn't been around these people for very long.  Zeph shifted her stance from one hip to the other while she listened to him stating that he wasn't new on the ship.  That she was actually one of the original officers of the Theurgy and that he had been in stasis for a while.  Likely from some sort of horrible injury or something.  She thought to herself for a moment and brushed her short bangs out of her face and behind an ear.  Watching the two, as the male told the other that she hadn't given her name and while she was really plain about it, she was also kind of rude. 

Whoa.  Don't piss that one off.

She finally gave up her name, Samala, but stating that she was Lorad's younger sister.  Zeph shrugged her shoulder.

“Well I don't know who that is, because I am new, but that's good to know if I ever run into your brother.” she chuckled with a smile at the young woman.  “Hey so, does anyone want to blow off steam together?  I was taking out my frustration on that bag over there, but it can't fight back.  Or... we could go get some drinks?  I don't know what there really is to do here.  I'm a Science officer, Botanist, but I haven't.. had time to explore anything more than here or the Arboretum.”

Her eyes shifted to the two others.

“Any ideas?”

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @BZ

Lorad… Lorad… The name rang a bell, but not as a Theurgy crew member. Were they a new person who had been picked up recently? The answer clicked in Okafor’s head. This Lorad must be the reman they picked up, or at the very least the name reminded him of the reman’s. He hadn’t met the reman, but evidently the Theurgy now had them to thank for an operational cloaking device. But Samala didn't really remind him of a reman, in fact he couldn't quite identify her species. Humanoid, certainly, but with features that Okafor couldn’t quite pin down in his head.

However Okafor did not have much time to think on that before Zeph replied and suggested they blow off steam somewhere. Which was… confusing to say the least, as was this not why they were all there?

Okafor raised an eyebrow at Zeph. “Well, that is why I am here at any rate, I assumed that you two were here for that as well.” he leaned back after having said this and thought about the ship and its features.

“There is a lounge below decks, called Below Decks as well. I am not sure who runs the place these days, a lot has changed since I went on ice.” Okafor pondered briefly on the idiom, seeing as ‘on ice’ was not technically accurate in regards to how stasis chambers worked. It was freezing within them as entropy slowed dramatically, but it was not true cryogenics. He pushed the distracting thought from his mind and continued. “Or, perhaps we can help each other somehow, or use a Klingon calisthenics program?”

At the very least it would be nice to get to know some of the new people, even if Samala seemed a little bit prickly.

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

Samala had listened as the two Starfleeters had made suggestions about what they could do. And if she was honest with herself, none of them were great ideas. Maybe they would have been better at a nother time but at that moment, all she wanted to do was beat something until it was bloody; even if it was her own hands.

“Not interested in the fake alcohol that these ships carry. Can’t even get a buzz off them. I’ll just go up to the Apache later and get some of the Whiskey that we still have,” Samala thought to herself as she looked between the two of them. “And the stars help whoever is closest if those bottles are gone.”

“If you two want to head to this lounge place to drink, I hope it’s in one piece for you,” Samala said, trying to be polite despite how she was feeling. “Speaking for myself though, I need something more active to keep me occupied at the moment. Weights, running or something like that. Sparring would be good but I don’t think it would be a fair fight, even if it was the two of you versus me.”

Her statement could be taken as arrogance by those that didn’t know her but to Samala, it was merely a statement of fact. They were Human and she was not.

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Okafor mentioned there was a lounge that they could go to, called the Below Decks Lounge.  “Wow they really pulled out all the creative juices when they named that one, didn't they?” she said as a joke, though she doubted that Miss Intense was going to have a sense of humor but it was hard to say.  Still, she had to admit that she just wanted to make some friends.  Of course she had Khorin, and Rav was on the ship somewhere, but that was something that she couldn't quite... deal with right now.  She had cared for him and had he confessed to her back in the Academy the outcome would have been completely different.  She bit her lower lip as she was given more options by the Intense one.  Her eyes shifted over to the woman that said she was really hoping for something else.  However, she doubted that any of them could actually fight her even if they did it together.

“Well, I'm super offended.” Zeph said sharply and then she smiled at the young woman with a bit of a shrug.  “I actually have trained in fighting, I might be a Scientist but I'm not helpless.” she gave another shrug of her shoulders, though she wasn't sure that Okafor was into fighting or that it would help him in the least with the whole blowing off steam portion of the evening.

“Well you both want to work out the body... dance party?” she asked with a smirk.  “We could go to... the holodeck or .. I have access to the arboretum.  We could just turn on some tunes and go to town?” she offered the both of them, not sure where they were going to be able to find common ground.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @BZ

To say that Okafor felt the common ground crumbling beneath his feet would be an understatement. He did not want to fight Samala, especially since she seemed… well smaller and younger and also more intense. Particularly that last part. Not something he needed or wanted to deal with. Okafor maintained himself but he wasn’t what he would consider to be an expert on sparring, and generally operated alone anyway.

However, it was Zeph’s suggestion which caught Okafor a little off guard. She was a scientist which was neat, and might also lead to them working together in the future, but any such thoughts were derailed by the offered activities. A dance... party? Two things he didn’t like doing combined into one thing he really didn’t like doing.

Then it clicked. “Oh.” was what Okafor said as his tired yet antsy brain completed the final hurdle of logic. “I have to say I don’t usually do such things very often so I may not be the most graceful. The arboretum might be a bit disruptive, holodeck likely less so, but-” Okafor glanced at Samala then back towards Zeph, then back at Samala and then back again at Zeph. He contemplated whether he should comment but decided instead to sit back and let Samala do the talking for herself.

Okafor merely finished with, “Well there are other ways of thinking, which I should not speak for.”

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

“I think I upset her,” Samala thought to herself as she struggled to hold in the laugh that threatened to escape. “Trained in fighting. I’m a scientist but I’m not helpless. What I hear is I know which end of the phaser to point at the bad guy. Doesn’t mean you know how to disembowel the bad guy with a dull piece of wreckage. Or having the strength to do it.”

She was about to reply to Zeph when Tyreke spoke up, saying he wasn’t the most graceful. “Even I can see that,” Samala thought to herself as she eyed the man. “And I’m trained to fight, not dance.” And then he spiked her curiosity; suggesting other ways of thinking that he shouldn’t speak of. And that, beyond anything that had happened so far, tempted Samala to use her telepathic abilities. She almost gave in before chastising herself. “No, if I need to make an escape I need every advantage I can get.”

“I don’t dance,” Samala stated, just for the record, as she walked over to a rack of weights and picked up a 30kg dumbbell as if it was a hyperspanner before tossing it casually in the air. Catching it, she looked at Zeph and smiled, showing off her fangs. “That is why I don’t think it would be a fair fight. I’m stronger than I look,” she explained without going into details before changing her focus to Tyreke. “But you, you have me curious now. What other ways of thinking are there that you shouldn’t speak of? Please, share.”

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@Stegro88 @Hastata-Nerada

It didn't take an empath to tell that neither of them were up for dancing. 

Zeph felt that just about everyone, given the right persuasion, had an inner dance bug.  Everyone could move to a beat and enjoy themselves.  Zeph often found that she could burn some of her stress and steam off that way, and she enjoyed it.  Still, neither of them were going to take her anywhere for dancing, and that was fine.  But, it seemed that none of them could actually settle on what to do.  Okafor said something about things that he didn't want to speak for.

Samala mentioned that she didn't dance, and then saying it woulnd't be a fair fight because she was stronger than she looked.  Tossing a large dumbbell up in the air and catching it flawlessly.  “I never back down from a challenge, I may get my ass kicked, but I think I would surprise you too.” she admitted, but she let it go.  It wasn't important enough for her to pursue and even if they fought there was no way that they could all three fight at the same time. 

Sam turned to Okafor and asked what he was talking about earlier, and Zeph turned to him as well.  “Yeah, I'm curious as well.  Tell us what you got?”

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Lower Gym | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Stegro88

A slip of speech, an error, a poor choice of words, a gaff, all of these were true, all of which made Okafor realize that he should have perhaps kept his mouth shut. “I suppose…” he began, “I meant that I did not want to speak for Samala here, and I made a mistake, it didn’t come out right.”

Okafor leaned back and pondered. “So we can fight, or dance. And, just to put this in, I can also cook something if you would all like.” he beamed. “I am quite proud of this skill, my cooking can help make you stronger, more fit. A perk of being a biologist.” Delicious and most importantly nutritious. It was a balance to be struck, but he had not wasted his studies for nothing. Okay he had studied to innovate biological synthesis, but this was a good bonus.

If nothing else this could be a common ground, and Okafor did enjoy improvising a good meal every now and then. Though there was the possibility that Samala didn’t want anything to do with either of them, Zeph struck Okafor as the type to be open to such ventures.

"Of course if you would rather spar that is something that we can do. I try not to fight but I can help I suppose. Besides,” He turned his gaze towards Samala and gestured towards Zeph. “You never know, she might indeed surprise you.”

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

Samala stared Zephyr as Tyreke Okafor stammered out a reply. To Samala, the man seemed way too preoccupied with how he appeared and spoke to others. He definitely needed to relax. And as much as Samala would have enjoyed a good session with the two of them, the only challenge would be her not hurting them too badly when she put them down. No matter how gutsy Zephyr was.

“She might indeed surprise me, Tyreke,” Samala addressed the man, her eyes still locked on Zephyr, trying to sort out just who and what she was without using her mental abilities. “But I doubt a fight would be fun for any of us. But you still need to relax a bit. I for one am not going to jump you for saying the wrong thing. While I have no preference either way, my tastes run more towards Zephyr than to you at the moment.”

Thinking for a moment, Samala’s mind worked through what to do. She could just leave but that didn’t appeal to her at the moment. She needed to chill, perhaps vent a little but didn’t know anybody well enough to even try that. So relaxing it was. 

“This ship have a place you can swim or relax in water?” Samala asked casually, setting the weight back on the rack. “I don’t know what pool you sit in is called.”

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | A Biologist, A Botanist, And a Fighter | Time for a Hot Soak | Letting off some Steam | A Very Apt Description]
@Hastata-Nerada @Stegro88

Zephyr listened to Okafor mention that he knew how to cook really well, the perks of being a Biologist and thought for a moment that the training he had must have been different than her own.  The likelihood was that he liked to cook and had trained himself with his vast knowledge of how things went together.  But, she was just glad to know someone that cooked, honestly, it was a lost art these days with replicators at the ready any time they needed something to eat.  It wasn't that big of a deal to get themselves anything they wanted to eat from any planet. 

Samala didn't seem up for a fight.  Maybe another time. she thought to herself as she gave a shrug, she didn't mind either way really.  But, when she asked if there was a place they could go to.  A place where they could sit, soak, and relax the proper way.  She smiled softly, having doe a lot of digging about the deck plans here so that she knew what was where, she had learned quite a bit of things.  Even though they were all pretty new to the ship, that didn't mean that uninformed was the way to go, and Zeph had never been big on not knowing her surroundings. 

“yeah.  Actually, there is a steam bath not too far away.  We could get all comfy in the steam, maybe some snacks and drinks, and just have a chat?  Sounds like it could be worth hit, and bonus, it'll get all our sweat off.” she chuckled brightly tucking one of her errant curls behind her ears as she waited to see if the others were as interested in it as she was.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @BZ

This was not going well. Perhaps he had been in stasis for too long, perhaps the near-fatal experience which put him there had taken too much of a toll, perhaps the fact that he had gone through all that and reawakened to crisis was also telling. Either way Okafor felt as if he was embarrassing himself before these two young women, and he had better rectify the issue without causing any more trouble.

Samala came to Okafor’s rescue, albeit unwittingly. She seemed to have struck upon a perfect solution, something to do that he hoped they could all agree on. Sure enough, Zeph seemed inclined to agree, and Okafor knew the way to get to her suggested destination quite well. He smiled and nodded in agreement. “Yes, that sounds excellent actually.” He replied.

“If the steam gets to be too much there is a pool just outside, alongside a replicator and fresh food if needed.” A brief thought entered his mind, regarding his present company and where they would be going but it did not last for more than a second before another part of his brain leapt to push the thought out of the way. Instead, he focused on potentially getting to know these two who were now aboard the Theurgy. So many hands had changed since Okafor last walked Thea’s decks, and it seemed prudent to him to get to know who these new people were. Especially with Zeph being a fellow biologist.

Another thought entered his mind, but more in regards to his own situation. He had nearly died. Okafor had been injured to the point of having to suspend the entropy in his body until he could be healed properly. He had spent so much of his life working… And he had nearly lost it. On a journey as perilous as the one he and the crew were undertaking, then maybe it was time to change.

Okafor faced Zeph and gave a positive smile. “I take it you know the way?”

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[ Samala | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Hastata-Nerada

“Well someone had better know the way, because I don’t,” Samala declared as she stood up straighter. Swimming had been enjoyable way to pass the time on Bacury III, even if they had to be careful to ensure to stay within the dampening field of the base so that their life signs weren’t detected from orbit by a cloaked ship. But even with those precautions, there had been a small lake that the base could enjoy. “Lead on.”

Eventually, one of them began to lead the way and Samala fell silently in behind the two Starfleeters as they led the way through the corridors of the ship. As they walked, Samala carefully and slowly opened her mind to see what she could ‘hear’ from all the people she was passing in the corridors. Unfortunately, there were so many that she couldn’t focus enough on any one mind to glean anything and after a few minutes, she closed off her mind once again.

Walking through a pair of double doors, Samala was confronted with her first view of the Theurgy’s public baths. The room was sparsely populated and Samala immediately began stripping her clothes off. She didn’t have swimwear like the others in the room, but she also didn’t care either.

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Getting Lost is a Hobby | Lets Use the Map | Knowing the Way and Knowing the Way are Different]
@Hastata-Nerada @Stegro88

So they were going.

Zeph brightened as they finally had a plan all three of them could agree on.  Heading to the steam baths and Okafor was right they would have food and drinks they could have a good time, get to know each other, and relax all at the same time.  It was a win-win-win.  At least, in her book, that was until someone asked her if she knew the way.  That whole deer-in-the-headlights thing was totally happening right now as Zeph's eyes widened. 

“Uh, I mean... no.”

She chuckled apologetically and she pulled out her PADD from her bag because she really didn't know what else to do.  She had loaded a map of the Theurgy on it so that she wouldn't have to worry about losing her way as much, but even using the map, she still got lost.  The ship was enormous and she would really rather just go from the gym, to her quarter, and to to work.  She also knew where the arboretum was since she spent a great deal of time there.  But, she didn't know where everything was, getting lost was honest to goodness a hobby for her at this point.  There were so many times she thought she knew where she was going only to discover a part of the ship she hadn't been to before or seen before. 

“But, I have a map.”

The three of them began to head through the halls, Zephyr had set a locator beacon off on her map so that she could hopefully make it to the right spot.  It only took three wrong turns, and two dead ends before they finally got to the turbo that would take them to the proper deck.  That part, was at least easy.  From there, they followed some signs, the map, and only made one wrong turn only because the locator had put itself on the left side of the bathing area and not over where the door actually was.  So they spent a couple minutes looking at a wall of deck plating and trying to figure out why there was no door.  But, eventually, they found the door and stepped in.

The warmth of the room was refreshing and Zeph found herself already hungry for the relaxing pools and the food they were about to partake in.  However, suddenly, a ping from her PADD made her look down.  At first, she expected it was just the device telling her that she had arrived at her location.  Which, she already knew that, but it liked to remind her when it could.  But no, it hadn't actually done that yet, it was instead offering her a message from Khorin.  She read it over several times, and her stomach sank into her guts.  Something was off.  His message was both urgent and seemed a little off, like he needed her for something heavy.  She remembered his rage after being off the ship, she remembered how she had been able to calm him down, and she remembered afterwards his cardboard castle and how they had been in there for a full day just soothing his soul in many different ways.

“Oh.  I'm so sorry guys, there's an emergency with my mate, I have to go...” she looked up but it was clear on her face that she was worried and a bit sad that this had to end.  “...another time okay?  I mean, go ahead and you guys partake I just.. I can't today.” she fired off a message to Khorin telling him she would be back quickly and then told Thea to site-to-site transport her home.  It was important and urgent afterall, there was no way she was chancing getting lost on the way.

==Exit Zeph==


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[ Samala | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Zeph’s sudden departure seemed to put a damper on Tyreke’s already limited enthusiasm and Samala didn’t need her telepathy to see that the man was about to announce his own sudden departure. And sure enough, a few moments after Zeph had disappeared, the ebony-skinned man announced his own departure and tried to casually hurry away. Her company now departed, Samala suddenly wasn’t feeling as adventurous as she had been. She was new to the ship and didn’t even really know if she was a guest or a prisoner.

Then there was the other matter to consider. Somewhere, and Samala wasn’t entirely sure where anymore, her brother was fighting off being assimilated by the Borg nanoprobes injected into his body when he had saved her from the drone during the battle. A part of her knew that she should be at his side but Lorad had made his thoughts on that matter quite clear when he had practically chased her away. And despite how much she loved him, she had just that little bit too much pride to return to him without his invitation. She knew that he would call her if his time was almost up.

“You,” Samala called, grabbing a Human that was looking to depart the pools. “Where is the Reman ship?” she demanded, having decided on a way to pass the time.

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