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EPIL: S [D06|1200] Hope For the Best...

[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Upper Deck, Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ

Daniel was seated at the Allegiant’s helm spending time familiarizing himself with the flight controls and going through the pre-flight checklist, when he had volunteered for CONN duty he had been thinking that he’d be assigned to shuttle duty or helping with piloting the ship, being the pilot of the Allegiant wasn’t an assignment he had even thought of but here he was.  So far he was the only one on the bridge but he wasn’t sure if there were other personnel onboard yet.  The flight controls weren’t that different from other craft that he’d piloted before, just some minor differences here and there.  Currently he had the weapons and shields displays up, he wasn’t sure if there was a tactical officer assigned and in case there wasn’t he wanted to be ready.

He was still in his exo-suit, though his helmet was sitting on the floor to his right.  The Allegiant’s chairs were also different than his Gryphon’s seat, he wasn’t really sure if he liked the comfort that the seat provided but he would make do for the time being.  The pre-flight checklist was also slightly different from the Gryphon’s, being that one was a fighter and the other a scout ship.  Hopefully this away mission wouldn’t involve any combat, it wasn’t that he was afraid of having to fight in this ship, part of him wanted to see what it could do, but it was more that he wanted a smooth flight after the major action that they had just seen.  He would have taken the downtime that was offered but honestly he needed something to do, with Knight in sickbay and Meony obviously needing some major counseling after her surgery and with K’Ren also in sickbay he needed any distraction that he could get.

He was no longer an SCO and even though he was a flight leader he knew that he’d just be in the way in sickbay so he had opted to just take on another duty and when they returned he could look into the status of his friends.

OOC: There are openings for 1 Ops Officer, 1 Tactical Officer, 2 Engineers, and 2 Security Officers.
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Aft Airlock > Security Checkpoint | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ]
Varder stepped back onto the Allegiant, still suited feet landing heavily against the plated floors. Things now at least looked better than they had when he had stepped off the vessel less than an hour before. The miracle that was the engineers had done their work, damaged conduits replaced, doors once more functioning. It might not look pretty, but the Bajoran trusted it would all hold together.

Just prior he had reported back into security, heard the rumours and speculation. Had they really done it? And at what cost? What was next?.. The casualty lists showed yet more faces gone, yet.. they had done it? He could hope, as with so many things on this fateful voyage. All he could do was hope.
If he ever stopped.. that was a thought he dared not entertain as the days seemed to get darker and darker.

Now he was back aboard the little scout ship, downtime the last thing on his mind. Something to keep him occupied, that is what he needed. So when the position aboard opened itself again, he had volunteered, half expecting to be turned down. Pleasantly surprised when it was accepted.

He now passed through the doors to the small security checkpoint before the bridge, a smirk in the back of his mind at the thought of how non-regulation his appearance must be at this moment. His exo battered, burned, scraped and blackened by the earlier experiences endured aboard this little ship. With that thought, he removed his helmet and seated himself, his hair unkempt, fitting in with the rest of his present appearance as he took the duty of checking people onto the bridge until he was relieved from doing so.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Bridge | USS Allegiant | Docked w. the USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat
When the word from the repair teams had reached her, Dewitt had been anything but decent - having freshened up in the CO Quarters of the scoutship together with Zyrao Natauna. Dilligent and dutiful as she was, she wasted no time in donning a fresh uniform and tying up her red hair in a braid. When she left ahead of the El-Aurian, telling her with a smile that she would return shortly, her green eyes had taken in the corridors and areas she passed through on the way to the bridge, The engineers had done little to fix the cosmetics, of course, panels still missing, but she trusted that they had handled all the critical damages. Well enough for the short mission, at least.

When she stepped onto the bridge, she saw that the Lone Wolf that had reported himself available for helm duty was already at the CONN station, and she saw Petty Officer Ridun there once more. Besides them, there were the other people she'd hand-picked from the roster of available personnel.

"I'm glad I haven't discouraged you too much, officer Varder," she said with a rueful smile to the Bajoran. They had just fought the Borg, and the man had helped with the assimilated officer that had been in the Ops seat, and yet he was there anew. She looked towards the others on the bridge, including them when she spoke. "Hopefully the Klingons stand by their word, and remain willing to be an ally of ours. Compared to fighting the Borg, this should be a proper milk run. The El-Aurian named Zyrao Natauna is also aboard - the very same who won over Martok in the battle - and she'll help lay the foundation of this alliance, not to mention finding safe port for the Theurgy."

She sat down in the CO chair again, feeling far more hope than when she last took command of the Allegiant, just a mere hour ago. "Lietuenant Havenborn, correct? Unless you've done them already, it's time for the pre-flight checks. We're launching as soon as possible. Commander Dewitt of the Allegiant to Mission Ops."

[This is Mission Ops, over.]

"Requesting permission to launch, as per orders from Captain Ives."

[Permission granted, Allegiant. Good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon.]

"We shan't be long. Dewitt out." When she ended the hail with the small LCARS display in her armrest, she directed herself to the white-collared man in the milky white exosuit. "Helm take us out, and set a course towards the closest known Klingon relay station, bearing two-niner-five mark eight. From there, we'll hopefully be able to reach High Chancellor Martok."

That was, of course, if the Klingon was still alive. How ironic wouldn't it be, if the sole leader who'd sworn to stand with the Theurgy would have died before fulfilling his promise? Wouldn't that be just their luck? Stop it, Jen. Of course he made it. If reports are to be believed, that Klingon survived a Dominion prison. Surely he'd be able to outrun a mere shockwave?

Then again, as rumours had it, that blast they had set off had been bigger than anything in recorded Federation history.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Security Checkpoint > Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ]
It did not take long for the other selected crew to arrive, which came as no real surprise to the Bajoran anymore. He had expected some kind of slip, some fall after he heard exactly how long he had been on ice. This was not the case and he was immensely proud of the crew for it, after all, he knew very well what it was like to live while on the run. Witnessed first hand how far people can fall while still calling it survival.. some of the darkest days of the resistance, the blackest stains came from being chased into a corner.

With the last now aboard and on the bridge, Varder rose from his seat in the small security checkpoint, no more should be coming through and it was time to depart. With that thought in mind, their captain had yet to talk to them as she had for their previous mission.

The Bajoran, despite his years, had seen many an officer and had, in turn, learned how to read them. At least to some decent extent, after all, it paid to know what you could expect from the person in command and what habits they had.

And so he stepped onto the bridge, glancing over the assorted crew.. then turning his attention to the door he had just come through. When Dewitt did enter a short while later the Bajoran stood at attention, shoulder back and chin up. It may not have been asked, but it was his way of showing his respect. Something she had earned, something she needed to see. Or so he reasoned, after the events in which Trent was relieved of command.

Then she spoke to him, light humoured words alongside a rueful smile which he returned in kind, but he kept his words to himself. It was not his place to speak.

So he listened, the words giving an almost unreasonable sense of hope at the idea of rest and some form of safety just over the horizon. A time to power down, time to think, time to be saddened at the losses and time to get through it all without risking the safety of those around him. The time needed to fall apart and pull himself together again.. Just one more mission. One more milk run.

His expression almost fell into one of relief, something a keen eye could easily pick up. But also something fleeting, no. He would not truly show how he felt until they were done, only then would it be safe to do so.
The captain took her chair and the Bajoran relaxed, his attention remaining on the door to the bridge until they had departed from the Theurgy propper.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Upper Deck, Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ, @Jm Von Cat

Daniel had just finished the pre-flight checks as people had started to wander in and take their assigned seats.  Daniel looked around and saw no tactical personnel and thus assumed that there wasn’t anyone available.  It wasn’t really a problem for him since he already had the tactical information displayed next to him, he was a TacCONN pilot, flying and shooting was his specialty.  As he heard a feminine voice speak up in an authoritative tone he turned to see a woman in command division colors.  Hearing her speak about their mission made him glad that he had volunteered for CONN duty.

Then she addressed him and he nodded then spoke.  “Yes ma’am, pre-flight is done and I’ve got tactical covered.”  He said as turned back to his console and prepared to input their destination.  He didn’t need to wait long before Commander Dewitt gave him orders.  As he input the coordinates into the console an image of the Klingon Relay Station appeared on his targeting display from tactical.  “Disengaging locks, coordinates two-nine-five mark eight entered and locked.”

He watched as the interior docking bay was replaced by the vastness of space, it was a much different experience than launching from the FAB and he wasn’t really sure if he liked it, not that it mattered much as the whole affair was over within seconds and he lined the ship up with their coordinates.  The Allegiant was a much different beast than his Gryphon but it responded well to his commands.
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[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison |  Another Step Forward | Embracing the New Digs | Less Death, Thank You Very Much]
@Havenborn @Auctor Lucan @Jm Von Cat

It had not been a long down time.  She could have used more.  She had not slept a lot since she had come on board the Theurgy.  Though the times she had slept the best was when she was with Sera.  She hoped to find out, when time allowed for it, what it would be like to sleep next to her new partner in crime.  The warmth of a body was something she was used to.  Whether it was Klingon, friend, lover, Chloe..

Ahhh, Chloe. 

She had not spoken to the young woman in a very long time.  Not since she went with the whole 'tough love' breaking hearts and leaving her behind.  She had never made a harder choice in life.  Leaving Chloe behind to live and start her own life.  Making the young blonde woman to go out and become her own person again.  She hated the fact that she could not check in with her, but, it was for the best.  Chloe had, in her time with Zyrao, become very attached.  It disturbed the El-Aurian because she didn't want the woman to end up a slave to the Klingon.  Zyrao had worked hard for the woman's freedom, working hard to allow her to gain the skills she would need to be her own woman.  She learned to fight, learned to kill, learned to heal.  She had learned many things but the thing she had learned the most was to be her own person.  Once Zyrao knew that she could succeed on her own; she had waited until they were back on Aldea and then, she had let the woman go.

The tears, the anger, the sheer betrayal that had played over the blonde's face was something that haunted the El-Aurian to this day.  For now though, she could only hope that Chloe was doing well and she wondered if she would find her once more on Aldea.  Though the Klingon Liaison hoped the woman had gone on off the planet and found a place in the universe for herself. 

After Jennifer had left to head to the Bridge, Zyrao rose and cleaned herself.  She couldn't stand to have her skin dirty if there was the possibility of being clean.  So another, but quicker, sonic shower for the short dark haired woman.  Dressing in a clean Klingon flight suit, she pinned her combadge to it's place, put her disruptor in it's place, and brushed her fingers through her dry clean hair.  Before she left though, she remade the bed to military precision.  Crisp corners, sharp pillow edges, and tucked blankets and sheets.  Everything was perfect.  Once she finished, she replicated a tasteless excuse for tea and a small concoction the replicator recommended to her based on what.. she wasn't sure.  It had a slice of bread cut in half on either side of some form of meat by products and some thick white sauce. 

She sniffed it, curiously, a very Klingon maneuver but she had picked up a lot after living with them for so long.  Without any kind of ill smell warning her off of it, she took a bite.  Chewing slowly she shrugged, she'd had worse.  With her snack and colored water in tow, she headed for the Bridge.  She knew that she could stay behind and wait in the room for Jen to come back.  However, she didn't feel as though that was a prudent use of her time and frankly she wished to be where the action was while they were headed out.  It was good to get a feel for the Bridge and the people that she would, once again, be working beside.  The crew of the Allegiant prior to this excursion had been good and welcoming and honestly, she hoped that many of them were with the Allegiant now.

The Bridge door opened, once she had passed the Security check point with a quick nod to the man holding down the fort.  Stepping onto the bridge proper she looked around.  Dewitt was in her seat, others were in theirs, and Zyrao found the same seat she had occupied during the last mission and sat down in it taking another bite of her breaded.. meat .. tower.  They were taking off, the clamps released, and they were ready to head out.  Zyrao watched curiously as the people around her did their job. 

Hers would come later, but, she was quite glad to be on this mission.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat
Word came once more, one hour later, that they had reached the relay station at the designated coordinates.

Again, Dewitt made herself decent and left the CO quarters. When she emerged, she saw it in the far distance on the viewscreen. She stepped up to Lieutenant Havenborn's side and put her hand on the shoulder of his exosuit.

"Any reactions to our approach yet?" she asked, and her green eyes wandered to the planet in the uncharted system. It was a Class E planet, being at the primordial stage in the evolution of a habitable planet. The core and crust was completely molten, making the planet susceptible to solar winds and radiation - subject to extremely high surface temperatures. According to the sensor readings on the edge of the viewscreen, the atmosphere was wispy and thin, composed of hydrogen and helium. In a million years, after the surface cooled, the core and crust would have begun to harden, and the planet would evolve into an F-Class world. Volcanic activity would still be commonplace then; the steam expelled from volcanic eruptions eventually condensing into water. Giving rise to shallow seas... in which simple bacteria thrived, and life would begin.

She turned her head away after the pilot had answered. "Dewitt to Varder, be informed; we've reached the orbital station. If the Klingons are quick on the trigger before Miss Natauna speaks to them, stand ready to protect the bridge," she said and then stepped away from the helm station, heading to her chair. "Bridge to Zyrao Natauna, please join us and make ready to speak with the personnel at the station. They need to be convinced to patch us through their subspace link so that we can reach Martok."

[Tactical Alert. Weapon signatures detected,] said the Allegiant's computer, who had Thea's voice files. The message was clear. The Klingons on the station was going to defend it.

"Raise shields, but do not arm any weapon systems. Give Zyrao a chance to talk them down," she said to Havenborn, and despite the flutter in the pit of her stomach, her face was a mask of serenity - not betraying any fear. "Hold position here."

Come on, Zy, she thought, knowing that it would do them no good if she attempted to speak to the Klingons before Zy. Better a KDF Strategist than a Starfleet officer. Especially since the Allegiant was well associated with the Theurgy.

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[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison | Time to Get to Business | Klingon Time | Going Home | Truce Maker]
@Auctor Lucan @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat

Zyrao had fully passed out.  On a couch in some small spot she had found on the ship.  It wasn't quiet, and Zyrao was the sort that had been trained to sleep lightly during her tenure as a slave of various races.  The couch was a welcome bed and she didn't want to bother Jen again.  Besides, if she braved the Captain's room again she doubted either of them would truly sleep.  Last time, she had tried to get Jen to rest it hadn't gone well... or rather it had gone too well and neither of them got any actual sleep.  So Zyrao had found herself a spot where it was quiet enough.  The couch had seen many other bodies, as was obvious, by the softness of the cushions.  She had expected them to be hard and new but they weren't.  One arm curled behind her head like a make shift pillow, boots resting on the arm on the other side.  The older woman lay there sleeping, one hand on her disruptor, while she rested her body.

Voices, the voice, called out her name, and Zyrao's grey eyes shifted open.  It was a testament to how safe she felt on the ship that she didn't jump up with disruptor at the ready.  Instead, she gave her mind that log moment between sleeping and waking to really embrace the fact that she was awake.  Sleep hadn't been something that she had much recently.  She had slept with Sera onboard the Sabine, and then she had slept where ever she could find a spot, but nothing quite as comfortable as the couch on this ship.  Sitting up slowly she put her disruptor away and rubbed the grit from her eyes giving herself another moment before all the tensity came back to her face.

Rising herself up off of her comfortable slumber spot she stretched out the soreness from her back.  Years of scar tissues, whips, and beatings had taken it's toll on the El-Aurian's backside and that meant each morning there was a bit of pain, discomfort, and tightness to get rid of.  Once she felt that it was as loose as it was going to get she realized that she needed to head to the Bridge as the  message had stated earlier. 

It didn't take long for the El-Aurian to make the short trip to the Bridge.  The door slip open at her arrival and she stepped in seeing Jennifer over by one of the men on the Bridge.  She looked over at the view screen and could see the planet that she recognized easily enough.  Her eyes shifted to her favorite red headed flavor at the moment and gave her a bit of a smirk.

“I take it I need to contact Martok.” she stated as she moved to the center of the Bridge.  It was best that she was front and center for this conversation.  “Computer, contact Chancelor Martok on behalf of Zyrao Natauna, KDF Strategist.”

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Upper Deck, Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ, @Jm Von Cat

Daniel glanced at Commander Dewitt as she placed her hand on his shoulder, he wasn’t used to this kind of familiarity from someone he didn’t know so when she asked him a question he almost didn’t hear it.  “Negative ma’am.”  He said after a pause.  “But they might not have noticed us yet.”  He added as he regained his wits and refocused on the console in front of him.  He wanted to be ready just in case that the Klingon station raised shields and armed whatever weapons it had.  His last encounter with Klingons didn’t really go all that well, fighting against Martok and his elite warriors had reminded him of the Federation-Klingon War which had occurred while he was in the Academy, he could still remember the tension that he and the other cadets felt every time a new combat report came in.

It seemed that the Klingons had noticed them after all as he heard the tactical alert from the Allegiant’s computer.  It put Daniel back into combat mode and he really wanted to reach down and grab his helmet, having the TVD could really help in this situation but it would also give him some modicum of safety although he resisted that urge and prepared himself for Dewitt’s next orders which he didn't have to wait long to hear.

“Holding position, raising shields aye.”  Daniel said as he tapped the console and activated the reaction control thrusters to hold their position, then he immediately raised the Allegiant’s shields.  He kept his left hand close to the weapons systems just in case they were needed.  He understood the mission that still didn’t mean he was going to trust the Klingons to hold their fire.
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Havenborn @BZ

A task not strictly necessary with such a small crew on such a small vessel, but it is a way to pass the time. Even paced and light falling steps, perhaps surprisingly so for someone in an exo suit. Moved back and forth down the corridor outside the bridge, occasionally stepping into the off-shooting rooms. The manner might seem like some absent-minded walk with no plan or pattern, but if someone were to have watched for long enough.. They would likely notice that there was indeed a pattern, just long and drawn out.

And so that went on, for around an hour. A calm and methodical demeanour used as a kind of camouflage for his excitement.. and his apprehension, after all.. if anything went wrong, the Theurgy would once more be on its own.
Then came the words,
"Dewitt to Varder, be informed; we've reached the orbital station. If the Klingons are quick on the trigger before Miss Natauna speaks to them, stand ready to protect the bridge,"

It was like a switch, the methodical was gone. His pace halted, then promptly turned to carry him towards the bridge in a brusque manner. A light pat against the holster for his phase pistol, a reassurance as the doors to the security checkpoint slid open. But he did not draw it, he would not draw it unless needed... The final doors slid open and he took his place, offside and behind everyone else. Ready to defend the bridge but not a part of what was going on.

His head turned ever so slightly when the El'Aurian entered the bridge a few moments after him.. here goes nothing... Or everything.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat
Zy arrived, and made the attempt, in the hope that they were cleared to use the Klingon Empire's subspace relay network already. The hope, and assumption shared, was that Martok would already have permitted them access so that they might reach him.

[No contact with such a designation within range,] said Thea's voice files on the Allegiant, and Zy took a deep breath. Evidently, it wouldn't just be that easy, would it? Why couldn't anything ever be easy?

"We'll have to talk with those on that station, and have them patch us through to Martok's ship," she said, drumming her thumb against the armrest lightly in thought. "Before they decide to try and destroy us instead." She rose from her chair, and while she was quite aware that the Klingons might identify their transponder and connect it to the Theurgy any moment - them being the alleged killer's of Captain Drax, the heir to the House of Martok - she tried to think.

"I see no other recourse. You will have to contact that station directly, Zy, and tell them what you told Martok, and ask them to contact Martok for us to verify our word. If the High Chancellor is still alive, and whoever mans that base there aren't dimwits, Martok will likely contact us instead."

She went to stand at the back of the bridge, not too far from Varder Ridun, the purpose being to cede the floor to Zy so that she might act a liaison even before she'd earned the title from the Chancellor. She turned her head and looked to the Bajoran, speaking quietly. "I'm glad I asked for Security now. Nothing is ever easy. Let's hope you don't have to use that phaser within the next few minutes."

Then, she looked towards Lieutenant Havenborn's back. "Maintain position and hail the orbital relay station. Keep the shields up unless they power down their weapon systems."

Glancing towards Zy, she hoped that their new working relationship - of and on duty - wouldn't be cut short because of stubborn Klingons slaving at a relay station in the middle of nowhere.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Havenborn @BZ
[No contact with such a designation within range,]

. . . of course, it would never be that easy. Varder did his best to not let his neutral expression fall at that thought, things might not be easy. But the crew had never given up before.. now was not the time to start.

He stood by passively as Dewitt relayed her instruction for the next move, his gaze drifting, flicking around the bridge. Checking crew, checking readouts he could see, any faint hints of a transporter beam.. anything. Just to be ready, just on the off chance that something occurred. After all, that is exactly why he was present. Indeed it was most of the reason security existed as a whole.

When the Captain moved back, standing not too far from him he gave a very slight nod in acknowledgement. The action visible as the helmet of his Exo was clipped to his side rather than worn, the Bajoran might be experienced, but experience does not make being kept in a tin can any more comfortable. Indeed he found it a relief to even just breath the ship's air as opposed to that within the suits systems, most might not think the two that different.. then again, most never spent hours inside an exo suit.

Then she spoke, quietly, but to him. His head turned slightly, enough to catch her in his sight. But not enough to remove everything else from his attention.. Her words prompted a very slight smile alongside a small huffed laugh before giving a quick, quiet reply.
"That is always the hope."

And now all he could do was keep hoping and waiting, until whatever conclusion was reached, for better or worse.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Upper Deck, Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ, @Jm Von Cat

Daniel kept his focus on his console, watching the Klingon station through the targeting sensor.  He watched as the power levels of the station, they fluctuated every so often as power was divided between shields and weapons and the other systems.  The fluctuations were minor but the targeting sensors picked them up all the same.  He knew that he’d only have a split second to arm their weapons should the station decide to open fire instead of talk but he was a pilot and he was used to split second decisions.

“Aye ma’am, hailing frequencies open.”  Daniel said as Commander Dewitt gave him orders, he cycled some extra power to their shields from the rooms that weren’t in use, it wouldn’t be a large boost to their shields but every little bit could count in this kind of situation.  Daniel was ready for whatever came next, part of him hoped that the Klingons would open fire so that he could see firsthand how well the Allegiant could fight, but another part of him as tired from the constant fighting and wanted to rest and hoped that the Klingons would listen.  Either way all he could do right now was to sit and wait to see what would happen next.
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[Zyrao Natauna | Klingon Liaison | Can't Be a Liaison if No One Fucking Answers | Why Can't Things Be Easy | Longest Roads Lead to Success or Some Shit]
@Auctor Lucan @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat

It failed.

Of course it failed.

Because, what had been easy and working smoothly since she stepped foot on this obviously cursed ship.  Zyrao folded her arms across her chest as she thought about her next course of action.  They needed to get ahold of Martok before everything went to shit, mainly, this ship becoming the same amount of space dust as the Hakkarl.  She didn't want any of that to happen, she desired living, and to keep moving forward at the same rate that she had been.  Thus, she didn't want to give up, they were the arm of the Theurgy right now and if she didn't get in contact with the Klingon the Theurgy would have no place to go.  She was the best person to get ahold of Martok.  She had already told him their story, and now, she was going to have to find a way to remind him that they needed safe refuge and hope that her long history with him and his family would be enough to extend some temporary peace.

Jen mentioned that they were going to have to contact the base and hope that they could patch her through to Martok.  She would have to tell their story again.  A hand raked through her short hair with a bit of a huff from her lungs.  Trying to figure out what she wanted to do.  Telling their story again wasn't that big of a deal.  It wasn't something that she was against doing it was just another step in a long fucking process.  Proof positive that the Theurgy could do nothing the easy way.  No, this was going to be a test in how long she could push her patience before she took the fucking controls herself and made the Theurgy into the best damn renegade ship there was.

Taking a deep breath, her grey eyes shifted to the green orbs that were studying her from across the Bridge.  A slight nod for the red head and then she let her arms drop back to her sides. 

“Computer, contact the station, courtesy of Zyrao Natauna, of the house of Martok.” she said in El-Aurian and prepped herself to change her thoughts into Klingon.  Once she was able to do so, she would begin her actual message.

“My name is Zyrao Natauna, from the House of Martok.  I am currently a Liasion for the Federation Starship, Theurgy.  We are in need to connect to Martok, our ally.  We will wait until you can contact and connect us to Martok.  It is of utmost import that we speak to him immediately.” she stated, Klingon flawless as always. 

Now, they had to sit and wait.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ @Havenborn @Jm Von Cat
At first, nothing happened... as if there were no Klingons on the relay station.

But then, suddenly, the sounds and the image of a Klingon shuffling in his seat, as if he had just dropped down to answer the hail, could be seen on the viewscreen. There was another Klingon behind his shoulder, a female that looked none too pleased. Not that the one closest looked any better in that regard. Then again, they were Klingons, and Jennifer expected nothing less than a foul mood.

"This is Orbital Station Kraya of the Klingon Empire. You speak big names, sounding like a Klingon, but now... I see no Klingon before me. Why should we risk our honour contacting the High Chancellor himself at the word of a Human?"

"The word of a human on a shuttle..." said the Klingon woman in the background, stepping forward to place a hand on the man's shoulder, "that belongs to the very ship that the fleet mobilised to destroy? I am HoD Vara of House K'mpec, and this is my weapons officer, Rasq of House Qulekgh, and he will destroy you at my word. So speak... or die."

Dewitt wasn't sure if it was just posturing on the part of the Klingons, that they had already sent a message to Martok, but it appeared like they hadn't listened to Zy. Perhaps they had, but if they hadn't, her words were worth repeating. She stepped forth.

"I'm Commander Jennifer Dewitt, and I'm the Commanding Officer of this ship," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "You need not speak with me if that's your preference, but I would like to point out that Zyrao Natauna of House Martok is a Liaison Officer, and regardless what credence you place in her name, not even the Klingon Empire have a have a habit of killing their own, even if they happen to be on another ship and regardless what species they are."

Jennifer tilted her head a little, staring at the two on the screen. "Scan us," she said with bold purpose. "Now, you should be able to see that Natauna here is an El-Aurian, old and more cunning than many of us combined. She's a Strategist in the Klingon Defence Force, and her name should be on file, latest commissioning being on the IKS Hakkarl."

Satisfied that the relay station had been given enough time to scan Zy, Jennifer continued. "Now, if you would be so kind and heed her, I think you will find High Chancellor Martok less impressed with you if you failed to let someone of his House reach him."

The two Klingons were silent, listening to whatever else Zy had to add, before they acquiesced their request. "Your transponder can connect to the subspace relay network now," said Vara, and stepped away. Rasq bared his teeth before he ended the hail with a forceful tap on his console.

Now, with a small smile, Jennifer hoped Zy would be more successful in hailing the High Chancellor.  And behold, soon enough... Martok's grizzled face appeared on the viewscreen.

"Natauna!" he said, and laughed. "So you made it... along with the rest of Ives crew, I assume. How did you do it?" The large Klingon seemed to be bristling with mirth over seeing the El-Aurian alive, or perhaps he had celebrated the victory against the Borg Queen with a some bloodwine.

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It seemed to take time, too long, if you asked Zyrao for the people who should have been working the transponder to pick up the message.  When she saw that it was a male and female she could almost guess at what had kept them away from their jobs.  They were likely horny and fucking off screen while they had the chance.  Afterall, she doubted they were often pinged in such cases.  Still, Zyrao needed them to do their fucking jobs and they were probably very lucky that she wasn't responsible for making sure they did it or it would be a nasty discussion.  Or fight, usually a fight.

To say she sounded like a Klingon was a massive compliment.  They didn't often admit that, and probably wouldn't have if they had seen her face before they heard her words.  However, being immersed in Klingon culture and ships for as long as she had been, she had picked up all the nuances of the language over time.  That, and Klingon that she had worked with had never shied away from making sure she knew when her pronunciation wasn't up to par.

They sat, and bashed her, calling her a human.  She was often mistaken for a human and the insult didn't hit home in any way.  She was a bit pissed that they wouldn't even try to contact Martok merely because she didn't have a Klingon face even after she identified herself as one from his house.  She knew that these two idiots would probably have to answer to Martok later for making his almost- daughter (at least in his  mind) have to jump through so many fucking hoops before speaking to the man she had worked underneath for some time.

Before she could come back with a proper Klingon retort, Jen stepped forward.  Zyrao's grey eyes slid over towards the woman watching as she took the Klingon head on.  She was brave, and it was something that Zyrao could admire in another woman.  There were so many that did not have a spine of steel when it was necessary.  When Jen was finished, Zyrao grinned and stepped up next to the red headed fire hearted woman.  She looked at the screen again.

“Do not mistake my race for unimportance.  You will regret any decision that does not patch me through quickly.” she stated calmly.  “I would hate to anger Martok, and I assure if you, if you're looking at my file... that I'm quite gifted with a Bat'leth and I will make sure that I take your position from you with my personal strength.”  She clasped her hands behind her back, spine straight, eyes on the screen.

They seemed to study her for a moment and then had a quick whispered conversation the computer didn't pick up before they finally patched her through.  Her smile widened, and her shoulders relaxed slightly.  Moments later Martok's face came up on the large screen and Zyrao smiled.  She didn't fully smile all the time, life had been hard for her, but when she did fully smile it touched every corner of her face.  Zyrao was greeted in the same way she always was.  With laughter and acceptance.  Zyrao stood there listening to Martok.  Likely, he had a few blood wines in his sytem, knowing him as she did, it was probably more than a few.

“Martok.” she smiled, not bothering with his title, she hadn't in years and she doubted he would need her to right now.  This was only pseudo official business anyway.  If it was really something she needed to reach out to him for, she would have possibly added titles because Klingon like to have their ego pet from time to time.  She grinned at his old excited face and how hungry he was for the details of battle.

“Assistance from an unlikely place.  As well as your own assistance to us, and we thank you greatly.” she stated calmly.  “The details though, we could share over blood wine, if you wish.  War stories should be shared over drinks and with companions.” she said with a bit of a smirk.  “We are wanting to connect with you however.  The Theurgy is on the way and I wanted to come early to prepare for their arrival as you promised us and them refuge.” she reminded him. 

“I am hoping that offer still stands, as it is very unKlingon to change the mind of one so esteemed as yourself.  I will need to know what rules the Theurgy crew must abide if they were to get safe port at Aldea.  They need some R&R more than any crew I have ever known, so I am hoping to gain for them, planetary privileges, whatever it takes.”

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Upper Deck, Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ, @Jm Von Cat

Daniel switched watching from between the console in front of him and the viewscreen.  The Klingons were certainly living up to their reputation as belligerent assholes.  As Zyrao spoke to them however and as they scanned the Allegiant they finally conceded and allowed the transmission to go through.  As Chancellor Martok filled the viewscreen Daniel still felt anger towards him, he’d never be able to forgive him for the order he gave that killed his fellow pilots and attack his new found home.  He didn’t know the pilots who had been killed very long but they had been willing to go into combat in defense of their home, he respected that.  What irked Daniel the most was that Martok hadn’t listened when Commander Wenn had tried to explain the situation to him.

Daniel shook the thought from his mind, no matter his feelings on the matter he’d likely have to work alongside some Klingons during their stay wherever this Aldea was.  He made a mental note to look it up in the Theurgy’s database when they returned to the ship.  As the conversation between Zyrao and Martok continued Daniel cycled the maneuvering thrusters to compensate for a slight increase in solar wind, his passive sensors alerted him to a solar flare from the nearby sun that was the cause.  The passive sensors also noticed that the Klingon station also cycled its thrusters to compensate for the solar wind.
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On the screen, Martok chuckled in agreement about sharing battle stories over bloodwine, and did not press the issue, listening to what Zyrao had to say.

After Zy had come to stand next to her, Jennifer had remained passive - letting the El-Aurian speak. Hearing her commune with the Klingons made it apparent how good a choice she was to act as a Liaison Officer between the Theurgy and the Empire. Evidently, the bond the woman had with Martok was strong, knowing how the grizzled war veteran had thought Zy to be Drex's Parmachai. Whether that was a flight of fancy on Martok's part after having lost the rest of his family, knowing that he'd be a grandfather still, Jennifer did not know. She did know, however, that Drex's death and the loss of any such chances to restore the House of Martok had made the old Klingon wroth, and had entered the Azure Nebula with his fleet in order to destroy the Theurgy.

It struck Jennifer then, that if the Hakkarl hadn't been destroyed, and Drex hadn't died at the Coreless Moon, then there would have not been a Klingon fleet present to fight the Borg Queen. Then, it would just have been the Theurgy and the Cayuga between the Federation and the Infested getting exactly what they wanted - the assimilation and later death of all.

"Aye," said Martok on the screen, "I suppose I did promise my support... and you know I stand by my word. Aldea, you say? Is that the closest option for you? Then I am sure I can make the Aldean Defence Committee remember that if it wasn't for the Empire, they would have been overrun by pirates and the Syndicate twice over. They might hate Starfleet and the Federation because they withdrew their protective hand during the Dominion War, but Gowron saw a good opportunity in that planet. Right now, General Cho'vok lead the remaining ships in the sector... after I pulled forces to the battle with the Borg."

Jennifer Dewitt cleared her throat. "I'm Commander Dewitt," she said in cursory introduction, "Do you expect the ADC to be slighted about that as well, just like they were when Starfleet abandoned them?"

"Perhaps..." said Martok, making a fist around his beard and stroking it in thought.

"Is there some other port close by that might be a better choice?"

"No... I think First Appointee Radue of Aldea can be swayed, but the Theurgy might have to stand in where the Empire can't. If you are to get repairs and rest, you may still have to help protect that planet and it's system. If you have any warp fighters left, that is."

"Yes, I believe we still have small craft left to patrol the Epsilon Mynos System," she said, not looking at Lieutenant Havenborn since she knew that the Lone Wolves had suffered at Martok's hand in the battle against the Rotarran. "Do you think that will be enough?"

Martok shook his head, frowning. "They have thieves and brigands hiding in the abandoned cities surrounding their capital, Aldea Prime. You may have to aid in the protection of their citizens as well. Still, the shipyards there are sufficient for the repairs of your ship, so I will make sure the Aldeans accept my request. The relay station at Kraya, which I believe you are at now, they will forward my word after I have spoken with Radue. I suggest you begin to make your way back to Captain Ives, and you will hear from me soon."

Jennifer nodded, feeling a great sense of relief, but they were not quite done yet. "High Chancellor, it is the Captain's request that Zyrao Natauna acts as yours and our Liaison Officer during this alliance with the Empire - to be the link between us during the war with the Infested. Is this acceptable?"

Hearing this, Martok frowned, but turned his eye towards Zyrao. "Is this what you want? I had thought to bring you here, and serve on my ship as my strategist. Would you rather remain with Ives?"


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Martok was on their side, largely because of Zyrao.  Not that Zy had any reason to believe that she would always have his ear but she had worked her ass off in the last decade to make herself trusted.  She had hoped that it would amount to something eventually, so long as he never figured out that she had swayed the battle against the Klingon on the base, she would be all right.  If he ever figured out what happened though she would lose the support from him and they would lose the support of the Klingon.  They couldn't afford that right now, so she had to stick with her story and the fact that he trusted her.  He would likely trust her over just about anyone else's story unless they had proof.  Luckily, the proof blew up, and so while she felt a bit guilty about not telling him the full story she knew that it was necessary to keep the full story to herself.

He mentioned that he would contact Aldea and remind them that that the Klingon had been the sort to allow for the victory over their enemies and that they were, in a way, owed.  Zyrao gave a slight grin and was about to say something when Jen decided to speak for herself.  Which was fine, they were to work together anyway, and she knew that Jen had a lot more Starfleet Experience than Zyrao did.  She was not Fleet at all and didn't figure that was something she would change.  Going back to school to learn shit that she already knew, even if that were an option, was not something that the Listener found herself interested in remotely.

Jen made sure that what they needed would be provided and she knew that they were going to have to talk to the others about how to behave on the planet.  The Fleet had left them during the war they weren't going to be extremely welcoming, so some aliases would be helpful.  Not only that but maintaining a low profile and sticking to the safe zones was likely the best course of action.  She was going to have to relay all of that to Ives who would in turn give the in formation to the crew that would be eager to get planet side for a little bit of relaxing.

“I will make sure that Ives has the proper information for the officers of the ship that want to go planetside.  Many of them haven't seen solid ground in some time so I imagine there will be a rotation of people coming and going to the planet.” she admitted to Martok.

Then Jen threw at Martok that she wished to stay on the Theurgy as the Klingon Liaison and if that was all right with Martok.  Zyrao's brow rose, having not expected that to come out right here and now, but she supposed that there was no time like the present.  Though, the look on Martok's face was something that she hadn't expected she could understand that he had probably expected her to come to his ship once she had a chance for it.  However, she needed a new direction in life, and this was the one that she was wanting to take.  The one that she chose.  Zyrao wondered if she would ever settle, and she suppose she might if she had ever found the right person, but she hadn't.  And her nomadic life style continued. 

She gave a slight smile to the Chancellor.  “I think that the Theurgy needs someone of my skill set.  The Task Force, the Parasites, the other dangers of the universe are insurmountable for the time being.  I have been asked by Captain Ives to stay on, and be the arm of the KDF here.  To allow you and Ives to work in conjunction when necessary.  I believe that Ives' mind is one with my own.  I believe the Theurgy and the KDF can work together here, and better, with someone that knows both situations.  I do not want to leave the House of Martok, I hope you will allow me to continue to wear your crest, however, I wish to be your Liaison here.”

Martok was quiet for a long moment.  Then, he finally gave a quick nod a moment later.  “That will be fine, and you will always be the House of Martok.”

Zyrao offered a warm smile, one she didn't show to many often.  “I will serve you and Captain Ives well.” she slammed her fist over her chest and waited as he did the same before the screen went dark. 

Zyrao let out a long sigh.  “Lets go home, our work is done.” she said giving Jen a squeeze of her shoulder before heading back to her console and sitting down letting herself relax.  The hard work was over and the tension bled from her shoulders.


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