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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista 

She could practically feel him shudder and exhale his breathe in slithers against her skin as she kept working her rear against him. The doctor seeming to loose his momentum, although he didn't go down without a fight. His hands hand been unyielding against her warm flesh, the cool fingers working against her breasts before they slithered down to probe the area which was still 'dressed'. Cm could only smirk at the thought of the man wanting to get rid of the final obstacle.

He spoke once more and Cameron listened with care to his words as he praised the old manual way of sizing, fitting and the sorts. A thing Cameron could appreciate, the new ways were often faster and more productive, yet the old ways still had that essence of fashion laced within it. The very soul of it to tailor away and adapt to a person's figure. The innuendo of Parnak however did not escape her as he suggested for an inside measurement. The woman simply chuckling as she turned her head sideways, to catch a glimpse of Parnak.

"Well, if I recall correctly doctor... I'm not the one who needed a new clothing line. It was you who came here for new outfits, so it would be only fitting if you took the liberty to start ahead." she said sultry to him, her movements slowly grinding to a halt as she did keep her buttock pressed against the evident arousal.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Parnak couldn’t help but scoff, amused at the way this human was behaving. After everything he had done, and after everything he was currently doing, she still held on enough to tease.

“There seems to be a misconception that all Cardassians are very one sided.” Silim chortled, linking this conversation back to their first meeting. It seemed so long ago and yet so recent, when they were waiting for him to speak with Ives. Even without an eidetic memory, he would have remember the look on her face, the vulnerability behind those wet eyes, and the change that he managed to bring. “I think you’ll find that we can give and take. And I think you’ll find I’m very giving.”

The sidelong look that she gave him only cemented his desire to take this further. As if they could stop now anyway. His hand was mere inches from her loins. Carefully, his lightly traced his fingers back down her inner thigh, enjoying the sensual silken touch of skin not often seen.

“But, as you insist. I shall take a small liberty.” He said, sliding a hand along her thigh until he reached the fasting of her skirt. With a careful and deliberate motion, Parnak released the garment.

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

Cameron came to a stop slowly as she did feel Parnak's hand venture closer to her womanhood. She was curious to see if he'd pushed on or not, yet the man played it well as he spoke once more. She laughed softly as he told her that he was very giving. She meant to ask what he meant with Cardassians being one sided. She hasn't had the pleasure or displeasure for that matter to handle in a lot of Cardassian business.

She felt his fingers trace back before he announced that he'd take a small liberty. The woman grinning as she felt his hands remove the fasting of her skirt. The garment coming loose and ready to be discarded. Cameron moistened her lips as she knew where this would inevitably lead too. The tension between the both of them at a new height and the need for relief clearly apparent. She swallowed as she slowly rose from her seated position, leaving Parnak in the couch as she kept the hand bra in position. By standing up the skirt simply slipped down to her ankles from which she simply stepped out of.

Offering the good doctor a perfect view of her panty covered rear she looked over her shoulder at him as she answered teasingly"Well, I do think it's time for you to meet my state of undress doctor. It's time to give..."

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Watching, Parnak followed the skirt as it slipped down silken legs. Once it had collapsed to the deck in a pile of fabric, his vision tracked back up to appraise the panty clad posterior. Part of the Cardassian still couldn’t believe the picture that stood before him. Yet here he was, staring at the final piece of cloth like a child ready to open a birthday present.

Her words drew his attention upwards and Silim caught the sultry over the shoulder look as she teased, daring him, to go further. Without hesitation, Parnak stood taking his hands and running the over her hip bones. He held her there and proceeded to pull, directing the woman back to the couch and with a light push, he sent the yeoman to a seated position against the plush cushions.

Parnak couldn’t help but grin as, now, the shoe was on the other foot. Standing directly in front of the human, He pulled his tunic up over his head to reveal his bare chest. With ashen flesh exposed to the cool air, Silim wished he asked the computer to raise the temperature, but it was fine. The fire that Henshaw had set ablaze inside of him warm.

Silim didn’t know how many partners this woman had had, but he knew he would be her first Cardassian. He wasn’t as prime of a candidate as he had been during his time in the eighth, where regular physical practice and drills had kept in top condition. Now, the life of an academic and age had taken root. Muscles were not so large and skin that had been taut and toned had slightly more softness. That was not to say that Parnak was in bad shape. Far from it. He kept active and didn’t object to the sight of himself in the mirror in his quarters.

“Sit back, relax and enjoy.” He said, enjoying himself, with a moment of mischievousness planned.

Without giving her much time to appraise him, Silim threw his tunic over the human, covering her head to obscure her vision. While she undoubtedly fumbled, Parnak made his way to his knees, kneeling before the yeoman. He took one leg in his hands, placing her foot over his shoulder. Gently but determinedly, he kissed the inside of her calf, allowing himself to taste her skin before slowly moving up past the knee and onto her inner thigh.

Fortune favours the bold, and with the feeling of soft silken flesh against his face as he worshiped her body. Parnak doubtlessly felt fortunate.

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

How little time it had taken for the Cardassian male to rise up from the couch after the second to last piece of garment had hit the floor. Cam soon enough felt the hands of Silim against her hips, ushering her back to the couch before she plopped down in it against the comfortable soft cushions. She crossed her legs as she looked at Parnak and couldn't help but wonder what was going on inside the man's head.

He began to unveil the more nude part of him as he pulled off his tunic over his head. The shape and structure of the Cardassian body rather new to Cam as she let her eyes roll over him. The time to gawk however was short lived as Parnak threw the robe towards her face. Henshaw was too slow to anticipate to it and found her inhaling the scent of Silim's clothes as she heard him move in the room. She couldn't help but laugh slightly though at it as she pulled the robe off her head and tossed it over the back end of her couch.

When she could finally lay her eyes back of Silim, he already had positioned her legs. One foot resting against his back as his lips worked their way up her calves, after that past her knee and eventually leading up to her inner thigh. Cam gasped softly as she felt her body flex slightly at the contact, how pleasant the massage was, this was very more intimate and perhaps more direct. Her mind raced with thoughts yet before she could overthink it, she simply gasped sharply as the lips of Parnak reached her inner thighs. 

She said nothing, feeling the care and amount of effort the doctor made to worship her, who was she to stop him. A girl perhaps earned the right for such a thing from time to time...

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 1400 hrs. ] Distraction Tactics

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Aside from her suddenly calling halt, there was nothing that was going to stop him now. He had tasted too much. Felt too much satin skin against his. Parnak often thought about many topics simultaneously, he was constantly working. The next job. The next quip. The next meal. There was always something; Yet, in this moment he was hers and hers alone.

 No doubt the human could feel his scaled skin as he moved, kissing up the inside of her thigh. Silim wondered if it would be strange for her, or erotic, as if he was ribbed for her pleasure. Teasingly, he stole light, little pecks as well as longer, sensuous kisses as slowly, he progressed upward.

Eventually he arrived. Her sweet, heady scent filling his nose. He moaned a deep guttural groan as his eyes turned to look at his destination. Her most intimate area was so close, hidden by a small amount of cloth. Parnak quickly flicked his vision upwards, to see her face. He wanted to know what he did was both welcome and wanted. Carefully, he reached in to move the barrier aside. Then, his lips met hers, kissing her softly before letting his tongue reach out and take his first taste of the nectar she produced. He dragged his tongue up from her entrance towards her clit. Silim paid her gentle yet expert attention, withdrawing only long enough to speak.

“I guess we could call this a form of ‘Dress relief’.” He jeered with hungry, watching eyes and a wide, toothy grin.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 1400 hrs. ] Distraction Tactics

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

As the good Cardassian doctor made his way to more intimate areas of the yeoman, Cameron couldn't help but gasp at the cool, scaly skin against hers as he progressed. It was an odd feeling to have such a different kind of texture against one's skin, yet it wasn't appalling or bad in any kind of way. She closed her eyes as he traveled further and slowly felt her panties being slid aside before the lips of Parnak finally claimed her womanhood.

She gasped loudly before her back arched slightly, even more so when his tongue dragged upwards ever so teasingly. She could barely contain the moan that was begging to be spilled. Eventually Parnak stopped to speak and Cameron could only grin slightly before she gave him a slow nod "I think doctor, you should know when to not talk and focus on your task ahead." she commented on him as she had been given a taste of what the Cardassian male had in store for her.

She was riled up to say the least and quite curious to what else the man had in store. Her heart was thundering inside of her chest, the feeling that she was very much alive coursed through her veins and she'd seize the opportunity with both hands to keep it going for as long as possible.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 1400 hrs. ] Distraction Tactics

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

From within his position with his face between her supple, milky thighs, Parnak couldn't help but scoff with a short, sharp breath of air out from his nose. Even while he was working to bring her the throes of passion, she was still able to tease and challenge.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that good things come to those who wait?" He retorted, with a wide predatory grin. Of course, he could have gotten up on his high horse, pointing out with spite about how a little conversation went a long way; That, however, would have undoubtedly drawn the evening to a close with unsatisfied feelings for both parties and a pavilion in his pants so tight that one could bounce slips of gold pressed latinum off.

Parnak’s skin wasn’t so thin that we would let his pride or arrogance get in the way. Instead he returned to his dutiful ministrations, delving and probing with his tongue within soft folds. Just as he was carefully sliding his tongue into the opening of her vagina to taste more of her delectable ambrosia, he devised a plan to get his own revenge. He couldn’t let her carry on her jesting, he needed to distract her.

Lifting palms from her thighs, Silim pivoted his touch from finger pads to fingertips. With a flick of his eyes, he looked up to meet her gaze, watching for the reaction as he gently scratched his nails across delicate, silken flesh. By no means did he want to draw blood, it was barely enough to leave a mark at all, but the difference would undoubtedly draw a response. Besides, there were some that liked a little pain with their pleasure. Who was Parnak to deny that?

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

It was perhaps a good trait for the Cardassian to have a thicker skin against Cameron's teasing remarks. He managed to retort, be it rather muffled due to his position between her thighs. Cameron could only chuckle at his response and bit her lower lip as he continued his oral skills on her. Moans and gasps continuing to leave her lips as her muscles tensed and relaxed in a steady fashion. Her hips bucking up now and again as his tongue entered her and her moistness being abundant for the Cardassian to taste. There was no denying that these ministrations would surely get her over the edge if continued. Who was she however to have him stop...

She was so lost in the pleasure that she failed to notice the hands of the doctor reach up over her skin. The scratching made her yelp and buck more violently forward as she hadn't expected it. The nails ere sharp, not unpleasant yet uncalculated for in the least. She placed her feet on Parnak's shoulders and pushed him away from where he so comfortably was feeding her pleasure. She licked her lips as she looked at her skin and shook her head "Getting impatient doctor?" she asked him, thinking the scratching came from unsatisfied needs on his behalf.

The hazy lust that had settled down on her mind made her think of what she could do to help him, or leave him to his own devices perhaps. As she looked over him she could noticed the rather pitched tent in his pants. She couldn't help but grin as she cocked her head slightly "I think you're in need to relieve those final garments yourself Silim." she said, in a thick sultry tone. Done on purpose to see how he'd react. She did consider the temperature being a tad too low for his kind perhaps, knowing that some species would favor warmer temperatures then others, thus she took the initiative to motivate the doctor even more. "Computer, increase room temperature with 8 degrees." she waited for the chirp for confirmation as she smirked teasingly "Wouldn't want you to have the cold shrink you down..."

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

The light raking of nails had worked well. It hadn’t been perfect, but it established that this woman was not a glutton for punishment. That, and he hadn’t been thrown out into the corridor. All in all, Parnak considered this a win.

Warm feet pushed him away and for that moment, Silim longed to taste more. This human was, for lack of a better word, intoxicating. Like a good wine after a hard day, she hit all the right stops.

“Just making sure you are still awake.” He replied to her jest. “I didn’t want you to miss anything.”

With a smile, Parnak heeded her words of removing the final barrier between them and brought himself up onto his feet. While he did so, Henshaw had ordered the computer to increase the temperature. Standing before her, he looked down and expressed his amusement at the whole situation with a chortle.

Here he stood, shirtless, with his erection obviously visible as it strained against his trousers. Parnak had continued to take care of himself, but he certainly wasn’t the specimen of peak Cardassian physique that he was when he had been in the eight order. Either way, he wasn’t ashamed of where he was or how he looked. Taking a hand up, he raked it through smooth, straight black hair and contemplated his next move.

For a moment, he thought about responding. How considerate, he could have said. Perhaps something smarter still? The truth be told, Parnak was getting tired of all the gesture and one-upmanship. The urge from his loins begged for continuance and he wasn’t one to deny. He brought his hands down, over grey, scaled, skin. Much like the spoon shaped ridge that Cardassian had on their forehead, Parnak took had another base on the manubrium of his sternum. Further down still, outcroppings of heavier scale formations helped to accentuate parts of his ribs and across his hips, showing the start of a v shape that hide itself under the final remain garments.

Silim hoped the human woman was ready. She had expressed previously that she had known little of his race and culture, but here he was about to give a crash course. He unfastened the tiny hidden buckled keeping his trousers up and with a small push over his erectness, allowed the shipboard gravity to take both the garment and his underwear to his ankles.

There he stood, completely on display for the girl. Indeed, the cropping of heavier scales, continued down over his hips, but disappeared before reaching his crotch. There, without any pubic hair to hinder, his member stood against the cool breeze. It was undoubtedly different than what the woman would have known from any human partners, as Cardassian males kept their phallus inside when not erect. Much like a human’s in shape and size, Parnak’s penis also had a bulbous head. The main difference was that he had large ridges along the underside, similar to that which was found on his neck and petered out along his shoulders. They continued all the way into the opening. The phallus itself was slick, glistening in the light from Silim’s own lubrication that allowed his genitals to extend from his body when aroused. Under the soft, skin slit that hid the penis protruded through was a scrotum; hairless, though winkled, two testicles were visible.

Silim allowed for a few moments. Watching the woman as she appraised his intimate parts. Though, without further delay, he placed a hand on his hip. Cocking his posture to the side as if to say ‘Well? What are you waiting for?’

If nothing else, Cameron Henshaw could say that she was having a most educational day.

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

"Did I seem that unresponsive doctor?" she shot back at him as he simply implied to be scratching to see if she was still awake. She strutted herself on her elbows as she looked him over, the straining erection still trapped in his trousers. He surely had stamina to maintain his composure and he hadn't pushed on it seemed, to rush things that is.

As he removed the final object that hid his bare form from her, Cameron looked with anticipation as the alien member was revealed to her. It looked very much alien in her eyes, though she was drawn to it as he had brought her to an aroused state. Yet after she got to her feet, she froze.

Cam stood there, utterly paralyzed for a long moment as she stared at the completely naked alien standing before her. What the hell was she doing? She gave him a quick once over before she gave one, nervous swallow and stepped forward. Then she froze again. A gentle rock of his hip forward to give her a hint brought her mind crashing back to reality.

“No.” She spoke aloud once before she turned around, “You need to leave.” She didn’t hesitate for so much as a second. She looked over at him, naked form and all. She wasn’t patient about her request either. Her eyes were slowly filling with tears and her chest was filling with the fiery rage of a warp reactor before she snapped, “Get out!” She screamed at him and she marched right past him, grabbed a bottle of replicated tequila from a shelf, walked to her bathroom, and locked the door behind herself. He could show himself out. She let herself slide down the door and broke down into tears.

What was she becoming?


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