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DAY 04: Jumping the Shark [1421 hrs.]

[Ensigns Chris Husker and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

It had taken some work but Chris was finally able to locate the right menu within the holodeck's systems that he was looking for but the Asgardian let out a frustrated noise for some reason that made the shorter woman with him jump. "I wish that who ever damaged the holodeck files was here right now." he grumbled.

"Why is that?" Kanti asked as she tried not to be nervous at the new situation that she found herself in.

"The damage from the Vasser Stupidity damaged a few of the holodeck files..the pool hall that I had in mind got merged with a program using another location from a completely different sector of space.." Chris explained as he turned to look at the others with him. "I hope you don't mind a strange visual experience?"

" bad could it be?" Kanti asked simply with an honest smile on her face.

Chris nodded and then hit the execute control to start the program as the doors opened to reveal a brightly lit room that had the gaudiness of a Ferengi establishment mixed with the sharp lines and stark contrasts of Cardassian construction.  Several multi-person tables filled the area but it seemed like the whole room was designed around a large standard issue pool table.

" doesn't look that bad actually, Husker." Kanti said as she smiled playfully up at the taller man as she entered the room and looked around the room, taking in the lack of other characters before she turned her gaze back to the taller pilot. "So why no other characters then?"

"Because I thought that it could be just the three of us having fun instead of possibly having to deal with the host of characters that this merged program has." Chris responded in an honest tone as he stepped into the room as well. "Tessa, what do you think?

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Gun-Shy?, Husker. 

"Is this place a Cardassian Station during some sort of festival?" Tessa asked as she looked around the room.  "The architecture looks like those mockups ground forces practice on.  This could be Quark's Bar on Deep Space Nine. " Being on a holodeck that wasn't functioning properly didn't seem like a good idea, but Tessa was trying to revive her warrior spirit.  That usually meant doing aggressive, self-destructive things that Tessa didn't feel a hundred percent ready for but playing pool on the holodeck seemed harmless enough.  At least until Chris brought up the possibility of activating holodeck characters.  "What?  No I don't think we should bring in any holodeck characters.  If the holodeck is malfunctioning we could end up fighting for our lives!   I knew a helmsman aboard the James Kirk who was stuck in a malfunctioning holodeck and he was almost beheaded by Abraham Lincoln! " 

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[Ensigns Chris Husker and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris blinked at Tessa's last comment as he admired the golden-eyed, "I remember Marcus telling me something about that but I thought it was just a bad joke on his part." Chris said as he turned to take another look around the room. "As for your other question, I never went to any place called Quarks so I really couldn't say for certain."

Kanti took a glance around the room and then nodded slowly, " does look kinda like Quarks but I don't remember that table there though." she admitted.

Chris smiled as he walked over to the pool table and ran his hand along the simulated wood. "That's because this is apart of the program that I wanted to use..this is the main table at McGinty's Pub on my home colony which is where I saw a lot of people ply their trade when I was slightly younger." Chris explained as he regarded the pool table, running his fingers along a set of marks next to the upper right pocket. "I will say that the person responsible for making this simulation did a hell of a job in replicating all of the details like Saenar Slim's tally marks right here."

Kanti's face slowly turned into a slight smile as she looked over at Tessa. "Is it just me or did he actually say when he was slightly younger?" she teased with a saucy wink to the other female pilot.

"Oh HO! Keep that up little miss and I might have to make your first game a little bit more...interesting." Chris mock threatened with a playful wink of his own.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5| USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Gun-Shy?, Husker. 
Slightly younger?  Tessa had to agree with Kanti.  It was an odd turn of phrase to Tessa's ears.   Of course there were a lot of expressions in the United Federation of Planets that would sound alien to other Federation citizens.  It all depended on what planet you came from.  God knows that as a Centauran from Proxima Colony Tessa used plenty of expressions that sounded foreign even to shipmates from nearby Earth.   Referring to himself as "slightly younger" was probably the way folks from Gamma Perseus III referred to their past selves. The problem was that the Big Scary Conspiracy made anything that sounded foreign sound threatening.  How did she know that one of the alien parasites hadn't infested the newcomer?

Of course, there was always the chance that Husker thought of himself as the "kid", and had self-consciously described himself as "slightly younger" because he considered himself "younger".   That didn't make any sense did it?  It wasn't as if anyone in this room had seniority...

Tessa blinked when she realized that wasn't true.  Kanti and Christopher were both ensigns while Tessa was Lieutenant (junior grade).  She was the ranking officer.  Odds were that she was older than both of them, if only by a couple of years or so.  Tessa had retreated into such a childish mindset after the Theurgy went on the run and instinctively considered herself the youngest person in the room whether it was true or not.  But Christopher didn't know her.  For Chris to be self-conscious about his age meant that he respected her, and she hadn't felt anything like self-respect in months.

This was her chance to retool herself, to present a new face to the only members of the Lone Wolves who didn't know what a load she really was.  This was a time to get some respect and maybe, just maybe, some self-respect at the same time. 

"How you going to make it more interesting?" Tessa teased.  "Play 'strip billiards' or something?"

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[Ensigns Chris Husker and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris turned and gave Tessa a look of appreciation as he flicked his eyes over her body for a second before going back up to her eyes. "Well someone is feeling ballsy today..I like that idea." he admitted with a smile.

Kanti on the other hand looked somewhere between shocked and intrigued. Shocked as this was her fellow pilots coming up with these things and intrigued as she would get to see the same two pilots on the same level as her current nervous state. "You two are joking..right?" Gun-Shy commented as she looked between the two Wolves for a couple of seconds before finally arching both eyebrows at them before lowering them at sole man in the room. "...then again he is the renegade of the squadron isn't he?"  

Chris couldn't help but chuckle deeply at Kanti's comment as he went over to the rack of cues and selected one at random before testing it's sturdiness before looking over at Kanti. "We're all renegades here, Kanti. I mean look at Goldeneye there." he said while motioning at her with his left hand. "Here is a woman who my oldest brother once said was and I quote "Visually Stunning" and to which I have to agree."

Chris then motioned at Kanti herself, "But then again you're no slouch either, my dear. If you are going to be nervous about anything, be it not your looks because you're attractive as well..but then compared to me.."

Chris put on his best mock-sad face that he could as he said "I'm only cute..but in purple, I'm [shadow=red,left]*STUNNING*![/shadow][/color]" he finished on a high note while taking on a kind of "Superman" pose.

Kanti couldn't help but bust out laughing at the Asgardian's attempt at humor and as she did so, she realized that she didn't feel as horrible as she did after the brief combat that happened only a short while before.

Kanti then turned to the golden-eyed pilot and reached over to give her closest shoulder a gentle shove. "Come on, Tessa. I'll accept the whole strip pool thing if you will?" she said with a hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker. 

For a second an expression of fear could be seen in Tessa's topaz yellow eyes.  "Seriously?" she protested before clearing her throat and assuming a heroic pose similar to Husker's.  "Well, if you think you've got the scroat for it," she snorted confidently (she hoped).  She hadn't played very much strip poker, and didn't even know 'strip billiards' even existed but she knew if she did play it would be when the girl to guy ratio was at least two to one.  That way there was no way for the guys to gang up on her, something that was in the back of her mind ever since Dor'GhItlh Squardon visited the Theurgy last week.  On the contrary, this way it was entirely possible for Kanti and Tessa to gang up on Chris and tease him within a centimeter of his life. 

A thought occurred to Tessa.  Could Husker tell how pessimistic and uncertain Gunshy and Goldeneye were right now?  Had he set himself up as the 'victim' in order to let them be in control and build their confidence?  Or did he just get his rocks off being teased (or teamed) by two girls at once?  Tessa wasn't going to regain her 'death and glory' spirit by overthinking things so it was time to move forward and pretend to take charge.

"Okay, we'll rock paper scissors to decide who goes first and then for every ball that is knocked in the other two gotta take something off," she said as she removed the triangular rack from the pool balls and picked up a cue and a square piece of billiard chalk.  "Since you're playing against beginners while have each player take one shot per turn instead of taking shots until you miss, that way one player doesn't clear the board.  After we know what we're doing we can try to play it the proper way."

"How much did you guys drink when we had lunch today?" Kanti asked.  She had flown just one mission with the Lone Wolves and already she was playing a strip game on the same day they lost a squad mate.

"Just a little, come on, Skye just died," Tessa blushed as she remembered how much liquor she had put away when she dragged them to the cafeteria right after the mission.  "There's no point playing it safe because tomorrow might not come."

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris smiled at the conversation as he nodded, "I agree with your train of thought on how we should do this, Tessa." he said with a smile crossing his face as he tried to push the death of their fellow pilot out of his mind.

Kanti blinked a couple of times in response before she chuckled at what was going on. "This is either going to be a very long or very short game either way then Tessa." Kanti said with a weak grin crossing her face.

Chris' mind couldn't help but to go back to what he was trying to forget right then and there..Skye's death..and a mental image of all of the good pilots in his former squadron that didn't make it to the meeting with the Theurgy like "Hawk" or "Liquidus" as opposed to the ones that did like "Riptor"..

His face must have shown how dark his thoughts must have become as Kanti picked up on them as she looked at him with a slightly confused look on her face. "Aw..lookie here Tessa, I think the idea of seeing you in any state of undress must have overloaded his poor wee brain." she said, attempting to tease him into a smile.

Chris only heard a little bit of that and allowed a faint grin to cross his face as he replied with "Kind of..I was just trying to figure out how we're going to pull off this whole rock paper scissors thing to get us going."

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker.

 "Aw..lookie here Tessa, I think the idea of seeing you in any state of undress must have overloaded his poor wee brain," Kanti smirked when she noticed Chris' distress. 

Tessa put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"Kind of," Chris admitted.  "I was just trying to figure out how we're going to pull off this whole rock paper scissors thing to get us going."

"It's easy," Tessa assured him.  "This dates way back to the days when people actually used paper.  A flat hand, like a karate hand, is 'paper. ' Two fingers, is 'scissors,'" she continued, not wanting to admit that she couldn't remember ever seeing an actual pair of scissors.  She was sure she had seen them in a museum but she often got them confused with other artifacts from the past, like pruning shears or knitting needles.  "And a fist is 'rock, '" she finished.  "We shake our fists and count 'one, two, three' and choose a gesture on three.  Paper covers rock, so a flat hand beats a fist.  Scissors cuts paper, so two fingers beats a flat hand.  Rock breaks scissors so a fist beats two fingers.  Simple as that."

"The one I grew up with has 'lizard' and 'Vulcan' added to it," Kanti said.

"Yeah, that version showed up after first contact," Tessa nodded.  "But we don't need to add the extra variables.  There's just three of us and personally I think that either you or me should go first.  Chris has played the game before and should go third.  He'll probably wipe the walls with us anyway."

Kanti blushed at the implications.  Apparently she wasn't as used to sharing a locker room with the menfolk as Tessa was.

Tessa winced at the shuttle pilot's meekness.  As long as Tessa had known her, Kanti had always been driven mostly by fear - fear of failure, fear of disappointing those she looks up to, fear or being remembered as a screw-up and nothing more.   Admittedly, living aboard the Theurgy had forced a certain level of change on Gunshy's part, but it was painful to watch her struggle to overcome decades of being dreadfully boring and generally unmotivated. For Kanti to have pursued a posting as a Valkyrie pilot - successfully no less - showed that Gunshy wasn't quite as meek as she used to be. But still, Kanti had a long way to go, and her middling self-confidence wasn't accelerating any improvement efforts on her part. Even now, Tessa could tell that a part of Trill still would prefer to keep her head down, avoid getting into anything dangerous over riding into firefights aboard an attack fighter, and return to the boring life of a shuttle pilot.  What had motivated her to become a fighter pilot in the first place?

Dear God, Tessa thought, is that what I look like?  Is that how the rest of my squad perceives me?  Now they got two of us!  Not a chance, she decided.  I didn't screw up on the Niagara Exam, I faced it with dignity.  I earned my wings and didn't settle for being a shuttle pilot.  Time to show these two that I still have that 'death or glory' spirit!

"Tell you what, Kanti, I'll go first, you go second and pool-boy will go third," Tessa decided.  It wasn't really pulling rank, but as the ranking officer they expected her to be decisive.  Who boy, were they in for a disappointment!  She rubbed chalk on the end of her cue and bent over the table, before standing up and walking to another side of the table and lining up another ball.  She hoped that Chris was noticing the way her peach shaped posterior fit in her trousers attempted to strike a sexy pose while lining up her shot.  "Hey Christopher, could you show me how to do this?" she grinned bashfully.  So much for trying to impress the new squad mates.  "I've never really done this before."

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris didn't say anything but watched the byplay between the two women and when Tessa moved into a position to start the game, he was indeed admiring how well her ass looked in her standard issue uniform pants and he almost didn't hear her ask him for his help as he was admiring her ass a little bit too much but he shook his head then thought about how he'd go about showing her.

He then simply moved in behind her, molding his taller and broader frame-all the while hoping that he would get an erection while pressed against Tessa-against her much more slender frame and slid his hands into position along then against her's to help move her into a much better position.

He allowed a deep chuckle to escape him for a second, "You know Tessa, if you wanted me to get closer to you..all you had to do was ask." he said softly enough for her to hear him as he helped her line up her shot perfectly and how to move her stick in a smooth manner as he felt his body start to respond to the young woman the longer that they were like this.

Once he was done helping her, he pulled back from her but accidentally brushed the side of her left breast as he pulled his hands away from her before he embarrassed himself too badly.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"You know Tessa, if you wanted me to get closer to you..all you had to do was ask."

Tessa's face reddened at his remark but she didn't lose her smile.   Playing the 'I'm a helpless girly-girl; will you show me how do to this you big manly-man' card was a stock flirt that dated back to Earth's nineteenth century or before.  Even after the United Earth government had forced sexual equality on all races of Earthlings in the early 22nd century the maneuver was still effective.  Of course, the fact that Tessa actually needed to be shown how to play pool brought an air of sincerity to the flirt that made it all the more effective. 

Let's see, Tessa thought.  Mister Sh'muk had said that pool was just geometry plus physics, force plus trajectory.  As a pilot I should be an expert at this, she silently told herself as she attempted to remember what the Vulcan helmsman aboard the James Kirk had told her last year, back when the Starfleet stood for Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way.  She pulled the cue back and forth between her knuckles taking a few practice strokes and was struck by the sexual symbolism.   The "V" made by her fingers looked just like a... part of her anatomy and the pool cue was an unmistakable symbol for part of Christopher's. 

Tessa's face flushed again as her smile became somewhat goofy.  She pressed her hindquarters against him as she realized that it wasn't just she who was moving the pool cue back and forth through her knuckles, Chris's hand was on the cue two and they were moving it together.  She sucked in a breath and tried to avoid grunting as she bent over the table and attempted to press her posterior against him even more firmly. 

She blinked and heard the click of pool balls colliding when she realized that she could feel his pool cue against her, right between her buttocks.  And it wasn't the cue he was going to use to sink those balls either.  He must have known she could feel him because he moved away from her and tried to keep his face from turning red as he cleared his throat and glanced at Kanti.

Kanti's face had already turned a rosy shade of pink and as the ginger haired pilot coughed into her fist and asked. "Um, do you want to play this game alone?"

"What?" Tessa blushed as she waved her hand dismissively.   "No, no..." Yes!  Yes!  Shoo Kanti!  Mama's workin' here! she added silently.  Now that one mentioned it, Tessa's dismissive gesture seemed to be indicating the door...

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

"What?" Tessa blushed as she waved her hand dismissively.   "No, no..." Yes!  Yes!

Kanti noticed how her hand was making a "go away" kind of motion even though the red in her face indicated something else and for a brief second, Gun-Shy was tempted on leaving so that the two older pilots could have some fun by themselves..

But then her eyes flicked up to Chris' face and noticed that while he was slightly blushing from how apparently his own body was reacting, she still had a good strong buzz from the drinks that she had during lunch and that made her face pinken just a little bit as she then decided <well then, two can play at this game.> she thought to herself before she reached up and unzipped her hoodie just enough before she leaned forward to study table just enough.

But the way that she leaned allowed her to press her cleavage together as she mildly mused over the way that the balls on the table was arrange. "So the goal of this game is how many balls we sink is how many pieces of clothing come off then?" she asked in an attempt to make her voice slightly more husky.

Meanwhile Chris hadn't pulled entirely away from Tessa as he started to feel his own pool cue (not the one he had leaning against the table at the moment mind you) was starting to react to how she was rubbing her very excellent rear against him plus the faint touch memory of just a few seconds ago. He made a "Hrming" kind of sound before he leaned back against Tessa, pressing himself a little bit more firmly against her as he did so.

"You've got a good shooting posture but if you do this.." he said as he used his own hips to move her's just enough as he slid his hands to just below the swell of her breasts to realign her shooting posture. "Then you'll be able to do specific hook shots as well, Tessa." he said right into her ear as he leaned back into her.

He then noticed Kanti moving and heard her question at which point he turned to say something but it slightly died in his throat as he was shown a very lovely view of down the front of shirt that she was wearing with her standard issue hoodie at which point he felt his cue shift just a little bit more.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"So the goal of this game is how many balls we sink is how many pieces of clothing come off then?" Kanti asked, her voice sounding husky and seductive rather than the hesitant and mousy voice that Tessa had heard since she first met her.  Tessa had nearly forgotten the arbitrary rules she had made up on the fly.  The Kanti MacTavish Tessa knew never had the kind of confidence to come on to a guy who was flirting with another lady.  Had a hot meal and a few drinks really loosened her up that much?

Tessa's face reddened as Chris pressed his groin into her rear and quietly grunted in her ear.

Or maybe Kanti MacTavish was a voyeur who liked to watch.

"You've got a good shooting posture but if you do this.." Chris murmured as used his body to move hers and slid his hands to just below bosom and adjusted her posture.  "Then you'll be able to do specific hook shots as well, Tessa."

"Okay let me try my stroke, right... now," Tessa replied in a chipper sunny voice.  Her cue hit the white ball and a satisfying series of clicking and clacking sound erupted from the table as the triangle of pool balls went this way and that.  Many of them collided with each other affecting their trajectory but none fell in the holes.  The '2' ball and the '7', came mighty close on a corner and side pocket respectively but none of them were sunk.  Tessa tried to remember whether the balls had to be sunk in a particular order or not then decided that was something for tomorrow's lesson. 

Kanti was leaning over and showing Chris a revealing view of her cleavage through the neck of her blouse.  Talk about flirty, it was just the kind of thing that Skye Carver used to...

Skye.  There was no point getting upset about her death, she was just one of many of the recent squad mates they had lost.  If Kanti was willing to get out of her shell, Tessa should let her, she just had to make sure she didn't bite Gunshy's head off in the meantime.

"Your turn Kanti," Tessa said briskly as she stood up straight.  She was about to hand Gun-Shy her cue before she realized that Kanti already had a cue of her own.  "The object of the game is to get the colored balls in the holes."

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris smiled as he watched the 2 and 7 balls almost went into their perspective holes but didn't go in as Kanti looked over at the two older pilots with a hint of amusement on her slightly flushed face. "Interesting..still didn't answer my question though there, Tessa." Kanti teased as she leaned forward to give the both of them a really good view of her body as she felt the drinks that she had with lunch start to "boost" her confidence.

Mostly due to the fact that out of the three of them, she was the lightest and she'd drunk more then even the over six foot man from Asgard.

Kanti waved off Chris as he moved to help her. "Stay there..wanna try this solo." Gun-Shy muttered as she lined up the cue ball with a set of balls which included the 2 ball that Tessa had just missed.

She reared back and then with a little bit more strength then she had meant-slammed the tip of her cue into the cueball which then clacked off of the balls...

...and sending the 2 and 4 balls into a couple of pockets with the 5 ball just hanging onto the edge of where the 2 had just gone-all of which made Kanti blink in utter surprise as she stood back up and then looked over at the two pilots as she then leaned on her cue. "I believe that you two now officially now owe ME two pieces of clothing.." she said with a hint of teasing in her voice.

Chris couldn't believe what he'd seen from the younger red-headed pilot. "Well someone is feeling less shy and more like a minx, huh Tessa?" he quipped as he unzipped his jacket and pulled it and his departmental undershirt off to reveal his scarred, tattooed and muscular chest for both of the women to see which made Kanti's eyes widen just a little bit.

" shame on that one huh?" Kanti smirked as she looked over at Tessa. "Quick question Tessa..think you'll be as confident as Chris here?"

Chris simply arched one eyebrow as Kanti attempted to correct her last shot and sink the 5 ball but she suffered a little bit of overconfidence and made the cueball skip over the edge of the rim and would've slammed into Chris' face if he didn't catch it quickly before it cracked him in the face.

"And I think it's my turn..." Chris said as he moved into position before casting a quick look over at Tessa with his own cheeks going more then a little flush at golden-eyed pilot for some reason.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"What the?" Tessa blinked when Kanti sank two balls. 

"I believe that you two now officially now owe ME two pieces of clothing," Gun-shy sang smugly.

"Well someone is feeling less shy and more like a minx, huh Tessa?" Chris winked as he started to undress.

"Talk about your pool sharks," [/i] Tessa said as she unfastened her standard regulation blouse.  She would have worn her genuine imitation alligator skin coat if she would have known they would be playing the billiards version of strip poker, but lately she had been wearing her uniform even off duty in an attempt to restore her 'death and glory' spirit (not to mention the fact that being fugitives meant an alarm of general quarters could come at any time). "Pool shark, is that the right term?"[/i] She asked as she removed her top to reveal her tee and blinked when she saw Christopher's arms and torso. "Holy Moley!"[/i] she gasped as her topaz yellow eyes drank him in.  He was so built!  How could she have missed that when everyone in the squad shared a shower?  Tessa must have been really self-absorbed lately and must have been blocking everybody out.  Then she focused on his scars.  What did those animals aboard the Harbinger do to him?  How could she have missed that when everyone in the squad shared a shower?  Tessa must have been really self-absorbed lately and must have been blocking everybody out. 

" shame on that one huh?" Kanti teased as she glanced at the blushing Tessa. "Quick question Tessa..think you'll be as confident as Chris here?"

"Hmph," Tessa grunted defiantly.  Too be honest she had originally meant to take the easy way out and remove her footwear but she wasn't about to have less courage than a shuttle pilot named Gun-shy.  "Sure," she said as she removed her tee shirt to reveal a pale but freckled torso covered only by two silky semitransparent silvery cups covering her breasts that looked like they were painted on.

Mankind had made many incredible leaps forward since the uniting of Earth and the founding of the Federation.  One of them was the invention of a bra that did the job while actually being comfortable and easy to wear.  Even warp drive had been developed before scientists had settled on a design developed by the Denobulans more than a century ago.  The bra, if one could call it that, worked great.  It kept the girls in place without the concerns of itching, pinching, or fooling around with Velcro, ties, or hooks.   It fit like a second skin and was the next best thing to not wearing a bra at all.

As soon as she exposed herself Tessa regretted it, and covered her chest with her arms.  Chris didn't notice because Kanti sent a pool ball flying with her second shot that nearly hit him in the face.  He managed to catch the darn thing in the nick of time and murmur "And I think it's my turn..." before casting a glance at the ranking officer.

That last thing Tessa wanted to reveal was how timid she really was.  She coughed and moved her hands to her hips to strike a haughty pose before shivering to make it appear she was cold and hugging herself again.  In reality, she was so embarrassed that her body felt uncomfortably warm at that moment.  She coughed into her fist and tried to act nonchalant and drawled "Go ahead, Chris, show us what you can do," as casually as she could.

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris felt his face pinken as he took in the freckled, pale flesh of his fellow pilot and noticed that she was covering her breasts for some reason..almost like she was ashamed of what she was hiding..or trying to be modest.

"Thea, would you be a dear and please secure the holodeck for me?" he asked the ship's AI in a very courtious and respectful tone.

*Of course, Ensign Slayton.* came Thea's slightly bemused tone.

"Thank you, Thea." Chris said as he started to line up his shot, doing a little bit of mental math in his head, checking the variables that would lead into various "assault vectors"...just like how Sniper taught him all of those months ago.

As Chris was doing this, Kanti walked over and gently rubbed Tessa's back without saying a word as she was feeling a little bit brave..or maybe it was the booze that was encouraging her just a little bit more then normal but as she opened her mouth to say something, there was a loud "SMACK" noise which made Gun-Shy's head snap towards the sound and she watched in utter amazement as three balls went down various pockets.

"wow..three.." Kanti said as she continued to stroke Tessa's back, slowly drawing her fingers across the other woman's back slowly in a tender way without realizing what she was doing before she remembered the rules of the current game and unzipped her standard issue hoodie. "It's a fair cop.." she muttered as she peeled out of it and then grasped the bottom edge of the shirt that she was wearing under it and pulled it off as well, tossing it atop where she'd just tossed her hoodie.

She was standing there in her standard issue uniform pants and boots plus the standard issue bra that held her pert bust easily but she was slowly started to enjoy this as she bent over to start undoing her boots.

Chris took a second to enjoy what he was seeing of Kanti before he walked past Tessa, stopping long enough to bend over and kissing the golden-eyed pilot on the left cheek before saying "That's three and..." before he took careful aim as he tapped the cue and sunk another ball but another one was about to roll in behind it simply spun in place for a second but failed to go in. "And that's another one.."

Kanti blinked just a little bit as she then simply looked over at the two pilots and then removed her bra, revealing that her own pale flesh was slightly more paler then Tessa's with her pert breasts on display for the two of them to see as her chest was flush. "Alrighty..maybe trying to match pints with a pouncy bugger like Chris here wasn't the best of ideas..but I wasn't going to be letting you two have all the fun.." she said with a cocky grin.

Chris took in the Martian pilot and then attempted to sink another shot but he missed and the ball that he was trying to sink actually rolled in the opposite direction as he took a step back to allow Tessa some room to move. "It's your turn, Tessa." he said, his eyes showing a hint of how good he was feeling as he locked eyes with Goldeneye..a shadow of something else crossing his gaze as he looked at her.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

Tessa let out a self-satisfied sigh as Christopher lined up his shot and Kanti rubbed her back.  She didn't realize she had been that tense until she started to relax.  Of course she had been that tense.  They had flown a combat mission, lost a squadmate and now she was in a sexually charged situation with someone she genuinely liked in a romantic sense.  Of course she was tense. 

But now under Kanti's caressing fingers Tessa was starting to relax, starting to relax a little too much.  She swayed clumsily and nearly fell over before she woke up in time to move her hands away from her sides and wobbled unsteadily to remain standing.  Neither Chris nor Kanti seemed to notice since Christopher had just sunk three balls.

"wow..three.." Gunshy murmured as she continued to caress Tessa's naked back. 

"Three?" Tessa hissed.  "How are we supposed to stay in the game if he can sink three?"

"It's a fair cop.." Kanti shrugged as she started removing her hoodie and blouse. 

Tessa blushed again before taking a breath and removing her bra, one cup at a time.  A civilian bra that she had purchased on Daran V, it was composed of separate cups with no strap.  It was only after she had freed her breasts that she remembered that she had planned to take off her regulation Starfleet footwear next.  Oops.  She glanced down at her chest, her bosom noticeably paler than the rest of her blushing skin.  Worse yet, her nipples were aroused!  She hated it when they were aroused, the darn things pointed in different directions...

Her self-examination was interrupted by Christopher's close proximity.  Oh great, he caught me staring at my own breasts, she thought.  She looked up and smiled bashfully at him.

Tessa's heart fluttered as Christopher bent over and lightly kissed her cheek before turning back to the pool table.  "That's three and..." he said as line up a shot and struck the cue ball.  "And that's another one," he added as yet another ball was sunk.

"Four?"  Tessa gasped in disbelief.  "Nerts!" she grunted as she bent over to remove her footwear.

"Alrighty..maybe trying to match pints with a pouncy bugger like Chris here wasn't the best of ideas," Kanti admitted, "but I wasn't going to be letting you two have all the fun.."

Soon there was a lot more of Tessa Lance revealed than anyone else in the room.  "Shoes, socks," Tessa chanted as she placed her discarded clothes on a chair.  "Bra, blouse..." she continued before bending over to remove her trousers in a comically erotic fashion.  "Pants," she grunted as she exposed her silky white legs and regulation briefs.  "Holey cow!  I'm not gonna have anything left!"

"It's your turn, Tessa," Christopher smiled at her while making the herculean effort to make eye contact with her.

"What?  Oh yeah!" Tessa chirped as goose bumps became visible on her pale and freckled skin.  "My turn, my turn," the plucky young lieutenant murmured as she picked up her cue.  "Right, my turn, my turn..." she chanted as she bent over the table to line up a shot before walking around to the other side to line up another one. 

A part of her was grateful that she wasn't as well-endowed as say Rihen Neyah.  It would have been embarrassing to have her mommybags drooping enough to touch the pool table.  She was also grateful that she had kept softer feminine figure than Evelyn Rawley, who had spent so many hours in the gym that she was starting to resemble a Klingon. 

A blush spread over Tessa's face, shoulders and back as moved the pool cue back and forth between her fingers. "Um, a little help Chris?" she smiled sheepishly.  "I could use a little help with my technique," she added with a self-deprecating teasing tone.

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

When Tessa made her request for more assistance, Chris took in the female pilot in simply her regulation underwear and nothing else as he took in her blush and moved in close behind her as the naked flesh of his upper body pressed close enough into Tessa that she could possibly feel his heart beating quickly as he wrapped one muscular arm around her waist as he slid the other one along the arm that was extended for her shot.

"there is something wrong here and it's not your technique, tessa." he murmured into her left ear, his already husky voice-the source of his callsign amusingly enough-was at a slightly lower husk then usual. "what's wrong is why i haven't done something yet i think..but you've got one technique down pat."

He used the arm that was wrapped around her waist to pull her in closer to him as he tried to ignore how hard he was feeling at that moment with such a hot woman practically naked in his arms right now while trying to play one simple game.

"so, we take your aim and move it here..." he added in that same husky whisper as he moved the tip of her cue stick as he did a little bit of math in his head and then slowly realigned her shot just right. "don't look at the balls like they are simply a game..think of them as variables in a flight path and you're stuck without a navigational computer."

Chris then looked down at the pale skin of Tessa's neck and before he realized it, he bent his head down and kissed the back of her neck very tenderly..a portion of his mind noted that it was vastly different then the rushed adrenaline kiss with Ida back on the Harbinger or anything else of the like..

"or we could skip the rest of this game entirely.." he mused softly as he reached up and gently tilted her head so that her face could look into his easily with his face a mere few inches from her's.

Meanwhile Kanti kept quiet as she leaned against a near-by booth, a faint grin on her face as she watched from an angle even though she was a little bit unsure if she should interrupt such a moment.

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[[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

Tessa bit her lower lip and shivered as Christopher came in close and pressed himself closely against her.   She could feel his tone and brawny chest on her naked back and she imagined that she could even feel his scars.  One of his scarred and powerful arms was around her waist and the other was against the arm she had extended out in front of her to control the cue stick.  She felt the blood pulsing in her ears and imagined that she could feel his heartbeat against her back. 

"There is something wrong here and it's not your technique, Tessa," he whispered in her ear in a low husky voice. "What's wrong is why I haven't done something yet I think...but you've got one technique down pat."

She sure did!  Tessa grinned like an idiot when she realized that bending over the table in the 'take me' position, her hand on oversized phallic symbol that was the cue and the cue moving back and forth through knuckles that made a 'V for vagina' symbol was about as sexually explicit as it got, particularly when she was stripped down to only a pair of briefs.  Tessa giggled nervously, all pretense at being a superior officer or a fighter pilot with a warrior spirit gone.  In Goldeneye's place was the cheerleader from Proxima Colony's Weyland Yutani High School who was a pushover for the boys on the Team.  Almost against her will, she snugged up to him.  At that moment, all of her blushing seemed to go straight to her ears. 

Tessa may have broken character, but Christopher Slayton was just as cool as you please. "so, we take your aim and move it here..." he whispered in her now crimson ear.

"Mm-hm," she cooed as she let him lead her body as if they were dancing.  

"Don't look at the balls like they are simply a game, think of them as variables in a flight path and you're stuck without a navigational computer," Chris instructed. 

"Ah-huh... Eep!"Tessa squeaked when she felt Christopher's lips on the back of her neck.  She shivered before standing very still, the goose bumps on her body plainly visible now.
"or we could skip the rest of this game entirely.." he murmured as his thumb and forefinger gently turned her head so she could look into his dark green eyes.

Tessa's topaz yellow eyes fluttered as she tilted her head to move in and caress his lips with hers.  Her lips and tongue were gentle, teasing and affectionate.  She didn't smash her face against him or shove her tongue down his throat.  Instead she fondled his mouth with her lips and as her tongue gently massaged his.  She hadn't meant to use her tongue at all; it was supposed to be a chaste kiss, but somehow when her lips met his they were kissing like tender lovers who were saying everything that needed to be said without saying a word.  She touched his face using only her mouth and the delicate tips of the fingers on her left hand as she kissed him with the warmth and softness of an angel.  She was treating his lips as if they were the most fragile, precious things in the world to her.  Their kiss was the most romantic, heartfelt kiss that she could remember.  When they parted, it wasn't abrupt or forced. It was as if they had rehearsed it.

"Wow," Kanti muttered in what sounded like dull shock.  "Just.  Wow."

"What... Oh!" Tessa gasped as she put the hand that had been caressing Christopher's right cheek over her mouth.   "Kanti!  Holy Smokes!  I had completely forgotten you were there!" she exclaimed as she turned to face her and hopped up to sit on the edge of the pool table with her legs dangling over the side.  "You must think I was raised on Risa or something!"

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Kanti shook her head as her own blush was powerful enough to make the darkened erect rosy flesh of her nipples now match the rest of her exposed flesh in one all over blush. "Quite the opposite, it's cool but I think that you may have started something a little bit more fun." she explained as she sat down slowly as she moved her gaze to look over at Chris and gave a little bit of a Cheshire cat-like smile.

Chris on the other hand hadn't said a word or moved since Tessa had kissed him, not because he was in shock or anything but because simply there was something in that kiss that kind of made sense to was a strange sensation and he found himself enjoying it immensely as he slowly reached up where Tessa's lips had kissed him and it felt like it was burning but not in a way that could kill a man-but the opposite and that was what was slightly confusing to him.

His dark eyes roamed over the nearly naked pilot in front of him who was dangling her legs as she sat on the edge of the pool table and then locked his eyes with her's...then made a decision.

Chris took the quarter of a full step for him forward, reached down to take both of her bare legs into his hands and pulled her close enough to him that she could easily feel how hard that he was through their clothes but what he did next wasn't sexual in the slightest;

He reached up and took her face in both of his hands and with a tenderness that seemed to belay how brutal he was with his corded muscles and scarred, tattooed torso, arms, and shoulders which spoke of years of violence and then his eyes went half lidded as he leaned in a kissed her very slowly and tenderly like they where a couple of lovers that hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, not trying to be deeply passionate or sexual in anyway but simply allowing feelings that he'd never actually had to come forth into the kiss.

He gently ran the tip of his tongue across her lips, not seeking entrance but simply to tease her..taste her as his hands slid from her face to slowly run up and down her bare skin as calloused and scarred fingers slowly..tenderly caressed every single inch of bare skin as he felt her breasts pressed hard against the plane of his own chest but he simply focused on making out with her.

"again...wows..." Kanti whispered as she took in what was going on before her and tried to make a connection.

Here was freaken Chris Slayton..the sole survivor of the Harbinger's own fighter squadron (why he never took his former ship's name as his new callsign was beyond her as it made more sense then "Husker"..), who had help to take back Thea from Vassar and then two days later beat the fricken captain and almost beat the security deputy in that tourny they had in the gym..

Yet here he was making out with a mostly naked Tessa like they had always been like that..

As she was trying to understand the sight before her, Kanti's body moved on pure impulse as she climbed onto the pool table behind Tessa and started to run her own hands across the older woman's back as the combination of what she was seeing with the drinks of something called "Hagar Especial Tequila" in her system simply hyped up things on her end.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

Tessa had made a fool of herself and exposed just how vulnerable she was to Christopher right in front of Kanti.  So much for being taken seriously.  For such a tender and private moment to performed in front of a new squadmate, someone who was now family and yet still a virtual stranger was devastating.

And yet...

Christopher didn't care.  He was still in the moment.  And somehow...  despite the embarrassing position Tessa had placed herself in, she didn't care if Kanti was watching either.  Maybe it was because Christopher, despite the scars on his visible flesh, was drawing her in for a second tender, gentle kiss.  It was like Kanti wasn't even in the room.  It was the kind of kiss that said 'I've missed you baby.'  It was the kind of kiss you give someone you really love and haven't seen for a while.  It was a kiss that was easy to get lost in.

Tessa's hands glided across Chris' back as their lips met before finally moving in different directions.  Her left hand glided down to his back to grip the right cheek of his firm as granite posterior and her right hand glided upwards to caress the back of his neck. 

Goldeneye was dimly aware of Gunshy moving around behind her but was surprised when she felt an extra pair of hands caressing her back.  Startled, she broke the kiss to move backwards and found her waist between Kanti's knees. 

Tessa giggled self-consciously before glancing down at her own chest and discovering that somehow her nipples had turned a bright candy colored crimson.  Somehow she was blushing even through her areolas while the rest of her breasts remained perfectly pale.  Suddenly self-conscious, Tessa leaned forward and hugged Christopher to squeeze her bosom into his chest before he saw the way her titbits glowed like indicator lights. 

Now she was sheepishly giggling in his ear, all pretense of a 'death or glory' spirit completely gone.  She felt she should say something, whisper some sweet nothing in his ear but her mind was completely blank.  Flustered, she opened her mouth and muttered "this is my first three-way."  She shut his eyes and hugged him harder.  God, what a stupid thing to say!  What was wrong with her?

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

When the kiss broke, Chris found himself wanting more of the pale pilot before him as he noticed her hand moving away from his ass  and wondered when it got there as he reached up and stroked her face in a very tender manner.

Chris' eyes quickly flicked over to Kanti and saw her running her hands up and down their fellow pilots back and a look of concern flicked across his eyes for a second there before he said "Kanti, stop for a second."

The young Martian woman was slightly entranced by how the older woman's skin felt under her fingertips but she heard Chris's voice and she stopped with her eyes flicking up to Slayton's face with a look of slight confusion.

He got a slight smile on his face. "Have a seat and relax. Sometimes is better to go slow and enjoy that kind of burn then cause a raging inferno and have it be over too quickly."

Slowly Gun-Shy came to understand what Slayton meant as she gently kissed the side of Tessa's neck experimentally before whispering "enjoy" into her right ear and getting off of the table to sit in a booth.

Chris then returned his attention to Tessa who had her chest pressed quite well against his chest and a part of him realized that how..well, perfectly she fit against him which internally brought some confusion as he ran his hands up and down her bare back.

"this is my first three-way." he heard her say at that moment.

Chris moved back just a little bit so that he could reach between the two of them and tilt her face up to look into his. "I promise to be gentle with you, Tessa." he said to her, his already husky voice taking on a slightly more thicker husk as his accent came out just a little bit more as he leaned down and kissed her as he let out how much he wanted her.

It wasn't a purely hot or sexual kiss at this point but more of a desire for her, pure..simple..and raw and while he felt this for only one other person, the desire that he felt for Tessa at that moment was much more honest and strong as he slipped his hands away from her face and wrapped around her slender waist and pulled her in closer to him so that she could feel her heartbeat in pulse synch with his as he stroked her back with his calloused fingertips that was running with the contours and lines of her flawless skin.

He broke the kiss and whispered "I want you, Tessa.." as he resumed the kiss at which point he stopped stroking her back long enough to wrap his arms around her waist as he lifted her up and around as he leaned back against the table before falling back onto it which sent the various balls rolling against the table as he was somehow able to keep his kiss with the slender woman who was now effectively straddling his waist.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"Oh Christopher...mmmph," Whatever Tessa was about to say was lost as her lips were seized by Chris'.   She seized his mouth hungrily, greedy for his taste as her legs wrapped around his hips.   One of her hands slipped below the waist of his briefs to clutch at his posterior before briefly rejoining its partner in their frenzied exploration of his back. 

Heedless of her surroundings, she allowed Christopher to push her back onto the pool table during their passionate embrace.   Her kisses became more enthusiastic until she remembered what Chris had said:

"Have a seat and relax. Sometimes is better to go slow and enjoy that kind of burn then cause a raging inferno and have it be over too quickly."

Tessa forced herself to slow down and savor the moment, but it was hard.  She felt nervous enough, but with someone watching it was unbearable!  Her legs were wrapped around Chris' hips and she could feel him pressing up against her.  

"Computer," Kanti announced.  "Play an easy listening instrumental version of Rita Coolidge's 'Greatest All Time High' at a low volume."

Gentle mood music complied with her order.

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris slowly broke the kiss and started to tenderly kiss the curve of the left side of Tessa's neck as he moved himself just a little bit so that his weight wouldn't be crushing down on her with him supporting his weight with one hand as he started to slowly caress her firm, lithe form with his other one.

"What is it about you that's making my blood feel like it's burning through my veins right now, Tessa?" he asked against the flesh of her neck in a heated whisper as his right hand reached the mound of her right breast and cupped it very gently before rolling her very erect nipple around with his right thumb. "it is both maddening and lovely at the same time.."

He slowly started to kiss his way down from her neck to her collar bone where he slowly started to lick, kiss, and suck ever so much to bring her goose pimpled flesh even more there as he continued to work on her breast with his hand-the broad, calloused and strong fingers of his hand was unbelievably gentle despite the sheer amount of combat skill he showed only the day or so before when he fought both the captain and the deputy chief of security.

Once he was done with his work on her collarbone, he worked his way further down with kissing down the valley of two of the most perfect (to him at the very least) breasts in the whole of creation before he looked up at her between the valley of her own breasts-catching her eyes and showing her how much he wanted her..for [shadow=red,left]*HER*[/shadow]..before moving his face over to her left breast and slowly dragging the tip of his tongue around the plump mound of tit flesh-making sure to ignore  her nipple for the time being as he continued to manipulate her right breast with his free hand.

"Tell me what you would like me to do, Tessa.." he inquired as he followed it up with running the tip of his tongue around the puckered flesh around and connected to her nipple but not the nipple its self.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"What is it about you that's making my blood feel like it's burning through my veins right now, Tessa?" he whispered as he cupped her breast and tickled her nipple with his thumb.

Tessa tried to respond but her mind went blank.  What was it about her anyway?  For a second, she couldn't figure out what would get a guy interested her. 

"It is both maddening and lovely at the same time," he murmured.

He had that right!  Why couldn't she just lose herself in the moment?  Was it really Kanti's fault?  No of course it wasn't.  The problem was that wasn't a casual fling to Tessa.  Christopher was someone she actually liked and being with him mattered!  That's why she couldn't...

She sighed and closed her eyes as he kissed his way down her neck to her décolletage.  She felt his mouth tickle and caress her flesh let herself relax.   Soft little moans escaped her lips as his tongue stimulated her sensitive areolas.

Ok, maybe she could lose herself in the moment.  But she'd have to stay that way or she would drive him away. 

"Tell me what you would like me to do, Tessa.."  Chris' quiet husky voice whispered.  It was as if he could read her thoughts.

Tessa's response was instinctive.  She answered without thinking.  Every lock had a key and enough stimulation in the right place would free her from insecurities and put her in an amorous state of NOW.  She'd be able to get over herself and teach Kanti and Christopher that the pilots of the Lone Wolves weren't afraid to party.  Heck she might even impress them.

Tessa took her hands off his shoulders to slide her panties down her thighs, then wriggled her body to get them to drop past her knees and down to her feet.  She stepped out of them leaving them on the floor and whispered the naughty instructions:  "Eat me out."

Omigod that sounded so gross! she thought to herself.  A rosy blush started with her face, worked its way down her neck, skipped her torso and manifested on her derriere before finally spreading to her shoulders and chest.  How could she say something so stupid?  She really should have orally pleasured him first before asking for something like that!  What if she disgusted him?  The only thing now to do was to brazen it out.  If Christopher wanted to show off for the girls, Tessa would let him and hopefully get over herself.

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Tessa didn't say a word as she reached under her and removed her panties before kicking them off and whispering to him "eat me out" before an extremely powerful blush covered her entirely naked body in a lovely shade of red.

Chris could only smile as he gave her a very deep and passionate kiss on the lips before breaking it. "Thea, please alter the pool table to an Andorian Zela with Tholian silk sheets if you can?"

Within seconds the hard and slightly coarse pool table shifted into a large and wide bed of Andorian design but it was simple yet elegant at the same time and incredibly comfortable with the rich, silkeness of the famed Tholian silk as well.

Chris didn't say anything further as he resumed kissing his way down Tessa's body to her bare thighs, kissing them very slowly and tenderly before he slid between her legs and propping them up onto his shoulders as he came face to face with Tessa's sex as he gently blew his hot breath onto her nether lips before slowly, oh so agonizingly slowly dragged the tip of his tongue up her womanhood from the bottom to the hood of her clit and then back down again before he started to eat her out as he stroked her bare thighs with his strong, calloused fingers.

Meanwhile Kanti was more then content with simply watching from the shadows, something about this seemed right and she didn't want to ruin Tessa's fun until she was certain that the golden eyed beauty would be willing accept her own time with the blushing pilot.

Chris stopped his efforts long enough to look up at Tessa from where he was and gave her a smile. "Open your eyes and enjoy this, Tessa.." he said as he bapped at her clit hood with his tongue in attempt to see how hard he could make her moan at that moment.

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