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Re: DAY 04: Jumping the Shark [1421 hrs.]

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[ Tessa May Lance | Holodeck #2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  Husker

"Thea, please alter the pool table to an Andorian Zela with Tholian silk sheets if you can?"

Tessa let out an eager nervous coo that sounded almost like a moan as Chris kissed down her body.  She was really grateful that they had hit the showers after their long flight in the empty space around Black Opal.  Her legs got wobbly but Chris knelt down and propped her legs over his shoulders.  "Oh yes," she groaned as she felt his mouth tickle her sweet spot.  She closed her eyes tilted her head upwards in escasty as her hands grasped his head. 

From Kanti's view it was as if Tessa was a nude gypsy fortune teller from one of those old holonovels and Chris' head was a crystal ball.  Tessa body swayed and shivered as she ran her fingers through his hair.  The Trill half expected the lieutenant to start spouting prophecy.

"Ooh yeah, that's the spot," Tessa grimaced. 

"Open your eyes and enjoy this, Tessa.." Chris murmured before teasing her with his tongue.

Kanti was taken aback by the intense expression on Tessa's face, but at least Lieutenant Lance was smiling.  Gunshy thought she was smiling anyway but the strange doglike whine was a little unnerving.   Kanti's hand moved down to distractedly rub the crotch of her briefs.


Re: DAY 04: Jumping the Shark [1421 hrs.]

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[Ensigns Chris Slayton and Kanti McTavish/ Holodeck #2-Deck 5/ USS Theurgy] ATTN: Tessa

Chris was simply teasing Tessa's core with his tongue, batting it from various angles every so often before diving into it dead center as he ran his calloused fingers up and down her bare thighs. "Come now, Tessa..don't be shy and tell me what you really want.." he asked her pointedly before he pressed his tongue firmly against the hood of her clit before wrapping his lips around it and sucking on the clit hood.

As he did this, Chris used his upper body strength to keep her lower body propped up on his shoulders as he slipped a finger past the golden-eyed pilot's labia and deeply into her before hooking it ever so slightly to press it against her inner walls as he kept up his efforts on her clit, stopping long enough to look up the valley between her breasts to look into her face as he continued to stroke her inner walls slowly..very teasingly slowly. "Come now..if you make me guess then I'll just have to keep experimenting with what you do like.." he said gently as he slipped a second finger into her, slightly hooking them both as he started to rub her inner walls very tenderly.

Meanwhile Kanti was still rubbing the front of her briefs when she decided that she couldn't handle being idle any longer as she blushed good and hard as she got up and quietly made her way around the back of Husker and then wrapped her arms around the taller man as he slowly worked his "magic" on Tessa, pressing her breasts into the broad expanse of his muscular and scarred back as she ran her hands over the span of his muscular torso. "Forgive me.." she murmured as she kissed the right side of his neck slowly before he turned his head just a little bit to see what she meant as their lips met and she slowly started to kiss him as she slipped her left hand further down and started to rub him through the front of his pants as he kept up rubbing and caressing Tessa. 

A while later, Chris laid in the bed with Kanti who was happy as a lark curled up against him as he held Tessa's body against his and just held her, enjoying the feel of her naked body against his and wondered why he felt so conflicted inside.

As he brushed a few strands of hair away from her sweaty face, he tried to figure out what was drawing him to her as these were different feelings then the ones that he had for a few women in recent years..

But those thoughts were slowly shoved aside as he held her closer to him and simply basked in her.


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