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DAY 04: Scotch & Fire [1400 hrs.]

DAY 04: Scotch & Fire [1400 hrs.]

[ Rawley's Quarters | Deck 16 ] Attn: RosariaRosette

After taking a piss, Rawley shimmied into her panties and her grey gym pants, and upon bare feet, she stepped to the mirror. The scotch he had left by the small bathroom sink had waited for her faithfully, so she picked it up and downed it - burning both memories of Kestrel's final moments as well as her throat. She stared herself in the eye, thinking of her losses. It was not just her half-brother, and since loosing Oracle twice, she'd thought herself numb to loosing her sisters in the squadron, but with a thought to Kestrel, her sentiment was worth repeating so that she might ignore the irksome stain of doubt that she could not seen to burn away with liquor. I will never break again.

She sucked her teeth dry and slammed the glass down before leaving her scar-riddled reflection, heading to her computer console. She picked up the bottle of scotch by the neck on the way there, meaning to pour herself a new glass after tapping off a short message with one hand. She didn't even bother to sit down, the screen lighting up her white tank top. With a small grin, she bit her lip as she typed.

=/\= NEW MESSAGE =/\=

Ey, pretty lass. Ghost here. I hope you have not forgotten to come by. If you would rather meet at Below Decks, that's fine. Either way, I want to see that perfectly formed ass of yours before too long, otherwise I might just finish this bottle myself.

=/\= MESSAGE SENT =/\=

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[ Hallway | Deck 16 ]

Fasha had been on her way to Rawley's quarters when she received her message. As she read it she felt a small smile form on her lips she'd always liked Rawley's mannerisms. She was clear about what she wanted there wasn't any misconceptions to be had about why Rawley wanted her to visit. She didn't answer and instead settled for rapping her knuckles against Rawley's door and patiently waited for an answer. She couldn't remember the last time she'd laid with anyone man or woman.

Her discipline was well honed but even her self discipline was no match for her natural needs.

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Having refilled her glass, a giddy little grin came to Rawley when she heard that there was someone at the door. With her glass held by her fingertips next to her, she answered the door in person person - cocking her hip when the sliding doors opened. "That was quick," she said, putting her free hand on her cocked hip after having tapped the control panel. The wink she gave her when she turned around betrayed the double meaning of her words. "I am glad you wanted to come."

She led the way inside her quarters, and she had not bothered to clean up the place at all. She usually kept some areas clear from clothes and she dispensed things that would cause smells, so besides not picking up her stuff, she thought she had pretty high standards. The ship cleared dust for her already, and the only lingering stains were from things spilled. She had tried to rub them out but the lacked the know-how on what chemicals she needed for getting them out of the carpet. There was a shelf where she kept emptied bottles of scotch for decoration, and with family in the arms business, she had PADDs with contemporary and old-school weaponry strewn about, along with the typical Tactical CONN stuff found in the quarters of all Lone Wolves.

As promised she poured a glass of scotch for Morrigan, the excitement of finally being alone with the hot Colonist getting to her. The anticipation was getting the better of her, and she had to say something as she closed the bottle. "Never thought you'd cared for some proper fun between girls. Always the though one, I figured you didn't care."

Turning around, she faced Fasha with the second glass poured for her. "Always fancied you, you know - stealing looks at you in the locker room." She was on the verge about taking about Oracle, and stopped herself just short of it, feeling that however she might phrase it, it would come out wrong. She wondered if Morrigan would bring her up instead.

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As the door slid open Fasha couldn't help but smile at the small grin Rawley had on her face as they laid eyes upon one another. "If serving in the CPDF taught me anything it taught me to be punctual." She said. As Rawley turned away and expressed her joy that she'd wanted to come. It took her a moment before she caught the double entendre behind Rawley's words. She didn't bother calling the other woman out on it though as she followed her into her quarters.

Rawley's quarters certainly weren't clean but it wasn't really bad. It was certainly a far cry from the barracks she used to sleep in when she had served the Catachan Planetary Defense Forces. There everything was always so neat and clean beds you'd be surprised to find a particle of dust on any surface and the rare time you did you'd regret it. She looked around the room taking in the sights around her a soft smile on her lips. The entire room just seemed to have Rawley's personal touch something she could certainly appreciate. As Rawley went about pouring her a glass of scotch Fasha found herself bent over at Rawley's desk peeking at a PADD the appeared to have a technical blueprint for a Colt 1911 an old terran firearm that revolutionized firearm technology during it's age.

As Rawley turned back to her glass in hand and accepted the glass with a small nod and smile. Fasha had never felt quite comfortable in social settings especially with Terrans they're idea of sociality always dealt with underlying motives expressed through misleading conversation or body language. But Rawley was different there was less show it was clear what Rawley wanted and Fasha wasn't opposed to giving it to her.

She took a sip from her glass as Rawley spoke about how she'd always had an eye on her prompting Fasha to raise an eyebrow as she lowered the glass from her lips. "Oh?" She asked. The brief thought of Oracle touched upon her mind but she said nothing in regards to their lost comrade. She didn't know if Rawley was still mourning her former lover and even if she wasn't it was hardly appropriate to bring up someone's ex when you were sharing a drink. At least when you had the intentions Rawley had it wasn't. "I won't pretend I haven't noticed." She said taking another sip.

She lowered the glass placing it on Rawley's desk and leaning back against it her palms resting on the desk's edge. "I was simply wondering when and if you would ever do anything more than steal a few peeks." Fasha said smirking slightly.

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Rawley chuckled as she watched the Colonist put her glass to the side and lean back against the desk. It certainly felt like an invitation, and Rawley was definitely not the one to pass on such. Chuckling ruefully in answer to Fasha's comment, she did more than just 'peek' when she drank in the sight of her now, the other wolf's posture accentuating her curves in the dim light of the room. Rawley sauntered forward, the lazy sway of her hips carrying her up to Morrigan's and making the front of their bodies touch. "Well, I would think you can stop wondering now..." Standing so close, the anticipation glowed in Rawley's hooded eyes, and she raised her glass to drink her scotch. She did so while tilting her head back a bit, baring her neck to the other woman.

It only took a moment to down the scotch, after which she leaned forward a bit more to slam it down upon the desktop. It made her pursed lips end up very close to Fasha's, but she had yet to kiss her sister wolf. As it were, their breaths mingled between them, and the scent of Morrigan filled Evelyn's nose. Her body brushing against hers with each breath taken, the anticipation was killing her, and yet she wanted to take her time - savouring the moment as much as possible. They were already of the same mind, and the delay would sweeten the fruit even more. Her brown eyes looked into Fasha's, and the lingering grin Evelyn wore betrayed just how mischievous she was feeling.

"You got fantastic tits, do you know that?" she said, the small grin becoming wider, and she hoped the untoward comment sounded as blunt and funny as she meant it to be - taking the edge of the tension. She wanted to have fun, not to woo someone that was already there for the same things as she was. "Can I see them?"

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Fasha kept her eyes on Rawley as her fellow wolf approached her. The colonist's eyes falling to Rawley's shapely hips as came close. She could feel her blood pumping faster in her veins as the excitement began to steadily build within her. "I suppose I can." She said as they now stood close enough to one another that their bodies were now touching. Fasha licked her lips as she gazed back at Rawley she could see the desire and anticipation that burned like embers in her eyes and it only served to kindle a flame of anticipation inside her as well. She wouldn't lie she'd had her own thoughts about Ghost but for the most part she'd never bothered to pursue anything considering the other woman had Oracle to keep her company.

Now though she had Rawley all to herself a small pang of guilt touched upon her for a moment at the thought though. But it was quickly buried beneath the waves of desire that washed over her as Evelyn brought her lips close to hers after she'd swiftly downed the remains of her glass. Fasha's breaths grew shorter as she could smell the smoky scent of scotch on Rawley's breathing. She gripped the edges of Rawley's desk harder in her fingers she definitely knew what she wanted. And she also knew what Evelyn was doing she was letting the want and desire build. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she saw the mischievous grin that her fellow wolf wore. She knew exactly what she was doing right now to her.

As Rawley broke the tension with a raunchy comment she smiled bringing her hand to her mouth to hold back the small laughs that tried to slip past her lips. Though she was failing quite amazingly at it as the rarely heard sound filled the otherwise empty room. She could certainly leave it to Rawley to speak her mind when she saw fit to. "Well...Only because you asked so kindly." Fasha said letting hands move to the hem of the loose black tank top she wore before lifting it up over her head revealing that she wore no bra of any sort beneath exposing everything to Rawley. As she removed her shirt she held it out to the side before dropping it onto Rawley's floor. "Now perhaps you'd like to do more than look perhaps?" She asked with a questioning eyebrow raised.

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When Fasha removed her tank top for her, Rawley could not help but sucking some air through her teeth at the sight - as if the bare skin of Morrigan was too hot to handle - but the jocular sound devolved into something between a purr and a moan. All too often she had seen Fasha in the locker room, but never this close... never with such promise.

The anticipation ate at her restraint, making her bite her lower lip while she looked. Her sister wolf's comment implied her willingness, and that globated pair practically begged to be touched by the way those peaks pointed at Rawley's white tank top - which was as of yet to be removed. Keeping her hands away positively made Rawley's fingers ache. She could't wait much longer... "Oh, don't mind if I do," she said, and she raised her hands, eyes meeting Fasha's for a moment before returning to her body.

With the rueful grin still in place, she laid her fingertips against her collarbones. Slowly, Rawley let more of her hands comes down unto the top of her breasts. She felt the warmth of her skin, the faint beat of her heart, and then her whole hands covered Fasha's breasts. Only when the whole of her palms were in contact with Fasha's skin did she move her hands downwards - feeling the nipples scrape across her palms. Slowly, she came to frame them in her hands, feeling the weight of them. "Mmmhhh... Bloody hell, they feel even better than they look," she said in a low voice, feeling lightheaded and with her heart-rate making her ears throb. She was really there, wanting to play just as much as she did. It felt so surreal. Relenting somewhat to the anticipation, she slowly leaned down to cover one of those jutting peaks with her warm mouth, looking up into Fasha's eyes while tasting her. With Fasha leaning against the desk as she was, Rawley could simply not resist any longer - her tongue teasing Fasha a bit before she even kissed her.

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Fasha couldn't help but smirk at Rawley's response as her top came off. Fasha knew well enough that she was attractive, Her time training at Starfleet Academy and interacting with Starfleet Personnel during the Dominion War gave her a clear enough message. She raised an eyebrow as Rawley continued to gaze upon her only not making any moves yet to touch after she'd given her permission to do so.

Finally though it appeared that Evelyn had gathered her courage as she raised her hands and let them rest on the top of her breasts. Evelyn's hands were warm she closed her eyes letting her senses direct all her focus to her sense of touch. She hummed softly as she felt Rawley's palms slide lower the palms of her fellow pilot's hands sliding slowly across her hardened peaks. As Rawley began to size them up she smirked as the woman mentioned them feeling better than they looked. She opened her eyes she could see the expression on Evelyn's face that told her that the woman was still in need of time to process everything. To process that this was really happening that she was here just as willing as Rawley was. She gasped as she felt Rawley's lips encompass one of her nipples her warm wet mouth closing around it she met Rawley's gaze with her own her hands rising one falling upon the back of Evelyn's head whilst the other rested on her neck.

It didn't take much prompting from Fasha to get Evelyn to get them to meet lips once more. She moaned against Rawley's lips her hand softly tugging on the back of the white tanktop her fellow pilot wore eager to level the playing field they were both on.

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Rapidly, Rawley was loosing control of her breathing, with every twist and turn of their kissing fanning the flames of what they'd begun.

With her hands still lingering on Morrigan's breasts, cupping and pinching those hardened nubs between the sides of her fingers, Rawley felt her new-found lover wanting to remove her top. This, she helped her to gladly, breaking off the kiss and looking into Fasha's eyes in a smouldering, animal way while she pulled her white tank over her head, dropping it to the floor next to her post-haste so that she could resume kissing her. So that she could continue to explore that chiselled body of hers with her fingers again.

Rawley was not self-conscious in the least, figuring that she did the best she could with what she had because of her physical fitness, but not overly caring for herself more than shaving her head and body, washing herself and letting her skin air-dry. With all her scars, it was not like she was going to win any beauty contests, but she made up for her rough appearance and attitude with her sex. Or at least that was what she had been told, and she figured that as long as lovers didn't complain, she would not care either.

When she had resumed kissing Fasha, tongue battling her sister wolf's, Rawley soon came to run a hand down her abdomen and past her waistline - eagerly trying to reach her sex and feel the dampness she hoped to find there. She wanted to run her fingers through the valley of her folds, and stroke those damp layers until her fingers were soaked. With her free hand, she tugged at that waistline to grant passage, and her mouth came to stray from Fasha's and return to her breasts, just because she couldn't get enough of them. Not now, when they were hers to tease and toy with.

Not when she could finally celebrate a victory with someone again...

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Fasha moaned against Evelyn's lips as she felt her fellow pilot's fingers pinching and teasing her nipples switching between teasing them with her fingers and brushing them with her calloused palms the rough skin of Evelyn's palms a sharp contrast to her sensitive nipples. As Evelyn broke their lips apart she smiled as she watched her remove her tank top quickly disposing of it upon the floor before bringing their lips together once more. Fasha's hands slid down Evelyn's back down to her waist before trailing up the other woman's stomach feeling the slight abs the woman had along with the patchwork of scars that littered her partner's body.

As her and Evelyn's tongues battled for dominance amidst their kiss she could feel Rawley run a hand down her stomach boldly slipping past the waistline of her pants. She broke the kiss letting a small moan of pleasure escape her lips as she felt Rawley's fingers travel over her sex her folds already wet from their previous foreplay and only growing wetter as she felt the other woman's fingers slip over her sensitive lower lips. She bit her lip as she felt Evelyn's fingers continue to run over her lower lips each touch sending pleasurable sensations throughout the Catachan woman's entire body all the while she could feel Rawley's warm mouth encompass one of her nipples.

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Fasha seemed to like her forward attitude when it came to sex, So Rawley grinned at her as she switched her mouth over to the Colonist's other hardened peak, sucking hard on it too. Meanwhile, she continued to stroke her sex too, only more firmly, making her fingertips delve into her with each pass they made.

She was not about to settle on using her fingers alone, having been thinking a lot about what Morrigan tasted like. Therefore, as Fasha remained there against the edge of the desk, Rawley used her free hand to hook her trousers and panties with her thumb, and she pushed both down - being quite insistent in her progress. When Fasha's hand traced her skin, Rawley arched her back to accommodate the touch, but it did not stop her from getting her new lover's trousers and panties down to the height of her knees. Groaning, she cupped that lovely Colonist bottom with her hand first, before letting her lips trace down her toned abdomen - leaving Fasha's nipples hard and damp from her kisses.

"Can I have a little snack before we continue?" she asked hoarsely, the question rather rhetorical since she had no intention of stopping. She fell down on her knees in front of Fasha, making that wet sex of hers end up in eye-level. She was still stroking Fasha, but now, two fingers slipped inside her - the shallow teasing ended. With Fasha caught between her and the desk, Rawley kept fingering her when she leaned forward, putting her warm tongue against her swollen clit for the first time. Oh, she tasted fine, damn fine, and she made it known by the sound she made deep down in her throat. She even better than she'd imagined, and in a couple of seconds, she quit teasing and really put her best effort into licking Fasha - her tongue moving in tandem to her fingers.

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Fasha felt Evelyn switch her mouth over to her other nipple closing her eyes a smile forming on her lips as she felt the woman suck on it her tongue teasing the hardened peak drawing a small moan from the colonist's lips. She could feel Rawley's fingertips just barely press into her each pass over pushing just barely into her wet entrance only teasing Fasha more increasing her arousal.

She felt Rawley hook her fingers into her trousers and panties pulling them both down quickly to her knees with little time wasted. She smirked as she watched keen at her slight touch. As her clothes fell to her knees they slipped down her shapely legs to the floor pooling at her feet leaving her completely exposed to her sister-wolf. As Rawley reached around the cup her bottom she watched Rawley lower herself letting her lips trace down over her stomach. She shivered as she felt the cool air wash over her wet nipples. As Rawley voiced her desire to "Have a little snack." she couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips as the woman's innuendo. Her hand fell to Rawley's head her fingers threading through non-existent strands of hair before settling on the back of the woman's head.

"I'd be upset if you didn't." Fasha simply said as she looked down at the woman on her knees infront of her. She bit her lip as she felt Rawley continue to tease and please her her fingers slipping past her lower lips into her wet love tunnel. She closed her eyes as she felt Rawley sink her fingers into her abandoning her teasing behavior. "By the maker..." Fasha whispered as she felt Rawley's tongue swipe over her eager clit. As she felt Rawley moan she shivered feeling the vibration from the sound travel through Rawley's mouth to her clit.


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It still felt a bit surreal, hooking up with Fasha, but that certainly wouldn't stop Evelyn. No, she was not about to stop to appreciate the fucking 'hows' and 'whys' of what she did, she was going to appreciate the damn sex, and that was quite enough for her.

So, liking the taste of the Colonist, she sucked and lapped at that swollen clit of hers, while fucking her with two fingers in an increasingly high rhythm. More juices came, and she drank it as best as she might, as if Morrigan oozed fruit juices when she rubbed her inner walls more quickly. She did not let up either, safe for breathing when she couldn't do so with her nose. She liked how she made Fasha sound as she did it too, and did care for how she ran her fingers over her shaved head - clear signs that her sister-wolf was enjoying herself as much as she did. At some point or two, she looked up to meet her eyes and grin at her in the dim light of her own quarters, grinning with her tongue stroking firmly against her sodden little nub, fingers still pumping, and chuckling at how much fun it was.

"Just let me know when it's my turn, 'cause I am not a quitter," she said hoarsely, letting up just a moment to wipe her mouth a little, giving Fasha a sultry stare before she went back at it - the tip of her tongue darting out to flick at the wet clit before her. Her two fingers continued to churn, pushing a bit deeper now, and with her free hand, she reached up to fondle Fasha again - squeezing and pinching at those fantastic tits of hers. She couldn't help making delighted little noises as she went on either, meaning of her own accord in response to Fasha's sounds, and touching herself whenever she wasn't touching her sister-wolf.

The answer from Fasha came as she did, through a shuddering cry that began slowly and then grew louder as the climax seized the Colomist, and Rawley grinned between her legs. To think that the celebrations had only begun...


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