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Sadly Hylota's taste was nowhere near what it had once been, she was not giving the same buzz, and what she did provide faded in a few minutes. The taste of her body was all together unremarkable, aside from a sweetness to her juices she was nothing all that special it seemed. As for her brother though, with the more concentrated and focused pheromones he had it was likely that the high Hyota's kisses had provided might still be obtainable there, and with Vinata recovering from his trauma there was the opportunity to get Vinata with his return physicals to prove he was ready to work again. A dose of aphrodisiac and a chemical cocktail to make him pliable and Vinata could be experimented with, but really it would be just as easy as Hylota, get his respect and give special attention, this would cause him to open up, especially with the new approach to life he was trying. Vinata was low hanging fruit, he was weaker than his sister, and unsure of himself, to simply offer him help exploring his identity might be enough.

But back to Hylota though there was more going on. As she was not idle, despite how much she enjoyed being pleasured by the man she respected the most, she could not just lay back and take things like this, no she felt she had to do something in return, Hylota never felt she deserved Lucan's attention, he was a skilled doctor, and she was a nurse with a career that had been dedicated to strengthening a relationship for her people, to say she felt beneath him was apt.

However as Lucan kept licking and fingering her blood engorged pussy, the pump tender skin was quick to reward Lucan for his work, taking very little to get her juices flowing, giving Lucan a taste of her sweet fluids, the rich musky scent that was distinctly Hylota, it was a familiar scent after the time they spent together in the ships jefferies tubes. And as Hylota built up towards her climax her body began to shudder before she extended her legs, her strong toes pressing onto Lucan's back, holding him gently to her body. "Oh Lucan, you make me feel so Good!" She moaned out as she started to rock her hips into his fingers and tongue, her climax was quickly mounting, and with a chirping moan Hylora threw her head back, her pussy clenched around the fingers as the muscles spasumed with stimulation before she wet limp as her climax concluded.

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As he pleased her with his fingers and his mouth, the Chief Medical Officer found the means to make her reach her climax - one she decidedly had earned after what she had done for him. It was not so much a medical exploration as it was one of interest, because even if his medical saviore faire aided him, it was his experience as a lover that unlocked the riddles of her Ovri pleasure.

Before too long she got what she had earned so well, making her convulse upon his couch as the waves of bliss rolled through her body. Lucan felt her around his fingers too, and against his lips, and he was oddly gratified that his consummate skills in the field had been sufficient to make her climax rather quickly.

While she was still recovering, mere seconds after she came down from her state of limbo, Lucan removed his fingers from her pulsing sex and climbed up her body again. His white clothes askew and opened, his skin stroked across the front of her torso as he got on top of her, and he stole her uneven breaths with his mouth. Once he was kissing her again, his hands could resume roaming her bared body, one hand stroking her mark with his palm. The thoughts of her brother, along with the sounds she'd made while he made her come, it had stirred a hardness to him again, and while on top of her, it was impossible to cover the fact. The top of his long shaft came to rest against her quivering, sensitive sex, and as he kissed her, with the movements their bodies made, his Câroon cock was stroked to further hardness by her damp nether lips.

Though he had not revisited her yet, and despite her wish for him to be careful with his ribs, the attention he gave her in the direct aftermath, along with the parasite's malign thoughts about her brothers unique body, it readied him to soon press inside her once more. Perhaps, he thought idly, he would get to spread his seed all over the delightful texture of her prone body - to see her exotic skin decorated with beads of seminal fluid.

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Hylota's climax was not as draining as it might have seemed, and as Lucan moved to get on top of her Hylota took the moment to collect herself, hoping that he might just let things end, but of course being the strong man that he was Lucan was pushing himself harder than he should have, putting himself at slight risk as he lined himself up to fuck Hylota.

Suddenly Hylota took a deep breath and she put her hands on Lucan's shoulder's before moving him back away from her pussy. "A-As nice as this has been sir, I am still putting my foot down on this matter." One of her hands moved down over Lucan's chest before it wrapped around his cock and she began to rub him gently. "I want you to recover, and I want the next time we have sex to be something truly special, as you are now you will just get most of the way to your climax before your body begins to give out on you, and then you will have to come up with an excuse as to why you need a second treatment." She took another breath and her other hand moved to pull open her clothes, revealing her toned slightly scaled masculine looking torso.

"Trust me when I say that what we will do next time will more than make up for what we cannot accomplish here tonight sir." She smiled and leaned in, giving Lucan a quick kiss as Lucan's cock was rested against her midriff as her hand began to stroke Lucan's cock, she wanted him to get his relief, but not at the risk of injury. Besides, she would not be that invested in this sex as she would be trying to keep Lucan safe while he tried not to injure himself too badly, it was just a bad idea to get that physical now. So instead Hylota focused on using her fingers and hand in a skillful manner, working her palm over the full length of the cock while flexing her fingers to give varying levels of pressure and stimulation as she jerked Lucan off.

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As vexing as the denial was for Lucan, it was not as vexing as it was for the parasite. It riled at the refusal, wished to wring Lucan's hands around her slender neck and break it. To smash it open against the egde of the coffee table. To skull-fuck her in the eye and see his seed spilt into the gore of her Ovri brain-matter.

Yet Lucan quenched the brutality from being unleashed. He clenched his tattooed hand behind her back - gripping the cushion she had been leaning against to protect her. His face, however, was impassive - lips pursed still in lust for more but the call for blood not seen in his eye. Years of denying the beast kept him lucid even in this dire moment, where he was at the brink of killing his lover despite himself, and he covered it by kissing her, hard and thoroughly, to stop her words and to stop himself. Hylota stroked his regrown hardness and by that, Lucan made the beast forgive her, granting it the touch of her hand and the taste of her mouth in compensation for the conquest of her sex.

"It is okay," he said against her lips, halting her explanation to go further, and his free hand ran down her neck and sought the texture of her bared torso - enjoying the sensation of her musculature underneath his questing fingers. Indeed, in short order, he granted the feeling of her body to the parasite with both his hands - admiring her form by touch while she stroked him. His breathing was already uneven after what they'd done so far, and it grew none the steadier as she used that hand of hers. His lips never strayed too far from his, nipping at her while their breaths mingled. Slowly, slowly, the parasite lost its incentive, and Lucan could truly enjoy Hylota's ministrations.

His hands parted her clothes like water while it lasted, kisses and tongue enjoying her in the interim, and his tattooed hands taking full stock of her body - even cupping her buttocks while she teased him across another threshold. Teeth and tongue against her neck turn by turn, he would soon come all over her lest she stopped. Which, of course, she didn't...


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Hylota was completely oblivious to the darkness that was raging within her lover, all she did was smile as she continued to work his dick, completely unaware of the overwhelming anger and desire to kill her that Lucan was suppressing as he ran his hands over her body, the most she noticed was that he was being a bit more firm with his feeling, and his kiss seemed much more aggressive as he pressed into her and forced his way into her mouth, but really Hylota just chalked it up to him being horny from being denied normal sex.

To make up for what she could not offer outright Hylota tried to make up for with what she could, she turned her focus to Lucan's cock, rubbing along the length of his cock, applying differing amounts of pressure to give unique levels of stimulation while her hand moved over the length of his cock, Hylota wanted to make it feel good after all, but to make it even better the took special care to pleasure around the edge of the tip of Lucan's cock, stimulating it as best she could while holding the kiss with Lucan, only ever withdrawing her tongue as he spoke to her.

And then as Lucan's hands parted her clothes revealing her body as his hands ran over the minutely scaled surface of her skin, Hylota wondered how long it would take to bring Lucan to a climax...oh well it didn't really matter, all she needed to do was keep going until it happened, and then they could begin relaxing. Thankfully it did not take much longer for Hylota to bring Lucan to climax, and as he came his seed splattered all over the exposed body of Hylota, his cum splattering over her chest and running down over her toned chest as she kept on kissing Lucan.

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