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[ USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & ThanIda zh'Wann

Once Husker had dispatched the helmsman, Amelya took a relieved breathe as she leaned against the wall before looking over at Ida. Yet Ida was fast with giving new things to do and it helped so Amelya didn't have to think about the actions she had done after all. She was a medical person, not the kind of person you'd expect to kill people. And she did just kill two men with just minutes in between. The feeling would probably gnaw at her more the moment she'd have the time to put her mind to rest, probably after all this was over... If it ever would be over.

Amelya tapped the buttons at the closest station and she glanced over at the sensors. Most of the remaining crew have jumped ship with the pods, small resistance groups seem to try to group up... I'll activate the forcefields either way just to be sure." she said out loud as it more of less was what was going through her mind. Once the commands were entered she looked up at Ida and asked "So what exactly is the plan now? Besides blowing ourselves up to bits. Is there some sort of escape plan?" She asked with a faint smile as the alerts still blared like crazy around them.

Would they make it aboard the Theurgy? They had to, but what on earth was she going to do there. She remembered doctor Nicander all the well from Theta, he was the CMO aboard Theurgy. Her own rank would probably be lost and there was still the fact if they would accept her or not? Yet Ida had made it somewhat clear that she would vouch for them. Still, there were many questions, yet Amelya had no clue where to start first. Perhaps the first question she had asked on how they would get out of here would be the best to start with.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

Chris took the helm station and then quickly brought up the information that Ida had just requested. "Alright the Theurgy is currently at warp seven with the Calamity at warp nine and quickly catching up to the Theurgy and then right ontop of her in the next three minutes. Good news is that since we're on an akira class which means we can do at maximum warp of nine point eight." he explained while turning his head just enough to look over at the Zhen with a somewhat somber look on his face. "But while we would easily catch up to the two ships even with the mines that I'm told the Theurgy would be deploying mid warp but we'd only have one minute before the ship explodes with us hopefully not on it."

Chris turned back to his station and looked over the rest of the information on the screens there before he quickly started to ready the commands to start the ship in the right direction. "I'm ready for deployment now, lieutenant. But I do have a suggestion on how we could possibly escape if you or the good doctor would get the item that I left back in the room I came out of?" he offered up.

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[ Lin Kae | Near Upper Computer Core | Deck 05 ] Attn: Skye Carver & Selena Ravenholm

Despite his inexperience in such matters, he could hear how right Skye was - as if the words spoken aloud verified his own feelings. Perhaps they were just friends, and he had put too much focus on the circumstances which had made them end up where they were today. That they had traded bodies with each other and learned things few others knew did not take away from the fact that he had dedicated himself - committed everything he had learned - towards the happiness of someone else. Thea might be going against Captain Ives' orders, perhaps about to loose the emitter that he had spent countless hours to make, but that did not matter to him.

He would stand with Thea and protect her, aide her as best as he might. Not just in preserving the integrity of her subroutines and in the maintenance of the pasitronic brain core and its neural network, but as a spokesperson for her rights as an individual. Oh, he was not a speaker, but on several occasions, he had spoken up for Thea's sake, and sometimes, despite lack of forethought and how his words came from the hear... he had made people listen. Convinced some of them that Thea deserved better.

Skye said he did not need her because she was not as smart as him, but he was no match for Thea either with all her processing power. Kae embraced Skye in the corridor, the brief wait for Rihen to return coming to an end. "Aye, a real mess. I don't know where to begin sorting it out, but I know that Thea needs me, even if I can't determine what she wants, much less what I want." His thoughts went to Soo Young Seung, whom he had woken up with that very morning. He had not known her nearly as long as Skye, but she was also a piece of the puzzle. A puzzle which he could not put together on his own. "Let's just get through this and... and we can talk some more."

As if on cue, Rihen Neyah returned with a metal box stuffed into the deep neckline of her overalls. She was carrying a chair in each hand as she walked over to them. "Got forty of the chips we need," she said, and when she saw Skye and Kae part from their embrace, her warm and kind smile bloomed in joy at the sight of something she had not thought to see in the midst of the hostilities they had to endure. She did not comment, however, instead giving Kae one of the chairs and withdrawing the box. "Here, best you take half and we will do the emitters two at the time, right?"

"Right," said Kae, and he turned to the EMH. "Do... you need help picking her up?"

The hologram raised an eyebrow at him. "Aren't you supposed to be this ship's Holographic Specialist? What do you think?" He shook his head and gently picked up Selena Ravenholm in his arms, making sure her head was cradled against his shoulder. "The quicker we get to Sickbay the quicker I can treat her."

"Right... Could you keep an eye out then, Skye?" asked Kae and picked up the chair - starting the process of changing the burned out chips in the emitters together with Rihen, working as quickly as they could. Meanwhile, the EMH walked in pace with the expanding hologrid in the corridor - his sour mien set in quiet suffering.

OOC: One more post from you Skye and I will have this motley team take the turbolift down and end up in the corridor where Sarresh Morali and Ryuan Sel is - where Bleed from the Harbinger fighter pilots needs to be dealt with.

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[ Master Chief Petty Officer William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell | USS Theurgy | Deck 8 | Vector 3 Battle Bridge ]  Attention:  Carrigan Trent and Thea

"Master Chief, change of plans, again."  Trent instructed as he pinned a combage to his uniform. "Get to Engineering.  Gather up everyone you can round up and get them to their stations.  We're low on plasma still so I'll need you to keep the power loads balanced."

"Aye sir," O'Connell nodded.  "Where will you be?"

"I'll be on the Bridge," the bionic officer replied grimly. 

"Fair wind and clear skies sir," the master chief nodded as they left the battle bridge.  He slapped his own chest as he marched down a short corridor to the docking latches that led to the primary hull.  "Attention, all engineering staff... God bless it," he muttered when he realized that he had destroyed his combage.  Turning around, she quickstepped back to the battle bridge so he could pluck T'Rena's combage off her warm corpse.  It was hard to rally the troops without a combage after all.

OOC:  Should have posted here a while back.  Oh well.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

It was the first time, ever, that Ida commanded a starship, and the circumstances were not ideal, to say the least. There were only three of them on the Bridge, and the self-destruct was activated without possibility to override it as far as she could determine through the control panel in the armrest of the chair. Trujillo had locked the protocol to his own voice command alone, so there were no means for how they could stop it.

Doctor Duv said that most of the Harbinger's skeleton crew were heading for the escape pods, but some lingered. She did raise the force fields, however, so Ida nodded and dismissed the danger for the time being. "Once they learn that they can't get here, they will all reconsider and head for the escape pods."

"So what exactly is the plan now? Besides blowing ourselves up to bits. Is there some sort of escape plan?" asked the Trill with a faint smile, but Ida did not have any immediate answer for her - needing more input from their impromptu helmsman before she could say anything in regard to their survival. 

Even as the alerts blared in their ears, the fighter pilot explained the situation - a scenario where the best possible outcome was one full minute in the vicinity of the two other ships. That was, of course, unless the two ships dropped out of warp ahead of time. He suggested he had an idea for their escape too, which might serve its purpose in due time, but Ida gave the order first.

"Set a course parallel to the Calamity's and the Theurgy's now, maximum warp. Indeed, we do not want to come in directly behind the Calamity and get hit by any stray mines." she said, antennae moving slowly as she rummaged her mind for additional instructions. She was better suited with a rifle in hand, not seated in some command chair. Still, she was a Starfleet Officer and she would do what she could. "Let's hope those mines hit that ship early on so that we have a better window of opportunity to get there in time. If this ship is destroyed before we reach them, I am not sure how we'll ever be able to catch up with the Theurgy."

That was, if the Theurgy hadn't been destroyed at that point.

Once the course was laid in and they were on their way, Ida rose from her chair and looked towards the hole in the wall that Husker had emerged from. She glanced towards Doctor Duv and made her way there - soon finding the equipment that the fighter pilot had brought. Ida dragged the heavy load back to the floor of the bridge and looked at it in thought - rather sure what she knew what the fighter pilot had in mind.

"Good thinking, Ensign," she said and gave the Pinkskin a lopsided smile over her shoulder. Truly, this man was quite resourceful - even thinking ahead. "Doctor Duv, how good are you with operating transporter controls?"

At their feet lay three Tactical Conn Exosuits, one male and two female.

"The reason I am asking," she said and turned to Amelya, "is that we will need a site-to-site transport into any remaining escape pod aboard this ship. When the Harbinger blows up, we need to be out of here, and with the addition of these suits, the escape pod that is jettisoned will be the difference between life and death in the blast. If we survive, these suits have light beacons and short-range communication, meaning that we might be seen and heard. I know its not your forte, doctor, but can you try to set that up so that we can energise the transport at a moment's notice?"

There was no time for modesty, so Ida unbuckled her belt and kicked off her uniform shoes and socks - soon dropping her pants as well. At any other point, she might have been a bit self-conscious about doing so right on a starship bridge, but she was Andorian, and display of some skin was certainly not taboo. She did know she couldn't wear more than her underwear underneath the suit, so she also pulled her black tanktop over her head- dropping it on top of her pants.  Barefoot, and in Starfleet's white underwear, she faced the one person who knew how to use the suits. "I am not familiar with how you adjust the sizes of these, so you might have to help us get into them. What's first?"

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[ USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & ThanIda zh'Wann

Hearing Ida command Chris what to do made sense to Amelya as she successfully raised the forcefields to defend the bridge. She looked up as she now had a time to look around for herself on the devastated bridge. A bridge that she not so long ago called home. In fact this entire ship was once her home, yet now immediate doom and destruction pended. She sighed and looked at Ida as she asked how her site to site transportation skills were. "Uhm, not that perfect, yet they usually do the trick..." The question to the why didn't wait long for it to be explained by Ida.

Amelya looked over the exosuits and she had always wondered how it would be to fit in one of those, yet right now they looked a bit sluggish. "I'll work on calibrating the data needed for site to site. In the meantime..." Well, in the meantime Ida could get into the exosuits. Or well that was what she was about to suggest. Yet the Security officer had beaten her to it as she already started to undress before her and Husker. Amelya let her eyes go over to Husker as he no doubt would either be still focused on flying or looking his eyes out at the Andorian's body. While Amelya tried to focus on the job at hand, she couldn't help but to look at the perfectly shaped body of Ida. Yet she also realized that after Ida was done she'd probably have to do the same.

The idea of it wasn't completely crazy in her mind as it made sense and it was the only way to survive what she thought was going to come. If they would use the pods, the sheer blast from the self destruct would hurl them through space and possibly even rupture the escape pod. Thus the exosuits would come in handy if they didn't get damaged during their spin? Not to mention if they even ever got in there. It all depended on the transport skills that Amelya was inserting. She sighed softly and looked away from Ida who stood there now with very ample clothes, calling Husker to help her. Amelya tapped away now as she couldn't help but look at the two from the corner of her eyes.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

Chris simply nodded to Ida's order which he understood from a tactical stand point since it was very logical thing to do in this situation and he started to quickly calculate the differences in vectors that might creep up during such a maneuver but he had to quickly do the math in his head because he was at the controls of a carrier based craft instead of the smaller attack craft that he was used to flying and as such he had to make allowances for spatial drift and warp field fluxes that he normally didn't have to while at the stick of his Valk.

While spatial drift was only a smaller factor in a different size of craft, it was the warp field flux issue that he was having to make sure he was clear on because he was trying to find a way to reach using his ship A to catch up with ships B and C which was already at two different fields of warp while using the highest capable warp ability of A to reach B and C within a specific time frame and he quickly double checked what he was seeing on the screen concerning the Theurgy and Calamity, he quickly found the equation that he was looking for and inputted in the commands and hit the engage command before he started to turn around to face the other two people on the bridge.

"Alright, flight commands have been entered and accepted which means we're en route but I also think that I may have shaved just enough seconds off of this to give us a little bit of a lee way but not..." he started to explain when he caught full sight of Ida standing there in her standard issue underwear and he actually felt his breath catch slightly for a second.

To say that the she was "very ample" was an understatement as her azure skin didn't clash so much complemented her dove white undergarments and only accentuated her figure quite well and he quickly casted a fugitive glance over at the doctor and from what he'd seen of her out of her uniform in a more comfortable dress made him wonder a couple of things but he felt his mouth go dry for a second before he stood up and went over to where the Andorian was waiting for him to help her with the exosuit before shaking his head slightly to clear it.

"Sorry, I was doing last second math in my head but yes, the lee way won't be too much but it may have bought us two minutes instead of the one but I wouldn't count it as being accurate just in case." the fighter pilot said as he picked up a piece of the exosuit's body glove. "Alright, let me help you with this first half then you can help the doctor with her's. It's a little strange to put on if you're not used to it." he offered as he felt his heart race just a little bit.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

Ida looked at the pinkskin pilot oddly when he stopped talking and looked between her and Doctor Duv. She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what was the matter with him. Then, it suddenly occurred to her that she might very well be the cause for him to grow tongue-tied, and she couldn't help but feel a bit self-concious when that realisation hit her. She didn't show any of it, though, putting her hands on her hips and regarding him with her chin raised - as if daring him to make some sexist remark about her state of undress. He had dared kissed her before, so she wouldn't have been surprised if he made some other bold move. A move that might very well have been his last if she hadn't needed him to fly the ship. Some human males had a tendency to objectify women, whereas women of Andoria were of equal standing as individuals and warriors.

Yet instead, Husker gave a cursory excuse for his lapse and proceeded to tell them about the results of his efforts. The apology was kind of endearing, actually, and Ida couldn't help the minute smile that ghosted her lips since she both approved of his re-discovered sense of tactfulness and at the same time how obvious the lie he had made was. She watched him approach with her eyebrows and antennae raised in a rueful expression, as if in query about where his mind truly was. She let him off the hook, however, when he had actually tried to behave with respect this time instead of kissing her without her permission.

"That is very good, Ensign," she said in comment to his effort at the helm whilst he picked up the centre part of the exosuit - including the torso, legs and arms. The greaves and the gauntlets - as she thought of them since the exosuit looked like suit of armour - were separate parts along with the helmet. He was holding the centre part up by the hips so that she could step into it, so she lay her hands on his wide shoulders and began with the right leg - putting her weight into her step so that her calf and thigh could slide down the stiff leg. Doing so made her brush her chest against his face, she realised, but she could hardly blame him for it when it was she who had asked for help. It was a snug fit, to say the least, but once her bare foot emerged, she grunted and thrust her other leg into the suit as well - using his solid frame for support. The manoeuvre made her brush up against him again. She was not exactly embarrassed about being so close to him - they were in a life-and-death situation after all - but she had wished the legs were not so tight as they were. Regular EVA suits were just loose fabric with plenty of room for one's limbs when you put it on.

"How do you make more room for the hips?" she asked quietly, as if they were not right in each other's faces at all. She reached down with both arms to slide her forearms into the sleeves - one at the time. Lifting it all, she tried to shrug the upper body into place but it was too tight across the back. There was no way she could close it at the front. She growled - antennae angling forward. It was impossible to extend her arms forward. The joke was now completely on her. "How can you even wear these things all the time?"

The bloody pinkskin better show her how the size adjustments worked instead of laughing at her...

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

"That is very good, Ensign," he heard Ida comment as he helped her with getting into the exosuit with all of it's centralized components set on stand-by before adjustments could be done in order to fit it to the species that was putting it on but he tried to focus on other things rather than have the Zhen so close to him at that moment as he tried to focus more on what needed to be done to survive rather than..whatever he was possibly feeling at that moment.

He held up the central part of the suit by the "hips" of it when she placed her hands onto his shoulders and he could feel how strong they were as the palms pressed down slightly into the muscles there and he was about to ask a question about how life on the Theurgy was when something unexpected happened-one second he was about to open his mouth to ask a question when he caught sight of the blue expanse that was uncovered by her standard issue bra which while designed to support a woman's breasts and keep them from moving while in the uniform and for the most part did nothing usually to accent a woman's features out of uniform, on her they were not able to completely cover her and showed enough of a lovely vista that he was enjoying as he could see the muscles there move and shift as her breasts moved slightly as she moved.

But what stopped his train of thought completely was when her breasts were suddenly brushing against his face and he could smell her scent-the combination of her natural spicy smell and the tang of the sweat from all of the running, climbing and fighting that they had done so far that day and he could feel her warmth through the bra and for the barest of seconds, he thought he could feel an excited nipple brush against his cheek but once the moment was gone, he simply chalked it up to wishful thinking..or was that hoping?

As he continued to help her into the exosuit, he started to make small adjustments in certain locations to ensure that the tabs where in specific locations that was normal on other EVA suits was secured and connected when she brushed up against him again and once more making his pulse rocket high enough that he felt the odd feeling again before he pushed it out of his mind as she asked "How do you make more room for in the hips?" as her face was close to his again, her lips less then a few inches from his and he bit back his want and need to kiss her again but instead he reached around her with a look of concentration and slid a hand down the left side of her rib cage in a manner that could be mistakened for a tender motion as he said "Hold on please" before he found the belt portion of her exosuit and triggered a couple of controls which then shifted to allow her more ease in the hips.

He then he helped more her to the nearest free-standing station where he helped her lean against it before he started moving quickly, running his hands over specific parts of her body, shifting components around and making smaller adjustments before finally helping her to stand up, the tightness in her back was lessened but he had to make one last adjustment as he moved in front of her. "This might be a little odd, but I need you to take a breath and hold it with a count of six."

When she took the breath, he quickly reached under her breasts and quickly found the problem, a mis-aligned connector and then properly connected it which then made a clicking sound before the suit's internal servos started the process of helping to finish the alignments. "A soldier can handle anything thrown into, through fire and shadow and all things beyond, ThanIda." he said with a wry grin as he said one of the mottoes that Paran had told him from the late Thaan's life in the guard prior to his other life before he stepped back and picked up her helmet and made a few adjustments before handing it to her. "Here, this should fit with your antennae."

Husker then turned to regard Amelya. "Are you ready there, Doctor Duv, or do you need another minute or two?" he asked respectfully.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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[ USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Husker

While Husker helped Ida in the exosuit, Amelya carried on to do her best to get the calibrations right. She glanced up now and then to see how the progress went with Ida and she couldn't help but chuckle a bit to see the different poses they had taken to get in the suit. From her point of view she could easily think that they were doing something entirely different then getting into an exosuit which sort of made it funny to her. She shook her head as she told herself to not get her mind carried away like that and that there were far more important things at hand. When Ida and Husker were done with the whole set up Amelya put the last finishing touches to her calibrations and she looked up when Husker asked for her.

"No, I'm just done. Everything should be calculated in within the normal parameters so we should end up without too much of a bump." She said to the two of them as she walked away from behind the station and towards the remaining exosuit. She let her fingers run over it at first before she looked into CJ's eyes. She swallowed before she started to unbutton her newly acquired uniform. The entire ordeal in her office had made her a bit weary of men in general and the idea of undressing made her a bit nervous. Yet she knew this had to be done in order to survive. Her eyes looked over at Ida for a second before looking back at Husker when she was halfway down. She wasn't wearing a bra or anything of the official Starfleet undergarments due to recent event and she felt her breasts come in contact with the cooler air on the bridge. Her nipples slowly hardened by the temperature difference and she carried on to open up her uniform until it was entirely open.

She slid the jacket off and dropped it to the floor exposing herself to the two remaining crewmembers on deck. She didn't pause or anything to check what their looks were or if they would say anything. She turned her eyes to the floor and opened up her pants now before pushing it down, revealing the not so Starfleet standard issue black thong she had still been wearing since the assault in the office. She pulled herself out of the pants as well and placed one hand on her hip before looking at Husker and Ida in turn "Right, so what is next now?" she asked nervously with a vibrating voice.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

The entire ordeal of getting into the exosuit had been riddled with awkward moments. Instances where Ida felt that even as an Andorian, she was a little bit too exposed to the pinkskin. She was grateful, of course, for his efforts and expertise in handling the adjustments of the hard body-glove she was getting into.

It was just that the "handling" made her associate his and her situation with something entirely else, the most prominent times being when she ended up pushing her chest up against his face, when he had her lean over the tactical station and adjust the suit seals from behind, and when he ran those strong hands underneath her breasts to fix a problem with the centre piece of the chest. She had done as instructed, of course, and there hadn't been any other way around it all, and as dark shade of blue her neck got towards the end, and her heart might have fluttered for reasons entirely else than the crisis at hand... it was done. Standing with her helmet in her hands, which were still as bare as her feet, she might have been unused to the pressure of the thing, but she did not feel too restricted by it either.

Doctor Duv said she was ready, and while she left her station, Ida picked up the gloves and boots, or whatever the pilots called them, and sat down in the Captain's chair to put them on. After her feet were bedecked by the exosuit's boots, she glanced up...

...catching the sight of Doctor Duv being entirely bare besides a silly little slip of textile preserving her modesty. It led Ida to thinking about Edena Rez, another Trill. One that might just have been the most compelling reason to saying no to the position on the Harbinger. In the end, she had decided to not let the spy-turned-superior-officer be any reason to go against her own health and peace of mind, but seeing the very attractive Trill in the corner of her eye made her remember that time by the Thermal Springs, and how she and Illya Rez had finally given in to their mutual desires.

Amelya asked what was next, standing there in all her splendour, and Ida found herself being very busy with getting her gauntlets on - fiddling with the pressure seals to make sure they were properly aligned. The snug fit around her fingers felt claustrophobic, but focusing on them was much better than staring at the Trill. It would not be seemly for her to openly appreciate the CMO's physical attributes. She would not know where to begin in handling the factory settings of the exosuit like Husker had anyway.

"I will try to prepare launch sequences for the photon torpedoes and have the phaser arrays primed for when we drop out of warp," she said with tight lips, acting completely professional about it all. This, despite how she was not sure who she envied the most. Doctor Duv or Husker.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

"No, I'm just done. Everything should be calculated in within the normal parameters so we should end up without too much of a bump." Husker heard Amelya say before she looked him in the eyes, his pale green meeting her bright green eyes meeting each other from only a few feet away for a moment but before he could raise an eyebrow in confusion, she reached up and started to unbutton her uniform and for some reason, he couldn't turn away and he knew that she was possibly showing him a sign of trust by undressing in front of him.

As her jacket came off and her naked upper body was revealed, he realized that he was being shown something that alot of the other male officers on the Harbinger over the past few months would've killed to have seen of the ship's now former chief medical officer in her soft yet toned form which was much more "sporty" to call it as opposed to the "strong" body of Ida and his gaze briefly looked down to her hardening nipples for a second before going back up to her eyes as she continued and Husker found himself actually comparing the two women that he was standing on the bridge with and finding himself once again feeling strange feelings-he knew some of the things that he was feeling but a couple of them was different then what he was used to.

But once Amelya's pants hit the deck, he found himself solely attentive on the visual feast before him and he couldn't help but to apprecate her in all of her glory as she stood there on the bridge of the Harbinger, hand planted firmly on one of those shapely hips and looking at the two of them before asking "Right, so what is next now?" in a nervously, vibrating voice.

Chris quickly snapped to and picked up the second exosuit and carried it over to Amelya but once he came close to her, he tilted his head slightly out of respect to her before saying "I promise to be gentle, Amelya." in a respectful and reassuring voice to her as he held up the suit for her so that he could be something stable for her to lean on like he had done for Ida.

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[  USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & CJ Husker

Doctor Duv could clearly see how Husker slowly let his eyes go over her. Yet she couldn't really blame him. She knew that a lot of crewmen aboard the Harbinger had been dying to see her in this pose with the lack of clothing she had now. Yet right now, in the face of imminent doom, there was little to be ashamed off, even though the assault from earlier still made her a bit uneasy. The pilot before her however had gained her trust and respect as he had saved her life more then once today. So she could forgive him as he looked her up before snapping out of it and she couldn't help but smile a bit faint as he promised her to be gentle. A slight blush even colored her cheeks dark red as she nodded simply and did exactly what she had seen Ida do with him.

She placed her delicate hands on his shoulders and stepped in with her left leg first. The suit was way more sturdy then she had imagined and Amelya struggled a bit to get herself in on one side. She leaned in against Husker now to force more weight on it and she suddenly shot in the left leg, making her bare breasts brush against the rather prickly face of the pilot. She looked down at him when she had felt it as well and she stammered a soft apology before continuing with the next leg. She struggled with it as well yet got into it a bit more easier. During the entire ordeal, her breasts were wiggling up and down and left to right, even Ida could see this probably.

The next part was the torso bit and Amelya looked at CJ now with a questionable look on how to proceed. "Do I just lift my arms or anything for this?" She asked him softly before she glanced over at Ida, wondering how she was feeling in one of these suits. Amelya thought about what a horrible thing those pilots had to go through yet she now understood why they had to work out and stay in tip top condition to fit into these things. In the meantime she let Husker do what he had to do to make the exosuit fit her. "How much longer before we reach our target?" she asked curious now, hoping they would all be ready by the time they would catch up to the fight.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

Husker thought that Amelya turned a lovely shade of pink when she gave a slight blush to his comment before she started to use him for a stabilizer as she slowly started to get into the exosuit and once again there was an accident where a little bit too much force was used by a person unused to wearing such a piece of equipment and he found himself flushed with the breasts of his fellow officer.

But unlike the prior time with Ida, Ameyla's was bare and her erect nipples brushed against his face and for the barest of seconds he felt her warm, flushed breasts against his face which made an already uncomfortable moment become strained as he felt the front of his uniform tighten more but he fought and forced his feelings down as he heard the Trill offer up a nervous apology before he smiled and said "It's alright, let's focus on the matter at hand." with a respectable tone before she continued and the alignment of systems and measurements that followed was easier...even with the slightly hypnotic nature of Ameyla's bare breasts moving within the torso.

When it got to the part of her torso unit and she asked "Do I just lift my arms or anything for this?" she asked him softly, he nodded but went around her to check the back seals first and found one that was out of alignment that ran parallel with her right leg and hip which would've caused an air seal issue but he quickly dropped to one knee next to her before tracing up her inner right thigh to the connector plate and quickly turning it so that it was in the right position at which point it made the proper clicking sound before he stood back up and lead her over to another free standing station and quickly checked the other seals, trying to be as professional with her as he did with Ida.

Once he was done there, he moved down and around her till he was in front of her between her arms and said "On my count, take a deep breath and then do a count from six before letting it out." which he then did a silent count using his fingers and once he saw her take the breath, he quickly reached under her breasts to check the connectors there and found that they were in place but he got an awkward look on his face as before he looked up into her face and into her eyes at which point he gave her an apologetic look as he slid the backs of his hands over the peaks of her breasts so that he could feel the back of the unit there and he manually adjusted it so that it wouldn't press too hard onto her chest when the final locking activated-never breaking his eye contact with the Doctor as he did so to show that she could trust what he was doing.

"I'm sorry about that ladies, I should've known that something like this might happen with the commander's asshat move so I didn't have the unit's properly primed..I honestly thought we'd have more time to prepare." Husker said respectfully as he started to lay out the third suit as he got things ready for himself. "But to answer your question, Ameyla. I figure that we have roughly four and a half minutes before we drop out of warp and right into a situation that you can't describe without the word "Cluster" in it somewhere or how."

Chris quickly shucked his uniform jacket and departmental undershirt off, but stopping long enough to ensure that what he normally wore around his neck didn't get caught in the undershirt as he took it off and a few seconds later, his torso was as bare as the Doctor's was only a couple of minutes before-equal parts toned muscle and scars bare to the world as the strange small vial like object that he wore around his neck glittered lightly in the lights of the bridge under battle conditions.

It was only when it came to his pants did he actually stop for a moment as he actually felt..concerned for lack of a better word as being around the two women and everything had actually made him quite hard despite his best efforts to not think or focus on the issue and he was actually concerned about how they would view him after recent events of the day with his now former crew mates trying to literally "fuck over" the two of them.

But eventually common sense won out as he took off his pants, leaving him only in the standard issue briefs for a moment before he quickly pulled on the exosuit with a practiced ease. "Now, ThanIda. I was wondering if you could feel us in on what life is like on Theurgy please? I'm kind of curious as to how we'd fit on your ship." he asked as a way to try and break the ice in the time before the next crisis.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

Hearing the ETA, Ida paused for a second to rationalise her priorities as she primed the Harbinger's entire arsenal to the best - and limited - extent of her abilities. She was no expert when it came to a starship's tactical systems, but as a Security Officer, she had always had a close working relationship with the people in Tactical. On some starships, the two departments even had the same department head.

As dedicated as she was to the task at hand, the ongoings between Husker and Doctor Duv served as quite a distraction. Catching herself looking their way with raised eyebrows and antennae at times, she cleared her throat and resumed her calibrations of the launch schedule. When she was done, the Akira-class starship would unload everything it got at a designated target. It was the benefit of Selena Ravenholm's modifications of the ship, she presumed, since the Harbinger depended on a much smaller crew complement.

Soon enough, the doctor had been helped donning her exosuit, and Ida was - in a way - relieved that the Trill would be less of a distraction than she had proved to be, but the relief lasted only until the human pilot shed his clothing, and Ida, caught herself wondering how he had earned the marks upon his skin. What she almost commented upon, seeing it resting in the middle of the hard planes of his chest, was the vial that hung around his neck. She recognised it, of course, and it made her wonder about the other observations she had made about the Andorian influences to his demeanour and skills. Perhaps the resemblances she had caught had not merely been fidgets of her imagination. The time was quite poor, however, for asking about it. If they made it through the battle to come, she would ask him who it had been.

Perhaps over a drink in Below Decks? she mused to herself, but the idea collapsed upon itself when she caught sight of his human erection - straining against his underwear in open pride. Ida just could not keep herself from looking, antennae standing staight, until embarrassment and sense of propriety won over her stupefaction. Given the circumstances, it would be unjust to call him out on it. The situation on the bridge had been... absurd, to say the least. She shook her head and clenched her jaws. Calibrations... right.

Perhaps to bridge the awkward moment, Husker asked about how it was to serve on the Theurgy. Perhaps he sought a source of motivation. A goal. Incentive to survive what was to come. Ida just wasn't sure what to tell him while she tapped at the console in the armrest. "Before we were branded traitors, serving on the Theurgy was... it was the most fulfilling position I have held in Starfleet. We felt pride for our ship and to serve on it, and it was unique because of Thea. She is not like other MVAM ships, like the Prometheus, having an NX-registry because of her new tech and her new warp-core set-up. It's the only MVAM-capable ship out there that also serves as a carrier - small as her hangar might be."

Ida realised that she was stalling the true answer to his question. She took a deep breath. "I am afraid that we are not quite the same since we escaped Earth. Our crew's spirit endure through our Captain and the faith we have in our mission, but we... we are crestfallen. Just like the Harbinger, we have not walked a primrose path of late, and it has taken its toll. The difference, I think, between serving here and on Thea is the leadership... and the purpose. We still try to uphold Starfleet regulations, hard as it might be because of our extreme conditions. We must try, though... despite how it might be a weakness."

She surprised herself saying it, not having seen eye to eye with Captain Ives of late because she tried to do her job and adapt to the threat they faced.

"Furthermore, your Captain and your First Officer are insane, whereas ours at least try to do the right thing despite the odds."

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

Chris started to adjust the lower half of his exosuit before putting on the upper half since he didn't have the time to show either woman what to do and he followed each step one by one with the same movements as what he had done for them before he held up the upper half and made a slight tsking noise at it. "I can only pray that the people in charge of such equipment like the TacConn's exosuits is better then those were here on the Harbinger, ThanIda. The crew member assigned to such work here on the Harbinger apparently thought it was better to mope about being stuck with someone else's job rather than do the upkeep on the equipment properly." he said before sliding his arms into the exosuit.

He stopped for a second as a thoughtful look crossed his face for a moment. "There is no such thing as a weakness when a group is fighting for what is right, ThanIda. My father once told me that sometimes you have to do the right thing in the inconvenient way which is what your captain purposed but my captain decided to do the shitty thing instead of what was right as he chose his own ego and drives over that of freeing the Federation from a threat that could be even worse then the Dominion." Chris said as he looked Ida straight in the eyes.

"There is an old human saying is that for eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty and it's the one that he lived with and by... when he wasn't trying to make me into his own kind of man." Chris explained before he looked away and resumed getting into his exosuit but as he did so, even he found another really embarrassing that he wasn't expecting.

"Lieutenant, do you think that you can come and help me adjust the back section please?" he asked respectfully.

Sorry about this one being so short.

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[  USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & CJ Husker

Husker did his best to adjust the suit to Amelya's curves and body. Along the way he did hit some rather sensitive spaces and Amelya had to bite on her lip now and then to resist a moan from leaving her lips. She remained quiet during the entire process and when Chris was done, he could still see the faint blush on the former CMO's cheeks. "Thanks for the help." She murmured before taking her first steps in it. Amelya moved around the bridge now as she tried to get accustomed to the size and feels of the suit. It all felt a bit too tight at some places yet it didn't obstruct her breathing or movement at all though.

When Husker himself got himself out of his clothes Amelya couldn't help but notice the half hard erection herself. It wasn't really a shocker since both women had probably driven any man to a point of arousal. Therefor she didn't comment Husker about it, yet her eyes lingered perhaps a bit longer than they should have. She looked away eventually and focused on something entirely different. Yet she had nothing to do so she walked over to Ida and looked over her shoulder to check her calibrations.

She looked at Ida as she talked about the life she had on the Theurgy and Amelya just listened in silence while sitting down on on of the stairs between stations. She looked at the exosuit once more while Husker took over the word now. When he was done she snickered a bit and answered softly "Well, you're right about our first officer and Captain." When Husker now asked for help with his own suit Amelya looked up and glanced at Ida. She wasn't sure who he had called out to as they bother had the rank of lieutenant.

She got up and made her way slowly over to him "Just tell me what to do." she said as she let her eyes go over the pilot as if trying to figure out what switch to turn or what action had to be done.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

While Husker spoke, Ida had not been idle.

After she had picked out a firing sequence that would deplete all of the Harbinger's ordinance against a single target, she began to plot a navigational protocol for the helm station that would serve their purpose. She had no doubt Husker would be able to fly manually, but not from the point when they would be in the escape pod. Therefore, some further preparations had to be made, and she named the protocol... Yes, she named it 'Bellde'side'.

It was the least she could do for the recruit that the Calamity had killed right before her eyes in the shuttle bay that first time the Calamity had attacked them. At that point, 'Cala' had already killed Ferik and Grayson. Then, on Theta Eridani IV, those Reavers of hers had killed over one hundred people, including Lieutenant Vessery - shot to pieces right next to Ida on the killing fields of the valley floor.

Indeed, after all that had happened to her crew - Starfleet Security in particular - this attack on the Calamity was personal to Ida. She doubted 'Cala' knew her beyond the shoot-out they'd had in the shuttle bay on the Theurgy. This day, however, she will come know my wrath.

If there was anyone she hated more than Declan Vasser and T'Rena, then it was the Calamity.

Husker had asked for assistance, and Doctor Duv had volunteered quickly enough. Ida glanced over at the two, and the idle thought hit her that if she was going to die, she would die in some fine company. As an artist, she had come to appreciate the people around her for their unique beauty. She had drawn a lot of the Theurgy's crew, sketched even more of them in the mess hall. It struck her then, as she looked at the interspecies cooperation taking place over a piece of Starfleet tech, that she had not painted a single time since that recruit died in the shuttle bay because she had taken him into a dangerous situation. Indeed, since the Calamity attacked them, killing Ferik, Bellde'side, Grayson and T'Less, she had not even made a single sketch - that part of her simply having ...withered in grief.

As she looked at the Pinkskin and the Trill, she found herself facing that benumbed agony. So as beautiful as they were... she had to turn back to her calibrations and blink away the tears forming in her eyes. She would use her sorrow as ammo, and honour their memories.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

CJ gave an embarrassed look at Amelya before saying "You see the row of connectors that are running down my upper spinal area. I need you to disengage each one manually which will reset themselves as you go and that will help me more than anything at the moment."

As he stood there, Chris slowly to chuckle just a little bit. "It's funny when you think about the name of this ship and what it means in the old earth languages and what it's slowly going to do here, hopefully bring an end to that bloody ship." he explained as he waited for the pressure to be taken off of his back and more importantly his injuries.

During the last few minutes, Chris slowly started to feel the injuries that he'd recently at the hands of the Calamity's own fighter wing and without realizing or thinking about it, his left hand went down and gently brushed against the part of him that had been peppered by his own fighter only a few days before and closed his eyes at the memory of that battle and he could almost hear some of his squadron mates dying under the guns of those reavers as he tried to destroy one that was chasing Riptor around aft nacelle of the Harbinger... which point Chris' eyes snapped open as he remembered what Riptor had been gloating about earlier and for a moment his eyes narrowed in thought before he relaxed as best that he could when he felt the doctor's fingers start to make the adjustments to his exosuit. "I don't know what's going to happen next, ladies, but I hope that we can at least bloody the Calamity's noise hard enough to give us some breathing room if not right out kill the damned thing." he said as he straightened up just a little bit before the suit's internal sensors started their last check on the connections there.

Chris looked over at ThanIda and gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, we've survived this far and we'll continue that way. There is an old family motto that my brothers' swear by which is "Who dares wins" and trust me that we've proven it so far and we'll keep doing it."

But when she turned away, Chris thought he caught the shiny nature of unshed tears in ThanIda's eyes and made himself a promise to ask why later..if later even occurred.

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[ USS Harbinger | ThanIda zh'Wann | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Amelya Duv

The name 'Harbinger' was indeed fitting in a lot of ways, including the way Husker thought of it. It was his home, and the way Ida thought of the name might not have been as apparent to him as it was to her. That the Akira-class ship was a harbinger for death and destruction was one thing, but the ship had also been the harbinger of betrayal and mutiny against Captain Ives and the Theurgy's senior staff. When the Theurgy had encountered the ship outside the Hromi Cluster, it had been the harbinger for all that was to come: The Calamity, Theta Eridani IV, Task Force Archeron and then the hostile takeover of the Theurgy. All the dead. All the still dying. All the grief and the horror. The violations of women and men by their own crew.

And now, perhaps her own death - going down fighting for what she always fought for. Duty, honour and the protection of her own.

"Do not worry about me, and for the record, I hope our escape will yield more than a bloodied nose," she said as she saw the ETA and how they were closing in, "she will-"

The dot that indicated the Calamity was decelerating, fast, tearing through shifting warp factors before dropping out of warp entirely. Is it? Ida got out of her seat, seeing the dot that represented the enemy ship whisked by and fell behind them. The Theurgy had already slowed down and was turning around, it seemed, on their long range sensors. The Theurgy was much closer than the Harbinger. "Turn around!" she called to  Husker, who was not even seated at the helm yet, "it seems the mines worked! The Calamity has stopped close to a proto star, and we need to swing around and arrive in full force. Lay in a new course, towards the Calamity. Doctor Duv, get ready to beam us all to the escape pod."

Now be the time of reckoning.

OOC: Write one more post each in this thread, where DocReno's can end with the Harbinger dropping out of warp - but not giving the readers any descriptions as to what kind of inferno they arrive at. When I post with Ida next, it will be in 07: undoing, and I will PM you both when the post is up.

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[ USS Harbinger | Amelya Duv | Bridge | Deck 01 ] [/b]Attn: CJ "Husker" Slayton & Ida

Doing as the pilot told her, Amelya started to work on the spinal connectors, hearing the clicks and hisses of the suit adapting to it's carrier. She looked at it a with a soft bite on her lip as she figured she'd activated them all. "There, that should do it I think..." she said when the clicking and all the other noises stopped emitting from the suit. "How does it feel?" She asked as she came back to stand in front of him. After hearing his answer she smiled and walked back off to Ida, feeling the suit squeeze and mold her body a bit. Needless to say, she imagined the suit would be a bit more easy to wear if she was wearing some sort of clothes underneath. Now her bare body was cause for friction all over the place.

Ameyla heard the rather motivational pep talk from Husker and she smirked a little yet she saw that Ida had been more emotional as she sat there working on her calibrations. Not wanting to make the matter worse or to put her off game, Amelya simply walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. A gentle squeeze was all she did as she looked over the program she was working with. "I'm sure a Starship ramming into your hull will be more then a nosebleed." She answered and suddenly felt Ida get up.

She followed her look to the viewscreen and slowly started to realize what was going on. She rushed to her station when Ida told her to and prepared the final things to beam them away when it was needed. This was it, the final time that she'd be on this ship. For a second she remembered all the good times she had aboard this ship. A faint smile warming her face as she nodded slowly and looked towards the viewscreen, waiting to see what would doom up before them.

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[ USS Harbinger | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv

Chris turned around and quickly read over the data that was flashing across the helm control's boards before sitting down and making the adjustments to the Harbinger's own course to ensure that the original plan was still in effect.

"The mines did work but the only problem is that we'll have less time to deal with giving it a proper thrashing but I do think that I can help just a little bit more." Chris said, a plan starting to form in his head as he swung out of the flight control station and went over to the engineering station and quickly started to input several commands into the controls. "A former member of the imperial guard told me about this trick once but he never got a chance to use it himself. Basically I'm rerouting all of the energy that's stored in the primary capicator's for the phasers into the impulse engines which should give us a little bit more force into the engines once we drop out of warp."

Chris inputted the final command before hustling back to flight control, grabbing the helmet to his exosuit. At flight control, Chris quickly finished inputting the final course corrections but before he hit the execute button, Chris looked over at the two women and gave them a smile.

"Just in case things don't go accordingly, I just wanted to say it's been an honor to have worked with the two of you today and I look forward to working with you two some more." he said with a smile and a respectable nod before turning back to the flight control board and smirked.

"And to quote my grandfather, "And the monkey throws the switch." and then he hit the execute command.


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[ Skye Carver | Near Upper Computer Core | Deck 05 ]

As much as she had helped Thea and wanted to do more, Skye couldn't help feeling a little jealous.  Kae was sweet and part of her did love him but she knew deep down that he would never be happy with her.  For all her brashness and typical buoyant behavior, Skye was beginning to doubt that there could ever be anyone for her.  It had been hard enough before but now that they were cut off, exiled from everything they'd known, no one really had much of a chance to settle down and just enjoy a true relationship.

"Get through this ... yes ... and who the hell knows what else," Skye agreed and reluctantly moved away from him as Rihen reappeared.  The smile the Risan gave them was one that actually brought a return smile, warm and genuine for at least a moment.   There was no time to linger though and she was back to the stoic and even stern-looking fighter as she sought to protect those behind her.  There was a tiny snicker that escaped when the EMH snarked at Kae and she turned to give both a wink before turning back to the task at hand.  "Let's move," she said and took point.

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