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[ Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]

Eun Sae waited as Thea seemingly mulled over her given responses. Had she been convincing enough or would her fear be misinterpreted as deception? Would she be a victim of unfortunate circumstance? All of these questions flew through her mind as the silence between herself and Thea continued to hang in the air between them. Finally the weapon was lowered allowing Eun Sae to breath just a bit easier now that her life was no longer threatened. She scowled as Thea proceeded to apologize for the entire ordeal even though she did accept the apology it didn't make her any less upset to be held at gun point. "I get it...Let's just forget it happened okay?" Eun Sae said allowing a slight shiver to run through her body as she attempted to push the events of the past few minutes out of her head and bring herself back to a somewhat normal state of mind and not one that was scared or angry.

She kept her eyes towards the floor as she took in deep breaths to steady her frayed nerves. Having a weapon aimed at her was definitely a new experience she did not look forward to repeating any time soon. She flinched slightly as she felt Thea place her hand upon her shoulder not expecting the contact from the other woman. However upon meeting Thea's eyes she relaxed just a bit as she saw the smile that she'd been so familiar with over the course of her stay on the Theurgy.

However as Thea began to speak about a non-violent resolution to the threat posed by the Calamity, Eun Sae's face took on a more confused expression having no knowledge of the vessels arrival. All she could remember about the ship was it's merciless assault upon the Theurgy and Harbinger when they'd stopped to rest and repair on Theta Eridani IV. That along with the talk of the progress the resistance was making upon the Theurgy. Were people really still fighting when a threat like the Calamity loomed on the horizon? The tone and words used by Thea however suggested that there was little time to deliberate on her decision. Glancing around the Flight Bay briefly she could tell that there was nothing she could really do now other than help Thea as she'd requested.

"Alright...What do I need to do?" Eun Sae asked she didn't know the details of how AI conversation worked but she was sure there was a lot more to it than just "speaking." But at this point anything was worth a shot if it stopped the Calamity from blasting them into space dust.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Eun Sae Ji

After establishing that Petty Officer Ji was willing to aide her, Thea nodded to her in the common and cursory way of displaying gratitude and turned away - resuming her stride across the Fighter Assault Bay. "Please follow me."

They were walking towards the unique attack fighter in the hangar. The one which Junior Lieutenant Rawley had brought aboard as they left Theta Eridani IV.  It was the enigmatic presence that hailed from the same time which the Calamity came from. It was supposed to be dismantled and put together again, reverse-engineered so that they had the opportunity to improve the Mk III fighters as best as they might. The project was supposed to be spear-headed by the Boslic woman named Narik Cinsaj. The Engineering Consultant had, unfortunately, been raped and murdered that morning, and Thea had personally been there to collect the forensic evidence. As it were, the deck crew knew naught more than what the plates said: That it held the designation AC-507 Mk I Reaver.

It was damaged. A gaping hole in the hull where the transparent canopy was usually located on contemporary attack fighters. The structural weakness of a canopy had evidently been removed, and the pilot was supposed to solely rely on the TVD technology that was brand new to the helmets of the Tactical Conn Exosuits. Junior Lieutenant Rawley had patched the hole with a structural integrity force field as she landed it in the Theurgy's hangar, and her account had stated that the emitter that was supposed to project the holographic fighter pilot inside the cockpit had been damaged. Evidently, there was a separate computer installed that housed the holographic pilot since flight controls were not linked directly to that computer. In other words, the Reavers were not originally meant to be flown by photonic pilots, but by organics. This was the only explanation for the rig with an emitter, and Thea had deviced her tactic based on this fact.

"I must use this craft in order to board the Calamity," she told Eun Sae as if there was nothing complicated about that tactic. "I will steal the sensor signature from one of her current Reavers and install it into this ship after I have launched, but before then, it is unknown whether or not it is space-worthy. The ash from Theta Eridani IV has yet to be cleaned out of its propulsion systems, and there is no time to switch the impulse drive to one of our own. I am in need of something which is popularly called, 'a quick fix', meanwhile I will personally oversee the reformatting of its computer. We have but minutes to spare."

Saying this, Thea held her rifle raised as she climbed the short stairs leading up to the hole at the top of the hull. Reaching inside with her free hand, she withdrew a cable from its holographic pilot system and tugged at it so that she may jack the cable into herself. The moment she had plugged the cable into her mobile emitter - effectively sticking the end of the cable into her abdomen to the casual observer - she sent the activation prompt and began to analyse the data stored there.

Thea was expecting any kind of reaction from the Petty Officer, and her answers were close at hand if she had to explain herself as they worked.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

Eun Sae followed Thea across the Fighter Assault Bay towards the only unique ship out of the entire line of fighters lined up inside the Assault Bay. As she approached the fighter brief flashes of what had transpired on Theta Eridani IV. Ashes, Screams, Death all of those things were what she related these memories to. She could imagine with great detail the ominous shadow of this very fighter silhouetted against the red sky raining down volleys of phaser fire on people just fighting for a chance at life. If there was one reason for her to be happy about being transferred to the Harbinger it was this ship here. But now wasn't the time for fear right now she had a job to do and little time to do it.

As Thea quickly boarded the vessel she Eun Sae listened to her quick explanation for the entire purpose of their task. Did she understand the specifics of it all? Hell no she didn't but at this point in their situation full understanding wasn't a prerequisite to actually finding a solution. If Thea thought getting this metal unmanned death machine operational could save them she'd have to take a leap of faith and trust her. As Eun Sae made her way to the back end of the craft towards the propulsion systems she unzipped the upper half of her jumpsuit shrugging out of it. "A quick fix? Considering this is my first time working with this tech we'll see what kind of miracle I can manage." Eun Sae said as she pulled open what appeared to be an access hatch. As soon as the hatch opened a gush of ash spilled out staining the lower half of her uniform and her undershirt black with soot. "Aigoo!" Eun Sae yelped as she jumped back from the hatch

She waved her arms a bit to clear the small cloud of ash that had been thrown up from the ash that had spilled out of the Reaver's engines. Once it cleared she moved back in swiping away at the caked ash with her fingers. Considering she'd never worked with this craft she hoped that the clogs in the engine would be the only issue but considering the roughed up appearance of Reaver she had her doubts. "Run a system diagnostic I need to know if there's anything else wrong with this thing that won't let it fly." Eun Sae called to Thea as she continued to trying an excavate as much soot and ash as she could from the inner systems of the impulse drive.

Until she had an vague idea of what else was wrong there was only so much she could do. If it came to something outside of her area of expertise it would mean she'd have to fall back upon booksmarts and outright improvisation to get this hunk of futuristic space metal flying again.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Eun Sae Ji

Hearing Eun Sae request a system diagnostics, Thea got up on her feet with the cable still attached to her abdomen. As she did, she resequenced her mobile emitter to project the kind of exosuit that was stored in the memory of the pilot rig. "Stand by."

She was already engaged in several download operations of the data in the pilot system, and she had learned how to operate the controls of the fighter. With one step, she dropped through the hole at the top of the Reaver and seated herself in the dark cockpit. The photonic optics of her eyes derived the control layout in the darkness and she located the system ignition. After thumbing the touch panel in the armrest she reached down to pick up the helmet that lay next to the seat. She was putting it on while the control panel was powered up, and she relayed the readings that could be seen in the visor via the intercom in the Flight Hangar. Otherwise, the Petty Officer would have a hard time hearing her when she was inside the cockpit.

[Initiating a full check on all systems. Weapons remain on 'safe'. Sensors remains on 'safe'. Landing gears remain lowered and antigravitation systems are online. Belaying full engines and propulsion tests for the time being, thrusters included,] she announced, not wanting to fire up the very systems that Eun Sae was trying to clear from ash and grime for obvious reasons. After that, Thea went through the diagnostics manually, making sure that dampeners and structural integrity fields could be brought online, as well as the sensors and the shields, weapons and navigational systems. There were no hard-points mounted underneath the wings, but the targeting software was brought online along with all other functions in order to ensure they were working.

[Aside from propulsion, all primary systems online and operating under normal parameters. Regenerative shields are at 75 % and cannot go higher because of the hull breech and its effect on structural integrity. It is likely that one of the shield emitters are missing. Plasma levels and ejection systems satisfactory and fully operational. Propulsion diagnostics suggest that the thrusters and impulse engines ought to be operating at 25%, but there is no telling how they might behave unless the engines are powered up. Suggested priority is to get as much ash out of the propulsion systems as possible before launch, and mounting hard-points underneath the wings.]

This being said, her download was completed, and Thea removed the cable from her abdomen - making her way up on top of the Reaver again. Once she emerged, she spoke to Eun Sae directly. "When it was brought aboard, it carried two depleted 40-round micro-torpedo launchers, and they need to be found, refilled and mounted. These launchers do not match the Mk III Valkyries, so they should stand out." Thea jumped down from the wing of the Reaver and landed not far from the Petty Officer - wearing the futuristic exosuit and helmet belonging to the craft that they were preparing for combat.

"What is more effective?" she asked, the static of the speaker on the helmet emphasising her words. "That I mount the hard-points or clean out the propulsion systems? I have done neither before but I know the procedures in theory."

Thea had no time-estimation for how quick the Petty Officer was at either task, so she let the human chose which task suited them best.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

Eun Sae continued to work quickly as Thea conducted diagnostic on the ship's other systems. The ash seemed to have seeped into every possible orifice. The last thing she needed this bird to do was overheat it's engines due to heat build up. The computers that regulated the impulse drive's outputs were designed to be able to withstand heat but even they had their limits. If the temperature in the engine output regulation system were to rise too high the system would shut off as a fail safe to prevent any damage to the system and to the engines.

Eun Sae pushed could feel the ash caking beneath her fingernails as she reached deep inside the very guts of the propulsion system to scoop out handfuls of ash and space dust. As Thea began to report the results of her diagnostic Eun Sae finally managed to clear a sizable amount of ash from the propulsion system. Though there was still a large amount that she still couldn't reach not without proper tools at least. She could still remember the hell it was trying to clear the ash from the Harbinger's Valkyrie Mk II Fighters. It had taken her and part of her deck crew hours to clean up the engines and now here she was trying to get that kind of work done in the span of a few minutes.

However rather than stand for another moment and mull over the difficulty of her task she quickly climbed the step ladder leading up the wing of the craft and moved over to the exhaust ports designed to vent excess heat from the engines. As expected they were packed with ash that had filtered into them. Under any other circumstances she wouldn't dare shove her hand into one of these things but considering the need for haste there wasn't any time to dawdle with looking for tools or proper gear as she reached into the exhaust ports and began to clear the ash from them.

As Thea appeared from the hole in the hull of the Reaver, Eun Sae raised her head her face was smudged with black streaks of ash from where she'd wiped her arm across her face to brush away sweat that had slowly begun to drip down her brow. As Thea spoke she continued to work whilst simultaneously giving the woman below her undivided attention. "I can handle clearing the propulsion systems, Find the torpedo launchers I'm not sure where the Head of Armaments placed them but they can't be too far." Eun Sae said as she shifted over to the other side of the craft to begin digging out the ash clogging the other exhaust ports.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 |USS Theurgy ]

Wenn took in the situation at hand, he had no more time to plan, things had progressed to a threshold, if he did not act accordingly he would not be able to pull this off and many would likely die if they failed so he had no choice but to act now. He took the combadges and handed one to Cameron. "We will us these, we can activate them on our own, and we will turn them on when we are ready to beam out, instantly turn it off after arrival to avoid giving a locator lock location. Yeoman you will be in the center of out beam in party, you will instantly move to our rear and release all prisoners while we work to take the brig and seal ourselves in. Save the captain for after we take the brig, I do not want them hit in the potential crossfire. You will beam out first with any prisoners along with the captain. My team with gather around the last combadge and beam out after you."

He turned to the transporters and spoke in a commanding tone fitting the situation, his voice firm and calm as he spoke. "We need to move quickly, for the captain, for the crew, for everyone." He turned to face his team. "The Federation now depends on us, how we act now will decide the outcome of this entire ordeal." He smirked. "And I think we are the best team for the job."  He walked onto the transporter pad and checked his weapon. "Get into your positions, and prep the flash bangs, and beam them over after they are finished being mixed. We will be beamed over moments later to finish this, and I do not know abut the rest of you, but I am quite interested in seeing this pointless little mess put to an end." He looked to his team as he finished getting it prepared and he waited for them to get into position, he was certain that they would succeed.

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[ Axius vel Onea | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Wenn Cinn & Cameron Henshaw

They had gotten inside the shuttle he'd picked, and while Wenn Cinn spoke - rallying them to their task - Axius was not idle. He took one of the deck hands to the transporter controls in the shuttle, talking to him in a low voice - making certain he knew how they worked and that the systems recognised the signal of their two shuttle-bound combadges. It was quick work. The man worked in the flight hangar, so of course he knew how to handle the shuttle's controls. She shields were up in no time. Meanwhile, behind Axius, two other deckhands were working on the flash bombs - Cameron Henshaw close by.

"They are prepared!" called one of them in short order, and he went to place it on the shuttle's transporter pad while the red alert klaxon was heard from outside - resounding across the whole shuttlebay. "This is it, everyone get ready. Devices are armed. Ten seconds starting... now!"

"Locked on to the Brig," said the one by the shuttle's controls, "Site-to-site transport in three, two, one. Energising."

Axius saw the finished flash bangs that Wenn Cinn had brought to Below Decks vanish in the shimmer of the transporter pad, and they had to get on it immediately. "You heard the Lieutenant Commander, move it! Operator, lock on beacon 1, four to beam out! Henshaw, in the middle, go, go, go!" There was some hurried commotion to get everyone arranged inside the shuttle, but at least they did not have to use the small transporter pad when they beamed in. Wenn Cinn, Axius, Henshaw and one Petty Officer of Covington's. "Lock and load."

"Ten seconds have passed... Now! Good luck everyone," the shuttle operator called. "Energising!"

And they were off - vanishing in brilliance.

[ Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

After the Red Alert had been sounded, Riptor had continued his rough treatment of Miles Renard's oral cavity. Yet the sound of Thea's voice repeating itself over the speakers, telling everyone to get to their battle stations, it was upsetting Riptor's mood. He did not want the distraction. Phantom would tell him when it was time, so he would use every second he could spare letting his own will be done. "Shut up!"

Grinding his teeth behind his beard, his grip became harder in Miles' hair and he breathed noisily through his nostrils - twisting the muzzle of his hand phaser against the Vulpinian's sweaty temple. Somehow, perhaps in thanks to his captive's skill, he managed to focus on his own satisfaction.  "Are you ready, Fox? Here, I come..."

But in the last moments, the sharp sound of two detonations reverberated against the door to the Brig, and Riptor's head swung towards the closed door - phaser pointing that way.

[ Zaraq | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

In the other Interrogation Room, Zaraq was on top of Dyan Cardamone - grunting as he rutted with her on the floor. The room was in shambles after their brief struggle, her clothing torn, and he bloodied and bruised by her protestations. Nonetheless, he had her pinned down, holding her wrists above her head while he appreciated her bared breasts with his mouth - his ridged corpus cavernosum sawing into her sodden depths.

The Red Alert meant nothing to him. Not when he finally was inside this female - having longed to mate with Dyan since the first day he laid eyes on her on the Harbinger. Now they they were at liberty to impregnate the women for the sake of the war to come, he was not going to waste the opportunity.

He was about to spend himself, he realised, and his breathing became more uneven. He found that he wanted to embrace her, and judging by how wet she was, she would not protest. At least he told himself that. He sat back on the floor, picking her up into his lap without slipping out of her. He held her arms behind her head with his iron grip on her wrists, and he used his firm embrace around her torso to push her down onto himself - making her grind down upon their joining. He looked her in the eye - thinking he would see her satisfaction when he impregnated her...

Before then, however, two sharp explosions were heard just outside the door, and Zaraq whipped his head around towards the locked door to the Brig. His grip on her wrists slipped as it went for the hand phaser by his hip... only to find that it wasn't there anymore. An oversight of his, induced by his distracted mind. He realised his mistake far too late.

[ Jien Ives & Edena Rez | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage & Zenozine

The sounds of Red Alert had not be heard inside the holding cell - isolated as Jien Ives and Edena Rez were. Their conversation had, however, been interrupted by the sharp flash of light from outside the force field. Anything they had meant to say next was forgotten as the white light blinded them - forcing them to shield their eyes from the sharp luminescence. The lack of sound softened the effects of the flash bomb, but the reverberation had been felt in the deck plates below their feet.

"What is happening?" wheezed Edena Rez, blinking hard to try and get her eye-sight back.

"I don't know," grated Jien, the life support setting too low for him to speculate further. He couldn't see anything, but with a hand fumbling to find Edena's shoulder, he backed away from the forcefield - putting some distance between them and whatever was going on. "But hope springs eternal."

He knew that there were two Brig Officers outside, and the likelihood that they had caused the signature light of a flash bomb device was quite small. Still, they were armed, and if they had not covered their eyes, they would start shooting blindly. Either way, they would not hear anything, ears ringing loudly in the aftermath. Communication between themselves ruined. Regardless how affected they were, they were panicked men with phaser rifles.

If only he could see what was going on. All he could make out so far were moving shadows that slowly took shape.

OOC: Below is an updated map of the Brig area and the security offices. Next poster in the arriving party is Triage! Feel free to puppeteer the two security officers as required. They could have been distracted by the video feed from the interrogation rooms that they were looking at when the flash bombs arrived. IronFerrox and Cathreen Dawinter posts in their scenes respectively. Doors to the interrogation rooms are locked on one side from the Brig's duty station and on the other side from the Aide's duty station in the main area of the Security Office, just like the security gate on the far left.

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Jien Ives, Edena RezWenn Cinn & Axius vel Onea


And just like that, it was time. Henshaw took a few breaths, mentally preparing herself, for what was to come. The hardest part, she realized was not so much the adrenaline-pumping fight that was inevitably to come, but rather the fact that after all that, she dreaded and yearned most to see Captain Ives, and see what he/she had to say with regards to her. In her short time, she had made some friends here, and important ones. While it was somewhat calculative, the Yeoman justified it as the logical and sensible choice since only a truly and utterly suicidal person would not care to survive after freeing an angry Captain Ives. She wanted to live, and to let the air be cleared between the two. She wanted to curse Fedd's untrue implication of her duplicity, but she equated that to spitting on a man's grave, now that he was dead.

She nodded at Cinn's instructions, followed by a "Yes sir. She drew her phaser and pulled out a welder tool from the gear she was provided with. She listened partly to Cinn's pep talk, but she was more interested then with playing out possible scenarios with how the Captain would react to her. Most scenarios had violence in them, but some had a measure of hope, and the backing of her newfound allies in this troubled situation of friend-vs-friend. But she had to wrap up her thoughts soon, as the time for action drew nearer. Onea and several deck hands had been busy preparing flash bombs, which they then sent over first. Next, it was the team's turn to go over. They only had seconds to capitalize on the impromptu flashbangs. When Onea called out Henshaw's name, and the young woman strode forward, took her position, and waited.

The experience of transporting was discombobulating as always, as her vision blurred in light, and she felt slightly nauseated, and her surroundings changed. One moment, she was inside a shuttle's transporter pad, and the next, she was in some weird form of hell. But the depravity of Vasser's followers were obvious now in everything that she saw. She didn't need to be a Betazoid to know that there was great pain and suffering in this place, and it nearly stunned her. But she recovered herself long enough to turn and drop to one knee, twist her torso in what looked like an almost painful poise, and fired her phaser, set at a high stun, in the direction of the nearest hostiles she could see, namely the two security officers. She knew that her job now, as per Cinn was to free the prisoners, but saving Captain Ives for last. He was their priority, so keeping him alive meant letting him be the last one freed, until all hostiles could be dealt with.

The bombs made by Onea and the deck hands did their job well, the brig's security was in disarray, and the Yeoman had already dropped the two security officers, making easier the job of Cinn and the rest, while she moved on to attend to her own duties. She noticed the cell of Sonja Acreth, and couldn't help an involuntary shiver, as she moved for the lock-mechanisms. She stayed low to the ground, wanting to avoid fire, and glanced at the holding cell in front of her, and she saw Captain Ives, and Rez. Tilting her lips sideways in a burning sensation in her chest, she turned to add her fire to that of her teammates first, seeing as the immediate area needed clearing. She was standing right on top of one of the stunned security guards. Any other time, the guard might have gotten a kick out of Henshaw trampling on him, but right now, the Yeoman was more interested in staying alive than worrying about who or what she stood on.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Eun Sae Ji

At the Petty Officer's word, it was decided, and Thea acknowledged the choice with a brief nod before she strode off towards the weapon magazines. She walked up to the sliding doors, and the security panel next to it was lit up at her presence - the red light denying her entrance.

She did not have access to some parts of the ship - her A.I. hard-wired to not be able to open some doors or access some systems remotely - and the weapons magazines were not hers to access. The computer scientists of Starfleet had not trusted an A.I. with access to the hard-points of the Valkyries. Since Lin Kae unshackled her, her projection had been given a Security Clearance Level of 3, but that was not enough to to just waltz in without an access code. Such a code was, however, not too hard to derive from the surveillance footage stored in her memory banks, which pre-dated the first attack of the Calamity.

As she stood before the panel, she sifted through the data with clearly defined search parameters, and it took her only a couple of seconds before she lifted her hand and typed out a password that one of the deck hands had let slip at an unwary moment. While she pressed thr glowing touch scree buttons, she spoke in the deck hand's voice - a quick edit to her audio output. "Thompson-Five-Four-Charlie." This, added with the ten digit sequence  made the panel turn green and the doors to slide open. Ironic that she had to hack herself to do what she had to. Twice over since it was another example of how far she had yet to go to earn the trust of the organics, but also how she was bringing ruin to that trust - defying Captain Ives orders to save her daughter. She hoped she could, regardless.

Entering the magazine, she scanned the interiors and quickly located the Reaver's separated micro torp launchers. She walked over and lifted them, the finely tuned force-fields in her arms supporting the weight effortlessly. To her contentment, she noticed how the launchers had already been stocked with their micro torpedoes - prepared to be added to the wings as quickly as possible. The launchers were cumbersome, however, and they had to be carried out through the doorway and to the Reaver. Once there, she attached them with the magnetic locks.

"Launchers mounted," she said to Eun Sae, "I will be going for two more types of hard-points. What's the status of the engines?" Thea paused in her work, looking at the woman that was helping her. She was already covered in the ashes of Theta Eridani IV, and something beyond the regular social conventions made her add, "What's your status?"

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[ Wenn Cinn | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 |USS Theurgy ]

As everything was prepared and thing began to get under way Cinn nodded and waited, he knew that they had title tie to act and no time for an error, it was do or die, either they would succeed or fail, and he was not one for failure. He watched as the flash bangs were set out and he instantly took up his position and waited for his team to form up around him, here would be a small window of time for them to act and as everyone got into their positions he nodded to their transporter technician and raised his weapon, ready to fight as son as they arrived.

The shimmer of the transporter beam rose an fell as they left the shuttle and arrive at the brig, he saw the two brig guards already stumbling trying to regain their focus as hey arrived, and once he and his team was fully solidified in their destination he took aim and fired, his shot hitting the guard closest to the exit in the headed, sending him crumpling to the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut. He looked to the second guard as his team took down the second guard with little trouble. Rising a hand Cinn raised four fingers and motion to the interrogation rooms before he moved forward to the main entrance to the brig and he closed and sealed the door.

He looked back to the rest of his team and nodded as he got confirmation from the rest of his team that they interrogation rooms were clear. "Alright lock down the doors, we have only a matter of moments before they begin to force open the doors on us and stat to give us hell." He pointed to the main entrance. "I want two of you covering that door the rest the interrogation doors." He looked over his team as the moved into position, and then he looked to Heather as she began to work on Captain Ives cell.

Waling up to the barrier Cinn saluted to Ives."Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn reporting for duty captain, we are here to free you and take back this ship." He nodded to Cameron. "Yeoman Henshaw will have out out of there in a moment Captain, then we will need to move quickly and gt you beamed out of here and right on the way to ta back the ship sir." He looked to Cameron. "Try and keep it quick Cameron, I do not know how long his calm is going to be lasting, and I do not know how long we will be able to hold the brig." Cinn turned back and helped with watching the doors.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

As Thea left to go collect the Reaver's armaments Eun Sae finished up cleaning out what ash she could reach out of the exhaust ports of the fighter. Wasting little time she slid off the edge of the wing dropping to the hangar floor and quickly moved to the back of the craft doing a quick inspection of the components of the propulsion system. If this fighter worked similarly to the Valkryie MK IIs and MK IIIs then everything seemed to be in working order for the most part. The remaining ash in the ship's systems might cause small abnormalities in the output of the engines but if she knew these systems as well as she thought she did it wouldn't disrupt the actual operation of the system during maneuvers.

She walked over to the panel she'd opened and shut it after doing one last check of the system. If there was anything else that needed to be done it was beyond her power to do so now considering the time constraint they were under. She turned as she heard Thea walking across the deck with the Reaver's two micro-torpedo pods in hand. She watched as Thea effortlessly mounted the weapons to the hard points on the fighter's wings. She straightened up as Thea asked for a status report on the engines. "They're a bit dirty but I cleaned out enough ash to make sure that it doesn't cause any complications while the system is in operation. Without more time that's all I can do so basically there is your quick fix." Eun Sae said nodding.

As Thea turned to face her the holographic woman's next words surprised her a bit as she asked for Eun Sae's own personal status. She was quiet for a moment as she thought exactly about how she was doing. To be honest she was scared she'd done a good job of hiding it thus far mainly because she'd had work to bury it all under but the consequences of the situation and her actions were an ever looming possible reality. What would happen if the Thea failed? What if members of the Harbinger's crew found out that she'd helped someone loyal to Ives? Her mind was looking for some sort of assurance that things would work out but the more she thought about it the less likely such a possibility seemed to be. She took a deep breath to steady herself as she shut the questions out of her mind.

Thinking to deeply into it would only emotional compromise herself further. "Just a bit shaken...I'm fine." Eun Sae said nodding. Eun Sae was quiet for a moment as she ran her ash smudged fingers through her hair. "S-So what next? What can I do?" Eun Sae asked hoping there was something Thea had in mind for her. Anything to keep her mind occupied.

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[ Jien Ives & Edena Rez | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage & Zenozine

Inside the holding cell, Jien watched warily as the moving shadows gained form and colour outside the force field. Rez was at his side, and all they could hear was each other's strained breathing. Sharp, bright beams cut through the room and two shapes fell to the floor in close succession. Jien was quite certain they were the posted Brig Officers. The ones that had arrived were securing the Brig area, he realised, and it did not take long until one large silhouette stepped up in front of the force field. Holding a hand out before Rez, Jien urged her to stay back while he approached their visitor. Squinting, Jien tried to make out the shadows of the large man's facial features, and it was not until he was five feet away that he realised who it was.

Wenn Cinn, his Chief of Security and the one that the Prophets had blessed with a second chance at life. He was talking, Jien realised, but he could not hear a word because of the isolation protocol in place. Frowning, Jien looked between him and the people behind him, who were guarding the doors to the security gate and the interrogation rooms. Save for one, who was working the duty station. The figure seemed familiar, but it was not until a couple of seconds had passed that he ascertained her identity.

The force field dropped, and the sudden change in access to breathable air sent him into a coughing fit. His throat tickled and burned at the same time, but that did not cripple his intent.  No, with the rush of air, the floodgates of his ire were opened too - directed solely upon the woman by the duty station. Sounds from the brig hurt his ears, but since Cinn had turned to watch the doors, Jien's oaken eyes fell on the hand phaser on his old comrade's hip. There was no thought behind his move. Merely the pent up emotion towards the Yeoman's betrayal, and he seized the opportunity.

With two strides, he had ripped the hand phaser from Cinn's hip and he did not stop moving until he was right before the duty station - weapon pointed straight towards Cam's face. His stance was rigid, holding the phaser in a double-handed grip and with his eyes along the sights. His browridge had drawn down, beaded with sweat, and his countenance a cliff-face beset by the storms of his emotions. His glare was - however - completely uncompromising.

"Captain, wait..." said a man from the Lone Wolves, covered in grime and dust.

"What the hell is she doing here? She is playing you false," he rasped through his tormented throat, sucking replenished air into his lungs. His whole body was tightened as if in a cramp. His ears rang, and he felt sick. "Sjaandin Fedd said it on the Bridge, and he had no cause for lying. Why would he care to protect her? She is from the Harbinger, working with Vasser and T'Rena. She was key to make this take-over work. She handled my messages, changed my orders, spread misinformation. She sought her position so that she could gradually turn the crew against me. That she is here means that this is an ambush. You were led here on purpose and now you are all in the Brig too."

This made the deck hands nervous, looking at each other with alarm in their eyes.

"Captain. Listen to me," said his First Officer behind his shoulder. Edena Rez was still the Executive Officer until he relieved her of her duties. The voice. The intonation. It suggested that it was Kiya who spoke - the civilian Doctor of yore. Jien didn't care. Perhaps it was Vasser's influence. Perhaps it was Jona's. Either way, the ire that fuelled his body made him want to end the life of this woman who had betrayed him and helped killing his crew - handing the ship over to a madman. He did not want to listen to Kiya. He wanted retribution. Still she spoke to him. "We have suffered from a degree of asphyxiation for over an hour. The air is affecting us. Even at normal levels, we are now feeling a level of oxygen toxicity. Besides symptoms such as tunnel vision, tinnitus, nausea and muscle twitching, it also lead to irritability, anxiety, dizziness and confusion. You need to calm down. Think this through. You are not the same as him. You are better than this."

Again, Jien did not know if Kiya meant Vasser or Jona. He breathed hard through his teeth - glare unwavering from Cam where she stood behind the duty station - phaser utterly still in its aim. For all the ire that could be found there, the hurt of betrayal lay also in his stare. Not just professionally, but because of how she had come to soothe his worries on her own volition - distracted him from the many burdens upon his shoulders. No, he could not start thinking. Then he would remember.

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Jien Ives, Edena RezWenn Cinn & Axius vel Onea


How ironic, Cinn... Henshaw thought, calm is the last thing that Ives will be when he sees me.

Before she had stepped into the transporter pad, there was a moment where the Yeoman had considered telling Cinn about what Ives was liable to do the second he saw her, and asked him to back her up on account of all she had done to help the team in their rescue of the captain. But ultimately, she decided against it, because she weighed out the possibility that Jien Ives would see that as more manipulation on her part, and even Cinn might have seen it as such, if she had asked. But if he backed her up of his own accord, that would work better in her favour.

So, that was why, when she finally took down the force fields after she had helped with securing the brig, she placed her weapon on the dashboard, and waited, sweat forming on her brow. She swallowed, and tried her best to calm her beating heart, as she failed to stifle the fear, when the captain so swiftly and fluidly, took Cinn's weapon and was upon her, the weapon pointed at her face, at a range where even a stun blast would be fatal. More than that, was the near-manic look on his face. It only heightened the fear...and the pain, yes, the pain. Part of her hoped against the odds that Ives would have seen past Fedd's ill-placed validation of her loyalty to the wrong side. But maybe that had been too much to expect, and plus, it was...well, there were just far too many complications in this.

While she was a roiling sea on the inside, she remained almost outwardly cool entirely. Her expression was fixed into a steady gaze, though she gripped the handles of the consoles so tightly, her knuckles turned white, and the beads of sweat on her forehead, and the way she kept swallowing to keep her throat moist were a clear indication that she was anything but calm at that moment. There was also visible pain in her eyes. She couldn't help it. He was quickly undoing all the trust she'd built with Cinn and the crew, and a sand castle, that had hours spent in shaping it, only to be washed away by the tides came to mind. It was how she likened the rapport she had built with the crew. Nothing destroyed trust faster than someone in authority telling everyone that a person was utterly a bad guy.

But Commander Rez, in another personality spoke up, and made a few things clear. So they had been suffering from oxygen-deprivation. Henshaw was no doctor, but she knew enough about biology to know that was never a good thing. And Ives still had sufficient rage even without a compromising, life-threatening condition to fuel him on. She also saw his own hurt, and she could empathize, because that was exactly what she was feeling too. Who was right? Who was wrong? More importantly, what will be left?

His words still ringing in the air, Henshaw managed a smile, that was marred by the unshed tears welling up in her eyes, turning them into shiny sparks as she very slowly moved around the station, allowing the captain's weapon to follow her, and she kept her gaze fixed steadfastly on his, the windows to each others' soul.

""It sure looks like that, doesn't it, captain?" Her voice choked as her emotions got the better of her, and she shook her head, taking her gaze off him for the first time, only to bring them back immediately after. "But what a hell of an effort it must have been on my part to fool so many people, excluding you, huh?"

The tears fell, and she was now standing before him, the phaser now literally pressed to the ridge between her eyes and nose, where she stopped and stood, still, except for the slight jerking of her shoulders in silent sobs. "I have to ask, though, how did I manage to get past Mr. Covington? Or the commander right here? Cinn isn't exactly a man so easily deceived, and you know it. More than that, before I got here, let's think about the choices I could have taken."

She took a breath, and then continued, "I could have hidden, waited this out. But I went to to Cinn, unarmed, surrounded by people loyal to you. I risked my neck to secure our means of getting into the brig and stage a rescue. And then I opened your brig, knowing how you'd react, but I still did it. Why, I wonder? What's my end game? What do I gain? Or, since you're so certain I work for Vasser, what does he gain from you getting free after all that hard work to put you in here? Huh? Tell me."

She pursed her lips, having barely paused for breath during all that. "Captain. I came to the Theurgy because of what was happening on the Harbinger. I don't care what you believe about my motives. But I thought this was my second chance. I thought you were...I believe in you and your cause. Not Vasser, not T' all the time I had served under him, he did nothing to inspire my loyalty. But you did, in the short time I came to knew you."

She very, very slowly lifted her hands and wrapped it around the wrist with his weapon, and gently, ever so lightly, guided the weapon, going lower, and heading for her heart, "Now...if there is nothing I can say or do that will convince you of where my loyalty lies..." Henshaw's eyes were steely, even as tears flowed freely, and the weapon was now squarely aimed at her heart, "...just end it now. I wouldn't want to live with you thinking I'm a traitor, anyhow. So go ahead..."

Her lips curved downwards as her vision became blurry from all the tears, "What are you waiting for, captain? You're so certain, right? I manipulated a whole bloody crew, and you? I'm that conniving? Go on!"

But at the last moment, as Henshaw believed her end was near, she gave a last wistful, barely visible smile, to Cinn, and to Rez, then to the captain, and she thought out words, without saying them, I love you.

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[Miles Renard | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ]

As Miles kept up his pace he began to summon a concentration into his arm.  The arm nearest where Riptor held the phaser seemed to shudder for a mere moment as minute arm hairs began to grow from it. Within seconds his arm from the elbow down began to shift under the skin.  First a slight adjustment of his radius and ulna as the bones dislocated from the carpals as those 8 small bones in his wrist began to shift slightly followed by the metacarpals and the phalanges of his fingers.  He had to hold all of concentration to make the shifting process affect only certain parts of his body so as to not give away his intents.  Meanwhile, his mouth was on autopilot as it were servicing his soon to be target as the restraint on his hand slipped over bones and with a flick of his wrist he caught the binding cuffs to retain the illusion of restraint for the moment.

In the seconds that followed his senses were bombarded, Sirens blared and the asshole "interrogating" him combined into a cacophony of all of his senses.  He found the single moment he had been waiting for when the thunderous booms echoed from outside.  In a single motion he let the binding he was holding fall loose and his arm shot up grasping the rapist pilot's wrist immobilizing the phaser from being directed back to his head.  With a surge of conscious willpower and adrenaline the Vulpinian forced the shift to take hold with the greatest speed he could muster.  With all the will he could his muzzle elongated and teeth rearranged into the muzzle of a pure carnivore before his powerful jaws clamped down at the organ his Vulcine form had moments before been sucking on.  With all his might he tore his face away from the vile being, ripping the flesh from his pelvis.

The resulting carnage was far from a pretty sight.  What stared Miles in the face now was a mangled and ripped apart tube of blood-spurting flesh that could hardly be recognized as having ever been the primary male sex organ.  Miles was far from done making sure this man's linage ended now.  Pouring all of his might into the hand that held Riptor's phaser-holding wrist he sunk his sharp claw-like nails into flesh sinking then down to the spaces between the man's carpal bones causing severe pain.  Miles looked up at Riptor and made sure he saw the blood dripping from his muzzle as he swallowed the majority of the mass of what was once his very manhood.  Tauntingly he spoke. "Awww," He said in a false and condescending sigh of pity, "I thought you were the kind that would have wanted me to swallow." 

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Eun Sae Ji

Her optical sensors scanning the results through her TVD vision, Thea listened in on what Eun Sae had to say - confident that the Petty Officer had done an excellent job when she saw the difference she'd made.

"It appears more than sufficient," she said to the human, giving her a smile even though it could hardly be seen through the visor of her next century helmet. She heard Eun assure her that she was fine, looking the complete opposite, but Thea figured that it was the common social convention to say it given circumstances such as they now faced. The question of what she might do next gave Thea immediate ideas, all plain for them both to see around them. Lists of prudent measures multiplied unto themselves, but Thea had to filter it all to fit the capacity of a single individual.

"Even if we do hit Cala with the gravametric mines, we are surely going to face her in battle. That means that the Lone Wolves that remain aboard will have to launch, and if a diplomatic solution can be found with Wing Commander Kilinvoss' fighter pilots, they will also be launching their fighters to do battle with my daughter," she said, and with a hand, she indicated the shot-up disarray of the Fighter Assault Bay and the Mk II and III Valkyries lined up along the sides of the hangar. There were no others than the two of them present, but in just a couple of minutes, that was bound to change dramatically.

"Well, at least you do not have to clear any catapults from debris," she said, attempting a joke based on the fact that the Valkyries' navigational protocols, thrusters and impulse drives had made the catapults obsolete. "If I cannot reach Cala and find a non-violent solution, then all these Valkyries need to be powered up and ready to go. Even more, they need to have hard-points mounted on them. The Exosuits need to be available for the pilots to slip into right by their fighters. According to my tactical prognosis, there will be no time to change in the locker rooms."

It was a tall order for one person who only had minutes to spare, Thea realised, so she amended her statement. "Do whatever you have time for, and I am sure there will be more people here to aide you soon. As for me, I will taxi the Reaver to the bay doors and wait until we drop out of Warp. Thank you, Eun Sae. Hopefully, I will be able to extend my daughter's gratitude to you as well... once I return."

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[ Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

The horror of what happened to Riptor could hardly be described in words, let alone articulated by his pain- and shock-riven mind. His eyes wide in his bearded face, he did not even realise he was screaming - overriding the Vulpinian's taunting words.

Yet for all the pain, he was still trained to act rather than fall apart. He was a large man too, tall and lean, and as much pain as the talons in his wrist caused, his phaser was his only weapon, and he was not going to let go. No, he started shooting - phaser beams cutting through the air in rapid succession while he tried to wrest his arm free from the Vulpinian's grip. Control of the phaser was key to his survival, and his mind had retreated to that very instinct: Survival. He could not flee either, somehow knowing that he was not about to get any help from the outside given the commotion of whatever was going on in the Brig.

So, with mad determination and refusal to give in, he tried to wrestle the captive in order to get the phaser back. At least three times, he thought he had managed to force the muzzle towards Miles before slamming his thumb into the button to discharge the searing energy beam - only to see it cut the furniture and slice into the bulkheads.

At some point, he did not know how it happened, he found himself with Lieutenant Commander Renard on his back, and he trying to shake the SCO off - slamming them both into the unyielding walls of the interrogation room. He tried to shoot across his own shoulder - defying the grip on his weapon's arm - but he only managed to damage the ceiling and the lights there, making the light stutter in a kind of hellish strobe-effect.

Riptor fought for his life, and struggle was cast in light every odd moment.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

Somehow she felt that Thea could see straight through her lie. Honestly she wouldn't be surprised if Thea could despite her best efforts to hide how shaken she was it was far too evident to anyone who looked at her. There was a look in her eyes that just seemed to hold that sense of insecurity the look one got when they weren't sure how something would work out and feared the result. Thea's praise regarding her quick work provided some reassurance to Eun Sae as pride in her work well up in her chest.

As Thea continued to speak about the coming battle that would inevitably come to pass Eun Sae looked around the Fighter Assault Bay. The entire hangar was in complete disarray. As Thea listed off things that would need to be done to prepare for the Calamity's coming. She spared an exasperated glance at Thea as cracked a joke about cleaning catapults but her face shifted into a smile as she shook her head "Let's save the jokes for when we're not about to run into your homicidal offspring kay?" Eun Sae said. 

As Thea began to list off things that would need to be done Eun Sae began to formulate a list in her mind deciding what could be done quickest and what she couldn't do alone. Powering up the Valkyries would be a simple task so she could complete that first and then she could start prepping the Exosuits for the pilots. The Hardpoints she would need assistance with considering she lacked the unlimited strength Thea seemed so fortunate to possess. As Thea reminded her to what she could she nodded. Her eyes met Thea's as the holographic woman thanked her for her help and for reasons she couldn't really explain Eun Sae reached out hugging the woman "Be careful Thea." She said simply before taking a step back and turning on her heel to start the warm up routines on each Valkyrie.


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[ Jien Ives & Edena Rez | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage & Zenozine

Despite the blare of the Red Alert and the blinking lights, the rest of the Brig lay silent. No shuffle of feet. Only the sounds of people breathing. In the wake of the Yeoman's words, the silence lingered for those moments where her fate balanced on a knife's edge.

"There is no time for this," said Edena, but her tone was deeper, words succinct and dismissive towards the whole situation. It had to be Jona Rez, and her stance was that of an assertive man's where she stood behind Jien's shoulder. "You clearly can't trust her. You heard Lieutenant Fedd on the bridge. Shoot her or throw her in the Brig for the time being. You need to retake command of this ship and not waste time on this human, so get on with it."

Right in the wake of her - or his - own words, Edena spoke again. Kiya this time. "No! You can't shoot her, Captain. Please, take deep breaths and listen to me. Remember those words Vasser spoke on the bridge. About mind-melds. It could be that T'Rena - his second-in-command - has turned her against you, and that her mind can be restored. She might not be the traitor you think she is, and she raises a lot of good points."

Baring his teeth, Jien blinked a couple of times - rigid stance remaining. If she was a traitor, the betrayal ran deep. But did that give him any right to forsake what Starfleet stood for? According to Jona, he had to stop standing for morals and ethics that would damn the crew in the face of the opposition. He had thought that Wenn Cinn would offer some kind of defence for Cameron's part and make things easier, to advise him in the matter of her innocence or the lack thereof, but it seemed the Bajoran did not want to interfere. Perhaps he saw merit in both claims... but Jien wanted to be proven wrong. Oh, he wanted to be wrong about Cam despite the evidence of Sjaandin's words. Jien's head hurt and it felt like he was breathing through a straw. Edena had told him he had symptoms of the sudden access to air and that it made it hard to think straight. His scowl remained, phaser pointed towards Cameron's chest, but he had to make a decision. Her tears, and her words, her overall defiance to her fate... It thawed the icy fortifications around his heart, just as a cramp in his hand made the muzzle of his phaser shake.

"Captain." It was Jona Rez again - stepping up next to Jien and glancing towards the Yeoman as if she was just a pretty little liability - Edena's eyes turned cold before she looked to Jien's profile again. "The crew needs you. She could be an example that shows that you are every bit as assertive as Vasser. Winterbourne died so that Vasser could demonstrate the absolute necessity of his cause and make people follow him in fear. This human can be y-"

"No," said Jien at last, interrupting Jona as his stance unlocked. His phaser held vertically in height of his shoulder, he was backing away a few steps from Cameron too - swallowing down the bile in his throat. "I believe her. She has no motive being here, and so far, there are no sign of an ambush... Most importantly, I will not stoop to murdering someone in a misguided way to earn loyalty. Such vile methods are beneath even you, old man." In a way, Jona had put things in perspective. Jien was better than the Starfleet Intelligence Officer. The oxygen toxicity was receding, and his mind was clearing up by the second. He looked towards his First Officer, now understanding the reasons for why Edena wanted to resign her position.

"Whether or not she lives or dies does not matter to me," said Jona, making Edena's mien hard as he met the reproach in Jien's stare. "The mission comes first, and if I compel you to stick to your moral code or not is secondary to the necessity that you reclaim the command of this ship. Therefore, I suggest you do so before it's too late. The Red Alert has been sounded, and that means the Calamity is here - about to attack this ship as it stands divided inside. This one woman is not worth the lives of the rest of your crew and the mission to Starbase 84. Wake up, Captain Ives, and do your part."

Then, as a kind of punctuation, Joan drained from Edena's frame. Looking at her, Jien clenched his jaw in acknowledgement that she had been right about wanting to step down. Yet he said nothing, and looked back to Cam instead, his face softening somewhat. "I am sorry. I believe you," he said, and his own mere words made him feel more confident about that, even if there would be a lot of things to repair between them after their current ordeal. There was only one... singular thing he had to ask, even if Jona might be right about the Calamity. "But... why did Sjaandin Fedd vouch for you on the Bridge?"

OOC: Either Cam somehow asks if there are any more key personnel to liberate in the Brig or I will have Jien notice that Miles and Dyan are missing from their cell in my next post. :)

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Jien Ives, Edena Rez, Wenn Cinn, Miles Renard, Zaraq, Cathreen Dawinter, Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer & Axius vel Onea


When the phaser pistol pulled away from her heart, Henshaw gasped so loudly, it was as if she had been drowning and was abruptly given access to oxygen. And it was the case, because in the tense minute that ensued as her fate hung in the air, and she willingly put her fate and life in the hands of Captain Ives, she held her breath, waiting, and when the decision was made, even more emotions came to the forefront, and she stepped back as well, mimicking the captain's actions. She raised a hand over her mouth, as she covered it, hiding how open it was while she cried openly. She was going to be absolutely exhausted when all this was over, and she reckoned she would simply sleep wherever was comfortable enough the second she had the chance for it.

But she stiffened again, when in almost the same breath where he told her that he believed her, he also asked about why Fedd vouched for her on the bridge. And to be perfectly honest, even Henshaw wondered about that. She shook her head slightly, and tried to compose herself. Yet the memories of that extremely passionate moment in the steam-pools insinuated themselves into her inner-eye like a rude reminder that for all the pain he caused her, she still did not wish death for him. But, like many others now, he too was dead. "He misinterpreted my friendliness and openness as being receptive to twisted ideals that I was not aware were behind his words at the time. So he assumed that I was on board with him..."

Henshaw waved her hands about, and shook her head, "W-we can discuss this later in greater detail, captain, but Commander Rez is correct; the absolute priority right now is restoring you to command of the Theurgy so that we may have an adequate chance of survival against the Calamity." Her accent came on strong, a clear and visible shift from her usual casual manner of speaking. She glanced about searchingly. Most of the rescuers had been very silent throughout the time that she, Ives and Rez spoke, probably to accord them a moment to set the air clear on the matter of Henshaw's loyalties. Now however, "Are there any other prisoners we need to free? We need to get the Theurgy and the Harbinger working together, and we'll need as many people as possibly to be on board with us in dealing with the Calamity."

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[ Wenn Cinn | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 |USS Theurgy ]

Cinn let Captain Ives take his phaser, he did not think that things would go as poorly as that had, but he knew the benefit of getting things out in the open and talking them out, if he had simply disarmed the captain and subdued him things would have likely been quite hostile among them here, but now, with how things were going, he needed to step in and give his take on the situation. Of course Cinn knew he needed to take a show that he was behind Cameron with this one, and ed it as quickly as he could or else something might happen that they all regretted.

Cinn stepped in between the captain and his yeoman locking eyes with his friend and Captain he spoke in his stern strong voice. "Captain, I know you have had a lot of time to sit in that cell and think about the events on the bridge, but you have to keep in mind that maybe what was said on the bridge might have been doe to make you question who you could trust? Maybe they lied to you to make you think you could not trust those close to you, Captain you have been locked away an left under a lot of stress Captain, you need to try and think more clearly about what is happening."

Cinn placed one hand on Ives shoulder and with his other hand he began to gently try reclaim his weapon from his captain. "Captain, you know the type of man I am, the things I will do for this ship, doing the things you cannot. Knowing this Captain do you think that I would ever allow your yeoman to survive?" He cocked his head as he looked at Ives. "Captain, you need to also keep in mind that you have been kept prisoner on your own ship, I am sure if Dr.Nicanr was here he would instruct you to stand down and just com with us, because we need to escape, we ca sort out who did what later."

Cinn placed his hands on the Ives shoulders and shook his Captain. "Now as your yeoman has stated captain we do not have the time to discuss this, we need to get you out of here NOW. Otherwise his rescue will have been for nothing, if you would like Cameron can remain here with us and be beamed out on the second wave, otherwise she is going back with you, and you to can sort things out later, but I need my phaser back sir...I would rather you agree and we get out of here, instead of me deeming you unfit to command right now and pull rank.'' Wenn Cinn had a look of slight worry as he did not ant to throw around his weight too much for the greater good, he would rather things flow smoothly as he spoke softly. "We are all of Theurgy here."

Looking back to Cameran he shook his head no. "This is everyone, I dd not see anyone else that needs to be taken, thy must have been putting people in their rooms until they could be turned,keep all the loyal crew from meeting up with each other I would imagine." Reaching int his pocket Cinn pulled out the com badge. "Here Captain, just use this to contact the shuttle and beam yourself out with Rez." He looked to Rez. "I am sorry I could not give you any attention, but pressing matters and all that, I am sure you understand. Now pleas, you and Cameron gt together with the Captain and beam out of here, we will cover the escape and follow you out shortly."

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[ Jien Ives & Edena Rez | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage & Zenozine

Jien listened to Cam when she spoke of Sjaandin Fedd and his reasons, and it was plain to him that it... was somewhat of a sensitive subject. Nonetheless, it did not reflect on Cam's innocence, since if she had wanted to hide something, she'd have every kind of way to lie about it. The matter of urgency on the ship was apparent, even if Jien felt keenly how Edena and himself had been isolated from the progress of the retaliation against Declan Vasser and T'Rena.

His old comrade, Cinn, came up to him next - the immediate hostile situation having abated. Jien had no doubt the Bajoran would have acted earlier if the situation was not as strange as it was - Edena Rez and her many hosts merely one part of it all. Cinn had the right of it when he said he needed to clear his head, and Jien nodded quietly as he handed back the phaser he had stolen from the Chief of Security. His head still hurt, but his vision was not impaired by the flash bang they had suffered earlier. Breathing was coming easier, and he blinked hard - focusing on what Cinn said.

Then, Cinn spoke of what he was prepared to do for the ship and maintaining its chain-of-command. The Bajoran said he would not have let Cam live if Jien's accusations had any merit. It struck Jien why Cinn had been silent then. Of course, the grizzled occupation-fighter had listened, watched and judged the woman's innocence in the light of Jien's words. Evidence that was, in the end, no more than the words of another traitor. Jien met his comrade's stare squarely, and while he had a thing or two to say about the lengths to which the Bajoran would walk to see justice and mission served - like how he had ordered Cinn to not resort to torturing Sonja Acreth for information - none of it was not their current priority.

"Keep your phaser, old friend, and no need to worry. You and your Prophets want me back in command as much as I. There is a madman in my chair, and I mean to throw him out of it." As he said this, he turned from Wenn Cinn and appraised the rest of the team that had come to the Brig, nodding his head to them - quickening thoughts running through his head. Cam spoke up, asking if there were other prisoners, and that made Jien frown towards the other holding cells. Wenn Cinn spoke up before he could.

"This is everyone, I did not see anyone else that needs to be taken, they must have been putting people in their rooms until they could be turned, keeping all the loyal crew from meeting up with each other I would imagine."

"My gratitude," said Jien, accepting the combadge and speaking up after gettig the instructions about the shuttle. "There were two more prisoners here, just a short while ago. Lieutenant Commander Renard and the Asurian, Petty Officer Cardamone. They are not in their cell so they must be close. Check the interrogation rooms. If you locate Miles, relay my order for him to head to the hangar. Have him rally the Lone Wolves. If the Calamity is inbound, we need them in their cockpits."

"You bet you do, Captain," said the dust-covered Câroon, giving Jien a wolf grin. Axius vel Onea, he recalled, which was a sign the oxygen toxicity symptoms were abating.

Jien gave the man a nod and glanced towards Edena, who stepped closer - ready to leave as well. She had been looking at Cinn, Jien noticed, and it was impossible to tell what may have been left unsaid between the Trill and the Bajoran. Jien led the way over to Cam, thumbing the combadge in his calloused hand. "Captain Ives to shuttle, three to beam out. Energise." He turned his oaken eyes to Cinn before the transporter envelope closed around them. "When you are done here, head to the bridge. I will meet you there."

And then, they vanished... just as the security force outside began to cut through the door from the security gate - an unknown number of Vasser Loyalists about to enter the Brig in force.

[ Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage

Inside the shuttle, Jien Ives inclined his head to the man by the controls, who turned around in his chair long enough to give a cursory salute. Then the shuttle rocked on its landing gears. Jien raised his hands to try and help his First Officer and his Yeoman to remain on their feet. The loyal crewman spoke up in the wake of an explosion in the navigational control panel - smoke quickly filling the compartment. "Sorry, Captain. We are compromised and taking heavy fire. Shields are at 48 %. I suggest you beam out of here and quickly so. Where do you want to go?"

Truth to his claim, Jien could see a couple of mutineers through the view screen - shooting with phaser rifles at the shimmering energy cocoon around the shuttle. "Deal suppressive fire and give Wenn Cinn and his men some time to beam back from the Brig, then you leave with him immediately. If the shuttle can't take any more, you need to leave as well. Beam yourself to the Flight Hangar and help getting the Valkyries ready for combat."

Jien turned to Cam, Edena behind his shoulder. "Did you and Cinn have a plan for where to go from here? Then by all means, do tell." Hopefully, Cam knew what was best since she had not been locked away.

OOC: Triage, please feel free to write Edena Rez as well as Cameron from this point onwards. EDIT: With a new idea of mine, I hope that Cam urges towards Below Decks. Feel free to write the three of them beaming away again and arriving at the new location.

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The Vulpinian pilot grunted as he felt his back smash harshly into the walls as his once interrogator tried desperately to force him to release his hold.  Miles Had had enough of this and had taken his moment to resist and would be damned if he was put down after everything until now.  Still the human had a solid grip on the phaser and all Miles could do with it was barely keep his own head from being removed by its searing beam.  Riptor would not let the weapon go and miles was beginning to realize that there was little option but to kill or be killed now.  As much as miles felt hatred for the man.  As much as he wanted to assure Riptor's survival so he could live with the repercussions of his actions, Miles knew that he could no longer settle for the non lethal means of putting down his assailant.

Riptor may have had his feet steady but he was becoming desperate and miles saw his opportunity and took it as the a digitgrade foot slammed firmly into the side of the man's knee.  In a near instant the mans knee buckled as pain forced his finger down on the fire button sending a stream of phaser fire into the ceiling then into the far wall as the man began to fall his knee buckling to the side as the triad of ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus tore within his knee.  As the man fell miles released the neck for a moment and used the fall to leverage Riptor's elbow.  Before he could react to release the trigger the man saw his final sight, a bright orange red light filling his eyes.

The Vulpinian barely had time to react and push Riptor away before the beam cut through the man's head and into his own but somehow he managed.  Still the mans death grip on the weapon was too much and the weapon continued to fire now sending a searing beam into the wall next to the supposedly empty interrogation room.

Barely able to breathe from the exertion the near collapsed Vulpinian made his way to the now dead body reached down and used the intensity control to turn the phaser down to its lowest setting before prying the finger off of the firing button.  Looking down at the phaser miles sighed a bit of relief as he could tell by the faint scent of burnt circuits that the phaser had probably been less than 10 seconds from a catastrophic overload.

Slowly the Vulpinian got to his feet and made his way towards the door before sighing in aggravation as he saw the doors control panel now had a charred streak running through it from one the now dead human's many wild shots.  Knowing time was of the essence and his lover may be seconds away from the fate he almost met he headed over to the door and pried at the seam of the door hoping that he was lucky enough that the shot had shorted out the locking mechanism enough that he could force the door open manually.

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw & Edena Rez | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Jien Ives, Wenn Cinn, Miles Renard, Zaraq, Cathreen Dawinter, Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer & Axius vel Onea


The time had come to leave. While Cinn and Ives spoke momentarily, Henshaw made overt movements, making sure everyone could see what she was doing, because emotions and tensions were still in the air even though she had, at the least, dealt with the most surface emotions and situations between herself and the captain, whom she was finally willing to admit openly to herself, she was growing to love, as unorthodox as the whole thing might be in time to come. She retrieved her own phaser pistol, and after a moment's thought, handed it over to Ives. He needed to be armed, and she believed him to be far better with it than she was. Since he returned the weapon he used moments ago to the Bajoran, he would need something on hand.

Wordlessly, she moved to stand close to him, and soon felt the familiar nauseating experience of being dematerialized by a transporter beam, and her field of vision blurred...

[ Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

...only for it to clear up rather hastily, and taking a cue from Commander Cinn, she moved to stand protectively in front of Ives, phaser cutter tool in hand, ready to use offensively against anyone that would spring a surprise on them. But there was only one of the deck hands loyal to Ives who turned and saluted, then gave a brief status update. Edena Rez had also quietly moved to stand in a flanking position with Ives, acting in silent agreement with Henshaw's choice. The captain was their absolute priority, and they'd give their lives for him without hesitation.

When the shuttle shook, both women gripped any nearby support to keep stable. When Ives asked Henshaw if they had a plan, she briefly looked upwards, thinking, then quickly looked back at him, "Yes, we sort of did."

She nodded to the deck hand, "Beam us back to Below Decks, we'll make our next move from there."

Turning back to Ives, she nodded and gestured to the transporter pads, "Captain." Taking a position in front of him, she nodded at Rez, who again was in silent agreement with her, and was on the opposite flank in front of Ives. Henshaw said to the deck hand, "Energize."

Red made a rather uncomfortable expression, as she was not fond of transporters, because of the potential risk they had to the symbiont, what more with the fact that her joining was not proper or complete, and had...complications. She could see the former Rez hosts all looking similarly disconcerted, even Jona. At any other time, it might have been funny, if the situation wasn't as unfunny as it was.

[ Below Decks | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Once they materialized, Henshaw immediately scanned their immediate surroundings for anything unexpected, "Hold on, captain..." she stepped forward and held a hand backwards at Ives, her phaser cutter in her other hand held forward, while Rez, momentarily closing her eyes, reopened them, and there was a clearly different presence than Edena's. Jona was in control. Moving cautiously, but confidently about, he scanned the surroundings through Edena's eyes, and finally nodded at the others.

"Clear." Jona said, Edena's feminine voice contorting strangely to give a deeper, lower tone. "Let's not waste too much time here."

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[ Captain Jien Ives | Below Decks | Deck 07 ] Attn: Triage

Having materialised in the back room of the ship's lounge, Captain Ives checked the power level in the Type II phaser that his Yeoman had given him. While his head still hurt, and his worries for Wenn Cinn and the brave crew members who had liberated him, he had to push his concerns from his thoughts and focus on the mission, not to mention the pending battle against the Calamity. His crew were capable and, perhaps, more loyal than he had come to believe. Somehow, he had to place his faith in the fact that they were not themselves - turned against him by Vulcan mind-conditioning.

His First Officer and his Yeoman checked the back area of Below Decks, finding no hostile threats, and Jien nodded before setting his steps out into the main area of the ship's lounge. There, several crew members were present. Some armed, and some injured. It looked like a triage area and a base camp for a resistance movement, and while the armed presence alarmed Jien for the first couple of seconds, the smiles and cheers that erupted next verified that his Yeoman had chosen wisely. It was a good choice for a stronghold since it was quite easily defended. Evidently, the rescue attempt must have sprung from this location on the ship, and more people were arriving even as he stood there.

Staying, however, was not an option.

"The Red Alert means 'all hands to battle stations'," he said, walking to the centre of the lounge, and then he changed.. to her female form, and while her words were chiding, there was warmth in her demeanour as well, "and I hardly think Starfleet officers do battle in the crew lounges of their ships. Those too injured to move stays here, hold this area for us and await medical personnel. The rest, follow me as we take up arms, for the Red Alert means that the Calamity means to end us all, regardless who might be in command and who has remained loyal to their captain. Report to your duty stations now, and we'll stand our ground against this huntress. We will bring her down once and for all!"

With her phaser at her side, Captain Ives walked out of the ship's lounge without looking back, but she was confident she had not been dismissed, for the roused cheers and the shuffle of movement followed in her wake. With each step of her grim stride, the surge of a united effort spread from the centre of the ship.

- Fin

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[ Axius vel Onea | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: IronFerrox & Zenozine

After the Captain and First Offier beamed out together with Cameron, Axius and Lieutenant Commander Wenn had little time to coordinate their own extraction from the Brig. The Captain had said that there were two more prisoners and that they could be in the interrogation rooms, which belayed them from immediately following in Ives' wake. If there were prisoners int he interrogation rooms, then they ought to at least try to get them out. Especially if it was his Squadron Commanding Officer, Axius thought.

"I'll check the first one, so cover me," called Quake as he raised the muzzle of his rifle to the ceiling and started to tap at the Brig's duty station with a grime-covered and tattooed hand. The opposition was making a push through the door of the security gate, but there were enough manpower present to keep them from getting through. Cameron had unlocked the duty station so Axius could bring up the live surveillance feed from Interrogation Room 02. There, he could see the body of... could it be Riptor? The beard belonged to someone he knew from the Harbinger's fighter squadron. Then he saw movement at the bottom of the monitor, and he could make out Miles there - prying at the door.

"Renard is here, unlocking the door for him," called Axius and navigated himself to the lock of the door on their side of the interrogation room. He pushed the button and stepped out in front of the interrogation room with a hand raised in a gesture for Miles to not shoot.

"Fox, we are getting you out of here. The Captain has already been extracted. We were told there was another - Cardamone - do you know where she is being held? We don't know how much longer we can hold this room. If you think she is in one of the interrogation rooms, which one should I open?"

The state-of-clothing and general appearance of the Vulpinian after all he had likely been through concerned Quake, but there was hardly any time to dwell on his well-being given the circumstances. "As soon as we have her, we need to get out of here," he said as he moved back to the duty station, "I have the combadge that will take us out."

OOC: Next poster is IronFerrox and he will cover a lot of ground with his post, where he has been given leave to NPC Axius as well as Dyan Cardamone and get the team ouf of the Brig and to the shuttle. Zenozine, I will PM you with suggestions after IronFerrox's post.

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