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As the Vulcan spoke Lahkesis found herself even more confused. She had so very much to learn about sexuality. All she could nod and obey. She was pleased to note that there was flaw in her body at would prevent her from enjoying sexuality, and yet her mind raced and reeled. She figured now the chilling of the mood had something to do with her wanting to take the pain and punishment of abusive sexual partners so that Maya would not have to. She climbed back into the isolation tank and laid down, the thin fabric of her standard issue bra and panties soaking up the water and holding it against her smooth skin, her body naturally absorbing it. She gazed intently up at the other woman, her pale pupilless eyes searching. All she wanted to do was to please her mentor. She realized, at least in part, that it was the thought of Lahkesis sacrificing herself that had upset Maya so much, or at least that was her best guess.

When the young plant girl heard the Vulcan woman let out a grunt she instinctively began to worry, concern flashing across her face, though in seeing she wasn't hurt at all Lahkesis could not help but smile, her innocent face showing her eager desire to please the other woman. She had made up her mind. As abusive as those who had hurt her friend had been, she would be loving, even if she had no idea how to be.

She shivered slightly as the other woman climbed into the tank an their bodies touched once more. As Maya straddled her and e plant girl's face flushed. She smiled awkwardly up at the green blooded woman, unsure what she should do, so she simply lay prone. She felt her pulse quicken as once more the older woman touched her soft breasts, the thrill of the Vulcan's telepathic connection filling her mind with pleasant thoughts of love and genuine affection.

And in that moment in the water, feeling her mentors affections caress both her mind and bosom, she began to relax. She simply let the sensation take her, her eyes half closing, her fingers stretching out into the water. Perhaps it was the water on her skin, perhaps it was the delicate touch of the well trained woman whom was straddling her, but she felt safe in that moment. All of the fear seemed to abandon her. Though she could still feel a faint tingle of her lingering arousal, the phantoms in her mind had fled into the darkness. Maya's touch reminded her that she was safe, that she was loved.

She gazed up at her friend, her eyes heavy lidded. She did not know what to expect next, but she was looking forward to it all the same.

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[Maya  | Sickbay, Isolation ]
Maya caressed the pink filaments that were Lahkesis' 'hair' as she gazed affectionately into her crystal blue eyes. "You're so wise Lahkesis," the older woman cooed as the girl's hair began to glow.   "It was irrational for me to desire a perfect setting for this, because there is no such thing as perfection.  A wise person takes what life offers her and knows that happiness is found where one searches for it."

Maya leaned in and kissed the girl on the mouth.  The little Vulcan's lips and tongue were gentle, teasing and affectionate.  She didn't smash her face against her or shove her tongue down her throat.  Instead Maya fondled Lahkesis' mouth with her lips and as her tongue gently massaged the girl's.  She teased the girl and when she drew back between kisses she held on to the girl's lower lip before releasing her mouth.

In the meantime, Maya's long spidery fingers to search for more of the girl's erogenous zones.  Lahkesis may have had more in common with plants than animals but Maya could feel the nutrients pumping beneath her smooth supple skin.  Her large hands caressed Lahkesis' breasts before gliding along her flawless skin to explore the curves on the plant girl's backside.   The little Vulcan licked and nibbled on the girl's neck as she ground her sex against the younger girl's femininity.  The girl was so delicious that Maya wanted to run her tongue all along her body.

In the meantime, it was time to stop being selfish and find out if Lahkesis' body had erogenous zones similar to that of mammalian women.   One of Maya's hands glided in between Lahkesis' legs and delicately probed the folds of her femininity.  Did Lahkesis have a 'sweet spot' at the same place her shipmates did?  It was time for Maya's long graceful fingers to discover the truth.

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Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay, Isolation

As she felt the other woman's fingers run through her hair Lahkesis found herself unsure how to react. On one hand it felt really good, on the other hand she was not sure how she should feel about being called wise. She did not view herself as wise as much in life confused her. To put it mildly she was the one who knew enough to know that a tomato is a fruit, yet would not know not to put it in a fruit salad.

Yet as Maya kissed her the confusion about being called wise disappeared. All she could think about was the feeling of the Vulcan's lips against her own, the heat of them against the sensitive pink skin of her lips seeming to flood through her. The kiss was different then the one before, the feeling of the other woman's tongue against her lips brought about a totally different sensation. All the while she found herself awkwardly grasping, clenching and unclenching her hands in the warm water.

She wasn't sure what to do, so she did nothing, letting the more experienced woman take the lead, deciding how fast to go, what to touch and what to kiss, and how it was all done. She let out a moan as she felt the green blooded one's fingers move over her body, exploring her smooth, nearly flawless, skin. The feeling of the kisses on her neck caused her to simply close her eyes, the doubts and fears didn't seem to matter as much now, even the dark phantoms seemed to retreat from the sensation. If she were capable of eating, or even had taste buds, she would have described the sensation of the other woman's lips on her neck as delicious. As it was she had no words in which to describe it, it simply was and it was very nearly breathtaking.

It was all so much that she began to find herself feeling so warm. The dense network of plant like veins her thin layer of skin began to flush her skin and give off a soft bioluminescence. She was glowing, both physically and emotionally.

It was all so nice and she could feel the area between her legs again grow sensitive and moist, though the fluid was slightly thinner and had more in common with honey than with the lubrication normal mammals produced. Thus when she felt the other woman's hand snake it's way over her body and between her legs she felt a sense of anticipation and a touch of fear. When the long fingers gently touched the outer folds of her vulva she could not help but let out a whimper and quickly bite her lips to keep from letting out a cry. Her breathing increased and she could feel her pulse pounding in her ears and all over her body.

She felt her body tense as the other woman touched her, fear and pleasure seeping into her mind. She had been given numerous pelvic examinations measuring the size and shape of every corner of her anatomy. She was for all intensive purposes human, though she lacked any pubic hair. Though these examinations had never been when she was in a state of arousal they showed she was what would be expected in any humanoid.  But still she felt nervous and her rigid body showed his. The feeling of the area being touched in any erotic way was only a recent discover for her and it had never been done by anyone other than herself. The feeling caused the faint bioluminescence to increase, her skin glowing as the levels of nutrients increased drastically and it grew more sensitive.

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[Maya  | Sickbay, Isolation ]

It may have been the shine from Lahkesis' luminous skin, but it was one of the few times in history that a Vulcan's face lit up.  This young intern's body was blooming, and she had so much to give the poor girl couldn't stand it.  Maya's face was calm but alert, and from a certain angle appeared almost like a predatory smile.   Slowly and lazily she withdrew her hands from the girl's body and licked her moist fingers.  The girl's juices weren't salty or bitter like that of a mammal, it was sweet, like Denobulan wasp nectar.  Once Lahkesis gained some confidence, she would undoubtedly be the most popular girl on the ship.  

"You liked that?" the little Vulcan murmured in her musical mezzosoprano voice.  "I liked it too."  Although the empathic mind touch made small talk superfluous, Maya made some anyway.  The calm soothing voice of a loved one would no doubt be a great comfort to someone experiencing such intense passions for the first time.  She was going to do everything she could to make sure this experience was as pleasant and reassuring as possible.

"There is no need for concern," the green blooded neurosurgeon cooed in a surprisingly unVulcan tone as she slid back to kneel between Lahkesis' legs.  "I will get that for you," she added as she placed her long spidery fingers on the girl's inner thighs and spread her legs apart.  "Your skin is so smooth," Maya murmured as she crouched and readjusted her position.  "It's like the finest silk," she commented softly as she lowered her head so she could sample the girl's juices.  Maya's lips when around the girl's folds as her tongue lapped up Lahkesis' nectar and searched for her sweet spot.

It was quite uncanny.  The girl tasted like honey from Earth's Calluna vulgaris flower.  Her sugar rich nectar was quite sweet tasting and viscous.  Whereas normally the reproductive drive had to overcome a participant' revulsion towards bodily fluids, with Lahkesis there was nothing revolting about her fluids at all.  It was feasibly possible for Lahkesis and her sisters to become the most sexually desirable women in the known galaxy.

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Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay, Isolation

Though the words were lost on her pleasure-addled mind, Lahkesis was still gratefully for them. The words merged with the telepathic intent and they helped her relax, feeling as if she was melting into the thin layer of water she was laying in. The dense areas under her skin of plant like veins were visible forming intricate patterns, not unlike lace, of glowing and pulsing light just under the thin layer of her skin. Her eyes lazily opened her eyes and gazed up at the  smaller Vulcan woman. She smiled lazily; unsure what to expect next, all of her readings on the subject had been related to male and female sexual relations. Female and female relations had to be fundamentally different.

She watched closely as Maya moved down her body. She bit her lips as she felt the Vulcan spread her legs, her long fingers moving smoothly over her inner thighs. She would have lifted her head from the water to continue to watch the other intently, unsure what she was about to do. She shifted a little nervously as she stared at the smooth matte gray ceiling, with the dimmed light in the center. She closed her eyes and held her breath as she waited. She had no idea what to expect, only that Maya was not yet done. Or at least she hoped she was not done yet.

And then she felt it, the texture of the Vulcan's tongue move over the slick and oh so sensitive skin of her vulva. Her held breath rushed out of her lungs in a high-pitched gasp. Her spine arched as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her, a rush for every lap of the tongue against her. And then suddenly she felt the Vulcan's tongue hit something different, something far more sensitive, a small pink pearl at the peak of her slit. Her mind went blank as white-hot pleasure caused her to shudder. She grew wetter by the second, the viscous fluid seeping from the wet lips and small hole.

The feeling of her tongue, on what she was certain was her clitoris, felt as if it were about to drive her insane. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, somewhere deep inside she knew the room was soundproofed; yet she held back. It felt so good, all she wanted to do was scream out in pure bliss. But she fought to control her voice, whispering hoarsely, "so good... so good..."


Re: CHAPTER 03: The Captain of My Soul [03: Pain & Guilt]

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Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay, Isolation

Somewhere in the sensation of the Vulcan's exquisite approach to cunnilingus time seemed to get lost of the pleasure addled mind of the young Teslyliac. Her body felt so warm, the dense light of her veins pulsed with a rich inner light. Her skin felt more alive than it had ever before. No private masturbation session had ever come close to this.

When her thoughts at last returned to her she became aware that Maya had stopped her oral assault on her oh so sensitive flesh and now looked down on her with a look of genuine affection. She was still aware the other woman's feelings in her mind, comforting her. She felt so at peace, so relaxed under the genuinely loving care of her mentor. It was like nothing could hurt her or would ever even try. All was well in her world, at least in that moment.

And slowly it seemed that the room faded into a comfortable tingling feeling as Lahkesis slipped into a peaceful sleep, though it seemed like even in the peace there was some dark figure looming in her mind. A great beast just under the surface of sexual peace, a phantom in her mind.


OOC Stuff: Wrapping this up so we can move on for now, also laying some hints at Lahkesis's fear of Phantom, without her ever having met him. I figure she would have absorbed some of Maya's memory of the assault and it will play into her later encounter with him.

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