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[ Miles Renard | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, Zenozine, and Cathreen Dawinter.

Ironically, given the other wolf's reaction of holding up a hand in a gesture not to shoot,  Miles had nothing on him that he would have been able to shoot with, a situation he planned to rectify immediately having heard the commotion in the other interrogation room before the raid on the brig had begun.  "Good to see you Quake," he said walking over to where a dropped type-two phaser lay, picking it up and checking the energy cell and adjusting the setting. "And I have this," he said walking over to the adjacent door and speaking into the panel.  "Unlock and open interrogation room door authorization Renard, Miles, Bravo Charlie Four Two Eight Four."

The door acknowledging his command opened revealing a very surprised Klingon straddling the subdued Asurian.  The Klingon had no time to react as the Vulpinian raised the weapon and fired.  The phaser beam hit the Klingon in the chest knocking him back and breaking his contact with the winged officer.  The Vulpinian looked to his fellow pilot and added, "It's on a high stun.  The other would 'a been too if I had been the one who had control of the phaser when it had been fired." Miles said explaining that the phaser bored hole in Riptor's head was not Miles own action but the result of a setting the one now dead had set the phaser to.  "I'll grab Dyan; you can take care of the transport," he said as he ran into the room and grabbed the combadge from the Klingon's chest planning to reconfigure it to himself once he had a few seconds to spare.

Quake was needless to say surprised at how given the clear abuse his commander had sustained he had taken charge of the situation once given the opportunity to quite quickly.  

Miles looked to the Asurian who once again seemed in a state between another time and place and the present.  "It's me, Miles; we're getting out of here." 

She nodded seeming to be in a state barely comprehending the world around her at the moment.  "The...Captain?"  She managed to ask. 

"Already extracted, they are waiting on us."  Miles said looking to Quake and nodding before walking out the door with the Asurian in tow entering a few quick commands into the door panel causing it to shut and lock again.

Axius tapped his badge, "Axius to shuttle, lock onto my combadge and the combadge registered to Zaraq, five to beam out immediately."  In less than a second's time The Lone Wolves, Dyan Cardamone, Wenn Cinn and the remaining deck hands dematerialized - leaving the brig behind.

[ Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, Zenozine, and Cathreen Dawinter.

The group rematerialized within the confines of a rapidly deteriorating shuttle craft.  Miles first order of business was a quick reconfiguration of the combadge that had moments ago belonged to the Klingon now stunned and locked in an interrogation room.  Looking over to his fellow wolf be began issuing a few orders. Speaking primarily to the Bajoran security chief.  "Quake I need you in your fighter A-sap.  I apologize for stealing him from you, Cinn, but I need all the wolves in their fighters that can be found in case launch orders are given."

Hearing this, Quake nodded, giving his badge to Wenn Cinn and speaking to the operator, asking for a beam out before he disappeared back into the energy stream of the transporter to materialize within the fighter bay. Meanwhile, the shuttle shook at it was under heavy fire from mutineers, but the shields still held for the time being.

Miles continued, having stepped off the transporter padd along with the winged woman who was seeming to regain focus. He spoke to Wenn Cinn again. "As for Dyan, the effects of the mind meld on her have been psychologically catastrophic.  She seems to be in a mental state reliving aspects of her past.  I advise getting her to medical immediately for psychological care.  I'm sorry for dumping her on you but I have somewhere to go myself. " He then spoke to the shuttle operator, walking back onto the pad. "If you can, please transport me directly to my office in the fighter bay. Energize."

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[ Wenn Cinn | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 |USS Theurgy ]

 With everything that was unfolding Cinn just remained silent and let things unfold as he and his team rounded up the last of he people from around the brig and began their withdrawal from the brig before anyone could break in. He ha the com badge activated and the last of the evacuation team and any other people beamed back to the shuttle where they would be able to gather together and decide what they would be doing from his point on.

As they all stood in the shuttle and planned for their next course of action Cinn stood back and listened to the plan that was unfolding, he had to nod in agreement that the last people should beam back to the fighter bay to get on with what they did best. "Alright, I will beam you down to the fighter bay. I will then beam down to Deck 7 and see about he condition of the Sickbay and see about dropping Dyan off there to get proper care, I am sure that Dr.Maya would know something about repairing the damage done through a mind meld. Of course if I find that the Sickbay is no longer under our control I will bring her back to Below Decks, she will be much safer here than if she were to go anywhere else."

Cinn went to the console for the shuttles beaming to make adjustments to the system. I will beam you over to the fighter bay Miles, just take care alright, we are going to need as much of this crew alive through all of this if we stand any chance of survival." He then began the beaming process. "Take care Miles." He activate the beam and the world shimmered out for Miles before slowly reforming as he was materialized within the office at the fighter bay.

Back in the shuttle Cinn walked over to Dyan and put a calming hand on her shoulder. "Dyan, I am going to take you to Sickbay, we will have Doctor Maya look take you and see if she can help you recover, but I need you to remain calm and wait while I get some things set up for us." Cinn patted Dyan's shoulder before he turned to the console for the transporter and he input a destination on a less traveled part of Deck 7 so they could get in without being detected. After that he prepare the computer for an automatic beam out before he turned and headed for the main console of the shuttle.

Cinn left the beaming controls completely unsupervised while he began to write out the commands for the shuttle for after he and Dyan beamed out. He set it us to power down all systems and cleared the transporter logs so that the captain could not be found so easily. Once that had been done the shuttle would power own and ope up for the mutineers, he could risk the shuttle to simply buy them time. They were not able to just go to a station and restock on supplies any longer, if they lost this shuttle they would be going without it for the rest of their mission. They needed to conserve resources and be smart with what little they had. Of course while Cinn was doing all of this he was not paying any attention to Dyan, as far as he was concerned she was just going to be a tag along with him until he dropped her off, as she was he did not think she would be much to handle. After all of this he as going to need to head to the bridge and try and meet up with other loyalist crew that he could rally them to retake the ship for the Captain, or perhaps he could meet up with the distraction team he had sent out and provide assistance. Whatever happened he figured he could sort it out later, the captain as sure to understand he figured.


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[ Sar-unga / Dyan Cardamone | Interrogation Room 03 ] Attn: Wenn Cinn

The idea to let Zaraq take advantage of her body so that she may catch him unawares had backfired on Sar-unga, because once the great Klingon had spread her legs and pushed that ridged hardness into her, she had found herself at his mercy, but what had been most humiliating was the fact that she had - somehow - been wanting him.  At least to the point of finding herself wet and perfectly ready for him once he began to thrust into her. He was too strong for her, and he... he felt far better than she could have imagined. Those ridges on his cock had been sawing across her clitoris right from the start, so when the noise came from the Brig and Zaraq had been distracted, she had missed the opportunity entirely - mind riding the euphoria he was giving her.

She saw his neck. Exposed. The moment had come, and she struggled to get her bearings. The time to strike. Why was she just lying there, breathless?

It did not last, however, for while her body may have wanted Zaraq to continue, the sliding doors opened and she saw the silhouette of Miles Renard in the doorway - raising a phaser to  shoot Zaraq. The Klingon flew backwards - his glistening length ripped out of her body. The sense of loss was immediate, but her wits were returning to her to fill the emptiness. Miles was talking to someone else, then entered the interrogation room to help her. It was Miles, wasn't it? Her mind was not entirely restored from that Vulcan's vile touch.

He told her the Captain was freed already, and that they were getting out.

[ Later | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 07 ]

Miles was the only one she could recognise until he named the other figures around her - figures hailing from her past but revived in the waking nightmare she endured. Wenn Cinn was a name she was familiar with, having served with him during the past couple of days. The Theurgy's Chief of Security was a capable Bajoran, so when Miles wanted to leave her in his care, she did not protest, nodding as she seated herself next to the shuttle operator. Her emerald green eyes scanned the situation outside, gauging how soon the mutineers would get through the shields, and then turned to see Miles beam off to do his duty.

"I will be fine," she protested to the Vulpinian before he left, baring her teeth at him - not ready to resign herself to the Counselor when there was a fight on their hands. He may have been right, she needed help, but now was not the time. Wenn Cinn came over and patted her shoulder, and while he wore the face of an enemy she had killed decades ago, she noted that his mannerisms were too respectful, and fit the Bajoran that she had faced Sonja Acreth with. She was not normally self-conscious, but so soon after the fight with Zaraq, she found herself bundling up the tattered rags of her uniform jacket and undershirt over her chest in a white-knuckled fist.

She might have nodded when he said he'd take her to Sickbay, but already, her mind was on the one prey she meant to bring down. She saw Lieutenant Commander Wenn beam everyone out and lock on to the destination on the transporter controls. When he turned away, she knew what she would do. With her free hand, she typed out a query to Thea, hoping the ship's computer - however sentient or corrupted as it could have become - could provide her with assistance.


She sent it, and glanced towards the Bajoran's back. They were alone, and she was not sure what his priorities were, but she knew her own. She did not have to wait long for the reply on the monitor.


Dyan did not know what an Augment was, but the term was familiar from some course she had taken when enlisting in Starfleet. It did not matter. The human had betrayed her trust on the bridge, ordered her mind raped and had her end up corrupted by her own gruesome past. He had thrown her into the Brig without even blinking despite what had happened between them during Lohlunat , and it had led to her being violated by her trusted crewmate on the Harbinger. It would not stand. She had killed for far less reasons.

Before the Bajoran got back, she had typed in a new destination on the transporter controls.

- Fin

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