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CHAPTER 04: Invictus [01: Subjection]

Chapter 04: Invictus [01: Subjection]
Attn: Brutus, Nolan, IronFerrox, Kurohigi, Cathreen Dawinter

Captain's Log, Stardate 57505.28. One hour ago, we acted, and the acquisition of the Theurgy was successful. A few resistance cells are still operative on board, but we have the numbers on our side and we will be able to locate them with our internal sensors and with the search parties that we have deployed. Any attempts by people still loyal to Captain Ives to re-take command will be quelled without any considerate losses. At this point, it is only a question of time before Commodore Vasser is completely unopposed.
- Captain T'Rena, Commanding Officer of the USS Theurgy

[ USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1300 hrs. ]
Attn: Natalie Stark, Simon Tovarek, Aisha S'Iti & Declan Vasser

After having made her log entry into the arm-rest of the Commanding Officer's chair on the bridge, T'Rena stepped into the unoccupied XO Ready Room. She had yet to deem anyone qualified as her First Officer, so after Commander Rez had been locked away in the Brig together with Captain Ives, the rooms now served an auxiliary purpose.

The only change to the interior could be found in the middle of the office, where an annulus in the ceiling had been used, looping a synthetic rope through it. One of the security guards had tied the knots around the wrists of the two captives, and then hoisted them up until they sat on their knees with their backs against each other. A crude method, but quite effective. The purpose of stringing them up was merely so that they couldn't get away until T'Rena subjected them to their mind-melds - making them valuable to the new cause. The last hour had been rather busy for her, so it was not until now that she could take care of them.

The two captives were Natalie Stark and Simon Tovarek, the Chiefs of the Operations and Science departments. They appeared to still be unconscious while T'Rena stepped up towards them, flexing her fingers with her dispassionate gaze appraising them. Concious or not, it didn't matter. The results would be the same.

[Captain T'Rena,] came a voice from her combadge. [This is Phantom.]

"Yes, Mr. Kilinvoss?" she replied, not pausing her stride as she tapped her combadge. She would hardly call the man by his new callsign.

[We have a matter than needs your attention. I can't speak over the comm. The resistance might be listening.]

Neither sigh nor frown gave away the Vulcan's displeasure as she listened to what was being said. She merely turned on her heel and stepped back unto the Bridge. "I am on my way. You, remain posted and be alert," she said to the security guards posted on each entrance to the bridge. Then she glanced towards Declan Vasser, now seated in the CO chair after she left it. "I will be returning shortly, Commodore. I might suggest that as soon as Lieutenant Fedd reports that the threat of the Intelligence Officer and the Chief Engineer has been dealt with, the time is opportune to visit Cargo Bay 02 and round up the volunteers to our cause."

Before she stepped on the turbolift, she glanced towards the Cardassian woman at the helm. Chief S'Iti was likely immune to the mind-meld since she was Cardassian, but it did seem like she was compliant nonetheless. She had so far given them no reason to doubt her, and as it were, the woman remained by her post, even if it was due time for her to eat something.

The turbolift doors closed before T'Rena's face, and she descended into the restless starship.

OOC: Image of Deck 01 for sake of guidance: [Show/Hide]

[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Deck 07 | 1300 hrs. ]
Attn: Miles Renard, Edena Rez & Dyan Cardamone

With the Security Office held by the crew loyal to Vasser, the prisoners had been placed in holding cells. All save for one, who had been dragged from the the Lone Wolves' hangar and thrown into an interrogation room. The prisoner was tied by feet and wrists to the chair he sat in, and Zaraq was sitting across the table with his large hands busy sharpening his d'k tahg - the warrior's knife he had carried with him since his exile.

Tilting his head, the Klingon looked up, appraised the injuries that the Vulpinian's face had sustained. Split skin. Swollen areas. Dried blood caked in rivulets down his fur. Bright eyes still defiant. Not about to yield just yet. Zaraq put aside his whetstone and raised a hand to stroke the shaved scalp of his ridged head, deciding to try something a bit more close to heart.

"From what I have understood from this human," he said, indicating the pilot who was standing behind Miles Renard's shoulder with his rumbling voice, "all Tactical Conn squadrons have their own set routines when they retreat from a fight. Your... pups may have run away with their tails between their legs, but it is just a matter of time before we locate them. Each second they are out there... is ripe with the risk of the Calamity locating them. They will die, and they might even bring the Calamity to us. We are currently ill-equipped to do battle with her. We don't want to kill them, so each second you delay in telling us their tactical protocols... you are risking the lives of all of us."

Riptor shook his head, standing there behind Renard with his muscular arms partly folded and stroking his long beard. He had been sent by Phantom to help Zaraq breaking the prisoner, and he had gotten a nice workout for it too. His knuckles hurt, and he had Vulpinian blood on his white undershirt. He also had another idea to offer the Klingon. "Why don't you tell him about the Asurian. I hear they became close during Lohlunat ."

Zaraq nodded slowly, choosing his words for best effect. The prisoner was likely to become more angry, but he understood the human's intent. "Captain T'Rena attempted to show the winged female what will come to pass... but it seems her kind doesn't respond well to... visions. We locked her up before we brought you here. She was raving, seeing things that weren't there, unable to separate whatever is in her mind from her actual surroundings." he said, not exaggerating anything. "No one can get through to her, so we will eventually put her out of her misery. Before that, I am sure you don't mind her company... because the two of you will be sharing a cell. Would you like to be with her one last time, mate with her on last time... before I cut her throat?"

As if they were done, Riptor unfastened Renard's wrists from the chair, but instead of doing so with his ankles, he locked the Vulpinian's wrists together with the cuffs, then he shoved him out of his seat and across the table. "Remember Lohlunat , Zaraq? Phantom wanted results, and this far, he has just bled a little. Hold his arms," he said confidently to Zaraq and put one knee on the seat of the chair to keep it in place - thus also keeping the Squadron Commander's legs spread and locked. "Let's make his integrity bleed a bit too before he is reunited with her, shall we?"

Agreeing with a nod, Zaraq slowly rose from his chair, towering above the table, and he reached out to hold the Vulpinian down with whitening knuckles around his hand-cuffs. Even if he did not like parting with it, he handed his blade over to the human. "Imagine me doing this to her, and when she finally give voice to her pleasure - for they always do - I will cut her cries short, and finish while she writhes in her own blood. The only way to save her... Miles Renard... is if you tell me what I need."

Smirking, Riptor cut and tore the SCO's trousers open. Then he handed the Klingon weapon back to Zaraq and unbuckled his own belt. He moved behind the Vulpinian, yanking the tail high and holding it there while he readied himself.

OOC: Here is the current character placement in the Theurgy's brig, and I will soon be posting with Captain Ives too: [Show/Hide]

[ USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 | 1300 hrs.]
Attn: Amelya Duv

Than'Ida zh'Wann sat on the floor of the holding cell, propped up against a wall. The bench had not offered comfort to her injuries, and she was far too agitated for comfort anyway.

She was still sharing her holding cell with the Harbinger's CMO, who had helped treat the worst of Ida's wounds. At least superficially, even if the pain still lingered in the areas where she had been beaten the most. The small sink in the corner had offered water to clean her face with, and she had gotten the worst stains of blue blood out of her hair too. Not that it mattered. She was still locked up and unable to help her crew on the Theurgy. With her wet strands of white hair framing her face where she sat, she glared towards the floor - thoughts bent on a singular purpose. To get out, and to warn Captain Ives and Wenn Cinn about what was going on.

Then again, the worst bit was that she knew too little. She wanted information desperately. What was Vasser's plan? How far had things gone already? Was anyone of the Theurgy's Senior Staff involved in this? Why had they tried to rape their own Chief Medical Officer? The questions were many, and the posted Brig Officer would not even talk to them no matter how much he had been threatened or shouted at. At one point in her career, she'd been the guard posted at the terminal. It was weird being on this side of the force field. Ida did not look towards her company in the cell, and she had no idea what the Trill was thinking about, but given what had happened to her, Ida did not blame her for not being too talkative.

A shadow crossed in front of their cell, and Ida looked up. A brown-skinned human stood there, arms crossed. Instinct guiding her, Ida kept her face calm and met the man's gaze as she stood up, trying to summon a confident air about herself without looking defiant. "Are you the Pinkskin that will tell us what is going on?"

The man had the audacity to smirk at them, and his unshaven appearance was surely appealing to some human women, but to Ida, he looked like a filthy, lanky primate. "That depends on how cooperative you are, ladies," he said, his accent... Did they call it Spanish? Ida folded her arms underneath her chest while he continued talking to them. "As of 1200 hours, I am the Commanding Officer of the Harbinger. You may address me as Commander Trujillo. Captain T'Rena is commanding the Theurgy, and the both of us report to Commodore Vasser. He will lead us to safety, and then... to victory."

"Not unless I kill all three of you before that," said Ida evenly, throwing away her plan to not be defiant. The newly promoted Commander chuckled in response. Ida hoped he would soon choke on that mirth.

"I think not. When T'Rena gets here," said Trujillo and folded his hands behind his back, "you will be shown the future, and understand our cause. You will also know your rightful place, which is on your back and with your legs spread wide. In fact, I think you will be the first woman I will attempt to bless with a child - one of the first pure-blooded to fight in the war."

"Come in here and try," said Ida gravelly, masking how his words and their implications creeped her out. "I dare you, Pinkskin." Perhaps the CMO had something in her labcoat that Ida could use as a weapon if it came to that...

[ Uncharted Planetoid | Surface Temperature: - 30 ⁰ Celsius | Surface Gravity 0.81 g | 1300 hrs. ]
Attn: Nathaniel Isley & Thomas Ravon

Overhead, the Class-9 nebula lit the overcast heavens in gold, and the pelting blizzards howled across the frozen planet. The orange light made you think that it wasn't as cold as the readings in the Valkyrie said, but with most of its hydrosphere locked up in massive glaciers, it was barely habitable by any definition. The atmosphere simply couldn't trap enough heat from the Red Dwarf that it circled, but that had at least allowed for an easier atmo-entry for the Lone Wolves.

Evelyn Rawley released the seal of her canopy, letting more of the rigid air inside. Standing up, she saw her fellow Wolves climb out of their crafts. Her white space suit protected her from the worst of the cold, and her oxygen supply would last for at least three hours. Her eyes scanned the vista of the icy mountainsides and wondered if there could be anything alive out there. They had no sensor readings of their own any more, so it was anyone's guess, and that compelled her to pick up her Type III rifle before she jumped down to the ground. She pressed a button on her suit to close the cockpit behind her.

It had been a tactical choice to land on the planet regardless of the conditions, because the constituent compounds and elements in the orange nebula - with it's sensor-deceiving properties - had effected the planet's atmosphere too. At first, they had jumped to Warp, then doubled back to mask their warp signature, and then touched down much closer to the nebula than comfortable. They would be hidden from the Harbinger and its fighters if they followed, at least, but the need for decisions was pressing, and so was the need to repair their Valkyries as best as the conditions would allow them to. Rawley trudged through the ankle-deep snow and shielded the visor of her helmet with her free hand, trying to locate Maverick and Razor.

Razor. Thomas might have saved her from Hannah in the hangar, but that had not diminished Rawley's memory of what he had done to her that morning in her quarters. And then there was the rape-murder of Narik Cinsaj shortly afterwards. Then... the mutiny. Circumstances? She did not believe in them. She saw Maverick and walked up to him. "Wolves Three and Eight said they'll scout the perimeter," she said into the microphone in her helmet as she neared him. "So what the bloody hell should we do now? How the fuck could this happen, anyway?"

She spotted Razor then, barely hearing Nathaniel's answer... and she made her decision. She glanced towards Isley, hoping he wouldn't do anything foolish, before she raised her rifle against Thomas and powered it up. "Not one step closer," she said in cutting syllables. "So, let's hear it. How come you tried to rape me, saying you can't remember doing so, and then that Boslic woman met the same fate shortly afterwards? Come on, Thomas. You are a part of all the shit that has gone down today. I am fucking certain of it. So spill it out."

OOC: This thread, named 01:Subjection, will contain the scenes with all characters that are captive by the current circumstances in the story, be it in the brigs of the two starships, strung up in a Ready Room or if they are stranded on a distant planet. This thread will eventually be continued in 03: Liberation, where the prisoners will somehow be set free, as soon as the IC-events affect to the captives. As of now, both threads start at 1300 hours, which is one hour after the end of the previous Chapter. It is free to make up what has transpired during the hour that has gone by since the hostile takeover based on what has been suggested above. Lastly, please make sure to tag your posts by [Character] and/or [Location] for ease of reading.

This Chapter in the Theurgy story is dedicated to Mr. Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015. May he never be forgotten.

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[Aisha S'iti | USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | 1300 hrs. ]

The Cardassian woman fidgeted in her seat a moment as she just couldn't feel settled.  Looking around the bridge she saw one of the many sources of her discomfort.  At every door there were guards stationed ready to kill or incapacitate anyone who dared not do as the ice queen wanted.  More importantly there was something she might could do but she knew doing so would have it's own consequences.  Consequences that only begun with what could happen to her but more importantly consequences that if she wasn't able to return to her post there was an even greater chance of failure and eradication if and when the Calamity arrived.

Knowing the guilt of inaction  the futility if failure and the consequences of even the best kind of success in her ideas she began to outline various ideas for each stage and obstacle she would face and a means that could place her back here at the helm without arousing suspicion.

The first question was how to get into the XO's ready room.  this was of course followed by a more important question how to leave the bridge and what exit to take?  Sure a person who has no suspicions could go through the checkpoint to access the deck 01 corridor but for one the corridor itself most likely has guards she considered and secondly no one ever exited that bridge through that door unless they were going to the briefing room.  No, to her the only exit that would make sense would be the deck 01 main bridge turbolift exit.   But what would be the excuse to leave her station and how would she return to deck 01 without suspicion?  'Well it is overdue for my mid-shift lunch break perhaps I could ask the...Commodore' she thought to herself.  But he can easily monitor my movements via my com badge so that wont do me much good on getting to that room unless I can manage some form of being in two places at once.

SHe then began to ponder how to get into the XO's office even if she could not be tracked   Sure there was the Deck 1 corridor turbolift but there were bound to be guards in the corridor. so that was not the best idea.  the idea of the Jeffries tubes hit her but how would she pull that one off and where in the ready room could she access through maintenance access ways?  There were so many questions the least of which being.  'Can I afford to risk the mission both captains could agree on?  Can I afford to be disposed of in a way that could damn everyone for lack of knowledge of the plan with the galvanometric mines.' 

Thinking about this she rubbed her head and breathed her discomfort easily readable to anyone in the room as she stared at the Conn panel pretending to wrestle with impulse equations and warp trajectories she had figured out 30 minutes ago as she pretended to do work that was done the only thing she was still needed for were to preform the needed actions when the calamity showed up.  With that thought in mind she began to program in a series of autopilot sequences and maneuvers that no matter what happened would leave the now self appointed commodore the sequence of maneuvers that would at the minimum get them out of range of the mines when the Calamity tripped them.  At least if she was disposed of when that time came they would at least have a good chance against the calamity if the mines did their job.

[ Miles Renard | USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Deck 07 | 1300 hrs. ]

Miles couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity of these interrogators and the absurdity of this all  He had been angry, resilient, spiteful,  now his mind had just resorted to the last defense mechanism and that was just the humor in the irony of the situation.

"From what I have understood from this human, all Tactical Conn squadrons have their own set routines when they retreat from a fight. Your... pups may have run away with their tails between their legs, but it is just a matter of time before we locate them. Each second they are out there... is ripe with the risk of the Calamity locating them. They will die, and they might even bring the Calamity to us. We are currently ill-equipped to do battle with her. We don't want to kill them, so each second you delay in telling us their tactical protocols... you are risking the lives of all of us."

He coughed and snickered in a sort of almost mad laughter, "Ya know what i have been saying this whole time?  I guess it's time I gave you a more detailed explanation of it.  I said there are no retreat plans.  I also said that If there were I wouldn't tell you.  Ya want the truth?  The truth!  That's the fucking hilarious part!"  he laughed   "If you hadn't closed the damn bay door and just allowed the coms to be open I would'a just ordered them to RTB and recommended you place myself and the whole squadron under house-arrest and had us guarded tac-conn lounge or forced to to work on whatever you needed us to do.  As such my recommendation as the SCO of the captured squadron would be to have us get all fighters available and ready for combat in the event that the Calamity shows up.  In the event of the mines not working to the desired effect I would scramble all fighters with yourselves taking the mark 3s leaving us with the inferior Mark 2' in the went that any lone wolves pilots should attempt to rebel.  As such I would order my squadron would follow the lead of phantom as Wing commander in any fight against the Calamity just as we would otherwise.

He added "Whether the fight is for Ives or Vasser is irrelevant to the mission of the Lone Wolves. Our job is the protection of the starship USS Theurgy.  IN order to preserve the truth so that it may be spread.  We don't make the decisions on where Ives, Vasser, or whoever the hell flies us we just scramble when our ship is under threat and attempt to defend it from aggression.  The harbinger's crew attacked the Theurgy therefore its Squadron were enemy fighters and I reacted accordingly.  Unable to scramble my own fighter I ordered Maverick to take command."

"The actions he took are not my own nor are they in accordance with any form of retreat plans.  That's the funny thing I never had retreat plans.  If Theurgy were to be destroyed I might have to make some up on the fly but can't really say I had ever considered it an option.  In the rare event that the Theurgy left without us having the capability to follow the plan was to delay enemy pursuit as long as possible, the objective being destruction of enemy vessels. If the enemy vessel pursues Theurgy attempt to pursue till fuel, oxygen, or water rations run out and if those are the cases I guess we fail our mission by dieing in the cockpit.  Given the circumstances that have occurred I would have had no contingency plan.  I would have had to make one up."

The following is my guess as to what Maverick did.  I put him in charge and whatever plans he made are his own.  My assumption would be that they bugged out to attempt to seek refuge on a nearby class M planet.  My tactical theory on the purpose of said retreat would be to preserve fuel and weapons while attempting to formulate a planed attack on the Theurgy and Harbinger in an attempt to retake the Theurgy."

Regarding earlier statements, The reason I would suggest that you place us under house arrest of course is because if you didn't we'd damn well be joining whatever resistance is left on this ship so that we can throw each and every one of you traitors to the Federation's morals out the nearest airlock."  he said smirking.  "Ya see...Thats the funny part isn't it?  I put someone in charge and now no one can predict the actions of said new leader, not even me?

He could tell his words had really pissed them both off cause their movements had changed.  It was clear they didn't believe him.  not even with the hilarious truth revealed, not that he was surprised  the truth was stranger than any fiction he could have made up.  He knew the results were the same no matter what anyways.  He knew that they would do as they wished no matter whether he gave them what they wanted or not.

 He listened to their threats and sighed.

"Captain T'Rena attempted to show the winged female what will come to pass... but it seems her kind doesn't respond well to... visions. We locked her up before we brought you here. She was raving, seeing things that weren't there, unable to separate whatever is in her mind from her actual surroundings.  No one can get through to her, so we will eventually put her out of her misery. Before that, I am sure you don't mind her company... because the two of you will be sharing a cell. Would you like to be with her one last time, mate with her on last time... before I cut her throat?"

"By vision's you mean forcible mind melds I assume." he said in response. to their threats towards the winged security officer. he had been snapped from his almost mad laughter and to a state of strange tranquility.  It was almost a state like he was in the fighter.  He was comfortable with the aspect of whatever happened. Prepared for whatever happened, even death."  He paused a moment before continuing, "Besides, if you wanted to use threat of killing a loved one as a means of coercion,  it far from a efective threat against me no matter who you chose.  Do you have any idea how many mating partners I have lost in various firefights.  You learn in my peoples fighter corps that you make and treasure your friendships, cause tomorrow one of you my be gone.  Its a fact of life, war makes people die.  You make connections and in time the connection is gone.  Such is life, and therefore such is death."

"Besides if you want to torture me, or kill her, or do whatever, you will do it anyways.  I know that if I say or do what you want, it will likely not result in any change in your actions.  Not to mention, torture is such an ineffective means of information gathering.  If I say the truth and its not what you want the truth to be, you will assume I am lieing, if I tell you the lie you want to hear, like for a confession or something, then you are gaining incorrect information and therefore will be acting on inaccurate intel."  he said calmly   How bout you two just be honest with me here, it don't matter what I do you are going to do whatever you want and there's nothing that I or anyone else can do to change it is there?"

He couldn't help but smirk seeing how he seemed to be getting into their heads making them less and less rational.  he fell to the tables as they forced him down and recuffed him.

"Imagine me doing this to her, and when she finally give voice to her pleasure - for they always do - I will cut her cries short, and finish while she writhes in her own blood. The only way to save her... Miles Renard... is if you tell me what I need."

He could tell what the human was going to do to him.  It was humiliating vile, sickening, to him but he knew what would happen there was no escape other than the refuge in knowing that no matter what happened he would not let the two truly feel they had conquered his mind.  He moved his head back seeing the equipment that was revealed.  "That's it?"  he said wondering he would react to the reaction of insult rather than fear.  "You know what the most idiotic part of that threat is, If you are going to wait until she cries out in legitimate pleasure from, that thing, then I'm afraid you'll die of old age first.  She does have quite discerning tastes after all.  I should feel insulted that you act like I should feel threatened by this?  Besides, I already told you the truth, should I start asking what lie you want me to tell on record instead?"  he said in an almost bored tone knowing what was inevitable and at this point just preparing to take it and see if he could get Riptor to confess a crime of his own in the process.

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[ Simon Tovarek | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1305 hrs. ]

After the darkness came the light it seemed. Although Simon hadn't expected the afterlife to come at him with such a fucking headache. Everything around him was still pretty blurry and he couldn't make out what was being told around him. The next sensation that he registered was a sort of a sore feeling in his arms and soon enough he realized that he was strung up in some sort of way. 'I'm guessing this isn't the afterlife...' he thought to himself as his face pulled together to bite away the metal taste of blood in his mouth. He spat it out, giving the people around him the first sign of him still being alive. He blew out some air after that and tried to get off his knees onto his feet. Yet the tsks from the guards at the door quickly made it clear to him that it wasn't the best move to make.

Trying to relax in his discomforted position, Simon felt the body of another against his back now, he tried to peer back to see who it was and he faintly recognized the outline of Natalie Stark. Yet he was unsure if she was still alive or not.He groaned softly as he tried to speak and spat out some more dried up blood and what else that blocked his throat. This time however it was aimed more towards the guard closest to him and Simon couldn't help but smirk a little as his eyesight returned to normal, realizing he was far from dead and still aboard the hijacked ship.

Next he tried getting the attention of Stark "Lieutenant commander, are you there?" He asked, not really hushing his voice since there wouldn't be much point to it anyway at this stage. In an effort to wake her up or get her back to conscious, he tried rubbing his own back against her while continuing to say the same sentence over and over again.

[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 | 1300 hrs.]

After managing to treat the deputy for as much as she could, Amelya had somehow managed to regain some of her composure as it had treated as a distraction for her. It was something familiar and something that she could lose herself in it, though this wasn't complex surgery or something groundbreaking. Yet it was simple enough to push away the thoughts and feeling of the attempted rape and assault that only happened hours ago to her. In her own office on that accord. How the hell was she going to work back at that office and not get conflicted feelings in it? In fact, how was she going to react if she saw any other male for that matter. Especially the ones in security outfits.

She had distanced herself from the blue lady as she seemed pumped up with anger, hatred and a thirst for blood. Amelya didn't mind that she was sharing a cell with the strong woman. At least she'd be sure that if anything bad would happen she'd at least have a fighter with her to balance the odds a bit. Doctor Duv sighed softly as she wrapped her lab coat a bit closer now when she suddenly heard a very distinctive Terran accent. She looked up to see Trujillo and let Ida do the talking while she moved closer to her. She stood to her left flank so she could hide behind her big body yet also still see and hear what the new promoted captain/commander had to say.

The pieces slowly started to fall in place now for Amelya as Trujillo unraveled the plans and she choked a bit on the last segment. Were they nothing more than breeding machines to them than? It angered the CMO yet she still felt powerless while Ida carried on to taunt the commander. Amelya dug her hands in her coat as she thought about what she just heard yet her fingers slid past an inoculation device. It probably would have still been laying in her coat since Theta Eredina. She had done some rounds in the triage center there with her labcoat on. It surely would come in handy if the time was needed she thought to herself. While the situation carried on to unfold, Amelya did the math for herself, T'Rena must be using her Vulcan powers to meld the minds of the crew. And it seemed like their only goal was to impregnate all the women aboard the two starships to raise them a sort of army?

[ Thomas Ravon | Uncharted Planetoid | Surface Temperature: - 30 ⁰ Celsius | Surface Gravity 0.81 g | 1300 hrs. ]

After landing his bird not too far from the rest of the squadron, Thomas took a few seconds to power down the fighter in these harsh conditions. While doing so he looked up at the orange/ golden sky. Out there was their starship which had come under attack and yet here they were regrouping and hopefully plotting to mount a counterattack real soon. The thought of Skye being up there was gnawing at Thomas and he hoped she'd be alright. Once he sealed of his flight uniform and prepared himself for the cold he checked what else he might need on his way out. He had thrown his rifle to one of the deckhands so there really wasn't a lot he'd be carrying on his way out. He opened up the canopy and shielded his eyes a bit out of reflex for the howling wind and blizzard.

With a thud he jumped out of the cockpit and into the snow and made his way towards the rest of his pack. He spotted two figures in the blizzard and walked towards them recognizing the frame of Rawley and Isley as they seemed to be talking. "Hey guys... Nice weathe-" His sentence died off when Rawley pointed her assault rifle towards him and he heard his accusations once again. Razor rolled his eyes and moaned out softly which wouldn't transmit through the microphones as he raised his hands. His primary instinct was to grab his hand phaser and aim it at Rawley yet with this cold and seeing how on edge Rawley was it probably would result in him having a gaping hole in his flightsuit.

He looked at Rawley first before looking at Nathaniel he shook his head slowly and kept his hands raised "Fuck Rawley, I told you fucking before! I do not fucking remember what happened. The only thing I remember is talking to you before you were going to take a shower from your massive hangover and the next thing I see is a freaking furniture being thrown into me and you pounding away. Between that I have no recollection of anything whatsoever!" he said, giving his statement so Isley could hear so as well "Damn Maverick, tell her to fucking lower her gun, we're down to what... Five pilots against two starships and a fucking killer elite squadron. I swear man, I have nothing to hide but we do not have time to settle this crap here and now." Thomas looked over at Rawley and slowly he put a step forwards while lowering his hands a bit "I saved your ass in the hangar Rawley. Nightmare would have popped you if it wasn't for me, just like how she got Soo." he tried to reason with Rawley again now, while slowly creeping closer.

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[ Zaraq | USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Deck 07 ] Attn: IronFerrox

Breathing through his nostrils, Zaraq had observed the Vulpinian as he finally spoke up, and fed them with the obvious kind of story that he was to be expected. The usual protestations came up as well, in how the prisoner doubted that Zaraq would be true to his word in regard to his and the Asurian's survival. It told the Klingon that the Squadron Commander had yet to break. So, the current idea to cause him further humiliation was good, and Zaraq made sure his grip on the hand-cuffs was firm.

"She might have had discerning taste," he rumbled, seeing Riptor produce his human phallus and stroke it in preparation to violate the prisoner. "Now, touched in the head as she is, I am confident she won't discern the difference between you and I. Pilot Riptor here enjoy male arse more than I do, so I will be the one who samples the exotic loins of the bird-woman. That is... unless you cease lying about surrendering and that there are no tactical protocols."

Readied, Riptor was keen to hurt the Vulpinian to put him in his place, but as he held the tail high and pushed the bulbous head of his large member against the anal opening, he checked himself from letting himself loose control over his temper. What he did was something more hurtful to the fox-man's integrity.  He reached around, finding Renard's strange cock next to the edge of the table. Riptor chuckled as he began to stroke the alien... meanwhile the rocking motions of his hips made his cock squirm inside him. "Is this something familiar to you, you filthy little fox? Do you like it?"

Zaraq might've not prefer male arse, but the sadistic development did something for him. He watched the reactions of the prisoner in quietude as he held the hand-cuffs. His thoughts went to the white-haired human he had enjoyed on the holodeck the night before. It was a shame T'Rena had ordered him killed. He had yet to tell Riptor about the helmsman's fate, and he hoped the pilot would take it well once the truth came out. It had seemed they were close on Theta Eridani and during Lohlunat . There was no telling with humans how affectionate they were, however, so Zaraq did not dare speculate about the bearded pilots affection towards Winterbourne.

In short order, Riptor's thrusts made the table rock on its legs, and the sound of his hand's ministrations came faster. "Does it hurt, Vulpinian?" Zaraq asked, overriding the noise, "or do you like it?" 

[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Nolan

"I think not," said Trujillo and chuckled in reply to Ida's suggestion to step into the cell and make due on his innuendo. "I would prefer if Captain T'Rena would lay her hand upon you first, so that the both of you could be more forthcoming towards the idea. She would have done so if it hadn't been for a slight mishap in Theurgy's engineering. When she does, however, I am confident you will come to me willingly at that point, and long to bear my pale, blue children. Now, Doctor, ho-"

"Wait," snapped Ida loudly, not about to let the Commander threaten the Trill, and she needed to know more, "What happened? What did you do?"

"Oh, the results were a bit unfortunate when we destroyed the Theurgy's cloaking device. The crewman that was supposed to do it also destabilised the EPS-network, making the plasma relays blow out across the ship. A handful died, nothing compared to the numbers lost as we assumed command, but in the long run, the collective losses were nominal. We are but some repairs away from leaving the Alpha Quadrant and finding our new settlement - far off  the rim of the Galaxy."

This took Ida hard, the anger failing her in the shock of knowing that the Theurgy and its crew had suffered losses already, and that these brain-washed shadows of people didn't even give it a second thought.

"As I was saying, Doctor," said Trujillo with his confident smirk and stepped to the side so that he could look at the Trill directly, "We found your handiwork in Sickbay after Phantom reported your capture. If it's any ease on your conscience, I am happy to tell you that both Liam and Elliot have made a full recovery. They were quite eager to see you again. In fact, they are ready to pick up where they started."

"Don't you dare lay a hand on her," said Ida, snapping back to the current situation. "If this force field goes down, I will stand in your way, and you don't have your Winter Queen here to convince me that I should't break your legs."

"Perhaps not, but I can turn off the inertial dampeners in your cell. Raise the gravity so that you can barely breathe, and I can transport you to an interrogation room while I let my crew take turns with the lovely doctor. Too many have longed for her particular touch, and what kind of Commanding Officer would I be if I deprived them of that they want most of all?"

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ]

Listening to what Trujilo had to say about the take over aboard the Theurgy and about the fate of pretty much all the women aboard them was a pretty hard nut to crack. It all seemed so unbelievable yet here she was together with the former security officer from the Theurgy. The talk of Trujilo impregnating Ida to bear his own offspring was nauseating if not entirely sick and twisted. Amelya's eyes darted back to Ida as she seemed ready enough for a fight, though Amelya reckoned that with her injuries even if she'd be stoked with adrenaline she wouldn't get all to far. Not with more fatal injuries at least.

Amelya froze however when the new commander mentioned her handiwork in sickbay. Her mouth slowly fell open a bit and her eyes widened as he informed her that both men had made a full recovery, even worse was that both of them were still eager to continue what they had started. It was as if she was caught in a nightmare and that there would come no end to this horror. She slowly yet instinctively took her own steps backwards and pressed herself against the wall while shaking her head as tears slowly formed in her eyes. 

Ida stepped up once again to guard the doctor yet Trujilo made a fair point that he could just do whatever he pleased to transport the doctor out of the brig and into an interrogation room. The place where every single crewmen aboard the Harbinger would seemingly have their fun with her. Amelya's mind raced once more as she already saw her laying there, legs stretched open on one of the cold interrogation tables as Liam and Elliot would rape her over and over again, gushing their seed into her young womb. Not to mention the others that Trujilo mentioned... How many  more wanted to claim her, impregnate her, fill her...

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Miles just glared at the Klingon,  "I had no intent to imply that her tastes are exclusive to myself.  I was just saying based on what I can see from Rip back there Its doubtful that even in attempting to ravage her he would barely satisfy what she would require to count as foreplay."  If its the Klingon that intends to make her moan, perhaps in that case there is a bit of a chance that she would find herself being aroused.  As for the plans.  I already told you my best guess at what Mav is having them do."

He felt Riptor pierce into him and groaned feeling the human member push seep into his body.  It was a bit painful but it wasn't like Renard was offering any resistance.  He knew trying to block the entrance would only make it more painful.  "Slightly familiar, Never had the same taste for males as I do for the fairer sex though but given the circumstances I can say there are far worse ways to spend time in an interrogation room.  I guess your friend behind me can't sate his latent desires for bestiality since animal fucking isn't allowed in holodeck programs.  He said as he felt the human pushing deeper and deeper rougher and rougher into his ass. 

Soon he felt the human pounding it fully as he stroked the vulpinian cock.  "My you really do know how to work a cock don't you?"  he said feeling the meat swelling to the humans touch.    "Can't say its the best I've had but it does beat masturbation." he said as he grinned back to the human.  now speaking to him instead of his proper interrogator perhaps after you've tried to please me from behind you can give me head and I'll forgive you for the mess one of your Ilk left in my office."  He then added tauntingly  "Or was it you yourself who did that.  Figures that the only way you'd be able get real pussy is by force.  Guess that explains the animal fucking fantasies and your eagerness to settle for male ass."

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[Nathan Isley - planet surface]

"Rawley, put the rifle down," Nathan said, no more like told.  He was stepping into the leadership role he had been assigned to by the SCO when they managed to get out of the Theurgy and into space.  In the fighters or on the ground, that still established a chain of command that he had to keep.  Their enemy was out there, in the form of a possessed Starfleet, a rogue ship from the future, and now a crew of turncoats with brainwashed members of their own team.  "I don't know exactly what's going on, Rawley, but Nightmare didn't open fire on us willingly.  She's been compromised, and with a Vulcan first officer under Vasser, I'm willing to bet on Mind Melds used to control our crew.  If Razor doesn't remember what happened between you two, I would bet on the same thing having happened to him."

Maybe it wasn't what she wanted to hear, that whatever injustice done to her should have been forgiven because it as beyond the control of the other party, but that was exactly what happened during the Niga Outbreak, and that was what had to happen then as well.  "There are few of us out here, Rawley, and the last thing I need is one of our own killing another.  I need you to lower your weapon, and prove you can be my first officer."  Rawley was qualified to act as the second in command of this small group of theirs, and if something happened to Nathan, she had to lead.  Renard might have thought him crazy for naming her to the position, but maybe she needed it as much as he did, to have other lives counting on her to raise her own need to succeed, to be a good soldier.  Leaders couldn't be loners and they couldn't go without thinking clearly.

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[ Zaraq | USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Deck 07 ] Attn: IronFerrox & Cathreen Dawinter

Zaraq looked upon Riptor and Renard, and despite the development and how much the human tried to wound their prisoner's integrity, it was obviously not so easy to shame his kind.

"Vulpinians..." said the Klingon and snorted, and then adressed the pilot, "Finish this so that we can throw him in with his ruined female. Maybe he won't be so defian-"

"Yeah, it was me," grunted Riptor and promptly changed his grip into a very painful one, knuckles going white. He talked as she shoved his length into Renard. "The Boslic cunt... thought herself so fine... so I showed her... that she was still... just a woman... like the rest of them. In the end... she died meek and afraid... all her illusions gone. Best of all... was that she didn't get any help. She had no friends aboard... and no one will truly miss her."

Zaraq preferred female mates, and he had not known that Riptor had killed the Boslic engineering consultant. He might not have condoned the loss of a female since she could have been a fine vessel for breeding, but this was not the time to challenge the pilot. Also, the diversity of also having Vulpinian genes would further T'Rena and Vasser's cause, so while he considered to hand his d'k tahg to Riptor again, he didn't. Given how Renard was taunting the human, Zaraq feared he would defile his weapon by cutting off the Vulpinian's erection, and which would make them loose that diversity as well. No, it was better to end the interrogation and continue later, when T'Rena could attend to the defiance of the SCO.

Riptor was not done talking. With one fist twisting underneath the table, he made another in the fur of Renard's neck - pulling so that he arched his back. With his beard-covered mouth behind the Vulpinian's ear, he said, "How does it feel... to be fucked by the one who fucked her up?" The sadistic implication must have done it for Riptor, or perhaps it was how Renard arched his back. In either case, he grunted even harder as he came - finishing himself inside the Vulpinian... before he eventually pulled out.

Regardless what the prisoner might say, Zaraq turned his head away and tapped his combadge. "Brig Officer, we are ready," he said. He glanced towards Riptor, who appeared more pleased than Zaraq thought was seemly. "If you are done, untie his feet."

[Acknowledged,] said the voice from the combadge, [unlocking the door.] Since all the interrogation rooms worked like the security gate, the doors in and out of the room was controlled by the aide duty station or the brig controls. Now, the sliding doors opened to the Brig and the holding cells. Zaraq made sure Riptor was done untying Renard before he adjusted his stance. He heaved with the grip he had on Renard's hand-cuffs - dragging him across the table and letting him fall to the floor. Zaraq then dragged the SCO towards the Asurian's cell. Riptor followed Zaraq into the Brig while buckling his belt.

"Open Holding Cell C," ordered Zaraq, and as soon as the forcefield vanished, he made another heaving motion and hurled the Vulpinian hard into Dyan Cardamone. "Activate the force-field."

"We will be back for you in a while," said Riptor with his thumbs behind his belt, "so enjoy her company while you can. If she doesn't end up dead, I would imagine T'Rena would like to drain her magic stem cells to support our cause. Either way, don't count on seeing each other again."

"Isolate them. I don't want him talking to his old Captain," said Zaraq, looking at the white-haired woman that he had lusted for many times on the Harbinger. Yet he said nothing before he walked away, leaving together with Riptor. His mind was upon their mission, and what they had to do next.

[ Captain Jien Ives | Brig | Holding Cell A | Deck 07 ] Attn: Kurohigi

"What did you do to him?" demanded Jien, having stepped up to the forcefield when he saw Miles being dragged across the floor to one of the farther holding cells. Renard's clothing was cut and he was bleeding from his face, leaving a smears of blood across the pristine white floor before he vanished from sight. There was no use shouting, however, since Jien knew that Commander Rez and himself were in isolation. While one of the two brig officers recorded and heard all that they said though a ear-piece he wore, Jien could not make his voice heard through the invisible barrier. "I demand that you see to the Lieutenant Commander's wounds, immediately!"

Apparently, one of the men by the brig controls was listening, because he tapped a button before answering through the speakers hidden in the ceiling. [He is no concern of yours anymore, Ives. You are no longer his CO. If you don't settle down, we will set life-support at 10 %.]

Scowling, Jien did not answer, but he turned away from the force-field, facing Commander Rez. In their cell, life-support was set to 40 % and they had a hard time breathing already. His brow was damp from perspiration since every move he made sapped him of energy. Their headaches were horrible, and they had to constantly take deep breaths to gain enough oxygen to stay alert. It was taxing, yet effective to keep them from trying anything that required a lot of concentration. For instance, changing form into something he had no experience mimicking before. The labour of breathing and moving had made Jien change his form so that he only wore a black tank upon his upper body - changing out of his uniform jacket.

"We should have seen this coming," said Jien  and raked a hand through his hair, not caring if their heard them, "Counsellor O'Connor told me that a female officer was raped during Lohlunat . She told me this after the the Senior Staff meeting. The victim didn't want to step forth and involve security, so we could never learn what happened. There is a chance that the rape and the mutiny might have been unrelated, but either way, we would have been more alert. We might have suspected something, at least."

And now more of his crew was fighting for their lives, being persecuted by the mutineers, and turned against their will towards a cause not wholly their own. It was the Niga Incident all over again, only in the guise of misguided Starfleet Officers whom they had thought to be allies against the enemy. The consequences of his failure to foresee the danger they were in were overwhelming. The mere thought crippling his resolve. Dragging deep breaths, he sank down on the floor, one arm draped across the end of one of the bunks. Edena Rez was a fine First Officer, had proven herself plenty of times, but right then, he missed Nerina. The woman had always instilled hope during those first two hellish months when they fled from Starfleet. She had made him continue to fight for what was right - to defend the truth.

"I... I can't," Jien rasped, baring his teeth as he tried to voice his doubt, but he could not bring himself to say it. Only a whisper, lest the Brig Officers would hear. "I can't do this." Nerina wasn't there, so he could not make himself say it. Not when Jona lived on behind Edena's eyes. He had said too much already.

[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Nolan

Hearing Trujillo's threats to Doctor Duv quickened Ida's anger, and she wanted to continue making threats of her own. She willed to strike the force-field out of existence and beat the human into pulp.

Yet in seeing the effect upon Duv, Ida came to realise - despite the loud way her blue blood was pumping in her ears and the anger that threatened to boil over - that if she continued to provoke Commander Trujillo, he would act out of spite and challenge them back. The way things were going, Trujillo might be tempted to send in the security detail en-masse and live up to his word. Injured as she was, and outnumbered as Duv and herself were, they would have no chance to get away with their modesty preserved. Ida knew she had to be smarter, and avoid that outcome. Better to have more time to find a solution than digging their graves in the ice before the battle even began. On Andoria, it was a common saying, and she had to live by it now else they were lost to the viles of Trujillo and his men.

"Then I think it's better if we see what your dear T'Rena has to say about the matter first," she snapped, folding her arms across her chest. She could not let go of her anger too quickly else he would be suspicious, which was rather easy considering how riled up she was. "I don't know what your deal is, but if you are so damnably convinced you have the right of the matter, then I would love to hear what your commanders have to say about the matter. Make no mistake, we will fight with teeth and nails to resist what you plan to do to us, and I assure you, I have been fighting for my whole life. If you decide to go through with this, then the consequences will be on your head."

Ida stepped in front of Trujillo again, her antennae tilting forth. "If you leave us be, we will be compliant as we wait for the arrival of your Vulcan and her wisdom. We will remain here and not attempt to escape. This is something that you should take to heart, since I have seen far more holding cells than you have. I make no lie when I say that I would get out of here in three hours time. Yet now, we will remain, and not make any such attempt, if we you leave us be. If T'Rena makes a good case, then you will not have to worry about your lives... and as much as I doubt it, we might even see things your way."

Ida did not like it, but she gave the Commander an appraising look. "I have been with Pinkskins before. Willingly, and it was not altogether a bad experience," she said, her tone low but not so husky as to seem implausible, "No human, however, has ever succeeded to rape me. On this you have my word as an Andorian."

Only that plant on Niga, what seems like ages ago. It still lingered in broken memories.

She turned her head to Doctor Duv. "Tell me, what did you do to the Pinkskins that tried to claim you in your office?" she asked, on purpose wanting the Doctor to scare off Tujillo and make him leave them be. "I can imagine that with your medical knowledge, you know the placement of the major arteries in most species. Did you cut them with an exo-scalpel?"

[ Uncharted Planetoid ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley & Thomas Ravon

While the two men spoke, Rawley listened, and she was not entirely sure on her standpoint to begin with. She was aiming a rifle at a fellow wolf, and the circumstances were - suffice to say - chaotic at best.

Things were so fucked up and she felt completely ungrounded. Who could she trust? Hannah had put a rifle in her face one hour ago, and here she was, doing the same thing. She was feeling cornered, and with the blizzard they were standing in, the visor of her helmet felt like a glass cage. She saw Soo going down in her mind's eye. Her lover since years back. Lost again. Shot at point-blank range. Even if Hannah had set her rifle to stun, Soo was dead. Rawley breathed hard through her nostrils as she held her sights upon the centre of Thomas torso, where she was least likely to miss.

Only he had edged a lot closer, he was trying to...

"Back off!" she said sharply and shifted back two steps from Thomas, putting the butt of her rifle firmly to her shoulder. "Don't you dare come closer!" Her thoughts were racing, and Nathaniel's words were undermining her resolve. He was right, from his point of view. He was being objective, but he had not been assaulted that morning. His pride and integrity had not been injured. It might be that Hannah has been subjected to some Vulcan mind-trick, but that meant...

"So if they did the same thing to Thomas, how the fuck can we trust him now? Then he must be in on all of this! Damn you Isley, how can you trust him? He is going to fuck us over when we lest expect it, and if I... If I am to be second-in-command, you better listen to me too. If something has been done to his head, he is a fucking liability."

She shifted her feet a little. She could only shift one. The other slipped. The snow gave away.

"No... No, no, no!"

She was off the edge. She tried to hold on to her rifle, to no avail. At first, it was only her, but then the rest of the mountain seemed to come after her. All the snow, at least. The avalanche she had caused swallowed her whole, and she spun her way down the mountainside. Her fall and the weight of the snow caused the avalanche to build, and everything turned white in front of her visor. She had no sense of up or down, but she felt herself spinning, rolling and hurting. She was screaming. Screaming against the confines of her helmet. Screaming until her ears rang and she lost her breath.

OOC: I had only intended for Rawley to go down in the avalanche, but if you two feel inclined, you are welcome to have your characters come along the ride instead of mounting a rescue. I leave it entirely to you guys.

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Miles grunted in a form of protest as he felt his body violated listening to every word the Human said ad hanging onto each facet of truth he gleamed.  After that the vulpinian took on an air of defeat and silence no longer so willing to taunt the human.  In mere moments the violation was complete when he felt the hot seed of the human pump itself into his rear filling him with disgust.  It was at that moment he swore that he would make sure that the pilot would be punished, not for his crimes against the Vulpinian's pride but for what he had done to the civilian mechanic.  He needed time to think to plan.  but more importantly he knew time was a factor.  They would most likely kill or harvest from Dyan what she ha in the form of her stem cells.  Especially if she continued to be in this state of madness.

He felt himself being thrown into the cell and hurled into The Asurian's body.  He braced himself before the impact not knowing how she would react.  He had no clue of her mindset in this state.  Was she catatonic; was she not much more than a feral creature devoid of conscience; was she living a past of horrors that upon contacting his body woudl send her into a war-crazed blood-frenzy.   More than this though he Considered what they had said before.  that perhaps he could get through to her.  But how would he get through to her, if that was even possible.    He remembered how last night he had seemed to bring her such comfort.  How his fur coat was something unique to him in her time with the crew of the Theurgy  Something that she would doubtfully have any comparable memories to in her past.  Perhaps by trying to remind her senses of things that she had only known in her brief time knowing him her mind might return to reality.

Still there was something that made him reconsider the idea.  If she was to be treated as they suggested.  Would it not be less painful for her to not be able to realize what was happening.  Would it not be more kind to let her stay in whatever state she was in  so as not to suffer the fate the rest of them no doubt were facing.  Surely death was a far less cruel fate.  Still in her there was another hope that remained, he knew that if she could return to him then there were two of them in this cell that could think up a possible way out of this.  

His thoughts were ended with the rough collision of his body into hers from the way the interrogators had thrown him into the cell and he was immediately shook back to the reality that there was no telling how she would react to the shock of his body slamming into hers.

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She wasn't the creature that she had been at one point. Her mind was wrapped in a bloody civil war that had been hell going through. Her mind now was painted the inside of the holding cell as one of the imperial bases on a forgotten moon that wouldn't likely be seen by terrain eyes for another couple life times. She could hear the steady sounds of foot steps and the sound of something being dragged. More then likely another rebel that had been captured and was being brought for judgment. Much like she was. Standing her legs would shake as she looked at the door her anger boiling over. "Let me out of here you bastards and I will paint the walls with your blood. My father is wrong in what he is doing. People need to be free," she screamed in the language of her people as her eye focused on the gray door knowing there would be guards on the outside not to mention all the ones that where in the base they where being held in. As the door opened she could see a winged figure literally being thrown in landing hard against her knocking her off her feet with a heavy grunt as she slowly pulled herself up looking over seeing a face that wasn't Miles but someone that made her blood run colder then the pace outside the hull of the ship. The look that crossed her pale features would be one of pure, total and unending hatred. "You fucking bastard. I am going to rip your head from your shoulders and drink your blood. You will know the pain that you have caused," she growled out lowly as she roughly and violently pushed him off of her before she would stand, her tail lashing back and forth.

"I know what you did you sick bastard. I know what my father and sister promised you to betray us. You will never have my place. Never stand at his right hand. Your life ends here," she growled out lowly before she lunged forward her lithe body landing hard over his as her hands aimed for his neck more the ready to choke the life from him. "You killed my brother and his mate. He wasn't a fighter and you killed him. You took the only person in my life that mattered to me. You said you loved me and you killed him and almost killed me like we where nothing. I am going to kill you and enjoy watching the life leave your body. Maybe I will let you regenerate long enough to kill you again," she growled out in pure hatred.

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[Edena Rez - Holding Cell]

It wasn't her first time being detained aboard the Theurgy, but it certainly was the least comfortable.  Like Jien, she took measures to make breathing less laborious, opening her uniform jacket so that the only thing pressed against her chest was the thin gray undershirt worn beneath it.  Edena had been silent for a long time, communing mentally with her other personalities, whom weren't affected by the thin atmosphere they were left in.  Only the one with ownership of the body was left to that, which unfortunately for Jien, was the last person he would have wanted to be stuck with.

"You gonna break down on me, Ives?"  The masculine tone, the manner of speech, all of it told Jien that he was talking to Jona Rez in control of the body of Edena.  "I remember when you were first brought in to Starfleet Intelligence as an agent.  Everyone thought you were going to be the best thing that ever happened; the ultimate infiltrator.  I was the only one who saw the weakness in you.  Gifted with the power of disguise, sure, but you lacked conviction, or as you liked to call it, you had a conscience.  Well, congrats, you just got outmaneuvered by someone without a conscience . . . again.  Declan Vasser played you and now you're locked up in here."

[Nathan Isley - Planetoid]

"There's a simple way for you to trust him, Rawley.  It's called tactical positioning.  Ravon is gonna be our point man, which means he is going to walk in front of us at all times.  You'll see every move he makes while you act as rear guard.  I'll be in the middle.  I'd tell you that it's so I can communicate to you both equally, but we both know the reason I'm doing it is because someone has to stay in the middle of you two."  It kept Rawley from lashing out in the event she was wring about Razor, and allowing for him to stop Thomas if she were right.

When the avalanche began, they were left to outrun it, to push forward until they were beyond the fall.  After they had gotten away, it then became about doubling back and digging out Rawley from her snowy casket before something bad happened.  Nathan's legs pushed through the snow, using them to search for her, stopping when they collided against her, then using his hands to start pulling away snow.  If Razor joined in, the two of them would dig her out much faster then Nathan alone, and maybe he would start earning some points with the woman that might get a rifle pointed in a direction away from him.

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He braced himself and felt the impact but seconds later felt a forceful shove as she pushed him away.  Despite the torrent of unfamiliar words part of the meaning was all too obvious.  Her body language gave away parts of the meaning.  whatever the words were pertaining to it was clear she was pissed off.  It wasn't just anger he could see in her body language but pure unrelenting hatred.  Whoever she saw him as was someone that she could never forgive.  and he could tell with every facest of her body language ad voice she had every intent to kill whoever it was she saw him as.

He tried to hump back back but was far too late as he felt her tackle him to the ground attempting to straddle his chest. She reached her hands for his throat clearly wanting to choke the very breath of life from him if he gave her half the chance.  In a improvised defense he fell back pulling his right knee upwards and crossing it over his chest forcing it between her body and his.  He felt her hands clinch around his neck and instinctively pushed his arms elbow deep between her own.

He quickly kicked out with the trapped leg forcing her body away as he pushed off the ground planting his left foot to the ground and pushing away as he forced his arms outwards forcing her hands from his neck.  He attempted to force her off of him but to no avail her balance was too good and she had the advantage of the upper position.  Still he was able to put himself at a bit better situation as he grasped at her wrists making sure to keep her choke at bay and used inertia to force his other knee between them in an attempt to put a bit more distance between them knowing her claws and bite were just as potentially deadly as the grip she almost had on his throat. 

OOC:  this is the position he is trying to force her into, Miles in gray the main difference being his hands curently have an inside grip on her wrists attempting to hold them off from reaching his neck to choke him.  If he don't get this position then his right leg would be at a diagonal with her ankle at her hip and knee at her shoulder and he would be attempting to re-steady himself using the free leg to kick one of her knees out from under her for a sweep.

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[Natalie Stark | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1305 hrs. ]

Having not been a heavy drinker in her academy days, Natalie didn't really have much of an understanding for what, precisely, a hangover felt like. The dull, throbbing ache centered at her temples would probably be a good start to one however. And accompanied by the full body sensation of having been beaten with a sack of oranges didn't help. And then there was the dim awareness of a much sharper pain, in her shoulders and arms - an unwanted stretching, a tautness that was damn near unnatural.

She shook her head, trying to clear out the ringing sensation, realizing that she wasn't dead - Heaven wouldn't be this painful, and if this were Hell, she was rather disappointed at the lack of fire and brimstone she'd been promised as a child. Trying to give a sniff to make sure, she found her nose clogged with blood, and made a face. It was then that she realized she wasn't alone, feeling someone squirm against her back. The last time she'd felt something like that had been with Rory -Rory! - Natalie immediately trounced down on that wave of panic. Later she mentally hissed. She didn't have the time to worry about the one person who was swiftly becoming very, very important to her. Natalie could only hope - yet again - that he was safe.

"Lieutenant commander, are you there?"

Well, she recognized that voice, anyways, and answered with a low groan. "Define there, Mr. Tovarek," she mumbled, wincing a she opened her eyes. Oh, it was nasty bright in the XO's office - she hadn't had much cause to visit Cmdr. Rez in her offices, but she had been there once or twice, back before things had gone to hell, back before she was in charge of ops, for minor repair work. Recognizing the room easily enough, she swept her blue eyes over the recent changes in decor. Looking up was not pleasant, for a multitude of reasons, but she managed all the same. So that's why this hurts so damn much, she thought bitterly. Those self same eyes bubbled up with hate when they saw the guard posted. She saw a bit of spittle and blood near the mans feet, and tried -failing, for the most part - to look over her shoulder at Simon. She tilted her head a bit, "Nice shot," she muttered, much more calmly than she felt.

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[ Captain Jien Ives | Brig | Holding Cell A | Deck 07 ] Attn: Kurohigi

To hear that voice right then, emerging from the throat of his First Officer, it made Jien close his eyes and take another deep breath - struggling to find his centre again. In a way, it might have been the best of the four souls locked inside Edena that spoke, since it challenge him to not show weakness, and to reply with some kind of certitude.

"Unless I am missing something," he grated and opened his eyes again - staring at the Trill in his company. His oaken eyes were lined with fatigue. "You are in here too, Jona Rez, aren't you? Or are you going to blame your host body for your shortcomings again? It does get a bit old."

He would not grant Jona the satisfaction of getting back on his feet, because he suspected that the old Trill wanted to think he could manipulate him and boost his resolve if he so deigned to. He remained sitting at the end of the bunk, one arm draped across it, and he looked way from Jona's host as if he had no desire to mince words with him - that there were higher priorities on his mind. There were, of course, but somehow, the desire to undermine the self-righteous air of command that Jona's surviving ghost flaunted like the pips he used to wear... it was quite palpable.

"I would rather earn the respect of my crew than their fear," he said quietly, making sure to breathe a bit harder to compensate for the words he spoke, "In fact, I would say that we would not have come this far if I had done things your way. If I had used threats and chicanery, this mutiny would have sprung from my own crew... weeks before we even reached the Mahéwa System. You, on the other hand, would have killed everyone aboard at the first sign of danger, just to preserve the integrity of our technology... if Edena Rez had not come to her senses and revealed herself. That is the difference between you and me, and it has not so much to do with conscience... as it has to do with accomplishing our mission."

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[Aisha S'iti | USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | 1300 hrs. ] Attn: Kurohigi(Vaser), Brutus(Stark), Nolan(Tovarek)

Aisha looked down at her Conn display and smiled to herself pleased with her work.  "Commodore, I will be borrowing the view-screen for a moment in order to run a simulation in order to make some final adjustments." she said bringing up a rear view display on the main screen.  Within seconds the display began to be overlaid with a targeting reticule and with a rudimentary cross-hair like system.  "Captain, If I am rendered unconscious or worse during the battle I have created a backup means of targeting and launching the gravametric mines.  This system is saved via the conn console, tactical console, and or main screen as Conn Override Preset Calamity Protocol 1.  For lack of overly complex explanations and to test the systems interface in full I will demonstrate its use via a simulation." 

Pressing a button on the console the main screen showed an image like one would see while at warp but looking backwards and trailing them was mockup of the Theurgy.  She slid over a few more things on the display and the crosshair system turned green.  If it turns green then you have a lock meaning that if you launch a mine at that moment you will likely impact the trailing ship.  Since the distances required to get a lock are so close the time it takes for the mine to reach the enemy vessel will be insignificant.  Since we aren't using a standard targeting system and really are just using standard sensor data they won't even be able to register it as a lock on because essentially the mines are being dumbfired.  Due to this by the time any starship's sensors would detect the approaching object it will have already impacted so compensating for inertia and time traveled is irrelevant.  There is one more feature about this that you need to know of commodore if the Enemy vessel is so close that we will be impacted from the mine's "splash" then the reticule will show red instead of green.  I strongly advise against firing if there of it's showing red.  It is likely we will have our own warp field shredded by the mine and will likely suffer even worse damage than our target.  Alternatively this system can be patched in to operate via the manual steering column.  Personally I would recommend use of the column as this more simplified mine launching system would benefit from the on the fly reactions allowed via that system."  She explained SHowing the apparance of the different green and red setting demonstrating the interface using a Mockup of the theurgy herself as the target.  When done she swiped her finger across the conn panel and the simulation display ended returning the main screen display to normal.  "Are you satisfied with the backup mine targeting system Commodore?"

She waited a few moments for the Captain to react to her but instead she was interrupted by a voice she had been wondering about the absence of.  Over the Captains com badge the voice of Selena Ravenholm spoke up.  "Comadore Vasser, Captain T'Rena; I apologize for my extended silence.  I have just finished successfully reconfiguring Thea.  The updated AI interface is with me and we are on Deck 8 on route to the Deck 5 -- upper -- computer core."  I have locked out all others from accessing the core aside from the two of you.  I will need one of you to personally grant me access to the core in order for me to re-upload Thea.  Thea's Mobile emitter is functioning perfectly and she is responding in accordance to my reprogramming.  Ravenholm out."

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The pure hatred she felt for the being before her would know no limits. Not even the unending expanse of space could hold her hatred for him. When her hands failed to find the cylinder shape of his throat she would growl out lowly wanting to see him become nothing more then a rotting pile of meat. Her anger all but grew as she felt him trying to push her away. "Just give me a few seconds and I will take the fight from you," she growled out in her native language her eyes narrowed with pure hate. As he gripped her wrists she fought to break free from his grip the clawed tips of her fingers trying to dig into flesh. The way he was fighting wasn't like how her people fought but her mind was too wrapped up with anger to think about anything else other then killing him. Her tail lashed out trying to snake between his legs to try and constrict around them. Her training helped keeping her balance a little better atop him. "All too soon you will die for what you did to Fallen. I will make sure what ever wretched excuse for a soul finds no rest in this life or the next. You will be scattered to the four winds," she growled out her native tongue resounding in the walls of the holding cell.

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Unfortunately for her instead of grabbing onto flesh the only thing she managed to grasp was the thick fur of his chest.  SHe had countered his actions by making sure she kept herself steady and upright not knowing the multitude of movements he had available to him in this position.  Knowing her ability to recover his only option was somehow taking the rear in a way that coudl get past her knowing in this situation they could be just an effective a weapon as anything else.  Using her body as leverage he swung his legs around putting his legs around her neck in a move known as a triangle choke.  The choking pressure forced her to try and push towards him for breath and needles to say she was still struggling to close the gap in order to attempt to kill him she surged forward.

Having been waiting for the forceful surge he released the choke and used his agility moving around her quickly pressing his face in the space between her shoulder blades keeping it from taking any beating from her elbows. He quickly pushed his arms under hers and grasped her wrists again as his legs tightly wrapped around her midsection locking him into place as tightly as possible around her back.  The final appendage of his, the tail did something far less aggressive as it found hers. His head in between her shoulder blade she began to speak.  "Please Valkyrie, If you are in there hear me.  I don't know who you see me as but its Miles in here with you not someone from your past.  Please,  focus on the tail.  Focus on my body.  Does it feel like one of your kind's.  Does my fur feel like the skin of your race?"  as he said this his tail gently wrapped around hers hoping she would sense the feelings of intimacy they had shared only hours ago.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Lucan

Amelya remained frozen into place as she stared into Trujillo's eyes. The events of what had happened in her own medical office being replayed before her eyes. The conversation between Trujillo and Ida being pushed to the back of her mind so it only sounded like  blurry conversation that was blocked away as if she was submerged under water. Her hands were trembling and her eyes were wide open yet her pupils had turned into pinpoints due to her fear.

Yet when Ida spoke to her she snapped out of the sequence, looking around a bit frightened yet looking into Ida's eyes made her feel a bit more at ease only just a bit. What had she done to them? She parted her lips yet no sound came out and she cleared her throat a bit "I... I didn't have a scalpel at my disposal..." she said soft at first yet she looked up at Trujillo and closed her eyes for a second. "So I took a bite in one officer's genitals and shot the other one with a phaser... Multiple times, until he moved no more." She paused than for a second and took in a few deep breaths. "However, things would be much gruesomer if I had a scalpel..."

She hoped it would be enough to scare Trujillo off and she looked at Ida now, wondering what she thought of her, would she be a monster of some sort for her? A savage beast that would do anything for survival? She didn't know and she sat down on the cold floor of the cell as she buried her face in her hands to get a grip on herself once more.

[ Uncharted Planetoid ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley & Evelyn Rawley

Thomas listened to both Rawley as Isley as they tried to figure out whether or not he was a turned member. It somewhat bugged Thomas that they were questioning his loyalty yet it took every bit of his nerves to not just explode. Since an emotional outburst now could be considered as an act of violence, especially with Rawley pointing a rifle at his face.

He waited for the two to finish their conversation while he kept his hands up in the air, the cold blizzard rushing past his body while he shook his head slowly, they were wasting valuable time by just bickering here "Guys, do we really have to do this here? We have a starship to take back and some fucking killers to track down." he said now out loud, hoping the transmission would reach the both of them.

Yet it seemed events were taking a turn for the worse as the ground under Rawley began to shift, Razor followed Isley as they fled from the avalanche, yet he returned with him to assist him in digging Rawley out. "She better not fucking shoot me when we dig her out of here." he muttered as his hands scooped away snow as fast as he could while standing opposite of Nathan. "Do you believe her Maverick?" He asked now, wanting to know what the third man though, Finally they could see Rawley's feet first sticking out of the snow.

[Simon Tovarek | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1305 hrs. ] Attn: Natalie Stark

"Here would be the XO's office I believe." He answered relieved, happy to know that he wasn't alone in this ordeal. Stark was alive and that was a good thing. He had seen too many people being shot or get injured today. He couldn't help but laugh a bit as she congratulated him with his fine spitting skills. "Thank you lieutenant commander. I do try to hit the guard though, but I'm afraid he might just be outside my spitting range." Simon now tried to look over at Natalie himself but it seemed just impossible in the position they were in.
"Are you alright? You know, besides the fact that your head is about to crack open and that your body is being used like a bag of counterweight and all that crap..."

In between all the chaos and while waiting for Natalie's response Simon could hear that something was going on aboard the bridge, yet with the closed door, he couldn't make out what it really was. "Also, any plans for escape?" he asked on a muffled tone, keeping it out of the hearing range of the guards.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

Apparently, the Harbinger's CMO had caught on to Ida's intention rather well, and it seemed to the Andorian that the Trill she shared the holding cell with was even telling the truth. Had she really bitten her assailant? Ida was beginning to like Dr. Duv, and at that point - after she had delivered her account of what had befallen the two security guards in her office - Ida could have kissed her, because the dark look on Trujillo's face was quite priceless.

Ida's elation disintegrated when she saw the Trill retreat to the floor and hide in her hands. It did not serve them at all to show weakness, so Ida tried to compensate - stepping into Trujillo's field of vision - hiding Duv behind her back. "So, I advise that you back off unless you want us hurting you in any way we can. If your Vulcan can make us see otherwise, as much as I doubt it, then who knows, perhaps we'll be more cooperative and see reason in this madness you seem to have embraced."

Ida took another step closer to the force field, her stare unblinking. "Before then... I suggest you back away, Commander Trujillo."

The human seemed to be cleaning his teeth with his tongue, weighing his options behind his dark eyes - returning Ida's stare with the confidence of a ruffian with the options completely on his side. Ida forced herself to breathe as she waited on the reply. To keep herself centred, she imagined breaking his legs. Made herself hear his screams and pleas for mercy. She would not give it immediately, setting her phaser to stun and shoot the Pinkskin only when he had learned humility.

"You just want to buy some time, chica" he said derisively and stepped away. Ida fought the urge to react, keeping her head level and her stance unfaltering. Trujillo was, however, not done talking, "You do have a point in that you will be much more compliant after T'Rena has shown you the future, so as much as I'd like to have my way with both of you now that I have the opportunity... I know you will accept your fate."

He stepped away, adjusting the sleeves of his uniform. He paused by the exit, glancing towards the Brig Officer before he left. He only gave them a winning smile in parting, adding, "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

Ida curled her upper lip at his retreating back long after it was obscured by the shut doors. Then she turned to the CMO and sat down in front of her - making sure that her back obscured the Brig Officer's line of sight. "Doctor, I need you to focus if we are to get out of here. So they touched you against your will, fine, but I think you got back at them pretty good, correct?" Ida's whisper was sharp but quiet, and she laid her blue hands against the sides of the Trill's head, trying to make her look into her eyes and return to the present, "If you work with me, I will be able to protect you and you will be safe, but if you do not step up and get over yourself, I will be forced leave you here. Please, do not let the Pinkskins have the satisfaction of seeing you bleed. Save your tears for when the pain if far behind. Now is not the time, doctor. Now, it's time to think and to be brave."

Ida tried to give the woman an encouraging smile, but it just came out as some kind of bitter grimace. "On the Theurgy, we have a couple of words that we live by, and if we get out of here, and you chose to serve under a Captain that remain true to Starfleet and what the Federation once stood for, then you might as well know them, and heed them." The fierce expression on Ida's face put an emphasis to her whispered words. "Courage is fear, when it has said its prayers."

Silenty, Ida added in her thoughts, And conscience makes cowards of us all.

For Trujillo, T'Rena and Vasser... she would pull no punches. She lowered her hands from Amelya's face.

"Now, without letting him see or hear, empty those pockets in your lab coat. Let's see what we have to work with."

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[Edena Rez - Jona Rez in control]

"Well, it's not like anyone has been listening to anything I have to say since the Ishtar Incident."  He had shown himself to others what Jien had long since known, that his morals were far too dark to be trusted on their current mission.  Jona was more section 31 then Starfleet Intelligence, and that mean having the grounds to do whatever he thought was best, without the restrictions of basic decency.

"The respect of your crew isn't doing much when you keep running into problems bigger then yourself, Ives.  Alien pathogens, omnipotent beings, and now a hostile takeover utilizing Vulcan Mind Melds?  All the respect in the galaxy isn't going to help you with that . . . though fear isn't going to do much better.  You need to cunning and ruthless right now, because that's how your enemy is thinking.  Hate me all you like, but that's what you need, not to mention that hate is a pretty good motivator, in case you haven't noticed yet."  The struggle just to draw breath had vanished, the life support's lowered setting less obvious when it wasn't being swelled on.  Hating Jona brought a certain kind of clarity to Ives' mind.

"The girls think they might have a method of escape, but it depends on your ability to change.  Think you got enough hate in you to focus on being a chameleon?"  It was a simple plan, if they could pull it off.  Jien could blend into the environment, become invisible, and when a guard found him absent, they would drop the force field to investigate.  From there, it was all about ambushing the guard.

[Declan Vasser]

The Cardassian Pilot's configurations were well done, planning for contingencies that could not be planned for.  It was good, very good in fact.  "Excellent," he said, giving a nod of approval to the helm officer.  As she put it, even if she were rendered unconscious, it would take only a single button press to launch the mines.  To further the good news, Selena had completed her reconfigurations, meaning they now had Thea completely on their side; the avatar of the ship, it's living, thinking brain, an ally of their cause.

"Excellent work, Ravenholm.  You will have my authorization to access the core," he assured her, giving her the all clear to proceed as planned.  He had found himself a number of highly capable officers, and they were making the take over go off seamlessly, better then he ever could have imagined it going.  If their attempts to take control of the time displaced successor to the Theurgy went this smoothly, then it was only a matter of time before they had the beginnings of a fleet, a fleet capable of overtaking the enemy.

[Nathan Isley]

Did he believe her?  It was an interesting question.  "I believe she believes it," he said.  That was Ravon's real issue.  Nathan would do what it took to complete their mission, but Rawley was going to be emotional, which meant that she was the one Thoma had to prove himself to.  That meant no distrustful tactics, keeping himself where she could see him, and most importantly, saving her life.  As a hand appeared, Nathan grabbed hold and started to pull her out, the snow loose enough to allow him to drag her out without any harm to her body.  "You with us, Rawley?" he asked, checking to see if she were conscious or if she would need to be carried out.

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When her nails didn't sink into flesh but rather something else she could feel but her altered mind couldn't process. Even though she could feel something in her mind she couldn't see it. A long deep growl slipped out feeling his legs wrapping around her neck as her body straightened trying to pull free from his grasp. It wouldn't be long before she would have to try and push towards him to try and catch her breath. Using all the strength she had she gave one strong surge before she felt her pray moving from before her and she felt him behind her. She felt something pressing between her shoulderblades and she knew that there would no moving him from that position unless she really fought him. It wasn't to say she didn't try. The feeling next of his arms under hers as he grasped her wrists would pull an infuriated growl from her eyes narrowing in anger. She felt him locking her down to the point she wouldn't be able to move near as freely as she normally would and this angered her all that much more.

It was then she felt something far different brushing against her skin that her mind was having trouble processing. Something far different then the normal scales that where found among her people. She could hear words and in part of her mind they made sense and in other parts it was all to strange to her. Something of the feeling of the body against hers brought memories that felt fresher then the betrayal that had cost her everything she had held dear. For the first time in a long while something wasn't feeling overly right. Slowly sinking to her knees she felt the feeling of something else different in the room with her. "Got off of me you sick bastard," she growled out the words in her native tongue as she rested on her knees her voice wavering slightly as the smell in the room changed slightly for her.

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[Miles Renard | USS Theurgy | Brig ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter (Neleo)

He continued to speak calmly to her as he held his position.  He did all he could to make sure she was unable to attack either him or herself knowing that there was the possibility that if she felt she was at a state of loss against a superior foe she may attempt something drastic.  He held onto her wrists keeping her attacks at bay as he kept his canine head against her back in the space between her shoulder blades..  Unbeknownst to him through their grinding against each other in his current state he began to sweat his own arousal beginning to grow a bit despite his best efforts.  Then he remembered something.  Her people like his had acute senses including smell.  Perhaps his own male musk could be used as well as the feel of his fur to attempt to bring her back.  He relaxed from his urges to suppress certain instincts letting his own arousal grow a bit.  Soon his own musk was seeping out into the air with his sweat as he held onto her tightly.  "Please, please my Valkyrie.  Concentrate on the now, not the past.  It's me, can't you feel me.  Please figure it out he pleaded quietly.  he said before thinking of one other way to reach her one other sense to bombard the her present with.  Slowly he crossed his hand over her own caws and used them to slice it open. His blood began to seep into his fur as he forced the hand upwards and towards her face forcing her to smell his unique blood.  she had said it had tasted different.  Perhaps its scent and taste coupled with the rest would be enough to force her mind back to reality.

[Aisha S'iti | USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | 1300 hrs. ] Attn: Kurohigi(Vaser), Brutus(Stark), Nolan(Tovarek)

The cardassian , hearing the report hid the cringe within knowing that now time was even more limited than before.  If Thea was in their possession then she wouldn't be having to fool a default computer, but a thinking officer with senses for tracking each and every com badge on the ship.  If she were to spring the officers from their prison in the XO's office it would have to be soon.  Taking advantage of her long past due for a break work-time recently she knew how she would affect her own escape from the bridge.  "Captain, since I have prepared for the contingency that I am unavailable may I take a quick recess from my duties to get something to eat?" she politely asked hoping given her service to the mission he would understand the needs of an officer to not continue to work on an empty stomach.

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[Declan Vasser]

"Of course.  My apologies for working you for so long.  You are dismissed," Declan said, granting Aisha the time away she required.  The efficiently of a bridge crew saw someone ready to step into her position at the helm as soon as she stepped away, to continue the act of piloting for as long as was necessary.  In an emergency, one always had their best at the helm, so Aisha knew that, if it was possible, she was to report to the bridge to assume her duties in the event of a red alert.  That was enough knowledge for Declan to grant her some leave after working tirelessly to set up the mines.  He wasn't about to be a slave driver, and chain her to her post, especially when she was one of his loyal crew members, not someone who needed to be forced into obedience by a Mind Meld.

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[ Security Detail | USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: IronFerrox, Brutus & Nolan

The two guards present in the room had noticed the captives stirring in the wake of T'Rena leaving the XO Ready Room, one of them smirking when the Chief Science Officer spat blood at his feet. They were both Harbinger men, Petty Officers who had survived Sonja Acreth when she killed David Cerruto and everyone present outside the Harbinger Brig. Their remote posting on the ship had saved them, and now they were on the Theurgy to make the vision of the future come true.

"You can step out, man," he said to his comrade, nodding towards the door that led to the corridor. He watched them whisper to each other where he had strung them up, yet even if his green eyes were upon them, his words were for his like-minded. "Keep a look-out. I'll remain here."

So when he was alone with the captives, he rose from the couch and sauntered over to them. He sought their eyes as he circled them, making sure they knew he was there and wasn't going to be idle any more. Despite his stout frame, he moved with ease - a sign of strength that belied appearances. Eyes deep-set. His eyebrow split from a fight in his youth. The stubble on his chin was the same length as his shaved scalp, and peppered with grey even if he wasn't in his forties yet.

"I'm Kyle Benson," he said quietly, running his fingertips over his holstered hand phaser as his famished eyes feasted on the woman - the Theurgy's Chief of Operations. "Sounds to me like the two of you are having naughty intentions... wanting to leave before the Winter Queen sees to you."

As he passed in front of Simon Tovarek, he backhanded the man across his face. It was a disdainful act, almost like an afterthought. His steps led him into Natalie Stark's field of vision next, and his grin showed how much he liked what he saw. His crude demeanour was far from the schooled Line Officers. "Then again... I think I might be having naughty intentions as well."

He ran the tip of his tongue along his lower lip, eyes a bit wide as he stared. "Would you like to lick something for me, Lieutenant Commander?" He slowly unzipped his uniform trousers. "Something salty and scented?"

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Aisha nodded, "Thank you Commodore,  I will be back ASAP."  She said waking to the turbolift and then reconsidering.  You know I think i will get myself something to make sure I feel a bit safer.  she said as she turned around and headed towards the exit near the Mission ops post that opened to the armory.

Entering the armory she nodded to the officer within the room and grabbed one of the type three phasers on the wall.  "I doubt I will be needing this but better safe than sorry." She said to him as he stoically guarded the room.  Exiting the room she looked around mentally noting what she saw. 

She made her way down the corridor past the guard at the XO's office door then down the corridor where the turbolift was.  She noted in her mind the lack of corridor security aside from the one stationed outside the Captains private study entrance and began to make her plans perhaps the best start would be to see if she could remove at least one of the guards in her path.  Playing the bridge officer who never had been tasked with going on a real dangerous security mission the Cardassian approached the guard near the deck 1 corridor turbolift.  "Hey umm, I've been on the bridge ever since the takeover. Where would you suggest is a safe place to get a snack?"  She asked the type three phaser hanging loosely from her shoulder almost more like someone would carry a purse not like anyone who knew what they were doing would carry a weapon.  Of course for her idea to work the guard assuming she was clueless with the weapon and completely vulnerable was exactly the bait she was trying to lay.

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