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INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Lost and Found

Scosche Bellde'side had been stowed away for months now, stuck in this cargo chamber with little to do.  He'd done the best he could, nearly breaking several bones as he set up the training equipment, equipment he needed to keep himself in peak physical condition.  The gymnastics he performed was difficult in the cramped space of the room, and to use one piece of equipment, he had to move the others each and every time.  He had never been trained for isolation and found it difficult, not to his liking and had looked forward, more and more, for the petty officer, who'd first brought him aboard, to bring him the scant supplies she'd been able to scrounge.  A rolled up sleeping bag, a thin pillow, those were the only items he'd had to sleep with and were items he had to stow for him to exercise.

Days had passed since she'd last been to see him and, try as he might with his limited Betazoid senses, he could not detect her aboard any more, which scared him somewhat.  The last few weeks alone had been the most fearful and seemingly insane, the intense arousal he'd assumed was coming from the crew driving him nearly to the breaking point.  And, now, even his one point of outside contact, the petty officer, seemed to no longer be near, leaving him alone and without access to food or water without leaving the relative safety of his small, empty cargo area.

As he sat with his back against the wall, pondering his situation, he couldn't remember exactly how he'd gotten talked into the tour that had landed him here.  Way back then, a lifetime ago it seemed, he'd met a young, attractive petty officer and, after spending the night with her, had accepted her offer for a tour of the latest ship in the fleet.  He knew it was undoubtedly improper for her to bring someone unauthorized aboard, but could recall enjoying the illicit nature of the endeavor, the sense that he was doing something he could definitely get in trouble for but doing it anyway.  And, then he'd been trapped aboard when the ship took off into warp, the petty officer not telling him why or what was happening for several days, only telling him to remain in the cargo area until she returned.  When she did, he found out just how deep his troubles were.  The ship had been hijacked by lunatics, was his first thought and became the reason for him to remain hidden, out of sight of the rest of the crew who might kill him if they came to know he was here.  How else would they treat a man who was on their ship while they were seemingly at war?

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The hours seemed to blend into each other for everyone and the Wolves were right in the thick of things.  There were patrols as well as repairs and other duties they had to perform on board.  Even the bit of free time they had was usually spent doing more on their Valkyries.  After a check of several, some replacement parts were needed in the cockpits.  "Computer ... where would I find translucent aluminum for the cockpits of the Valkyries?"  The almost dissonant tone chimed and Thea's voice came through the comm link.  The translucent aluminum is located in a small cargo hold on Deck 11, Number 11.  "Thanks Thea," she replied and headed that direction.

When she opened the door, something seemed a bit off but Skye couldn't put her finger on it exactly.  Things were piled all around, some boxes had even fallen, but there was something that reminded her of the old barn back home.  With a little shrug, she started working through the piles and stacks for the materials needed when she spotted some crumbs of food.  "What the ...?" she muttered.  Looking behind a haphazard tower, she noted a ration pack that was open and still had a bit of food.  Glancing up, she noticed some rings hanging from the ceiling and her forehead creased from her frown.  Walking over to a couple of what she thought were stands, she realized they were a crude imitation of parallel bars.  Blowing out a breath, she started back to looking about but the aluminum was forgotten now.

Poking around here and there, she found more evidence that someone was spending time here which she thought was strange.  Everyone had quarters and it didn't look like someone had made a lover's nest.  Pausing in her movement, she listened intently having thought she heard something and moved carefully in that direction.  Behind another box she found a sleeping bag and pillow with a PADD laying next to them.  Crossing her arms over her chest, she stalked to the center of the area and looked around.  "Alright, if someone is in here I'm really not in the mood to play hide and seek and this better not be a prank Miles.  My toilet seat has never been the same since you welded the seat up and I can't get a new onereplicated."

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Scosche started at the sound of her voice, his heart thudding in his chest, blood pounding in his ears.  Part of him feared coming out, feared the death that might find him should he do so, but part of him roared at her tone, angered by the need to hide.  He had struggled all his life, fighting down the Klingon instinct to take arms against anything that might harm him.  This time, however, was different, harder to control.  He had been isolated too long, left alone without sentient contact and wanted nothing more than to lash out.  As quietly as he could, he got to his feet and edged along the wall until he caught sight of her.  For a moment, he felt taken aback by her beauty, her brown eyes and blonde hair captivating him for half a second.  With a shake of his head, he dove from his hiding spot, launching himself at her.

He had absolutely no combat training, the few fights he'd been in occurring in the school yards on Betazed, but he was dexterous, limber and strong.  He had no way of knowing his nearly a foot taller than her, or his almost one hundred pounds of additional weight meant little in a fight, where he lacked even the most basic experience.  Still, he would go out fighting.

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A slight scuff of a foot on the floor and a tiny bump of a box were the telltale signals that something was about to happen.  Maybe Miles had more in mind for training that flight simulations?  As soon as the body launched at her, she actually turned to face it and fell back, using the momentum to send it up and over to land unceremoniously in a bunch of boxes.  Quick as a cat, she kicked up to stand facing him again with her left hand out open palm out and right hand pulled back ready to punch.

The face was no one she knew and warning bells rattled along her spine.  "Thea seal the exit and send security!" she ordered and backed up a moment as she assessed the man.  "I don't know who you are," she said quietly but with every manner of being able to back up herself, "but let's be civilized about this so you don't get hurt."  Her eyes narrowed and then her head tilted slightly to the left.  "Wait a minute ... you're Scosche ... the gymnast ... explains the apparatuses around here."

She didn't let her guard down, not completely, since he had jumped her.  "Why in the heaves would you be on Theurgy?  You're not Starfleet and last I knew we didn't need a gymnast for entertainment though you are kinda cute," she grinned trying to charm him a little and maybe get him to talk.  "I'm Ensign Skye Carver and I'd rather have your autograph than a black eye."

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With a thud, he felt the impact jar him, the boxes making his landing only slightly better than hitting the wall directly.  Still, he had had worse during his training and rose to his feet quickly, orienting himself back on her.  He was competitive by nature and his civilized side was suppressed.  That she recognized him meant little, though it did sink in when she asked for his autograph.  It might have been months, but autographs were a huge part of being a celebrity, even if it was only in Olympic sports.  He sank back down against the boxes and sighed.  He hated fighting, always had, even now he wasn't sure why he'd decided attacking her was a good idea.  The fact that she'd thrown him as easily as she had showed just how bad an idea it had been; he would probably have gotten his butt kicked.  With a sigh, defeat mingling with the hot, bitter taste of anger, he nodded, "Fine, fine, you win.  You found me."

He held his wrists up to her, expecting that now he'd be taken to a cell somewhere, if they even allowed him that much.  Maybe it would be an airlock instead, or a firing squad.  He had no way of knowing, but there was at least some relief.  Whatever came next, it would be better than the endless sitting and waiting, the not knowing.  Looking up at her, he sagged just a bit, "I suppose you'll kill me now, huh?  Can't leave a civilian alive when you're at war with the Federation."

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Skye had expected him to come at her again and it looked like he might but then he just seemed to fold in on himself.  It was when he held his hands up to be cuffed and taken away that she dropped her guard.  She knew that posture and the tone of voice too well.  "Hey ... we don't go around killing famous gymnasts without a good reason," she said gently and approached him somewhat cautiously.

"Someone's been talking to you at least a little about the shit hittin' the fan and after all this time they've been providing you with some food ..."  Looking in his eyes, her own were concerned on many levels.  "We're Starfleet but we're not the bad guys," she tried to explain.  "They tried to take us out and keep sending people after us but so far we've managed to keep limping along."

Squatting down, she placed her hands over his.  "Security will have a lot of questions for you but you don't seem like a threat.  As big as you are, I shouldn't have been able to toss you so easily ... you've been eating those damn rations too long and need some real food.  Once we have an escort, we'll have the EMH check you out and maybe they'll let me bring you a good hot meal."

In a way it was surreal, seeing one of the greatest gymnasts ever.  She'd tried hard as a kid but never could make it past regionals.  She had the power but not the grace they were looking for and by the time she did well enough with dance classes to incorporate it she'd decided she wanted to be in Starfleet like her father.  Good thing she wasn't security because she wasn't exactly following protocol.

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He still wasn't sure he could trust her, or anyone else aboard, but for the moment, he had little choice.  Despite his size, she was right, she had tossed him far too easily.  It forced him to rethink his exercises of late, realizing that he'd begun wearing out sooner than he should have, stopping earlier and earlier each time, unable to keep up the pace he'd had only half a year ago.  It was depressing, more depressing than being kicked in the gut by a girl and taken down by someone who seemed almost half his size.  It didn't help that he'd had little to eat in the last 48 hours, rationing out what little food he had when the petty officer hadn't shown up at her usual time and faced with the thought she might not show up at all.

Almost crying at the thought of a hot meal, he leaned forward suddenly and kissed her, daring to hope he might actually survive.  His mouth was harder on hers than he'd intended, but his intent was the same, gratitude, elation, and just a touch of true hope.  The petty officer had offered nothing, and it came to him that she had been keeping him like she might a pet, dependent upon her good graces to keep himself alive and deceiving him about the trouble he might be in should he be discovered.  While still not letting what little of his guard that remained down, he wanted to believe that maybe they weren't all crazy.

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Crazy is a relative term and one used to describe Skye more often than not but though she acted a tough girl, there was definitely a cream filling inside.  Watching his expression, she saw the hurt and anger as well as fear and loneliness and was about to say something when suddenly he leaned forward and took her head in his hands and kissed her.

When the crew member of the Relativity had beamed her aboard and she knew she was safe, she'd thrown her arms around the man desperate for that moment of contact that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person standing before her was real.  There was that same feel in this moment and she didn't resist but simply returned the kiss and touched his face with gentleness.

When their lips parted, she looked at him and brushed the hair back from his ridged forehead.  "Shhhhh, it's okay," she murmured softly and held his gaze as she tried to comfort him.  "It's going to be okay, just breathe."  Glancing at the equipment he'd devised, she smiled.  "Maybe once things are settled, we can work out together.  It'll be good to get me back in practice."

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"Um... sure," he answered softly, his eyes traveling up and down her body, evaluating her condition.  Her size would give her some advantage, but if she was out of practice, it would take him a while to get her up to even a token's throw of his own abilities.  She might have been able to kick his butt, but when it came to his sport, he had proven himself to be the top competitor.  It took him only a minute to calm himself, mostly because of his weakened state, but at least in part from the touch of her hand over his forehead ridges and the way she smiled.  There was something about her that eased the stress of the past months. 

He looked down at himself, at his once skin-tight clothing, loose now from the loss of weight, and at the smudges of dirt that coated him.  Much as he might have tried to maintain a hygienic schedule, without a sonic shower or running water, it was difficult for him to get truly clean.  Given the last few days, he had no doubt he probably had a particular smell, unwelcome, around him and he looked up at her in apology.  His eyes traveled past her and to the equipment he'd cobbled together, "If we do, I surely hope you have something better than these things.  They were torture to put together, and they aren't particularly stable."

Slowly, he rose to his feet, stretching out his long limbs, working out the kinks being thrown had caused.  He'd be bruised in a couple of places, he was certain, but it could have been much worse.  Had he landed differently, he might have ended up with a concussion or a broken bone.

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She had known talking about his equipment and possible work outs would help him and it was certainly good to see him calm down, knowing when security got there that he would be calmer and they wouldn't have to resort to firmer measures.  His evaluation of her brought a smirk and beep of his nose.  "I may not be your caliber but I can probably surprise you with a few tricks."

When he looked at her, obviously embarrassed about his condition, she patted his hand.  "Not that long ago I spent weeks alone in the black.  I've scrubbed and aired out my Valkyrie I don't know how many times and I myself took at least five baths before I felt clean again."  When he stood, she did as well.  "Computer ... unlock the door," she stated though stood between it and him just in case.

In a much more friendly manner, she stated "Thea, I know you're really busy but would it be possible to beam myself and our guest straight to Sickbay and have security meet us there?  He's been tucked away and looks to be suffering from some malnourishment.  He could also use a good bath and some more comfortable clothes so he can enjoy a decent meal.  Might want to have Lt. Nelis meet us too."

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Jerking his head back, he rubbed at his nose, her action surprising him.  He couldn't remember the last time someone had done that to him, it had been at least since his childhood and, if he knew his father, it had probably been some well-meaning person who had gotten beaten up for doing it.  It made him feel small, like a child, as though despite everything he had achieved, he was undeserving of respect.  He knew he would likely get knocked back down, so he restrained himself from lashing out.  No doubt, she, just as that long ago person, meant no harm by it and, after all, there might be actual hot food somewhere in his future.

Rising to his feet, he glanced at the door as it opened, and then at the way she stood between it and himself.  He wanted to point out that, even if he should decide to make a run for it, there was no where he could go.  It wasn't like he knew the ship and could find another place to hide.  No, the only thing that would happen, even if he made it past her, was likely getting shot in the back by some security officer.  As he had been before, he was entirely dependent on someone else, which rankled him.  He had grown accustomed the most liberal restrictions on his freedom while growing up, most of his time spent in the deep forests of Betazed, practicing and training while his mother collected her samples and tested her biological theories.  She'd had few rules, most of them around not touching the lab equipment and making sure she knew where he was at all times.  And, it wasn't like there was much to do in the back woods, the nearest civilization hundreds of miles away.

He looked around the cargo area, then back at her, "I seem to be at a loss.  You know me, and apparently you know... Thea, is it?  Whoever she is.  But I don't know you or her.  Is there someone out in the hallway?"

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[Acknowledged,] said the disembodied voice of Thea over the intercom, [Initiating Medical Transport]

There was a shimmer around them, and they both ended up in Sickbay. Given the hour, Dr. Nicander was not present, so Thea activated the EMH Mk. I once they materialised. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency," said the hologram and sighed a little, eyes coming to wander over the two possible patients. It picked up a medical tricorder and began to scan them both in turn.

Right then, the sliding doors opened and two Security Officers with hands on the grips of their phasers stepped into Sickbay - alerted by Thea while on patrol and being closest in that area of the ship. "Identify yourself," said the blonde one, stepping forward and leaving the dark-haired one to watch the trespassing person for any sudden movements.

OOC: A short transition post for you guys, where I relinquish the hologram and the security guards to your control. I am spread too thin for another thread atm. Hope this works!

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The look on his face when she tapped his nose reminded her that not everyone enjoyed having their space invaded but after he'd kissed her she'd thought he might enjoy a bit of playfulness.  There was a light sigh but she didn't want to make him feel any more defensive.  All she wanted was to make him feel comfortable and not alone, like someone actually cared.

"The only people who might be out in the hallway would be security," she informed him.  "And Thea is the ship, sort of short of Theurgy.  There's a holographic projection in a humanoid form that interacts with the crew.  She's really neat and when she has the time, I'm sure she'd like to get to know you.  Most of us just talk about work so she might like to actually talk to someone truly spectacular."

Her words were sincere though he might sense a moment of embarrassment.  Once she'd realized who he was, there was a definite fan feel to her emotions though she was doing her best to hide the little crush she had on him when he first rose to fame.  More than that though, she admired him for his achievements.  She knew how hard he worked to become one of the greatest athletes.

No sooner had she made the request, they were in Sickbay and the EMH materialized.  There was something about the grumpy balding projection that was endearing, at least for Skye.  He was no-nonsense and when it came to dealing with trauma she'd take the grumpy because the end result would be the best possible care that could be given.

"I'm fine, Doc, just him," she said and then looked up as the doors shished open, signaling Security's arrival.  "Easy guys," she said holding up her hands.  "He's a little misplaced and feeling picked on enough.   If he wanted to hurt me when I found him, he would have and honestly ... where's he going to run?  Why don't you talk to him while Doc looks him over and I'll just wait over there."

Reaching out slowly, she gave Scosche a light rub on the shoulder.  "They'll get you a shower and clean clothes.  Once the doc's done with you, I'll take you to the mess hall and get something decent in you," she reassured him and turned to security.  "I know things are crazy right now and Lt. Commander Grayson will want to interview him as well as the captain, but I'd be willing to stick with him until that could happen.

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"And, you cal..." he'd been about to ask a question when he was interrupted by the prickling sensation of being transported.  While not unaccustomed to being beamed, his preferred method of travel was walking, which, if not possible, was followed by shuttlecraft.  It was an odd, defenseless feeling to not be in control of one's movements, to have to rely on the transporter and its technician to make sure he arrived at his designated location in one piece.  Unlike walking or shuttlecraft, where at least he either knew, or could get to know, whomever was in charge, could evaluate for himself whether he or she was at least competent, not that he knew anything about flying a shuttlecraft.  Perhaps it was illogical, but it still reassured him.

With the abrupt arrival in Medical and the unexpected appearance of the EMH, he stepped back in surprise, then nodded at the hologram, who eyed him with dispassionate interest.  It made him slightly uncomfortable, but doctors were doctors, it seemed, even holographic ones.  He turned his head as the doors opened, admitting the security officers and cringed back, taking Skye's hand without thinking.  While most of him seemed locked in place, a part of him snarled at them, wanting the fight.  The security guards took two paces away from each other, as though sensing his unspoken aggression and Scosche moved a little behind Skye uncertainly.

The security guards eased their postures but only a little at Skye's words, still not taking their eyes off the towering man before them.  Scosche still wasn't sure what to do, but the EMH seemed not to care one whit about the guards and took Scosche's arm, pulling him toward a medical bed and forcing him to lay down.  Nervously, his eyes trying to keep the guards in sight, which fought with his natural curiosity to watch what the EMH was doing, who kept telling him to lie still as it ran scans.  The EMH spoke aloud as it worked, commenting on the healed bone fractures and breaks, signs of Scosche's long training, though more fractures than breaks, thanks to his Klingon genetics.  Almost as an after note, the EMH said something about malnourishment and Scosche jumped as he felt a hypo against his neck.  Turning to Skye, who had activated it, the EMH pronounced Scosche in need of proper nutrition and, judging by Scosche's appearance, a bath, then stood aside and waited to be deactivated.

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The dark headed security officer smirked when Scosche ducked behind Skye, the image of a Rottweiler ducking behind a miniature dachshund coming to mind.  That dachshund had a mean bite though, this much he knew.  She didn't have much of a chance to step aside and thankfully the exam was over fairly quickly though she had glanced back a couple of times with a grin as the man didn't want to remain still.  She knew how he felt, hating laying there like a lab specimen waiting for dissection.

After a few minutes of talking with whoever was currently in charge of security, the blonde guard looked at the EMH and seemed satisfied that the stowaway wasn't in medical danger.  Stepping forward, his eyes seemed to water a moment and his nose wrinkled.  "Definitely a shower," he said a bit nasally and hooked a small metal bracelet around Scosche's wrist.  "Tracker," he explained and stepped back once it was secured.  "Time to get you some clothes from the quartermaster and a shower," she said.  "You boys are welcome to come along," she said to the security officers.

"We'll be close by ... just not too close," Blondie replied and Skye's lips pursed as she tried not to snicker.  "Alright then," she said and with a tilt of her head toward the door, raised an eyebrow at Scosche to follow.  "Thanks Doc, you're a real peach," she said with the Wolf salute and then "Computer, deactivate EMH."

A quick trip to the quartermaster garnered him regulation underwear and the black slacks and shirt.  It would be comfortable at least though definitely wouldn't confuse him with actual personnel.  After that, she pondered a moment and decided it was best to ask.  "Would you want to shower in the gym or somewhere more private?  My shower is a little small but you wouldn't have anyone peeking at you."

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Flushing deeply, ashamed of his appearance, Scosche shrank back on the bed the closer the guard got.  It was, for a second or two, a struggle for the guard to get Scosche's hand long enough to get the bracelet on and Scosche winced as it snapped in place, wondering to himself if it was absolutely necessary and, more darkly, if it was so they could find him more easily to kill him later.  Either way, he was stuck with it until someone else decided to remove it.  Yet another thing he would have to be dependent on someone else for.

Rising, he followed along after her, anxiety making him twitch his head to watch the guards the longer they remained around.  It was nerve-racking to him to have them there, to not be sure what exactly they were for.  He was hardly a security risk, though, it occurred to him that maybe he should just treat them as he might bodyguards, people nearby who were meant to keep unsuspecting celebrities safe from particularly aggressive fans.  Once he made that distinction in his mind, he settled some, able to take in the ship around him, admiring the construction and recessed lighting.

Running his fingers along the wall, he was a little surprised to find the lighting not as bright as most other ships he'd been on.  It was probably a conservation of power thing, he decided, and maybe he'd ask about it later.  In the meantime, he paused when she did, arriving at the quartermasters.  When she handed him the garments, he stared at the pile of fresh clothing for a few moment, his fingers taking in their unsoiled texture.  He wasn't sure why, but something about having clean clothes was... well, euphoric, as though he'd never thought to experience it again.  Lifting the pile to his nose, he breathed deep and smiled broadly.  Though the garments were not his usual apparel, their manufacture below what he, and his sponsors, would have chosen, he was still glad to have them.  Looking up at her, he shrugged, "Either is fine with me.  It's not like I'm unaccustomed to being gawked at.  I've been on twenty different planets for various competitions and I get gawked at no matter where I go.  I'm kind of hard to miss."

It took him a moment to realize she'd offered her own quarters for him to get clean in, that maybe there was something else to the suggestion he was missing.  He'd been around women only a few times, his training keeping him both busy and exhausted much of the time, and, as most men, knew little about them.  He watched, hesitating, then added, "Your quarters would be fine, though."

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Skye had given the guard a nasty look when she saw Scosche's embarrassment and struggled to not double up her fist and punch him.  The poor guy had been through enough, she thought, and she was trying to put him at ease which was hard to do when he was feeling like a freak show.  She also tried to put herself in their place, to understand that they were trying to do their job but maybe that was part of the reason she never stuck with security.  Sometimes you just had to be too much of a bitch.

When he held the clean clothes to his face and inhaled deeply, his smile brought another one from her and she nodded.  "Nothing fancy but comfy," she said and waved him on to follow her.  "There are a lot of repairs going on right now so lighting isn't as bright as usual," she stated when she noticed him looking at the lighting.  "Guess we look a bit like a ragamuffin but we're still moving and that's what counts," she continued to chat and hoped it was helping at least in terms of not feeling so lonely.

Stepping into her quarters, she wondered if their shadows would come inside but they simply stood on either side of her door.  Well that's gonna make people wonder came the amused thought but then she remembered his comment about people gawking.  "I'm sorry if you feel like I was gawking, sort of got caught up in the fan thing a little myself," she stated.  "I promise I won't do that anymore and if you'd like to ask questions while you shower, I'll do my best to answer them."

Showing him where the soap and shampoo were, she pulled out a big fluffy towel for him and set it on the sink.  "I'll just be out there with my back turned," she said again with that reassuring tone.  She wasn't going to hurt him or molest him even, was simply trying to offer herself as a friend and someone he could trust.  Andrus had treated her much the same though admittedly that had been a little different situation and there was definitely some molesting going on much to mutual satisfaction.

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As the door closed behind them, he took a deep breath and released it slowly, glad to have at least a token wall between himself and the guards.  Even with his usual bodyguards, it had taken him months to get used to being followed around, to having next to no privacy.  They'd known when he did even the most basic and private of things, but he'd been told time and again that they were for his own protection, that his life was at risk from fans who might want to hurt him, both his own and the fans of those who'd lost in competition to him.  They'd been with him most of the last four years of his career and he'd grown to trust them, especially Thomas, a Rigelian who had saved his life on more than one occasion.  Why he'd never learned to fight he attributed to never having time, having spent all, when he wasn't sleeping, on the mat, rolling, tumbling, flying over and under the bars.  That was the part he loved the most, the complex ballet of dancing from one bar to the next, defying gravity, especially at his weight and size.  On a good day, he could keep it up for an hour or more, his moves graceful and, by now, instinctive.

As they stepped inside her quarters, he took in the room, not sure what he should expect, though he turned his attention back to her.  Blushing, he confessed, "I don't think I'd mind you gawking at me."

Watching her as she backed out of the bathroom, he began undressing, soon enough down to nothing.  Now that he had a chance to notice, he found it hard to believe she'd deigned to be in the same room as he.  Even to himself, he smelled bad.

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Her quarters were quite spartan really, just her bed and a bedside table, dresser, and a desk and chair.  Her closet was small and next to the bathroom.  There were a handful of pictures on the desk and two on her nightstand, all of an older man and woman who were likely her parents.  Other than some of her dirty clothes on the floor, which she hurriedly picked up while he was showering, it could easily have just been a cheap hotel room or bachelor ... well, bachelorette pad.

His comment brought a sly smile, a teasing glint in her eyes.  "Careful or I just might peek," she winked.  Considering she usually went for things like that at Warp 9, she was tempted to offer to scrub his back but as skittish as he seemed she figured that might not go over so well even if he did seem a bit interested.  As she tossed her dirty clothes in her hamper and listened to the water pouring, she thought it amusing that one of her crushes was right there in her shower and she was out picking up dirty clothes.

Sitting on the bed, she thought about the man and his situation.  Who had brought him on board and why had he been left like he was?  It was inhumane and she felt herself wanting to hunt this person down and stick them in that hold with barely anything so that they would know just how much they had made Scosche suffer.  Now he was stuck on the ship away from everyone he'd ever known and no purpose.  In his position she would be seething and wanting to lash out too from the humiliation.

"So what's your story?" she called out over her shoulder to where he could hear her.  "How'd you get on board and what the hell has been happening to you all this time?"  There was genuine interest and concern in her tone though not pity.  She wouldn't want anyone to pity her and he still had most of his health and faculties and the ability to take care of himself which meant he had every chance of finding a purpose on board until the captain figured out what to do with him.  Until then, she'd help him as much as she could and as much as he would allow.

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His blush deepened with her response and he smiled as she walked out.  Finished undressing, he looked at the sad pile of clothing, then decided to worry about them after his shower.  As he stepped into the frosted glass stall, it took him a moment to figure out the controls, yelping as the first shot of cold water splashed against his chest.  It took only a moment for the water to heat up and, soon, he was pushing his head under the jets of spray.  At first, he didn't hear her, the heat and moisture sinking into his uncared for skin, seemingly down to his very bones by the way it relaxed him, making him feel almost like jelly.  He never wanted to leave, could only barely imagine better sensations than what was currently bombarding him.  Despite all the things he had missed while... well, while being held captive, showering hadn't even been a consideration.  He would have to ask for something chocolaty, maybe a sundae or some cake!  But, for the moment, a shower should have been near the top, he thought to himself.

Jostled out of his thoughts by the realization he'd missed something, he tried to decipher what it might have been.  Shaking his head, he couldn't for the life of him remember her words, only the sound of her voice.  Leaning his head out of the shower, he said, "I wasn't paying attention... and it's a little hard to hear you over the water."

Before he could think, he added, "You can come in here, if you want.  Just, no peeking."

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When he first didn't answer her, she figured he had his head completely under the water.  She'd done the same thing herself when she had the chance.  Her long hair had been snarled so badly it was almost matted, tempting her to cut her hair but she was too stubborn and liked it long.  Short hair just didn't suit her taste for herself though there were lots of women on whom it looked really wonderful.  So ... she'd showered an inordinately long time, soaping herself and rinsing and soaping and rinsing only to do it all again and she remembered the sensation of finally being clean again.

"I wasn't paying attention ..."  She had been at that point herself and shook her head to clear the cobwebs that seemed to try to collect in the corners.  "You can come in here, if you want.  Just, no peeking."  Thankfully he couldn't hear the throaty chuckle and the muttered "Nothin' I haven't seen before."  If he were looking he would see her walk in with a hand over her eyes, granting him that bit of dignity.  "Not much better than getting clean after weeks of  being grimey," she commiserated and turned her back so she could drop her hand.  "I was just asking how you got on board and, well, I know it's probably not a pleasant story but I'd listen if you wanted to talk about things."

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"I was taking a tour of the ship," he started, looking at her back, noticing that she'd entered and given him the privacy he'd asked for.  It was courteous of her, but he wondered if she'd taken a peek anyway, and part of him hoped she had.  He'd worked hard on his body and stood tall and slim, stronger than most men his age.  Turning back to the shower, he began soaping himself, cleaning his skin.  He grimaced at the swirl of dirt that spun down the drain, patches of his skin growing paler and paler.  It was pleasant to begin to feel clean and he began scrubbing his skin as he answered her, "Ja... um... a petty officer brought me aboard.  Things were going well, the ship was in a much better condition, at least from what I've seen.  Then things just... they fell to pieces.  The alarms rang hard and the petty officer hid me away in the cargo area before running off to her post.  It was a while, almost 24 hours, before she returned, her first day of keeping me locked away.  She brought food and water and news.  She told me the ship had been taken by mad men, the captain claiming the Federation was being destroyed from within.  It was madness, obviously none of it was true."

He sank his head beneath the water once more, rinsing the soap from his hair.  It gave him a moment to think, then ask, "It's not true, right?  It's impossible.  That the Federation is no longer in control of our leaders?"

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"A tour of the ship ..."  Skye shook her head and sighed.  Pretty ballsy of the gal since even Skye wouldn't willingly bring someone on board without clearance and given how he was tossed in that hold and kept hidden, the petty officer knew she was in the wrong.  She had to put those thoughts aside though because the stupidity that led to cruelty angered her entirely too much.

The rest of the story was just as sad and hearing that tone, begging her to say it was all a lie and insane, brought her chin down toward her chest as she crossed her arms.  "I'm afraid it's true," she said evenly though it broke her heart admitting such.  "We don't know who all is involved but there are people in strategic places who apparently aren't who they appear to be and somehow we have to find out the truth."

She almost turned to look at him, so he could see the honesty in her eyes, but she held her position.  "We're all fugitives, torn from everyone we've known and loved.  I'd only been assigned on Theurgy about a week before all hell broke loose and even then it was only a few weeks before another outbreak of fighting with Federation fighters separated me from Theurgy.  I couldn't go home so all I could do was try to find this ship ... my new home."

With a bit of trepidation, she broached another subject.  "You know you're going to have to tell who it was who brought you on board.  We all have to face the consequences of our actions and considering the condition I found you in ... it's only right."  Now that he was probably completely disillusioned, she turned but kept her eyes upward to search his.  "Her actions led to your unfair displacement and while I'm thrilled to meet you, I know it has to be incredibly hard on you being here."

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"I am a prisoner here, then," he murmured, knowing even if those she spoke of would leave him be, the crew of the Theurgy could hardly risk letting him free.  Even if he promised to say nothing, he might let something slip of the ship's presence, of where it was or where it was going.  Or, worse come to worse, the impostors within the Federation might decide to torture whatever information from him, regardless of whether he knew something or not.  He could never go home, unless... he turned to face her, "What is being done about it?  Do any of you have even the slightest idea of how to retake the government?"

He thought for a moment, recalling the difficulties encountered during the Dominion invasion of Betazed.  It took only 10 hours for the Jem'Hadar battleships overcame the defenses of the planet.  He had been away from the planet at the time, but his mother had been in her beloved trees.  She'd remained there, but told him of the troubles of the people, how they'd had no choices, been given no option except surrender.  The Betazoid were a peaceful race, not given to fighting, but they'd rallied in the end, driving the Dominion from their world with a mental attack, something his mother had participated in.  Some kind of invasive telepathic attack, one his mother would not describe to him afterwards.  Many Betazoid died during the effort, the strain of it killing them.  It had stirred his Klingon side, pride in his people's strength and victory.

With a sigh, he began scrubbing once more, "Is there anything to even be done?  This is only a single ship and you do not even know the name of the enemy, unless I'm mistaken."

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"I'm a prisoner here, then ..."  If he were keeping his senses open, he would feel the ache in her soul at his words and see it clearly as she stepped to the shower and placed her hands on the glass as she looked deeply into his eyes.  "We are all prisoners in a way," she stated.

"My father has been missing for a while now and I don't know if it's because of the enemy or something else.  I never really got to say goodbye to my mother because of the rush to get on board and situated ... don't even have most of my things because we had to fly before I could have them transported."

A rueful lopsided smile formed and she looked at the ceiling for a moment before stepping back to lean against the sink.  "You're alone ... I'm alone ... we're all alone out here," she said and something welled within her chest.  "But we're alone together and we'll find a way back.  Captain Ives will make sure."

"I'm just an ensign and a fighter pilot so I'm not in on the meetings where they discuss what we're going to do.  They say fight and I fight.  They say make repairs and I make repairs as best I can.  It may seem hopeless sometimes but if we start to believe it's hopeless, then it is and everyone is doomed."

Taking the towel and stuffing it against her stomach, she chewed on her bottom lip.  "I know it's a lot to ask but trust Captain Ives and this crew.  We're going to do everything we can to make things right and even though we're only one ship right now, I have to believe there will be others who feel like us."

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