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Skye was strong but knew if he hadn't wanted her to roll him over that she wouldn't have but seeing his head roll back when she licked his shaft was more than satisfying.  "I sure hope you aren't a cock tease, Carver," he said and it earned him a purring sound.  "Only for a little bit," she replied with a wink and as he took a handful of her light mane she bared her teeth in a wicked smile.

As he pressed her face toward his rampant hard on, she opened her mouth and took him in about three fourths of the way before her lips closed around his shaft.  "Whatever you do for me, Carver ... I'll be sure to return it."  She was counting on that and her eyes slowly rose to lock with his, the challenge/offer silently accepted.

Then she sucked hard, drawing up slowly until she reached the tip where she released him.  Her tongue shot out, completely swirling firmly around the tip, and then she sucked hard again as she swooped down his entire length.  She gave him no time for much of anything, setting a quick and steady pace while sucking hard enough to be almost uncomfortable.

Every few strokes, she would pause and lavish attention on the head only while her tongue darted and flicked along those sensitive places on the underside.  The tip of her tongue teased just inside the opening to scoop out the sweet drop of precum, eliciting a low growl of pleasure as her nails sank lightly into his thighs.  There was more he would give though and soon she was working his shaft again.

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She never ceased to impress with the kind of talent she displayed.  Most certainly he wasn't the first man to have received such a mind-blowing blowjob from the sexy fighter pilot, not with that kind of practiced skill.  One didn't just wake up one day knowing how to do the sort of things that Skye was doing to him.  It all felt wonderful, from her tongue and it's teasing, to the hard sucking that felt strong enough to stretch him even longer, to even just the satisfying feel of her bra-clad breasts pressed into his legs.  Oh yes, he still had to strip her out of her underwear, and how he would enjoy that too.  Already he could imagine just how he would do it, and those mental images, added to one hell of a performance from Carver, had him burst.  With little warning, he released his load, head falling back to the pillow in the wake of it, and the feeling of Skye cleaning up his tip before finally finally calling her job finished

At the first sign of vulnerability from her, when she first rose up from between his legs, his hands reached out swiftly and grabbed her sides, rolling her over to her back once again.  His first target was her neck, sucking on her skin hard enough to leave a few love bites, below the collar of her uniform, of course.  Hickies weren't exactly standard issue in Starfleet.  He move downward, kissing along the exposed cleave, tongue teasing inside the space, as his hand pulled material away slowly, mouth claiming whatever newly claimed land it found through the uncovering.  When finally her nipple made it's appearance, he saw his first chance to repay her efforts, sucking on it as hard as she had upon his member, giving her some idea just how intensely she had treated him . . . not that he had complaints about it.

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Isley just struck her as the type to appreciate a woman who could give and take just as much as himself and he was obviously strong, not just physically but mentally.  He voiced his opinions and while they were generally couched in a mostly respectful tone there was passion underneath.  He could control himself admirably, as she'd unfortunately witnessed though fortunate in that it had led to this moment, and yet she longed to see him lose some control with her.

Sooner than she expected she felt him jerk and her mouth was filled with his seed but she managed to keep from making a mess.  Rapidly swallowing and sucking in deep breaths through her nose, she felt a deep sense of satisfaction as she pushed upward with every intention of continuing her quest to taste as much of his body as possible.  Her intentions be damned though as she felt strong hands grasp her waist and she felt herself go airborn, eliciting a surpised oomph and giggle as she landed on her back.

Instinct brought her to bare her throat to him, her arms circling his shoulders and drawing him nearer to her yet not impeding his progress in the least.  Her breathing rate increased as he sucked and bit, soft growls erupting as she ran her toes along his outer calves.  Her lips curved a bit more, a lusty smile growing as he pulled down her bra strap and started exposing more of her flesh.  "Yesss," she hissed as his lips and tongue teased her nipple out of the cup and then she grunted heavily and tightened her grip on his shoulders as he drew hard.  "Hoooyah," she rejoiced as he steadily took what he wanted.

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Even as he toyed with one, his fingertips were intruding into Skye's other bra cup, pulling it away until her other nipple popped out.  Fingertips brushed against the hardened nub, lightly pinched, softly twisted, everything they could o to arouse that delicious little piece of stiff flesh on her bosom.  His head raised up long enough to switch breasts, bringing his mouth to the attention of that other nipple, while his other hand treated the first one much the same in terms of physical contact.

After tending to her that way for some time, he finally pulled her bra off entirely, throwing it away like Skye would never need it again.  Hands moved to either side, pressing her breasts towards the center until they were squished together, nipples nearly touching.  From there, his mouth moved to the center, managing to encompass both of her sensitive points.  It wasn't as effective as doing it to just one, but it did give her the sensation of simultaneous stimulation of both.

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Too often her lovers were more focused on getting straight to the point and neglected certain areas, like the one Isley was diligently making sure were not left out at all.  When he reached behind and touched the clasp, she arched upward to give him room to work and didn't even bother watching the garment fly into the tumble of clothes.

Settling back down with her thighs gripping his hips like she'd imagined while they were sharing drinks, he gave her an extra treat by pressing her breasts together and toying with both simultaneously.  "Oooooo, I love a man who can multitask," she purred and ran her fingertips along his ears as she ground her hips against his.

Feeling his hard member rubbing against her barely covered sex was heating her up exponentially, making her patience wear even thinner yet she held herself in check knowing it was going to be worth it in the long run.  He obviously had plenty of experience and used his logic to bring her along but it would only be when he relented to his more primal self that the true path would be taken.

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A shiver ran down his spine as she played with his ears.  Genetically, his ears appeared human, a result of genetic alteration done while he was still in the womb.  His mother's physician ad to perform the surgery when it was found that certain traits from his Vulcan side would cause defects threatening to his life.  Despite that, he still found his ears to be a sensitive spot on his body, which few women had ever discovered.  If he had retained his Vulcan ears, surely they would be more prone to play with them then when they were human.

Once her breasts had been fully satisfied, he ventured further down, pulling the material of her panties off to one side to expose the soaking wet source of heat that had been grinding against him.  She was fully aroused, but Isley didn't take that as an invitation to skip cunnilingus.  No, his tongue went straight against her slit, licking upward a few times along her most womanly place before finally pulling the panties off entirely to get better access to her heated sex.  His actions were much deeper then, tongue delving inside her and lashing against her walls unpredictably, never allowing Skye a moment to figure out just what he would do next.  There was power in that, in keeping her on her toes, or at least keeping her toes curling.

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Skye had taken a gamble, sort of an educated guess, and was more than pleased with the response when he shivered from the caress along his ears.  They would certainly receive some extra special attention whenever he finally got them close enough to her mouth.  Which obviously wouldn't be anytime soon as he lowered himself along her body.

A breath hissed inward as he lapped at her overheated sex and then a groan escaped as he finally tossed the panties away.  He was full throttle and indeed making her toes curl deliciously, his wild actions bringing out her own and her hips rose and fell to work her more against him, grunting whenever her clit would bump against his teeth.

"Always knew ... you were a man ... of honor," she panted with a huge smile on her face.  He'd promised he would give as good as he got and was holding up his end of the bargain.  Her hands alternated from toying with his ears to running along her body but in the end she was clutching her breasts as her breath huffed out and paused repeatedly until she bucked hard.

Biting her bottom lip and pinching her nipples, her growl seemed to be chasing out the juices that coated his tongue.  It took a moment as the intensity held her in place but then she rose up and pulled his face up to hers, licking herself off of him and kissing him deeply.  Now more than ever she was ready for the next step and she felt herself pulsing inside.  "There's plenty more where that came from," she whispered hotly and ran the tip of her tongue along his ear.

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She liked it hard, at least she did tonight.  Surely a woman who looked as attractive as Skye enjoyed some romance too, a bit of a delicate touch to drive her senses wild without feeling like she went through the sexual equivalent of a plane crash.  They had gone wild on one another, but it came from such deep sexual frustration, now sated ever so slightly.  There was still more aggression to get out, and only one way to do it.  After she kissed him, she was busying teasing his ears with her tongue, and would be caught totally off guard when he drove his length inside her, taking her with the same recklessness they had been showing each other all night.  As swift as he was in, he was pulling out again, thrusting forward with a motion of his hips to start her engines.  He was sure that after a couple more of those, her own hips would be joining in, making the contact all the more intensified.

"God, that cunt feels fantastic," he said, dirty talking without shame to Skye.  After all they had done to each other, not to mention that most Pilots cursed like Terran sailors in the 20th century, he was sure she wouldn't be turned off by a little crude language.  Hell, she might actually be turned-on by it more, fuelling the fire ignited by the grinding of their bodies together.

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Indeed Skye was caught off guard and luckily didn't have her teeth over the outer rims of his ear when he sneak attacked her and buried his cock abruptly enough to jar a huge grunt out of her.  "Oh-ho-hoooo," she chuckled dirtily and lay back with a smirk, breasts quaking with every impact even when she did join him in the contest of hip slamming.

His language, what some might have considered vulgar, was met with another of those lusty and lewd smiles as her hands reached for his sides and knees dropped out and down even more.  "You like my pussy, eh?" she chuckled almost evilly.  "Your cock feels as good as it tastes."  He could see her stomach muscles rippling and then an undulating motion rippled along his shaft.

"I have a feeling you're going to show me quite a bit tonight," she added with a burning look.  She fully intended to get the initial thirst quenched and then would truly slow down to enjoy the ride.  Though most wouldn't think it of her, she did like the softer side now that she'd truly experienced what it could be like without the rough and tumble.

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"You ain't felt nothing yet," he said with a grin, as their intense night continued on.  Skye knew every trick in the book to satisfy a man it seemed, as he felt a deep pulsation from inside her that sent waves of pleasure down his shaft and into his pelvis.  He kept slamming into her hard as their voices grew, both unable to restrain the feeling of pure pleasure each gave the other.  After her first orgasm, Isley pulled out of Carver, rolling her over into the doggy style position.  A chance of position would do wonders to keep things fresh, but he knew something else that would keep it interesting.

The tip rubbed against her lower lips, though also slipped back to another hole.  "I wonder if your ass feels as good as that wonderful pussy does," he said, bending over to press his chest against her back, speaking the words into her ear in a husky, lustful manner.  He wouldn't do it without getting her approval, in the event that was a no-fly zone for her, but that didn't stop the tip of his engorged member from rubbing around, teasing her into accepting his proposal.

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Skye wasn't sure how thick the walls were but she could almost feel sorry for the next door neighbors and even the ones across the hall.  Almost.  "Oh goodie," she chuckle-panted as she looked up into Isley's face with an expression that begged for more if he had it in him.  A man with real staying power was a rare gem and as he flipped her over and brought up her hips, she realized she'd hit the jackpot.

Wiggling her ass as he teased her velvety lips, she suddenly shivered and inhaled sharply when the tip brushed across her back entrance.  "You are definitely a very wicked man," she rasped as she looked over her shoulder at him with that fire blazing in her eyes.  Holding his gaze, that sultry smile slowly built as he rubbed all along until he leaned forward and she pressed her back up against him.  "I guess there's only one way to find out," she replied and pushed back on his cock taking in just a fraction of the tip.

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Just the tip felt so good.  The tight hole was already squeezing him more then he had known in years, maybe more then he had ever known.  Not one to back out of something already begun, he eased his way in, more for himself then for her.  He felt if he moved too quick he might burst far too soon.  Once he had entered her as deeply as he could, he drew back out and pushed in again, slowly working up the rhythm that had their voices raising upward again.  Neighbors be damned, they were enjoying this was too much to stop before they were absolutely done with each other.  "God, what a tight fucking ass!"  He exclaimed, hand slapping the side of her hip excitedly.  It felt like riding a wild bronco that could have bucked him off at any second.  Skye had enough of an untamed streak to do that sort of thing, too.

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Once the thick head popped past the tight ring, Skye groaned and shivered again as her breath quickened and became even more shallow.  Her fingernails clawed at the sheets, the material bunching and gathering until one corner actually slipped over the edge, as he slowly penetrated her ass.  "Fuck yeah," she hissed as the stinging sensation lingered and yet felt so good at the same time.

Once he started a more steady rhythm, she rocked back and forth on hands and knees with her head drawn back and waist dipped down to keep her raised in just the right position for him.  The smack he gave her earned a little more gripping as her muscles tightened around him and she chuckled deep in her throat as her shoulders dropped a moment and she rubbed her face on his sheets.

"Trying to speed me along, Darlin'?" she asked with a throaty sound then lifted her top half off the bed and slammed her ass back against him.  Another bit of delicious stinging resulted, bringing out a long moan which continued to increase in volume as she rocked forward and then back again and again.  She was a rough rider but it was clear she wouldn't buck him off, that he'd have to jump off on his own.

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"Just wanted an excuse to smack that ass," he responded with breathy amusement.  With their current position, as well as his length firmly entrenched in her rear, he couldn't resist a direct spank to her buttocks, letting the hip be his consolation prize.  Even that had made Skye clench tighter, making his lips part to show his next moan pass through gritted teeth.  God, he loved it!  The feel of a woman who knew how to use her body to it's fullest.  It was taking everything he had not to explode in her ass, filling her before it was time.  He wouldn't give in so easily, not when he still had to get her to an orgasm of her own.

Pulling her up, he had Carver kneeling with him.  He swung one of her legs behind his knee, parting her thighs enough that he could still motion upwards into her.  The new position, though more difficult to maintain then a simple doggy style, gave him easy access to her womanhood.  Bring forth a hand, he brought it to her mouth, having her suck and wet his fingers before he brought it down to start massaging her clitoris, giving her multiple forms of stimulation to drive her over the edge.

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"No excuse needed, especially since I'm being naughty," she teased him with her voice and eyes as she glanced back over her shoulder again.  Seeing him clenching his teeth, proof he was thoroughly enjoying himself brought her a rush of lust and power.  There was also the joy of finding someone just as adventurous and not afraid to truly enjoy the moment.

Slowing rising with his guidance, there was a definite sense of anticipation when he shifted her leg around.  Her hand snaked up and back to cup around his neck for better balance and his fingers were treated to a bit of what she'd done to his magnificent erection earlier.  Each was thoroughly licked and sucked individually then the middle three together before being released.

With her body upright and exposed, Skye leaned into him in obvious momentary surrender.  Her breasts bounced lightly with his deep thrusts and she shivered and moaned as his wet fingers sought her silky folds.  As much as she wanted to hold out like him, the jolts coursing through her as he caressed her swollen and throbbing clit would push her to the edge soon.

Every thrust was a step closer to heaven and then she felt a finger slip inside and another quickly thereafter, forcing out a cry of pleasure from being doubly penetrated and still thoroughly stimulated at the pleasure node.  Her face contorted in pleasure, eyes closing and mouth opening as every nerve ending in her body pulsed to the rhythm of his attentions.

"Sooooo ... damn .... goood," she groaned and gave in to what her body begged for, clenching powerfully around his cock and fingers as she screamed like a wildcat.  Both hands were up around his neck as her body continued shuddering and shimmying from the prolonged orgasm he'd created in her, sending her into a blissful state even stronger than when she was flying.

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In her moment of bliss, she gave him the last bit he could take.  He had been holding on by that point, when she she tightened around him in her state of orgasm, it pushed him as far as he could go, and he too let loose a release, filling her back entrance as he breathed a sigh of relief, mixed with a small laugh brought forth by the pleasure center of his brain.  He finally slid out, a hand to her back pushing her forward so she laid flat on her stomach.  He laid down behind her, an arm around her waist as it became to time for a bit of pillow talk, a bit of cuddling, to make their fantastic night together feel like it was more then just sex, even if it was.  "Kestral . . . I think your call sign should have been Wild Child," he said with a grin, kissing her neck a few times before laying his head closely behind hers, forehead pressing near the base of her neck.

It was a relief.  He couldn't think it enough.  All the teasing he experienced at the sight and touch of Ida, the visuals of so many beautiful, naked infected women parading around, it left him in a state where he didn't know what to do with himself.  Skye had helped all that steam blow off, and he couldn't have been more thankful for her because of it.  "That lonely feeling fading away for you?"  Just as he sought comfort for his frustrations, she had longed for a connection to undo the time spent alone in space, seeking out the Theurgy.  Like her, she was looking for something in their brief union of bodies.  He hoped she found it.

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That gentle push sent her face first into the mattress where she rubbed her face like a cat rolling around in catnip.  The sheets of course smelled like him, a very nice manly scent for sure and she turned her face to him when he lay next to her and started nuzzling, finally turning her body so she could caress him in return.

"Mmmmmm, that would have worked," she agreed with a light chuckle.  "However, a real kestrel is not only agile and dangerous but also a notoriously randy bird of prey.  While a lot of birds only mate during certain times, they tend to do it whenever the mood strikes them ... even if they're in mid-flight."

"I didn't know that until one of my classmates dubbed me that when the instructor asked us to think of a flight name.  I was drawing a blank and Brian pointed to me and said only Kestrel would do.  Of course it was the day after he and I had a little unexpected time together during a simulation run," she snickered.  "I took it as quite a compliment though."

Now that their mutual needs were sated for the most part, Skye was showing a bit of her softer side.  Her caresses were feather light and sensual, whether she was using her finger tips or nails.  She'd just run her fingers through his hair to get it out of his eyes and was tracing his ears again when he asked about her loneliness.

"I think that's something that will take some time," she said honestly as a soft smile formed.  "But I'd say you've chased it away for at least a little while tonight."  Anytime now she expected him to say she should go and get some sleep and she would go though knew she wouldn't sleep long.  Maybe I need to replicate a teddy bear, she mused in her mind.

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"In mid-flight?  There's one I never considered . . . "He could just imagine that now, him in the cockpit of a Valkrie with Skye sat in his lap, shifting his gear shift back and forth while they were at near lightspeed.  Rather sexy, if he could say so himself.  Her nickname also implied that she might have been quite the lover even back in her Academy days, training to fly a shuttle, and maybe the basic fighters employed by Starfleet to educate the students in their operation.

"It's pretty late . . . we should get some sleep."  While he did suggest turning in, he wasn't sending her out the door.  He had better manners then that.  Even if they had just been satisfying urges, and weren't pursuing anything meaningful, they could still share a bed that night, maybe even enjoy each other again in the morning if the mood struck them.  "Best you stay here for tonight . . . we'll see if we can keep the loneliness chased away at least a little longer for you."

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Skye pulled her lips in over her teeth, trying to keep from grinning but when he admitted he'd never even thought of giving a real flying fuck the pulled back as the corners of her mouth quirked up.  "I find that hard to believe," she stated honestly yet with that teasing tone.  Of course he was more sedate seeming than herself though he proved the old saying of still waters ran deep.  She'd always been one to leap into those waters without a care to how deep they were.

Finally came the words she expected and with a nod of agreement, she started to move though his hand stalled her body.  He was willing to share his space for the night, something quite gentlemanly yet the rogue in him crept out with the mention of enjoying each other in the morning.  "Careful Maverick," she murmured and snuggled up close to nibble at his chin.  "Your armor is starting to shine."  Wrinkling her nose at him, she kissed him deeply and pulled back.  "I'll be sure to make it dirty again in the morning."

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"I have no doubt in my mind that you can make things dirty whenever you want, Carver," he replied, settling in on his back for the night.  He preferred that way of sleeping, and if Skye was interested, she could have cuddled into him.  He made sure she knew the offer was there, putting an arm up to let her slip in next to him, while his hand would come to rest of her shoulder.  After they had exhausted themselves in such a worthwhile way, he had no doubts there would be any trouble sleeping.

"See you in the morning, Ensign . . . don't go rushing off without saying goodbye if you wake before I do," he said his final piece before letting his eyes drift shut, the sound of soft breathing the only break in the silence.


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