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Re: Day 35 [2000 hrs.] - Pulling / Pour a double.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Tessa definitely felt something for the good doctor. She was amazingly cute as she tried to dodge the holodeck program's impulses to harm them. While flying the Valkyrie's already made that a norm for her in combat situations, she could tell why Kate wasn't accustomed to it. Tessa hadn't really come into this expecting to feel anything let alone have this much fun with her in the program. She could see her being attracted to Kate, her blonde hair, and tangerine eyes that sparked when they caught eyes. If they made it out alive, it might be something fun to pursue she thought again. Even as her head had smashed into her thighs, it gave Tessa a small tinge of arousal. She had to chuckle a little bit, slightly embarrassed for thinking those thoughts as the other woman's face had smashed a 2nd time into her thigh, leaving a red lipstick kiss on her glistening flesh.

She could tell that Kate was embarrassed for other reasons in having landed her face not once but twice into Tessa's legs.

"Umm... I uhh, sorry." She struggled to explain, bringing a delicate hand to her mouth as a bout of laughter escaped her. Utterly and completely embarrassed, she couldn't escape how absolutely hilarious it was at the same time. "I'm fine. I'll umm..." stifling her laughter, she spun about the cabin finding her gun, and brandishing it a little more confidently. "...I'll do better this time, I swear. Thanks for the cushion."

Tessa couldn't help but laugh either. "Honestly, I didn't mind it. Glad my legs could help keep you safe." She smiled and winked at Kate, trying her best to not be creepy about it.

Despite the holodeck's malfunction, it was still a welcome change of pace and she was ready for all of the adrenaline infusion again. Tessa took note of the determination upon Kate's face as she held up her shiny silver gun. She inquired to Tessa about this 'King' character in the story.

"I have no idea but he's probably a gibface hornswoggler. I think he deserves a good swift kick in the keester." Tessa said loading up her Walther PPQ and shoving the barrel in the back of her shorts before then covering it with her loose-fitting plaid t-shirt. "Ready to go?"

Tessa waited for Kate to get out of the car too now that they were at the mansion. It was huge! Almost something akin to some old Earthan 80s film. The design was antiquated but quaint. The white-colored house was covered around the premises with various types of trees and shrubbery. Otherwise a beautiful house despite being too big for a pompous overlord. The two stood there in admiration briefly before taking cover from the shrubs having heard some henchmen making their rounds. It was definitely something that helped in adrenaline production.

As the woman leaned over, she whispered at Kate. "Cover me, I'm going in."

One of the henchmen split off from the other and went in a separate direction. Tessa edged closer to the one nearest her. As the shrubbery ended, the man stood at the clearing, peered around, and began to walk again. Tessa jumped up and pulled him around, throat punched him so he couldn't scream and shoulder punched him in typical Starfleet battle tactics demanded. It was an old James Kirk move, but it worked. She dragged the body back near Kate and took his shotgun from him. She looked up at Kate and smiled.

"I'm not going to lie, this has been a fun adventure. Even if it has gone horribly wrong in some ways. Thank you for bringing me along." She leaned in and hugged the other woman closely, touching her shoulders and small of her back before she finally released her.

"Where to next? Did you happen to hear anything about where this 'King' guy is?"

OOC: Gibface means ugly, hornswoggler means cheat. Old 1800's slang Tessa sometimes uses.
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Re: Day 35 [2000 hrs.] - Pulling / Pour a double.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

As the radio soon switched over from the previous song to another, Kate settled back onto her side of the Corvette. She was really starting to feel a little more comfortable with everything: the smooth black leather of the car seat against her long thighs, the wind blowing in through the open window flittering her asymmetrical blond locks accordingly, the hefty weight of the chrome Taurus PT92 in her clasped hands. All of it. It was exhilarating, and she was starting to understand how much of what she was feeling was thanks to her companion. Tessa was a good time, and in fact had been an exceedingly good one so far this night; a bit of a surprise, given how modest and demure she had seemed during her medical exam earlier on in the evening. Kate recognized how she had unfairly appraised her fellow blonde then, how she had failed to see Tessa’s earlier reservedness as professionalism. Now that they were becoming fast friends, dealing with a rather strange situation together, they were both coming out of their respective shells. And thus far, Tessa’s revelation was a far better one than Kate’s own.

“They’re umm... definitely as good a place as any to dive for when things get hot.” Turning things around on Tessa when she teased Kate about the safe shelter her legs had provided, Kate couldn’t help but fall on a little playful innuendo in the moment, accentuating the amusing aspect of what she’d said by reciprocating a wink of her own.

When the car came to a skittering halt just outside of a big manor situated somewhere just outside of the immediate City center, Kate noticed how it had been situated right up against the water’s edge and was surrounded on all sides by a little palisade wall and lush gardens and trees which swayed in the soft wind. Rather deftly she climbed out of the passenger’s side window, not wanting to try and fumble for whatever opened the door and looked to Tessa as she seemed to ready herself. “Yeah. I’ll uhh... follow your lead.” Raising her gun at the ready, Kate offered a quirky little smile to her hellion of a friend and attempted to swallow down the nerves that had arisen in the pit of her stomach. Darting off for some cover behind a bit of shrubbery, Kate took pursuit and dropped to a crouch and kneel when Tessa stopped. “Gibface hornswoggler?” she circled back on, giggling a little at the silliness of the choice of words chosen.

“Cover you?” she whispered in confusion, though not soon enough for Tessa to have heard her.

Instead, she watched as the pilot took off down along the hedgerow after one of two guards that had split off on his own. “Shit!” she whispered in shock and awe as Tessa dispatched him with practiced ease, dragging him back to where they had been tucked away so that she could ‘borrow’ his larger more intimidating weapon. Truth be told, Kate had felt a small sense of panic that the clearly screwed-up adventure that they had been stuck in would have turned Tessa off to her; that she would hold her responsible for how things had gone awry. So when she admitted to having enjoyed things instead, Kate felt a huge weight lifted from her shoulders, as she genuinely wanted to make friendly with Tessa. Most of the friends she’d ever known had left her well before Kate decided to go AWOL and join Theurgy’s mission. Like anyone, Kate knew she’d need companionship in order to see herself through the difficult roads ahead of her, and the idea that Tessa could possibly be one of those companions was wonderful one, she thought.

“Umm, yeah.... you’re welcome. I’m glad you’re having fun. I was... a little worried that you’d be mad at me for how this whole thing went. Club E11even is decidedly different than this whole thing has been, y’know?” She hadn’t expected a hug, and when it came Kate couldn’t help but smile a little more warmly and leant into it, liking the feel of it a little more than she was ready to openly admit.

Clearing her throat as a blush came to her pale features again, Kate peaked up over the hedge, and when she spotted another solo guard strolling past them, she felt a surge of adrenaline come to her. She more than wanted to impress Tessa, and as her impulsive nature got the better of her, a little plot coming to mind as there seemed to be a faintly audible song lingering in the background, as though it wasn't really there, but she could definitely hear it. Regardless, Kate slipped out from behind the hedgerow without a word, following in a crouch behind her prey until she closed the distance and stood up behind him. With a tap of his shoulder, he spun about to face her, and Kate smiled flirtatiously, her pistol hidden behind her back as she swayed a little to play up her feminine wiles. “Umm... excuse me, I’m one of the King’s girlfriends and got a little lost. Thought maybe you could help me get back to him again?” There was a pause as the adaptive programing of the holodeck attempted to make sense of what Kate was doing, though thankfully it reacted in accordance with the spy-game parameters that were at play, and the handsome features of the guard softened accordingly.

“Yeah, I can help baby.” He said impishly, letting his AK-47 hang by its sling from his shoulders as he moved to lead Kate toward the massive manor in the distance, one of his hands settling in to touch at the small of her back, forcing her to hide her pistol along the side of her opposite thigh.

“Thanks handsome.” She said with a wry wink, sneaking a peak back to where Tessa had been knelt as she walked beside him

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Re: Day 35 [2000 hrs.] - Pulling / Pour a double.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Surprise hit Tessa as she discovered how Kate managed to wrangle her way into the confines of the mansion before her. Rather brilliant if she thought so herself. Especially when it makes the Holodeck have to reinterpret the scenario from a new vantage point and not necessarily picking up in the guile of it all. Being that neither one of them should have been here in the first place, this was going to prove rather interesting if not dangerous. This experience could come in handy for future engagements outside the Holodeck.

The music of the "movie" could be heard overhead which was strikingly fun, energetic and catchy. Tessa found that she really enjoyed it with the techno synthetic sounds lightly playing across the airwaves surrounding her. Tessa turned her head to look around and saw so far no other hindrances in her way, however she was starting to realize that she had to play this cool or it could be the end of them both with the safeties offline.

Placing her pistol secrurely in the back of her pants, she hefted the shotgun over her shoulder on the built-in strap. Her feet jetted back towards the car and she popped the trunk. If her memory served, sometimes there were hidden compartments in the old cop and spy movies. Her fingers danced around the felt in the compartment as she bumped something with her pointer finger. A lid opened up and she saw a few nice toys she hadn't used before. One looked like a thermal detonator with a pin. Is this a hand grenade? she thought to herself. Grabbing two of them, she put them on her belt loop and grabbed some sunglasses. The sight of her hand twisting and folding them over her eyes was that of an old iconic movie series. Or really any of them. She pulled the shotgun back off her shoulder and held it firmly in hand as she bridged the gap between the building and Kate.

Her hand gently brushed the bushes as she was now near the steps. She turned to look around and nothing. Either this was a trap, a lightly guarded mansion or the Holodeck didn't know what to do right now. She assumed it was a trap for the time being as nothing should be going this well. Her feet tip-toed along the corridor as she brushed her backside to the wall, sliding the distance to the next corner to peer around. She heard some footsteps, from the sound of it about a half dozen men coming her way. She glanced around and found a doorway, checking to see if it would open. The handle was unlocked and the lights were off. With the men almost there, she pulled the pin and tossed the grenade around the corner before she dove into the room.

One...Two...Three... and BOOOM!

The hallway was quiet as Tessa opened the door. Unlike in real life, the hall didn't have gore and guts lying around but nothing. They simply were vaporized, which was odd. Maybe Starfleet weapons work here she thought. Something to test later. For now, she still had to find her friend and fast before the deception wore off.

"Hold on Kate, I'm on my way." She said as she jogged down the corridor that she moments earlier had cleared.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Walking beside the guard she had enticed, and with a once over of her tangerine-hued eyes, Kate took note of the oddly fashioned manner in which he was dressed. He wore a pinkish-purple silk button down shirt, accentuated by a sharply flared collar, and stank heavily of a rather obnoxious cologne of some sort. Yet, playing her part dutifully, she offered him nothing but an acquiescent doe-eyed look as he led her toward the massive manner, his hand at the small of her back gradually slipping southward so as to come to a rest against her behind. Were he actually a man of flesh and bone, and not one of forcefields and photons, she might have slapped him for such an overt gesture, but as it was she let the presence of said hand go unobjected to, and instead even afforded him something of a sweetly flirtatious smile that was meant to further induce cooperation from him.

Peeking back for just an instant, she wondered where Tessa had gotten off too, but was careful so as not to draw the attention of her escort as they approached a pair of wooden framed glass doors which led into a rather brightly lit parlor of some kind. “Umm... thanks, sweetie.” Kate acknowledged, feeling incredibly stupid by how she was acting in response to the guard when he opened the door for her to enter. At the same time, she was also still struggling to effectively hide the full-sized chrome pistol in her delicate hand, barely able to keep it obscured by holding it low and close to her thigh as she walked to his right side. Thankfully though, the Holodeck program had adapted to her flirty mannerisms by likewise playing up the gullibility of the male guard, who seemed far more interested in other parts of her anatomy.

“You betcha, baby.” The guard replied.

Once inside, Kate and her escort made their way down a hallway past an adjoining one that was dark and led to what she could only assume to be the front door. There were about a dozen other men, all armed, and all milling about doing any number of mundane activities. Scrambling in a moment of panic, because she knew her pistol would be seen by them, Kate deftly tossed it onto a nearby leather couch as she passed by, relieved as no one seemed to immediately notice, though they certainly did react to her. A few of them even stood from where they had been sat at a bar, moving a few steps closer to greet the slender blonde as she was stopped in her tracks by a tight hand gripping at her left wrist. “Look fellas, one of the Boss’ girls got a little lost. I think we can show her a good time before we return her, yeah?” teased her pinkish-purple shirted companion, as a bout of laughter erupted among the taller rather imposing armed guards as they stood surrounding Kate.

“Umm... listen, I uhh... I think I’m really supposed to be y’know... the King’s only, right?” Kate swallowed audibly, praying that something might happen to get her out of this mess. She smiled nervously to them as she considered running for her pistol, but thought better of it, given the fact that the safety protocols were still disengaged.

“No worries, baby. King is upstairs in his office. We’ll get you up to him as soon as we’ve had our own bit of fun with you.” Promised one of them.

Fortunately, a few of the guards began to splinter off from the main group and began to move down the dark hallway that she had passed by earlier, possibly to resume a patrol around the manor. That improved her odds, but she was still left standing among five well-armed and rather burly men who would have likely easily had their way with her if she so pushed them to it. She needed a window if she was going to do anything, and that window came rather poignantly as a loud thump echoed down the hallway, drawing the attention of the guards who ran to investigate the disturbance, all except one, the same guard that had been acting as her escort this whole time. Sensing her chance, Kate turned and with her own poignance kicked the guard square in his groin as hard as he could. As he doubled over in shock, and a clear measure of pain, the slender blonde kicked him in a second time in his groin, then swung her fist as hard as she could, striking him upside his left jaw.

“Ow! Man!” she lamented aloud, shaking her hand as it felt like she’d slugged a brick wall.

The situation however returned to a precarious one, as two of the four guards that had gone to investigate Tessa’s calamity, turned back to see Kate standing over the crumpled over body of their comrade. Realizing that she had been caught, Kate could only smirk awkwardly and giggle sheepishly as she dove for the cover of the nearby couches, for they immediately opened fire in her direction. Crawling for the couch she had thrown her gun to, Kate kept low while holographic bullets impacted against the furniture, spraying her with tufts of cotton and splinters of wood. “Tessa, help!” she hollered in desperation until she found her pistol and raised it over the back of the couch and returned a panicked bout of gunfire in the general direction of her attackers. She had no idea if she was firing in the right direction, or if any of her shots would hit, since she was too terrified to emerge from where she had sought cover.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Hearing men coming towards her then surprisingly head back in the direction they came, wasn't what Tessa expected. But she understood why momentarily as the voice of Kate could be heard closeby yelling for help. Tessa checked around the area to see if she could find anything of use since she would likely be attacked the moment she got into the room. She began to mumble to herself as she placed one hand on her hip and the other on her chin, rubbing it with thought. Wasn't there an old program where the hero cobbled together things from scraps of junk on the ground? Wonder what I could do in this situation.

Thoughts swirled but she just grabbed a few items and began rushing back to Kate. No doubt the other blonde woman would be in dire straights. Hopefully, she was fairing decently against them. Since the element of surprise was gone, it didn't matter to Tessa anymore if she was stealthy and just began running full tilt towards her friend in need.

A thug shoved out his arm knowing that Lance was coming and clotheslined her to the ground. "Oof!" The thud could be heard down the hallway. Partially jostled, Tessa rubbed her temple as she hid something in her hair. The thug pulled her up from the ground by her arm and began to walk her towards Kate.

Yous gonna be a great prize for King. He could use another spy to brainwash. He looked her over and grunted. Fine piece of ass too. He said licking his lips.

"Not likely..." she muttered.

The feeling of disgust was upon her, but now she was at the opportune time to strike. She could clearly see Kate being approached by two thugs, armed heavily and she had her own behemoth to deal with. Without missing a beat, she stomped on his foot, which in turn released her arm. She grabbed the shard of metal from her hair, slashed at the thug's face leaving a nice gash as she pulled him in front of her as a makeshift shield. Her Walther PPQ which brief moments before was in her pants, was now in her hand.

Kate's adversaries took notice of her and brandished their weapons, firing at her, and of course, struck their downed comrade's bulky frame. Tessa fired off a few shots, hitting one in the chest and the other in the arm as the two fell over. She threw her 'shield' down to the ground and approached Kate when the one shot in the arm lifted his other arm and fired right into Tessa's chest, dropping her to the floor in a heap.

OOC: Tessa's not dead but pulled a MacGuyver / Marty McFly situation here.

Re: Day 35 [2000 hrs.] - Pulling / Pour a double.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

With an arm held into the air tenuously, Kate squeezed the trigger on her chrome finished Taurus PT92 pistol with little regard or care for where her shots might have landed. A haphazard spray at best, she was frightfully panicked and desperate to remain in cover as her assailants fired their fully automatic weapons into the back of the couch she was ducked behind. A fact that was made clear as she soon realized how she had been squeezing the trigger on an empty magazine, the slide locked back and an unsatisfactory lack of tactile response coming from each subsequent pull of the trigger. “Shit!” she lamented in recognition of the problem, letting it drop back unto the couch cushioning as she opted to instead play for better cover, arms folded and wrapped around her head protectively. Soon enough, the gunfire stopped however, and one of the goons came around to find where Kate had hunkered down. Ready to throw up her hands in surrender, pleading her case not to be shot dead by the goons, Kate felt her heart racing within her chest, and dread in her stomach as she could hear a third goon teasing her friend.

Tessa had been captured.

But before the guard nearest Kate could actually round the sofa and catch sight of the blonde surgeon, there was a rather poignant retort on Tessa’s part as she enacted some kind of a resistance. When the attention of that nearest guard went to Tessa, Kate poked her head up to watch as her friend had slashed the face of one of the thugs, then made use of him as a body shield. “Yes!” Kate blurted out as though she were watching an action hero, thinking that Tessa had found a way out of this predicament of theirs. Though that relief and sense of excitement turned quickly sour as the two remaining goons unloaded their weapons on their comrade in Tessa’s arms, and then poor Tessa herself. Watching as Tessa dropped to the floor seemingly lifeless, Kate felt an absolute rush of shock and horror, reminiscent of her time serving as a Combat Medic during the Dominion War. It fueled her into action as adrenaline surged through out her, and she stood up from behind the couch and charged the goon nearest her. Launching herself at him, she wrapped her slender arms around his neck tightly, and her legs around his waist.

“You fuck!” she screamed.

“Agh! Get off of me you... gnnngh... crazy bitch!” his throat clenched down on by Kate, he spun her about on his back aggressively, accidentally squeezing the trigger on his gun and spraying his compatriot in his chest with bullets.

Holding fast, Kate grunted like a Valkyrie as she clenched down on his larynx as hard as she could muster, eventually causing him to slump down onto his knees, then finally sprawling out forward with a screech as he collapsed. Once certain he was incapacitated, Kate released her lock of his throat, and pushed off of him, scrambling over to check on Tessa. “Tessa! Tessa! Hey! Oh no! Shit! Shit! Shit! Tessa! Tessa!??!” she slide to a halt beside her on bare knees, leant over her as one of her panicked delicate hands moved to examine the state of the wounds she had sustained, while the other grabbed for the Lone Wolves’ wrist to check for a pulse. All of her instincts as a Doctor and caregiver taking over as she was ready to perform whatever miracles might have been necessary to try and save the girls life. “C’mon! Tessa!” she said with clear worry in her trembling voice, until she felt a pulse in her friend’s wrist, and blinked in surprise realization of the ploy she had made.

“Tessa?” she inquired as with an audible clunk she wrapped her knuckles against the solid object the crafty pilot had used as an armored vest.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

A voice could be heard through her temple as she laid on the ground. Was she dead? That impact was a lot harder than she had expected. Her head reeled from the sudden slam to the floor moments before. Again she heard ringing in her ears with a voice somewhat familiar but grew more familiar by the moment. It was Kate yelling for her. She took a loud deep breath as she grunted, her golden-hued eyes slowly blinked open, and seeing the beautiful sight before her.

" head and chest hurt really bad. What happened? What was I shot with?" She leaned up on her elbows slightly and fell back down a little weaker than she realized. That shot kicked her ass something she hadn't felt in some time. "How are you doing?" She smiled and tried to laugh at their predicament. First, they came in to party at the club, and now they were in the midst of some old 20th Century film franchise with hints of other genre's jumping in. This was definitely a first for Tessa but more than likely the both of them. "Considering everything that's happened, I can't say I didn't have fun. I wouldn't mind resisting this program in the future but under controlled circumstances." She let out a chuckle and doubled over in a little pain.

She reached for the metal plate under her shirt and threw it aside. The bruising on her flesh was prominent but nothing the good doctor couldn't fix after they managed to get out of here. Her fingers brushed her skin and she felt like she'd bruised a rib. Thankfully her ample breasts cushioned the blow on her sternum. 

"Could you help me up? We need to figure out what to do next so we can get out of the program and back to the ship. Any idea where to go next? We still have to find King and should have taken out most of his thugs by now."

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

With a genuine sense of deep relief, Kate exhaled as Tessa stirred from her momentary unconsciousness, calming the heart which had beat with rapidity within her chest. Gently resting one of her delicate hands against her friend’s abdomen as Tessa gradually leaned up on her elbows, Kate settled back until her slender legs scooted out from underneath and she plopped down unto her behind in relative exhaustion. “I don’t... umm, some bigger gun?” she said unknowingly of the guard’s AK-47 that had unloaded on poor Tessa’s chest a few seconds earlier. “Me? Oh I’m fine.” Letting a little giggle escape her at the absurdity of it all, she enjoyed the echoed sentiment that had been afforded by the Love Wolf. Though at the suggestion of revisiting the program again, Kate nearly did a double take. In a way, it had been an exhilarating experience to go through at the side of such a fun-loving hellion as Tessa, even if the night had gone in such an awry direction in comparison to what had originally been intended. The danger reminded Kate of her own enjoyment of more extreme sports like wing-suiting, or cave-diving. There was an inherent adrenaline rush associated with each activity, and Kate had felt that rush just a minute or so earlier when she thought that Tessa had been legitimately injured in a grave manner.

“Yeah... maybe we can do that some time. I think I’d like that.” She smiled sweetly, very happy to have made the invitation to Tessa in the first place.

Once Tessa tossed the metal server’s plate that she’d improvised as an armor vest, it having been dented in a dozen places where the bullets fired had impacted against it, Kate held out a hand to help her to her feet. Standing beside her, she admired Tessa’s shirt riddled with torn bullet holes, and couldn’t help but chuckle at her having had yet another top destroyed. “Remind me to never lend you a blouse.” Teasing, Kate approached one of the dispatched guards and retrieved his AK-47 and hoisted it off to Tessa. “Well, from the sounds of these... pricks...” she kicked one of them “...I’m thinking this ‘King’ asshole is up in his bedroom, waiting for our arrival so that he can be a total creep.” Grabbing another discarded weapon, Kate looked it over as she held it in her hands, though she had little understanding of the functionality of what was clearly an UZI submachinegun. “So. Shall we go be badass and put and end to whatever chapter or episode we’re in the middle of?”

Holding her gun up with in arm, she placed a hand at her waist and did a little pose as in the background she could hear the adaptive programing pipe in with a music to build in anticipation.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" |  | Wolf-04 [Goldeneye] Valkryrie | Space ] Attn: @Swift

Tessa had to laugh at Kate's statement on her clothing and the fact she can't seem to keep it on her. She bent down to inspect the shirt that was quite surprisingly still attached but had so much air breezing through it, she might as well be naked. At least her breasts were kept in place rather well. She shrugged and chuckled as she tied a few loose ends. "Hehe, sorry. When you walk on the wild side, it's hard to say what happens with your clothes. I wouldn't mind borrowing some but I might have to have the replicator fabricate some copies for me."

Kate's toss of the AK-47 was well received by Tessa as her left arm shot out into the air and latched tightly upon its barrel. Having holstered it on her back now with the strap, she was in the moment looking like the badass she felt like. Startled, she looked at Kate who was mentioning that this King must be upstairs screwing his brains out.

"...I'm thinking this 'King' asshole is up in his bedroom, waiting for our arrival so that he can be a total creep. So. Shall we go be badass and put an end to whatever chapter or episode we're in the middle of?"

Tessa saw Kate holding the UZI and realized that's not something she ought to toss around. Carefully she leaned towards Kate and with delicate hand movements helped the other blonde straighten it out.

"Might want to be careful there. Those I believe are lethal when the trigger is pressed. If I remember correctly from this time period, those things spray bullet fire at the direction it's pointed."

Music began playing overhead and Tessa looked around before realizing that the sound was simulated much like the rest of their surroundings. It was clearly a movie of some type which in of itself was odd to fathom.

"Well then, let's finish this shit!" She said before breaking into a laugh. "Sorry, I never swear like that but it sounded cool." She snorted and laughed more before she took a pose with her Walther PPQ in hand and AK-47 on her back. They couldn't be far now. "I think we're almost there, to be honest. This King I think is right up those stairs. Should we flank him and climb the building and bust in the window or take our chances on the stairwell?"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Casting a bemused smirk to her fellow blonde, Kate couldn’t help but admire the manner in which the tattered and torn shirt clung to Tessa’s curvier form, and how the pilot seemed so completely and totally confident with her partially unveiled body on display. It was an admirable trait, and one that Kate too might have championed years earlier, but it had since waned as her social insecurities had confounded upon themselves. However, interactions like this one would go a long way to unlocking that part of who Kate was, and had been.

“Oh! Right, sorry!” she apologized with an evident blush as her slightly dangerous and haphazard display with the loaded weapon was corrected. Careful to point the barrel into the air, and not in the direction of her friend, Kate nodded in understanding and acknowledgment of Tessa’s warnings. “I’ll uhh... be more careful.” Running her free hand through her blonde locks of hair, tucking them back behind her ear to keep free from her face, Kate’s tangerine-hued eyes ran the full gambit over the Lone Wolf standing before her one last time as the faint background music began to reach an encroaching crescendo of excitement and anticipation. They were definitely on the right track, at least it was starting to appear that way. Maybe the adaptive programming would really recognize their achievement, whatever it was to be, and give them the chance to end it before they found themselves in an unending story. It felt like this was the logical end, where things would lead, and come to a close. The heroes having tracked down their target, and just about to bring him to justices. That was what Kate was trying to convince herself of anyway.

“No! It was totally cool!” Kate giggled in reciprocation of Tessa as she capitalized on the moment which was clearly building adrenaline. It was infectious, Kate realized, as she tightly gripped the small automatic weapon in both of her delicate hands.

Posed with the dilemma of what their approach should be, Kate carefully climbed the stairwell that led up from the doorway that Tessa had barged her way through, peering at a massive and ornate pair of gold-gilded doors, then to the right and left at the hallways which led away. “Well...” she whispered down to Tessa, not wanting to alert the ‘King’ to their impending attack anymore than they already had. “...he has to know we’re coming for him. I mean, we kind of made ruckus down here.” Nodding to the scorched carpet from Tessa’s grenade, myriad of bullet holes which ran along the walls, and several bodies strewn about, Kate’s point was clearly emphasized. “But I’m thinking we could, like, split his focus maybe. Y’know, come at him from two different angles. One of us here...” she pointed at the doors. “...shooting it out to keep him distracted. While the other goes round and tries to find another way in and maybe catch him by surprise. I don’t know. What do you think?” Kate imagined that her rather rudimentary tactics would appear to be exactly that to someone with more combat experience than someone who had spent a couple of years as a field medic.

“You’re probably a better authority on this than me. But... if you think this could work, you’ve got the bigger gun. Could probably do a better job holding him here than I could. And umm... I’m at least a little sneaky.” She shrugged, wondering what Tessa might think on the matter.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Her comrade's speech made Tessa giddy inside as she welled up with anxious motions and her want to do something spontaneous. "I agree. He has to know we're coming and I have just the idea." She hefted the AK-47 from her back strap and held it at the ready putting her Walther PPQ in the back of her pants to holster it. "So you'll sneak around and get in the other direction, and I'll create the diversion then!" She squeaked a little too loudly but that really didn't matter at this point with the fight ready to commence.

"I'm not really a big authority on it being mostly in space and not a ground fighter. But it sounds like it should work." She shrugged her shoulders causing the frilly fabric that was riddled with holes to show a little underboob. Realization struck her and she looked slightly embarrassed and sheepish before again shrugging it off with a pouty smile.

"Let's go and hope we can finish this."

Tessa snuck off to the side of the hall from that room and left Kate to devise how she can best sneak into the room to surprise King. No doubt the mobster was getting off in his office she thought to herself. She peered into the hall and saw no opposition in play. Tip-toeing she stepped into the main area leading to his office. It was another fantastically large room with plenty of expensive-looking decorations strung about the walls. Admiration struck her briefly as a bullet fire whizzed by her face. The surprise hit her and she backed up behind a pillar, arming the AK-47.

"Not another step bitch. We's gonna see who does it better soon enough." His pants were open at the fly and he was being blown by another gorgeous looking woman still rapped around in terror by his waist.

Tessa showed a look of disgust on her face at the unruly "King" of this mob. The look was apparent to him too as he laughed heavily. "Oh, you'll enjoy it too. C'mere and let's see how long I let you live."

"I think I'll take my chances!" She yelled before twirling and unloading the AK-47 on his area. Bullet fire ripping the furniture apart as feathers and fabric blew through the air. King was a rather large individual, more stocky than fat, but he moved quickly for a man his size. The half-naked woman who was afraid and blowing him was hiding face down to the ground in tears. Tessa kept bullet fire on his direction so she could get the woman out of there.

"You could make this easier if you'd just let us have the Scientist so you can live."

"Oh, yous gonna pay dearly for this! I'll see to that!"

Tessa unloaded more before she ran out of bullets and threw the gun to the side looking for more weaponry. Unfortunately, she'd used everything up but her Walther PPQ. Even that had limitations, however. Hopefully, Kate was coming quickly to help the Scientist escape.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Kate both appreciated and admired the confident energy that her more combat savvy friend seemed to extoll. It was a most infectious exuberance that was definitely having an effect on the blonde surgeon, who gripped the lethal weapon in her hands with markedly more care and attention for where it’s tip was pointed. Her plan was basic, and flimsy at best, but given her limited experience with leading an assault, it was the best she could do.

“We've got this.” Taking a moment, she reached out to touch gently at Tessa’s shoulder reassuringly. “I’ve got this.” There was a stark realization within Kate as she put on a timid smirk, because she wasn’t entirely sure if she’d been trying to convince herself, or rather her friend. What was far more obvious to her, was just how much she had come to admire the confident energy that Tessa seemed to extoll. It was an almost infectious exuberance that was definitely having an affect on the blonde surgeon, as she soon gripped the lethal weapon in her hands with markedly more care and attention for where it was pointed. After all, most of Kate’s experience with combat had come during the Dominion War, where her role wasn’t necessarily attack oriented. Rather, she had been charged with caring over those of her comrades that had fallen to injury. Still, while not exactly useless or a coward, Kate knew she had some ground to gain in comparison to the relative boldness of her fellow blonde. With a nod, she backed away from her and began moving down the hallway in the hopes that she’d be able to find a means of flanking their prey.

Stopping before another door, she took a deep breath to try and still the nervous heart and tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach as she peered back to Tessa one last time before she disappeared after this ‘King’ bastard.

‘You've got this, Kate.’ She thought to herself as reassurance.

A burst of gunfire came an instant later, and Kate felt her adrenaline spike accordingly as her attention went back to the door before her, and with a bold kick she slammed the heel of her right sneaker into it, just above the door handle. Immediately, she found herself wishing that she were just a little heavier, or maybe even a little stronger because rather than the door swinging open, it instead remained solidly in place, and worst of all caused a deep ache to settle in at her slender calf due to how jarring it was. “Ow...” she remarked aloud as she limped once, reaching down to run one of her hands against her calf. She could hear yelling coming from where Tessa was under fire, and again she remembered how the other woman was counting on her. She needed to try again. So, with a deep breath she raised her leg once more as if to kick again but stopped just prior to actually making the motion as different idea came to her. Tenuously, she approached the door with one of her hands and grasped at the doorknob, turning it until the door slipped open in front of her. “Of course it’s unlocked.” She said as she limped forward through the door, entering into what was an unoccupied bedroom.

More gunfire prompted Kate into moving with increased haste as she made her way through the bedroom, catching sight of a pair of glass balcony doors what were open, leading out unto their veranda. “Yes!” She chimed in with excited appreciation at the layout of the home. This was her way around she theorized as she strode toward them.

Though, as Kate emerged into the warm Miami air, the clear night’s sky illuminated by a brilliant moon, she peered to her left and saw that this room’s balcony wasn’t connected to the other. Striding closer to it, she stopped at the railing and peered across at the other and rolled her eyes out of annoyance that there was at least a six-foot gap between each balcony. “Oh come on! What am I, the comedy relief now?!” Groaning loudly, Kate turned around to try and head back where she came from but heard more gunfire and another bout of shouting. There simply wasn’t the time for her try and double back, as Tessa was trying to hold the line long enough for Kate to find the means to give them the edge. She just hadn’t expected to have to quite literally cross one in the process of doing exactly that. “C’mon, Kate!” she chastised herself as she walked back to the railing, and at the gap between both balconies. “Tessa's coungint on you. You can do this. You can do this. You CAN do this!” Taking deep breaths, she timidly raised one of her long slender legs up until she could step atop of the railing. Grunting as she stood tall atop of it with both feet, she kept herself balanced by bracing a hand against the house’s exterior. “Holy shit!” she blurted out, her voice cracking a little as she peered at the gap again and saw the good thirty-foot drop beneath it onto a concrete border that surrounded the home’s base.

“This is stupid.” She said to herself as she slung the UZI over her back. “This is soooooo stupid!”

“Agggh!!!” she wailed as she leaned forward and lunged forward to try and cross the gap. Naturally, even with her full extension she was woefully short of crossing the six-foot gap, at least not without having to clutch at the railings uprights with both hands in a panic. Clambering to try and hang on as her legs hung beneath her, Kate struggled mightily to maintain a good enough grasp for at least a good minute, until she’d finally managed to wrap one of her arms up to the elbow around the railing. Secure, and not about to be subjected to a rather unpleasant fall anymore, Kate grunted as she hefted her slender and light self, up over the lip of the railing, until she could kneel, and then stand up. Breathing hard and fast, she stumbled over the railing and in the process lost focus of the UZI as it had slipped over her other shoulder, and then down her slender body, falling with a clatter onto the pavement 30-feet beneath. “Shit!” She commented as she was now rendered unarmed. It didn’t matter though, she needed to at least try and get the attention away from Tessa, if even for a moment.

Peering in through the glass balcony doors which were closed behind King, Kate saw him with his pants down around his ankles and caught glimpse of his rather unsightly bared ass. “Ugh...” She recoiled reflexively in repulsion, taking note of how he seemed to be hollering in the direction of what she assumed was a hiding Tessa. “Oh man... well, umm... I guess I’m not done with stupid yet.” She said as she grabbed at the balcony doors, and felt some relief when they opened for her, though not without alerting ‘King’ to her presence, who spun on his heel to face her now, bearing the other side of nude lower half to Kate, who once again recoiled as her eyes instinctively went to examine what he was packing with revulsion. “You call yourself a King?” she taunted with a raised eyebrow, letting her meaning go unsaid, but clearly implied as her eyes went back and forth between his face, and his exposed self.

“You’d learn to love it, if I wasn’t going to kill you, you bitch!” he jabbed with his words as he raised his rifle to fire.

“Small chance of that!” Kate taunted as she ran at him full bore, and before he could bring his gun to bear, she reared back and with all her might punted him square in the junk. There was a sickly groan from ‘King’ as she nailed him cleanly, as he dropped his weapon to the floor and with both hands went to clutch at his no doubt bruised and thoroughly battered manhood.

Stumbling back in recoil of her kick, Kate watched him reel a little.

“Tessa! Now!”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Tessa watched as Kate barreled in the doorway of the opposite side of the room. Somehow her friend had managed to make her way in, albeit very slickly, and despite being heard, she had accomplished exactly what Tessa needed at the moment. She now saw that King was still very much undressed which made her stifle a giggle as the manhood displayed was fairly unimpressive. Her hand covered her mouth as she tried desperately not to laugh at "King" as he faced Kate, letting it all hang out. She saw his bare ass mooning her which made the laugh become a disgusted look of disdain.

Witnessing her friend run full bore and blast King in the balls was a sight more priceless than she cared to admit. The sight of him doubling over and falling down clutching it as Kate stumbled backward. She heard the doctor's voice yell toward her, "Tessa! Now!"

Without missing a beat, Tessa grabbed her Walther-PPQ from within the back of her pants, pulled it forward, cocked it, and aimed for King just as the burly man stood up hot with anger at Kate's massive shot to the nuts. Her eye squinted as she aimed the sights and closing one eye, she fired. The bullet seemed to move in slow motion as she saw it careen toward the man and finally it struck him in the head. He dropped like a pallet of potatoes to the ground with a sickening thud. Shock struck her face as she'd never witnessed anything that disgusting before. Thankfully the blood-splattered but missed Kate completely.

Her hands now held to her face in shock. "Oh my....are you? Are you okay Kate?" She could see the slight shock on the other woman's face too. But she didn't seem to surprised by the gore of the situation.

"Well, it looks like King is done for. Where is the scientist though?" She saw a panel on the wall which almost resembled the arch. "Is that? Is that the arch?" She walked forward and touched it. "The scientist?" She paused and smiled at Kate. "I think we've done it. Computer, where is the scientist?"

"The scientist is before you in the arch."

"Well, this was a fun adventure Kate! We'll have to do a shin-dig like this again sometime! I had soooo much fun" The adrenaline still coursed through Tessa's veins as she was happily standing at the closing of the program ready for whatever happened next. She glanced down at her clothing realizing that the clothes wasn't exactly safe for duty but thankfully she lived close by the Holodeck. "Oops..." she said as she looked at her shirt baring some nipple beneath her bullet cropped top. Her shoulders shrugged as her face displayed a bright smile at her friend.

Tessa pulled the other woman close and hugged her closely. "I had a lot of fun Kate. Thank you."

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Rather accordingly, Kate’s ankle ached after having punted their apparent nemesis square in his exposed self, causing her to limp at least twice upon stumbling back from where he had dropped to a knee after said deed. When a moment later, Tessa emerged from where she’d taken her refuge and committed the final yet evidently necessary act of regicide, the blonde surgeon couldn’t help but recoil once more, her hands going up in a moderate sense of shock as the space between his eyes burst forth with chunks of crimson. Thankfully, none of which managed to cross the distance between his forehead and where Kate had been standing. Instead, she watched as the simulated life in the ‘King’s’ gaze faded with surprising realism, and he slumped forward onto his bulbous belly with a sickening thud, his bared ass still exposed to both of the triumphant blondes. Her face mixed with an obvious notion of disgust, Kate peered around for something to cover up the ghastly sight, opting to grab what she assumed was his coat from where it lay upon the desk and throwing it haphazardly over his lower half.

“I’d call that an improvement.” She remarked as she stepped over his splayed and now partially covered corpse.

“Yeah, no. I’m good. I’ve seen worse.” She admitted plainly as a reassurance to Tessa. “Umm... I mean, like blood and stuff. Not asses, though. That guy, he umm, had...” She shuddered visibly as if to comedically emphasize her relative disproval of what had been exposed for them. “...just horrible.” She giggled, looking back over her shoulder at what could only really be described as an odd scene.

Spinning to where Tessa approached, Kate felt an immense bit of relief upon the realization that they were approaching an end to this adventure gone awry, but there was a sentiment of regret which came with that relief. It had been an exceptionally exhilarating experience that she’d shared with Tessa. One that had tested the pair of them, and put them through a surprisingly intriguing, if not a somewhat confusing narrative situation. All in all though, even if her ankle ached, and if her face still stung a little from having been slapped earlier, she had absolutely enjoyed this. Though, she imagined a lot of that had to do with having had the chance to spend it at the side of such a firery vixen the likes of Tessa. It would have been utterly ridiculous for Kate to have not felt some kind of attraction to the woman, given what the two of them had just been through together. Bonds born of battle and all that, even if it was simulated. Of course, it didn’t help things that at almost every turn, Tessa had seemingly been placed in situations which had put her lovely body, full of curves and appeal on prime display for the further enticement of Kate.

“Alright! We did it!” she exclaimed with exuberance as the Computer confirmed Tessa’s inquiry.

Clearing her throat audibly as she likewise had noticed the manner in which Tessa’s clothing were tattered in all the wrong, or perhaps all the right places, Kate afforded her something of an awkwardly quirky smirk. “Yeah, no... umm... it was a total blast! We’ll definitely have to do it again.” Stopping for a moment beside Tessa, she reached out to touch at the panel on the interior of the arch. “Umm... Thea? Can you create a new save file of this program for Tessa and me?” There was a slight delay as the computer panel chirped in an orchestra of indiscernible noises which she imagined only a truly skilled and talented technically proficient brain might have been able to understand. Furrowing her brow as the seconds went on, Kate’s tangerine-hued eyes found Tessa as she began to worry that such a request might have been impossible, which made sense given how wrong and out of order the program had been. After all, when the evening started off, Kate had really only intended to spend it a decidedly more normal way; dancing, drinking and what not.

“I’m sorry Doctor Foster, but due to an apparent glitch somewhere within my Holodeck databanks, which has been caused by the inarticulate meddling of a member of the Senior Staff, I’m afraid that the general matrix of this adaptively designed program is incomplete. In order to save it, several major gaps within it’s coding must be filled in, otherwise it will be left too unstable and future exploration will be rendered impossible. Would you like to take the time to repair said errors now?” Thea’s voice almost sounded surprised at the level of complexity ascribed to this particular Holodeck program and laced beneath that tone was an abundantly clear annoyance at whichever member of the Senior Staff had caused the issue in the first place. Blinking for a second, Kate considered asking who the guilty offender was, but thought better of it. Her career was only just barely on the mend as it was. No, she didn’t need to make enemies somewhere up above by poking her nose into the matter. Of course, she also didn’t necessarily understand what she could do to truly fix what was plaguing Thea either.

She was a Doctor, not a Systems & Maintenance Engineer.

“Umm... I have no idea, Thea. What would you recommend?”

“Either an in-depth analysis of the program’s sequence gaps is required, or they will need to be temporarily filled in with sequences borrowed from other already stable programs.” It sounded as if Thea could tell that the matter was somewhat beyond what the medically minded Doctor could feasibly grasp.

“Okay. Then do that.” Kate shrugged as she looked to Tessa again.

“Very well, Doctor Foster. I will fill in the gaps so that it can be saved. But I do recommend that you have the program thoroughly reviewed before attempting to run it a second time.”

“Sure thing, Thea!” Kate threw a thumbs up at the panel, though checked the motion with a bit of a blush when she realized how absurd it was to offer a reassurance to what was little more than a responsive touchscreen attached to the arch. Turning her attention back to her friend again, Kate returned the bright smile as Tessa glanced down at the state of her attire and made a hysterically amusing and incredibly cute dismissal of it. Biting her lower-lip as that feeling of an attraction returned, she was caught off guard by the sudden sign of familiar affection in the form of a hug. Beaming, Kate reciprocated the appreciative embrace as she wrapped her arms around Tessa’s back for what was probably a smidge longer than warranted, and when they finally broke it up Kate couldn’t fully escape the need to keep her within arm’s distance, letting a hand linger just at the side of her bared shoulder. Hesitating a moment as she searched for the wherewithal she wanted, Kate finally rolled her eyes in frustration out of annoyance for how her lack of self-confidence had been plaguing her of recency. “Yeah! I had a ton of fun too, Tessa!”

“So, umm...” taking a deep breath, Kate felt her heartbeat race as she quickly leant back in and planted a gentle peck of a kiss against Tessa’s left cheek, just at the periphery of her lips. Immediately she was compelled to run a hand through her asymmetrical blonde hair, brushing it back behind her ears in a coy attempt to seem more confident than she actually was. Additionally, Kate swallowed audibly in response to her mounting nerves over the aggressively interested move she’d just made.

“...thanks for coming out with me.”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Tessa stood there at the arch as Kate made her recommendations to the computer. Her conversation with Thea about saving the program and the information in question for a future session was intriguing as she was unaware of the exact science behind it as well. Her friend seemed to have a better handle on it than she gave credit for but was glad to hear that she planned to revisit it with her in the future.

Kate's movements showed that she too had a feeling of attraction to the other blonde woman. The feeling of her hand upon her back longer than expected and her shoulder made Tessa feel a warmth in her chest that nearly made her pull her friend in close again. When Kate told her how she enjoyed their fun together, Tessa could tell that she wanted to show something more but was too embarrassed to say so or do it yet.

The gentle, softened lips of Kate brushed the briefest edge of Tessa's as the two embraced again. Tessa was partially startled but embraced it as a sign. Kate's thanks for coming out was even more exciting to her after that public display of attraction.

A smile washed over her face as she looked the other blonde in the eyes, enjoying the company and the beautiful tangerine color that stared back at her. "I enjoyed my time with you too!" She giggled a little and reached forward touching Kate's cheek before rubbing it behind her ear. Tessa pulled her forward and planted a juicy kiss on her lips. Her eyes were closed and she enjoyed the gentle and plumpness of their lips as she again pulled her close and held on to her hand.

"You know, if you're ever free sugar, I'm always interested in hanging out with you." She winked back at her and stood back. "In any case, I know we both have duties to attend to but I wouldn't mind getting stuck in the holodeck with you again."

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Her face still awash with a slight hue of crimson, Kate felt a little at eased when Tessa smiled in response to the offered sign of affection. There might have been a time when the blonde surgeon would have acted without any worry about the consequences wrought, but that had seemingly ended years earlier in the wake of how harshly she had been snapped back by friends and colleagues over her actions then. As such, seeing how the pilot had reacted with favor now played a somewhat modest role in quelling any future reservations Kate may well have had about making similar displays of affection. A sentiment which was clearly being echoed as Tessa had soon reached out to caress the side of Kate’s face, which quickened her heartbeat for an instant before Lone Wolf suddenly pulled her back in for a more complete kiss than the one that Kate had offered. As their lips met, Kate blinked out of surprise but didn’t resist in the slightest, instead she found herself leaning into the embrace a little headily as her inhibitions evaporated immediately and she allowed her eyelids fall closed. Gnawing gently against Tessa during their kiss, Kate eventually returned to reality when the moment and it had passed.

Tangerine-hued eyes opening slowly, Kate bit her lower lip as she smiled sweetly in opposition of Tessa.

“Yeah. Totally. I’d love to umm... do it with you-- to you-- err, umm... I mean... hang with you again sometime.” She swallowed as she bashfully tried to appear not so totally flustered by everything. Though, she was painfully aware of just how skillfully she could turn certain situations like this into a most awkward affair. How she would have killed to have found that old bit of her that flourished in moments like this. Clearing her throat again, she nodded with affirmation that indeed there were plenty of duties which demanded her attention the following morning. It was as good an excuse as any for her to make a hasty retreat, preventing her from making an absolute disaster of herself by saying, or doing exactly the wrong thing. She could have kissed Tessa for that. Well, she could have kissed her again, at least, and indeed the thought crossed her mind, but she considered better of it. Instead, she began backing away toward the corridor beyond the open doorway and continued her attempt to not seem so taken aback.

“I’ll umm... catch you around. Have a good night.” She said simply, and after taking one last glimpse of the woman she rounded the corner into the corridor and began making the short trip back to her quarters a few sections down, replaying the events of her misadventures with Tessa, and wondering just where the next one might lead the pair of them.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

She stood there and watched her new friend Kate. Tessa enjoyed the way Kate carried herself in the Holodeck, and outside of it as well. Infatuation grew in Tessa's heart as she truly enjoyed her time with the other woman and how despite the program going awry, they both made it out alive and were in good spirits about the situation.

The staring into each other's eyes only helped to heighten the feeling that Tessa had for her. She was slightly surprised however when Kate stammered how she would like to do it to her and hang out with her again sometime. The flustered blonde only made Tessa chuckle slightly as she gave a wink back at her friend. "That's totally cool with me girl!"

The surprise of how flustered and flushed it made Kate only helped Tessa know that the two had really clicked and she too was excited for their next rendezvous on board the ship. Her friend stating her goodbyes, she spoke up too. "Thanks and I'll see you around too! Have a good night!"

She watched as the doctor left her visual range and was gone. "Holy smokes, that was such a great time. I really can't wait to see her again. Holodeck or otherwise, she was rocking it." Tessa smiled to herself with the fun they'd had and she headed back to her quarters awaiting the mission she knew she'd soon be on. It was great having friends again she thought as she rounded the corner of the corridor in the opposite direction and out of view.


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