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Re: Day 33 [1830 hrs.] - At the Range.

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[ Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Well this is fun, Adam thought. He didn't think he'd ever finally get some archery practice in and much less as a competition. He strung as many arrows as he could, with the program coded to refill his quiver. Though as he thought about it as his body carried on for it was muscle memory that maybe he could have the arrows reappear on the ground. Adam had to think of multiple ways to fire arrows in different positions and environments in order to better his skills.

It seemed time escaped him as soon as the Range officer announced the cease fire. Adam glanced back as he had his bow at the ready to fire another 2 arrows. The Range officer was pointing at him before she announced that he was the winner. Adam smiled and destrung the arrows before lowering the bow, his arms hurt but it was a good hurt. The repetition was good exercise, he may have to actually look into building an archery kit for away missions. Would he need permission from Ida and or the command team to use it? Adam wasn't sure.

That's when Andrew approached him and Adam could see a grin on his opponent's face, though it seemed a bit sad. Andrew congratulated him, well not actually saying the word but nonetheless implied it. ”Thank you and you as well Fisher. Maybe a rematch someday?” Adam asked, ”perhaps with different conditions.” He reached out with his arrow stringing hand and held a firm grip as they shook hands.

Adam chuckled. ”I would like to take on the winner of your wrestling rematch with Lieutenant Veradin.” He said with a smile. ”How long was your allotted time?”
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Re: Day 33 [1830 hrs.] - At the Range.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Sqweloookle

The second such loss of a friendly yet spirited competition in the same day had definitely stung at the pride of the Chief Intelligence Officer, as he had ascribed to an old Earth personal tradition of hating defeat, more so than he would enjoy a victory. Still, as he held the old Enfield rifle in his hands, aware of the fact that he had indeed lost such a close contest, he found himself surprisingly inspired to train and improve his skills rather than focus on the bitterness. Indeed, he had let his edge dull over the course of the previous six-months, but he knew that in due time he would hone that edge back to its usual sharpness. Then, he would approach both the Master-at-arms and the Chief Conn Officer with a re-match request and verify the effectiveness of his razor like skills and abilities. That wasn’t to say he would hold any ill-will toward either man. They had simply performed in a manner which had exceeded Fisher’s own. In fact, he more than appreciated the fact that Kingston, technically a junior officer with respect, hadn’t held back, but rather had put forward his best effort. If there was one thing which would make a loss even worse, it was knowing that your opponent had beaten you while holding back their very best.

With a nod as they shook hands out of a notion of mutual admiration, Fisher imagined it might be some time before they found the time to engage in said re-match, given the tumultuous state of the seas laid out ahead of them.

“I’d like that, Adam.” His use of Adam’s first name, rather than the last, was a gesture of friendliness not often extended by the veteran.

As the other man afforded him something of a smile and mentioned the Chief Helmsman with an added reverence if not perhaps outright favor hidden in his tone of voice, Fisher imagined there may have been a history between the two of them. Not that it really mattered, as keeping tabs of the personal relations between members of the crew wasn’t exactly a priority, he still found it an interesting thing to pick up on whenever and wherever he could. Call it an innate ability of his, he could detect ulterior motives hidden beneath the veneer of someone’s more rigid exterior. Though, with the look in Adam’s face, it wouldn’t have taken much of a detective to pick up on that added motive. An interesting coincidence that he had managed to end up dealing with two friends in two competitions held one after the other. But a coincidence, and nothing more he surmised.

“I imagine the Lieutenant would enjoy that chance, though I think he’s likely a little sore as well.” After all, their contest had been anything but a soft one.

“As for my allotted time, I think I’m just about near the end of it. I’ve a ton of additional reports and work to file before the end of tomorrow, and I’d really rather not miss the deadline for my first report to the Captain. I imagine he wouldn’t receive such a failure so readily.” Replacing the rifle where it had once lay on the table, he gave the range around them one more appreciative look, and with a deep breath seemed to savor the scent of the well simulated cool air as it blew in across the area. “Thanks for allowing me to enjoy this one, Adam.” He looked to him once more and afforded another nod of thanks before moving in the direction of where he remembered the exit being. “I look forward to the next time when we have a chance for that re-match. Oh... and I’ll make sure to get you something of appropriate value, and merit as part of our bet. Be it Whisky. Tequila. Vodka. I’ll see what I can get my hands on and forward it onto you at some point in the near future. I never welch on a bet!” he waved back to Kingston once more.

“Thea. Exit please!”

“Until next time, Mister Kingston!” he winked with a wryness to him and strolled out through the exit after it appeared behind him.


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