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Day 32 [1300 hrs.] Face to Face With the Past

[Zyrao Natauna | Called to Action | Meeting the New Guy | Surprises Abound]

Zyrao Natauna was gearing up, quite quickly, for what needed to be done.  It wouldn't be long before they left Aldea.  Her leave had been full of various excitement, sadness, surprise, and other events.  However, now she was focused back on work and knowing that she had little time to do what was necessary to get the ship ready.  She and Martok were speaking daily about the various states between the Theurgy and his own crew.  Trying to configure the plans for the future and how they would be communicating.  It was Zyrao's job to relay the information from Ives to Martok and back again.  It would be a stressful and sometimes complicated job but she knew that it would be rewarding and she did not have to turn her back on Martok.  A Klingon that she admired and respected even if his son would have been the runt of the litter in any other terms. 

In fact, she had only just finished another video call with Martok the harsh Klingon language on her tongue still as she finished it up.  She was still very used to conversing in Klingon, it had been her home and her language for a decade.  Her Standard was coming along well, Zyrao had thrown herself quickly into learning the language because she wanted to make sure she understood what was being said around her.  She had a gift for languages, being able to speak many, and Standard was just another one to add to her collection.  She had her personal PADD in El-aurian because few could read that which kept it all very personal and for her eyes only.  Her work PADD was in Klingon as was her console because it was commonplace and she didn't want to lose her Klingon prowess.

Running a hand down her face, the tattooed woman looked down at the screen built into the top of her desk and sighed.  She was tired, but not because of her recent break up, or rather that had been two weeks ago.  It was just because she was put into over drive now that they were preparing for launch.  She didn't have to help the Theurgy prepare over much but she was the liaison and so anything that Martok was preparing Ives needed to know and it went both ways.  She was consistently being bombarded with various messages from both sides of things to make sure that everyone was on the same boat and aware of what was going on. 

A quiet ping signaled another message and Zyrao fought back a groan of disbelief.  Opening her eyes she tapped on the blinking icon and opened it.  Only it wasn't from Ives or Martok it was from another source all together.  It was from a Junior Lieutenant Foval.  New name. she thought to herself, she didn't immediately identify him as Vulcan though it was likely considering his singular name, she wasn't going to pass judgment on that just yet.  It was a message to come meet him, he was new on the ship, and wished to reach out to all the people he might be working with in order to get to know them. 

Idle chatter... something I despise.

She sighed softly, it was one of the things she appreciated most about the First Officer.  When he visited her office for a chat, there were drinks served they got to the point, got through it, and he left.  There was no time to talk about relationships or past ships or anything else. It was a business relationship where they both mutually respected each other and got on with their days.  She could only hope that the world was full of more people like this however she tended to find that was not the case.  Many people liked to think of themselves as verbose and in need of companionship all the time.  However, Zyrao had to admit she felt a bit more lonely now that Thomas and she had decided that friends suited them far better than a full relationship.  She quickly penned back a message stating she was on her way.

Rising she thought about pulling her jacket on to mask the tattoos that ran up her neck, down her arms, and disappeared underneath the black tank top that she wore but thought better of it.  She was not a full officer, and didn't need to worry about modesty.  She was dressed, that was enough.  She collected her PADD, put it in her pocket, and headed out.  On her left breast was the House Martok symbol next to the Starfleet combadge.  They were both level and equal since she represented both, she hoped that showing them as equal on her person would help put out the message she felt was key here.  It wasn't a far distance from where she was to the meeting place that the Junior Lieutenant had asked her to meet him in. 

“You summoned.” she said, her El-Aurian accent coloring her Standard rather heavily in a positive way.  El-Aurian was a lovely fluid language that tended to be more melodious at times.  She didn't mind the accent and refused to endeavor to rid herself of it.

“Apologies, I'm Zyrao Natauna, Klingon Liaison.” she said holding out her hand for the man, though when she looked at his face, her entire body froze.  She knew exactly.. what she was dealing with, and her stomach fell through her body and to the floor immediately.

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[Foval | Building Relationships | Avoiding Situations Tomorrow | Causing Situations Today]
attn: @BZ

Foval sat in his quarters reviewing the ship’s manifest.  He noted that there was a significant civilian presence on the Theurgy, and this filled him with a mixture of relief and angst.  On one hand, the civilian presence was further proof that Theurgy wasn’t a dictatorship, but loyal to the Federation’s ideals.  On the other hand, his status as an ex Borg might cause anxiety amongst them.  Starfleet officers were trained to “leave prejudices in their quarters” however, the same wasn’t necessarily the case for civilians. 

He decided the best thing to do was to make himself known to them, particularly the ones he was likely to work with.  He saw that there was a civilian that acted as a liaison to the Klingons.    He thought that there was a chance that he would work with this Zyao.  He arranged for a meeting with her in the mess hall. 

He thought carefully about what to wear to the meeting.  For an ex-drone like him, there were multiple things to consider – to wear his uniform, or something civilian?  If he went for something civilian, should he choose something with a long enough sleeve to conceal his hand?  Realising that it was a moot point – he didn’t bring any civilian wear, and didn’t have enough time to design something, he changed into a fresh uniform and headed for the mess hall. 

He sat at a table, resting his prosthetic hand under the table, whilst pretending to revew a pad that was on the table.  While he had a few stares as he entered, his Borg nature wouldn’t be evident to anyone who entered. 

As he waited for doubt to creep in, he did wonder if he had made a mistake in coming here.  He had spent ten years isolated from the Federation, now he had willingly gone for isolation again. 

His thoughts were interrupted by a voice that made him look up. 

“You summoned?”  there was something familiar about the accent.  It wasn’t one that Foval could recall from his own life, so he checked it against the remnant of Borg information in his head as he looked from his PADD. 
"Apologies, I'm Zyrao Natauna, Klingon Liaison." He was able to identify her accent.  However he didn’t need to.  The haunted expression in her grey eyes.    The script tattooed on her knuckles confirmed it.  The Borg had committed great crimes in the Alpha Quadrant.  However, former Borg like him were lucky.  Yes, the Borg had assimilated thousands, but he was unlikely to meet anyone from races they had wiped out. 

With one exception.  El-Aurians. 

He kept his good hand on the table, stretched out.  “My name his Foval.” He said.  He struggled for the right thing to say.    “I…  recongise that you are El Aurian.  Further, I acknowledge that my former Borg status did not register with you until just now.  You do not have to shake my hand.  However I am at your service.”   
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[Zyrao Natauna | Face to Face | Enemies on Board | What Was Ives Thinking | Be Logical, Zyrao]

He was Borg.

She knew, he wasn't a real Borg.  Or rather, he wasn't still an active one or he wouldn't be here.  He was missing the pallid skin tone, the other hoses and other customary accessories that would come with being a fully assimilated Borg.  She had heard, in her time on board, that people could be pulled back from Borg, it was rare, and hard, but it was possible.  Her eyes bore into his.  She found that her lungs continued to pull air from the room around her and yet her chest felt infinitely tighter. 

Zyrao knew that she needed to sit down, and play it cool.  She had helped eradicate the Borg, or at least fight them, not only on her planet but here when the Theurgy had run into them itself.  Still, to see one sitting there, one she would be working alongside, and one that was obviously cured.. played havoc with her senses and her thoughts.  It fucked with her emotions and threw her back onto the planet where she had come from, where she had run after fighting, watching people die or be assimilated.  She had witnessed her friends, her love, her family... everyone was gone. 

Then, that didn't even account for the horrors written in the scars and tattoos across her body and back.  What had happened after they fled was untold pain.  There were days in the darkness she had wished for death, had thought perhaps death would have been better than the life she had been dealt.  Of course Zyrao was strong she had survived untold years and continued on forging a place for herself in the universe.  However, every person had their dark days and even Zyrao, beaten, bloody, whipped, and sore from a fresh tattoo had lay in the dirt on her cell floor and thought about the peace of death.

He looked up at her, and she was certain that her thoughts were written all over her face.  He kept his hand on the table stretched out between them, but told her that she did not have to shake it if she didn't want to.  He understood.  His name was Foval, and she could tell that he was Vulcan, or at least part of him was Vulcan.  She wasn't too sure how much of you came back when the Borg pieces were dormant and you were brought back more to the flesh side again.  He told her that he was at her service and had figured out that she was El-Aurian. 

A soft El-Aurian curse escaped her lips.  For a moment, Zyrao let her arm fall limp to her side.  She blinked and looked off over his shoulder for a moment.  Grey eyes staring off into space as she collected herself.  She could not stand here and be who she was while letting herself be schooled by her emotions.  Part of her wanted to let the red take over, let the red rage that had attacked Lillee's face come over her and there would be no Thomas to stop her this time.  She could get justice, even for a moment, for all the lives lost due to the man sitting at the table like nothing happened.  And yet, his voice continued to play in her mind making her feel as though he understood where she was coming from and at least on some level seemed repentant. 

Have you not cast your crown in mistaken places as well, Natauna. she chastised herself before her eyes switched back to Foval.  “Don't be ridiculous.” she said shaking her head, holding out her hand again letting them shake hands, even though it was taking all of her will power not to use her other hand to smash that metallic plate further into his skull.

“You're right.” she said as she kicked a chair out from under the table with her black combat boot and sat down across from him.  The woman was heavily tattooed, on her neck, hands, arms, chest, and leading underneath the tank top that she wore.  There were even small signs of significant scarring across her back as some of the lash marks made it up to the top of her shoulders.  Zyrao let out a long slow breath for a moment.  She was going to do this, she would conquer this conversation, because if she was to work with this man, she needed to put her past behind her.  “I did not know you were previously a Borg before I saw you.  I apologize if my reactions offended you however, one hopes you can understand.”

She brushed her thumb across her lower lip studying the man a moment from across the table.  Zyrao had a very analytical mind and she was always thinking about tactics, strategies, and work.  This had brought her to a place she had left behind her along time ago, and it was not going to be easy to sit here and have a conversation with a man that could have marched across her planet destroying her people.  If he hadn't done so personally, he probably had intel about when it had happened anyway.  Grey sharp eyes bore into his for a long moment before she realized she was staring.

“So, what can I do for you today, Lieutenant?”

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[Lt. JG Foval| Opening mouth| Inserting Foot | Maybe you should stop talking] attn @bz

As he shook her hand, did he feel something?  A  hint of connection?  He quickly decided against it.  Every Vulcan doctor had told him that his telepathy was gone.  Simply put it was like telling a blind person that their missing eyes would grow back.  He had taken once last desparate attempt to regain what he lost in the Briar Patch, and the results hadn’t been successful.    He would never e able to meld. 

He looked at her again.  How could he be so blind, so limited in his viewpoint?   

"So, what can I do for you today, Lieutenant?"

“You can start by forgiving me my pride.  My arrogance.”  He took a deep breath.  “I apologise.  Despite my own past, I  made the assumption that every civilian on a Starfleet ship is a go getter out for the adventure from a comfortable homeworld and has never known hardship.  That they just need to know that they will be protected by the brave officers in the pretty-“ he realised that he was on a tangent again.  That both his real and artificial hand her above the table.   

“I  wished to introduce myself to the civilian  personnel in an informal setting.”  He said at last.  “In order to prepare them  for the time when they may be required to work with me, or even see me from afar.  As if civilians needed shielding from the dark places in the world.“ 

Looking upon her, he could tell there was strength.  How many of her tattoos were elected, or thrust upon her?  What stories did they tell?    He briefly entertained the notion of getting to know this person more.  Possibly even away from the arena of duty.  . 

“However, if I may be bold, I know nothing of your past, but the quiet strength you do have…  I’ll wager you’ve had nights that would leave some Starship Captains screaming for their preferred childhood caregiver. “
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[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison | Get Past It | You're Stronger Than Your Past | You Will Not be Defined by This Moment]

Zyrao looked across the table at the man.  He had one original hand and one that was metallic, and more like a hook than a hand.  She was curious the story behind such a thing, and yet, she wasn't about to ask just yet.  They weren't close enough to get into body dismemberment stories, or were they?  He told her that he wished that she would forgive his arrogance and pride.  Her dark brow show up into her hair line for a moment because she was surprised at this sudden turn of events.  She had no idea where he was going with this so she kept silent.  To surprise a tactician was not an easy feat but she supposed he had the high ground because he had thrown her off guard being that he was ex-Borg.  He told her that despite his own past he had assumed that the civilians on a Starfleet ship had lived a life of luxury on comfortable home worlds and had never known hardship. 

The El-Aurian studied him carefully, was he shitting her right now?  She didn't think so.  The tone of his voice, the way that he spoke, and his eyes, told her that what he said was heartfelt.  She took a deep breath and thought about how to respond to that.  “I suppose I should be satisfied having altered your view of civilians.” she stated matter of factly, but she was a bit guarded as she didn't know where this conversation was going just yet.

Foval went on to state he wished to introduce himself to civilian personnel in an informal settling.  She gave a nod, the mess hall was about as informal as it got unless he wanted a round of drinks at the Whetstone and she highly doubted he could drink her under the table.  Even with his Vulcan metabolism.  He wanted to prepare the civilians for working with him, even from afar, so that they understood when he looked like and that civilians would need shielding from some of the darker parts of the universe.  She snorted a bit, and her lips quirked in a slight smirk.

“I'm many things, Lieutenant but a wilted flower is not one of them.” she confessed.

He was about to be bold, apparently, and went on to talk about her quiet strength.  That he could imagine she had some horrendous life stories to tell things that lesser officers and even Starfleet Captains might balk at.  Her brow rose, as she sighed, and thought about what she would wish to tell him.  She certainly didn't want him to feel attacked and yet, the Borg were the start of all her misery.  They were the seed that had become the bloom of a life bound in pain and hardship.  One that she would never forget. 

“You know my origins.  The Borg eradicated my home world.  I need not describe the atrocities that took place on the surface of a home that I can no longer visit.  It was then that I and a few other escaped on a small shuttle bound for any space not inhabited by the Borg.  Picked up along the way I moved from slave camp to slave camp, from race to race, from demeaning job to demeaning job.  Forced to fight for my life, forced to bare the marks of such a life on my skin every day for the rest of my very. Long. Life.” she stated firmly, there was no anger in her voice, it was very matter of fact, but the emotions in her grey eyes showed the level of ache.

“The freedom I have now, I fought for and won.  Though things I would rather not discuss, and ways that I would rather not repeat.  I lived and worked with and as a Klingon for the last decade of my life.  This is why the Captain has asked me to the be the Liaison.” she said as her body relaxed slightly and she let some of the tension bleed out of her shoulders.  Shifting in her seat to get more comfortable.

“I'm curious, since we are playing a game of Hard Truths.” she said with another one of her tell tale smirks.  “How did you free yourself from the collective and regain your mind?”

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[Lt. J.G Foval| Echoes of the past | Still some secrets buried | The hunt for common ground]
He tried not to feel guilt of course, but he couldn’t.   The Borg destroyed the El-Aurians decades before he was born, let alone assimilated.   And yet, she showed strength as she  demonstrated her loyalty to the Captain.   He had the respect of some, such as Admiral Anderson, but could he ever inspire anyone to truly care about him.   He did wonder.  

“I am unsure precisely how it happened.” He said, beginning his story   “The Borg Sphere I was on was in a transwarp conduit, on a mission to  position on the end of the Alpha quadrant.   A subspace tear intersected with the conduit, some if us wondered if it was a natural anomaly, a freak occurrence.   Others wondered if it was an experiment that just had an impact in the wrong place at the wrong time.   We managed to drop out of the conduit, if we weren’t a hive mind that could adapt, we’d have been destroyed.   As it was, we were just severely damaged.    The power distribution overloaded, killing a third of our compliment, and damaging the ships systems.  We crashed on on the edge of the quadrant.”  

He remembered the cark days of his arrival.  When he realised he would never truly be the person he was before he was assimilated.    He decided to try to make life better for those that could.  

“We fell into two camps.   Those of us who wanted to go home, and those who wanted a return to the collective.  However our “diverse” faction started to have bickering and in fighting as the old rivalries between Klingon and Romulan, Human and Cardassian, started to present themselves.   I was often called upon to settle these disputes.   Eventually I was able to establish a truce with some of the tribes on the other side.   Finally, the Heracles found us, and I was taken home.”  

That wasn’t the whole truth of course.   He doubted he could tell anyone the whole truth, it was too uncomfortable for him to discuss.  

“I suppose we are alike in some respects.” He said.   “We were both hurt by the Borg, and set on paths that would challenge us.   We even have our own scars.”  He held his cybernetic hand replacement up to his ocular implant.    “I was wrong to presume.   I’m sorry.”   

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[Zyrao Natauna | Intriguing Stories | An Interesting Path | Own Brand of Hardships]

She was intrigued by the story, though she had thought it would make him uncomfortable to describe it.  There were parts of her own story, parts she had not told anyone, not even her ex-Thomas.  There were things that eventually, one day, she would like to push off the burden of her own shoulders and make it a shared burden.  She had yet to find that person, perhaps one day, and yet she didn't feel that holding her breath was going to get her anywhere.  Zyrao was hot headed, strong, and independent.  She wanted to be cared for and important but she didn't want to be coddled.  A good relationship for her would be one on equal footing, equal ground, and moving forward together side by side rather than one behind the other.  She did not wish to carry the weaker nor did she wish to be carried herself.  Instead what she wished for was for them to guide one another through the hardships of life, to help straighten the other to stand when it was necessary to make a point.

Perhaps one day.

Foval explained that he was unsure how it happened but that the Borg Sphere had been in a transwarp conduit, something had gone awry and they dropped out.  They were able to adapt to the new surroundings but were severely damaged.  Many of their numbers died, and they crashed on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant.  Some of the Borg wished to retain their independence and some wished to return to the collective.  There was much bickering and eventually he was called on as a middle-man of sorts.  Her brow rose curiously, since that was literally her job title at the moment.  He was able to establish a truth, but eventually his group were picked up by the Heracles and he was taken home.

It was clear, to a strategist and tactician and a long time listener, that he was not telling her the entire story but what he was comfortable with.  It was something that she knew all too personally and felt no need to push him on it.  There were many uncomfortable things that happened in the lives of hardened people that were not common talk for entry level conversations.  Perhaps if they were able to get to know each other better they could open up a bit more.  This was only the first meeting.  He told her they were both hurt by the Borg and set on paths that would both scar and challenge them.  Her eyes moved down to his metallic hand and then back up to his eyes.

“You are not the first to judge me for my lack of shining metal at my collar.  Nor will I be the last to judge you for your implants.  However, I do believe we have moved past initial impressions and found that neither of them were founded.  So, we can turn our journey onto a path that will actually grow into something worthwhile.” she stated as she shifted in her seat and brushed a hand through her dark hair.

Zyrao was a lovely woman with full lips, gray eyes, and skin that was pale, toned, inked, and scarred.  But she exuded a quiet strength and confidence that came from years of being comfortable in her own skin and years of being someone that she could count on most.  She couldn't always count on the people around her often times she was forced to use them in various ways because of the means she needed to accomplish or to protect her own skin.  Zyrao had lived a very long life, and yet, she was not ready to lay down and let the world fade out around her.  She preferred to fight, she preferred to continue living and move forward to the next stage of life whatever that might be.

“Would you be interested in food?” she considered, since they were in the mess in the first place.  “Or if not, there is a brilliant lounge here with good drinks that we could stop by and actually drop this professional none sense and try to get to know one another on a level that could actually breed a relationship worth while?”

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[Lt. JG Foval| Setting up the foundation | A moments trepidation| enjoying the future]

As she spoke to him, he found himself dwelling on his own appearance.   Particularly his beard.   As a survivor on the Borg planet he had grown something far more expansive when he was trapped.   He had trimmed it down since, but chose not to get rid of it, as it helped to distract from his ocular implant.   Now he found himself reevaluating that choice.   Before his assimilation, he was constantly teased about being babyfaced.   He idly wondered what his current companion preferred.  He put the thoughts to one side.   Such thoughts weren’t conclusive to the hear and now.  

Nevertheless, as she continued to speak, particularly of building a relationship of some description, he felt anticipation to wherever it would lead.   He liked the sound of spending more time with her.   He quickly made sure that he had “breed” in the correct context.
“I don’t require nutrition at this time.” He said.   He thought about the crew lounge.  While he didn’t relish the prospect of water he decided to air on the side of prudence “I trust there is a choice of non Synthaolic Beverages?   The substance has the opposite effect on my Borg implants, whereas I have enjoyed home brewed hooch prepared some of the liberated Klingon drones, and have maintained my facilities until at least the third mug.    By then it gets somewhat hazy as the bottom of the mug begins to corrode, although it is difficult to summon the appropriate concern.”

He realised he had gone off on a tangent.   “So, I suppose the lounge would be a good choice.”
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[Zyrao Natauna | Heading to New Destinations | Getting to Know Thine Enemy | Perhaps Not Enemy Any Longer]

It seemed he wasn't hungry, and neither was Zyrao, the pit of her stomach was still working on coming back up to it's normal realm from when she had seen his implants.  She didn't eat when she was not hungry and seldom snacked, though there were times a snack was used to supplement a missed meal merely because her job could get busy and hectic at any time and thus she could easily be too busy to sit down for an actual meal.  She knew that calories were important for her to have because of the sheer amount of physicality that belonged in her life.  As soon as she was off shift she tended to visit the gym and beat the shit out of people that were willing to take her own.  She also go the shit beat out of her, already, she was getting a pretty intense Sickbay profile for the broken bones she walked in with.  She liked to goad her opponents into forgetting they were fighting a female, and just fight.  She wanted real fights none of that sparring none sense.  If you didn't feel pain, how were you really learning and training to fight properly.

He inquired if there were non-synthetic beverages in the whetstone and the El-Aurian smiled.  “I would not attend if that weren't the case.” she assured him as she rose smoothly and with practiced ease from her chair.  He explained that the substance had the opposite effect on his implants and while he enjoyed home brewed stuff and was able to maintain himself drinking Klingon hooch until at least his third mug.  Zyrao's grin deepened.

“Well, I think we will have to see how well you hold up to an El-Aurian that has been living with Klingon the past decade.” she chuckled a little.

She waited for him to stand as well, and when he did, she motioned for him to follow her, she would lead him to the lounge.  As they walked she slid her hands into her pockets with ease, just because it was almost how she always walked.  Her entire body exuded confidence and a decided air of 'don't fuck with me' that came from her.  Sharp grey eyes shifted across the corridor, many people nodded at her, she was becoming a more well known face around her especially with the addition of all the work she was doing.  The Klingon were coming on board and that meant many people saw her even more so because she was shifting Quarters and getting them a spot on the ship that would be theirs and away from the Savi.

“Do you enjoy the Theurgy?  How did you come to be on the Theurgy, I feel as though as much as I walk the ship I would have seen you before now.  Also, I know you're new because people talk and I'm quite the listener.” she said making a joke on the common stereotype for her race.

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[L.t (J.G.) Foval| Show me the way to the next whisky bar | why don't they take a picture | getting to know you]

His companion had plenty of polite nods.  He on the other hand was just getting used to some of the reaction.  The Crewmen, or maybe an occasional would stop and stare.  Some of his fellow Lt. J.G.’s may break eye contact with him as soon as they register him. 

Still he was glad to be with someone as a peer.  It had been something that had been lost to him for some time.  Just duty, and occasionally putting his old affairs in order.      Except…  he put those thoughts aside again. 

Theurgy has been quite the ship.” He said as he looked around.  “I trusted the Admiral who sent me here, but part of me expected to see a ship overrun by pirates, or some hostile power, but aside from the popularity of something called ‘Public Baths’ the level of Starfleet dedication is as high as any ship I’ve been on.  There are forces within Starfleet that are supporting Theurgy,.  Because of my past as a diplomat, and my secondary skills in tactical analysis, I was sent here.    I travelled along on one of the Klingon ships.  It was quite an uneventful journey, I kept myself isolated as much as possible.  My Borg implants would have led to some awkward discussion in the mess.”

He had experienced many jokes about listening and hearing himself due to the shape of his ears.  It was curious to see someone make that joke about themselves. 

“And you?” he asked as they approached a door “How do you find life on a Federation Starship after 10 years amongst Klingons?”   

Part of him understood the nomadic lifestyle, yet to go from one culture to another after a long period of time could be quite jarring.   
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[Zyrao Natauna | Drinking is Better | Social Drinking | Public Baths are Unusual]

He spoke as they walked and it didn't take a tactical, strategist, or El-Aurian to see the uncomfortable looks that he got as he walked beside her.  Perhaps she would be a good pair for him, she remembered getting the same looks.  Of course, she also remembered dressing as an officer and going onto the Bridge amid some heavy resistance just to piss off the former first officer.  She was glad, actually, that she had been able to bring to light his gross inconsistency and the fact that he had been a sub-par officer much less a horrendous first officer.  She still had no idea how he had been gifted the office in which his elitist asshole found home, however, the current First Officer seemed a vast upgrade. 

Foval admitted that he trusted the admiral who had assigned him the Theurgy, though he expected a different environment when he came on board.  One full of people that were running around without rules and laws.  Zyrao understood, loosely, the term for pirates though she had heard them called other things in varying languages.  “I believe the misconception would be honorable, considering the rumors I have heard that are told of the Theurgy” she admitted with a bit of a nod.

He went o to talk about not understanding the popularity of the public baths, caught the El-Aurian by surprise and she found herself chuckling deeply from the thought of it.  Giving a nod.  “I would agree with that one, though I am by no means modest when it comes to bathing or otherwise, I do not quite understand the popularity.” she gave a simple shrug.  She quite had to admit she liked the Vulcan, he was unique and she enjoyed his perspective the way he saw the environment around him versus the way that she did.  They were similar and yet different enough to be intriguing.  He told her that his dual training as a diplomat and a tactical analyst had been why he was chosen to join the crew.

“Ah well if you ever fancy a true tactical battle in game form let me know.  I have long sought an opponent that could actually give me a run for my money.” she stated as they continued to walk. 

He asked about her own experiences and she sighed softly.  “It has indeed had it's highs and lows.  I turned my back upon the Klingon to board the ship due to the stupidity of my former Captain.  However, now I work with the Klingon closely.  I do not mind my job, though from the Aldean perspective it's been predominately meetings and paperwork, but I have managed well enough.  I less like having to answer to someone all the time, I was the Captain's right hand on the Hakkarl where I came from last.  This ship I answer to many, have absolutely no power, and am seen as less than many because of my status as a non-officer.” she said, her distaste for the whole thing coloring her words.  In her mind, proving herself through actions should be enough to get her the respect and prestige she needed. 

However, she was here for now and it was good enough to keep her around for the time being.  Her very short relationship with Thomas had been a nice distraction but that had ceased now and they had settled into becoming friends instead.  Zyrao liked having a place to put her energies but she would not force herself into any sort of relationship what so ever.  Instead, she would wait, the right person would come along that could challenge her in the right ways. 

The Whetstone lounge was not busy as they entered, there were several tables were people from the Theurgy sat while eating and drinking.  She gave a wave to the bartender who nodded back as she lead Foval through the tables and to a small two person table under a singular light hanging from the ceiling.  The red glass allowed the harsh light to glow more softly over their heads as the two sat down at their tables.  When the bartender came over she ordered herself a bloodwine and allowed Foval to order for himself since she didn't know him well enough to order for him.

Once the orders were in, her grey eyes turned to Foval.  “I would assume you get a lot of prejudice because of your extra hardware?” she asked pointing to her own eye in regards to his.

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Foval thought on what tactical games she was referring to.   It was an odd thing, since his liberation from the collective, traditional Vulcan activities that were abstract were a challenge to him now.   On the other hand, he continued to excel in more practical tactical activities like simulations, and other games.  

Foval understood where she was coming from when she was talking about moving into lower spot on a  new chain of command.  
“I can relate.” He said.   “In our group on the planet, I was the chief diplomat, almost part of a ruling trio.   Losing some of my autonomy was somewhat unusual.”

The Whetsone bar was another area that he had yet to explore.   Many of those present seemed relaxed and comfortable.    They found a seat, and she ordered a Bloodwine.   He ordered one himself, deciding to apply the concept of “When in Rome.”   
"I would assume you get a lot of prejudice because of your extra hardware?" she asked him.   

Before he could catch himself, his real hand touched his face and rubbed his fingers against his ocular implant.  

“Yes.   But I do not blame people.” He said.   “I have spent much time considering this.   We have made peace with every major Federation enemy.   Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans, there have even been renegade Jem’hadaar and Vorta that have helped Starfleet.   The rest we simply agree to stop fighting and keep the proverbial Selaht off of the proverbial lawn.   All except for the Borg.   They weren’t political rivals, or ideological enemies, that can be reasoned with to some extent   They are a force of nature, the equivalent of the earth boogie man.   Was I not the face of your nightmare just now?”

He picked up the bloodwine and sipped at it.   “A good vintage” he said.     
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[Zyrao Natauna | Truth Time | It Isn't Easy | Visions of Nightmares]

Foval admitted that losing his autonomy was unusual.  She could second that for sure, she missed being able to move on her own and do her job without an oversight committee.  While she knew that Ives and crew trusted her to do her job she still felt as though she were an outsider.  Perhaps, at some point, there would be something to assist in that, perhaps she would eventually begin to feel more part of the crew.  Perhaps she was just old and set in her ways, older than most everyone on the ship, she felt that her experiences should speak to more than 'just a civilian'.  She supposed that they did, in a way, since she had been afforded the position of Klingon Liaison, but that didn't always satisfy her.  She liked to be in the grit of it, while she preferred having a job to not having one, she was missing the in-your-face excitement of going after the missions with a disruptor and a powerful fist.

He reached up, when she mentioned his additional hardware and brushed his still-Vulcan fingers across the brow.  Foval admitted he didn't blame people for their prejudice, which was nice and rare to hear.  Most people would have felt jilted but he could understand what the Borg had done and how they had affected most people.  It wasn't easy, to sit across from a Borg and not remember the horrendous things they had done to people she knew.  Luckily, never to herself personally, but, she was not surprised that there would be some on board that would have had closer experiences with them, or perhaps just general run ins.

Foval asked if he was not just the face of her nightmare when she had first walked in on him.  Zyrao nodded and sighed.  “I do not wish to say it is true, however, it is.  When I first saw your implants I initially was brought back to a place and time that I had thought long behind me.  I realize that you had no choice in your assimilation, nor in your actions once part of the hive, and yet, it is not easy to forget the horrors perpetrated against my kind.”

Zyrao took a sip of her blood wine once it was brought to her and leaned back into the seat.  “However, I do not like prejudices.  Part of me wanted to make you pay for everything done to El-Auria, and yet, I am trying very desperately to be a better person.  Thus, I decided not to take out my emotions on you, besides you are far too young to have been on El-Auria and again – it was no choice of your own.”

Another sip as she played with the rim of her cup with her delicate fingers.  “To be truthful I thought the emotions of that past long behind me.  It was an oddity to remember them so vividly so suddenly and without the aid of sleep.” she chuckled a little bit.  “Is it rude to ask how you came to be assimilated?”

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attm @bz
He found his companion’s honestly refreshing.   If there was one thing that he had discovered a keen dislike for when he returned to Federation life, it was the people who tried to ignore his afflictions.   He didn’t deserve any special treatment, better or worse, but to pretend what happened to him didn’t happen was a disservice to his ordeal.  

He took a sip of his bloodwine.   The beverage had what the more emotional species called “A kick to it” however, he could probably drink a few cases of the stuff and his body would have flushed enough of it out before he felt so much as light headed.  

She asked him about his assimilation.    It was a strange place for him to go, it was the last time he was ever truly whole.  

“I was a helmsman on the USS Tolstoy.   I wasn’t even at my post when he hit the battle of Wolf 359.   I was in my quarters meditating.”   

By that point, the deadly nature of the Borg cube that was threatening the Federation was well known.   Yet despite this, in those final minutes, it was perhaps the only time he felt fully at piece as he focused on the flames and his meditation allowed him to move his anxieties and concerns aside.   A talent that had been lost to him ever since.  
His cybernetic hand started to squeeze against the mug he was holding, bending the steel.   He set it down before he destroyed it.   

We barely got a torpedo volley before a cutting beam destroyed our engineering section.   The ship was dying, and I was beamed out.   He remembered the sickening pinch of tubules in his neck, the instant connection to the sinister hive mind.   The varying smells of grease and blood as implants were grafted.  

“I was only half assimilated, there was an attack against the cube, Captain Riker captured Picard.   We – the collective – realised that there was a chance the Queen would be destroyed or compromised if they managed to subdue Locutus and reassert Picard’s personality.   The queen covertly left the cube with a few hundred drones.”  
He palmed the dented mug with his Vulcan hand.   “Somewhere in transwarp corridor my brain was carved up, my arm chopped off, and I was given a few other permanent items of jewellry.”   

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[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison | Truth of the Past | Horrible Memories for All | Lets Move Beyond Our Pasts]

He seemed to be a little apprehensive about diving into his past, but, fair was fair.  If she would have to dive into her own, then he would have to do the same as well.  As much as he probably wished to forget it, it was better to embrace and remember your past rather than try to push it away and think about something else entirely.  No, the kind of life that they lead it was better not to leave the demons and skeletons in the closet, an odd terminology she had heard from an Earthen onboard the ship, but it was best to air them out in the open and make sure that you understood what you had done in the past and where you had come from. 

Foval began to tell her about his past position as Helmsman on a ship.  However, he wasn't at the battle of Wolf 359, he was in his quarters meditating.  She nearly rolled her eyes because it was such a Vulcan thing to be doing when a battle went down.  He told her that he was at peace when it happened, she imagined that he was since he had been meditating it would have come as quite the surprise since he had been in such an open minded state. 

Zyrao didn't miss the tension used from his hand, and how it began to choke the metal of the cup in his hand down tightly a bit of a squeal of metal before he stopped himself.  She wondered if he still meditated, he didn't mention whether he did or didn't, maybe he felt too vulnerable, or maybe his brain chemistry was rather altered too far beyond anything else because she knew that the Borg could really mess with people.

He told her that he was only half-assimilated because various things happened, and her brow rose.  Zyrao let out a long sigh as she looked down at her drink, quietness descended on the table for a moment as they both had respect for the crazy circumstances that had come about for him.  “That's quite the story.” she had to admit that she felt as though she could relate to him better knowing the hardships that he had gone through.  It wasn't as if he had volunteered to Borg himself, she had never met anyone that had, but, regardless of any of that, was the fact that he had been through his own personal dark places and come out on the other side.  Yet, he was still fighting against his past and all that had happened to him.

Zyrao leaned forward and put her fleshy hand on the metal of his false hand, getting his eyes to lock with her lovely grey ones.  Her tattoos on her skin stood out against the pale tone.  She was lovely in her own ways, and the tattoos while they were not all of her own choosing only seemed to accentuate her more so.

“You embrace all that has happened to you, Foval.  But, you do not feel embarrassed or run from what has happened.  You had no choice in the matter, and there are times in life, we have no choice.  We move forward because it is what we do.  Be stalwart in yourself, believe in yourself.  Through your own strength you are still alive, still working with the Federation and while you will not always be understood, know that I at least understand you.”

Zyrao slid around so that she was sitting beside Foval instead of across from him and pulled her drink over to her as well so that he would hopefully feel less alone.  “I'll have your back.” she assured him, and this close, he would see all the lovely smoky striations in her gray eyes.

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attn @BZ

This was moving quickly, Foval mused.   The talk of his assimilation was just the first drop in his ocean of misery of course, to say nothing of his moment of shame when he had escaped the Borg, nevertheless the way she approached him, he was beginning to look forward to one day, sharing those secrets, but this was their first encounter, and he wasn’t exactly an expert in relationships.   

He put his good hand on top of hers.   Such a gesture would be distasteful for some Vulcans, downright scandalous for others, but without his telepathy, it was just a feeling of warmth.   And it was welcomed.   Likewise as she sat with him, for the first time in some considerable time there was nowhere else at that moment where he wanted to be more.  

He gazed into her eyes, and saw only warmth and openess.   He knew he could trust her in what she said, and wanted nothing more to be able to respond in kind.   There was something developing, was it infactuation, attraction?    He wondered if he should even follow the path.   But he decided to pursue it.  

“We are both survivors.    I do not have much, but now, I have your back as well Zyrao.    Whatever help I can give you, is yours when you need it.”    
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[Zyrao Natauna | Emotional | Taboo | Like it Anyway]

With her hand on his metallic one, she felt the warmth of his flesh hand cover her own.  Zyrao gave him a soft smirk, he was a good man.  What had happened to him in the past was not of his choosing much like her own past.  A large part of her past was written in the lash marks that criss crossed her back.  He would be able to see a little bit of them outside of her tank top but nothing much, not the true heart of the matter.  Her skin was covered in a wealth of tattoos of various languages, from El-Aurian, to Breen, to Cardassian, to Kzin.  So many of them, not a single one in Federation Standard and honestly she doubted that she would ever actually get one in that language.  It might be the one that was spoken here, and perhaps when she felt more a part of the Federation but right now she was still settling in for the most part.  Zyrao knew that it would not be easily, really, to find a good spot for her here, but she was trying to find a place.  To find a reason to take the foothold offered to her on the Theurgy and stay.

Perhaps this person.  Friend, or otherwise.

He admitted they were both survivors.  Nothing could be more true about the two of them, perhaps they could bond in this way.  She wondered if it was possible to truly bond with another.  If they were both somewhat broken could they make one another hole merely by relying on each other.  Zyrao would be loathe to admit that anything within her was broken however, as she had seen in the pool and the bruising on Lillee's face, she was most definitely not completely whole. 

Foval mentioned that while he did not have much he most certainly would give what he did have to help her.  Whatever he had to give, it was hers all she had to do was ask.  Zyrao gave him a bit of a grin.  “Well in an effort to not be repetitive, I will indeed have your back any time it is required.” she promised earnestly her voice and her tone making sure that he knew she was serious.  Zyrao did not make oaths or promises lightly but it seemed that if anyone on this ship was in need of someone that could be on their side it was the man who had been Borg.

It was ironic, in her mind, that she was the one that would extend the first arm of friendship, and yet, she found that it felt right.  Hopefully by her reaching out to him he would be able to find a spot to stand.  A foundation to build himself up on, a place to stand and know that there was at least one place in this ship that he was accepted for who and what he was.

“I am curious.” she stated, her hand staying between his, her grey eyes looking into his still, with their close proximity she could almost feel his breathing more than she could hear it.  “Do you find yourself at the throws of nightmares some nights?  I find that many of mine faded over the years and yet sometimes, they are so terrifyingly vivid.”

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“Sometimes, when I dream.” Foval admitted.     “I am not sure what is worse, the ones about my assimilation, or the ones where I assimilate… that is, the Borg are forcing me to assimilate others”  

He thought about the desperation, the panic he used to see of people, the increasing sense of desperation in his eyes, trying desperately to gain control of his mind, seeing his own hand holding people in place while they are afflicted by the same blight that had doomed him.   

“I rarely sleep in the traditional sense.”  He said.   “When I rest, I use energy emitters around my bed that act as a borg alcove would to a traditional drone.   I do sleep, although long term I must keep regeneration cycles going. “  he imagined that the Captain was happy that he didn’t need to wire up an alcove into the cargo bay or his quarters.    “But, when I do sleep, and I am not on alert for a mission…   yes, bad dreams do manifest.” 

He paused, swishing the bottom of his mug around “It is difficult for me to get mastery over my dreams, or any of my emotions, at least without using my Borg implants.”   

He realised he was about to go into detail on the extensive restructuring of his brain.   He stopped himself.   She was offering to be his friend, and he realised that he was in danger of breaking down his walls completely and that wouldn’t do.     “But enough about me.    Your dreams, when they are more vivid, are there any extertnal factors that cause this?”

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He told her a little bit about his nightmares.  She felt for him, she had many nightmares about killing those around her, about the betrayals that she had done in the past and things that she had a guilty conscience for.  She tried to live her life without regrets but ther were always decisions to be made, and the 'what ifs' of the other side of the fence.  As much as she wished there was no pain involved in her life, on others done by her own hands, she could not state that was the case.  Zyrao had caused much pain and had been the cause of death in many different areas of her life because of the life she had lead.  So she could understand the fear, though for him it was completely out of his control.  Whether he killed or assimilated someone was of the hive mind and not of his own volition. 

“That must have been hard.” she stated, figuring that she was not wrong.  “To have no control over your own actions in such a way.”

He admitted that he didn't sleep in the way that most did.  He used energy emitters around his bed that acted similar to the Borg alcove where they would be recharged.  He did sleep, though he had to go through some regeneration cycles so that he could stay alert, and probably alive.  However, when he did sleep nightmares could plague him.  Another nod, and she found herself rather curious how it would be to sleep in such a situation.  With the hum of emitters around but she supposed that he was used to it since it had been his way of life since assimilation. 

Foval admitted that it was hard for him to control his emotions when he wasn't using the Borg accessories installed in his body.  “I imagine that is difficult considering your Vulcan ways.” she stated calmly as she continued to try to get to know him, and furthermore, to understand him.  It was unusual.  When she first saw him her thought was to punch him in the face and keep punching.  But, then she got to know him and now she found herself wanting to know more.  About who he was before he was assimilated, and who he was now.  She was fairly certain they were two different people.

“Perhaps you do not need to hide or control your emotions but instead learn to live with him with daily life.  Emotions can be strong but they can also be something that you utilize in situations where they give you a heads up to things going on around you.”

He asked about her dreams, and the vividity, if she had noticed any causes for this.  For a moment Zyrao was quiet as she thought about the answer, and then nodded.  “When I am stressed.  But I find most often they come when there is someone I care about.  When I have given my body or soul to someone, when my heart belongs to someone.  That is when they are the most vivid.  What about you?” she asked him curiously she wondered what the metal felt like.  If it was warm, the one on his face, or if it was cold.  But, she was not going to touch it.  Not yet, but she might get brave at some point.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Getting under the skin | Tet a tete| How vivid are we?]

She asked him about his  Vulcan control.   “It is difficult.” He confessed.   “As a Vulcan, we are taught from an early age to build up our barriers.   Our brains are literally taught to condition themselves.   Since my earliest childhood playing with blocks and learning logic puzzles I have had my Vulcan reserve.   I suppose it is like this arm.”   He looked at his metal hand.   “It can pick things up and put things down, support my weight and so on.   Yet, the simple joys of sand running through my ‘fingers’ or the sensation of soft flower is denied to me.   It is the same with my nodes.   My emotions are restricted, but I don’t get the…”   he looked for the correct word. “Gratification that I have successfully mastered my emotions, if the paradox makes sense. “ 

As their conversations about dreams continued.   He thought about her giving her heart to someone – would that be a blessing and a curse then?  He was a bit more coy with his discussion.    “As my dreaming is limited, it tends to be pretty vivid on the rare occasions it does occur.   

“So, that is to say, if you do not mind me asking, does the vividness of your dreams last while your relationship is in progress, or do they reduce again overtime as you become comfortable in the relationship?”

He wasn’t sure about being so forward with his companion, but he was eager to hear more.   He found that he wanted to know more and more about his friend.    She was someone that he wanted to get to know better.      
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He admitted that it was hard, because as a Vulcan they were taught at an early age how to build up their barriers.  They were not allowed to be emotional but instead pushed to control themselves.  He remembered playing blocks and logic puzzles as he was young.  He showed her his prosthetic arm and told her that he could pick things up and put them down and it was like having a normal hand.  And yet, it was different in the fact that he could not feel the joys of running his hand through the sand or touching a soft flower.  He felt the same with his nodes, his emotions were restricted but he didn't get the gratification of the mastery of them. 

“It makes sense, but remember, while altered it is not gone.  This hand, is functional, but this one.” she stated as she touched the skin of the hand that was still whole.  “Is for the joys and pleasures of the flesh.  Perhaps you are gifted in the fact that you have both sides of a coin.” she offered a different perspective and hoped that it made sense.

He explained that his dreams were vivid because they were so limited that when he did dream it was pretty intense.  He then asked if it was more or less so when she had someone to care about.  For a moment Zyrao thought about that. “It would depend.' she explained. 

“If I was in a peaceful situation, like now, it would be less so.  However, I find that when I am preparing myself for battles, when I know I could die, or those around me could die, then I find myself with nightmares which include horrendous things happening to those I care for.  It is hard to open a old heart sometimes and yet I find that life is exceedingly lonely without some proper outlet.  I have been alive a very long time and do not wish to be lonely for it's entirety.”

Zyrao looked into his eyes a moment and then she made a split second decision.  “Apologies.” she said before she put her hand on his cheek, letting go of his hand, and leaned in and kissed him soundly.  Her eyes closed as she kissed him, her lips toying with his a little bit hoping they would kiss her back in return.  She had been denying herself this kiss for a little time now, and it was most definitely not the booze as she had not drank nearly enough to cause any issues like that.  It was just something she wanted to do.  Pulling back from the kiss she felt more grounded.

“Much better, I have needed to do that and was denying myself, I hope you are not upset.” she stated watching his eyes and his body language to gather whether he was or not.

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[Lt. Foval |  |Disproportionate halves| The Man awakens | Unexpected]

He thought on what she said about two sides of the coin.   He had soent so much of his time trying to manage his cybernetic side, but in a lot of senses he it was at the expense of his individuality    If you focus on managing the machine, how does the man exist.   He was beginning to realise that this was a lesson he was about to learn.   A sense of anticipation was building for future interactions   He looked from his hand to her eyes and saw something there, a spark he couldn’t quite place.   A light  
She apologised, he was about to ask why, as she let go of his hand.   He felt her lips press against his, there was a moment of shock.   It wasn’t something that he expected, but it wasn’t enterely unwelcome or rejected.  It had been some time since he had done this, and even so, it hadn’t felt so special, so liberating.   He felt something stir within him, the Vulcan soul, not caged with logic, but bolted to the remnants of the Borg machine was starting to awaken for the first time in an age.   He had ruled out personal interaction at this level since he was liberated.       

She ended the kiss.  And asked him if he was upset.   He shook his head.  “I am not.   The experience was quite pleasant. “   He let things pass between them.   “I must confess however, I anticipated the possibility of such an interaction has occurred to me, but I did not expect it for another two weeks of interaction allowing for sufficient time to become, familiar with each other.”  

A hint of a smile tugged at his lips.   “I am glad you – we did that.   More would be… agreeable.   However, I am motivated to ask “Why?”     

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[Zyrao Natauna | This Kiss | No Regrets | Perhaps More | Don't Give Up]

He hadn't really kissed her back.  As much as she had hoped he would but in the same breath she had also surprised him and it had come out of nowhere.  Though, she could tell in his eyes and his body language while surprised he didn't seem to really mind having been kissed at all, which was good for her.  She was glad that it hadn't ended badly though Zyrao was bold enough to have rolled with whatever the fallout would have been through that as well.  Though he told her that he was not upset, her grey eyes studied his, for a moment and decided that he was telling the truth and that the kiss was actually quite pleasant. 

As Zyrao leaned back and picked up her beverage taking another sip more comfortably now, though she knew the tension would rise again in her body.  She would want to kiss him again, she would desire to kill him again, and yet she wasn't sure that it would be something he would want repeated.  “You did not lose your attraction merely with extra hardware.” she admitted, though she had to admit she surprised herself in desiring the kiss in the first place considering that he was ex-Borg and she had a complicated past with them.  He told her that he had anticipated something like that would happen but that it would take at least two weeks, causing Zyrao to chuckle.

“Well then, you can make the second move, however, I'm not very good at waiting.” she said with a knowing smile on her face. 

He stated that he was glad she had kissed him and more would be welcomed.  Zyrao gave him her classic confident smile looking over at him again with those eyes over the cup of blood wine.  He then stated that he felt motivated to ask why.  Putting the cup down Zyrao brushed her thumb over her lower lip something that she did sometimes when she was thinking, contemplating, putting together an answer in the most truthful sense. 

“When I first came to see you, I felt shock over your, recent history.  But then, as I began to see past your hardware I realized that you were rather attractive.  As we spoke more I found that I enjoyed our conversation which made you more attractive and I am, by nature I am a very impulsive person.  I see what I want, I get what I want.  Well, I try anyway, I don't like playing games, I don't like being coy, I go for what I want, and I have my eyes set on you.” she stated confidently.  Her eyes shifted to him as she leaned comfortably back into the seat but twisted her body so that it faced him a bit more.  Her tattoos stood out largely against her pale skin, and she enjoyed looking at Foval he was good looking, she didn't mind the hardware at all, and the conversation had actual depth to it which made him more attractive. 

“now, since you've put me on the spot and I've answered truthfully it is your turn.  What makes you desire more from the touch of my lips?”

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"now, since you've put me on the spot and I've answered truthfully it is your turn.  What makes you desire more from the touch of my lips?"

He paused before answering truthfully.   “You are the first person to treat me as a person someone you genuinely want to interact with since I returned to the Federation   Most people I meet for the first time react as you do.   I am somewhat alienated from my family.   I am a proud Starfleet officer, but that only goes as far as camaraderie.  ‘He’s Starfleet, but I’m not sure I’d want to go for a beer with him.’ Was one phrase I heard shortly after I returned.   There are medics, therapists that have understood who I am, but our interaction could only be platonic.   You are the first person who has acknowledged that there is more to me than my uniform or my past.”   A hint of a smile crossed his features as he thought for a moment.   “The kiss doesn’t just represent physical and emotional stimulation, it represents the chance that someone can look at me with something other than suspicion or pity.”   

His green eyes looked into her eyes, the slumbering creature was now about to thrash against his bonds   With his human hand he brushed Zyrao’s face and leaned forward, gently kissing her lips, allowing  the moment between them to last for a while.   He wasn’t sure what this was, a short term fling, or a long relationship   Whatever it was, he was on board.  
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He answered far more seriously than she expected.  Honestly, she figured that he would come out with some kind of pick up line.  Perhaps that was just the people she had been around a lot more lately.  But honestly, she found herself rather intrigued when he answered much as any Vulcan would have.  Truthful and calmly, which was exactly the perfect thing to do.  He told her that she was the first person that had seen him as a person and genuinely wanted to interact with him.  She smirked softly but her heart tugged towards him at the moment because he had lead before she had walked into that mess hall this morning before she had walked into that mess hall this morning. 

Foval went on to talk about how he was alienated from his family and how he was a proud Starfleet officer. Zyrao was not an officer, not really and she didn't think she ever would be.  But, she hoped that she could at least give him some sort of comfort for him in her own way.  He told her that while people would work with him, but that they wouldn't want to have a beer with him. 

“Well consider me your permanent drinking buddy.” she said with a bit of a smirk.

He told her that the kiss didn't just represent the physical and emotional stimulation but the chance of being something other than pity and wonder.  His eyes were a vibrant green color, and she found them very beautiful and intriguing.  There was something in there though, that hadn't been in there before.  Perhaps it was hope, perhaps it was enjoyment, perhaps it was attraction but something was there now and she liked it. There was a fire behind the green hues of his eyes and Zyrao found herself even more drawn to it than she had been before.  His hand cupped her cheek and he softly leaned forward kissing her in a very gentle way.  Zyrao's eyes flickered closed softly as she leaned in so that they were kissing one another instead of him kissing her or vice versa.

The two of them kissed for several minutes before she finally pulled back softly and looked into his eyes.  She brushed her fingers across his cheek, up against the metal that surrounded his eye, and then back down to the flesh so wanted to make sure that he knew how much she liked all of him and not just the fleshy parts.

“Would you be interested in heading to my Quarters, or perhaps yours, if it is easier for you to sleep there.  You mentioned needing equipment.” she stated softly.  “I am not quite ready to leave and let this go, and yet, I find myself not really interested in drinking the rest of this.” she said motioning to the cup that was mostly empty anyway.

“Or there is a holodeck, we could enjoy.  Perhaps a walk on Vulcan, or something like that?  I'm just throwing ideas out here so we don't have to say goodbye just yet.” she smired waiting for his response and his answer.

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