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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Samala | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Pierce

"I’ve never seen the appeal of vacationing on Risa,” Donna thought to herself, knowing full well her view was jaded by having spent her teenage years on the planet. Spend enough time anywhere and you a bound to lose some of the wonderment for a place. “A vacation for me would be someplace like.... like.... huh,” she considered, trying to remember her most recent vacation spot and realising that she hadn’t enjoyed an actual vacation since before joining Starfleet Intelligence. “Unless I count the 6 weeks in the hospital, but I don’t really remember much of that.”

“Exonerated?” Donna asked, forcing herself not to scoff at the question. The likelihood that they would survive long enough to be pardoned was infinitesimal at best. And after that, they’d all be quietly be reassigned or retired from the fleet. They were a rogue element and couldn’t be trusted to return to the fold, despite that being one of the things they wanted. “Disappearing. I am looking forward to disappearing. Samala?”

"I have nothing to be exonerated for,” Samala remarked calmly. “But after I am done here, I will be looking for a way to continue helping my brothers and sisters that remain enslaved to the Romulans. However that may be done.”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88


Tessa wondered why Donna said exonerated the way she did. It was like she knew something that Tessa didn't. She changed it to simply disappearing. It was an interesting choice she thought but not entirely out of the realm of what would be acceptable for all that they had to go through so far.

As Samala remarked not having the need to be exonerated. Tessa was about to talk when Samala stated her desire to return to the fold, helping her Reman brothers and sisters that remain enslaved to the Romulans.

"I guess I'd never saw it that way before. Disappearing and surviving honestly wouldn't be half bad at this point." She thought about a quote that had floated through the fleet supposedly from Captain Kirk, wrong century. "...While you're there, you can make a difference..." "So maybe making a difference somewhere is what we should really be after. Whether in Starfleet or not. Either way, I plan to do that."

Tessa stood up, clearly in thought and gathered her things up in an almost stoic Vulcan mannerism. "You've given me some things to think about. Thank you for letting me join you. I'll see you back on the ship. I have some things I need to think about still."

She waved goodbye as she walked slightly out of range and tapped her combadge. "Tessa to Theurgy, one to beam up." She said as she was enveloped in the light blue hue of the transporter beam.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Faye had done it again. When he had mentioned a swimming pool, she had commented that she was dressed for the water and snapped the strap of her top.  He had earlier in their conversation stopped wondering if he was being flirted with and teased. He knew that on some level she was doing that. It made him happy to a degree, he was at least in her eyes worth flirting with.

She then latched on to the idea of a disco. “Yes, I think so, big mirror ball and everything. I don’t think many people are in there.” Dancing was not exactly Rhys’ forte, he did a remarkable line in newborn deer on ice impressions. That was how he danced. He had the fitness to dance well but not the level of co-ordination or the desire.

He had fuzzy distant memories of birthday parties when he had been a child and running around and ‘dancing’ to what ever had been in favour with children of four years and up at that point. As a teenager, dancing was an awkward and embarrassing thing to do and that feeling at persisted into adulthood. He never made many friends at the Academy, quite the reverse he was strongly disliked so opportunities to party with fellow cadets had been limited.

The club she mentioned in Los Angeles rang a bell, it had been a popular place with Cadets. It was a long shot, but it was possible, given what he guessed her age to be, that they had encountered each other there sometime. After the incident on the Mercia and his nervous breakdown Rhys had returned to the Academy to learn what he needed to be a counsellor. So, the second time round he might they might well have been there at the same time. He had remembered being there with his very few friends and sitting on the sideliners for the most part. He had once or twice worked up the courage to dance with a girl or a guy. The guy had ended up annoyed with very bruised toes. The girl was unscathed but had nearly died of a laughing fit at his awkwardness. He had laughed along being drunk after all, but the next morning had felt he might die of embarrassment.

He was at this stage nicely buzzed and had decided to try not to care so much. “We can go dancing if you like.” In fact, that worked for him most of the crew on board seemed be avoiding the disco. He smiled, “Though you will have to be careful with your feet. I am not the most graceful person you will ever meet.”

Even if he was a awkward and embarrassed while dancing, well at least the view would be pleasant.  Rhys stood and stretched his arms over his head. He gave a small smile and bowed in a slightly theatrical way. “Would you like to accompany me to the disco?” He was clearly faintly amused with himself as he put on a refined voice rather than the slightly more breathy and singsong tones of his usual Welsh accent.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

It seemed that this day was growing more and more eventful by the moment. While she regretted whatever it was she had done to drive off the other scantily clad man earlier when she had been in line behind him and Rhys, Faye was rather pleased with the turns the morning had taken. She could feel the elation coming off of her Imzadi as the human nurse worked her way through the line that had grown quite a bit more than it had been when she and Faye had beamed down, and the Betazoid knew that Riley would be ready to rejoin them shortly. It was handy, being able to pick out emotions like that, and to her, Riley's mind and thoughts stood out like a bright beacon in a sea of feeling and intellect without focus. She shot a quick grin over her shoulder toward the buffet, along with a swelling mix of anticipation, joy, and something much deeper, even if the woman wouldn't feel it in the same way a fellow telepath might perceive such an act. 

All of which passed in but a few scant seconds before the dark eyed woman was looking over at Rhys with an anticipatory grin on her face. Flirting was the right track to travel down, and yes, he wasn't exactly being subtle by daring his attention to her chest with that little snap of the strap, but so what? It was harmless fun. And it was fun for the both of them. Were Riley there with her...she'd still do exactly as she had done, and would have basked in her paramours amusement and possible embarrassment. After all, unlike Faye, Patterson and Williams were colleagues of a sort in a professional sense, even if he focused on healing minds, while she healed bodies. Faye just brought everyone together at the table for their best interests, as long as they intersected with hers. 

It never occurred to Faye that the man across from her might have run into her at the very club she'd mentioned. The night she had been there was something of a blur, but she'd remembered enjoying the experience, and that many of the clubs patrons had dressed in archaic 'retro' styles from whence the centuries old dance form had come. The styles of the time. Disco will never die, she'd remembered someone declare at closing time. Right before they call got kicked out and had to stumble back, piss drunk, to the public transporters. Real alcohol at the club, none of the synthetic stuff, had lead to the mother of all hangovers when Faye had woken up in some upper classmens' dorm room with  a few other people she didn't remember going to bed with passed out right along side of her. 

All in all a good time, and she was all for reliving some of the better parts of that night here and now with Rhys and Riley. Maybe no the hangover the following morning, but she wasn't ruling anything else out. This was shore leave, after all! She favored the man with a bubbly smile and wagged her eyebrows a bit. "If I like, eh?" she asked him, a coy tone to her words, few as they were. Not that Rhys could see, but she wiggled her toes under the table in her sandals. Not the best shoes for dancing in, so she'd probably kick them off once they got to the dance floor. "I promise I and my toes won't get offended if you trample them. It's been a while since I did any dancing myself Rhys, so maybe you ought to keep an eye on your own toes too." The grin turned toothy and bright, "Just to be safe."

Rhys stood and summoned up some courage from somewhere unexpected to Faye, who beamed all the brighter, placing one hand on her chest as if to say, 'who, little ole me?' and then she slowly rose up to her feet and swung her hips out from around the other side of the table. She matched his tone, playful and over the top like he had been, in answer to his offer. "Why kind sir I'd be delighted." Then she promptly slid her arm into his and snuggled right up against his side, as if they'd known each other for years, and not a scant half hour, and started off toward the dance floor, by way of the food line. 

"Riley dear," she called out to the nurse who was just exiting the line, and beamed at her, "Grab an arm darling, Rhys here is taking us dancing." Why, was there a wicked smile on her face? Well, so what if there was? This was going to be fun.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie  @Brutus 

The wait was long and as Riley looked over to the duo that was Faye and Rhys, she noticed the two of them got along just fine. The nurse couldn't help but smile at the sight of it and she looked over the delicious treats and drinks that were on display. The queue kept taking on forever, but this was R&R after all, thus Riley didn't exactly care how much she had to wait. She had woken up after a good night sleep and was still feeling the effects of that slumbering awakening from Faye. Patterson stretched herself out as it finally got to be her turn to order. She ordered herself another drink and some more fruits to experiment with.

She was a bit surprised to hear Faye call out to her. She frowned and looked over at Rhys before Faye uncovered what their next activity of the day would be. Riley had to grin before she returned the fruits yet held on to the drink. She walked over with a certain sway to her hips and a smirk on her face from ear to ear. "Why Rhys, I didn't take you to be a dancing type." she said sweetly with a wink before wrapping her arm around his free arm.

Dancing would be a great idea, Riley couldn't remember when she had gone dancing. It wasn't the kind of dancing she'd do aboard the ship, she meant actually going all out. Aboard the ship she always felt like she had to restrict herself considering who was there. To an extent of course, but out here, on a foreign planet with her Imzadi and just one man from aboard the ship. She might just let her youthful dancing moves break out once more. The prospect of it would be basking off her as she looked over at Rhys, there were certainly worse dance partners to go with.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Brutus @Nolan

It was pleasant to be reassured that his clumsiness on the dance floor would not be counted against him. Dancing was never something he had ever done regularly or with any skill. His performances on the dance floor had sometimes elicited good natured laughter and a few winces as his feet mistook their toes for the dance floor. Dancing had always been a thing he had done as a kid at weddings birthday parties of relatives. When the self-consciousness of adulthood had fallen over him that aspect of fun had gone from his life. It was one thing he still needed to work on, not caring if people thought he looked silly. Self-consciousness was a disease.

He was also happy the Faye played along with his theatrics. His face went pink as he felt Faye take his arm and settle in close to his side. His heart thudded in his chest as if they had already been dancing and danced for a long time. The wicked smile on her face as she beckoned Riley over as well only increased his heart rate. Riley then sashayed her way over to him and grabbed his other arm. His face glowed very red, he was faintly embarrassed but even more than that very delighted. A felt rather like a dream two attractive people on his arm who seem genuinely interested in spending time with him. It was certainly a shot in the arm to his always shaky confidence.

“I’m not really any good at it.” He said in answer to Riley’s question about dancing. “But its not something I’ve done in a long time and with such pleasant company.” He wasn’t feeding them a line about pleasant company he was not a sophisticated enough flirter to do that. It was genuine feeling.

Shyly he walked from the bar are with the two of them close to him in search of the disco. He had seen a map before but had a notoriously bad sense of direction. After one or two wrong turnings he managed to find where they were meant to be. Together they stepped up to the doors, through which the pounding and thudding of music was vibrating towards them.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

With Riley saddling up on the other side of the Lieutenant, all was right in the world again, at least as far as Faye was concerned. She had a pretty man to go dancing with, and she had Riley along for the ride. All in all this was shaping up to be a promising morning down on Aldea. She had no idea how long they would linger there on the Yacht, but she had the whole day without a shift. Being able to set her own hours, holding down the fort as a department of one, and having no immediately pressing concerns was quite lovely really. And when one added in the fact that this party was being put on for the crew of the Theurgy at the behest of a gracious Aldean government, why, she could even consider this work! 

It wasn't often that Faye got to practice diplomacy in a yellow bikini that showed off more than it hid. That, in her book, was a win by any definition. 

Sure enough, both of her soon to be dance partners were feeling anticipation; it was rolling off both of the others in small waves. Faye basked in the moment, sucking it all in, shivering slightly and purring very softly under her breath. Wiggling a bit closer to Rhys, she glanced across his chest at Riley, winked, and then turned her face up to look at the counselor. She wasn't here to fix a life time of depression or anything like that, but she was pretty sure she'd be able to give the man a happy memory and a good time. She was feeling the stirrings of confidence coming off of him, and why shouldn't he? Neither she nor her Imzadi were hard to look at by any means. 'Easy on the eyes' was a good way to put it. 'Beautiful' worked rather nicely too. Not that Faye was vain. Certainly not that. 

He played right into her mild narcissism with well meaning (and honest) compliments. Faye would know if he were lying after all, but she doubted that had even crossed his mind. "I'm certainly glad you have good taste in dance partners," she allowed with a grin, watching his reaction to that. She had snuggled up pretty close to him, and could see Riley mimicking her on the his other side. Approving of such behavior, she gently bumped her hip against Rhys and continued as they meandered through the large yacht. "I'm sure that once we get you out on the dance floor everything will be just fine. Leave it to us," she patted his arm with one of her hands as the ascended the stairs. 

Thumping bass worked its way into her body, sending a shiver of anticipation through her frame. Bass had a way of  doing that to her, of hitting her deep in the pit of her stomach and vibrating across her body. In truth it was one of the reasons that she loved the synth-wave music of her homeworld. The thrumming, thumping pulse that rocked the body on a level almost too low for her ears to properly comprehend. "Oh....yes," the words slid out of her mouth in a sensual fashion as the rest of the music caught up with her. 

"I think we found the dance floor," she noted, stating the obvious as they walked through the sweeping arch way, into the low lit room, with its lights flashing all around, pulsing in time to the music. Her breath caught in her throat as she let her eyes sweep across the place. There was a holographic DJ off in one corner, a bar that ran the length of one side, and otherwise there was open, empty dance floor. She ran her fingertips down the side of Rhys arm and jerked her head toward the floor. "Looks like it's all ours."

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[ PO3 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie  @Brutus

Riley had to smirk and chuckle a little as Rhys told her that he wasn't a very good dancer. The nurse simply shaking her head and looking back at him "Well, I wouldn't go as far as calling me a dance star either, but as long as we're having fun." she shrugged before peeking at Faye. Wondering what the brunette diplomat had been doing to the man. Natural charms perhaps or perhaps just that dose of specific Faye Eloi-Danvers that had the nurse swooning since the start.

It didn't take long for the Betazoid to assure Rhys just like Riley had that the three of them would be just fine. The choice of dance partners made Riley snicker as she bumped into Rhys a bit with her frame. After a small climb on a flight of stairs the thumping bass welcomed them to what was inexplicably the dance floor. RIley's face changed to an impressed emotion as she could feel the beat burn through her body "Oh God..." she whispered, mouthed almost as she slid her hands down Rhys' arm to his hand.

Faye was eager to get onto the dance floor as it was truly theirs for the taking. Riley stepped forward and tugged Rhys and by proxy Faye with her. She didn't stop tugging until they were at the middle of the dance floor, the epicenter of where the beats were being blasted onto their bodies. The lights moving over their skins and clothes as Riley's hips began to move and twirl to the sound of the music. It wasn't like she recognized the beat or rhythm, she just went along with it and lost herself to the music.

She reached out for Faye so the three were forming their own circle. It didn't take long for Riley to break a sweat as she danced sensually and moved her body every so often against both Rhys and Faye to get them to follow her into the frantic tune of the music.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Nolan @Brutus

The flashing lights seemed to dance with them, playing over their faces and bodies in a disorientating array of patterns. Rhys felt the music wash over him like a strong tide. The beats pulsed, thumped and roiled around him. He could barely hear Faye’s comment about the dance floor being all theirs. He could see her lips move and hear a little sound from her but the music was so overpowering. He also felt Riley’s hand slide down his arm and into his own hand. There was something comforting and positive about feeling someone else’s hand in yours.

Despite the difficulty there would be in making themselves understood verbally to each other, Riley had an elegant solution to that. Rhys felt himself being pulled across to the middle of the floor, he almost stumbled in surprise. He smiled at Faye and nodded in Riley’s direction, ensuring that she was dragged along with him. Riley’s excitement was infectious and rather charming. He found himself chuckling at her expression of excitement.

Rhys felt a twinge of embarrassment at dancing in front of people and potentially showing off his clumsy ineptitude. However, fortunately the room was empty apart from them. Faye and Riley were both good at making him feel a little relaxed so soon the embarrassment faded. After all it was hard to concentrate on yourself and how awkward you felt when two beautiful women were dancing with you. To be honest it was hard for him to concentrate on anything at all.

Rhys moved by instinct to the music or by following the lead of his two companions. It wasn’t good dancing but for the most part no ones’ toes were getting trampled on by him. He had a body built for swimming so there was a degree of natural grace there though perhaps his understanding of rhythm could have been improved.

He had been worried about being embarrassed and ruining the experience for everyone else by being awkward, but fortunately his companions had taken care of that. The way both of them moved either against him, against each other or even on there own took his mind off his worries completely. The vivid colours could not compete with the dazzling nature of his new friends. The music included so many familiar and yet unfamiliar sounds. Rhys found himself in both visual and auditory overload. He lost himself in the moment intending nothing more than to have a good time, raise his heart rate and work up a sweat.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Intense bass beats bashed against and through Faye, from all corners of the room, setting her skin to tingling as the thrum of the music warred with the throbbing pulse of her heart. Almost immediately she was caught up in the rush of it all, and needed no prodding to rush right along with Rhys and Riley made a bee line for the center of the tiled dance floor. The room was dark, and the trademark mirrored glass ball hung above the deck, sending beams of light lashing about. The floor itself seemed to spark and burst with motes of light from beneath the oddly shaped alien tiles, a mosaic of sharp angles with no two shapes quite the same, lighting with a multitude of colors in time and rhythm to the music flooding the chamber. 

Faye was privately amazed that the noise of it all couldn't be heard up on the party deck of the yacht, but she supposed that at some point back along the winding corridor some serious sound proofing tech had been employed. And seamlessly too, for Faye hadn't really conceptualized just how feverish and massive the music was. Thankfully it was not so fervent as to cause any sort of harm.

Embarrassment fled away from Rhys in waves, replaced with the ease of the moment, and Faye bathed in that emotional release. Letting go was in her nature, setting herself into the flow of the music, and the moment, was second nature to the diplomat. Her eyes shut, and she spun about the dance floor, aware in ways beyond the visual or audible as to where her dance partners were. The brilliant, bright hot flame that was Riley, the more muted, but no less captivating presence of Rhys. Between and around them she danced, weaving her way with light steps, twisting her body, kicking her legs out, tossing her arms this way and that. 

Soon enough, it was not just moving about them, but against them. Her hand roamed over Riley in ways that woul have drawn attention of anyone had there been anyone actually watching the trio of dancers. Fingers glided along the waist band of her Imzadi's suit, and her hips rolled back to press in so that she would form a thin line from thigh to shoulder, then she would push away and roll over against Rhys. This was not perhaps as intimate, as they were mostly strangers to one another, and she was careful not to tread to far out of his comfort zone. Being Betazoid helped in that matter. She could tell if a touch was welcome or not, and she laughed merrily, drawing a finger up his mostly bare stomach as she twisted away and spun in place, both hands rising up above her, pointed toward the disco ball. 

It was a heady, almost hedonistic thing, though the music in and of itself was inherently sexual in nature. The beat was simply intensely primal, tugging at cords within the Betazoid and her human companions. Faye went up on her toes, and leaned back, against Rhys, wiggling slightly, before curling away to throw her arms over Riley's neck and steal the smallest of kisses. Then, hand in hand, she spun again, grasping onto Riley, and Rhys both, twisting one into the other and back again, in a weaving, dizzily dervish twist. Her heart was racing a,d another peal of laughter flashed out, her eyes opened wide and lips parted in a breathless grin. "Oh, wow." she nearly shouted, as she pulled herself and Riley against Rhys, arms looped over him as the beat slowed into something less frantic, but still captivating and all consuming.

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[ PO3 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie  @Brutus

Patterson couldn't exactly remember when she had been this loose on the dancefloor. She did remember the fling she had with a pilot on some sort of karaoke night on the fighter deck, though she hadn't been dancing there. This was on a whole other level on various ways. The beats and bass thundered through her body and there was no other way than to love it all. Any concern she had to be viewed differently by Rhys as they did work together had been pushed to the back of her mind.

Rhys seemed to be rather at ease with just her and Faye. Perhaps it did help that there wasn't a crowd or prying eyes into there dancing escapades. The nurse was happy to see the counselor give his best and started to work a sweat of his own. Faye was just a bundle of enjoyment to watch as she spun around to the music. She butterflied from Riley to Rhys and gave each their own affection, Riley gladly kissed Faye back and continued dancing having her lead her along.

Faye spun around between Faye and Rhys, it made Riley laugh as she wondered just how dizzy her Imzadi would be in the end. The feverish music slowed down into a still sensual yet less frantic paced kind of rhythm. Riley could hear herself breathe now as she was tugged along with Faye. The trio were still standing in the middle of the dance floor and whilst Faye stood at Rhys' right side, Riley stood at his left. She positioned herself so Rhys would be holding his arm over her and she'd be as close as she could get against him and to Faye for that matter.

Riley's body was somewhat sticky from the sweat yet she didn't mind as Rhys was just as sticky himself. He did smell quite nice she noted to herself and she still swayed her hips against him with the music while laying her head to rest against his body "This feels great!" she said loudly, unsure if either of her dancing partners would've heard her. One hand held onto Faye's hand as the other broke off to roam over Rhys' formed abs. It showed that the man maintained a good physique and there was little to nothing that wasn't to be liked. Her fingers diligently moved his skin as she explored his torso and abdomen, not venturing further as she couldn't quite be sure how okay he was with all of it. In any case, she'd not stop him from exploring her body should he chose to. Her eyes flashed over to Faye, a spark of mischief in them along with just love and lust as it seemed that she always got in special kinds of situations with her lover.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Nolan @Brutus

It was a strange feeling one he could not really remember feeling before. It was not unpleasant though far from it. It was one of those rare times when his mind was quiet, peaceful. Normally it was a mess a tiring confusion of random ideas, hateful self-thoughts, questions, vague and undefined worries. Now his mind felt still of that kind of thought at least. Countering the stillness of his thoughts was the tension in his body. His body seemed to have taken on a life of its own as far as he was concerned. It moved around the dancefloor against and with Faye and Riley.  The tension pooled as a fire in his stomach and in truth the warmth was spreading lower.

The touch of his companions did nothing to alleviate that feeling. Faye’s touch against his bare stomach brough the skin up in goose bumps. His spine had shivers and chills coursing along it all the while the rest of him felt like it was heating up. His heart was beating faster from more than just their physical exertions. Riley touched him as well, her caresses just as welcome as Faye’s had been. He was hard now. There was no way of really hiding it, and with a slight feeling of surprise he realised he really didn’t care if they noticed. Rhys would normally have been horribly mortified, and would have tried to find some excuse to leave. He really didn’t care.

He found himself touching them back. Light brushes of his finger tips against an arm, a hip, maybe their navels.  This was especially surprising normally Rhys required written permission in triplicate to touch even someone who was begging him to touch them. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he never trusted his perception that they would really want him to touch them. However, that illusion was easy to break when they were dancing with you in the way Faye and Riley were.

Soon the dance slowed a little and Rhys found Riley’s head pressed against him on one side and Faye holding him close on the other. His arm went around Riley’s shoulder, and his thumb gently rubbed little circles on her now glistening skin. His hand was on Faye’s hip doing the same there. They were all sweating and it made them shine under the lights all the more, and made their skin even more appealing were that possible to touch. “None of us have trodden on anyone’s toes yet, so I’d say that as a positive.” He said laughing a little though the sound was mostly swallowed up by the throbbing beats. His bright blue eyes shone in his face almost brighter than the lights. He looked and felt just happy. He knew instinctively that whatever happened this would be a night he would remember for ever.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan 

Faye found herself syncing up unconsciously with Riley, in the way that they danced, and how they circled about Rhys. If she'd been really aware of it, she might have found that curious, or possibly concerning. As it was, she was having too much fun to pay it much mind at all, beyond the joy of the moment, the press of flesh on flesh and the mirth and laughter of her lover, and their dance partner for the morning. It was almost life reaffirming, throwing caution to the wind, and letting oneself be swept up in the throbbing beat of a music so intense you had to struggle to hear yourself think. Like a flower petal caught in a breeze she flittered about the two humans on the dance floor, weaving that tight pattern, until things calmed, and the music shifted. 

Panting slightly, still elated, Faye easily draped herself over and against Rhys, her fingers reaching out and finding contact with her Imzadi across the expanse of the other mans equally sweaty form. They both teased him a bit, idly, as the music slowed and the trio of dancers began to more sway in one space than flail about. Bodys were pressed tight now, and Faye felt a heat rolling off of Riley, that deep sort of desire that seemed ever present when the two of them were together. The diplomat had often been accused of being a hedonist, and today was no great exception. She'd been flirting on and off with Rhys at the table, letting him know that she liked what she saw and knew he did in turn. She was often very handsy when given  the chance with Riley, and feeling that throb of desire from her lover caused a ready answer in her own loins. 

Not that dancing with two beautiful people wouldn't be enough to get her a bit rilled up on its own. Having it be Riley that was involved was simply a guarantee that her own hormones would run a bit rampant. They were still in that new, brimming with energy and lust stage of any good relationship, and Faye had enough experience to know that she needed to treasure that, and continue to cultivate the much deeper emotional connection that also existed. The reason that Faye saw something of a future for herself with the nurse was not because Riley was smoking hot, up for pushing the boundaries of fun, and possessed of an almost damned deftness of touch. It was everything else about her that drew Faye like a moth to the flame that had forged the deep connection.

Rhys, on the other hand, was a different basket all together. For the moment, the attraction there was purely a physical one. She'd noticed as they'd danced that the longer the song went on, the more relaxed and comfortable the shy counselor had become. He'd allowed himself to return the inviting touches. Faye had seen the way that his hand had caressed along Riley's spine, slowly down the bare expanse of back. And had felt the graze of his thumb across her stomach, teasing, tickling, there and gone again. Yes, there was a foundation for a friendship there, based on the earlier conversation the two had shared while Riley was in the food line. But that didn't preclude some of the thoughts that Faye had now. 

He made a comment about toes, and Faye had obliged him in return with a laugh. It was actually funny, and the laugh was hardly forced. She glanced down and wiggled one of her feet theatrically, kicking it out past Riley, and then running it over the girls leg. Somehow Faye managed not to fall, but only by clinging all the more tightly to Rhys. Oops.

"I'll take that as a win, Counselor,"" Faye laughed with her words, teasing and inviting, glancing down to make sure she put her foot back in a safe spot. Her eyes caught on something else however, and she made a little 'o' with her mouth for a moment, before her eyes shot up to meet Riley's and draw the girls attention south, to the very visible tent that had formed. As she did, she probed a bit with her mind and found that she wasn't the only one feeling the heat of the moment. Her grin grew into a toothy gesture, the smile wide, and she wagged her eyebrows up and down at her paramour, before wiggling in a bit closer and pressing her cheek in against Rhys' chest, looking up and batting her eyelashes. 

"Is that because of us?" She asked him, purring the words, and knowing the answer already. Even as she asked, she snaked one of her arms low around his hip, in what she hoped was a reassuring gesture, while her hand played along Riley's outstretched arm. Faye was bound and determined not to push Rhys into something he did not wish to do. But she knew, on an instinctual level, how Riley felt. So it all came down to the man squeezed between them. This had not been her intention when they'd agreed to dance, but she wasn't going to shy away from the opportunity either. 

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[ PO3 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie  @Brutus

"Agreed, no painful feet is always a win." Riley answered laughing as the music had taken a more slow yet still sensual direction. She felt a foot running up along her calf and when she checked who's it belonged to, she shouldn't have been surprised to find out it belonged to Faye. The Betazoid teasing the girl and Riley wondered if she was feeding off her emotions like she sometimes did. Not that she didn't mind, she felt different around Faye now, which wasn't in a bad way. She felt more connected to her than she had been in a while now. It was an odd feeling, something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Regardless, it all didn't matter a lot as they were all just having a time of their lives!

Feeling the slight attention Rhys was giving her by running his fingers in circles against her skin made the nurse press more into him. She seemed to crave the touch and attention. He eyes looking up at his for a moment and smiling invitingly at him before she looked back at Faye. The diplomat had caught on to something as she subtly guided Riley's eyes further south to the pitched tent. Riley smiled a bit wider now and pressed her lips together as she shared another look with Faye. Even more mischief and even desire burning in her eyes as she knew her Imzadi didn't shy away from these situations. Her thoughts confirmed as Faye called Rhys out to it, asking hi if this was the effect of the both of them on him.

Riley kept herself close to Rhys, her one hand that toyed with Faye's arm continuing to do so as she did the same to her, the other hand moving from Rhys' abdomen further down. She did so with the utmost care as she looked up like Faye was doing to his face. The purpose different though as she looked at his facial features, checking what she could get away with or when to stop if he showed any sign of discomfort. Her hand snaked along his navel further down his abdomen. Fingers grazing slightly against his skin before she felt the fabric of his pants. She let her palm press into it as she avoided the tent and just moved along his thigh and hips along to his legs before moving her hand back up in the same way.

Riley's legs moved against his leg as well in turn and her eyes sparkled a little under the lights as she pressed her lips into the sweaty form of Rhys' torso. It tasted salty, like she'd expected, but didn't mind quite at all as she planted a few smooches with extra care and affection. The goal trying to not spook him at all though showing that like him, he wasn't the only one feeling that aroused state. She craved the touches he was giving her more and in turn craved the touches of Faye all the more as well.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Faye and Riley were so into each other it was very obvious.  From Rhys’ perspective it was incredibly endearing. Considering how they had been dancing with him it seemed wrong to say they were cute together, but Rhys felt it was true. One made him feel especially good about the whole situation was how they treated him. It was clear how into each other they were but at no point did he feel like he was being left out.

Now that the music had quietened down and settled into a mesmeric thudding beat, both women seemed to be draped over him. His joke seemed to have gone over well, he was certainly not used to being able to make people laugh. Faye seemed to stumble as she tried to tease Riley with her foot, Rhys’ arm held her tighter to himself, but she seemed to catch herself anyway. It was then he heard Faye’s purring voice and looked down and instantly went red. It was fortunate that the lighting would disguise his face. There was little the disco lighting could do for his other problem. There was no point in pretending, it was pretty obvious. At best he could try and persuade them he was turned on by flashing lights, but he had a feeling that would not fly.

He looked to Riley, and she had clearly noticed to. The touch of her hand along his stomach and down over his thigh was a fairly strong indicator that she was not upset by this development. Even Rhys, who almost never trusted his own judgement in situations like this, could not ignore that as a sign of approval. Soon she was placing kisses on his chest, which did not help matters below the belt.

“Well … yeah of course…. How could it not be because of you two?”
His voice quietened as a little bit of the shyness crept back in, it was now tougher to hear him over the music. Despite this however, one hand continued to run delicately over Faye’s skin as the other did the same to Riley. His fingers traced a little lower almost imperceptibly just over the top of their bikini bottoms before moving back up.  He made no attempt to move away from them. In fact he pulled both of them unconsciously closer into his body. He still was cautious after all in his mind, just because they seemed to approve of the fact, he was turned on by them did not mean that anything else was going to happen. The temptation to kiss both of them however was a strong one. As Riley was kissing his chest, he found his head moving almost out of his control towards Faye. It was still a touch awkward as he was not sure this advance would be reciprocated.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Your Honor, I wish to state for the record, before the court, that I did not intend for it to go this way when I beamed down today. The little mental plea almost set Faye into giggles. She could honestly say that she had not intended to sweep up one of her fellow officers from the Theurgy into an intimate encounter with herself and her Imzadi when she had dragged the nurse down to the planet that morning. Nor has she intended - exactly - to try and tease Rhys into something uncomfortable, once she'd realized she had accidentally interrupted his plans, or whatever it was that she and Riley had stumbled into earlier that left the counselor high and dry as Adam Kingston abruptly departed. Once she'd started to get to know Rhys and his situation that day, her entire intent and purpose had been to selflessly ensure that he had a good time and saw himself in a better light. 

Okay, maybe not selflessly. She enjoyed a good dance, Rhys was easy on the eyes, and it was fun to flirt with him. It was fun to watch him dance with Riley. It was fun to dance with both of them in turn. But, even if only to herself, she continued to insist that she had not intended to end up making out with him on the dance floor.

Honest, your honor. These things just keep happening to me.

But as she felt his fingertips ghost across the hem of her bikini bottoms, and saw his face tilt in her direction, it wasn't as if she were going to let the opportunity that she now found before her slip away. Just because she hadn't intended for it to happen wasn't mean she wouldn't do everything she could to help it along now that it clearly was going to happen. Why that would be rude, and do irreparable damage to the very nice man's self-image. 

"And here I was," she purred softly, turning her head up to meet him half-way, "Thinking I was the only one here who knows how to flatter properly. Color me impressed, Counselor." And then Faye's lips were entirely too busy to do something as mundane as talking. She let him close the distance fully, let him initiate the moment but as soon as it started, she was there, answering his call with a long, low kiss, swaying her hips to the music, and running one of her hands up, to snake through his hair, scraping her nails gently against his short locks.  As far as first kisses went, she tried to give him one that would curl his toes and strain those tight pants of his all the more. 

Faye let it linger, for a long moment, then pulled away, and so help her, batted her lashes up at him, purring happily as she tasted the emotional waters around her. Nothing invasive, just like holding a hand above a pot of water to see if it was being heated or not. Pleased with what she found, she let her hand mirror Riley's from before - the one not still playing with his hair - and swept it down his stomach. Unlike the last time however, and in fact, unlike Rhys earlier, she did slide her hand under the hem of his pants. Now, she did not go so far as to touch the current cause of the tent, but she came damn close. If he so chose, he could turn very easily and there would be plenty of contact.

Smiling up at him with heat in her eyes, she tilted her head toward Riley. "I'd suggest letting her kiss you too. I've found her to be an excellent kisser. And for the record, Rhys, as long as you are okay with this, you don't actually need to stop at the hem of my swimsuit." She wasn't going to let him go all shy on her now. And she could sense that Riley was eager to try the man on for herself. 

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[ PO3 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ][ Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

The slight touch of Rhys in return to Riley's hem of her bikini bottoms surely sparked a smirk on the nurse's face. She wondered if he'd go further at some point or if he'd shy back out of it. She didn't go as far as stroke his obvious arousal just yet and continued to taste his skin and sweat off his chest. She could see him leaning down out of the corner of her eyes just as she saw Faye leaning in as well to claim his lips. The kiss a slow and deliberate one as she could almost feel the lips of Rhys on hers oddly enough as she watched the two make out.

Riley's eyes traced Faye's hand as it followed the same direction of hers, only to see it slip down the pants of the good counselor. Riley couldn't help but giggle at it and wondered just how far Faye went. The nurse had stopped peppering the skin of the handsome man besides her as she felt herself drawn to him like a moth with a flame. It even felt like he had pulled them closer to her, yet she couldn't quite tell over the beats and lights around them. This dance only driving the three of them into a big mush.

Faye pointed out that the good nurse could use some loving too. Her Imzadi quickly reacting to it with a laugh before she reached up with one hand to trace her fingertips over Rhys' chin before making him turn his head towards her. She waited for his permission to kiss him, getting on her tip toes to lean in as close as she could so he'd only have to lean in and claim her lips. Her eyes boiling with pleasure and desire.

She did not however wait for permission with her hands as she could feel what Faye wanted. She could tell from their shared antics where this would lead to and she didn't mind one sodden bit. Her other hand traced back up along his thighs, moving over Faye's arm before she caressed the arm back downwards. Her fingers trailing along the skin, joining her under the hem of his pants. Her hand felt and explored where Faye would've left hers before guiding it further down to the pitched tent of the trapped counselor between them. She flashed Faye a quick look, thinking that they could both explore him at the same time. She was sure her Imzadi would catch on to the idea. Their arms crossed just on his groin as Riley's fingers felt up the tip, cupping it lightly and leaving plenty of space for Faye before snaking down along it, feeling out for Faye's hand as she did so.

Her eyes back on the counselor as she parted her lips for him, mouthing an "Oh...." as she clearly liked what she felt. Her smile devilish before she waited for Rhys to kiss her.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Nolan @Brutus

‘This is happening’. This phrase floated around his thoughts a lot. He was stood in the middle of an empty dance floor, bright lights and pounding rhythms all around him. Two beautiful women on each side, who seemed intent on having sex with him. ‘This is happening?’ He could not remember hitting his head at any point. He was sure he was not drunk or on drugs.   He was being treated like he was desirable. This was in such conflict with his image of himself that the thinking portion of his brain had shut down. All that was left was instinct.

There was a tiny voice at the back of his mind indicating that they were on a dance floor anyone could come in, but he tuned it out. The embarrassment began to trickle away. Rhys was not a proactive person. Had at any point he determined that he needed to seduce Faye and Riley these events would never have happened. He was far too timid for that. However, Faye and Riley had asked him the question, not directly, but with their body language. He reacted.

He had surprised himself by leaning into kiss Faye, but it had happened, and she had seemed only too please to kiss him. There was no doubt she was a good kisser. She seemed to instinctively know what would appeal to him most. Rhys again was very reactive. He responded to her kiss by following her lead and copying her actions. 

He felt Faye’s hand glide under the waistband of his shorts. His cheeks coloured pink, but he made no attempt to stop her and instead shivered a little in anticipation of the contact. Faye then indicated he should kiss Riley and what he could do with his hands. He looked over at Riley and felt that little voice again for a moment. He had never had sex with more than one person at a time and he was a little afraid of leaving one of them out. Indeed, he could count the number of times he had had sex on one had at all. However, he pushed past the voice.

Riley had spent her time kissing his chest and ensuring that there were going to be no worried about how hard he was. Soon her hand was also under his waist band. As he was about to kiss her he felt the touch of fingers on the tip of his erection. He gasped softly, but still leaned in to kiss her. The sound of his gasp lost a little against her lips. With auto pilot back in charge of his brain, he found himself teasingly nibbling on Riley’s bottom lip. His hand finally slipped below the hem of Faye’s bikini bottoms. His hand cupping a cheek of her shapely behind.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Yes, as far as Faye was concerned things were shaping up nicely. Unexpected, compared with what she'd thought would happen when she woke up earlier that morning, but far from unwelcome. She could feel the enjoyment coming off of both of the humans. Rhys' bewildered surprise and pleasure, and Riley's more eager anticipation. She and her Imzadi were of one mind on the matter at hand, and soon in a literal sense they both hand on matters. Or more precisely, member.

Following her lovers lead, Faye slid her hand back down along Rhys' stomach, and this time did not let the band of his pants hinder her in the slightest. Riley, as she kissed the counselor, had already started the plunge, her fingers dancing along Faye's arms, before spreading across the Betazoid's hand, dipping down quite a bit further and tugging Faye along. Soon both girls were fondling Rhys as they pressed against him, swaying somewhat in time to the music. It was more background ambiance for them now, the main attraction for Faye was the man she and Riley were pressed to. As with her lover, she let her finger tips explore, feeling the swollen prick head under the fabric, then running down longer, wiggling her hand and twisting it about. 

By the time that she curled her fingers low to cup the tight, warm sack that was nestled in the bottom of his trousers, Rhys in turn had taken a plunge. Purring, Faye rolled her hips backward, in what she felt would be an encouraging motion. Swimsuits were all well and good, clothing that generally clung tight to the body and were designed to be worn for long periods of time, while wet. Currently dry, they offered only a token resistance to the warm fingers that slid in under them, and Faye offered up a pleasing handful of ass for Rhys to squeeze.

"Ohhh, yes, that feels lovely," Faye murmured the words around a low little moan, as she rolled the precious orbs she'd found with her hand. Wondering if this meant that their playmate for the day was an ass man, or simply if that had been the easiest thing to get a hold of, the brunette diplomat wiggled about, so that Rhys could get a good feel for her bum, and leaned in to duck her head up under his chin and nuzzle for a moment, kissing at his neckline. Her tongue was darting out soon as she rolled and teased, before letting her hand wander back up the trapped shaft. Soon enough, she interlaced her fingers with Riley's and started to very gently stroke, up and down, pulling her Imzadi's hand along with hers. There was only so much room to work with at the moment - like her bikini bottom, Rhys' pants were tight, and not entirely designed to have two hands crammed down in it. Not that it deterred either of the women in the slightest. They had quite the nice grip, even if things were a bit difficult to move about. The warmth of the pleasingly thick rod made the diplomat purr with unabashed desire, and had her wiggling all the more against the palm down her own bottoms.

Nipping at his skin, Faye pulled her lips away and pressed her cheek to his chest, shooting what she figured was a smoldering look at Riley. "We're going to have to do something about those pants, but first" she spoke loud enough to be heard by the two humans, then leaned forward in an effort to draw Riley into a kiss - considering that Rhys had gotten to kiss the both of them, she thought it only fair that she should steal her lovers lips as well. There was plenty of them to go around after all, and she enjoyed the press of much softer lips as her hand stroked faster. She was determined to blow Rhys' mind - among other things - and make sure that the self conscious counselor had little reason to doubt his attractiveness in the future. 

If nothing else she was determined to make sure all three of them had a delightful day of leave to remember.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

Riley could feel two things right now, one was Rhys' lips against hers, nibbling at her bottom lip teasingly, which she answered with a soft giggle before she bit his upper lips, sucked it lightly before kissing him deeply, pushing her tongue out as well. The reason for that passionate kind of kiss was to be explained by point two. She was feeling up the counselor's hardened state along with Faye, tracing her delicate soft fingers over the tip before guiding them down over his length.

The pants of Rhys might just tear open at this point as both girls had their hands in them. While Faye went further down to investigate the warm sack, Riley felt perfectly content with stroking his member up and down slowly, tightening and twisting her grip on his every so often as she slowly broke away from the kiss with him. She licked her lips and looked in Rhys his eyes before looking back at Faye with a smoldering look.

The two girls interlaced fingers, creating a rather tight yet firm hold on the counselor's shaft as they moved in perfect unison and seemingly knew perfectly what the other was thinking. Their hands rutting up and down over and over again, twisting every so often and tightening as they held hands with the hot flesh trapped in their hold. Faye offered the suggestion that they would have to deal with the pants of Rhys. Riley could only giggle and as Faye leaned forward, the nurse was quick to lean in as well, body pressed tighter against Rhys before her lips connected to her Imzadi's.

The kiss they shared was fueled with passion and delight before it broke off. Riley used her other hand now to tug at the back of Rhys' pants, wanting it to come down. Her eyes darting up at him as she bit her lower lip, longing for more. Needing more as the risk of being caught was still there. They were in a public space, yet she didn't give one damn about it.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ][/b] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

It had not taken long for matters to get out of hand…or rather in hand. Rhys hated his brain for having made such an lamentable joke. He was just glad that he had not spoken it out loud. Both of them had taken his now throbbing manhood in their hands. The tip of which was especially sensitive and any time either of them came into contact with his length physically twitched. Riley seemed content to play along his length, Faye wanted to explore. She cupped his testicles. Another sensitive area that produced a sharp intake of breath when she began to play with them. It was doubtful either of them could hear that. However, both of them were pressed to his body and would certainly feel his diaphragm moving sharply upwards. 

The party pooper that was his rational mind was pointing out that his pants were designed to have his hardness and two hands inside and he would prefer not to have to leave the Yacht covering himself when all this was over.

Riley’s kisses were also heating him up. Both Faye and Riley had their own unique energy in the kiss. Faye had come across to him as more teasing and sultry, whereas Riley was extremely passionate. He would never have been able to choose between them in this particular. Rhys did his best to give her back the passion she was showing him.

Rhys’s hands were not idle. When he had felt both of their hands on him. His own hand that was squeezing Faye’s ass, slipped slowly round till his fingers were just teasing the edge of her most sensitive area. Soon, Faye was talking about the need for him to remove his pants. ON this he had to agree. He was so hard it was becoming uncomfortable. They both seemed really enthusiastic about seeing him naked. So shyly, he freed his hands and lowered his pants. His penis jutted out obscenely at right angles to his body. His unzipped hoody came off as well. Revealing more of his toned torso that was dusted lightly with reddish blonde hair.

He felt embarrassed at being naked in public but at this stage he was prepared to go along with anything with these two women. Soon Riley and Faye were kissing each other, this did nothing to ease his rampant erection. His hand slipped back into Faye’s bikini bottom, this time from the front. His fingers shyly but persistently pressed into her wet folds. He gently squeezed Riley’s butt, and pressed  teasing kisses to her neck.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Sharing a kiss with her paramour always made Faye's heart race. Doing so while pressed against one of their colleagues from the ship, who had his hand down her pants, while the two of them were brazenly fondling his cock? That was the stuff of dreams an fantasies. And Faye had never been one to let a good fantasy go to waste when given the opportunity to explore it in the waking world. Even if they were doing so in a very public forum where they might be walked in on. She found herself moaning into the shared kiss, wiggling her ass when she felt a finger brush up against the tightened rim hidden between the cheeks, and groaning outright as she felt a swell of desire and love roll off her Imzadi

All good things must come to an end, and both girls needed to breathe eventually, and thus the kiss broke, the two pulling back from each other, meeting their gaze, as Faye panted, licking at her lips, now full and swollen from shared kisses with both of the would be blue shirted Starfleet officers. Save that none of them were in uniform, and in a few short moments, Rhys was in nothing at all, bare before them and fully on display. They'd had to let go of the counselor, but Faye found that an easy price to pay for the visual feast that followed. 

"Damn. How did all of that fit in there?" The words tumbled forth out of Faye's mouth followed by a low, hungry keening noise. This was from the feeling of thick fingers rubbing over her still hidden folds, the mans hand working its way down the front of her bikini bottoms. The Betazoid's breath hitched and she trembled, as he teased her lower lips. He'd feel the heat, first of all, and the dampness which clung to her snatch. Even before she'd wrapped her hand around his dick or had his fingers down the back of her bottoms, she'd been turned on by the dancing. Now she was positively eager.

Again, her coal dark eyes moved from the man's to the other woman's, locking her gaze with the nurse and sharing a tender moment, a secret moment between the two of them, as Faye thought about what she wanted next. Which was to share more kisses, but with a certain rod of flesh in the middle of the kisses. She started out by pressing a few to the counselors chest, while wiggling herself against his hand. Soon she was bending at the hip, one arm wrapping around the mans, holding onto support as he teased her, so that she wouldn't lose the feeling of his hand on her core, but at the same time, could get her mouth around his dick. The angle wasn't the best for it, but as Riley would well know by now, Faye could be greedy. She wanted to have her cake and eat it too, or in this case, having his hand between her legs felt wonderful, had her coiling heat along her twat, while her mouth positively watered at the idea of getting a taste of him.

One that, with a deep breath, she soon allowed herself. The hand no clenching onto Rhys' arm grabbed at his bobbing shaft and held it up, so that she could run her tongue over the tip. And then, with great restraint, she tilted it toward Riley, while pressing her cheek against Rhys' stomach. As much as she'd wanted to suck him between her swollen lips, she knew she aught to share. Faye contented herself with the knowledge that watching Riley ply him with her mouth as well, would be fucking hot, and clamped her legs together, getting a little friction against the hand in her swimsuit bottoms. 

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

It had been quite some time for Riley to feel a man kiss her back this passionately, especially since she only knew the man since this morning. Well knowing him would be an understatement as Faye had done most of the talking. Her mind flashed back to the two Aldeans that they incorporated on their beach excursion. They had been passionate, yet in a completely different way. This however was different, in a way.

Rhys worked his pants down and Riley saw his manhood pop out so to speak. A sly grin formed on her lips as she glanced over at Faye. Faye's expression about how that fit in his pants made the nurse laugh, her hand now gaining more freedom to stroke him properly, thumb rubbing against the flared tip. Faye started to move about and Riley could see why. The arm of the counselor reaching into her bikini bottoms at the front, it wasn't hard to imagine where the hand would be going. Rhys removed the open hoodie as well and Riley took the time to gaze over him appreciatively.

Riley could feel herself heat up at the notion of seeing Rhys stark naked now, her teeth biting into her lower lip as she looked over at him, hand still working him. Her eyes came to rest on Faye's now, feeling Rhys drape some kisses in her neck. She tilted her head slightly, exposing herself more for him. The squeeze in her rump causing her to giggle and moan ever so softly. In the meantime, Faye started to position herself and Riley soon realized what she was doing. She had to laugh a little, seeing how she did what she thought she had to do to not lose the stimulation from Rhys and get the prize she so eagerly seemed to want.

Riley kept stimulating Rhys' hardened as Faye got closer Riley did point his manhood up before Faye took it over from her. The swollen, soft lips of the diplomat parting so she could slip her tongue out. Riley had to smile and she used the free hand to run through Faye's hair "Careful, you're gonna fall like that.." she pointed out, slightly worried, yet clearly just looking out for her Imzadi "I'll hold it for you." she answered grinning and took Rhys by the base. She could see her tilt the member towards Riley now and the nurse knew what she was intending to do.

Letting go of the erection, she reached behind her to undo the straps of her bikini top, letting the garment fall to the ground so she felt more freely. She kissed Rhys on the cheek, then on the lips before kneeling down on her knees. The disco room's floor was slightly padded, which was great so Riley wouldn't hurt her knees. She was at eye level with Faye now and with the shared piece of flesh between them. She looked up at Rhys, wanting to see is reaction as she leaned in, lips parted as her tongue met the other side that wasn't being licked by Faye. Slowly closing in to try and manage to press her lips against Faye's while her tongue sought a way to swirl around the hot rod and seek out Faye's tongue in the process. Riley's hands were positioned at Rhys' base with one hand while the other was cradling the sack of the counselor. Her eyes moving over to Faye now, giving her a cheeky wink as they made out with Rhys trapped between their lips and tongues.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

The sounds that Faye made as he touched between her legs were more thrilling to Rhys than anything, they wanted to do for him. He was a giver in the bedroom and getting his partners to make those little happy noises were what gave him the most pleasure. Apparently, he was giver on the dancefloor now to.

When he was finally naked his lovers seemed to be delighted. Faye in particular made a joke about how he had been able to get it all in his pants. He blushed at that but found he could not say anything in response. It felt good to know they approved; many men were often paranoid about that part of their anatomy. Mercifully it was one of the few physical hang-ups he did not have. He was perfectly happy with what he had, and it sounded like they were to.

In response to the compliment his fingers teasingly circled her clit without quite touching it. IT was then he noticed that Faye and Riley seemed to be having a secret conversation without words. He was not really sure what it was about. Faye was soon bending at an awkward angle to both be at face level with his member and keep his hand where it was. It was kind of cute that she was trying to be in a position to have both. The way Riley gently admonished her and stroked Faye’s hair was no less adorable.

Soon though Rhys was more than a little distracted by Riley removing her bikini top, his cock jumped at the sight. He was reminded for the millionth time in this encounter how lucky he was. He so wanted to trace his fingers over her sensitive skin and maybe take one of those nipples into his mouth.

However, soon bot of them were in front of him. Riley kneeling and Faye positioned very awkwardly. His eyes widened as the both looked up at him for a moment. He had was so surprised by this. He could never honestly say he had fantasised about this kind of thing as, he had never really believed it was possible that it could happen to him. The two of them kissed with his flesh as the divider between them. His eyes closed and he let out a groan that could be heard even over the music.

Re: Day 16 [0930 hrs.] Yacht Party!

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

As much as she might claim otherwise, practicality was not always Faye's strong suit. Especially in heated moments like these, when her desires got the best of her and the diplomat allowed herself to be greedy. Or at least tried to be in any event. In this case her warring desires battled over the feeling of those broad, warm fingers in her pants, teasing her eager folds, and her innate need to make Rhys squirm by sharing his cock between herself and her lover. It was a delight that she didn't often get to indulge in, and as with the counselor, there was a certain amount of 'giver' to Faye's personality. When you could sense what your partner drew pleasure from, and could soak yourself in that feeling, in addition to your own, you craved that sort of feedback and, at least in Faye's experience, tailored your actions accordingly. 

Riley's pleasure, Rhys' pleasure, those two blokes from the beach a few weeks back, CPO MacGregor and her ventures into self exploration, Dewitt and Iskirka and the masseuses on her first night planet every encounter since she'd come to this place, the common theme was that their pleasure became her pleasure. Direct and indirect stimulation, she craved it both and did her damnedest to satisfy both competing needs.  She wasn't a gymnast though, and she eased herself when Riley ran her hand through Faye's hair. The diplomat took a moment to better steady her position, pressing her legs tight around Rhys' hand and purring at the affectionate touch.

Teamwork was going to be the order of the day, Faye decided. They were going to double team the counselor and blow his damn mind, so help her. Each girl took a moment to watch the now naked man, standing there in the middle of the dance floor, to visual drink in the moment, to see the anticipation in his eyes that Faye herself could feel. She could feel his joy at sending little shoots of pleasure up with every tap of her clit. The way he lingered his gaze on Riley's delectable bust, and how his thoughts mirrored hers - it would be nice to suck a nipple between her lips and worry at it and she made a note to do that later, to share that feast with the shy man.

By this point Faye was clinging to Rhys, wrapping her arms around him and letting Riley handle the hands on portion of cock control. This allowed the Betazoid to brace a hand on the human woman's shoulder in addition to the one snaking over Rhys, and thus was considerably less likely to fall head over heels to the floor - at least for the moment. The warm fingers plying her wet folds was only going to increase the dampness between her legs, and a small part of her worried about her bikini bottoms getting soaked. A sight to see, but something easily rectified later by diving into one of the shipboard pools that she'd seen earlier while eating. Now she had something else to feast on, and there was no more putting it off.

Bent nearly in half was not exactly the best for coordination, but between the two of them, Riley and Faye managed their goal. Her lips brushed her lovers, soft, sweet, and very wet kisses, with her tongue starting to dart out, to try and taste as much of Riley as she could manage. This dance of lip and tongue was plyed around the swollen mushroom head of Rhys's prick, gripped tight and lashed back and forth by the two lithe women. The taste was strong, but welcome, and Faye let her eyes drift close. Soon Rhys was not the only one moaning out into the empty dance room. She whimpered and mewled, purred and and groaned, wiggling her hips from side to side in the process as if trying to entice Rhys to enter her, not just tease her. Again, she was being greedy, but as she sucked the tip of his cock before pushing it back with her tongue toward her lovers lips, she imagined he didn't mind.

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