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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

It was rather cute and even considered a compliment to see and really feel Rhys react when Riley revealed her modest though shapely  bust to him. It made the nurse smile while she slid down to her knees. The plan Faye had concocted seemed to be executed to plan as the two girls kissed one another in probably one of the most sloppiest ways they've kissed. They could play hide and seek to kiss one another with the warm flesh as the item to hide behind. The slightly salty taste from the good 'leftenant' not really bothersome and in fact not so bad at all. Williams moaned and oh boy did he moan loud yet sensual... Riley could feel the dampness form in her own bottoms as she remained on her knees and looked up at Rhys.

Faye moaned and it sent some shivers down Riley's back when she heard her as she looked at her lover. She could see her lover squirm and whimper under Rhys' touch and before Riley could react, the Betazoid took the tip all to herself. It made Riley laugh a little as she licked the saliva from Rhys' length slowly before sucking at one of his orbs hidden in the sack. Figuring she could even the odds a bit more in the room, Riley's hands moved away from Rhys and over to Faye's legs. Snaking up rather quickly as her head brushed along the sack of Williams. With a bite on her lip Faye hooked her fingers under Riley's bikini bottoms, doing so by hooking into the fabric from down her thighs. She tugged and pushed the rather damp garments down, offering Rhys all the space and freedom he could use to play her Imzadi even better. Riley could smell the scent of her lovers arousal. Not being a stranger to it she pulled back and kissed the hard flesh again before Faye pushed the flared wet head to Riley's lips.

Pleased with the gift, the nurse eagerly took him inside of her mouth, tongue lavishing the head with attention as it twirled and dragged alongside it before her cheeks hollowed when she applied suction. Her head bobbing slightly over the head while her face turned and twisted a bit to create more friction for the counselor. She sucked just a bit harder before popping him out from between her lips, sharing it back with Faye as she shot the diplomat a wink.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

When Rhys thought back to previous sexual encounters he had had in his life he realised how little he had enjoyed them. They had been pleasant experiences in their own right but he had been to preoccupied. IN all of them the over riding feeling had been, embarrassment and awkwardness. Constant worries about his performance and what he looked like to his partners. In a way he had not really been present for them. 

This situation was different. His higher consciousness was gone. He was for once living in the moment and experiencing it. This was a sexual encounter in which he was not afraid. He just wanted to make these two wonderful people as happy as they were making him. He seemed to be making progress on that score with Faye for certain. His fingers seemed to have made her very wet in a way he found so satisfying. She made little noises of pleasure as he continued to tease her. The way she moved her hips indicated to him she wanted more. However, Rhys was a tease at heart and so he drew that out longer and longer till she was desperate.

Once this was the case a finger slipped easily into her and slowly slid out before being pushed in once again. He gave a very un-Rhys like crooked smile; he was going to tease both of them to distraction if he could. It was such a turn on the way they had both looked at him when he had moaned out loud. It was delight that they both seemed so please with him and each other.

Riley however surprised him so much his fingers almost stopped moving all together. As she sucked one of his testicles. His abs visibly tightened and tensed, and his head was thrown back for a moment. They both seemed to have knack for finding areas on him that were especially sensitive. Riley soon removed Faye’s bikini bottoms, allow Rhys more access away from the confining damp fabric. As Riley took his shaft into her mouth and fired a wink a Faye, he knew that anything he did for them would pale in comparison to how they were making him feel.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Not for the first time since coming to this world, Faye felt a headiness settling in upon her. She was being swept along with the emotions of her lovers - for thats what they both were, for this encounter, even if only one was a long term prospect. Panting and mewling, she gasped as the pressure built up between her legs, Rhys slowly teasing her, with a probing digit, while Riley, bless her, took care to give the muscled counselor the room to work with by removing her bikini bottoms from the equation. With every passing moment, more and more fabric was falling to the dance floor and soon enough these three were going to be utterly naked. She could only imagine what others might think if they saw this.

That turned her on about as much as the way she passed Rhys' cock back and forth with heavy kisses to Riley. That wink made her giggle, and the probing from Rhys made her moan and shiver about. The beat of the music, provided by the automated system coursed through her, in time with her racing pulse. It all served to cordon her off from the rest of the world. Yes, it would be damned hot if someone caught them. But for the moment all that existed was the music and the two humans whom she was lavishing attention upon.

A hunger came upon the diplomat, and she bent forward all the more, taking Rhys back into her mouth after Riley had popped off his prick. Faye's coal dark eyes latched onto the blue orbs of her Imzadi and lingered there as she worked her mouth down the man's rod once again. Cheeks hollowed out for a moment and she made a small noise in the back of her throat as she swallowed him deep. She couldn't get to his base, not from this angle, but she was loath to part herself from his own attentions. She held him there instead, for a s long as she could before popping off with a hearty groan that was loud enough to break across the swell of music in the room. A raspy laugh followed, as the words "Ohhhh fuck, yes," slid out of her swollen lips, her breath coming in deep gasps. 

She gripped his rod at the base and tilted it back to Riley again, passing that spit slickened dick to the nurse like a well enjoyed candy cane on Christmas. Faye gave a playful squeeze to the rod and stroked it for a moment. Possibilities danced in her head, visions, some hers, some theirs, she was sure, influenced by their emotions if not their direct thoughts. She pictured herself pointing that cock at Riley and jerking until her lover's face and delectable chest was coated in cream. She also could easily see herself on her knees, taking such an offering. Or lapping at Rhys' balls as the counselor pounded himself up into Riley. Or Rhys on his back, with Faye riding his rod and Riley astride his face. 

There were just so many different ways that they might take this, and all the while, as she tried to sort out her fantasies, there was the steady build up of desire and pleasure as the man teased her moist folds, and she felt herself quiver around the welcome intrusion of his finger.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie  @Brutus

The Way Faye and Riley passed Rhys his cock along as if it were a casual every day item, caused for a slight smirk and giggle to come from Riley.She shook her head slightly, just taking in the sight of Faye being played with, Rhys well inside of her with his finger and her Imzadi slowly but surely got lost in the pleasure. She could see so, the lust and pleasure in her eyes growing, the sweat accumulating on her skin, the way her hair looked so messy. When Riley passed the warm flesh back to Faye, her Imzadi couldn't hold herself back it seemed. She leaned in and took more of Rhys in. Riley licked her lips and laughed softly. She could stimulate Rhys more if she would, yet she looked up at him for a moment to see his reaction. Perhaps that stimulating him now would cause him to overload and coat Faye's mouth and by now throat full of that sticky delight. Or perhaps he's only lose control when she'd come off his length...

The thoughts played in her mind and she reached out to lay one hand on the heavy sack of Rhys, playing with his orbs as the other hand went over Faye's face. Looking into those dark coal eyes. Pushing aside the wet hair and caressing her face with a smile. A knowing smile on her face as she could see Faye's cheeks hollow out. The diplomat had to release the cock now with a loud groan, which followed by the sweetest of expressions, which in the end sounded rather raw.

Faye presented their playrod back to Riley and Riley smirked, giving the tip a swirling lick before she moved past it to kiss Faye deeply. Her one hand still playing with Rhys' sack. The kiss was deep and full of love, tasting both Faye and Rhys, Riley smiled into the kiss before pulling back. She wasted little time after that to plunge that slick flesh into her mouth. Lips pressed tightly around him as she took him all the way in. Her head slightly tilting to the side as she bobbed slowly yet oh so deliberate. First off filling her warm mouth with the flesh before swallowing it into her throat. She only gagged slightly at the start before pushing past the reflex to do so. She moaned onto his length, sending a well felt vibration through his cock. She bobbed her head a few more time before slowly slurping her lips off him with a pop.

Licking her lips she passed it back to Faye, wondering how much longer the poor counselor could take this teasing and pleasuring. Her eyes looked up again to Rhys. Giving him a wink before she decided he earned a kiss, be it with some of his own taste on her lips and tongue. She got off her knees, rising back to her feet before leaving his balls for what they were. One hand ran over his broad chest whilst the other curled around the back of his neck, pulling him in for a heated, needy kiss.

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 [ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

The two women continued to treat his dick like it was the best toy that they had ever encountered. If Rhys was honest, he was not sure how long he would be able to take all their treatment and teasing. However, he was also happy to go with the flow to go wherever this strange situation would take him. If they wanted him to be their plaything he was perfectly happy to do whatever they wanted him to do. Be whatever they needed. Even if nothing else he was just enjoying watching them interact. Cute felt like an odd word to use in such a sexual situation where they were swapping his dick back and forth, but it fit the bill. Their relationship and the way they interacted just seemed so adorable to him.

The moment that almost broke him was when Faye vocalised her enjoyment of what he had been doing to her. It made his cock visibly jump and twitch and he bit his lip in arousal just at that sound and knowing he had been helping cause her pleasure. That sound caused him to redouble his efforts. Soon his finger emerged from her teasingly brushed over her clit before sliding back inside her followed by a second finger.

Rhys thought that he would never ever be able to quite work out Riley even if he ended up knowing her for the rest of his life. She had seemed so shy and awkward every time they met. However, in this situation she was a firecracker of passion energy and showed no sign of embarrassment at anything that was happening. Indeed, she surprised him by giving him a wink and leaning in for the kiss. Rhys was more than happy to return this kiss being the very physically affectionate soul that he was. Her touch was needy and demanding and he liked that. He responded in kind. His free arm snaked around her body pulling her into his own body as much as he could. He surprised himself and probably her by, biting her bottom lip and gently tugging on it with his teeth. The hand on her lower back slipped down to gently squeeze her butt.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan  @Juzzie 

A heavy, wet kiss was a wonderful thing. Riley's lips were much softer than Rhys' had been when she'd stolen a kiss from him earlier, and they tasted of the other mans prick, which simply served to turn Faye on and excite her. There was something primal and thrilling for the young Betazoid, tasting someone else on her Imzadi's lips. Her eyes fluttered during it, and she grinned down when her lover broke contact and resumed sucking on the counselors dick like a candy cane. It was hot to watch her do that, to suck down on the rod of flesh, and feel the pleasure rolling off of the man she was teasing, the enjoyment that he took in the act. 

An act that Faye would soon be returning to as the rod of flesh was passed back to her, glistening wet from Riley's mouth. Faye licked her lips, and bent her head forward again, taking the offering once more, still gripping tight with her own arm around Rhys so that she'd not fall. For now, as she plied his prick with tongue, open mounted and lapping, rolling it back and forth across her tongue, flaring it around the swelling tip. She lavished attention there, closing her eyes once again and simply focusing on the act. Of course, it wasn't just her tongue lashing that was making the other man feel good. Riley was delivering a lashing of her own, and that was adding to everyone's enjoyment. Pleasure and enjoyment that Rhys saw fit to resume his own delivery there in, at Faye's 'expense'.

There was a keening little mewl of pleasure as tiny starbursts traveled up from the swollen nub at the hooded top of the diplomat's cunt. Faye felt her breath hitch in the back of her throat when Rhys pulled away from the sensitive ball of flesh and push two fingers in, where only one had previously been venturing. Stretching around the intrusion, her slick walls ached and dripped, a heat pooling along the fingers that explored her nethers.  She paused, mouth hanging open, and let out another one of those long, loud groans. Her hips rolled back, to take more of his fingers into her, and she felt a new quivering tremble run down her legs.  Soon her juices were going to be dripping down into the palm of his hand at this rate, the Betazoid swimming in a haze of pleasure and need, not all of it her own.

"Oh yes, yes, just...fuck yes, like that, like that," Faye was hardly shy at sharing how good she felt.  She closed her lips over the swollen tip again, sucking deep and popping off, unable to keep the pressure up. So she gripped him instead and jerked, gently, but insistent, back and forth, and turned to press her lips in against his stomach, gasping for air and doing everything she could to keep herself from falling over. Of course, she giggled a bit at the thought, she'd end up landing with her ass wiggling in the air and who knew what might happen there. Still, better to have that be a conscious effort and not an accidental act of sexual gymnastics. 

But, with the idea of actions taken on purpose, Faye let go of Rhys' cock and reached out, slapping Riley's ass playfully for a moment. It was right there, in easy reach, and she watched the light jiggle in the girls rump. She still had her bottoms on, but there was no reason that needed to remain. While her lover played tonsil hockey with their new friend, Faye proved to be fairly dexterous in her own right, at least enough to pull the fabric down her lovers thighs and run her hand back up, sweeping between Riley's legs to see how wet the girl might be, before smearing that juice over Rhys' cock head with deft strokes of her finger tips. And then she nearly fell over and clung to Rhys with a throaty laugh.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

Soon Riley stood back up and she stretched herself slightly before she had kissed Rhys. A quick glance downwards gave her the sight of Faye sucking his cock like she had done not so long ago. The kiss shared with Rhys made her heart flutter, especially when the counselor decided to tease her just a bit on his own. A bite on her lower lip followed by a slight tug. It made the nurse shiver slightly on the spot as her own arousal had developed quite some while ago. The good counselor's hand snaked down to get a nice handful of her own rump, a soft groan left her lips as she leaned into the man. Her hardened peaks brushing against his bare chest before the swell of her breasts pressed into his flesh.

She totally didn't see the smack coming as Faye delivered it to her ass herself. A yelp, muffled as her lip was being tugged by the counselor. Her eyes fluttered shut tightly now as her hands kept wrapped around Rhys' neck. Leaning with her full body against him, feeling the warmth of his cock against her leg and thigh. She could feel Faye was up to no good, her bikini bottoms being pulled down deftly, just low enough before Faye's fingers swept in to feel her sensitive sex up. The nurse moaned again and this time got spurred on to kiss Rhys harder, biting his upper lip now and nibbling in it before letting go to french kiss him deeply and frantically.

Faye would find her to be rather wet, her bottoms quite damp after being on her knees for so long and toying with the rod Rhys had to offer. Her fingers would be slick with her wetness, a string of it connecting from the nurse's cunt to her fingers before it broke. Riley didn't see how Faye coated Rhys' cock with her own fluids. Right now she stood there, bared entirely for the man, the bikini bottoms eventually slipping down to her legs before they pooled at her ankles.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Rhys had been amazed at how Faye could contort herself to be in place for his fingers to penetrate her and for her lips to be on his cock. He had to do a bit of leaning forward and twisting into awkward positions himself to help her. Were he not so hot and bothered at this point he might have found the whole situation very funny. However, as it was, he just wanted to help her do what she was aiming to do which seemed to be having her cake and eating it.

She seemed to know exactly what to do to make him feel good. He wondered if her being a Betazoid had something to do with that. If she could sense what exactly got the most intense reactions out of him even before it became obvious physically.

Then of course there was Riley, and he was so delighted that she seemed to be enjoying his kisses. He had been worried that this would be very one sided. That he would not know how to make his ‘dance partners’ feel good and certainly not to the same extent they were doing for him. It felt so good just to have the skin on skin contact with her, feeling her nipples against his chest as they kissed.

Soon for Faye’s attention seemed to shift to Riley, giving her slap to the behind and caressing between her legs. Rhys did not need to be a Betazoid to feel that Riley enjoyed that. It transferred through in the way she kissed him. She bit his lip and he responded with a growl. It surprised even Rhys that such a sound would come out of him. Mild mannered and timid and yet there it was. He responded enthusiastically to the feel of her tongue slipping past his lips.

Soon Faye made him shiver again by stroking his manhood, her hand was slick and that made it feel all the better. However, she almost fell over and clung to him. Rhys broke his kiss with Riley to grab hold of Faye and stop her falling. “Maybe we should find somewhere more … practical.” The room had tables and chairs pushed to the walls any of those would be better than just standing awkwardly on the floor. However, before waiting for a reply from either of them, he turned to Riley and kissed her neck. His teeth dragging over the warm skin teasingly before he sucked softly on the same spot leaving a red mark. His fingers slipped between her legs now.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Sometimes, 'practicality' was overrated in Faye's mind. Usually when what was practical got in the way of what Faye wanted, right then and there. She had plenty of patience when on the job, and almost none when off. In this case however, practical would like as naught lead to what she was after, and she let her dark eyes sweep the dance room, picking up some of what the human counselor had in mind for furthering their carnal pursuits. She locked onto a decent looking table shoved against the far wall, still bathed in the ever shifting lights of the disco ball that hung in the center of the room, but at the same time slightly sequestered. They would not be the first thing someone might see waking onto the dancefloor, at least not from the entrance back toward the party deck of the yacht that the trio had left after an impromptu shared meal for an impromptu quasi-public romp. 

Giggling and giddy, Faye eased herself up enough to cling to Rhys's  other side, pressing herself to him in a similar fashion that Riley had managed. Sucking on one of her fingers for a moment and savoring the lingering taste of her Imzadi that remained on her skin, the Betazoid let herself bask in the shared emotions coming off the two blue shirted officers. A heady feeling of lust and satisfaction mixed as she watched her lover make out with their partner of the day. "I suppose we can work a little practicality into all of this," she found herself saying, "The other side of the dance floor isn't so far away that we won't wither for want of affection between here and there." She sometimes got wordy when she got randy, and this appeared to be one of those moments. 

Just as Rhys was feeling up Riley, Faye resumed doing the same to the man - at least to prime him up before leading them off to that table. She cradled his sack in her fingers and rolled the orbs about, teasing gently, before giving his cock a few more firm, strong strokes. She didn't want to make him explode or anything like that, but she wanted him to feel it, the pressure, the stroke, from tip to base, with a little twist around the top each time, as she licked a line along his neck, toward the mans ear. There, she whispered softly, "I think its going to be hot to see you fucking her on that table."

She let the words linger for just a moment before she spun away from them both, giving a last tug on the mans cock, and another swift swat to her paramours rump. And then she was dancing across the floor, embodying her namesake as she twisted about. Somewhere between there and the table she ensured she was fully naked, twirling and bending to the thumping beat of the music, letting the lights dance off her sweat soaked skin. Her body pulsed and thudded in time to the music, desire throbbing between her legs in sync to the beat. And then she hoped up onto the table, letting her legs hang off the side, and tossed her head back, before snapping it forward and grinning. She reached out, and curled a finger toward the two, in a blatant come hither gesture. Don't keep me waiting.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

Hearing a man growl for you was always a plus, it let shivers run down her spine when Rhys did so. The lovely kiss with Rhys was pulled to a stop when Faye nearly tumbled out of her place by Rhys' side. Riley had to laugh as she looked at her lover and shook her head. The counselor suggested to take a new venue for their shenanigans, somewhere more comfortable for all of them and perhaps he meant a bit more out of sight as well.

Before Riley could answer Rhys on his suggestion the counselor swept in for a surprise of his own. She found herself gasping when he leaned in to kiss her neck, teeth digging and raking over her skin. Her gasp became more vocal, a soft moan escaping her lips when Rhys sucked the skin and left a mark for all to see now. It wasn't all though, his hands traveled between her legs and she'd feel his digits slip into her slick warm snatch. She squeezed her legs shut, trapping his hand there and increasing the tightness for Rhys as she grabbed onto the back of his head, raking her nails over his scalp as she sucked in the air deeply now. "Ngh fuck... Rhyyssss"

Faye said something to Rhys though Riley couldn't make out what it was exactly. She let out a louder moan when she swatted her rump, forcing herself further onto Rhys' fingers before she looked hungrily and lustfully in his eyes. She slowly pulled herself back, reluctantly slipping away from his touch as she brought one hand over to her neck to touch the spot she had been sucked and marked on. She bite her lip and giggled before she winked at the counselor "Such a bad boy..." she teased him. She glanced over as Faye danced to the music, stripping off the last bit of her bikini top and allowing Rhys to see her naked underneath the disco lights.

Faye eventually hopped onto a table and motioned the two others over. Riley was soon to follow and she lead Rhys along in a rather specific kind of way. Her hand slipped down over his chest, down to his abdomen before she grasped his erect cock in her hand. She gave it a slight tug, telling him to follow her, yet not exactly giving him much of a choice either. Whilst they walked over, she made damn sure that she kept him hard, stroking him as good as she could before she stood in front of Faye and kissed her deeply and lovingly while she held on to Rhys as if he were the newest toy she had won at a fair. After she finished up with making out with Faye, she pulled Rhys closer and licked her lips, in a seductive low voice she asked "What do you wanna do counselor?"

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

It was hard for Rhys to concentrate on the fact that people were saying words to him. He was both too busy feeling good and at this moment trying to get Riley to lose her ever loving mind. It took him an embarrassing length of time to realise that Faye was indicating the tables which were pushed to the edges of the room. He had been too busy shivering as Riley had dragged her nails down his scalp.

If his brain had had space at that moment for anything else, he might well have laughed at Faye’s joke about them not withering for want of affection in their move across the dance floor. It was certainly the style of humour that amused him the most.

The thing his brain was more than happy to pick up on was the comment Faye made after that, about how hot it would be for Rhys to take Riley on the table. There was enough awkwardness in him for a blush, though with the disco lights and a certain redness to his face form the exertions that would be hard to see. However, in the short time he had known Faye he got the sense to say what she meant. That seemed like a tacit invitation. Faye peeled off dancing and twirling across the floor. Riley took that opportunity to call him a bad boy. She certainly did not seem too unhappy that he had left a mark on her neck. So Rhys smiled awkwardly “I do my best.”

Faye had sat on a table against the wall and was beckoning the both of them over and Riley removed her top so Rhys could now see all of her. Riley then grabbed Rhys’ cock and tugged it indicating she was going to lead him over there. At this point, Rhys would have gone anywhere with her, she could have led him off a cliff at this point and he would have gone like a lamb.

Once at the table Faye and Riley made out in front of him, while Riley continued to stroke him. That was another moment he wondered if this was all some fever dream, he was having.  Riley then pulled him closer and asked him what he wanted to do. For just a moment his eyes flicked in Faye’s direction. This was possibly for approval even though what he was about to say was her idea anyway. He looked back at Riley, his hand on her hip. “I want to fuck you.” That was shocking in and of itself. Rhys was not really the type to speak like that but, this were unusual circumstances.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

If she hadn't been glistening with sweat before her little dance across the room, by the time she'd mounted that table and turned back to her paramour and the good counselor, Faye had worked herself up into a good lather. Thankfully there would be a cure for that later - the large swimming pool out on the party deck near the aft quarter of the massive yacht. A quick dunk into that would do wonders for any post sex sweat from the workout they were giving each other, and dancing with reckless abandon naked from one end of the chamber to the other had been great cardio. Considering how winded she used to get right after she'd been defrosted, the analytical part of her mind considered this solid evidence of progress, and wondered if her lover the nurse would agree.

Watching Riley lead the man over by - her eyes went wide and she burst into a fit of giggles - by his cock was a true treat. She wasn't sure Rhys had been prepared for that sort of playfulness but damned if that wasn't hot to watch. She'd covered her mouth with one hand, but pulled it back to brace on the table top and offer up the two humans a bright, if hungry, smile. Delicious didn't even begin to describe what she was seeing.Moment's like this were the reason that, to Faye, monogamy just didn't make sense. Oh, she loved Riley, and would always be true to her, but she was glad the other woman did not want things to be restricted to just the two of them. To deprive her of moments like this, of feeling the joy and watching the lust dance across her Imzadi's face and heart at the prospect of the play that was to follow...That smile stayed in place right up until Riley pulled her into a kiss, during which Faye wrapped her arms around the other woman's neck and savored the moment. There was plenty of tongue, teasing, and a bit of giggling from the betazoid as she purred deeply. She licked at her lips as the human pulled back and put the question to Rhys, and watched him with curious anticipation. "Mmm yes, counselor, what will it be?"

Faye was more than happy to play along with Riley, mimicking her tone slightly and leaning forward, pressing a kiss against her lovers shoulder from behind, her bum sliding to the edge of the table, but not quite hopping off of it. She let her legs kicked back and forth in a coquettish fashion, those coal black eyes drinking him in. She'd already giving him permission, such as it was, to play about with either of them, and she sure hoped her actions, and that of Riley's put any worry to rest. Little hedonist that she was, share and share alike was the nature of the game today.

And there it is, she thought, as those eyes flicked over to hers for just a moment. She caught his gaze, and licked her lips, dipping her head ever so slightly in a nod. She knew in that moment he had understood what she'd said before, the freedom she'd happily enumerated upon, and grinned, wickedly, as she reached out with one foot and ran it up the back of Riley's leg. She watched for Riley's reaction, then leaned in, running her hand down the girls flank, and up over Rhys' giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"Rawr. Go get her tiger," she'd seen one of those at a zoo back on Earth, during her years at the Academy, and there was something in the feral beast that came to mind in the moment, and thus she added her verbal encouragement to what she hoped was about to unfold.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

Faye had certainly seemed to be amused to see how Riley brought their counselor friend over to the tables by the wall. The Betazoid had burst into a fit of giggles before she welcomed her Imzadi in full by kissing her as deeply and lovingly as they both liked it. Riley didn't keep Rhys out of the game at all as her hand stroked his edged member with continuous slow strokes. Like Faye, Riley didn't truly believe in monogamy. She was too much of a wild child perhaps to embrace the idea of truly committing to one person for the rest of her life. Faye seemed to understand her in that fashion, while the two of them shared an incredible bond, she knew the woman she was seeing now would perfectly fit with her for the rest of her life. The two of them not scared or shy to invite others into what they had for fun and pleasure. There was no drama about it, no jealousy, just pure love and understanding.

Riley's question to Rhys was answered by quite a straight forward answer by the counselor and Riley couldn't help but laugh now before she let go of his member "Oh, is that so..." she answered him teasingly before she pushed her hips back, pressing her soft bum against his hard member. She kept looking at him, over her shoulder now while she stretched herself like a cat, rubbing her bum against his aroused state and allowing himself to enjoy and claim what he seemed to want so badly. She offered herself up essentially to his needs and desires while she winked at him.

Her body bend over for him, Rhys would find his cock nestles between the cheeks of Riley as the nurse found herself at eye height with her Imzadi's thighs. She decided the brunette shouldn't be left out of the fun and started to kiss and nip along the skin of her thighs as she spread them open. She let out soft gasps while Rhys would  work her over and her fingertips brushed along Faye's inner thighs before she brought her face between her legs and began to run her tongue over the puffy lips Rhys had been fingering not that long ago. The soft wet tongue tracing the outline of her lover's sex before she dragged them through her with a moan as her eyes drift shut. A whole new sensation filling her, that sensation being Rhys...

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Rhys could not help feeling slightly amused himself at Faye’s reaction to Rhys being led like a dog but its lead. Though his lead was much more sensitive. He had did not need to be a Betazoid to have seen her covering her mouth as Riley led him over.  He was to under the spell and power of these two women that he was content just to stand there while Riley kissed Faye right in front of him still holding his cock.

When Faye had asked him what he wanted to do right after Riley had, he felt a little ganged up on but in a cute teasing way than anything truly uncomfortable for him. He realised that since they had been able to claim him down out on the main deck, he had been wanting them. Rhys being Rhys he had no idea really how to vocalise that so had said nothing, and fortunately Faye in particular seemed happy to have ‘vocalised’ it for him.

He had been surprised he had been able to express what he wanted to Riley. Faye’s presence was reassuring to him, the way she touched him and teased him with the tiger comment. Under other circumstances he would have found that embarrassing but here it didn’t seem to matter. Riley had responded by pushing her hips back so that his hard cock nestled against her bum. Even the way she stretched out her body in front of him and looked back at him was ridiculously sexy.

There had been a niggling doubt in the back of Rhys’ mind about Faye being left out, but he watched Riley’s head dip between her lover’s legs, that doubt vanished. Rhys gently but firmly gripped Riley’s hip with one hand, the other positioned himself between her legs. Slowly he pushed forward feeling her body opening up to him. Rhys gasped softly and pushed slowly all the way inside her. He found himself looking over into Faye’s eyes, as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. His hand caressing the curve of Riley’s backside.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

While having happily encouraged the good counselor to have his way with her lover, Faye had not been sure as to the exact fashion and position that might take, and how she would - or perhaps would not - be involved in what was to come. She was fine with that, of course; she'd not made it clear that he could if she felt any issue in being an inadvertent spectator to the whole affair, depending on how the two humans decided to position themselves for what was likely to be the main event of their dancing escapades that day. And, Faye was the impish sort who could probably manage to insert herself into any situation really, it would just depends on how much moving about and shifting of her own state that the lithe Betazoid would have to endure.

Not that this was to say that Faye didn't hope for some form of inclusion. And she was certainly delighted when Riley set herself up in such a way that she was pressing back against her fellow human and lowering that beautiful face of hers towards Faye's legs. Taking the hint - one didn't need to be telepathic to see what was being telegraphed - Faye let her legs fall apart nice and wide for the other girl, and wiggled her bum closer to the edge of the table. She giggled again, imagining herself as some feast for the others. It turned her on quite a bit, and she glanced along Riley's back, then up, over Rhys' shoulders, just to see if they'd picked up an audience. Nothing yet at least.

A delighted moan wiggled its way out of her mouth and she tossed her head back briefly at those first few laps of wet tongue over equally wet, and highly sensitive skin. Her eyes fluttered and then she pulled her gaze back as she damn near felt Riley's reaction to Rhys entering her. The two locked eyes, and she blew the man a kiss, following it with a saucy wink. She started to say something, but her Imzadi's tongue passed over her in just the right way to make her yelp in delight and so her words were robbed from her. She did grind her hips from side to side, wiggling against the other woman's face, and let her hand rise up, then sink into Riley's hair, fisting the locks between her fingers for a nice, firm girp. Not that this was tight enough to stop her paramor from doing as she pleased. She just wanted a nice fist full to remind Riley that she was there.

"Okay, yeah," she found her voice as she looked down at Riley diligently probing her moist folds apart, the cream pooling in her pussy and heat rolling off against her lovers face. Then down along the curve of her spine, to where Rhys was sinking into and out of her lover. Each thrust sent a spark of pleasure into Faye's mind, so in tuned as she was to her Riley, that sharing her with a man like this damn near felt as if Faye was getting the fucking too, though that phantom sensation was nothing compared to the very direct stimulation of a warm wet tongue tasting her essence.

Up along the well toned plains of Rhys abs, those onyx orbs crawled, drinking in the way his slick skin shown in the light of the disco ball, cascading patterns flickering over his firm muscles, and up, up, past the strong jaw, to the burning bright eyes. Humans always burn so damn bright. Every one of them. He's no different and gods it's amazing.

"This....." she wiggled her free hand to indicate the three of them as she whimpered, feeling herself spreading wide. "This is fucking hot. In case you were unaware, counselor."

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus 

The good counselor was positioned perfectly behind Riley and the nurse knew that he only needed that small nudge to take the next step. Her bum pushed back against his hips, she knew it would only be a matter of time before this man would claim what was presented to him on a platter. When that moment came, she looked up at Faye for a second, offering her lover the expressing when she felt Rhys grip onto her hips before he guided himself between her moist folds. His teased, sucked, licked and kissed cock spreading her lips with ease. Riley's mouth fell open slightly and a long crooning moan escaped her lips for both to hear when Rhys slipped himself in further and didn't stop until he had sheathed himself fully inside of the nurse.

Riley's walls felt slick and warm to the touch, soft and clenching around the intruding member. They massaged his manhood with case while he began to move back and forth inside of her. The feeling of this coupling feeling far more erotic and good than their time on the beach. Riley spread her legs slightly to grant Rhys better access, her hips rolling back onto him each time he bucked himself back into her to maximize their pleasure.

After teasing her Imzade with her tongue, Riley clamped her hand onto her paramour's thighs. Nails digging into the skin lightly while she enjoyed a different meal entirely. Riley's tongue seeking out the little bean that was Faye's clit. The tip of her tongue rolling against it and rolling over it before she dipped it back into the wet folds. Slurping a little while she sucked, kissed and licked her way into her lover's core. Keeping her close and in place while she could feel her hair being held by her. Each buck of Rhys made her push in deeper into Faye's body and while the conversation overhead was lost to her, she focused on the pleasure she was giving and receiving.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Rhys had never been engaged with more than one sexual partner before. So, he had often idly wondered how it could be avoided that anyone of the parterres fell out. He was glad in this that Riley was really quite far ahead of him. Though he never for one moment imagined that Faye was the kind of girl to allow herself to be left out of anything she wanted to be involved in.

Her reactions for a brief moment did however make him concerned. When she appeared to look past him and over his shoulder, he became a little scared they had attracted an audience and looked back himself. Fortunately, he was delighted to see this was not the case.

When he was able to fix eyes on her again, the wink and blown kiss that came his way caused him to twitch inside Riley. Again, he marvelled at her capacity for simple gestures that could send shocks straight to his libido.

The moan that escaped Riley’s lips as he had entered her, certainly ensured that his erection was not going anywhere any time soon. He felt so delighted to be inside her, she seemed to grip and squeeze him in all the right ways. It helped that he got to watch Riley go down on her girlfriend at the same time. Rhys had aimed to take Riley, slowly sensually but all that he was seeing all that he had experienced was making that a very difficult thing to achieve. He pushed in and pulled out in a steady firm rhythm. His hands moved from her hips along her sides and navel up to her breasts. He cupped these in his hands and gave each a squeeze, his calloused thumbs brushing her nipples.

He watched as Faye, tugged on Riley’s hair. In fact, his eyes almost never left her face. He felt strangely like he was somehow fucking them both. He almost laughed but smirked as she said what he believed to be the most obvious thing ever said by one sentient being to another. “Mmm no argument here.” In fact, Riley would be well aware from the feel of him inside her just how hot he found all of this.

He could almost feel Faye’s eyes tracing his body. Under normal circumstances such attention would have been received with awkwardness and embarrassment. Here in this time beyond such complex feelings the embarrassment was pushed down. At the fore front was a delight in her approval.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Her mothers species had a word for people like Faye, one that she had taken to heart. Hedonist. It was a perfect description for Faye's more base nature, and her habit of embracing it, and sharing herself with others. Such as now, sharing herself, and her lover, with a man that they had picked up while standing in line at a buffet. Yes, technically, it had been at the table after the buffet, where she had somehow driven off Lt Kingston, with whom Rhys had been talking. Unintended as it was, Faye decided that, as she watched (and felt) the otherwise shy man pounding into her lover, the turn of events had been for hte better. Or at least, for her betterment, and since neither he nor Riley seemed to have any complaints....

A giggle burst out of her lips that quickly morphed to a moan as she sunk her fingers tighter into Riley's beautiful locks, twining the strands into a tight fist. Her lover had done something simply wonderful with her tongue and utterly destroyed all of Faye's lurid philosophical musings, pulling her attention completely and fully upon her partners. "mmmm yes yes yes just like that. Fuck her just like that," she vocalized her encouragement, licking at her lips, bucking her hips in against the woman sandwiched between her, and Rhys.

And speaking of Rhys - gods this is hot watching him fuck her. Feeling him fuck her. He was as much a feast for Faye's eyes as the Betazoids flowering core was for her Imzadi. Calling this whole thing intense was doing the act an injustice. She could feel her toes curling as her grip with her artificial hand increased on the edge of the table, enough to cause it to creak slightly. There would be a set of small imprints in the shape of Faye's finger tips, forced into the surface of the table when they finally left, but at the moment Faye couldn't care less. She was focused on the pleasure she was feeling, tossing her head back again and letting out a long, unrestrained moan.

Sensing that Rhys was drawing as much pleasure from her approval of his actions as the fact that he was quite handedly fucking Riley - and Riley was a rather good fuck, as Faye knew - the Betazoid forced her gaze back to the other man. Even as her moans grew, and her cunt seemed to gush with heat and need, she focused on the newcomer to the tryst, licking her lips and holding his eyes. "That smirk of yours is almost as hot as the way your cock is pounding her, you know." A little flirting in the middle of fucking went a long way, if you asked Faye. Normally this was the kind of thing that a fellow telepath would pick up readily enough, but well, Faye was the only one of those in this threesome so she felt a need to be a bit more vocal. 

"And she feels damn good, doesn't she? nice and tight and mmmm wet." It was a little odd describing how Riley felt to a man that was feeling her first hand, but it was all in good fun. Besides, she couldn't simply praise Rhys and not ply a few comments on her Imzadi. That wouldn't just do at all.

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus

Rhys definitely worked Riley good as she could feel his hips thrust into her steadily and firmly. The music masking the sound of his hips smacking onto her well rounded hind. She could feel his well formed and hard erect member slide back and forth, escaping her core every so often before filling her up again. Her eyes had fluttered shut as she couldn't help but moan at the feeling the good counselor as giving her.

His hands had traveled up from her hips over to her sides before he felt up her breasts. .The soft skin in his hands was being squeezed and her hard nipples were being toyed with. Her mind glazed over in pleasure and her moans muffled into the sex of her Imzadi. Her legs did their best to keep up while all the right spots were being stimulated by the male behind her. Her slick warm walls tightening every so often against Rhys' hardened member. Her body working up a decent sweat now, the pearls of it shimmering under the disco lights.

Unable to vocalize anything of her own, Riley tried her utmost best to focus on giving Faye the pleasure she deserved. She could chuckle lightly when she heard Faye vocalize her feelings, knowing full well that her lover would probably be feeling what she was feeling herself. Their bond was strong now and Riley's tongue slipped out of Faye's sex, two fingers slipping inside and matching the pace of Rhys' tempo. Her tongue rolled over Faye's clit and her fingers curled into a slight hook to scrape against the walls of her lover.

She listened to the conversation going overhead, not really registering much as she was fucked thoroughly. unsure how long Rhys would last, or how long she would last for that matter. After stimulating Faye's hooded nub for a bit, she placed her lips on it and sucked it hard while her eyes remained shut, rolling back behind her closed eyelids. The pleasure washing over her as the knot started to form in the pit of her stomach. She hoped Faye would catch on to it, hoping she'd let Rhys now how good of a job he was doing. How much she was loving it.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Rhys was more than happy to obey Faye’s instructions. At this point if either of them told him to do something, he probably would have done it and with enthusiasm. Though clearly not the most experienced lover, Rhys obviously displayed a capacity to learn very quickly. Riley physically demonstrated what she wanted from him and Faye was able to vocalise it. To be honest Rhys was surprised his brain was still functioning in any capacity under such an onslaught of stimulation.

On top of everything else, he felt Faye’s eyes on him. The glisten of his skin and its light sheen of sweat under the lighting seemed to have caught her eyes. It felt like they traced and caressed every valley, crag and line of his muscles. It almost felt like a physical touch to him and caused his member to twitch inside Riley.

Faye spoke again, demonstrating that his smirk was almost as hot as the way he was fucking her girlfriend. Under other circumstances such an appraisal as well as her admiring of his body would have caused red faced embarrassment. Indeed, there was a slight pinkening of his cheeks at this comment, but his composure remained in place for the moment. He felt compelled to answer and was surprised his voice came back strong if a little out of breath. “Hearing you laugh, and moan is almost as hot as seeing what Riley is doing to you.” He was not so good at flirting as she was, but it was a genuine expression of his feeling. 

Faye talked about how good Riley must feel. Rhys nodded and found his torso lowering over her back so he could say huskily close to Riley’s ear, “She feels so perfect.” His lips pressed to her shoulder, followed by his teeth dragging lightly over the skin. In fact she felt so good, he knew he would probably not last a whole lot longer. The way she squeezed him, the movement of her butt against him, the sounds of the two women’s moans were starting to prove too much. Moving back into a more vertical position, Rhys took her hips gently but firmly into his hands and his hips began to push forward with more speed and firmness.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Egging Rhys on was all well and good and it served a certain sort of mental satisfaction for Faye as she encouraged the other man to fuck her Imzadi. But mental stimulation and satisfaction, while all well and good, could only compliment more physical, carnal pursuits. Despite her own ego she knew herself well enough to know that as much as she wanted her partners to enjoy themselves, she wanted to get something out of it all too. And that something was the delightful tongue lashing she was being gleefully subjected to by her absolute favorite person in the whole galaxy. 

Faye often wondered if others discounted just how good it felt to have someone moaning between your legs. The licking was divine, and over the weeks and weeks that Riley and Faye had explored their relationships, the human had become quite adept and finding the little spots that really got Faye's warp core throbbing, but all the same, the actual humming sensation, the staggering moans themselves, were a delight to her wet and sensitive folds. 

Her moan split the air when Riley plunged two fingers into the Betazoid's already sodden and well lapped cunt. It took Faye a moment to realize that the human woman was pumping her fingers at the same pace that Riley herself was getting fucked by Rhys. This left Faye with almost a double image like a burst of pleasure, her own, timed with her lovers. "Oh fuck you're a clever girl aren't you?

She was watching Riley as she spoke, a hand lifting off the table to stroke at the other girls chin. Not that she was able to hold that up for long. Faye was basking under Rhy's praise and gaze, as much as she was Riley's tongue and fingers. Deep inside of herself, Faye felt a flutter ripple down, her walls squeezing tightly against Riley. Not a full orgasm, not by any means, but the first tremors of what would be a liquid hot, messy explosion, she was sure. Something both of her lovers would earn from her at this rate.

"Mmmmhmmm. Fuck. Ha, ahhh," it was a lot to keep track of, her own pleasure, the desire rolling off of Riley and Rhys, the way her Imazdi was barely holding herself together as she sucked down on Faye's clit, causing the lithe woman's leg to visibly shake and tremble, kicking out past the side of Rhys, jerking a bout. It was all so much. Grunting a bit, she ground herself against her lover, but forced her eyes to lock on Rhys. "Let you in on a little secret?"

Yes, she was teasing the man, but she didn't think he minded. Holding his gaze, she told him, "Riley can't exactly speak for herself right now, too busy eating me, but fuck, she thinks's your cock is pretty perfect right now too. You're going to make her come aaaalll undone, Rhys." Something heated and almost needy flashed in her eyes now. "Can you do that for her, Rhys? Can you do that for me?"

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus 

A little muffled giggle was given when Faye called her clever, basking in the simple commendation, the nurse kept up at what pace Rhys was moving himself back and forth inside of her. She could tell the man had picked up on firmness and speed. It made Riley exhale louder onto Fay as she found it increasingly harder to keep her focus on pleasuring the woman before her. She closed her eyes tightly and moaned into Faye louder, sending the vibrations of said moans through her while her body rocked by the firm movements Rhys bestowed upon her.

Faye informed the man of what Riley was feeling and that earned the Betazoid a sharper suck on her sensitive hooded nub. Riley's finger crooking slightly so she could really scrape her fingertips against the inner, warm, velvety walls of her lover. The feeling that had formed in the pit of her stomach grew too much to bear at this point. He eyes rolling back behind closed eyelids while Faye could probably feel perfectly at how her girl became undone.

Riley's legs trembled and she squeezed her thighs together, creating an even tighter sensation for Rhys whilst her walls spasmed and contracted fiercely from one moment in the other. Clamping down around that deliciously, intrusive member, Riley lost herself in the moment and came. Her one hand that held onto Faye's leg gripping hard, nails digging into the skin of her lover while her knuckles would turn white. She didn't tell either of them to stop though, riding out the waves of her pleasurable outcome and feeling her own moistness run down her thighs and legs while some of it coated Rhys on the balls as well. Some of it possibly being smeared open against his thighs while some of it might drip down onto the floor below them.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Under other circumstances the interplay between Riley and Faye would have been amusing to Rhys. The way that they spoke to each other and interacted, just seemed fun. It was the kind of thing to bring a smile to your face. However, Rhys was far too distracted to find anything cute or amusing at the moment. His brain had totally been taken over by lust, his manhood was thorough in charge of everything that was happening to him at this stage.

Rhys knew he would not last much longer. Faye’s comments and looks certainly did not help matters. She knew instinctively what worked on him, well enough to send little shocks straight to the centre of him. Her request that he do all he could to make Riley cum, was one he could not have disobeyed even if he wanted to. He was at the point now, that he would have thrown himself out of an airlock if she asked. He just nodded and redoubled his efforts.

He held Riley’s hips firmly more firmly than he would have done if he were thinking more consciously. Rhys was a gentle soul, but his fingers practically dug into her. His hips slapped hard against hers. His body became drenched in sweat under the exertions and the hot lights of the Disco. When Riley’s orgasm came, just the sounds she made would have been enough to set him off. The feel of her around him squeezing and massaging took him to new heights of delighted pleasure. He closed his eyes and buried himself in her one final time. He let out a long low moan, as they both proceeded to make a mess of each other.

He sagged against her body his legs shaking a little, but he held her tight to. In essence both of them keeping each other up.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Clearly Riley found it quite hot, what Faye was telling Rhys, judging by the way that the girl sucked down on Faye's clit. For a moment the Betazoid's focus slipped, and her mouth hung open in a long, rolling moan. She didn't see stars, but she sure felt that, the pulsing need that radiated up from her lovers pliable lips. Hardly her most graceful expression, but it was honest, open and clearly full of pleasure. Even then, the moan, which had been a single, steady note, wavered and broke,  when Riley's finger pushed along the top walls of Faye's channel, hitting a spot that so many humanoid women, of a variety of species processed.

"Fuck." Classy, it was not. Accurate? Certainly. Encouraging? Faye sure hoped so.

It did not take long for Faye to feel her Paramour reach her peak point. Of the trio, the human woman was the first to succumb, and Faye delighted in feeling that, even as she felt herself dripping into the other woman's moaning mouth. The Betazoid was hardly going to be far behind her Imzadi. Riley couldn't be the only one making a mess of the booth they'd commandeered for their fornication.

In the end, it was the feeling of her partners reaching their orgasms that drove the little telepath past the edge of her internal cliff. She'd hissed out a sharp, "Yes, Rhys when the man had exploded inside of Riley. His name was on her lips a she let her head tilt back and stopped trying so hard to hold herself together for the others. Though she had fun up to that point, she wanted to feel for herself what the others had experienced, and bathing in their actions, as well as their emotions, she did just that.

Faye had heard the expression, a toe curling orgasm, a toe curling scream, a toe curling this or that, time and again.  A little cliché, perhaps, to describe something in that fashion, but as Faye fell back onto the table top, going limp on the table, she had to giggle. The sound of her crying out still echoed in her ears, and bounced about the dance room, mixing with the heavy pulsing beat the automated DJ Program had conjured up. Her legs had clamped tightly against Riley's face as she'd cum, coating the girls cheeks with her juices, squeezing hard, and yes - her toes had curled. They were, in fact, still twitching; at least on her left foot, as she threw her right hand over her face and panted. She was coated in sweat, her humbled bust jiggling as she gasped down air, laughter and pleasure making themselves known to the room. After a moment, she muttered to the others - without moving her arm, or looking down her body at the duo joined at the hip, barely able to stand,

"Do you think anyone heard us?"

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Disco Lounge | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Brutus 

It seemed like one's orgasm cascaded the other to orgasm and much like a domino effect it spread to Faye in the end. Riley could feel Rhys first riding out her orgasm before he spilled over into his own orgasm. The warm flush of his seed being injected into her loins and she loved the feeling truly. It felt nothing short of perfect in the moment. Faye wasn't that far behind as she came into Riley's mouth, the nurse lapping up and eating her Imzadi out as good as she could while she could still feel Rhys buried inside of her, trapping his seed.

Being held in position by Faye's legs, Riley just drank and licked away before she could break free of the hold. She licked her way up, tasting Faye's sweat on her abdomen. Teasing her breasts and nipples with her tongue and lips, Riley came to lay on top of Faye, pressing their sweaty bodies against one another. She did reach behind her, tugging Rhys along, not wanting him to slip out of her just yet. Riley had to laugh at Faye's question and she wiggled her hips a little, only causing for friction for Rhys inside of her before she stood up and slowly slipped Rhys' member out of her. She turned around after that to face Rhys, the cum already drizzling down her thigh, down her legs for him and Faye to see.

"Thanks for that Rhys... Don't be a stranger." she grinned, whispering it sultry while she cupped his cheek and got on her toes to kiss him on the lips, letting him taste Faye in the moment as well. She'd deepen the kiss, her tongue dancing against his lips, seeking permission or giving him the chance to probe his tongue against hers to taste Faye even better. Her one hand had wet fingers and she marked Rhys' cheek with Faye's moistness while she sat down on her lover's lap, the slick semen of Rhys now pooling into Faye's lap as well.

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