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[Selena Ravenholm | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan

Oh yes… Selena purred, Thea was very warm indeed.  Pressed up against the bulkhead, unwilling if not unable to move, the woman’s lips responded to her holographic partner’s.  Parting and closing with each little suck at first, the need built quickly and moments later she parted her lips enough to reach out with her tongue.  To her surprise, Thea’s programmers had spared no detail, her mouth felt just as real as the rest of her once she was past those beautiful lips.

Biological skin tingled wherever holographic hands slid across it and it was driving Selena mad.  She pushed back against Thea with her hips, grinding their pelvises together.  She could feel herself getting wet and her skin started to flush.  Breathing heavily Selena had to break off the kiss just long enough to get some air before she accidentally inhaled Thea’s tongue.  Opening her eyes she stared intently at her partner with a feral grin spreading on her face.  “Confirmed enough for you?”  Before Thea could respond Selena gently pressed her hands in the back of her head and pulled for another heavy kiss.  There was nothing subtle about things now and before too long the sounds of their sucking lips was audible over the bathtub’s faucet.

Without warning, Selena pushed Thea off and towards the tub, the grin returning to her face, but this time with a mischievous bent.  “Come on, we don’t want all that water to go to waste.”  Mechanical hips swayed as Selena stepped up next to Thea again, dipping her hand into the warm water.  Pulling it out a moment later she ran one finger across Thea’s lips towards her chin, water running down her arm to drip onto their feet and deck.  “Warm enough for you?”  At the same time, her other hand reached down to cup the hologram between the legs, her thumb rubbing a gentle circle just above Thea’s clit.  “If not, we may just have to heat it up.”

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Officers Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya
Thea lost herself completely in the motions, in the feelings she harbored towards the development, in the sensations of Selena against her projected body. She couldn't help but moan in response to the feeling of her friend's thigh grinding against her sex - the sensory mapping very dense in that area of her digital body.

Fortunately, her crew was not in constant need of her undivided attention, most processes automated, because the development was at the forefront of her processes - everything else faded into the background. Of course, the crew would be none the wiser. Her pleasure was not manifesting itself in other ways aboard her, since that could have constituted a risk to her entire operation. Thea was quite happy about that fail-safe in her subroutines at that time.

When Selena eventually pushed at her a little, Thea opened her eyes - her lips a bit bruised by the intense exchange that had ended. Feeling them with her fingertips, she was reminded how thorough Lin Kae had been. Her fingers were replaced by Selena's and she enjoyed the sensation of warm water against her lips, so much thats he kissed those metal fingers - even closing her lips around the index one.

Nothing could quite prepare her for what came next, however, when Selena's other hand closed over her sex. She let out a whimper, and put both her own hands on Selena's shoulders to keep herself upright - her knees almost giving out when her most sensitive area was stimulated like that. Slowly, she undulated her hips against her friend's hand, and moaned deeply - the sensory bliss overwhelming her. She was so grateful that she wanted to do something in return. The easiest way was to copy Selena's actions, and ran one hand down her front - a finger soon sliding along the wet folds between her artificial legs.

"Come, sit on the edge..." she suggested in a thick voice, and put one foot into the water, stepping into the bath. She might have stepped out of reach for Selena's ministrations, sinking down into the water and enjoying how it felt against her projection, but the majority of her attention was on her friend, who she wanted to please with her mouth. While she had no sense of smell, O'Riley yet to install the olfactory sensors in her emitter, she did have digital tastebuds, and she dearly wanted to taste Selena right then.

So, with her lower body in the water, Thea hoped to help Selena sit on the edge with her feet in the bath, and Thea began would preform the cunnilingus - something she had yet to do. She quickly loaded whatever information on technique she had in her database and began to preform it on her friend, finding the taste of her another wonder to process. She looked up at her friend to make sure her technique was to her satisfaction.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan

Selena was surprised at how sensitive Thea was.  Just the slightest of touch against her clit nearly dropped the hologram into her arms, but even if they were technically projections her arms felt quite real.  Selena smiled at the sounds Thea made, and she twitched in response when she mirrored the cyborg’s vaginal ministrations.  Thanks to the earlier grindings she was already quite wet giving Thea an easy time down there, her finger finding minimal resistance.

It didn’t last that long though, Thea was clearly ready to move on to the next phase when she stepped back just enough to step into her bathtub with those long legs of hers, one holographic hand holding Selena’s mechanical one.  Selena didn’t need a second invitation, she eagerly climbed in herself and sat on the edge as requested.  Watching her friend as she settled into position in the water, mechanical legs spread apart to give Thea all the access she could want between her legs.

Thanks to the fact that her legs wouldn’t grow hair of their own, Selena kept her mound perfectly shaved so there nothing to block Thea’s view.  Her folds weren’t very large, when she stood all that was visible was just a slit, but straight on like they were now they were plain to see, complete with the little nub of a clit sitting at the top, already exposed.  Gripping the tub’s sides for support, Selena was ready.

The moment Thea’s tongue made contact her head flew back as she hissed in pleasure.  Both halves of her mind were at war right now: the rational knew that it was just a forcefield sliding along her sex and sucking on her clit, but the emotional knew that this woman was an expert at this.  The tub groaned under the stress from her mechanical fingers’ tightening grip, and her toes curled under the water.  “Oh…oh god…Thea…” was all she could say, the rest of the sounds escaping her throat nothing but primal growls and moans.  It won’t take long at this rate…

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Officers Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya
Even though her mind did not operate fully like any organic one, the synapses of her digital thought process not made inside the organic matter of a human brain in the way it had when Ishtar had transformed her, Thea had actually been organic in nature for a brief time. The experience had progressively changed her personality, in how she knew exactly what an organic mind worked like, even in extreme situations of battle. Or, like in this case, during close intimacy with another.

So, even if it was her emotion chip and her processors that computed the external stimli upon her sensor mapping, and she applied herself to derive the best kind of technique to incite her friend's pleasure by using her database, the situation was entirely dominated by her emotional commitment. She reacted, more and more, like any organic might when exposed to pleasure, for example. She reacted to hurt and grief, anger and frustration, in a way an organic might, because she'd been one, and had emulated the way an organic mind functioned in such reactions. It was not even a completely conscious choice of hers. More like a deep wish to be more like the people aboard her, and her A.I. taking measures to establish the missing pieces of the puzzle. If Ishtar hadn't made her a real woman... Thea doubted she'd been the same as she was now, with Selena, engaging in sexual activities of her own free will and enjoyment.

Before Ishtar, she had merely been a puppet of the infected, orbiting over Niga. Lin Kae gave her free will, but she had no means to know what she wanted. Now, she did.

Right now, she wanted Selena.

So, she continued what she did, wanting her friend to come, and in order to do so, she raised a hand between Selena's spread legs, and began to probe inside her - two fingers thrusting slowly along the tight passage of her friend's wet sex. Thea also continued to flick her tongue over that sensitive nub, hoping Selena felt as good as Thea wanted her to do.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

The more Thea’s tongue moved across her clit, the more Selena lost herself in the moment.  Time dragged to a standstill, she could feel each wave of pleasure ripple up from her groin, flesh goosepimpling across her entire organic body.  A few moments later the tub’s frame started to buckle under her fingers when the ecstasy reached new heights with Thea’s digits finding their way inside.  A primal moan escaped her throat louder than the metallic scraping of her toes along the tub’s bottom, distorted by the water.  In seconds Thea had hit a button that Selena had long ignored, and her reward was a sudden rush of sweet fluid drenching her face and hand.  Selena’s insides spasmed around the holographic fingers, pulling them like they were being milked.

Coming down from her high, Selena could finally open her eyes again, looking down to Thea with one of the most beautiful smiles she could muster, eyes shining in pleasure.  She slid off of the edge into the water, straddling her lover and resting on the top of her legs.  Taking both of Thea’s hands in her own, their fingers intertwined to take both pairs out of play for the moment.    Selena gently rubbed her sensitive groin against Thea’s taught torso, teasing the hologram some more while they kissed yet again.  “Your turn...” she purred, freeing her right hand so that she could dip it in the water between them.  Tracing a line down Thea’s belly, Selena’s fingers made their way as low as they could, thumb and pinky resting on top of her thigh as a bridge.  Sliding off of Thea’s legs so that she wouldn’t be in the way, the back of Selena’s mechanical fingers reached between Thea’s bent legs to rub against her sex, teasing the flesh beyond.  Bringing their still entwined hands to her lips, Selena kissed the fleshy knuckles, each one in turn getting her attention.

Watching the other woman’s reactions, she knew when it was time to take the next step.  Letting go and pulling back to give Thea some room, Selena gestured for her to turn around.  As she did so, Selena watched the way her muscles moved, an exact replica of how a flesh and blood person’s would do so.  She made a mental not to send some thanks to Daystrom Institute, they clearly spared no detail.  Admiring the breathtaking curves of her partner’s back, Selena scooted forward once again, wrapping her arm around her stomach in a brief hug before snaking it up to gently grip a breast.  Her other palmed one of the shapely cheeks, her thumb tracing a small circle in the flesh before she reached between her legs, cupping her sex once again.

Instead of a circle, Selena’s thumb ran the length of Thea’s lips, back to front, ending each stroke with a gentle flick of the clitoris.  Before too long though, she stopped teasing the hologram, and pressed against her opening, her thumb easily slipping between the folds,  rubbing rapidly, she leaned forward for some extra leverage before pulling out.  Before Thea could respond, two fingers slipped right in, immediately pumping in and out.  Selena’s ring finger played with the nub at the same time.  Leaning forward and raising on her knees enough for her own bosom to press on her partners’s back, Selena nibbled on the tip of an ear before whispering into it.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Officers Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya
Thea was gratified to see how pleased her friend was, the reaction to her ministrations evident and loud. The display of her seizure, added with the female ejaculation, explosively secreted unto her, and the loud cry, it was a lot to take in, and Thea's eyes widened as much as she smiled. Her sensory mapping was bathed by the warmth of the fluid, competing with that of the bathing water she was partially submerged in. Careful afterwards, knowing how sensitive her friend ought to be, Thea vacated her fingers from Selena and welcomed her down into the water with a thorough kiss.

Her cybernetically enhanced lover then said it was Thea's turn, and she opened her eyes a little, the anticipation making her faux breathing shallow against the organic lips. The touch of the metallic hand was sublime in contrast with the warmth of the water, and Thea shivered in response, biting her lower lip. "There is so much sensory input..."

And then, she was asked to turn around... and Thea knew it to be a playful development in their newfound intimacy. She smiled, and did as asked, turning with her back towards Selena and feeling her take the initiative. The data-flow made her eyes flutter shut and she moaned quietly when those artificial hands roamed her body. Once fully in position, it didn't take long before Selena made good on her innuendos, and entered Thea.

"Oh..." she managed, feeling that thumb begin to knead the photonic flesh of her inner walls. She glanced over her shoulder, managing a trembling smile, shivering in need for more. She knew, of course, that what she felt was what Ensign Skye Carver would have felt, but in order to bridge reality to the things felt during the Ishtar incident, it was a perfectly satisfactory solution.

It didn't take long until Thea began to rock against those fingers, undulating her hips to get more sensory input and to feel her digital arousal increase. she could feel Selena's bare body against her back, and tried to meet her eye. If she could reach her, she'd kiss her too, even if her hooded eyes and sounds ought to have been enough to show her friend how much she enjoyed it.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan

Pumping her two fingers in and out of Thea’s slippery pussy, Selena gave the holographic woman a smile when she turned to look at her.  From the look on Thea’s face Selena couldn’t be certain that she could see much, her eyes were clearly losing focus behind those eyelids.  Then she remembered that Thea didn’t need her eyes to see, the sensors in the room gives her a better view than even her own implants allow her.  Reaching forward to close the gap, Selena pressed her lips into Thea’s hungrily.  Her fingers moved faster, the tips waggling a bit inside to stroke Thea’s inner walls.

Sucking on Thea’s lower lip Selena pulled back, playfully tugging that tasteful lip with her.  Giggling like a schoolgirl, cybernetic eyes met simulated ones for a few moments.  She wondered what was going on in that positronic brain of Thea’s, how much of it was focused on them, just what she was feeling right now.  The woman knew how she felt, she could feel the shadow of Thea’s fingers in her own tunnel, forcefield on flesh.  Now it was synthetics on forcefield, and she gave Thea’s breast a playful squeeze to drive the thought home.

Slowing her thrusts a bit, Selena changed her focus a touch.  Letting her fingers slip in and out of Thea unconsciously she starting using her thumb to trace a circle around Thea’s nipple.  Feeling the texture of her simulated skin, the sheer oddity of the situation fully dawned on the woman.  Here was a hologram getting pet by a woman with mechanical arms.  One’s feelings were programmed by copying the neural patterns of another woman, the other based on memories from before the amputation.  With such a lack of “real” stimuli, were these senses a simulation as well, a product of computer technology?  It was a question that would drive the careers of philosophers, and with a nipple squeezed between two fingers, Selena set the thoughts aside.

It all certainly felt real to her.

Kissing the back of Thea’s neck, Selena slid her arm back down her torso, holding her tight for what was about to come.  “Ready for a shock?” she moaned.  Without waiting for a reply pinky and ring fingers plunged into Thea’s slick tunnel, and at the same time her thumb pressed against her anal ring.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Officers Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya
Thea believed she was about to have a sensory overload when her friend shifted her hand, feeling those new fingers delving deep into her simulated sex... and the thumb prodding her anal entrance.

"Sele...ah!" she moaned, not having expected her to tease that sensitive part of her digital body as well, but... she found herself enjoying it well enough, and thus learned that Ensign Carver had been enjoying it too. She groaned and shifted against Selena in the water, pushing back against those fingers whilst on all four in the rising bathwater. She couldn't help but feel her eyes flutter shut as she began to rhythmically push back against Selena, spearing herself on those metal digits of hers.

Her breasts were aching, firmer by anticipation and desire, and having Selena caressing her front only made it all the better, this first bout of true intimacy between them. And soon enough, the water was slopping over the side of the bath by their movements, which were gradually more tumultuous the closer Thea actually got to that sensory overload - pending and so close.

"I'm g-going to," she managed, her false breath rapid in the imminent release, the onslaught from her emotion ship hitting her holographic matrix the next moment. "Aahhh!" She cried out, convulsing in response to Selena's fingers, her openings clamping down hard unto that invasive, delightful hand of hers. The digital orgasm hit her hard, laying waste to her body control, and yet she remained with Selena until the first wave of it abated. Even in the aftermath, she lingered, leaning back to kiss Selena hard, and shifting around in the water to embrace her.

With the water encompassing them both, Thea wrapped her arms around her friend and kissed her deeply - still shivering in clear gratitude for indulging her in her need to feel alive again, like an organic would.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan

Wrapping her metal arms around Thea in kind, Selena couldn’t help but smile as they kissed, an interesting sensation since her face muscles wanted to pull in different directions at the same time.  Somehow she managed not to giggle like a little girl getting away with something naughty, Thea’s shivering kept her grounded enough to drive home just how real this was for the hologram.

Holding Thea tightly, Selena felt for the heartbeat that she’d expected with her own bosom, all of her senses focusing on the spot in Thea’s chest where a biological human would have their thumping heart.  Her ears and eyes got glimpses of water spilling over the sides of the tub but she didn’t care one bit about that.  Metal fingers played with Thea’s hair, soaked locks wrapping around individual digits while fingertips brushed against the back of her slick neck.  Finally, the need to breathe forced Selena to pull back and out of the kiss, one of the small weaknesses of being a biological sentient.

Studying Thea’s face, Selena could see the new depths behind those wonderful eyes of hers, and Selena had to smile at that.  Ever since Starbase 84 they’d all been in a bit of a funk, Thea included, so to see her regain that sense of liveliness that set her apart from other holograms brought untold joy to the cyborg.  That she helped Thea break those old boundaries once again was an accomplishment she could take pride in, on multiple levels.  More immediately though, there was a bit of a mess to clean up.

Reluctantly untangling herself from Thea, Selena pushed backwards to where the soaps and other implements were kept.  Picking a bottle at random she squeezed a good amount into her palm and rubbed it all over her upper chest, making a bit of a show of it with a wink added in.  It was a shame the soap only had a basic scent, but considering that was Thea’s one weakness it was understandable.  “Want me to get your back?”


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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Officers Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya
Parting at last from Selena in their shared moment, Thea enjoyed the look in her friend's eyes when she opened her own - seeing how very pleased she was about what she'd done to Thea. Truthfully, it was good to be herself again, as she'd come to know her existence as a photonic projection, and even better to share the moment with Selena.

It seemed her friend was very much enjoying herself too, given the display she put on when she fetched the soap. It made Thea chuckle, and she shifted closer, stealing another kiss before turning her back towards her.

"Gladly," she said in a thick voice, and she knew they were far from finished with their bath. At least she knew she'd enjoy it for a good while longer, provided that there was no water leaking into Selena's cybernetic parts. As for herself, she had a fully charged mobile emitter, and she intended to make good use of it before she had to get it recharged.


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