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Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Skye/Kae)

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Well so far things weren't horrible, just ... different.  She'd never wanted to be with a woman but didn't mind that other women enjoyed each other.  It was a very personal thing and she always believed if two people could enjoy themselves that it shouldn't matter their gender.  And yet as she tended to Kae in her own body, she wondered if this was how Andrus had seen her.

Skye knew Kae wasn't a virgin but there was still such an innocence to him which reflected in the eyes.  Breaking through the lustful feelings was a protectiveness, a need to make sure he wasn't scared or overly traumatized.  The way her body was responding was just like her first time and then again with Andrus on his ship and she realized it wasn't always the body that attracted ... but the mind.

Giving the breast a soft kiss, 'Kae' rose up and nuzzled 'Skye's' neck.  "It varies from lover to lover and how it's being done," the soft and reassuring voice floated over the ear.  "I'm usually the one guys like for the rougher stuff but there have been sweet times and it would be a truth to say those were some of the most incredible feelings I've ever had."  A moment or two passed as 'Kae' let 'Skye's' body just simmer, bringing the hand up to softly touch the face and lips.

"I'm sorry I was rushing, just wanting to get through this and try to be me again.  Neither one of us could be prepared for something like this but I don't want to hurt you and most of all I don't want to lose a friend."  Tears actually came to 'Kae's' eyes.  "I know I can go out and get laid without problems but a friend, a real friend, is really special and I don't have many.  If you're not comfortable with this, I'll back off and take a cold shower and you can do what you need to do to help yourself.  If anyone could be put in my body, I'm glad it was you because I know you'd treat it with dignity and respect."

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"It's okay.  I think it's better if you do it.  You know what you need."  He knew that, wanted to see her body get the release it begged for, Skye's form paining for it.  It actually hurt to hold back, so he was letting go, letting Skye do what she wished with his body to make her own feel relief once again.  Just as she had never wanted to be with another woman, he didn't wish to be with another guy.  He barely dodged that bullet once before during the ship-wide infection.  He had come dangerously close to being taken by an infected male, only for Thea to make a rather timely rescue.  That left a deep aversion in his mind, one that prevented him from doing anything for Skye, from touching even his own body in a sexual way while he wasn't in it.

"Do you think . . . you're ready?"  He knew his body was, could see it from the tent being pitched in his pants.  He was referring to Skye's body, if she suspected hers was primed for the most important aspect.  They could take off the final pieces of clothing necessary, join together and end the needs of their bodies.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad once they were one, the act might be more enjoyable then the feelings inside them at that moment.  Kae even went as far as to start pushing down Skye's pants and underwear, exposing what laid beneath to her, yet he never looked down himself, being a gentleman about it.  He wasn't using the strange circumstance as an opportunity to get a look at her naked body.

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"And what about what YOU need, Kae?"  That street runs both ways you know.  Then he was asking if she was ready and a very Skye-like smirk turned up 'Kae's' lip.  "I'm almost always ready," she stated granting that there were times she might decline the opportunity.

Watching him trying to undress without looking, 'Kae' tapped a finger on 'Skye's' nose.  "I trust you enough to look.  Lord knows I looked at your body but I sort of had to," she stated indicating the need taken care of in the bathroom.  "And you can make fun of my body too, run around giggling and bouncing if you feel the need."

She'd flown solo plenty, especially on Nimbus III when Eve and Lucan were enjoying themselves, so it didn't seem too strange to start touching her body there again.  It was just a matter of position perspective and a little different from stroking her lover's members.  "Just relax and think of it as a science project maybe ... but not too hard or it'll take longer."

Closing her eyes helped and so 'Kae' did as his fingers lightly stroked the inner thigh, inching closer until finally he fingers touched that tender area and slipped in just far enough to start teasing the clit.  Slowly the finger circled it, giving the mind enough time to acclimate to the sensations yet undoubtedly felt the need for more.

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Skye's hips bucked with each touch that was given, instinctively trying to fight off the contact.  It was far too easy to lose one's self to the act, Kae already breathing sharp and fast from just that little bit.  "Sorry.  It just . . . kinda freaks me out," he explained, though he didn't ask for it to stop.  Whether it freaked him out or not, it was an enjoyable touch.  "K-keep going."

He tried to relax, to keep still, while Skye continued to pleasure her own body in the way that only she knew.  Her touch was soft, tender, exactly the opposite of how she said she would normally be treated by lovers.  He could see it.  She was tough, she was a fighter.  Most men would have thought she wanted a strong man, not a soft one.  Maybe this was good for her, to make sure her body got what it needed, even if she didn't feel it.

"Mmm," her voice escaped from closed lips, Kae able to get lost in it.  He was just a passenger for this trip, he knew that much.  She was doing so much, it only seemed fitting he returned the favor.  Just as Skye took her own pleasure into her hands, he would do the same, reaching her strong yet feminine hands out to caress along the pants of his body, silently offering to do what shouldn't be wrong to him.  Skye was touching "herself", so he could do the same, provide Skye some relief.

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"I understand," 'Kae' whispered and he knew she was pretty much freaking out in her mind as well.  Skye was used to having to fly by the seat of her pants though, had to have that mindset of flying into anything even if it meant death.  Though it was certainly mindbending, this was hardly anything that seemed headed to such negative things and in fact she was starting to enjoy the sensations.

'Kae's' mouth trailed kisses along those lips and cheek, nuzzled the neck and shifted down to gently suckle as a finger teased that pleasure node then touched at the entrance.  The tip of the finger delved in gingerly and the thumb took over the finger's previous job.  Skye thought about how she treated herself and how Andrus had treated her, utilizing both of those to try to ease Kae's need.

So focused on pleasing her body, the grasp on the hard member brought a sensation that nearly made her pass out.  It was like all the blood drained from her face to rush down and she could feel the pulse in the manhood and ears.  "Holy shit," she breathed over the breast.  She had plenty of practice pleasing a man but suddenly she saw an opportunity to better understand what a man likes.

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It truly was an exceptional moment that few in the galaxy had an opportunity to experience.  A gender swap allowed them to come to understand the opposite sex all the better.  Skye got to learn what things pleased a man, while kae got to do the same to a woman.  Everyone was different. But the insight was not something that could be easily hushed away as impractical.  From what Kae had felt so far, the female side of the equation certainly did have some things going for them.  The nipples were much more sensitive, as was the chest area entirely, thanks to the generous about of breast that Skye had been born with.  Then there was that clit, which seemed connected to every pleasure zone of her body, stimulating her from head to toe when touched just the right way.  Kae's most significant stimulation came after release, in which further teasing of the tip was heightened after a climax.  Maybe Skye would get to know that feeling, once they had pushed things farther.

Skye was strong, her body having little trouble giving a bit of roughness to the stroking her body was giving Kae's member.  Even though he was himself quite weak, a man's length could take quite a bit, the firmness only adding to the pleasure, so long as it wasn't rubbed the wrong way.  A bit of tension could speed along a man, get him to climax much more swiftly then a woman could.  The build-up had to be noticeable for Skye, but she couldn't have known just when the orgasm would hit, would be left blindsided by the peak of pleasure which ended so quickly, not prolonged like a woman's climax.  Still, it would be enough to make her understand why men sometimes couldn't control themselves, why they so badly wanted to reach that peak.

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It was completely overwhelming, no deliriously wonderful drifting about before finally coming back to her senses.  Her own body had released and then was able to focus on stroking that thing which she loved so much only it was sort of attached to her mind now.  Before she knew it, there was a sensation so much like pain in those balls as they seemed to clench and then it was like the life was draining out in violent spurts.  'Kae's' teeth clenched and every time a jet shot out there was a grunt and gasp to get enough breath for the next.

"Daaaaaammmmmn," came a dazed voice from under the hand that had slapped onto the face and then ... giggling.  Very feminine giggling at that.  What little of the face could be seen was flushed not just from exertion but perhaps for the first time since she was a little girl, Skye felt embarrassed.  "Now I see why they say if a guy sneezed when he jizzed that he'd die," she said all the while snickering.  Thankfully though the body was now flaccid and not causing any issues to distract her mind.  "Soooooo ... that little twist at the end ... glad to know I had that one right at least."

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Skye was done, her mind freed from the swell of testosterone in Kae's body.  All that remained was her own body to be finished off, which was not far off if he had to guess.  Skye knew her body better then anyone, and even if Kae lacked in physical strength, he at least had slightly larger hands, longer fingers, that she could employ as a weapon against her own body.  With a man, it was a rapid ascension to the peak and a quick drop down, but Kae was finding it was a much smoother trip for women.  The sensations he felt drifted upward at a steady pace, though that pace grew faster with time.  The peak was much longer too, long enough for Skye's voice, sounding even more feminine then usual from Kae, let out three successive moans, spaced a half second apart and lasting a total of about eight seconds before he could call her orgasm officially over.  After that, there was a smooth descend to normalcy, accompanied by a satisfied laugh.  Wow, it was like it was natural for that laugh to escape, not something women just did for the sake of it.  It eased the last bit of build-up out of them, like an exhale would be used to discard bad air to let in more good.

"I think 'Damn' is a fair assertion," he agreed, finding his experience to be as equally incredible as Skye's had been.  "Your body is incredible.  I'm used to an orgasm only lasting about a second before the cool-down.  That one was . . . well, longer."

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"It's an incredible feeling but even better if it's with someone you love," Skye stated wistfully, showing that maybe there had been at least one man who'd gotten more than her body.  "Sometimes there's just a release, then times it's really good ... but when you're with someone really special there's nothing that compares."

Part of her had hoped maybe if they did this that they would switch back but she was still there inside his body.  Impulsively, she reached over and kissed her own lips but it wasn't sexual, more of a friendly and playful little peck.  "I have to admit this one was really good though obviously quite different.  Just ... we're still friends ... right?"

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"Of course we are.  If anything, I guess we're a lot closer now."  They had quite literally lived in each other's skin now.  Like Skye, kae theorized they might be able to reverse the process by giving into temptation, but it had met with failure.  What if this was permanent?  What if he was going to be in Skye's body forever?  And her in his?  How would they explain to their colleagues, friends and family?  For that matter, how would they ever be able to have a normal relationship again?  Both of them were purely heterosexual, but with a gender swap, things were much more complicated now.

"There's still one more thing we could try.  That."  He had to mention, had to think that Skye was considering it too.  Sure, they both got a release, but they hadn't been joined.  What if that was what it might take.  Just the thought of it had Skye's body heating up again, slowly building up that same need he had been feeling inside her before. By the Prophets, her body is incorrigible!

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'Kae's' stomach rumbled and Skye wondered why hers didn't as well until she saw that look in the eyes.  "I was going to say it could be we're meant to do other things, like eating breakfast rather than each other," 'Kae' said with a very Skye-like purse of lips.  "Or I could go down to the hydroponics bay and roll around in the dirt," she teased.

She remembered how he tried to stay so clean and was skittish about being in odd environs.  Maybe she could dash through them and show him he'd be okay to have a little silly fun in a place that wasn't sterile.  It was also stalling rather than saying she thought they broke his manhood since it wasn't even remotely trying to rise again.

Propping up on the elbow, 'Kae' looked down at 'Skye' and had that far away look though was obviously contemplating things.  "If you want to I'll try ... just don't laugh and say I look like I'm trying to hump a butteryfly okay?"  Talk about performance issues!  Her next lover was not going to be molested too soon, leaving him enough time to recuperate.

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Her comment about the hydroponics bay brought a look to Skye's face, one she probably remembered as the one she would give her own mother when the woman tried to disapprove of something she was wearing.  "Be careful with my body.  I know I developed an immune system, but I didn't have one for a long time.  I don't know how it would react to contagions or illness."  He still remembered those days spent in isolation, only the holograms to keep him company.  "I remember when I was a kid, my parents would come to see me.  My dad would erect a force field between us, and the only way I could touch my mother was by pressing my hand to same place as he, the force field between us.  There were holographic versions of my parents to take care of me, but when I saw my real mom, I could see she was hurting.  She didn't have a holographic son to love."

He never spoke to people about those trying times, how they had effected him.  The talk brought his mind elsewhere, saved him from the need that had been building in Skye's body.  Maybe she was right, that they should get dressed and fill their stomachs, try to take the sexual element out and focus elsewhere, even if there were no results from doing so.

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"Okaaaaaaaay, no rolling in the mud," 'Kae' replied like a disappointed child.  Skye would have teased him a little more but he started to reminisce about his childhood.  She hadn't realized the depth of what he had been through and it made her sad that he hadn't had human contact, especially with his parents.

"Hey, if you ever need an organic to punch on you just call me okay?  At least as long as I'm in my body because I've got a pretty good idea what a punch from it would feel like," she tried to smile and hopefully make him feel a little better.  Without a care, 'Kae' stood and picked up the clothes before going into the bathroom to clean up a little.

"Alright, breakfast time and we'll just wing it as we go."  In another act of silliness, 'Kae' offered a crooked elbow for 'Skye' to take.  "May I escort you to the galley?  And before I forget, what do you normally eat?  I go for the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant and coffee, cream and sugar," she informed him.  Those first few steps were awkward and the hips wriggled a bit sinuously but things adjusted on their own so things didn't get squished again.

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Kae also took the time to dress Skye's body properly, compulsively adjusting it until it was wrinkle free.  He knew women valued their presentation, and he wouldn't do anything to cause harm to hers.  A quick glance in the mirror, something else that took getting used to, and her hair was made as close to how she normally wore it as he could get it.  Breakfast did sound good when Skye mentioned it, not realizing how hungry he actually was.  "I usually like to just get some Groatcakes with Syrup of Squill," he told her.  It was the closest Bajoran equal to pancakes, while Syrup of Squill was one of the most favored of toppings on nearly any breakfast food ever devised.  It was good for satisfying any sort of sweet tooth one might wake up with in the morning.

Both ready, Kae linked arms with Skye, helping to keep her balanced as she learned to walk with something dangling between her legs.  Kae had learned to walk with his thighs spaced a bit apart, lessening how much the clothes rubbed against inappropriate places.  "Okay, so something to eat, and then we get back to the drawing boards on how we can fix this problem.  Agreed?"

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"Sounds good though quill ... sounds soooo much like squid," 'Kae' giggled and then cleared the throat realizing Kae didn't giggle.  "Agreed," came a closer tone to what the young man normally used.  As they walked along, Skye was muttering quietly to him so no one would really hear them.  "So who do you think we should go to?  The captain or maybe the first officer?"

At one point Skye forgot the switch and 'Kae's' head turned to watch one of the crew walk away, eyes fixed on the retreating derriere.  Then a soft raspberry sounded as 'he' faced forward.  "Forgot for a minute," he grumbled and then looked at 'Skye' with a little grin.  "I know ... is there a particular lady you're interested in?  I might could break the ice a little for you," offering to at least get Kae's foot in someone's door if he wished.

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"You never had Syrup of Squill?  It's practically a delicacy!"  As they walked the halls, Kae explained how the Squill trees were some of the finest in the quadrant.  There had been a scare a few years back about a shortage of the syrup, only for it to later be discovered a hoax, devised by the creators in order to drive up prices.  "My mom used to get the stuff shipped in all the time.  She never had time for replicated food when it came to Groatcakes and syrup of Squill.  She was originally from Bajor, but we spent the first fourteen years of my life on a Starbase.  Breakfast time was a point in the day she held onto from back home.  She kind of instilled it in me too; as long as I can have that breakfast, I never have to feel homesick."

Arriving in the galley, they parted arms, walking a bit more casually, as expected of Starfleet officers.  There would be talk if they were seen arm-in-arm like that.  The talk of who to see was left alone until they ate.  They would find someone on duty then.  The other question, about any ladies he might be interested in, brought some blush to Skye's cheeks.  "I'm just . . . keeping my focus on my work.  Since the Captain named me in charge of developing and maintaining Thea's holographic systems, I have been pretty busy, especially thanks to that idea you gave me."  He had mentioned Skye inspiring an idea on Nimbus III, but never went into more then that.  He didn't intend on boring the Ensign, knowing his engineering work wouldn't have been much interest to a fighter pilot.

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"Well I may have and just not known it," 'Kae' stated with a little shrug.  "I've tried so many things that sometimes it all just blends together.  Tell you what though, let's get both and split them ... sort of make our own breakfast tradition.  Maybe we can meet more often for breakfast and other times," she offered.

Kae would be able to tell it was a genuinely friendly overture, a chance to just have a good friend to share some time with now and then.  The lips pursed when 'Skye' let go of the arm and then a snicker sounded.  "I don't care what people say and neither should you.  Friends back home walked around like that all the time."

After they ordered their meal and sat down, 'Kae' gave a very Skye-like look implying "I swear I'm gonna smack ya."  Taking a sip of coffee, those eyes were a bit hawk-like until finally she said "You work entirely too hard and deserve to have some fun and unwind, especially with someone who catches your eye."

"You know you never really said what it was I inspired," a fork wagged at 'Skye'.  "I may not be up on all the techno-babble but I'd like to know.  It's not often I inspire a great mind."  Thankfully the voice was pitched low so no one would be alerted yet to the strangeness of their situation.

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Sharing a meal with someone sounded nice.  Most days, he would have replicated something and eaten it in the holodeck control room, just so he didn't have to stop his research or his experiments in holography.  The days he did actually eat in the galley, he took one of the smaller tables, usually only having to share when the place was full, during which conversation was normally kept to a minimum.  It was quiet, gave him time to keep thinking, even when he wasn't near a console to keep working.  "I don't just work to escape from everything.  I enjoy my work.  I grew up with holograms, see them as no different then a flesh-and-blood human sitting across from me.  I don't like that they are just meaningless things that people turn on and off, use for enjoyment.  They can be so much more.  Look at Thea, all that she does on this ship.  A light doesn't turn on, a door doesn't open without her having some effect on it.  Since I freed her from her programming, all those things became taxing on her.  I had to reprogram all these things to be like stimulus to her; she can do them without even having to think about it any longer."

When Skye asked about his inspiration, he decided to let her in on the secret he had been working on.  "Remember the Voyager EMH?  How they acquired that 29th Century technology that allowed him to be present in places without holographic emitters?"  It was one of the biggest pieces of talk to come from the ship once news of them had reached the Alpha quadrant.  The infamous Mobile Emitter had become as storied as the advanced nature of the Doctor it was attached to.  "I think I figured out how to possibly make one of those.  The version I came up with is a lot more primitive, but if it works, then it would allow Holographic beings to move freely.  No more being confined to areas with active emitters.  They could even leave the ship behind and take part in away missions."

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'Kae' nodded, clearly understanding his feelings about holographic people and even she hadn't actually thought of Thea too much as something to shut off and turn back on whenever needed.  "Trust me I understand and have had more than a few runs through holodecks that weren't flight simulations.  It's just ... you're a really nice guy and some of us organics would enjoy spending time with you."

He was definitely passionate about Thea and it brought a bittersweet smile on 'Kae's' face.  "I think Thea has probably surpassed a lot of people's expectations and I sure as hell was glad she could help when I made it back to ... that mess.  I've always wanted to sit down and have a drink with her to thank her though I know she's far too busy for something that ... trivial."

The hesitancy over his idea brought a hand over to rest over 'Skye's' hand, a reassuring pat encouraging him.  When it was all out, 'Kae' smiled brightly.  "That would definitely be wonderful and what an accomplishment when you make it happen."  Forgetting herself for a moment, 'Kae' wriggled girlishly in his seat as he took a bite of his favorite breakfast.  "Mmmmygodthisissogood," 'Kae' mumbled and started to lick the syrup off the fork in an unconsciously seductive manner.

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Kae took a bite of the groatcakes, savoring the flavor of a long tradition.  It never quite compared to the homemade ones he used to get, but it was enough to set him down memory lane, to remember the happy times spent with his parents.  "I never did make too many close ties in my life, but if you are asking to spend time with me after all of this is over, I wouldn't say no."  Skye had been kind to him, more then most anyone he could think of.  It wasn't that he was mistreated, but he was ignored for the most part, something he had been comfortable with before.  It left him more time to himself.

"Ensign Carver."  He used her name professionally, like what had happened between them, the very fact that they were in the opposite body, hadn't truly occurred.  They had never actually discussed whether they were on a first name basis, so he kept it as it would have been otherwise.  "I have to ask because I don't really know much about interaction with organics . . . is this a date?"  They were out together, sharing a meal, and though it had come at the start rather then the end, there had been some sexual release for the two of them.  It was, in many ways, a reasonable question to ask.

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There was nothing like a few weeks of complete isolation to make one appreciate the company of others though Skye usually wasn't one to let someone go too long without approaching them in some way.  'Kae' smiled in a way that showed how pleased Skye was that he would wish to spend time with her.

It all led to a question she hadn't anticipated though and the fork remained resting against the tongue for a couple of moments.  "Huh ... I hadn't thought of it as a date but I guess you could say all the components are there to call it one.  I haven't had a real date in so long I guess I forgot what they were like."

A rueful lopsided smile formed then.  "Things might be a little weird but I have to say this is probably one of the nicest dates I've had and you're certainly a nice guy ... you know what I mean," 'Kae' said and then chuckled at the irony.  "Of course it doesn't have to be a date if you don't want that.  We're friends and friends do this all the time."

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"I think . . . I want to call this a date.  I've never been on one before, at least not without a holodeck . . . and a hologram."  Skye would have been the first organic person he had ever gone on a date with.  Though he did want to keep a friendship with her, not push things beyond that, he did like the idea of her being his first date.  She was someone he felt comfortable with, someone supportive.  Besides the obvious problem of their bodies being switched, it was also worth noting that it was a pretty successful date.  They went out to eat, they talked and neither of them got bored by what the other was saying.  As far as dates went, that was pretty successful, especially considering how dull his work could be to people asking about it.  It was flying through space like a daredevil, not like Skye's life.  It was just a computer and lines of code.

He hadn't thought of Skye as someone he would date before.  It wasn't that she wasn't attractive.  No, it definitely wasn't that.  He just felt like their worlds were too different.  Of course, most organic women seemed different to him, and maybe that was out of fear.  It was easy to change programs or alter personality subroutines when things didn't work out.  With flesh-and-blood humans, you only got one shot to make the right impression.  But here was Skye, reaching out to make a connection.  He had to try.  "When was the last time you were on a date?"  It seemed as good a place to start a conversation as any.

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'Kae' smiled even bigger and gave an emphatic nod.  "Then it's a date and a sweet one at that," said with a stab at another bite of ... whatever the yummy stuff was again.  Skye contemplated Kae, of course looking at herself as she did so.  He was a really neat guy and his quietness hid the passionate part of him.  What he needed was a little confidence.  Maybe just having a good friend, a female friend, would help.

The question caught her off guard and again 'Kae' sat there with the fork tines held between his teeth.  "Damn it's been a long time ... back at the Academy I'd have to say.  My second year.  Really nice guy named Rick, very studious and going into stellar cartography.  He asked me out and I said yes, took me to a nice Italian place, and then we took a shuttle up to get a closer look at the stars.  Things were going really nice until we both got sick ... food poisoning ... imagine that.  So the night ended entirely too early and we just never really got back together."  'Kae' shrugged then, taking it all in stride.

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Kae laughed a little at the misfortune of Skye's last date.  Food poisoning wasn't exactly the way to end a night, and might have been one of the aversions to having another date.  She had certainly had her share of lovers since then, but none of them had been considered a date by her.  Not until him.  She was willing to say that theirs was a date too.  "So which one would you say was worse?  The date where you and your date got food poisoning, or the one where you aren't even in your own body?"  It would have been easy to label their own date a disaster, considering Skye was in Kae's body and he was in hers.  A new perspective on life, maybe a fascinating scientific study, but not exactly what either of them would have woke up wishing that morning.

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It might surprise Kae that she chuckled and had an immediately answer.  "Hands down the date with Rick.  I hate being sick, absolutely loathe it as anyone in the medical field whose had to deal with me will agree.  You have to practically drag me to sickbay for even a physical."

'Kae' looked at 'Skye' and his head tilted slightly.  "I know it's kind of weird and you aren't as strong as I'm used to ..." Skye said while looking at the hand again that had stung when she tried to punch Kae's arm, a bit of pout forming.  "... but there's something about you that's kinda comfy, at least once I figured out how to move my legs without hurting certain things."

That made her snicker at herself and then 'Kae' propped his elbow on the table and then his chin in his hand.  "You know, since we're calling this a date, we can drop the designations.  Just Skye and Kae from now on, best buds I'd say since we've walked in each other's shoes."

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