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Director's Cut / Re: [2376] The Runaway
Last post by Nero -
[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| SS Morning Star | Federation/Klingon Border]
Logan woke up on the bridge with a bad headache. He wiped saliva from his face with the back of his hand. Astonished, he looked around and immediately regretted waking up at all. Everything seemed to be spinning somehow. Nothing was in its place anymore. Up was down and left was right. Logan had to orient himself a bit when he realized that he was sitting at his console on the bridge. That explained the pain in his limbs.
"Ah, Sleeping Beauty, awake again?" the united Trill Lea Vos asked, and Logan wondered how she knew about earthly fairy tales. Still, he nodded with narrowed eyes. "Hmmm...."
His eyes tried to adjust to the light. Slowly, he blinked himself back into the here and now. Logan slowly straightened up and looked around. The bridge looked like a battlefield. Stuff was scattered everywhere.
"They're gone, damn it!" echoed through the corridor that connected to the bridge. "Marcus, the K'tang, Diego, Lania, Marco, Kim and Victor. So is all the unlisted cargo."
Dimitry stomped angrily into the room and threw his hyperspanner into the corner. "These fuckers bottled us up and then robbed us."
"What?" the pilot asked, still not quite in his right mind. Lea, meanwhile, handed him a glass of water.
The engineer complained. "What what? We got screwed and ripped off."
"I still don't understand," the pilot confessed after draining the water.
"The K'tang cut loose. They left and took our stuff."
"Okay, where are Diego and Lania?
"Are you that stupid, or did you really not get it, Hale?" the Russian engineer snapped at him.
"Hey. Take it easy, Dimitry," the Trill tried to calm the other human. "He just woke up again. He has no idea what's been going on."
A little calmer and with less aggression, they finally explained to him what exactly had happened. Apparently, the blood wine had been spiked. The night before, they had been sitting comfortably together, talking about old times, and celebrating the reunion with old friends. But then, when the drugs in the blood wine took effect and one by one, they fell asleep, the big raid began. But that did not explain the absence of the rest of the crew. The captain and his first officer, as well as the security officer, the cargo chief and the cook were all gone. The rest of the crew was stunned with gas.
Lea noticed a blinking light on her console at some point. They must have been sent a message. She made her way over to it. Her eyes widened when she saw the sender.
"It's from the K'tang.", she looked uncertainly at the two men and Dimitry was to angry to react.
"On screen.", Logan finally broke the silence. Lea did as instructed and put the message on the screen. On it appeared the exhilarated grin of their former captain, Diego Pérez. Beside and around him, his wife Lania and the other missing officers of the Morning Star stood laughing into the camera. Among them, Diego's father sat in the K'tang captain's chair.
"I hope you are well?" began Diego. "If you're watching and listening to this, I'm sure you've noticed that you're not quite all there anymore. Don't worry about it. We had been planning this for quite a while, but unfortunately you didn't fit into that plan. Lea, we couldn't take you with us because we can't offer you any help if something should happen to Vos, but please believe me that we will miss you very much. Dimitry, we didn't like each other from the beginning. I think that should be clear to you, don't you?"
"And how it is clear to me! FUCK YOU!" the mechanic roared at the screen. "When I get my hands on you, I swear to you..." He lapsed into Russian, and Logan had trouble following the tirade. Eventually, though, he apparently had enough and left. Logan couldn't blame him. He thought about it himself. But something held him back.
"Starfleet." the recording continued. "To quote my dad, at some point in life, you come to the point where you must decide if what you have is enough or if you want more. I too chose the latter. Actually, I had planned to take you with me, but then I would have had to fear for my Lania."
Diego laughed. "Jokes aside, but your nature and your past with the fleet would have gotten us into trouble sooner or later. I like you, all of you, and that's why we let you have the ship and the rest of the cargo. Make something of it. We won't see each other again. All the best."
Diego nodded to his father and he ordered the K'tang to depart. The screen changed to black. Logan slouched into the back of his chair.
"They left us alone," he heard his fellow sufferer whisper. "What are we going to do?"
The pilot thought, and he realized what was holding him back. He had been betrayed by someone he considered a friend, and he wasn't about to let that go. His first impulse was to give chase, but then he thought of Lea, close to tears, standing at her station and the cursing Russian in the belly of the freighter. He didn't want to put them in danger. Not if they weren't willing to.
"Logan, what do we do now?"
He looked at her, thinking. "First, we should see what condition the ship is in, and then... Then I'll take you to the nearest trading post."
"What, are you trying to get rid of us too?"
"No, Lea." Logan powered up his console from standby and started the ship's diagnostics. "I'm going to go after the K'tang and its crew. I don't want to put you guys in danger, though."
"That's the same crap Diego had just said about me! This is my decision, Logan. Mine! I am coming with you. We'll get that guy."
"That makes three of us," Dimitry declared, standing in the doorway listening to the two. "But we need bigger ship. We can't take on a 'Bird of Prey' in that freighter."
Logan sighed, but he didn't want to deny the others their decision. He could understand them because he wanted the same thing. So, the pilot nodded and smiled.
"All right. We'll do it together then."
Stardate 57284.31
November 22, 2380
0615 HRS

[Ens. Amanda Ashby | Conference Room | Deck 01 | USS Aurora]

'Resident Psychiatrist's log, supplemental. The USS Aurora has arrived at the last known location of the missing USS Leyte quite a bit ahead of schedule. Captain Anders ordered the ship to proceed into the Cocytus Nebula and, as we venture into the unknown, the senior staff has been roused and requested to convene in the conference room. Just like before, my presence is requested as well.

I can only hope that my psychological evaluation of the USS Leyte's Command Staff will prove to be sufficient and accurate.'

From where she was sitting, in the chair of Lieutenant Junior Grade Brad Marshall -the Chief Engineer- whom had kindly vacated his seat to her in the absence of any available chairs, Ensign Amanda Ashby quietly listened how Captain Rebecca Anders opened the staff meeting by wishing them all a good morning. It definitely was an early morning and, as Amanda cradled her hands around the warm cup of coffee -her first cup of the day- her blue eyes briefly turned to the windows of the conference room. She could see how the fuscia-coloured nebula swirled around the USS Aurora, apparently several hours before it had been actually supposed to do so and, as she brought her coffee cup up to her lips to take a sip from the warm liquid, the Martian Counselor warily turned her attention back to the Captain.

"Lieutenant Beale, Ensign Hunt," As the blonde-haired Captain spoke up, she turned her attention towards the Chief Science Officer and the Chief CONN Officer. "We were not supposed to reach the Cocytus Nebula for another ten hours, and yet we almost literally stumbled into it this morning at a set of coordinates where it wasn't supposed to be." The Commanding Officer raised her eyebrows; an unspoken request for the two female officers to come up with a possible explanation. Ensign Lucy Hunt, the red-haired Chief CONN Officer, was the first to speak up with her signature Australian accent. "Captain, when we departed Acheron III we plotted a direct course to the USS Leyte's last known coordinates, and our flight plan was double-checked by the Astrometrics Lab while en-route. I'll have to look over the navigational logs, but when our shift ended last night we were still on course. It's highly unlikely that this was caused by a navigational error."

The Chief Science Officer nodded in response and, after a sip of coffee, Lieutenant Amber Beale also spoke up. "I'll have the Astrometrics Lab look into this, Captain." As the British woman spoke up, she turned her attention to the Chief Operations Officer who was sitting on the opposite end of the table. "Could it be a glitch in our navigational sensors?" It did sound like a good theory to Amanda; while it definitely wasn't her field of study, a glitch in the navigational sensors could explain why they stumbled onto the Cocytus Nebula at warp 7 earlier that morning. However, Lieutenant Junoir Grade Hailey Bennion shook her head in response. "It could be a possibility, but that would be highly unlikely. There's no way of checking that right now though, our sensors barely work inside this nebula as it is so there's nothing to properly recalibrate them with."

Amanda took another sip from her coffee and quietly listened how Captain Anders spoke up once more with a curt nod. "Very well. Lieutenant Bennion, please work on this with Ensign Hunt. If we do end up in need of what little sensor capacity we have at the moment, I'd prefer that the readings are accurate. Lieutenant Beale," The Martian Counselor watched how their Commanding Officer turned her green-eyed attention towards the Chief Science Officer once more. "See what the Astrometrics Lab can do to assist." There was a short pause before the USS Aurora's Commanding Officer turned her attention directly towards Amanda. "Ensign Ashby, I've read the psychological assessment you sent me yesterday and I concur. Please go ahead and brief us."

Taking one more quick sip of her coffee before placing the cup down on the table, Amanda presented Captain Anders with a polite nod before speaking up. "Yes ma'am. The current Commanding Officer of the USS Leyte is Captain Duncan Parker." As she spoke, Amanda pressed a button on the table and allowed the holographic image of Captain Parker's personnel file to be displayed above the table. "He's a decorated veteran of  the Dominion War who has served in some of the most hotly contested theatres in the Quadrant. According to Starfleet records, Captain Parker is known as a confident and somewhat aggressive leader; he won't run away from a fight, and he is not afraid to bend the rules to ensure the wellbeing of his crew. The latter has made him a popular Commanding Officer amongst the rank-and-file." While it wasn't written down in any official records, anyone who could read between the lines knew that Captain Parker would have been a Commodore by now if it wasn't for his tendency to bend the rules to his advantage. It definitely made him popular with his crew, but the amount of informal reprimands and side-notes by Flag Officers quite clearly showed that the Admiralty wasn't as equally excited about the Captain. "His Executive Officer is Commander Ellyson Forrest." A second holographic image appeared, now one of a black-haired Starfleet Officer in her early 40s. "Commander Forrest has been Captain Parker's Executive Officer throughout the Dominion War and, if you'll allow me the metaphor, she's definitely the yin to his yang. They balance each other out, and the two of them make for an amazing team." Not unlike Captain Anders and Commander Took, but Amanda knew such a compliment would only be regarded as brown-nosing. So, instead of voicing her thoughts, she continued by allowing the holographic images of several more officers to appear. "The same applies to the rest of Captain Parker's senior staff. Most of them have served under him since the Dominion War and those who haven't, mainly the Lieutenant Junior Grades and the Ensigns who didn't serve yet during the Dominion War, are likely to follow those who have. After all, Captain Parker is known for his loyalty to his crew and his ability to deliver even under serious pressure, so the crew won't let him down. A very long story short, my assessment is that, aboard a ship as small as the USS Leyte, the senior staff can maintain morale no matter what.

When the Captain presented Amanda with a nod and a "Thank you, Ensign Ashby. Please keep working with Lieutenant Taylor and the Medical Department to ensure the best possible mental healthcare once we find the USS Leyte. Her crew has likely been through a lot these last weeks.", the Martian Counselor nodded in unison along with Lieutenant Owen Taylor, the Chief Medical Officer. To say that the USS Leyte's crew had 'been through a lot' was probably somewhat of an understatement, and as Amanda listened to Captain Anders and the burly Lieutenant Commander Walker as they discussed matters of Security and a potential plan of approach for when they would eventually board the Defiant-class, the blonde-haired Ensign knew that she wasn't the only one who kept that in mind...
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 33 [1945 hrs.] Girl Interrupted
Last post by stardust -
[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Counseling Complex | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Havenborn

"And then some ... I hope." Samantha smiled. Even for someone who did not know the specific ins and outs of being a fighter pilot she assumed that some sort of offensive and defensive systems were a big part of it too. And just like navigation, they were expected to work upon command as well. She could understand the simplicity of a machine or a computer program, with every input providing the expected output. All the time and forever, provided the correct maintenance, as Daniel correctly assessed.

She nodded slowly, as he spoke of returning to earth as a hero. Narrowing her blue eyes slightly as she looked at him, assessing her knowledge of him, she pulled her bottom lip up slightly as a conclusion to the notion. Understanding that being a hero was a strong motivator for many people, and she could definitely see him being one of them. Personally, it was not such a specific goal for herself, but she could appreciate it.

Looking up from the flower she'd just picked, however, to the handsome man, she wondered how much of what Anderson did for Theurgy was public knowledge among the crew. But to err on the side of caution, she'd try not reveal too much.

"It would sure seem that way." She simply replied, realizing t was probably to short an answer to deflect suspicion. "I mean, it's safe to assume not everyone at Starfleet Command is infected and that someone else would have the common sense to pick up that something's going horribly wrong there."

Meaning recent decisions and accusation, made by command.
Director's Cut / Re: [2374] Operation 'Spark' - Betazed
Last post by stardust -
[ Cmdr. Brody Miller | Codename: Mason | Rena Resistance Bivouac | Dalaria City | Betazed ] Attn: @Swift

The notion of change was the whetstone for human progress. Yet it also wore on the conviction and patriotism of any individual in equal measure. Because as much as change could leap and jump like a dashing frog through lush green pastures, it could also be a stubborn sloth, slowly and gradually winding its way through the thicket of time. The majority, surely, succumbing to the more gratifying notion of simple acceptance, at one point during their lives, only regretting it in the last moments before death, much, much later. But it was a notion so normal, so widespread, it hardly felt odd or submissive. So to someone like Brody, the true heroes were those who withstood the grind of time and the pressure of community and pursued their penchant for change relentlessly. Potentially people like Sariah, who blindly followed their own conviction, no matter the opposition, to eternity and back.

A two double-edged sword indeed. Because conviction like that could easily turn into obsession. But that was not for him to decide, he told himself, and such reminders lifted the foggy veil of indecision swiftly, unveiling the path of duty, lined with the orders he'd received. Straying from the predetermined alley only when it would serve the better or easier resolution of the mission. A world of black and white he much rather indulged in, than the murky gray of idealism and deceit. Something that always pout him at stark odds with the professional machinations of his wife, who thrived in the undetermined midst between right and wrong. Making an art out of swaying it to one side or another, with the power of words. Which was probably the deciding scheme to eventually end this war, indeed, but as a wolf could not turn its coat, he would have to contribute in whichever way he knew how. And that was by being the very tool he'd been forged into. A weapon created for one purpose. It was then only in the gentle embrace of her, that he could contemplate a different existence.

Yet, as he alluded, it could've also been a guy ... by sheer assumption at least. A reality he more than gladly entertained to carve whatever frail amusement he could, from a situation that was slowly looking up. The mission to infiltrate the Dominion network had been a success, despite - or because - of it's sacrifices. And whatever else Bishop harbored in terms of affiliation and perceived debt to this people, or the galaxy, would have to dissolve in whatever time it would take for the stringent perseverance of time to move the planets moon back into vision, and as such the shuttle into transporter range. A measure of time that would best be spent indulging in whatever easement and deception necessary to get Bishop to drop his guard. To make him susceptible to either persuasion or force by surprise. And if that were facilitated by actual bonding of some kind, then Brody was the last one to dissuade it.

Acknowledging his sharp mind with a solemn nod, the man let a small puff of air flare his nostrils in a muffled chuckle of relief. "Gotta have at least that ..." he mumbled quietly, omitting the added 'in this line of work' parameter. It literally went without saying. Though judging from the short time they spent together, the other operative might've been well advised simply sticking to the facts now and then. Looking back up at the man, as Bishop spoke up once more, voicing more of his assumptions, Brody's eyes narrowed slightly, as he gauged the extent of what he was willing to give away. Yet given the fact that they were both cast from the same block of Starfleet iron -which spoke to their integrity - and that they would likely not cross paths again after this, sat that bar pretty low.

"Not really in this line of work anymore ... actually." he admitted quietly, a certain ring of relief to being able to push forth these words. "... just the most qualified person in a hundred light-years to get you off this rock, I suppose." A gentle shrug to broad shoulders, fabric drenched in darkness from the neck outward a few inches, where the rain had seeped into the man's coat, his dark eyes once more shifted to the growing glow on the horizon. "I'm the first officer of a starship, the very fleet that's been trying to free this place of the Dominion, for the past month ... at great expense." A glimmer of light that extinguished against the dark night, at the unspoken truth that said fleet probably only had one more push in it, before it would have to retreat. A reality neither conducive to the general morale, nor Bishop's actual ambition to leave. "But I've been working the dark corners of the Federation in the past ... I guess that's pretty obvious." Words alluding both to a sense of pride in his skill and achievements as well as the tragedy of the more personal afflictions it came with.

Silence filled that small overlook once more. At least in the more immediate surroundings, guarded by the muffled sounds of people inside the compound, and the scattered fights and skirmishes in the night streets beyond. A sense of ambience that had become so tragically comfortable and acquainted. Nodding once more at Bishop's recitation, registering the subtle sense of indecision and deceit betraying the actual conviction to relent, he reminded himself to be on guard and still hold on to the idea of having to stun the man's ass off this planet. A notion, which brought down the levity of the moment temporarily, back to the cold wet stone of reality, though it was uplifted again mere seconds later.

Letting out a sincere chuckle, Brody shook his head into the top of his chest with a gentle smirk, before looking to the side at the bearded man once more, gentle glee to his dark features. "Plausible deniability." He stated simply. Alluding to the fact that in their line of work the omission of a truth was not considered a lie, but rather a shaping of reality. Potentially something he shared with his wife's convictions. Only that he could distinguish still between a professional lie and a personal one.

"What about you, then?" he turned the whole thing around. "I assume it would be a lot harder to account for weeks away on guerilla warfare, than a quick twenty-four hour rescue mission." he winked playfully ... teasingly.

STARDATE 57654.92
APRIL 18, 2381
1715 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @stardust @Pierce @Griffinsummoner @P.C. Haring

The lights were on.

Power, for the most part anyway, been restored to Main Sickbay. But the grander scope of damage hadn't even been addressed, and would likely take days, if not weeks to fully repair afterward. The Klingon intrusion had wrought havoc of the utmost kind upon the facility, and in the process had caused the loss of many of Kate's peers and colleagues. It would have been safe to say, that everyone was still reeling from what had happened, yet no one had dared to abandon their posts or the patients which demanded attention. A veritable flood of injured personnel had been coming in from all parts of the ship, and given the sheer number of casualties, it had dictated long haul shifts for any and all Medical staff, regardless of how exhausted they might well have been. In fact, many of the staff working in and about the confines of Main Sickbay had themselves been injured during the siege but had continued to work on through whatever pain or discomfort may have come as a result. For her own part, much of Kate's throat had since bruised over to that of a nice shade of purple from when she'd nearly been strangled to death by one of the intruding Klingons. Coincidentally, it had matched the color of the lump that still adorned the side of her forehead, a token of her efforts from even earlier in the day.

Despite the ache of both injuries, she had remained active tending to the patients under her stead. Normally, as the Chief Surgeon, her presence wouldn't have been nearly as prevalent as it was, but given the losses sustained, she'd opted to lend a hand where she could. This had of course afforded her the professional reason needed to justify two of her patients, whom she had wanted to look after for more personal considerations.

Thankfully, Commander Hathev had stabilized from the myriad of wounds she'd suffered at the behest of blade, and claw alike. Kate had only just come to know the Vulcan Chief Counselor at the onset of the day, during a dress-down that had turned into an impromptu session of sorts. But in the short bit of interaction she'd had with her, Kate had found herself surprisingly more at ease than she'd ever before felt in the presence of a Counselor. Then again, no other Counselor had ever given any credence to the emotional turmoil that Kate was suffering through due to her tumultuous relationship with her brother. There was also the matter of how Hathev had quite literally saved Kate's life, shooting the very Klingon that had been so brutally trying to choke the life from her. In the space of a single day, a woman whom Kate had previously found intimidating enough to avoid with deliberate measure, was now someone whom she hoped to have a meaningful interaction with again.

Resting a hand on the unconscious Vulcan's abdomen as she lay beneath covers, her wounds painstakingly attended to by Kate and her surgical staff, the weary blonde let out an exasperated sigh before leaving her side.

Just two beds over Kate stopped at the foot of another of her patients, whom likewise was still unconscious. Lauren, as Kate had finally discovered her name, had apparently stood vigilant at the side of the injured Lone Wolf ever since the battle had drawn to a close. Even when a member of the cybernetics staff had come to attend to the firery woman's damaged synthetic hand, Pierce had requested to remain at Tessa's side. It was an admirable trait that Kate had immediately picked up on, and which had endeared the Ensign to her. It was clear, that Tessa had meant a great deal to Lauren; that there had been a history of some kind there. Given the pleasant interaction that Kate herself had shared with Tessa, she could understand how others might have been attached to her. Approaching the opposite bedside of where Lauren stood, Kate afforded her a pleasant smile before touching Tessa's hand. Her friend, someone whom she'd only just met a few days prior, and whom she sensed a potential deeper interest in, had been through the worst of her injuries under Kate's care, but there would still be a road to recovery for her. The fractures to Tessa's orbital, and the internal bleeding of a ruptured artery had been repaired, but as severe as her concussion had been, Kate knew it would likely take days, if not weeks for her to more fully recover.

"She's doing well." Kate commented to Lauren as her tangerine-gaze went to the bio readouts on the monitor at Tessa's head.

Tessa's improving condition would have to suffice for any positives that Kate could draw upon, as duty had thus far prevented her from fulfilling the desire to check up on other important people in her life. Sadly, there had been a few names that had appeared on the expanding list of dead, a few of whom that had struck a surprisingly painful chord in her. But Kate knew that she would have to settle on an absence of names like 'Scruffy' and even 'Stellan' as the only afforded measure of additional relief during this most disconcerting of times.

"Thank you, by the way." She added, looking across to Lauren without expanding on the specifics of her acknowledgement.

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[ T'Less | USS Allegiant | Breen ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan @BZ @uytrereee @DaValle @RyeTanker @Fife @Number6

Even as she had kept a wary eye on the sensors, T'Less had listened via the ground team's inbuilt cameras as they had reached Commander Dewitt and released her from her confinement. Only it seemed, that the situation was quite a bit different from that which they anticipated that she would be in. Somehow, the Terran had managed to expose an infested within the midst of the Breen council and was now poised to act as some sort of ambassador or envoy from the Theurgy to the Breen. Still, it didn't sit right with the Vulcan that they were leaving her behind to an unknown fate, no matter what her present situation, and long-term potential gain, might provide.

The beep from beside her drew her attention away from the main viewer and she pursed her lips as she gazed down at what the computer had flagged.

[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Wolf -11 | AKA Maxine 'Max' Gentry | Hall Of Heroes | Breen ]

"Can we pick up the pace please?" Max hissed as they moved back to their insertion point. This was the downside, she knew, of playing a role instead of being herself. The need to do things that were against what she herself would have chosen. But if she wanted to stay in control and eventually be truly free, then, if at least for now, she would have to play the part of a loyal Starfleet officer. Or a loyal renegade one at any rate.

"If want not be seen," Lorad said from his position at the head of the column. "Then must take time to be shadow."

"Ground team, be advised," came the Serious tone of Lieutenant T'Less' voice across their coms. "Breen patrol ships have altered their patrol routes and appear to be converging on our position. I estimate that you have less than 10 minutes before extraction will be impossible. I would suggest as much haste as can be maintained."

"Now what do you say big guy?" Max quizzed, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.

"Shadows are fleeting," the hulking Reman intoned as he moved off at a loping pace down the passageway.
Director's Cut / Re: [2286] USS Eagle - Lost to Time
Last post by Pierce -
[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Crew Quarters | Deck 05 | USS Eagle ][Show/Hide]

It was quiet around him. Well other than the hum of the shuttle's small engines. The stars strown by his viewscreen as the ship traversed the small distance to Klingon space. With any luck, there wouldn't be too much trouble in his way before things got hairy. But that typically wasn't the case. He sat relaxed in the chair, checking over the star charts, as he monitored the sector for any incoming vessels. Thankfully Klingon's can't fire when cloaked. But it was only a matter of time before that was created he thought to himself.

The distance closed as he approached the Qu'Vat Colony. Supposedly he was tasked to obtain for Starfleet Intelligence some rare form of bio-mimetic gel the Klingons were working with for genetic experimentation. He was also tasked with hacking into their database to compile the plans and the formulas for the compound and destroy their database. The Empire in their desire to beat the Federation employed enzymes from key plants on the surface of the Qu'Vat Colony, which was the same place the Klingons created the Klingon augment virus over a century ago. They hoped to succeed where others had previously failed with this new form of a Klingon mutagenic virus.

He groaned as he stood up and gathered a dark, special ops Starfleet Uniform from the bulkhead compartment. His arms lifted overhead as he pulled the duty uniform off and replaced it with the special black top half. Communicator and phaser now mounted to his hip holsters. Pierce grabbed a few tools of the trade to disrupt local sensors and download the data to the PADD for transmission to Cartwright. Lucky bastard never seemed to get his hands dirty. One of these days, James thought he'd have to confront the man about his rather mysterious tasks.

Today wasn't that day however as the sensors were tripped. He rushed back towards the console and sat down, finishing his in-flight checklist as he did. Luckily there were two Klingon scout ships on rendezvous with the station and not near him. His hands worked the controls to keep him on the outskirts of the Klingon's sensors. No need to get detected. James scanned a place to set the shuttle down on the other side of the cavern near the colony. Wasn't opportune but it would have to do.

A short time later, the ship's thrusters whined as it entered the atmosphere. With any luck, the colony lacked proper scanners to allow him inside. Just to be sure, activated his personal scatter field device. Better to not be detected he thought. The landing gear set down as it covered the unlikely position. He tapped the controls to activate the transponder for his personal transporter to beam him back once he'd accomplished his mission. Activating the security protocols, Pierce placed the shuttle in standby mode and stepped off into the atmosphere. He climbed the nearest ridge and spotted several Klingon patrols as well as their...pets...if they could be called that. What passed for a Klingon dog was nothing he wanted to come face to face with. He might be able to hide from the sensors but the line of sight or line of smell wasn't something he could hide from. He climbed further up the ridge until he was out of the way before pulling his binoculars to scan the facility.

It was going to be like taking candy from a baby. He smirked as he jumped the ridge and made a mad dash for the building. The sensor disruptor was working flawlessly. He tapped the control pad on the exterior of the nearest doorway and it denied him access. Hearing footsteps, he jumped around a corner and hid as two Klingon scientists walked to the door and tapped a few keys. Pierce took note of most but missed the initial command. The two scientists stepped in the door and turned as Pierce barrel-rolled into the entry as it smacked his foot with an audible clang. The two Klingons turned, clearly startled by the sound but to their surprise, no one was present. Shrugging it off, the two laughed and continued their banter.

Pierce sat behind the nearest bulkhead, panting quietly as he tried not to make any further noise. "Fuck that was too close." He whispered. His head peered around the corner and didn't see any further possible security risks. "It's game time you Klingon pigs. Hawkeye is on the loose." He stood up and held his phaser in hand as he approached the computer terminal. Carefully he interfaced his PADD into the computer to download whatever data he could find. Unfortunately, the data he actually sought wasn't here in this terminal. Likely kept on an off-network computer system to prevent people like him from doing what he'd just done.

In his download, he managed to get an updated map of the facility. Cartwright's intel was almost right but they'd clearly done some remodeling since that data was stolen. Time was on his side, for now, he glanced at the nearby corridor and his PADD. If this was to be believed, he had to find the turbolift and go down two levels to Science Lab 03. There should be where the specimen was located that he needed as well as the formula data. Taking careful steps down the hall, he found what appeared to be a dead-end. He touched various spots on the wall and his PADD confirmed, there was a door here...somewhere.

"Well well well. What did they cook up here? The PADD says there's a door. But there's not. So...where is that button?" He pushed his fingers closer to the wall to discover it was a holoprojector as his hand disappeared into the panel before him. His green eyes lit up as he smiled at the ingenuity of the Klingons. "Very clever boys. Let's see what else you're hiding in here." He stepped inside and was on the other side where sounds of machines could be heard humming loudly. What did he just walk into?
Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: CH05: S [D03|1200] Any Port in a Storm
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[Ens Jaya Thorne | Stomach Romance | Food over  Flowers | Bring me Junk Food]

He was right, or at least he wasn't wrong. 

The best way to get to her heart was probably through her stomach.  She was almost always hungry, a constant state of needing to shove food in her face.  Perhaps it was because she was a fighter pilot, perhaps it was something else, but the girl liked food and it was something that Frank had picked up on rather quickly despite her not having to tell him.  She wasn't huge on sweets but she loved junk food especially chips, grease, and finger foods. 

"You figured that out already huh?  I guess that's why you get paid the big engineering bucks." she teased.

As they moved into the fort, she slid down onto the mattress.  There really was food everywhere, she wasn't all that hungry though she knew that she should eat because one never knew when it was going to be important to have done so especially in Starfleet.  Everything just kind of happened and sometimes it would be hours and hours before they would be able to have food.  Right now though, as he lay beside her and pulled her over, she allowed it.  She put her head on his chest as he pulled her there and she snuggled into him.

This was everything.  He told her about the wood that he had brought, the actual wood that he had gotten.  She smiled softly as he told her that he was whittling something.  She rose her brow.  "What are you going to make, real wood is rare and hard to find." she told him, knowing that it was so rare that she would want to be ultra careful if there was to do anything with wood like that.  But she supposed that he was probably going to be good at it.  Or he wouldn't be doing it with real wood.

He admitted it would be easier if they were quitters.  She chuckled softly and his large hand moved through her loose hair.  "I wasn't born to be a quitter.  It's probably my best trait." she admitted looping her arm around his waist.  He asked her if she wanted to talk about the Breen.

"Does anyone?" she asked with a bit of a chuckle, then she sighed.

"I could still punch Jen in the face, I would.  I'd probably hug her right after, but first, definitely a punch.  She should have to carry around a black eye for a while, to remind her of how pissed off I am that she went to the Breen voluntarily." Jaya said with a bit of bite in her voice, she was pretty pissed off when it came to Jen and her sacrifice to the Breen. 

She shifted her head so that she could see him.  Her soft eyes surveying his face, letting her hand shift up softly so that she could scratch at his beard.  "Do you want to talk about the Breen?" she asked as she shifted up to nuzzle her face against his beard, it was both soft and scruffy and she liked it quite a lot, it was odd she had never really thought much about facial hair in the men she dated but she found that she really was enjoying Franks.

She sat up slightly and picked up the plate of cheeses and meats and began making herself little sandwiches with the offered crackers sitting up so that she didn't make a mess all over their make shift bed but she figured it was better to eat than to curse Jen's name up and down.

"You holding up okay?" she asked since apparently they were having serious conversation time.
[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @Lathaniel @Nolan
Once Valyn had finished off the handler entirely, she shifted her attention to Kino again, watching as she fell right into the procedure for moving out. "Good." She picked up her weapons, making sure they were all secured, then checked the rifle one more time. "Good." She slapped the side of the weapon and it let out a low hiss. Valyn cleared the issue and started moving into the corridor. She was close behind Kino, using her rifle to clear and survey each sector that the other office wasn't already keeping a close watch on.

"Dammit." Valyn sighed as she looked at the man, who was very likely dead, given all the blood. Valyn moved forward to inspect him closer. She didn't know anything about the man. To her, it was just another loss they'd have to endure. It was horrible, but a horrible truth was still a truth. Seeing one's own kind dead was never easy. She didn't understand the full truth of it until she spoke into the comm.

A Symbiote.

She understood, then. All that history, all the knowledge, and besides that, a life that could be saved, even if it was a slug in a belly. It was still a sentient life. Something she'd come to value far more than she'd used to. Valyn caught the look and just gave her a nod, "S'allright." She crouched down to check for a pulse, but felt nothing. "I'd have ordered the same thing, if I knew that he was joined." Now she did though. "Let's move. Sickbay is going to be a clusterfuck, no doubt." She readied her rifle and tossed her head to the side, displacing a few strands of hair in the process but she didn't bother fixing them. She was a mess as it was, her hair didn't matter.

"Energize." She ordered. There wasn't hesitation in her voice, but there was something else. There was just a hint of apprehension. She wasn't sure what awaited them at Sickbay, but it can't have been good.

At once she felt the familiar feeling of the transporter take hold of her, a familiar rush of cold going down her spine before she opened her eyes again, and reappeared in what was evidently the jaws of hell. "Down!" She shouted at Kino as she materialized. At once she sought out cover and fired a volley of six bolts into a doorway. She hadn't aimed at anyone in particular but she was trying to get herself some cover. Disruptor bolts rang over her head as she moved and one exploded against a bulkhead next to her, sending sparks flying. She felt the small markings of heat against her cheek but kept moving.

As she fired, she charged forward and shoulder checked a heavy instrument tray, ducking down behind it before sending one well placed shot into the chest of a Klingon. It seared a smoking hole straight through his breastplate and he fell, limp. With their arrival, several of the Klingons began to back up.

"We need a Doc!" She shouted through continuous fire. She sure as hell couldn't help with a Symbiote transfer but she could shoot and provide some security. A disruptor bolt flew straight past her head and she collapsed to the ground, breath ragged as she processed the near miss. It had come within an inch of ending her. It wasn't the first time, but that didn't matter. "Son of a-"  she took a deep breath and reached for the Klingon disruptor or that she'd looted. "Clear!" She shouted, peeking one eyeball out as she looked towards a grouping of bunched up Klingons in a doorway. In the doorway that led into the corridor, specifically. She tapped a button on the disruptor and immediately felt it getting hotter and hotter. She lobbed it over the instrument tray and heard it clatter against the hard, metal ground. She heard the Klingons shouting. They weren't stupid, they knew exactly what she had done. She wasn't throwing them a perfectly good weapon to be a good sport, and it wasn't glowing red hot by the time it hit the ground as a sign from Kahless. Within seconds, the metal began to expand, until...


The sound of the overloaded weapon tearing through metal and circuitry ripped through the sickbay as Valyn popped up and again opened fire on the small grouping. Most of them had been downed already. She didn't check if they were dead or not, but she saw enough blood and smelled enough burning flesh that she knew that they'd be down long enough for it to not matter. She stood and when she finally got a clear look, she saw Amanda, and another officer, dead. Dead, and draped in her own uniform. "Dammit." The explosion hadn't been large enough to cause a hull breach, not even close. Still though, it was etched into her bones that explosions and Starships didn't mix. She ran forward, seizing the opportunity to seal the door. The door was stuck open so she pulled open a control panel and began to manually pump the mechanism to shut it, assuming that someone, anyone would cover her should she require it.

There was so much death.

Valyn knew the look. The look and the body language that Amanda had plastered over her. She'd seen it countless times before. "Lieutenant Ashby, we need you!" She looked over her shoulder towards where she assumed Kino was, giving a quick look around for any further assailants. She didn't know if there was anyone around qualified to help, or if they'd have to use the EMH. Or, if an EMH was still functioning. She rose to her feet, stepping away from the door, and kept her rifle at the ready.

She pointed at the door. "Cover that. Anyone not friendly tries to come in. Shoot them." She grabbed an officer by the shoulder and placed him in a position to cover. "You got me?" She rose a brow and gave him a nod.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 17 [1800 hrs.] Come Sail Away
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[Lt. Vanya| Down River | Small Sail Boat | Aldea Prime ]Attn @Brutus

Despite the disappointment swirling around the neural net of Vanya's being she watched as Nat went about securing their position, totally nude, and not the slightest sign of inhibition  To see her bare body moving, unobscured seeing every curve and part move freely.      It was almost as exquisite to her as exploring the woman with her lips and fingers.   

"Well, hon," the Android said, using an equal term.   "I have been holding these thoughts for a long time."

That said, the curvy Martian presented too tempting a target for Vanya to completely resist.   She got up and went over to Nat, admiring her shapely posterior as she inched closer and closer.   She stood next to her and feigned interest in the console once she was tantilingly close to her again     She reached out and casually started to stroke the top of Nat's rump, giving it the softest squeeze before letting go with a mischievous chuckle.  

"A minute or two isn't going to erase me, after all, once you're done up here, we can pick up straight were we left off, or we can go and explore that bed.   Preferably both.   I am not going to lie, the possibilities are almost as intoxicating as you."