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Re: Day 02 [1200 hrs.] New Department Head Speeches

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[Selena Ravenholm | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] attn: @DocReno

“I always heard that politics was just like a group of baboons: smelly primates making a lot of noise without doing any real work.” Selena quipped in response, eyes flashing in humor.  She’d heard a lot more about politics that was far less polite, but they were on the Bridge, there had to be some sort of decorum maintained.  As for the subetheric processor…  “Sorry, going to have to kiss your mirror tonight.” She tapped the base of her skull, just above the port.  “I don’t have one of my own, I’ve always had to hook into a companion machine to do work like that.  They just take up more juice than my body can provide.  And well…that’s not an option at the moment.”  She left it at that, there was no need to let anyone else know about what she and Thea had been up to earlier this morning.

Frowning at Keval’s newfound enthusiasm for esoteric data manipulation, Selena had to put the brakes on his train of thought.  “Listen Lieutenant, I’m already using some of the most sophisticated data recovery algorithms and programs known to Federation science, including some from outside of it.  There are times when the data is just gone, and there’s no getting it back.  If I were able to plug directly into Starbase 84’s computer, or the offsite backups I’d be able to recover anything that was deleted in a matter of minutes tops, but we have a very limited pool to swim though.  As I’ve said, it’s a bit of a miracle that we got as much as we did, especially considering how much of the communications database still needs to be decrypted.”  Anticipating where the Starfleeter was going to go next she, “Yes, I will keep looking for more clues, I want to figure out where the Borg are just as much as everyone else, but I can’t do that from here, nor before the end of shift.  It takes time.”

The cyborg's tone was a bit harsher than she intended it, but she made no apology, not even a look of remorse in her eyes which were locked onto the Andorian's face.  Watching for his reaction, Selena scooped up her PADD in preparation to head back to her quarters.

Re: Day 02 [1200 hrs.] New Department Head Speeches

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya| Main Bridge| Deck 1| Vector 1| USS Theurgy] Attention: @chXinya

Keval listened to the cyborg's words and took in ever second of them, his expression slowly shifting to what could be called a "neutral" as she stood up and picked up her PADD, making ready to head back to her quarters.

Her gaze locked onto his.

"Technically I agree with everything that you just said, minus the tone used of course Miss Ravenholm." Keval said, his tone even shifted to what Leon, Jimmy, and the others from the Resolve would know as his actual voice complete with his normal accent which made him sound actually a little bit older. "I know that I act like a fool, I will admit, but I do take my job seriously to the point that sometimes I just kind of loose myself in my thoughts on how to get things done." [/i]

He then turned in his chair to face her a little bit better, "If I seem a bit...over enthusiastic about everything then I apologize if I have offended you, Selena." he said with a respectful bowing of his head towards her. "That wasn't my intent."

And with that, the conversation came to an end, and duty called.


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