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Day 14 [0755 hrs.] Welcome to Caaaaasssaaaa Diplomatico!

[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

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[11 hours before]

Lieutenant Frank Arnold took a walk around the freshly restored Council room and smiled in pride as a picked engineer crew buzzed around him packing up their tools or applying the final buffs to bits of furnishing.  The big man crossed his arms as he took in the warmth the room had been sorely lacking before it's first refit, but now that he had time, and thank to the Chief Diplomat, replicator capacity to boot, he had taken the time to panel the room in a Klingon wood that looked remarkably similar to natural oak.  That panelling had invited it's own host of problems as he'd had to impregnate it with fire retardant and molecularly bond it to a standard ship panel, but the effort had been well worth it.  The room felt like it had more life, maybe more of home to it as well.  A scraping sound from the conference room drew his attention and he made his way passed the new transparent titanium window that had replaced the original transparent aluminum wall.  Placing his hands on his hips in pride at the hand crafted crest that was being hung on the wall opposite the one of the United Federation of Planets that hung behind the seat Samantha Rutherford would normally sit in.  "Easy there " the Chief Engineer told the two crewman mounting the crest as he pulled a holographic balance to ensure the crest was perfectly aligned before it was attached to the wall.   When it was as close to dead centre as he could measure, Frank nodded and the crew set about attaching the decoration to the wall.  He looked at the table one more time to make sure he had the sheet that would cover the crest after it was attached and nodded in confirmation to himself once more.

Her timing was impeccable as the door opened and a statuesque Andorian stepped through to find him.  "I got your message, you wanted to see me sir?"  Frank smiled as his help had just arrived, she just didn't know it yet.  "Absolutely dear doctor.  We've got a little job to do and you're going to be my assistant."  As he explained what the job was, platinum eyebrows furrowed, the eyes became more incredulous and her mouth went from neutral to hard frown very quickly.  He had quite a bit of work to do convincing her apparently.

[Present Time]

[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold and Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

Lieutenant Zark finished putting out the carafes of drinks and pastries that the Chief Engineer had insisted needed to be here today.  She got it, the place was finally put back together, but why go through all the hoopla?  It was just another room.  Okay, that wasn't totally true, it was also the main work place for Enyd, Faye, and L'Nari, not to mention Commander Rutherford, Diplomat Supremo, so it held a lot of significance. Sighing as she adjusted the neck of her tac vest, the combat medic felt damn silly wearing it, but the Chief Engineer had insisted on a 'likely opposition threat demonstration' and not many species had the armoured exosuits, so tac vest it was. 

Seeking to calm her mind, she opened each carafe on the conference table, taking a whiff of each one to make sure she got the order right and the identifying cards matched.  Sniff Vulcan Spice Tea Sniff Betazoid Jestral Tea Sniff Coffee, Kona High Altitude Sniff Sniff? The blue nose pinched. Warm Milk I think? Must be for the cat since it smells different. Sniff Katheka for myself and the new attache. and on and on through two more carafes.  With that completed, the Andorian sighed again and made sure that all the cups, plates and utensils were perfectly aligned and fit for a visiting head of state before her eyes fell on the bucket in the middle of the table surrounded by Champagne flutes.  She shook her head again as she lifted the replicated bottle of Pol Roger 2325 champagne sitting on ice. The man sure has a flair for the dramatic but it's really early for something like this.  Shelat! I can't believe I agreed to this.  Oh well, it's always nice to see Enyd, and Faye ..... L'Nari ...... sort of, mostly I think.  Aiyayai I hope those two keep the cattiness to a minimum.  She spotted the Chief Engineer who was fiddling with something on a PADD and nodded in satisfaction suddenly then waved her over.  Taking a breath, she moved to join him.

Frank Arnold smiled as he waved the Andorian Security Officer over to join him and she seemed tense as she walked over.  "My dear Lieutenant Zark, it's not going to be that bad."  Seafoam eyes gave him the same incredulous look from the previous night.  "If you say so sir." "Aye that's the spirit!"  The big engineer responded he smiled and clasped the smaller woman on the shoulder.  "Through the big black beyond Zark ventured for the good of the diplomatic corp." Zark's eyes became slits as she glared at the engineer.  "Eh" the engineer shrugged. "I tried."  Zark looked like she was about to give a hot retort when the door opened precisely at 0800 and the full diplomatic corp came through.

Chief Arnold smiled as the Chief Diplomat led the procession in and he waited for them to stop and roughly line up "Ladies and gentlemen.  It is my pleasure today to announce your offices have been restored and are ready for you to occupy as of 0800 today.  However, before we begin to today's festivities, we'll be going over the requisite safety and systems demonstration.  Please feel free to head over the conference room to grab some refreshment, then we'll begin in 15 minutes."

OOC: Y'all got 15 minutes to mingle
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Nesota Kynnovan @Number6 @Brutus @RyeTanker

The chalice of enlightenment wasn’t one that passed Samantha easily. In her line of work, it was essential to know the details and be aware of any goings on at all times. But the reconstruction of the very heart of Theurgy’s diplomatic effort had been kept from her deliberately, sanctioned by her superiors, and she didn’t like it one bit. Even though the finer details of the work, implemented behind closed doors, didn't hold any obvious weight in regards to their ability to execute their duties favorably, she would’ve preferred to stay appraised over any minute detail. Left for herself to decide which part was pertinent intel, and which was pointless background noise. And it certainly wasn’t at a lack of sending the proper requests through the regular channels. Not at all. As a matter of fact, she had gotten the idea that Lieutenant Arnold was stonewalling her intent to peek beyond the curtain deliberately, out of some sort of abstruse human enjoyment over grooming a measure of suspense. It certainly wasn’t the way a Vulcan would’ve approached the subject efficiently. But at the same time, she wasn’t going to impasse superior logic over how he executed his work. There certainly wasn’t a soul alive on Theurgy who would’ve been able to hold a candle to the bearded bard in that regard.

Engineering AND theatrics.

Conscience detached from lithe alabaster, vigor returned slowly to the statuesque figure, at the side of the anteroom’s double doors, leading into the inner sanctum of the former flag bridge. Conscious thought manifesting in ginger movements of bones aching with impatience, muscles burning with anticipation. A focused awareness, of all the maladies of the physical form, marrying with the spiritual manifestation once more, as body and mind became one again. Making it difficult to discern retrospectively, if it had been her human side’s penchant for the wandering mind, or her Vulcan side’s exploration of intellectual detachment, which had prompted such a momentary separation in the first place. Either way, the gyri of the blonde’s brain spun for a moment, flustered as if stepping off a turbulent merry-go-round, as perception wrapped around the congregated members of her department like a sheltering cloak. It was now a minute to 0800 and not much time to spare, in regards of preparing them for what the commander herself essentially wasn’t quite ready for. As a leader, however, there was still unwavering merit in exuding a sense of confidence, even if none existed.

Fake it till you make it.

And as Sam was caught between the notion of rationalizing everyone’s expectations - as a Vulcan would have – and goading on everyone’s giddy excitement – as a human might’ve, the burden of choice fell off the diplomat’s slender shoulders with the subtle swoosh of doors parting and Frank’s husky baritone beckoning the whole of them inside, like trumpets off a fortress’ keep. Turning to marvel in the sleek new beauty of the premises, larimar pearls reflected the wanton glimmer of polished metal and luxurious veneer. Blonde curls moved as if in translucent molasses, as the vigor of the freshly tuned environmental systems flushed into the inferior atmosphere of the rest of the ship. A delicate breeze, that brought with it all the glitz and glamour of what Arnold had created here. A gilded lily, no doubt, but the human inclination within the woman couldn’t help but marvel at the superfluous grace with which the offices were adorned. All the fixtures and details, that held no measurable influence on the efficiency of her department, yet did so in ways one couldn’t quantify. Holding up the procession of officials by the ‘embarrass de richesse’ pouring down on her like golden rain, the blonde gingerly stepped forward, in the end, off the yellow brick road and into the gleaming emerald city.

This certainly wasn’t Kansas anymore.

Cornflower hues followed the chief engineer’s lyrical travels like blossoms would the solar chariot from dawn till dusk. Ultimately settling on the glimmering sunset of the conference rooms glass divider, displaying the splendid buffet beyond. It would’ve been audacious to judge the man’s fondness towards culinary vices superficially, but there certainly was a measure of discernible veneration, that infused everything the man did. Betrothing her attention back upon him, an indulgent shimmer of gratitude glazed over luscious peach slices, as she dipped her pate at a subtle angle. Conveying a distinct notion of ‘you shouldn’t have’, that wasn’t very specific to any one instance of him going overboard with the proceedings. Taking the invitation at face value, however, the blonde gave her entourage another visual review, before promenading onward, following the siren call of delectable scents, which invigorated the measure of heightened Vulcan senses within her.

A veritable cornucopia of splendor.

The buffet was set up like a well-organized diplomatic affair. A carefully thought-out measure of cultural concession to each and every member of the delegation, spread across the negotiating table. The burly knight of wrenches and pliers displaying a measure of sensitive forethought she sometimes wished to find as casually inherent within certain members of her own team. “And the man’s uncertain over his skills as a diplomat …” the commander mumbled to herself like whispers on the wind, as cerulean heed trailed over the pastures of plenty. Arching her slender posture over the most simplistic vessel, Samantha reveled in the familiar subtlety of Vulcan spice tea, which brought another grade of curvature to petals of rose. Pouring herself half a handle-less cup of artisan clay, the blonde proceeded to the side of the table to make room for everyone else to wander the cultural journey Frank had laid out for them in culinary art. Sideways resting against the edge of the passage, in the freshly erected wall of glass, she took a sip with azure gaze gleaming over the brim of her mug, in earshot and eyesight, of the bearded engineer.

“I hope you are aware that – in our business - a display of such blinding veneer is usually followed by a revelation of dire reality, hidden smoothly beneath the pomp and circumstance.” the diplomat chided skillfully smooth. “So, what did you break?!”

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: Mainly @stardust and @Ellen Fitz in passing

The Chief Engineer admired the bright tones the wood brought to the room as Commander Rutherford made her way over to the conference section and the continental buffet that had been laid out.  "Never underestimate the subtle impact of a simple thing like the details in presentation." Frank said quietly.  "The cleanest weld in the right place can have an impact far out of proportion to its appearance."  His Andorian assistant looked at him oddly but said nothing before briefly came to attention, gave him a questioning 'sir' as the smiling visage of the Chief Diplomat made her way towards him.  He shooed the security officer off to give the two department heads some privacy before the demonstrations began and the Andorian nodded respectfully to the blonde Commander before bee lining towards the rest of the diplomatic crew.  He noted that several of the diplomats and the enlisted who worked for them were pointing out several things along the way and on the table, and he wondered if they found the gold shirts work to be satisfactory.  His nose was tickled by the scent of spices that came from the tea as the golden tressed Commander got closer and he nodded an acknowledgement to the larimar eyed smiling Chief Diplomat.

Her opening line was not what he was expecting, but he was quick on the uptake and he melodramatically crossed his hands over his chest in response.  "My dear Lady Ambassador, you wound me with such an unworthy demonstration of unwarranted suspicion."  Frank's face held the Chief Diplomat's an admixture of mock horror and grievous spiritual pain.  He dropped the facade soon and laughed at his own poor sense of drama.  "At this point, the only thing I really hoped that I've broken is your sense of expectation about how this place has changed.  Well, to be fair, I think I broke my own expectations, redesigning the place took quite a bit more work than I thought it would, but we got it done in the end, though we were coming down to the wire.  I also think anyone who tries to break in here is going to sorry and sore in the attempt, and I may see to spreading some of these changes to other critical parts of the ship."

The Chief Engineer crossed his big arms for a moment as he looked around once again, his mind's eye seeing the changes that had been made over the course of four days of hard work.  He'd had to pitch in on several occasions just to make deadlines as numerous other projects had been diverted to completing the change.  At least the bridge had been completed before this place got fixed.  That could have been a interesting one to rationalize.  "I wonder if Starfleet is going to change everything back to it's original design when we all go home eventually." the Engineer mused to himself out loud before mentally shaking his head and offering his usual easy smile as he peeked over passed the golden locks to see Zark link up with Enyd at the conference room. The engineer brought his attention to the Commander Rutherford. "Never mind, not important. Sam, I wanted to properly thank you for all your help in getting the ship put back together, but an artist needs his space to properly assemble the pieces, and it would just ruin the fun if the gift's recipient was watching over his shoulder.  I hope you'll find these facilities to you and your staffs liking and sufficient recompense for the delightful, from my end anyway, juvenile evasion of your requests for updates."
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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge  | Deck 02| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Number6 @Ellen Fitz @Nesota Kynnovan @stardust @RyeTanker 

Faye had joined the rest of her colleagues, new and old, in front of the doors to the Flag Bridge, swallowing back a yawn as she crossed her arms under her bust and observed the others, all waiting with a mix of anticipation and mild frustration at the wait. They were mostly all on the alpha shift, as unlike other departments there was usually little need for for their work to spill out around the clock, though that wasn't always the case, and now that they were starting to staff up again, Faye idly wondered if someone would end up on station during each shift. She did a bit of quick math and realized, to her displeasure, that there were now three official Attaché's assigned to the department, and while she had been with the ship longer than any of them she was no longer the ranking officer in that position. 

Just my luck, I'll be the one stuck on the night shift, she groused, keeping a pout off her face as she heard the doors open and the Chief Engineer's bombastic greeting bellow out from behind them. He had a flare for performance, she had to admit, ad she queued up near the end of the officer line, each one passing through the doors, falling in by rank without question or prior consideration. Protocol was well drilled into all of them. It was their bread and butter after all.

She would later admit that despite the lack of caffeine in her system - she'd woken up late and missed her morning cup of tea - Faye was suitably impressed by the efforts of the engineers and ops staff that had clearly put time and effort in over the last few days to gift the Diplomats a fully upgraded and operational suite to do their work in. Should they have to host any functions, this room would do wonders. Of course they had a plethora of other conference rooms for that sort of thing but all the same, the thought was nice, and by setting up a breakfast spread Lt. Arnold was demonstrating just how versatile this space was, not to mention easy on the eyes.

Speaking of, Faye thought, slipping past some of her colleagues - an snagging a cup of that Jestral Tea in the process - Faye sashayed her way around the room. She didn't make a bee line for her target - that would be too obvious - but instead took the time to appreciate the work that had been done. She found the Klingon paneling refreshing, reminding her of her pervious postings aboard the Cortez, stationed out of Khitomer. The melding of Federation aesthetic with 'locally sourced' materials was well done, and spoke of the alliance between the crew of the Theurgy and the current Chancellor of the Empire. 

Even if his grandkids a little shit, she mused, laughing silently to herself now that the brat wasn't her problem to babysit. 

Setting aside thoughts about Klingon heirs, Faye saddled up to her target, taking one long step then dragging her other foot forward so that her heels clicked a bit. They were in a crowd of others as she ended up next to her goal. "Fancy meeting you here again Lieutenant," she murmured, wagging her eyebrows up at the Andorian, whom had a few inches on her.

All decked out in armor, she looked impressive, and sorely out of place, Zark certainly drew attention. Faye knew just how adept the other woman could be in a pinch, having been on the receiving end of....well, the less she thought about that day the better. But seeing as they were in her domain now, and she wasn't in the principles office so to speak, she figured she could be friendly and enjoy herself a bit. Lt. Commander Rutherford was huddled up with Lt. Arnold, she saw no reason to linger and listen in on that as the two complimented each other on the new chambers. And while she liked most of her colleagues, she saw them every day. The blue shark in the diplomatic waters stood out and hopefully would prove to be as interesting as the rest of the room.

"Should I be worried that you're in full combat gear, Ma'am?" She was on duty after all, she supposed she aught to abide by rank, regardless of what the other woman had said prior. Protocol, protocol, protocol.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @RyeTanker @stardust @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @Number6

As she entered the room along with the others, Nysari made all the appropriate sounds of awe and appreciation, but they didn’t feel the least bit authentic. She was in the middle of the pack, behind Rutherford and the assistant chiefs and ahead of the two ensigns, a position afforded by rank and protocol, rather than any seniority. The newest addition to the diplomatic department, she still felt very much the outsider. Unlike the others, this was her first time ever seeing this room. She didn’t know what it had looked like before, nor had she seen the aftermath of its destruction. After ten days on the Theurgy in various conference rooms, she was merely pleased to have a dedicated work space.

Having expected a dry and overly technical presentation to begin immediately, blue lips curled up in a smile as the chief engineer - Lieutenant Frank Arnold, according to her research - commenced instead with an introduction worthy of diplomatic conferences across the Federation. Simple, succinct, and gracious. For all their genius, engineers tended to have a collective problem with presentation. Instead of tailoring their work to the audience, they’d always dive right into the nitty gritty engineering details they found fascinating, even as eyes in the room glazed over. Lieutenant Arnold had started on a trajectory to break out of that stereotype. She hoped he succeeded, that would make him quite the double threat.

The assembled officers broke off into groups relatively quickly, the two department heads, Arnold’s Andorian assistant heading towards Madsen and Eloi-Danvers following not long after. Nysari hung back rather than join any one group right away. A glimpse into their interpersonal relationships could help give insight to her new coworkers. She did take a detour to view the offered refreshments, impressed yet again by the array of options, clearly chosen with the participants in mind. A cup of katheka was soon in hand. She’d already started her day with some, but a bit more of the stimulant couldn’t hurt.

Nysari circled the offices then for a courtesy examination, but was still stuck with her unfortunate circumstance. She couldn’t appreciate the changes when she didn’t know what was new. Changing tact, she moved to the nearest diplomat, the caitian L’Nari, asking quietly, “Tell me, Ensign, how does the room differ from before? Are there any structural or layout changes, or is everything purely aesthetic? I would like to compliment the engineers on their work, but I don’t know exactly what they did.”

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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @stardust  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan  @Brutus

“Frank,” Enyd blew into the renovated room with a Cheshire grin on her face, “I could kiss you! And not just for that vat of coffee that is calling my name.” She resisted the urge to kiss the bearded man but didn’t stop from reaching out and giving his upper arm a quick squeeze of affirmation. “This place looks splendid! I adore its functionality, versatility, and contextual upgrade!"

Frank had been coy even with Enyd regarding all the upgrades he’d had planned for her workspace. During their routine sparring matches, he’d always told her she could beat the details out of him as further incentive for her efforts but considering his size and experience in contrast to her own, Enyd had never been successful. Yet, she’d not minded the silent wait. She trusted Frank with her life—had to every day, considering it was his team keeping the ship running and ready to flee or fight—and she’d known that he would only ever seek to enhance their capabilities to respond to dire circumstances. And those dire circumstances were becoming far more regular than any of them would prefer. She agreed with L’Nari on a few points: their department should not have to rely on violence to achieve success. Typically, if violence was called for, then most likely, they had failed their mission. However, considering the culture of the Klingons and others like them, sometimes the diplomatic solution WAS violence, or at least only viable as an option after a display of strategic violence.

“Now, I’m going to go stuff my face with this bribe-worthy spread and check back in later.” She gave Rutherford a polite nod before shifting her attention entirely to the table and all its goodies.

Enyd was just draining her first few gulps of piping hot coffee—her grandmother had called Enyd a “dragon” for her ability to suck down hot liquid as if it were nothing—when Zark approached. Faye spoke first, her eyebrows dancing as she directed her remark to Zark. Enyd was curious how they’d met before but chose to add her own jest in response to Faye’s question.

“While I cannot claim to be the reason, I’ll readily name the elephant in the room. The good lieutenant here knows firsthand of my ability to create mayhem, and I would not at all be surprised if she garbed herself thusly in an effort to be prepared for the worst that my presence could conjure up.” Enyd shot Zark a wink, her smile broad. “But truly, I’m with the Ensign; why the battle gear?” She asked before she tipped her mug back against her lips and drank greedily of the elixir of life.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

@Brutus @Ellen Fitz @stardust @rae @Nesota Kynnovan @Number6

Zark had been making her way towards the conference room and sustenance for her metabolic furnace when the gaggle of diplomats got there first and the security officer decided it was best to let the group goggle at the changes.  Having never been in the facility before, she had no idea what had changed, though her mind mentally tsked at the thought of wood on a ship.  The aesthetics were nice, but she wasn't sure if leaving such a huge concentration of flammables around was a good idea.  By all accounts, and even on Breen, Lieutenant Arnold was very competent, so the council room shouldn't burst into flames.  Still, the idea of having to conduct a rescue here was enough to give her shivers, but she was just a visiting Security Officer for the day, and it wasn't her office. So she shrugged and waited for an opening.  It soon appeared and the combat medic darted in to grab a cup of Katheka and a random pastry before pulling back out of everyone's way.  A couple of the enlisted gave her inquisitive looks and a human female of Asian descent frowned at the Andorian's breach of etiquette by squeezing herself in. Lt. Zark smiled her apology as she quietly ate and drank.

Zark had finished stoking her metabolism and was wondering what was hidden underneath a sheet on the bulkhead wall behind the far end chair when a dragging sound drew her attention and the familiar form of a lithe dark haired Betazoid sashayed right next up to her.  It's amazing how body language and tone can convey everything and say absolutely nothing at the same time. The medic thought to herself.  If the Andorian had been more up tight, she might have had the grace to blush upon seeing the Betazoid, but in this case, all she did was smirk and a quick eye brow waggle of her own.  This look settled into into something close to resignation though.  The blue woman was about to give Faye and answer when the other charming brunette showed up and began giving her keen insight on why Zark was decked out for bear.  Not particularly caring for protocol, Zark simply shrugged before addressing her two friends in the diplomatic department. "No Faye, you have nothing to be worried about unless the universe decides that Enyd needs another jolt of chaos in her life.  On the other hand she may not have to worry too much this time as I think she's going to be witness to a bunch of chaos that's going to happen to me. I have plenty to worry about since Lieutenant Arnold wants a live demonstration of the security system changes.

Zark sighed before she gave the two diplomats a look that combined equal parts resignation and appeal.  "Enyd, Faye. I should be okay through the demonstration, but keep an eye on me just in case.   The security officer gave a very 'c'est la vie' shrug having been shot enough times to know these things generally didn't work out the way they were supposed to all the time, especially when new systems were being tested out.  The blue woman gave her two friends a crooked grin, but it was mainly directed at Faye before pointing at the clearly marked emergency med kit. "Look on the bright side Faye, you get to put your first aid training to use and this'll be my comeuppance for knocking you around a few days ago. Remember, follow the right symbols for the cortical and cardiac stimulator. Zark finished with a crooked smile as she laid a hand on each diplomat's shoulder.
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[Lt. Foval | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

@Brutus @Ellen Fitz @stardust @rae @Nesota Kynnovan @RyeTanker

Not for the first time, Foval mused at how unusual humans could be.     On one hand they could be downright stubborn.     On his first trip to Starfleet headquarters following his escape from the collective everything was as he remembered it right down to the spaces between the portraits of Starfleets finest captains.     There was nothing, save for a memorial on the grounds to say that the facility had been ravaged by the Breen during the dominion war.     Everything, down to the shade of paint on the Golden Gate Bridge was as it was before.    

Yet humans could also remake what was lost in a new or different form.    Buildings that were levelled could be remade as grassland or gardens in memory of what was lost.     And then there was the third option to rebuild in a way that was grander, stronger or basically more human than it had been before,  an "FU" to use a polite form of a human term,  to the forces that destroyed it.     

The wood panelling while ostentatious to Foval made the space seem more homely and less sterile than the standard Starfleet ship interior could be.       

Hiss attention was drawn to the seal of the Federation.   The blue sphere that encompassed numerous stars surrounded by the terran laurel leaves of peace.      No greater symbol of the Federation existed, and yet with the Federation under the influence of enemy agents there was no greater symbol of defiance.   

"FU indeed" the ex drone said aloud.    

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Nesota Kynnovan @Number6 @RyeTanker @Brutus

A temple of living pillars, destiny had a way of giving purpose, to worrisome woes. As they passed through forests of symbols, the symbols looked back upon them with understanding eyes, for there was no immediate reprieve, in the beguiling embrace of ignorance. At least that was how Charles Baudelaire understood fate, “the Flowers of Evil”. A blossoming weed, growing in the crevices of a person’s integrity. Perfumes as innocent as children, expanding into infinity. Like Amber, incense, musk and benzoin, singing in ecstasy with soul and sense. A ploy designed to take advantage of desperate passions such as hope and desire. A siren’s song to lure the swaying hearts into the deep abyss. And it was upon the master in chief, to keep their perceptions open, tied to the mast of their ship, guiding a crew through treacherous waters with cotton in their ears. Dipping the tow into the pond of impropriety, dabbling in the venomous ether of seduction, before being dragged from these poisonous clouds only by the sheer momentum of the cause they were leading.

That was what Samantha figured her job to be.

Not to be oblivious to the corrupting incense of ignorance, but embracing it, understanding it. And to lead her team through the treacherous waters they were in, even if it meant losing her mind in the process. Yet, as reality went, there wasn’t this one instance of temptation. This one lush island, full of alluring splendors, they had to pass. But rather an entire archipelago of cliffs with sharp fangs and tides with relentless pull. One that reached from beginning to end, birth to death, with an inherent need for a navigator. To sacrifice their own romanticized notion of joy and happiness, in favor of the greater good. And who better to do that, than someone who had already sacrificed their life of magnificence, on the altar of fate, in the first place. Justifying each shred of contentment with a morbid sense of irony.

To that end it was almost a taunt, towards the foaming fangs of destiny, when she occasionally stuck her head in its jaws.

“Unworthy …” Sam repeated, the word rolling off her tongue like a playful hedgehog. Cute but prickly. All while larimar moons beamed over a tongue in cheek, hiding behind ivory veneer and petals of rose. She had not taken any offense by the jest, feeling as if just like in diplomacy, giving and taking in perceived equal measures, was just as much a framework for human interaction as well. A joyous sensation that only blossomed fully as the sun of Arnold’s humor reached its zenith over the vibrant meadows of the diplomat’s understanding. “Well, if we have learned anything, it’s that challenges don’t stand a chance with you.” the blonde replied in benevolent glee. Even if they were challenges imposed by perfectionism and pride, rather than any external pressure. She could understand fighting for a perceived level of grandeur. Following the engineer’s explications, azure hues trailed the perimeter of the room once more, taking stock of all the superficial changes and improvements.

“Wood panels all around, hmmm?” she mused, betrothing the burly hulk with a glimmer from mischievous gems, as he indicated towards adapting some of the council’s improvements to other areas of the ship. Deliberately ignoring the obvious implication of technical aspects over the striking beauty of the natural veneers. As was a common ploy of a diplomat – and a woman. Yet, she wouldn’t let the commitment and the sacrifices fall to the wayside of superficial lamentations either. “Rest assured, however, the lengths you went to in repairing the council, is much appreciated.” And with that, an icy cold glaze thawed away from frosty ponds, as a measure of warmth resonated with the man, which anyone else would’ve judged a mere mirage. A figment of the mind. But it was as much real as the very gratitude that burned in the woman’s heart. This wasn’t just an office, after all, it was a forge for hope, that a peaceful resolution was still possible. A sentiment not exactly in abundance, aboard Theurgy.

“I somehow feel like this wasn’t your last repair …” Samantha replied in a somber fashion, her voice like a hurried bell, across foggy hills. A measure of hope, in a way, as much as a herald of potentially worse things to come. And as such, a moment of silence ensued, as they listened for the low rumble of nearing hordes. The faint glimmer of torches across the ridge. The gentle tremors of an army, resonating through the earth. Luckily, however, this terror never came. Not yet. As such, the woman could take a moment to revel in the man’s gratitude, no matter how misplaced that crown was on her. “If all I did was staying out of your way and waiting for the work to be done, then sure, anytime.” she quipped suavely, words rumbling through her esophagus. Returning to a more serious note soon thereafter, however, in this symphony of conversation.

“Looking around, I think it is safe to say that everyone is in awe with what you achieved here. And my gratitude in return cannot be expressed any grander.” the diplomat replied somberly, a gentle nod bending her delicate neck. Hoping this would suffice in the realm of a proverbial pat on the back and conveying her true gratitude, towards the man’s sacrifice not only to the council and her department, but her as an individual all the same. The reactions of her peers did not go unnoticed either.

Faye, who scurried along the walls towards a measure of quiet sanctuary at the side of a seemingly familiar face. Raising in interesting point: Why WAS the Andorian in fully combat gear?

Their latest addition, an experienced Andorian herself, Nysari who was showing a delightful sense of opportunistic professionalism by aligning herself with the Caitian, who treasured a special brand of diplomacy, not much unlike her boss’.

As well as Enyd, who had already been able to leave her distinctive mark on proceedings, in the short amount of time she’d been a part of the team. Not unlike she had when first entering the room. For which she received an equally polite dip of the pate, as she moved on towards the pastries.

From a safe distance it was easy to overhear a situation unfold that Sam was personally invested herself. It seemed as if there was a portion to the presentation in the books that hadn’t revealed itself yet. Well, not in words anyways. Thus, after diverting her attention from the smaller groups circling the buffet like vultures – and the Vulcan’s peculiar epithet -  the blonde gave Frank a strategical inclined brow. “Are you expecting any casualties?” she queried, shifting her weight uncomfortably from one leg to the other.

Not out of fear of conflict … but out of fear over how much some of her team might enjoy it.


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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Diplomatic Council fka Flag Bridge | Deck 2 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

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Frank Arnold smiled and shook his head as Enyd Madsen made her grand entrance.  The secret of the extent of the repairs had proved an incredible incentive for the diplomat to improve her sparring abilities, but she was still a neophyte compared to the engineer.  As a result, many of her attempt to extract the information through physical means had come to a good natured naught as he'd taken the opportunity to push her limits and demonstrate eagerness and aggression in the ring were warranted, but they had to be tempered by planning and analysis via observation.  The result had been some ribbing, in a few cases literally, over actions that had warranted a bit of circumspection to avoid the resultant contact of padded leather against body.  Nonetheless, she took it in stride, and there was plenty to be proud of.

As the siren call of coffee and pastries lured Enyd away, frank turned his attention back to the ship's Chief Diplomat as his demeanour turned serious.   "Sam, despite the casualties and general damage to the ship, we were very lucky.  I meant it when I told the Captain in the staff meeting days ago that overall we got away pretty well.  Compared to Aldea, Theurgy doesn't have any major damages that would normally account for the equivalent of a full rebuild of the ship.  The important ship systems were finished and tested three or four days ago.  After that was all the non tactical critical systems and facilities such as here."  a meaty hand waved at the combination of wood and alloy surrounding them.  "I'll have to admit that I definitely used the higher priority on the industrial replicators provided by your truly to make a number of adjustments that I hope will give us additional redundancy and a performance edge in the long run. "  The Chief Engineer smiled as he crossed his arms under his arm pits while observing the diplomats and one security officer attack the buffet with refined gusto.  "If anything, you can view the more warm and welcoming nature of this room as your just reward for all your hard work."

The Chief Engineer's gaze settled on the Andorian in armour as she chatted away with Enyd and a tanned member of the diplomatic staff and the circling question that everyone had caused Frank to shrug.  "I think the security types have to be paranoid to join that department.  The Good Doctor, the ship's 'combat medic' that goes by Zark, is officially here to catalogue and evaluate the changes to the security systems that were made and ensure that all the arms assigned to this room are in working order."  A big hand scratched the back of the salt and pepper head somewhat pensively.  "I managed to convince her to do a live test of the systems, so she's going to try to breach council room."  The scratching hand returned to the arm pit power pose as Frank continued.  "It's supposed to be very flashy, and for some reason, she doesn't believe all the changes that were made are one hundred percent, so she felt it was necessary to get herself extra padding when she gets swatted."  Massive shoulders shrugged at the idea once more.  "At least that's the goal after some of the things I heard about her martial abilities. I suppose it's good to be prudent in case anything doesn't work as designed, but I had to draw the line at the armoured exosuits."  Frank had to smile at that one as Lt. Zark had been passionately (loudly) vehement in the use of the system till his logic and superior rank overrode her protest. "I think her being a humanoid tank in of those new exosuits is overdoing it anyway since nobody else has a similar system."

The chief engineer pursed his lips for a moment, which wasn't the easiest to see with the salt and pepper around the mouth, but he'd seen enough on the Cortez to know the sort of nasty after effects the ground pounders had when they came back from heavy combat.   He could still remember the blank stares or endless torment some of the depressingly few survivors from AR-558 had when they'd been brought on board after the ship had delivered replacements.  Despite his outward jollity, those scarred souls had left their mark on him, so he was all in favour of anything that made his own side more survivable. Frank shook the cobwebs of wool gathering as his trademark grin returned, though laced very heavily with wryness at this point.  "Before you ask how necessary the demo is, she insisted on the live exercise to impress on your staff the systems capabilities instead of having a dry account on a PADD to read." The big shoulders shrugged as there was nothing he could do.  "She's a big girl and made her choice."  Blue eyes turned to where the woman in question was still chatting with Lieutenant Madsen and the unknown Ensign. "She knows the risks."
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