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Day 09 [15:30 hrs,] Once Upon the Island

[Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Marina | Saqwa’ City | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz‍ 

April 27, 2381
15:30 hrs
Stardate: 57677.36

As odd as it was the the Vulcan, Hathev experienced a sense of relief as she stepped off the hopper and made her way to the Saqwa’ City Marina.  Coordinating this trip had not been a simple task due in no small part that the Vulcan could not use any of her Starfleet credentials to book the charter.  With proper credentials as a Starfleet officer, she could have arranged the entire excursion with one call.  However, given that Theurgy was the sole starship of Federation origin in orbit of Qo’noS, she could not go through any official channels.

Instead she had to resort to the civilian channels, and a much slower, much less direct methodology.  She had found a human civilian who brokered vacations and travel experiences and, posing as a civilian herself, booked a ‘meditation retreat’ for alias names she had designated for herself and Cross.  Concerned that even the use of the Theurgy transporter system could expose them, Hathev had arranged for her and Cross to take a hopper from the First City to Saqwa’ and then take an ocean skimmer to their private villa.

Hathev had…not…given Cross the details of their trip, other than to tell him he needed to plan to spend 24 hours off the ship, to meet her at Saqwa’, how to get there, that he pack only civilian clothing while bringing nothing that could be traced back to Starfleet other than his commbage which was to remain concealed unless in an emergency.

Truthfully the plan seemed more cloak and dagger than it needed to be…almost Romulan in it’s duplicity.  Yet given circumstances, and the fact that she was supposed to be considered dead by the Federation, it was logical that she take certain precautions to maintain the ruse.

At least she thought it was logical.

As she went over it in her mind, she wondered if she had indulged an emotional need to be mysterious.  Triss had often expressed an appreciation for ‘surprises’ and Hathev surmised Cross might experience a similar reaction.

She chided herself as she was, again, comparing her relationship with her ex-wife, to her burgeoning relationship with Cross.  To a certain extent that seemed appropriate given the genesis of their physical intimacy, even though their relationship had started after her disastrous attempt at theraputic mind melding with Cross.  However, to consistently paint Cross into the shadow of her deceased wife, was both illogical and unfair to Cross, and something she would need to make an effort to curtail in the future.

Even so, Hathev desired to be in the here and now, to…yes… enjoy the coming 24 hours of isolation she and Cross were about to experience and, for once in her life, try not to analyze every moment.

The hopper hatch closed behind her as the vehicle lifted, and headed off to pick up it’s next load.  She ran her hand down the front of her black lace pant suit smoothing the wrinkles., slung her duffel over her shoulder and strode towards the marina, to see if Cross had checked in yet.

Hathev's Wardrobe

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Marina | Saqwa City | Qo’Nos] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Relief unwrapped the tense coils he’d been holding in his shoulders over the past few days as he inhaled deeply the scent of the sea air. Unlike the scents of the First City, Saqwa City was far more pleasant, and not just for its proximity to the sea. The population density was thinner here and those who populated the city preferred food found in the ocean to that from the ground, and while these smells still had their moments of affront, as a whole they were less pungent.

Dressed casually in a light brown jacket to protect against the ocean-rough winds over a grey t-shirt, Cross balanced on an old surf breaker at the marina's edge. His back was to the marina itself, his eyes scanning over the watery horizon, trying his best to spy out the location and intent of Hathev’s scheming. She’d looked more than a little pleased with herself when she’d given him instructions to plan for an overnight trip and where to meet her. Apparently, her old channels had born fruit, and here he stood, a small duffle slung over his shoulder.

Cross didn’t mind the mystery, though he also didn’t particularly feel a need for it. He knew he certainly got a sense of enjoyment out of surprising her. So if it made her happy, or the Vulcan equivalent to happy, to plan out surprises, then he’d just as happily sit back and let her plan such things. They were still figuring themselves out, and this overnighter off the ship and away from potentially inquisitive eyes would prove beneficial. The corridors still echoed with the ghost of Blue’s voice, and sometimes he caught glimpses of her shadow. He no longer bore the guilt that he’d been buried under in those first days after her death, but that didn’t make it any less odd to deal with. This trip would be their first outing together as a couple, without the shadow of Blue or anyone else hovering over it.

It was almost like a tickle in his mind, but something cued him to Hathev’s presence. Shifting carefully on his feet, Cross looked over the flat area between the marina and the landing pad and quickly caught sight of her. Her outfit was as alluring as it was tasteful. Cross smiled. Even without a long history together, he recognized that Hathev liked her body, liked showing it off, and Cross was more than a little happy about that fact. In fact, Cross swallowed, he got the feeling before their trip was over, he’d see far more of her body and be able to show her just how much he liked it.

Jumping down from the breaker, Cross closed the distance between them. He’d decided before leaving the ship that he would greet her with a kiss on the cheek. Nothing too passionate, but something that clearly signaled a connection between them. But now that she stood here looking downright edible, Cross found himself second-guessing his plan. So much so that by the time he was within arm’s length of her, all Cross could manage by way of greeting was a semi-choked, “You look good.”

Tipping his eyes to the sky, calling upon the Klingon gods to help him not make a fool of himself, Cross cleared his throat and tried again, “I don’t suppose you plan on telling me much more about our little adventure now that we’re here.” Cross took her bag and coupled it with his own without waiting for her signal.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Marina | Saqwa City | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Hathev sensed his presence as he approached and offered no surprise as he spoke to her.  Hathev leaned into him, offering him a kiss on the side of his neck.  The greeting was very Un-Vulcan, but Hathev cared very little in this particular moment. 

“It is agree…” she paused mid sentence, understanding just how flat that statement would land.  “I’m pleased to see that you made it, Otersu.”

She offered no objection when he pulled her bag off her shoulder.  Truth be told, she had not packed much and she suspected that her companion might have some suspicions based on just the low mass of her bag.

“This way,” she offered as she motioned to the ocean skimmer she knew to be waiting for them. 

“Officially,” she said as they walked, “we are about to board a skimmer for a one hour ride to a private villa for a ‘mediative retreat’.  Unofficially,” she turned to him with her best effort at a wry smile.  “We are indeed heading to a private island villa where we are to be dropped off and, for all intents and purposes, abandoned for twenty four hours.”

They crossed the Marina, heading towards the slip where the skimmer was tied up. 

“I found it logical to place physical distance from our busy lives for a day, and spend time focused solely on ourselves.”

It was as close as they could come, given the circumstances.  But Hathev found the prospect an important one.  The Vulcan had even considered the ethical dilemma of having both her and Cross taken off duty in order to get this time away.  Fortunately, Commander Stark had understood and with a light and playful ‘have fun’ had readily approved the 24 hour furlough for the both of them.  Hathev still did not understand why the Commander winked at her.  Perhaps her eye had been irritated.

She fell silent, directing her focus forward to present the boarding documents for herself and Cross to the skimmer’s steward.

“I assume you remain interested in joining me?”

OOC - Also a shoutout to @Brutus‍ for the quick permission and consultation on the use of Stark.


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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Marina | Saqwa City | Qo’Nos] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Cross shook Hathev’s bag, a single eyebrow rising as he gaged its weight, or, rather the lack of it. Had she packed anything? Or was she planning on shopping planetside and purchasing attire as they spent their hours together? As he listened to her precise explanation, Cross’s curiosity only increased because it certainly did not sound like they were going to a place where anything could be purchased.

“Definitely interested,” Cross easily smiled in the face of Hathev’s question before jostling the bag to garner her attention, “and definitely curious about what’s in the bag. Did you pack air?” He refrained from opening the bag, as much as his fingers itched to satiate his curiosity, and instead fell into pace with Hathev as they moved to their waiting skimmer.

He quickly offered his hand to steady her as they boarded the vessel and was equally attentive in ensuring she was comfortably settled once they were aboard. There was minimal staff on the skimmer, but at least enough for someone to offer drinks and a tray of snacks for them to pick at during their hour-long voyage. Cross refrained from eating for the time being but did snag a drink and sipped at it as his eyes traveled over the distant horizon. It had been quite some time since he’d been on a boat in the open ocean. He’d never been prone to seasickness, but there was always a first time, and he certainly didn’t want it to be with Hathev.

“What sort of accommodations are awaiting us on the island?” It wouldn’t surprise Cross if they were to stay on pillows in a cave for aesthetic purposes, very fitting for Qo’Nos, but it equally wouldn’t surprise him if the Klingons had made SOME effort to create an abode fitting for non-Klingon comfort as well.

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