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Day 08 [1547] Cruisin' for Chaos

[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Loading Dock | Qam’Chee River | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Havenborn

Having finished his tour at the Hall of Warriors but still with a few hours left before needing to report, Cross wandered through the twisting city streets of the First City. He had no motive aside from seeing the sights, experiencing the culture, and perhaps purchase a surprise for Hathev if something stood out. Cross grimaced as a fetid wind tickled at the table clothes of the open-air bazaar. He was still growing accustomed to his fully Vulcan body, thanks to the Savi, and after his first excursion planetside, Cross had quickly adopted the use of the nasal sprays he’d once teased his Vulcan mentor about before returning. It didn’t block out everything but it did make his visits to the city streets far more pleasant.

His aimless search producing nothing of note, Cross continued his meandering course until he wound up alongside the Qam’Chee river just northeast of the Hall of Warriors. The air was cooler here, the scent more pleasant, and with a self-satisfied smile, Cross joined the families and couples who were already taking a late afternoon stroll on the pathway that bordered the river’s edge. Glancing down at the dark waters, he could see the blob-like forms of the freshwater drownfish bobbing up to the surface before sinking back into the murky depths for their prey. No one had yet given him a clear understanding of why they were called drownfish, but Cross didn’t intend to fall into the river to figure it out personally.

His attention snapped back to the pathway when he felt more than saw a presence move to intercept. Aside from the naked geriatrics at the art museum, Cross had not found himself at odds with the locals. For the most part, they either ignored his presence entirely, tried to rope him into buying things he didn’t need, or they sneered from afar. The lack of threat didn’t stop Cross from stiffening and shifting his weight onto his heels as he stopped to face the interceptor.

“You like the river?” It was an older Klingon woman, not quite as old as those who’d danced for Kahless in the museum, but close. “You hungry?” Cross raised an eyebrow, curious how she was going to connect the two seemingly separate questions together. “How about you join the dinner cruise?” It was her turn to shift her weight, gesturing for his gaze to move past her to the ticket kiosk where he read in Federation standard, D’oKlok’s Dinner Cruise.

“How long is the cruise?”

“Two hours.”

“What’s for dinner?”

“Whatever you can catch.” Cross inwardly chuckled. Of course, it would be that way on a Klingon dinner cruise. But then she added, “We have dirt beer, shell squid, and zilm’kach included with the ticket price, but if you want more options, you have to catch it yourself or bring it yourself.” Crossing her arms over her chest, the woman looked damn proud of the set up. “You want a spot on the boat?”

Cross was half tempted to ask what the boat looked like and if they would have to piece that together first too, but kept his mouth shut and nodded. If it turned out well, he could bring Hathev later.

“One ticket.”

Re: Day 08 [1547] Cruisin' for Chaos

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn & ENS Miranda Dove | Qam’Chee River, Qo’nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters

Miranda was waiting for Daniel to finish writing reports, she had convinced him to take a riverboat cruise on the Qam’Chee River.  She had dressed up in a patchwork denim jacket with matching patchwork denim shorts and a simple white halter top and white knee high cowboy boots.  She liked getting dressed up for shore leave whether it was on a planet or a starbase and she always chose her outfits carefully.  She knew what Daniel would be wearing and she was a little disappointed by his choice, she wished that he would dress up every now and then instead of wearing his uniform all the time. 

“Are you about done yet Danny?”  She asked him, their cruise was due to begin soon and she didn’t want to miss it.  Daniel looked up from his report towards the beautiful woman sitting on his couch and laid his report down. 

“Almost, I’m checking it for any spelling or grammar errors.”  He replied.  Miranda sighed as she got up and stretched a little.  “Please tell me you’re going to change into something more comfortable.”  She said as she walked over to him.

“I’m comfortable with my uniform, they are designed for comfort in even the most extreme circumstances.”  Daniel replied as Miranda just sighed.  “If you insist then I suppose there’s nothing I can do.”  She said as Daniel finally put his PADD down and stacked it on top of the other four that were already finished.  “Finally!”  Miranda said.  “Let’s get going already Danny, I’m excited to see what a Klingon riverboat cruise is like, from what I heard we have to catch our own meal.”  She said with excitement.

It should be interesting.”  Daniel said as he stood up, Miranda grabbed his arm and practically dragged him towards the door and as the two exited his quarters and made their way to the turbolift.  As they waited for the lift to arrive, Miranda wrapped her arms around Daniel and held onto him.  “I’m glad that I’ve got you alone and all to myself.”  She said.  “I am as well, though I didn’t count on you wanting to go down to Qo’nos.”  He said as she frowned a little at him, she knew that he preferred to spend time in the holodeck or the bedroom.  “As much fun as the holodecks and the bedroom is Danny, I want to get out and see the galaxy as much as we can while we’re trying to show the truth to everyone.”  She said. As Daniel nodded, he could understand that even if he didn’t agree with her.

The lift arrived and opened to show an empty lift and the two of them entered.  “Deck 12, Vector 2.”  Daniel said as her heard the familiar confirmation tone and the doors shut and the lift started to go down.  It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the deck requested, and the two exited the lift as another pair of crewmen got on after them. 

Deck 12, Transporter Room 3

They enjoyed a nice walk down the corridor together and joined a small line outside Transporter Room 3, it seemed several people were going down to enjoy some shore leave as well.  It took them a few minutes to get through the line but they soon took their place on the pad and were energized down near the river docks, their boat not far from their beam-in site.

Qam’Chee River, Qo’nos

Daniel and Miranda approached the boat and a Klingon standing guard at the entry ramp asked for their tickets.  Miranda pulled a pair of tickets from one of her pockets and showed them to the Klingon who looked them over and then bid them a good time.  Daniel didn’t like being on the planet without being armed but he knew regulations wouldn’t have permitted him to carry his sidearm, and he knew that Miri would have disapproved as well.  As they made their way around the boat Daniel noticed the fishing poles that lined the outside railing, it seemed that would be how they were to catch their meal.  Miranda meanwhile was excited at the whole prospect and the fact that she had managed to get Daniel here made it all the more fun.
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Re: Day 08 [1547] Cruisin' for Chaos

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Loading Dock | Qam’Chee River | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Havenborn

Already deciding that Hathev would likely NOT like this sort of excursion, Cross still followed through with the purchase and accepted the ticket with a polite nod. He had nothing better to do with his time now, and it seemed to be an intriguing prospect worth exploring. Turning toward the gently swaying vessel, Cross was quick to take note of his fellow shipmates as they boarded the boat with pre-ordered tickets. He recognized Havenborn from briefings but not so much the woman he was with. Waving his ticket to the guard at the end of the ramp, Cross walked the length of the swaying gangplank to the boat. The other patrons had already selected their “weapon” of choice for dinner, leaving a few poles, nets, and at least one spear for Cross to choose from.

“I’m still on the fence if I appreciate that I have just paid someone else to allow me to catch my own dinner,” Cross sarcastically remarked to Havenborn as he stood assessing which instrument to choose, “but it is certainly an experience nonetheless.” Finally settling on the classic, a fishing pole, Cross took hold of the rod and turned to face the man. “I don’t recall formal introductions onboard, but since we are both on shore leave, about to fish for supper, please call me Cross.” He smiled at the woman before returning his gaze to Havenborn.

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