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Re: Day 02 [1745 hrs.] Lost in Translation

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | Qo’Nos Art Museum | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz [Show/Hide]
Lauren could tell that Tessa's words painted a mental picture to Cross that wasn't already being canvased as her companion continued to drop her coverage. Lauren admired her friend's outgoing nature as of late but not the indecency despite her intrigue and attraction in the display. Listening in to Cross and Tessa throw ideas out, the Orion outposts struck her interest first.

"Might be kind of cool to check out a Orion Outpost. For various reasons of course." She smirked which made Tessa giggle with excitement. "However, the Nausicaans are not a species I want to rile up in any capacity." She said sliding her hand over in a slicing manner as if to say no way.

"Awww. C'mon! Where is your sense of excitement?"

"It's staying in my chest. I don't want a Naussicaan dagger in my back for having fun. Captain Picard told about his experience once on the Enterprise and I'd rather not be on the receiving end." She could tell the commander was interested in it as an option however and decided an alternative.

"What about an Orion shop in town? As I recall there were a few we passed on the way to the Museum. Klingons would more likely frequent it and not put up with the Naussicaans there." Lauren felt accomplished with herself and happy to help a fellow shipmate. A comradrie she hadn't had since her short time on the Enterprise. She thought about new friends, Cross, Amanda, Kate, and her relative onboard as well as her old friend Tessa. A smile grew on her as she focused on them before breaking from her daydream.

"I do hear however that the Orion trinkets and clothing are nice for some...ehem...closed door fun..." She said almost embarrassed to say it aloud.

"Now yur talkin' girl!" She said yelling and slapping Lauren's ass with a loud smack to which Lauren yipped loudly.

"Dammit Tessa, watch where you put that thing or I'm gonna break it off." She said flexing her cybernetic hand. Tessa's face still held a smile but more reserved now. "Aye aye cap'n!" A salute and smile later.

"Any other particulars we can help you with sir? And any suggestions for activities when trying to get to know family? That's something I'm just...not navigating well with all the weirdness surrounding that situation."


Re: Day 02 [1745 hrs.] Lost in Translation

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Qo’Nos Art Museum Area | Qo’Nos ] attn: @Pierce

“I have heard of the danger of Nausicaans, but I’ve yet to meet one in person.” Cross shook his head as Lauren shared the legendary story of Captain Picard’s brush with death. He’d never met the man but admired the captain’s fighting spirit. “Where’s the smoke, there’s fire, but I can’t help but think there’s more to the Nausicaans than mere brutish aggression. There’s a strategy behind the reputation, at least I think so.”

His mind strayed into the pros and cons of creating such a reputation before being jarred back into the present conversation and thrust into the bedroom by Lauren’s comment. He voiced his curiosity before he thought better of it.

“What sort of fun?” Of course, she meant sex. He felt his ears warm and darted his gaze away from the women and to the patterns on the street beneath his feet. How big of an idiot did he have to paint himself as being? “I mean, I don’t know how trinkets can be particularly helpful in that regard.” Just stop. Cross knew he was giving far more away of how inexperienced he was than was likely deemed attractive by most women. Not that he was trying to appear attractive to them. STOP! Cross cleared his throat, “That is to say, I’ve never seen Orion kiosks so I can’t picture what you’re talking about.”

He was thankful for Tessa’s more outspoken nature then, as her interaction with Lauren gave him a brief respite to lick his wounds of embarrassment. He was also thankful for Lauren’s abrupt change of conversation by way of her question. Tipping his head to the side, Cross couldn’t help the snort. He would not detail why he lacked family, but he could at least offer some suggestions.

“I have found that surviving ordeals or building things with others helps to create a neutral ground for discussion and revelation. With very little experience of the traditional family myself, I cannot speak for that per say, but as an officer, I can at least attest to the success of training fields and tests where groups have to work together to overcome an obstacle.” He offered Lauren a hesitant smile. “I’m not certain if this helps or not.”

Looking towards the street where the vendors lay, Cross gestured for the women to join him if they cared to, “Perhaps we can find something that will prove useful for family and more, er, romantic endeavors from the kiosks?”

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